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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Missing Links: Schizophrenic WWIII Paranoia Blues

The Kinks ~ 1973
Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
I'm too terrified to walk out of my own front door,
They're demonstrating outside
I think they're gonna start the third world war,
I've been to my local head shrinker,
To help classify my disease,
He said it's one of the cases of acute schizophrenia he sees.

Well the milkman's a spy, and the grocer keeps on following me,
And the woman next door's an undercover for the K.G.B.,
And the man from the Social Security
Keeps on invading my privacy,
Oh there ain't no cure for acute schizophrenia disease.

I've got acute schizophrenia, paranoia too,
Schizophrenia, schizophrenia,
I've got it, you've got it, we can't lose,
Acute schizophrenia blues.

I'm lost on the river, the river of no return,
I can't make decisions, I don't know which way I'm gonna turn,
Even my old dad, lost some of the best friends he ever had,
Apparently, his was a case of acute schizophrenia too.

I got acute schizophrenia, paranoia too,
Schizophrenia, schizophrenia,
I've got it, you've got it, we can't lose,

They're watching my house and they're tapping my telephone,
I don't trust nobody, but I'm too scared to be on my own
And the income tax collector's got his beady eye on me,
No there ain't no cure for acute schizophrenia disease.

"Experts": Paranoia on the rise..

Either We Kill Them, or We Lose

Live Now: House Oversight Committee Hearing On Regulating Hedge Funds

Death sentence awaits Abbas approval
A Palestinian Authority "military" court in Bethlehem on Wednesday sentenced a Palestinian security agent to death by a firing squad after finding him guilty of "collaboration" with Israel.
Abbas lays cornerstone for Arafat museum in Ramallah
Abassholes vs Hamassholes infinitum....

Court issues temporary order to stop building in West Bank

Rice bids farewell to Middle East
Ucccchhh. Dont let the door hit you in the ass on your way out ....

SYRIA: Israeli Bombs Are Source of Uranium at Shelled Site
Is that right? [insert your own joke here]

The UN: Attack Israel but ignore Radical Islam

Fighters with Sunni Awakening groups in Iraq, who were paid by the US to turn against al-Qaeda, have begun to receive their first pay cheques from the Shia-dominated Iraqi government

US aid worker assassinated in Pakistan

Saudi Tolerance

Russia, Iran, Qatar may form gas venture

Gazprom, Egypt Discuss Middle Eastern LNG Plans

Central Asia May Be Key to Gas Cost Deal

Nabucco’s destiny depends on Turkmenistan

Turkish President to hold energy talks in Azerbaijan

Gazprom eyeing 20% stake in Spain's Repsol

Gazprom’s Head predicts Oil Shortage

Russia rejects US missile proposals

US says Russia has not responded to missile shield proposals

US, Russia to hold nuclear talks in Geneva

EU-Russia Détente

Neo-Nazis outnumber Jews in Europe

Keep an Eye on Russia

US official: Six powers to discuss Iran nuclear issue

Mystery of lost US nuclear bomb

Iran Returns to the Global Stage

Iran test-fires new missile, Israel within reach

Iran tests precision missile able to reach Europe

Ahmadinejad: Any aggression to receive crushing response

Hudna in Sudan

Jihadists Seize Somalian Port City

Aid workers find 'apocalyptic' scene in Chad

Christian sisters murdered in Mosul

13,000 Christians fled Mosul last month...

Pops, Mantovani & Patsy vs: buttloads of bellicose bats

"Why Believe in God?" Campaign Debuts for Christmas Season

TOM WOLFE: Greenwich Time

Tick Tock.

Priest advises penance for Obama vote

Priestly Hunks

Columbian Shamans go speak to Volcano

GAYHAD: Book of Mormon set ablaze
So far no Mormons rioting looting & pillaging - imagine that.

Fascist Means to Gain Liberal Ends

UK: Bailing out a sperm bank?

UK: Too White and Too Male to be Sensible

Antony Flew to Richard Dawkins: ‘You’re an Idiot’

The Prophet Zimmy (when he was just a baby)
Talkin' WWIII Blues
Some time ago a crazy dream came to me,
I dreamt I was walkin' into World War Three,
I went to the doctor the very next day
To see what kinda words he could say.
He said it was a bad dream.
I wouldn't worry 'bout it none, though,
They were my own dreams
and they're only in my head.

I said, "Hold it, Doc,
a World War passed through my brain."

He said, "Nurse, get your pad, this boy's insane,"
He grabbed my arm,
I said "Ouch!"

As I landed on the psychiatric couch,
He said, "Tell me about it."

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