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Monday, October 1, 2012

Crowded House

For the man found the young woman 
out in the country, 
and though the betrothed woman screamed, 
there was no one to rescue her.


  1. pbird2:10 PM

    OK. They have their car.

  2. pbird2:11 PM

  3. Storagemanager2:15 PM

    thank you babba

  4. BabbaZee2:18 PM

    most welcome

    When the workmen are out of my yard in a week or so I will try to see what other options are available this thing is functional but it drives me kookoo

  5. BabbaZee2:18 PM


  6. pbird2:21 PM

    yummiest thing i ate up there....seedy little hippy salad, i go and do likewise

  7. pbird2:23 PM

    Yanno, come to think of it BZ, no man has ever kissed my elbow. lol

  8. pbird2:32 PM lol!

  9. pbird2:33 PM

    ok I'm raving now...

  10. BabbaZee2:37 PM

  11. BabbaZee2:39 PM

    Mine neither!

  12. BabbaZee2:39 PM


  13. BulgarWheat2:47 PM

    I've licked a few elbows,....but I'm strange that way.


  14. pbird2:59 PM

    I am not surprised for some reason.

  15. pbird3:04 PM

    a timely suggestion

  16. pbird3:06 PM

  17. BabbaZee3:31 PM


  18. pbird4:04 PM

    WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – The Baby Boomer generation’s overall health has been on a sharp decline.

    Australian researchers from Adelaide’s three universities have completed the first stage of a report on the generation born between the end of the Second World War and the mid-1960s.

    Obesity among baby boomers is more than double the rate of their parents at the same age, and boomers with three or more chronic conditions was 700 percent greater than the previous generation.

  19. pbird4:04 PM

    We're such a bunch of

  20. pbird4:08 PM

    We look much worse than our elders.

  21. pbird4:10 PM

  22. pbird4:13 PM

  23. BabbaZee4:21 PM

    my elders had assses!

  24. pbird4:22 PM

    Lol! Mine still do!

  25. BabbaZee4:24 PM

    strength to yer unkissed elbow

  26. pbird4:29 PM

    oh very nice!

  27. BabbaZee4:32 PM

    i like this band very much

  28. BabbaZee4:38 PM

    Drones could soon operate without the help of humans.

    Agence France-Presse is reporting that the Pentagon wants its drones
    to be more autonomous, so that they can run with little to no assistance
    from people.

    “Before they were blind, deaf and dumb,” Mark Maybury, chief
    scientist for the U.S. Air Force, told AFP. “Now we’re beginning to make
    them to see, hear and sense.”

    Ronald Arkin, a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology,
    believes that drones will soon be able to kill enemies on their own

    “It is not my belief that an unmanned system will be able to be
    perfectly ethical in the battlefield, but I am convinced that they can
    perform more ethically than human soldiers are capable of,” Arkin told

    Arkin added that robotic weapons should be designed as “ethical”
    warriors and that these type of robots could wage war in a more “humane”

    The U.S. military says people will be on the ground to control the drones despite the unmanned robots gaining more independence.

    Peter W. Singer, a senior fellow in Foreign Policy at The Brookings
    Institution, believes there could be legal hurdles in regards to using
    robot-controlled drones.

    “These responses that are driven by science, politics and battlefield
    necessity get you into areas where the lawyers just aren’t ready for it
    yet,” Singer told AFP.

    Earlier this year, Singer wrote an op-ed piece for The New York Times
    about the use of drones. In the piece, entitled “Do Drones Undermine
    Democracy?” he says the use of drones is “short-circuiting the
    decision-making process.”

    “Without any actual political debate, we have set an enormous
    precedent, blurring the civilian and military roles in war and
    circumventing the Constitution’s mandate for authorizing it,” Singer
    wrote. “Freeing the executive branch to act as it chooses may be
    appealing to some now, but many future scenarios will be less clear-cut.
    And each political party will very likely have a different view,
    depending on who is in the White House.”

    AFP reports that new military drones will most likely be implemented
    with more powerful jet engines and have longer range in combat.

    There are currently more than 7,000 drones being used in combat.

  29. pbird4:41 PM

    “It is not my belief that an unmanned system will be able to be
    perfectly ethical in the battlefield, but I am convinced that they can
    perform more ethically than human soldiers are capable of,” BUT OF COURSE!

  30. pbird4:44 PM

    is that the same Singer...?

  31. pbird4:45 PM

    nope, too young

  32. BabbaZee4:47 PM


  33. pbird4:51 PM

    all they gotta do is sync the thing with google and we're toast, lol

  34. BabbaZee4:54 PM

  35. pbird4:56 PM

    model. huh.

  36. BabbaZee5:08 PM


  37. BabbaZee5:25 PM

    PROBABLY ALREADY IS oo caplock

  38. pbird5:36 PM

    I looked at Drudge.

  39. BabbaZee5:41 PM

    Vice president says corruption in presidency revealed soon
    Public Prosecutor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud had ordered on Saturday the investigation of a complaint against President Mohamed Morsy accusing him of profiteering and transferring gains to businessmen affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood

  40. BabbaZee5:41 PM

    AGHHH! Your eyes!

  41. BabbaZee5:43 PM

    Nearly 35,000 doctors from 540 government-run hospitals started a
    partial, open-ended strike demanding better pay, a plan to raise the
    health budget by 15 percent over the next three years, and improved

    The Doctors Syndicate
    general assembly said the strike would not extend to emergency rooms,
    intensive care units, incubators and the cardiology and oncology
    sectors, as well as police and army hospitals and private clinics.

    Health Ministry hospitals provide 40 percent of all medical
    services. Emergencies make up only 30 percent of cases received at
    government hospitals, which would help mitigate the impact of the

    Some leftist groups had announced solidarity with the striking
    doctors, including the Socialist Popular Alliance, the Tagammu Party and
    the Egyptian Socialist Party.

    The Egyptian Current Party also supported the strike, urging President Mohamed Morsy to respond to doctors’ demands.

    But mixed reports came out regarding the scope of the strike. The
    Health Ministry said activities resumed as usual in all of its hospitals
    nationwide, according to reports it received Monday morning.

    In Fayoum, witnesses said the governorate’s main hospital and other medical facilities had not had any strikes.

    But Rafiq Khalil, chairman of the Doctors Syndicate’s Alexandria
    office, said the strike had a 90 percent participation rate, and that it
    would resume until the presidency yields to the demands.

    Mohamed al-Sharqawy, head of the Alexandria Health Directorate,
    meanwhile said only 12 percent of the medical workforce participated in
    the strike.

    In Assiut, doctors entered an open-ended, partial strike in all of the governorate’s 19 government outpatient clinics.

    In Ismailia, all activities at the central hospital have been
    brought to a halt. No cases have been received at the emergency units or
    outpatient clinics. Ismailia University Hospital has only been
    receiving emergencies and closed the rest of its units.

  42. pbird5:43 PM

    When a little boy is kidnapped, turned into a child soldier, forced to kill or be killed -- that's slavery," Obama said in a speech at the Clinton Global Initiative. "It is barbaric, and it is evil, and it has no place in a civilized world. Now, as a nation, we've long rejected such cruelty."

    But for the third year in a row, Obama has waived almost all U.S. sanctions that would punish certain countries that use child soldiers, upsetting many in the human rights community.

  43. pbird5:45 PM

    I weary of that dude. He is nasty. Of course.

  44. pbird5:47 PM

    Its so depressing.

  45. pbird5:50 PM

    When the No Kill shelter in Shelby County, Kentucky, recently announced that they had run out of space -- and were hence going to have to start killing healthy dogs and cats -- officials received a nice basket of gourmet cookies, with a note signed by PETA: "Thank you for doing the right thing for animals."

  46. pbird5:51 PM

    our very fancy shelter is no kill, thank GOD

  47. pbird6:53 PM

    The Osteens and Schullers of the world are building churches just like the palace of Zedekiah. If it’s not soft and mushy, they don’t want to hear it. Guidance is “division.” I guess that’s true. It divides people from their own stupidity.

    America needs Jeremiahs. Secular America is beyond hope. People behave as if homosexuality, greed, and arrogance were vital virtues. Christian America is headed in the same direction. We talk about love, love, love…not because we love, but because it makes more money for preachers. If you take out judgment, you get bigger crowds, and that means more money. And it also means adopting secular values. It won’t be long before a charismatic megachurch preacher goes on TV and tells us Jesus may have been gay.

    If you really love people, you tell them what they need to hear, and that doesn’t mean kissing their rear ends. The only love the feelgood preachers really possess is love for admiration and money.

    The non-Christian establishment is gaining power very quickly. Government officials are persecuting us openly now. Romney is not a Christian, but he’s a friend of Christians, and the press is going after him with a fresh surge of venom and dishonesty. People who should be standing firm are kneeling down. Even Chick-fil-A has crumbled. Their charity arm no longer contributes to the fight against homosexual marriage. We need Jeremiahs to stand up and speak. We need fire. And as John the Baptist pointed out, it only comes from one place: the baptism with the Holy Spirit. If you don’t have it, you are not going to stand. You will deny God just as Peter did. Many of our most popular TV preachers deny him every day, in front of nonthreatening Christians. If they can’t tell the truth to Christians–if they are that cowardly–we already know what they’ll do when non-Christian persecutors show up. They won’t be heirs to Jeremiah. They’ll be heirs to Judas. And for the same reason: love of money.

    was reading ol Steve, first time in a year

  48. BabbaZee7:16 PM


  49. BulgarWheat8:17 PM

    exhaustion is a funny thing. hard to explain unless you've actually been there.

    I conked out on the couch earlier. Armies could have marched through this home and I would have not noticed. Not at all.

  50. BulgarWheat8:23 PM

    Man eaten by hogs at Oregon farm...

    I say we import them to Riyadh.

  51. pbird8:53 PM

    OY! ugh. Yeah.

  52. pbird8:54 PM

    I know dat dealie.

  53. pbird9:03 PM

    We still have forest fires going in the Wenatchee area. I couldn't even see the city driving up to it.

  54. pbird9:04 PM

    That poor guy. Pigs are like chimps that way, cute when they are very little. Horrible when grown.

  55. BulgarWheat9:11 PM

    four hours and thirty nine minutes from now marks my daughter's 18th birthday. I'm an idiot savant for dates and times.

    Where have the years gone?

  56. BulgarWheat9:15 PM

    1:46am, Sunday, October 2nd.

    Other than the boy being born in July, everything happens to my in October. My wedding. My daughter being born. Being blown up. Twice.

    I always got shot in August however. I always get nervous in late July still.

    Happy birthday young lady! Your Daddy is very proud of you!

  57. pbird9:17 PM

    Congrats on the excellent young lady.

  58. BulgarWheat9:19 PM

    I'm very proud of her. We had her name picked out six years before she was conceived. The first girl in my family in 42 years. I can't even begin to explain how proud I am of her. She's one in a million that young lady!

  59. Grammy Cracker9:25 PM

    Sittin' in my Sukkah sippin' wine. I sense a pattern here. LOL

    Definitely need the sweater tonight, though... I'm bundled up in thick sweatpants and hooded sweatshirt... and the hood is up! It's down to about 50* now. Most certainly autumn!

  60. Grammy Cracker9:27 PM

    Congratulations, Ms. Wheat! 18. That's a special age. I know Momma and Poppa Wheat are very proud!

  61. BulgarWheat9:33 PM

    I've been wearing fleece jackets for a few weeks now.

  62. Grammy Cracker9:49 PM

    I have a favorite flannel-lined denim shirt that I simply cannot find. There are no holes in this house; it MUST be here somewhere. OY!

    I'm grateful for the kangaroo pocket on the sweatshirt tonight. It's a nice place to tuck chilly fingers.

  63. BulgarWheat9:53 PM

    I go crash now. The girl is home from ballet now. I've hugged her and told her how proud I am of her. I have a few treasures in this life and she is one of them.

    I go listen to music now and hopefully get some sleep.

  64. Grammy Cracker10:15 PM

    Goodnight, Bulgar. Sleep well.


    oh man....

  66. Test! On phone!


  68. Painless!

  69. We found this on the highway, had just happened. Don't know if he lived or not. Looked very bad.

  70. pbird1:26 AM

    don't look at the pictures

  71. pbird1:30 AM

    now this video i like

  72. pbird1:36 AM

    ok, goodnight. GOD bless you guys in your sleeping.

  73. pbird1:52 AM

    the weather is changing...i hear wind chimes. I knew it because of how all the little things were acting getting ready to be cold.

  74. BulgarWheat2:46 AM

    that was not a good nights sleep.

  75. BulgarWheat3:11 AM

    I'm thawing out some goetta to cook and even going to fry up some 'taters and onions for the girl's breakfast. She's 18 now. About an hour and a half ago.

    That was one long day 18 years ago.

  76. BulgarWheat3:14 AM

    Lord have mercy!

  77. BulgarWheat4:09 AM

    taters are in the oven, goetta is on the stove now cooking low and slow. I'll just keep it warm in the oven until I wake up the kids. make some eggs for a proper birthday breakfast.

  78. BulgarWheat4:36 AM

    the goetta has browned up nicely on the first side. I flipped 'em. They'll go into the lower oven which I have set to warm. About 250. I found a way to fry 'taters in the oven without frying them. There's a trick to it, but a convection oven really seems to help.

    I'm going to start my young lady's day on the right foot. She'll only be 18 once.

  79. BulgarWheat4:58 AM

    'Internet addiction' to be classified as mental illness...

    you are all insane of course.

  80. BulgarWheat5:08 AM


  81. BulgarWheat5:22 AM

    it's all cooked and warming in the oven. Gotta warm up the 'taters one last time. It'll be a special breakfast.

  82. Storagemanager6:05 AM

    what up?

  83. Storagemanager6:09 AM

    man eats bacon....bacon eats man..............On Wednesday morning, Terry V. Garner, a 70-year-old Oregon farmer, went to feed his animals. Several hours later, when he hadn’t returned, a family member went to look for him and found, on the ground of the hog enclosure, his dentures.
    Further investigation of the enclosure revealed that the hogs, which each weighed about 700 pounds, had nearly completely eaten the farmer, although some body parts were strewn about the enclosure.
    Now the Coos County Sheriff’s Office is investigating how Garner “ended up in a position where the hogs were able to consume him.” According to the Sheriff's statement:

  84. Storagemanager6:11 AM

    I have been live blogging the OSCE event taking place in Warsaw Poland, and the rep from CAIR affiliate in Canada just hurled a major bombshell at the meeting, From Europe News’s Facebook page:
    5:28: CAIR Canada openly requests the abolishment of secularism as a principle of society, for the reason that ‘Secularism’ constitutes only another belief, that should not be granted special status.Further, she emphasizes that we should obey and respect all law set up by the State (that would include blasphemy laws), and respect to refrain from what the State considers illegal, in order that we can have harmonic co-existence in the future.She refers to the past history of various etnic minorities, how prejudices against those have historically existed, and suggests that the percieved problems with Muslims are nothing unusual, and should not be considered a problem in itself.

  85. Storagemanager6:22 AM

    That same year on October 23, the U.S. Marines barracks were destroyed by suicide bombers during their stay as part of multinational ‘peace keeping force'. What many do not know is that this was only the second "suicide bombing" in history, it was carried out by the terrorist organization Hezbollah and killed 241 American servicemen: 220 marines, 18 sailors and three soldiers, along with sixty other Americans injured.
    The Marine barrack attack was the deadliest single-day death toll for the United States Marine Corps since the Battle of Iwo Jima of World War II, the deadliest single-day death toll for the United States military since the first day of the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War, and the deadliest single attack on Americans overseas since World War II.
    Was the bombing of the U.S. embassy and the Marine barracks in Lebanon not enough for people to realize that perhaps we as Americans were not dealing with a conventional enemy? Did the American people take notice? No. Did the world take notice? No.
    Before the end of that horrendous year on December 12, 1983, the U.S. embassy in Kuwait City, Kuwait was attacked by Shiite truck bombers, killing five and injuring 80.
    Did America start to take notice? No.
    Then a second time within 17 months on September 20, 1984 a suicide bomber driving a truck packed with 400 pounds of explosives targeted the American embassy in Aukar, nine miles north of Beirut. 23 people are killed and 21 injured.

    Read more: Family Security Matters
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  86. Storagemanager6:24 AM

    Since 9/11, things have gotten worse throughout the world, not better. Somehow through backwards political correctness and ignorance, the perpetrator has made himself the victim. Sadly, that's what Americans notice. What's more, most Americans believe it.
    It has been stated by leaders the world over as they have seen their own countries succumb to and be held hostage by Islam.

    Read more: Family Security Matters
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  87. Storagemanager6:26 AM

    The Arab Spring has brought us more Islamic ruled governments, not more "freedom;" the reason is simple, what we in the West refer to as "freedom" is not what Muslims see as freedom. Their freedom is that of the Quran. Their freedom is the word of Allah. Their freedom is living like they did 1400 years ago. Period.
    If you think I am wrong, look at the Middle East. Take notice.
    I'm tired of being called "an alarmist," I'm tired of being called "an Islamophobe," I'm tired of being called "a nut," but most of all I'm tired of America not waking up to the truth.
    Since the terror attack that should have been the one to end all others, 9/11, there have been 19,680 deadly attacks, with over 260,000 deaths, all in the name of Islam. This is not a few people "that have hijacked a religion." This is the religion. This is Islam. It's time to take notice.

    Read more: Family Security Matters
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  88. Storagemanager6:43 AM

    “An armed man is a citizen. A disarmed man is a subject,” West closed, reaffirming his belief in the importance of the Second Amendment. “We gather here tonight to separate that which makes America exceptional and unique.”

  89. Goldwyn Sacks6:54 AM

    Hundreds of thousands of war vets still waiting for health benefits

    Man eaten by hogs at Oregon farm...

    Scientists create GM cow to cut 'milk allergies' in children...

  90. Goldwyn Sacks7:23 AM

    Terry Garner, who lived near the rural town of Riverton in southern Oregon, went to feed the animals on his farm at 7:30 a.m.

    he wasn't seen for several hours, a family member went to look for him,
    and found Garner's dentures on the ground in front of the hog
    enclosure, which housed several of the animals.

    searching the hog enclosure, the family member found Garner's body in
    several pieces, with a majority of it consumed by the hogs, the district
    attorney said.

  91. BabbaZee7:25 AM

    Hold your ground. Don't fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to have a war let it begin here.
    If you could post that as comment, I would appreciate it greatly.boom boom I.C. Yurheini

    Sent from my MOTOROLA ATRIX™ HD on AT&T

  92. BabbaZee7:34 AM

  93. BabbaZee7:52 AM

    The income gap between rural households in China under a commonly used
    gauge known as the Gini coefficient reached 0.3949 last year, nearing a
    “danger level” of 0.40 set by the United Nations for potential social
    unrest, according to a study released in August by the state-backed
    Center for Chinese Rural Studies at Central China Normal University. The
    figure was 0.47 in the U.S. last year, the highest since at least 1967,
    the Census bureau estimated.

    “What is China focused on more than anything? Growing the middle class,” she said.


  94. BabbaZee8:01 AM

    This unflagging adherence to free-enterprise individualism is consistent with Social Darwinism ,
    the belief that survival of the fittest (richest) will somehow benefit
    society, and that the millions of people suffering from financial
    malfeasance are simply lacking the motivation to help themselves. Social
    Darwinism is a feel-good delusion for those at the top. Or, as
    described by John Kenneth Galbraith, a continuing "search for a superior
    moral justification for selfishness."

    The most disgusting thing I have ever read:

  95. BabbaZee8:03 AM

    The Virtue of Selfishness is a collection of essays presenting Ayn Rand’s radical moral code of rational selfishness and its opposition to the prevailing morality of altruism—i.e., to the duty to sacrifice for the sake of others.

    In “The Objectivist Ethics,” Rand gives an outline of her code of
    rational selfishness, and of her argument establishing it as the only
    objective, fact-based moral code
    in human history. In the course of the essay, she raises and answers a
    fundamental and fascinating question: Why does one even need a morality?

  96. Goldwyn Sacks8:08 AM

    Hillary Clinton Advocates Less Govt. Regulation in Libya, Egypt

  97. Goldwyn Sacks8:14 AM

    With North Carolina crucial to a Romney victory, his campaign is also working to win over Latinos.
    One of several Spanish-language ads
    the Romney campaign has been running in Raleigh features Romney's son
    Craig, a fluent Spanish speaker, talking about his father, who's the son
    of an immigrant from Mexico. Mitt Romney's father, former Michigan Gov.
    George Romney, was born there to American parents and came to the U.S.
    as a child.

  98. BabbaZee8:21 AM

    puking beans over here

  99. Juan Valdez8:22 AM

    Ariba Ariba! Senor Romney is a Beaner!

    (And so is Babba!)

    Dos platas de chile relleno por favor!

  100. BulgarWheat8:25 AM

    and a few pathfinders. I was in the French barracks. They lost 58 men, the third parachute regiment. I was blown through a cinder block wall that blew apart before I went through it.

    It was 10/22 here in the states EST, but 10/23 in Beirut. Our friend the leper was also there. It was a very bad day.

  101. BabbaZee8:31 AM

    OH of course !

  102. BabbaZee8:31 AM

    heche en Acapulco!

  103. Storagemanager9:15 AM

    Jihadists twice set off explosives at the consulate prior to the incident that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens, and announced threats on Facebook about escalating attacks on Western targets in the run-up to the 9/11 anniversary, according to whistleblowers reaching out to House Republicans.
    In the five months leading up to this year’s 9/11 anniversary, there were two bombings on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and increasing threats to and attacks on the Libyan nationals hired to provide security at the U.S. missions in Tripoli and Benghazi.
    Details on these alleged incidents stem in part from the testimony of a handful of whistleblowers who approached the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in the days and weeks following the attack on the Benghazi consulate. The incidents are disclosed in a letter to be sent Tuesday to Hillary Clinton from Rep. Darrell Issa, the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the chairman of the oversight committee’s subcommittee that deals with national security.
    The State Department did not offer comment on the record last night.

  104. Storagemanager9:18 AM

    A new survey shows Mitt Romney with a commanding lead over President Barack Obama among doctors, with Obamacare helping to sway their votes.
    If the election were held today, 55 percent of physicians reported they would vote for Romney while just 36 percent support Obama, according to a survey released by Jackson & Coker, a division of Jackson Healthcare, the third largest health care staffing company in the United States

  105. Storagemanager9:25 AM

    tick tock...........'Iran won’t relinquish nuclear

    Iranian president says Tehran
    will never give up nuclear aspirations; blasts Netanyahu's General Assembly
    speech as 'entrapment'; says won't yield to int'l pressure,7340,L-3083,00.html

  106. Storagemanager9:27 AM

    When Mexican authorities took Juarez drug cartel carnage king Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez — better known as “El Diego” — into custody, he had weapons from Operation Fast and Furious on his person, the English-language transcript of the Spanish-language television network Univision’s special investigation into the scandal shows.
    “According to investigations, ‘El Diego’ forms the link between this massacre and Fast and Furious,” an anchor read on air in Spanish Sunday evening, referring to two different mass killings drug cartel operatives used Fast and Furious weapons to conduct as Univision reported.
    “When he [El Diego] was captured in Chihuahua in the summer of 2011, he was found with weapons that the American government had allowed to enter Mexico,” the anchor added.

  107. pbird9:27 AM

    I know! Terrifying sight.

  108. pbird9:28 AM

    Of course. Keeping up with things is obviously mad.

  109. Storagemanager9:31 AM

  110. pbird9:38 AM

    ok, Bushie Kate does ok. lol Goodmorning my dears.

  111. Storagemanager9:46 AM

    hear about the woman with an ear on her arm?

  112. pbird9:51 AM

    In short, a pen (somehow) helps you think and feel. And although once you find a pen you like you'll probably stick with it the way an addict sticks with heroin, it can be anything from a Mont Blanc to a Bic. The same for paper. There are beautiful, smooth, heavy papers, but great works have been written on ration cards, legal pads and the kind of cheap paper they sell in developing countries—grayish white, almost furry, with flecks of brown and black that probably came from lizards and bats that jumped into the paper makers' vats.

  113. pbird9:56 AM

    hi boom boom

  114. BabbaZee9:59 AM


  115. BabbaZee9:59 AM


  116. BabbaZee10:00 AM


  117. BabbaZee10:01 AM

    we love pens y paper!


    have you all seen this????? wow

  119. and mechanical pencils...just depends, on the paper i guess

  120. BabbaZee10:03 AM

    Diallo cop gets his gun back, 13 years after slay

    they all should have gone to jail for murder

    this guy was entering his own apartment when they shot him 41 times

  121. BabbaZee10:10 AM

    holy shit!

  122. Storagemanager10:12 AM


  123. Storagemanager10:16 AM

  124. BabbaZee10:17 AM

    For America, the irony of the rise of Mohamed Morsi is that this
    colorless functionary of the Muslim Brotherhood is the first Egyptian
    ruler steeped in American ways. His doctorate in engineering comes from
    the University of Southern California, which he earned in 1982. A
    village boy from the impoverished delta, he had made his way to the
    United States, courtesy of a government scholarship. In hindsight, he
    claims that he was shaped by America only “scientifically.” But he
    hadn’t been eager to leave the United States after completing his
    degree. He stayed on as a faculty member at California State University
    at Northridge.

  125. BabbaZee10:21 AM

    he was at NASA working on classified shit heat shields for shuttle engines when his kids were born here

    they could be president some day and he pointed that out to the NYT

    more from the link above

    This big American republic is suffused with contradictions: it was in
    Los Angeles that Morsi’s wife was pulled into the orbit of the Muslim
    Brotherhood. Two of Morsi’s sons were born in the United States. The
    American net had pulled Egypt along. It shaped and helped countless
    Egyptians, and, with this, comes the free-floating anti-Americanism now
    at play in Egypt.

  126. So, in an odd way, their president is American and ours isn't.

  127. BabbaZee10:25 AM

    Brotherhood Bloopers: Gaffes of Egypt's new political elite go global

    Australia’s Channel 10 program, the Project, shows a clip of Egyptian
    President Mohammed Mursi adjusting his private parts while seated next
    to Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

    A few days after the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya
    @Ikhwanweb re-tweeted a message from the group’s deputy head, Khairat

    “We are relieved none of @USEmbassyCairo staff were harmed & hope
    US-Eg relations will sustain turbulence of Tuesday’s events.”

    This heartfelt tweet, however, was posted at the same time as the Muslim
    Brotherhood’s Arabic -language Twitter account and its official website
    were actively praising the protests.

    A clear contradiction between the two accounts was highlighted by the
    U.S. Embassy in Cairo when it tweeted the sardonic response:

    “Thanks. By the way, have you checked out your own Arabic feeds? I hope you know we read those too.”

  128. BabbaZee10:26 AM


  129. BabbaZee10:29 AM

    “I am not against the Muslim Brotherhood, but they are now controlling
    all state institutions and this could possibly lead to the emergence of
    some form of communal dictatorship,” he told Al Arabiya’s al-Hadath
    al-Masry (The Egyptian Event) program.

    “We will never resort to confrontations or even demonstrations.”

    Kalta said he believes President Mohamed Mursi to be a wise man who is just confused.

    “He wants to do something for Egypt, but he is still not sure how to start.”


  130. BabbaZee10:30 AM

    1) the catholic church is NOT AGAINST THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD and they will neither DEMONSTRATE nor CONFRONT

  131. mhm, saw that

  132. Storagemanager10:33 AM

    Hey Hillary........

    Liberals, modernists and secularists are infidels and must be brought to trial for abandoning Islam, according to an ultra-conservative preacher in the Muslim Brotherhood.
    In a video posted on the YouTube channel of the privately owned newspaper Al-Shorouk newspaper on Sunday, preacher Wagdy Ghoneim said: “If they do not repent, the judge must apply the penalty for apostasy.
    “If anyone tells you that he is liberal, tell him directly that he is infidel.”

  133. BabbaZee10:43 AM

    Turkey’s Ruling Party Celebrates Hamas

  134. BabbaZee10:48 AM

    "We've had some missteps, but the end of the day, the choice is
    really clear, and we're giving people a very clear choice," he added.

    Ryan has been taking the media to task for what he considers bias
    against conservatives. With just 36 days until Election Day, Ryan
    provided a rationale for the use of his time on the campaign trail at a
    fund-raising breakfast in New York City.
    Paul Ryan

    Never forget who his idol is:

    Virtue of Selfishness is a collection of essays presenting Ayn Rand’s
    radical moral code of rational selfishness and its opposition to the
    prevailing morality of altruism—i.e., to the duty to sacrifice for the
    sake of others.

    In “The Objectivist Ethics,” Rand gives an outline of her code of rational selfishness, and of her argument establishing it as the only objective, fact-based moral code
    in human history. In the course of the essay, she raises and answers a fundamental and fascinating question: Why does one even need a morality?

  135. BabbaZee10:49 AM

    why does one even need a morality?

    well they don;t they just need to SPEAK AS IF THEY HAVE ONE

    with Jesus in the mouth.


  136. BabbaZee10:52 AM

    MSU professor was hospitalized Monday afternoon after reportedly
    stripping naked and yelling throughout the Engineering Building hallway.

    I know just how he feels.

    I wish I knew what he was yelling.

    Social media websites, including Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, exploded
    with reports of the incident Monday afternoon. Numerous users reported
    the professor walked stripped naked in front of his class then walked
    through the Engineering Building's hallway, shouting about religion and
    other indecipherable things.

  137. BabbaZee10:53 AM

  138. BabbaZee10:58 AM

    Election 2012: How Much Has Been Given to Obama and Romney?

    Search the FEC-provided interactive campaign contribution database.

  139. Storagemanager11:02 AM

    Genesis 21:9 But Sarah saw that the son whom Hagar the Egyptian had borne to Abraham was mocking, 10 and she said to Abraham, “Get rid of that slave woman and her son, for that woman’s son will never share in the inheritance with my son Isaac.”

  140. Storagemanager11:03 AM

    Islam is a family feud

  141. It would be interesting to have a clear reporting of that.

  142. BabbaZee11:09 AM

    i would love to know what he was saying

  143. Apparently islam was caused by a woman's fatheaded idea and a sensual man's compliance...

  144. BabbaZee11:16 AM

    was FEAR she was AFRAID that what GOD told her was not coming to pass FEAR

  145. Who said the following: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

    Iran’s Ahmadinejad? Egypt’s Morsi? Some little-known, fatwa-flinging cleric increasing the bounty on Salman Rushdie’s head?
    None of the above. The words are President Obama’s, and he spoke them this week to the U.N. General Assembly.

  146. BabbaZee11:17 AM

    same for JOB was FEAR allowed the Ha Satan in

    he was making sacrifices IN CASE his children sinned he was making the sacrifice in FEAR on the first page of the first chapter we see satan coming in this is the HOW if you FEAR you have to repent of it as SIN and not act on it

  147. Of course, the Islam-Christianity comparison isn’t a perfect match, given the peculiar definition of “slander” under Islamic law (Shariah). According to such authoritative sources as “Reliance of the Traveller,” a standard Sunni law book approved by Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, “slander” in Islam includes anything that Muslims perceive to reflect badly on Islam and its prophet, including the truth. In other words, any negative fact about Islam and Muhammad is, under Islamic law, deemed “slander.”
    Does the president, son of a Muslim father and raised for four years as a Muslim by his stepfather in Indonesia, understand this? Shouldn’t someone in the White House press corps bother to ask?

  148. BabbaZee11:18 AM


  149. I agree it was fear, but the hatching of a fix was the fatheaded idea.

  150. BabbaZee11:18 AM

    fatheaded fear ~!

  151. BabbaZee11:19 AM

    it is always fear

    fear is big business spiritually and temporally

  152. I preach repentance for fear many a day, but it is a hard one.

  153. BabbaZee11:20 AM

    no one wants to hear anything but lies

  154. trouble makers and wreckers

  155. earmuffs warm and cozy

  156. Someone just came bouncing home and gave me a list of about ten annoying things for me to do like try to refinance the house. Oh goody.

  157. BabbaZee11:30 AM

    Oh NOOOOOO I am useless at that sort of crap

  158. Storagemanager11:33 AM

    Genesis 25:6 But while he was still living, he gave gifts to the sons of his concubines and sent them away from his son Isaac to the land of the east.

  159. I hates it, but better me than papa. He is a dreamer.

  160. BabbaZee11:40 AM

    I am the dreamer in this scenario here
    he does all that shit I even pay bills wrong . I just got a check back for 40 bucks overpaid something

    I am useless like this

    at the same time I ran an entire sales department when I was Glasshole and managed to do all the shit associated with it but i HATED IT and was very difficult for me the paperwork part - the talking to people which is what got me the position in the first place, that I can do.....

  161. BabbaZee11:42 AM

    what i did was set up programs in EXCEL that did it for me - I can understand concepts but not actual numbers and machinations of that crap - so I did it conceptually, went to someone who knew excel and had them put formulas in the sheets so that at the end of the month all I had to do was fill in the #'s

  162. smart thinkin

  163. BabbaZee11:47 AM

    Yah I never really understood what the fuck was going on but CONCEPTUALLY I did and then I could write a paragraph or two under the #'s END OF MONTH REPORT


  164. I started out a dreamer but life didn't allow it to continue.

  165. Storagemanager11:47 AM

    what is this paying bills you guys do?

  166. BabbaZee11:47 AM

    Somehow life was not able to beat it out of me I must not have the other skills at all

    yours were there but hidden

    me? NADA

  167. BabbaZee11:48 AM

    a trick. llollollollollo

    a little here, a little there, 22 calls because I am late, late charges, a little here, negative bank balance SHIT that's 35 $ out etc

  168. still doing it, but who knows how long. The post office is trying to pay him off to retire this winter....

  169. oh bull, you funny girl

  170. BabbaZee11:49 AM

    If I do not get a negative balance this month it will be the first time in almost a year. So far I still have 63 dallaz we see if any bill hits that I fucked up on. AGAIN.

  171. BabbaZee11:50 AM

    seriously. Where I am stupid I am INCREDIBLY STUPID

  172. the problem i have is that they still haven't made a way to keep track of the bank account online that includes written paper checks so that i don't flatout forget i wrote them. i haven't kept a paper register in years...i probably should but its a drag man...

  173. Storagemanager11:52 AM

    ATSUGI, Japan – It is the car that baby boomers
    may remember as much for its compact chic as for its slogan ("Datsun, We Are
    Driven!"). Now, a new version of this storied brand may get more attention for
    something else: its price tag.

    In a bold move into the auto industry's fastest-growing
    category—emerging-market countries—Nissan Motor Co. is planning a revival to
    this Beatles-era star that might surprise its fans. According to interviews with
    Nissan's CEO, Carlos Ghosn, and other company executives, the rebooted car will
    appear in these countries as bare-boned as any rival has tried. And Nissan is
    hoping to set new lows for pricing for a global auto maker, offering the
    cheapest Datsun model for about $3,000 to $5,000. The lowest price is nearly a
    third the price of its most inexpensive car, the $8,000 Tsuru compact sold in
    Mexico. In revealing new details to The Wall Street Journal about the tightly
    controlled project, Mr. Ghosn said the company was committed to offering six
    Datsun vehicles, due out beginning in 2014, at a price range lower than all but
    a handful of smaller car makers in China and India specializing in mini

    Read more:

  174. i'm laughing because we are all INCREDIBLY stupid at LEAST part of the time

  175. BabbaZee11:56 AM

    I do write stuff down but I add wrong and forget shit and blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  176. BabbaZee11:56 AM

    I guess so !

  177. i guess thats a realistic idea

  178. Grammy Cracker12:00 PM

    I too have been tasked with refinancing the house. Again. Arrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!

    I DON'T WANNA!!!! I understand the numbers (I minored in accounting) but I HATE the paperwork and the legalese and the BANKS. I also no longer do it on a regular basis so it's more of a challenge. I'd rather let my dreamer side take over. LOL

    Make the detainees at Gitmo do THAT shit! Much worse than waterboarding!!!

  179. Storagemanager12:01 PM

    This man is a danger...because he is child like............President Obama played some hookey from his intense debate preparation early this week in Las Vegas, visiting a campaign field office in nearby Henderson and chatting with volunteers for his re-election effort.

    "It's very nice. Although basically they're keeping me indoors all the time. It's a drag. They're making me do my homework," Obama joked with volunteer Andrea Stinger.

  180. No kidding. Also, I am confidant that an appraisal of this place would be huge joke. Really huge.

  181. oh he just thinks that sounds cute and human....

  182. Storagemanager12:04 PM

    The housing market may indeed be recovering, as many experts suggest, but
    investors are still struggling to understand what, if any, taxes they'll owe
    upon selling their homes.

    At issue is how the new "Medicare tax" will apply to real-estate

    Passed in 2010 to help fund the health-care overhaul, this 3.8% surtax kicks
    in next year on many forms of investment income—including some interest,
    dividends, rents and capital gains.

    While its effect on home sales won't be as far-reaching as many fear, the
    Medicare tax could pack a punch for certain investors. It is not a sales tax.
    And it won't apply to home-sale gains excluded from income under current law.
    But it could affect investors with outsize gains or gains from the sale of a
    vacation home or investment property.

  183. Storagemanager12:05 PM

    including some interest,
    dividends, rents and capital gains.

  184. Storagemanager12:07 PM

    From Happy Day's to Happy DAZE.....

  185. BabbaZee12:07 PM

    YES! yup.

  186. Grammy Cracker12:17 PM

    Everybody DANCE now! LOL

  187. BabbaZee12:19 PM


  188. BabbaZee12:24 PM

    that photo is so great!

  189. BabbaZee12:28 PM

    From Grandpa Hayseed:
    It's a boy......our first grand child was born this morning Braxton Raymond Stoehr 6 pounds 8 ounces 221/2 inches long

    life is good!!!!!!

  190. BabbaZee12:29 PM

    that album is holy to me!

    A few of their albums are.

  191. Grammy Cracker12:30 PM

    B"H!! Mazel tov, pappy!

  192. AMEN! YAY!

  193. have been torturing one of my images with this:

  194. it is SO skillful...real craftsmanship!

  195. BulgarWheat12:40 PM

    outstanding news! I am thrilled for hayseed! This is also my daughter's birthday!!!!!! 18 Years ago today!!!!

  196. BulgarWheat12:40 PM

    It's angel day yah know!