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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Never Too Old (To Hold Somebody)

 His left arm is under my head 
 and his right arm embraces me.

Don't abandon life
Don't step away
Don't give up that tune
That you never could play
If you're folding your tent
And the gas pipes groan
If every bone rattles
Through nights all alone
Well you're tougher than leather
No old burlap sack
Not some hard scrabble weeds
Growing up through the cracks
Don't you know, you're never too old
You're never too old to hold somebody...


  1. Storagemanager9:47 AM

    Farm Size of 2 Football Fields Found in Chicago

    Police say they believe 1,500-plant marijuana farm found in
    urban area is biggest ever seen in city

  2. pbird9:48 AM

    oh my, how did they think that wouldnt' be noticed..

  3. pbird9:55 AM

    oy, lol

  4. pbird9:59 AM

    I understand there is some kind of event scheduled for this evening that will feature two known and proven liars mouthing pious rhetoric, brazen falsehoods and scripted zingers in a process carefully crafted by their paid handlers to exclude any substantive examination of genuine issues of vital concern to the citizens whom the two known liars purportedly wish to "serve." I understand this will be followed by an outpouring of fetid gas emitted by a series of third-rate intellects and clueless goobers in various media who will examine the body language and facial expressions of the two proven liars to determine which of the liars might have gained the most political benefit from their lying and zinging and pious posing.The end result of this process will be that one of the two known and proven liars will become the temporary manager of a world-spanning, treasury-bleeding war machine which they will use to kill many innocent people over the next four years while continuing to degrade the lives and liberties of their own citizens on behalf of a brutal, stupid and rapacious elite.

  5. Storagemanager10:10 AM

    Al-Qaeda blamed for Europe-wide forest fires...

    Responsible for 4 Attacks on U.S. Embassies in September...

  6. Storagemanager10:14 AM

    damn..another funeral...wife's uncle.

  7. Storagemanager10:18 AM

    BIAS ALERT: Liberal Panic Over Obama

    Debate sends MSNBC talking heads — like Chris Matthews — into
    frenzy after Romney comes out swinging

  8. Storagemanager10:19 AM

    For MSNBCers, it was a sign of The End Times. Perennial Obama Fan Club President
    Chris Matthews lamented the whole ordeal, whining this “wasn’t an MSNBC debate,
    was it? It just wasn’t.”

    Read more:

  9. sorry to hear that

  10. Storagemanager10:23 AM

    sad alzheimer's...he had such a sharp mind...not at the end.

  11. Gazans reveal shocking Hamas abuses

  12. its a horrible disease

  13. Gaza: Arbitrary Arrests, Torture, Unfair Trials

  14. BabbaZee10:30 AM

    Karen dreamed she had Osama's head in a white sheet and she was carrying it around with her wondering what to do with it!!

    What the fuck does THAT one mean llollololollolo

  15. creepy!!!

  16. Storagemanager10:32 AM

  17. It means she's sick of him but there is nothing she can do to stop hearing about him????

  18. BabbaZee10:38 AM


  19. Storagemanager10:42 AM

    NJ Congressman Threatens Rabbi Boteach, Adelsons
    NJ Congressman threatens his Republican opponent, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, saying he will “have to suffer."

  20. Storagemanager10:43 AM

    In response to Pascrell’s threat, Rabbi Boteach issued a statement saying, “I find it bone-chilling that a sitting Congressman would threaten his opponent for simply engaging in the democratic process. It is one thing for Bill Pascrell to try and intimidate me and my supporters. It is completely another to threaten unspecified retaliation in the form of ‘suffering’ for simply exercising First Amendment rights. We expect harassment of political opponents in Iran and the former Soviet Union. We certainly don’t expect an elected official in New Jersey to act in this manner. The Adelsons are the foremost Jewish philanthropists in America. It is particularly troubling that a sitting Congressman would threaten people who have done so much good in the world


  22. I mentioned adoption. I didn’t see that as important, but think of this: the New Testament refers to the Holy Spirit as the “spirit of adoption.” See Romans 8:15: “For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.”

    I’m not planning this. It’s just coming out as I type. The NIV omits “adoption” and says “sonship”! The Greek word means “the placing of a son.”

    What does this suggest to me? It suggests that many people who consider themselves Christians are not in the kingdom yet, and I am not required to think of them as brothers. It suggests that the unity Jesus wanted is not unity among denominations, but unity among chosen people within denominations, who are led by the Spirit. So many people from that denomination, so many from the other…they add up to the Body of Christ. It’s not necessary to approve of the denominations and their bad doctrine. It’s necessary to be in agreement with others who are led by the Holy Spirit.

    Churches generally belong to Satan. I think that’s clear. Most deny the Holy Spirit, and even Spirit-filled churches tend to ignore the Spirit and obey the flesh. Satan has done a great job of infiltrating. But virtually all denominations contain folks who are in the kingdom. We are a sort of hidden diaspora.

    just seeing what he has to say today!

  23. of course i agree about churches...they are so discouraging..



  26. Wow... this looks really different on the little hooplewanky! I can't tell which are comments and which are replies. Oh well. :-)

    Blood work finally done. W00t. Now I can have lunch. I are STARVING! Ordered a chicken, artichoke and goat cheese salad. YUM.

  27. BabbaZee11:27 AM

    Instant polls of viewers—not exactly the most accurate long-term
    barometer of a debate's meaning, but an interesting immediate
    temperature reading—showed Mr. Romney winning. Commentators on the left
    were unusually harsh in their analyses of a president they generally
    admire, not so much because of anything he said but because he seemed to
    pass up on opportunities to bash Mr. Romney.

    never for one second think any of this is ORGANIC it is all STAGED for your benefit

    well it is not to your benefit but no one will accept this

  28. BabbaZee11:30 AM

    oy Jesus only had 12 and that became corrupt fast too

    and they were WITH HIM

    we stand zero chance at it

  29. BabbaZee11:30 AM

    certainly what he could not do none of us can do .....

    but we act like we can and we are

    we are assholes

  30. BabbaZee11:32 AM

    Moses leads them out of Egypt they see GOD split the waters and not 30 days later they are fucking a gold statue of a bull

    this is impossible to do

  31. BabbaZee11:32 AM

    what Moses and Jesus could not do no one can do!

  32. Grammy Cracker11:35 AM

    Blood work is done, B"H, and I can EAT! SO hungry! I ordered a chicken, artichoke and goat cheese salad; it's delish.

    What did y'all think of last night's debacle?

  33. BabbaZee11:36 AM

    courtesy of StrulZ

    Omar Bakri is threatening Romania and Bulgaria with terrorist attacks - he claims they are Islamic soil:

    the Romanian paper, obviously using one of the British tabloids as its
    source, thinks that "Busty" is part of Bakri's daughter's name (Busty
    Yasmin Fostok):

  34. pretty much

  35. I enjoy checking in on Steve now and then. I have been since 2000. He is so almost naive in a good way. He tells you exactly where he is and what he is thinking. In 2000 he was a pretty nasty boy.

  36. oh me too....this constant pain thing keeps me jolly all the time

  37. didn't watch, heard it was Obambi vs Mittzilla and Mitt smashed him.

  38. BabbaZee11:47 AM


    Jim Lehrer: debate critics agree on one thing – he sucked

    can someone tell me what is wrong with that man's eyes??

  39. BabbaZee11:47 AM

    in the above article it says that the thing was dull but HEY :

    Romney energizes campaign with feisty debate performance- Fox News


    headline whiplash

  40. BabbaZee11:48 AM

    I read one thing he had written about how nasty he was once

    I believe him


  41. kinda bullish little eyes...maybe better to wear specs and not get fancy eye surgery? maybe he is mad as hell as in crazy.

  42. BabbaZee11:49 AM

    they are like shark's eyes
    or dead eyes

    always bothered me I could never look at him

  43. Grammy Cracker11:51 AM

    Grandpa watched it. I poured a glass of wine and sat out in my Sukkah... much more enjoyable.

    The consensus today seems to be Mittens in a landslide. Whoop de do.

  44. First thing I ever read he was hating on kid's art...which rang a bell with me because I also do not worship kid's art just because the kid did it. I like to see something praiseworthy before I go all mushy. R blames me for her art career she says she did it to please me when she was little, instead of something hard science. OK. But I still think you should praise something worthy and not every little scribble. I wasn't actually trying to turn the poor kid into a painter.

  45. BabbaZee11:53 AM

    she BLAMES you for her fucking lucrative career?




    it is good I did not have kids that would send me over the edge right now for sure!!!

  46. ha bet she would like that

  47. BabbaZee11:54 AM

    also she is very good artist

    but i suppose this is not enough to sate the need to be resentful

  48. I don't know. What is it with goils and their mas?

  49. I do believe she is growing out of all that stuff lately. She will be 39 in Nov. I literally cannot believe this.

  50. BabbaZee11:57 AM

    The Administration: Islamist, Anti-American & Hatred of Israel

  51. As you know, heh, a super high IQ doth not a happy make necessarily.


  53. Grammy Cracker12:03 PM

    My salad is eaten and the wine is gone so I guess there's only one thing left to do........ go to the discount store and try to find cheap jeans for my expanding rear end. I bought the larger bras before lunch. :-(

    Middle age sucks. LOL. Laters mah peeps. :-*

  54. BabbaZee12:04 PM



  55. BabbaZee12:06 PM

    oh hohohoh


  56. BabbaZee12:08 PM

    I see bulgar never answered that ?? last night probably because it does work and he passed out

  57. BabbaZee12:08 PM

    Oh the smart is NEVER enough
    and many times is functioning as IMPEDIMENT

  58. BabbaZee12:09 PM

    iDunno I tried to love mine but she would not let me

  59. oh bout what i figgered...

  60. If ONLY we could my dear!

  61. BabbaZee12:10 PM

    it would be to all our mutual benefits so sad!!

  62. i go cook for glamour puss kiddo, back later

  63. BabbaZee12:23 PM

    may the forks be with you

  64. BabbaZee12:26 PM

    He told authorities his stepfather gave him $200 and a list of homeless shelters before he was put on a bus to Los Angeles on his 18th birthday.

  65. where do devils like this come from...

  66. ugly shit

  67. BabbaZee12:41 PM

    The woman in the backseat, an off-duty police officer, told investigators she was asleep when the shooting happened.

    something is fishy about this tale

  68. BabbaZee12:41 PM

    oh my LORD LORD LORD it is unthinkable

  69. I read a story years ago about a couple who kept their sons chainedto the table legs while they ate and did not feed the boys....I could not bear it and still can't.

  70. BulgarWheat12:55 PM

    hmm? I got sent to the Army. Pops got a new wife.

    no complaints from my end though. it all worked out in the end.

  71. BabbaZee1:01 PM

    read the article

  72. Storagemanager1:03 PM

    Cheers of "We love Israel" were heard throughout the streets of Jerusalem Thursday as thousands of Christians from all over the world paraded down the streets to show their support for the State of Israel.
    The flags of over sixty countries waved alongside the blue and white flag of Israel as confetti poured down and Israeli spectators stood on the sidewalk cheering on the marchers and thanking them with replies of "we love you too."
    If nothing else, the parade can serve to remind that with all of the messages of hate going around the world today, it's nice to send a little love.

  73. Storagemanager1:11 PM

    Who buried the middle class? Update: Manufacturing orders drop 5.2% in August

  74. BulgarWheat1:12 PM

    I was able to escape my room. And I did.

    Just the same, I'm very sad for the kid. The fookin' parents should be dragged behind a boat across the Atlantic ocean.

  75. Grammy Cracker1:14 PM

    Gotta love Marshalls... two pairs of Levis for $12.99 each. They're 'slightly irregular' but what the hell... so am I. LOL

  76. Grammy Cracker1:16 PM

    My thought exactly.

  77. Storagemanager1:18 PM

    Muslim Brotherhood wins............King Abdullah II of Jordan dissolved the parliament on Thursday and announced
    early elections, on the eve of a major opposition demonstration that called for
    political reform. (AFP),7340,L-4288707,00.html

  78. Storagemanager1:20 PM

    Russia blocks U.N. draft condemning Syrian Turkey strike

  79. pbird1:29 PM

    Yup. Good deal.

  80. pbird1:31 PM

    I just drove by the little Mexican church and thought it looked all spiffy and freshly painted in the morgenlicht.

  81. BabbaZee1:49 PM

    it does look clean!

  82. BabbaZee1:51 PM


  83. pbird1:56 PM

    phone photo doesn't show it shining like it was

  84. pbird1:59 PM

    Susan Meller, Russian Textiles: Printed Cloth for the Bazaars of Central Asia, 2007

  85. pbird2:06 PM

    reading up on John Singer Sargent. Apparently educated by hanging around Europe. I can buy that.

  86. pbird2:08 PM

    so good with a brush! accurate without being tightassed

  87. pbird2:13 PM

  88. BabbaZee2:18 PM

    makes me happy

  89. pbird2:18 PM

    Syrian boy.

  90. pbird2:19 PM

    I want five yards of it.

  91. BabbaZee2:30 PM

    The Cradle Robbers Of Civilization

    album name of the day

  92. BabbaZee3:00 PM

  93. BabbaZee3:14 PM

  94. BabbaZee3:27 PM

    From the moment protesters began climbing the gates outside the Kyrgyz
    parliament building on October 3, doubts began to surface about what
    they were really there for.

  95. BabbaZee3:39 PM

    Radical Islamists enforce Sharia law in Mali but who’s listening

  96. BabbaZee4:14 PM

    OH MY GOD who sent me the Genya Ravan record????


  97. BabbaZee4:27 PM

    whoever it is THANK YOU a million times you made me so happy!

  98. Aosuke5:10 PM

  99. pbird6:34 PM

    that was soooo sweet whoever!

  100. Aosuke6:40 PM

  101. BabbaZee6:53 PM



  102. BabbaZee7:01 PM

    I think it must be grammy

    it is the RECORD there is no CD of it

    I am so thrilled!

    I must go wash dishes and serve tea silently be back when I can

  103. pbird7:47 PM


  104. BabbaZee8:13 PM

    yeah why speak?

  105. pbird8:17 PM

    oh i had the horrible idea that you were required to be silent

  106. Grammy Cracker8:49 PM

    It's another lovely night in the Sukkah. I could really get used to doing this every night. Well, maybe not in February. LOL

    Not quite so quiet and peaceful tonight, though; the neighbor is cutting soybeans. Combines are LOUD.

  107. Grammy Cracker8:52 PM

    Birdie, I love Sargent, too. The DIA has a wonderful gallery with some of his massive pieces. I could spend hours.

    Actually, I do.

  108. pbird9:13 PM

    oh wow, would be nice to see some in person

  109. pbird9:14 PM

    good idea

  110. pbird9:15 PM

    indeed they are!

  111. Q_Burn10:16 PM

    If Grammy decided to do some rhymin' in the Sukkah.. would that make her a SUKKAH MC???

  112. Q_Burn10:27 PM

    I'm D.M.C. in the place to be
    I go to St. John's University
    And since kinde-garten I acquired the knowledge
    And after 12th grade I went straight to college
    I'm light skinned, I live in Queens
    And I love eatin chicken and collard greens

  113. Q_Burn10:32 PM

    She's Grammy C. in the place to be
    Used to be Republican but now she's free!
    And that's the limit of my creativity..

  114. hahaahahha, wondered when you would show

  115. Q_Burn10:43 PM

    Hello I must be going.. mad busy over here but it's all good.. except for the allergies. Sudafed, Claratin, plus Afrin up me nose and I'm still stuffed up. I never take any of that shit but I'm desperate. #1 son says "Texas is telling you to get the fuck out!" and I think he's right..

  116. Must be! Allergic to Texas

  117. In fact, on the verge might not be the right way to put it; in the middle of might be more accurate. Steve Hanke estimates that inflation is running at 70% a month. This is, as Alex Tabarrok points out, nowhere near a record. Still, it's a Big Deal. Hyperinflation has brought down governments--Iran is experiencing protests over the collapsing rial. And it's not hard to see why. At the current rate of inflation the value of a savings account (or a mattress stash) is now barely 40% of what it was one month ago. In a few more months, even a healthy balance will be about enough to buy a pack of gum.

  118. Q_Burn10:54 PM

    mi trash and ready..BIM!

  119. :O) since we don't have the grinnies anymore


  121. BabbaZee12:41 AM

    I am but not by him

  122. BabbaZee12:57 AM

  123. BabbaZee12:58 AM

  124. BabbaZee12:59 AM

  125. BabbaZee1:03 AM

  126. BabbaZee1:04 AM

  127. BabbaZee1:06 AM

  128. BabbaZee1:08 AM

  129. BabbaZee1:14 AM

  130. pbird1:18 AM

    hey nice!

  131. BabbaZee1:22 AM

  132. pbird1:23 AM

    one of those silly things thinking we can tell the diff between wolf and dog....bah

  133. BabbaZee1:24 AM

    Grammy sent the record

  134. pbird1:25 AM

    ah, makes sense!

  135. pbird1:26 AM

    of course i meant can't tell the diff

  136. BabbaZee1:30 AM


  137. pbird1:33 AM

    oh my goodness woooowoooo

  138. pbird1:36 AM

    sounds like beefheart

  139. pbird1:36 AM

    IS it him in disquise?

  140. pbird1:37 AM

    maybe just his song

  141. BabbaZee1:40 AM


  142. BabbaZee1:43 AM

    Beefheart Bonzo Doo Dah Day


  143. pbird1:43 AM

    hahaohdear funny stuff

  144. pbird1:43 AM

    yeah, something like that for shure!

  145. BabbaZee1:44 AM

    The Liverpool Scene

    The Liverpool Scene was a poetry band, which included Adrian Henri, Andy Roberts, Mike Evans, Mike Hart, Percy Jones and Brian Dodson. It grew out of the success of The Incredible New Liverpool Scene, a CBS LP featuring Henri and McGough reading their work, with accompaniment by the guitarist Roberts. Liverpool DJ John Peel, who was then working on the pirate radio station Radio London, picked up on the LP and featured it on his influential late-night Perfumed Garden
    show. After Radio London closed down, Peel visited Liverpool and met
    the band; as a consequence, they were featured in session on his BBC Top Gear and Night Ride shows, and in 1968 he produced their first LP. Four LPs were issued with Henri's poetry heavily featured.

    Despite Peel's support the albums achieved little success, although
    the band did become popular on the UK university and college circuit.
    Their public performances included a 1969 tour when they opened for Led Zeppelin;
    they also toured the USA but did not attract much acclaim from US
    critics and audiences. Henri was described in performance as "bouncing
    thunderously and at risk to audience and fellow performers, the stage
    vibrating out of rhythm beneath him."[2]

  146. BabbaZee1:44 AM

  147. BabbaZee1:48 AM

    pbird Karen y her mother are taking me to a nutritionist on the 16th to see if he can get me an ass

  148. pbird1:50 AM

    Great! I hope you get some least stop the diminuation for heaven's sake!

  149. BabbaZee1:50 AM

    I have to stop it somehow or ten years from now I will be in wheelchair like MS patient

  150. pbird1:50 AM

    You don't want that!!!!

  151. BabbaZee1:51 AM

    fuck no but basically that is what happens in MS all your muscle wastes away

    this is happening to me but for different reasons

  152. pbird1:51 AM

    I hope he isn't the all grains no fat type of nutritionist

  153. pbird1:52 AM

    cause that would finish you off

  154. BabbaZee1:52 AM

    I spoke to him on the phone today he sounds like me so I don't think so - he is very NYC in his attitude llollollo

  155. BabbaZee1:52 AM

    man if something could finish me off more power to it ahaha so far even pancreatic cancer failed


  156. pbird1:53 AM

    excellent! Q10, meat and butter and raw plants!

  157. pbird1:53 AM

    You get to stay to see the end of the play maybe....I be gone before that

  158. BabbaZee1:53 AM

    I told him I was taking the Q10 he said I may need mega doses we see
    cant afford mega doses ao it may be moot that shit aint cheap

  159. pbird1:54 AM

    NO it is not. I can't afford the stuff I know to take I stick to D3, Mag, C and this and that as it comes to my attention

  160. BabbaZee1:55 AM

    Ah fack sure go leave me here
    this is my great fear since everyone I love is older
    that I will be here alone

  161. pbird1:55 AM

    ok haha i try to stick around to about 100! You know I am a living calendar? Its true.

  162. BabbaZee1:56 AM


  163. pbird1:56 AM

    hahah what else could you say?

  164. pbird1:57 AM

    You should read up on coconut oil...its nearly magically nutritious. It doesnt need to really be digested by the usual processes and has amazing qualities.

  165. pbird1:59 AM

    This thing stirs up conversations maybe worse than igor!

  166. BabbaZee1:59 AM

    OK and I love me some coconuts


  167. BabbaZee1:59 AM


  168. pbird2:00 AM


  169. BabbaZee2:02 AM

    I take my deflated coconuts to couch of sorrow now

  170. pbird2:03 AM

    Dale guitar boy comes downstairs last night to fetch food for herself, and tells me that if there are any bands i should tell him about that now would be the time. I was so flummoxed I just said Isuppose you're up on The Black Keys and Dan Auerback and he said yeah and I said that s what I'm on right now and he said OK and took off. Weird kid. haha I do keep a youtube list for him.

  171. pbird2:04 AM

    okie sleepy too. Have a good rest anyhow.

  172. BabbaZee2:04 AM


    we have to find more for him

    Lila Tovskiz

  173. pbird2:05 AM

    looks like a good page

  174. pbird2:05 AM

    nighty night

  175. Storagemanager6:41 AM

    it is getting cold.

  176. Storagemanager6:48 AM

    Led By Osama Bin Laden's Friend Sheikh Abdullah
    Zakiri, Ittehad Ulema-e-Afghanistan Issues Fatwa Against Anti-Muhammad Movie,
    Urges Islamic Nations To Wage Jihad Against America

  177. Storagemanager6:52 AM

    A brigade of the Free Syrian Army has given the Syrian regime 48 hours to release opposition detainees and stop the shelling of civilians before it begins executing a number of Iranian hostages accused of helping the President Bashar al-Assad’s forces, Al Arabiya TV reported on Friday.

    In a video aired by Al Arabiya, members of the Bar’a brigade in the East Ghouta, on the outskirts of Damascus, said, “If the Syrian regime, backed by the Iranian regime, does not release detainees and stop the shelling on unarmed civilians and indiscriminate killing of innocent of people within 48 hours from the release of this statement, an Iranian prisoner will be killed for each martyr who is killed.”
    In a previous video aired by Al Arabiya, and which can be viewed at:, the Al Bara’a brigade claimed that it kidnaped 48 members of the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guards and denied Iran’s claims that they were pilgrims.

    The brigade “captured 48 of the Shabiha (militiamen) of Iran who were on a reconnaissance mission in Damascus,” said a man dressed as an officer of the Free Syrian Army, in the video aired by Al Arabiya.

  178. BabbaZee6:56 AM

    the broad scheme of things, these are excellent times to be a
    billionaire. Labor is powerless. Taxes are low. The banks that survived
    the crisis are bigger than ever. So why do the well-to-do whine so? Why
    do they wring their hands?For one thing, their criticisms reveal a
    contemptuous view of their fellow citizens. That all the books and
    articles on the financial crisis and the recession might have had an
    effect — that people might see the economic downturn as a reflection on
    the individuals who were, a few years back, lionized as the economy’s
    leaders — is inconceivable to the class-war complainers. The public’s
    attitude, they seem to believe, can have arisen only as a result of
    propagandizing by Mr. Obama. No American would ever stop respecting his
    betters unless he was brainwashed into it.

  179. BabbaZee6:59 AM

  180. Storagemanager7:00 AM

    Following the dream of a Third Temple in Jerusalem
    More than 90 percent of Israel’s religious public wants to be allowed to pray at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Some groups, though, wish to go even further and build a Third Temple in place of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. What fuels the dreams of these Jewish extremists?

  181. BabbaZee7:09 AM

  182. BabbaZee7:09 AM

    it is so humid here and going to be 77 !!

  183. BabbaZee7:16 AM

  184. BabbaZee7:24 AM

  185. BabbaZee7:25 AM

    Holy Moses Tom Jones y CSNY

  186. Vlad Lennon7:27 AM

    the most important function of the federal
    courts is to legitimate state building by the political branches."
    It does this by supplying the appropriate scholarly conjurations
    every time those in charge of the State seek to enrich their powers
    at the expense of individual liberty.

  187. Vlad Lennon7:28 AM

    "Most Republican politicians don’t actually want to strip the
    federal government of most of the powers to regulate, tax and spend
    that came with the New Deal. This is because Republican politicians
    want to use those powers to promote Republican policies…."

  188. BabbaZee7:31 AM

  189. Vlad Lennon7:31 AM

    That is to
    say that "liberty" is a revocable and highly conditional
    gift of the State, and that "oppression" exists anywhere
    there are limits placed on the exercise of federal power. One is
    "free" only to the extent he supports, and is subject
    to, the benevolent rule of the unfathomably noble beings who inhabit
    the Imperial Capital. Questioning their edicts and actions on "constitutional"
    grounds is intolerably impudent – nay, it is nothing less than blasphemy,
    since everything our masters do is blessed with the "presumption
    of constitutionality."

    In his recent
    book It
    Is Dangerous to be Right when the Government is Wrong, Judge
    Andrew Napolitano (one of the few jurists worthy of that honorific)
    underscores the importance of the Supreme Court’s United States
    v. Carolene Products ruling in 1938.

    That presumption
    invests the federal government with something akin to constitutional
    infallibility: Between 1937 and 1995, as Judge Napolitano observes,
    the Supreme Court didn’t strike down a single piece of federal legislation
    on constitutional grounds.

    governmental charter permitting seizure of property through "eminent
    domain" and the suspension of habeas corpus (the irreducible due
    process guarantee) for any reason is latently totalitarian
    at best; those provisions offer a glimpse of the "secret constitution"
    described by Fletcher, in which federal power is limited only by
    the ingenuity and brazenness of those who wield it.

  190. BabbaZee7:33 AM

  191. BabbaZee7:40 AM

  192. BabbaZee7:40 AM


  193. BabbaZee7:44 AM

    The disturbing truth is that, comparable to what researchers have seen in other
    wars, the soldiers didn't require a gradual hardening to violence to be able to
    engage in murder. Most humans, Neitzel and Welzer suggest, are capable of
    brutality: it's just a question of what the social setting they are put in

    Soldaten accordingly concludes on a sobering note about the human condition.
    Though violence is not necessarily "bubbling, waiting to be released, just below
    the thin crust of civilization," say Neitzel and Welzer, "human beings have
    perennially chosen the option of violence when it seemed likely to promote their
    own survival." They have chosen it even when it was merely likely to promote
    their social standing.

  194. BabbaZee7:45 AM

    As Germany investigates an 87-year-old man for atrocities at
    Auschwitz, a new book suggests that not just the SS but ordinary German
    servicemen were complicit in war crimes.

  195. BabbaZee7:47 AM

  196. Vlad Lennon7:48 AM

    Michelle O'Bama the self-proclaimed health freak with the healthy eating “Let’s Move”
    campaign admitted that she once ate a fried Twinkie in Iowa. The
    hypocrisy is astounding.