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Monday, June 15, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Stupid Caliph Fatalists Who Think They Are Ferocious

Iran Supreme Leader Orders Vote Fraud Probe
SUPREME LEADER. Behold the dude who actually runs the country.

Why the Obama Administration Won’t Denounce the Ahmadinejad Administration
But the Obama administration has a huge problem in dealing with this crisis. Why? Because it is pretending that Iran is not hostile, or at least can be made non-hostile through engagement. Consequently, the administration is going to do everything possible to avoid making any criticism of the Islamist regime, lest that—in its own mind—destroy any chance to have détente with the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Biden: 'Real Doubts' About Fairness of Iran's Election
LOL. Biden is such a dick.

Biden Questions Vote but Sticks to Policy on Iran
He was against it before he was for it . Or something like that.

Iranian police fire tear gas on protesters in Tehran

Iran situation "not good news": French official

OH ya THINK? Those French are so insightful.

ElBaradei prods Iran not to ignore Obama overture


TEXT-Highlights from Netanyahu's speech

Abbas aide urges world shun Netanyahu over speech
LOL. He's a Jew, you stupid aide.
He is automatially under shun by "world powers" merely by virtue of his existence.
Come up with something else. We are used to the shun already by now.
World powers should isolate Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after he unveiled tough terms for a Middle East peace accord, an aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Monday.
How he is speaking about "demilitarized Palestine" in the face of the fact of DAYTON's ARMY is beyond me - diplobabble I assume....all I know is they are going to marginalize him and run him out of office at best, and kill him at worst.

Palestinians threaten violence over Netanyahu speech
Yeah? SO?
You crazy MFers threaten violence EVERY DAY.

"They can only be strung along for so long..."
~ US General Keith Dayton on the his Palestinian "nationalist" American created army

Look... someone else figured it out too....
PA still seeks Israel's demise, US-trained army could attack Jewish state

A top Palestinian Authority official admits the "two-state solution" is really just a means of bringing about Israel's collapse, and the American general training up the new PA army reveals those troops could turn on Israel.

Speaking with Lebanon's ANB Television last week, Palestinian Authority representative in Lebanon Abbas Zaki said he personally doesn't desire any kind of peace deal with Israel, but explained that establishing a state in Judea and Samaria with eastern Jerusalem as its capital will be a step toward Israel's destruction.

Said Zaki: "In my opinion, with such a solution, Israel will collapse. Because if they get out of Jerusalem, what will be left of all their [the Jews’] talk about the Promised Land and the Chosen Nation? What will be with all the sacrifices they gave and then they are told to leave?"

Most Israelis are no longer blind to the fact that most Palestinians still harbor a long-term desire to destroy the Jewish state, so Zaki's words surprised few.

More worrying was US General Keith Dayton's apparent revelation this week that the Palestinian soldiers he is currently training could attack Israel in the near future.

Speaking at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Dayton said, "There is perhaps a two-year shelf life on being told that you're creating a state, when you're not."

Writing in the liberal magazine The Nation, investigative journalist Robert Dreyfuss noted, "To my ears, at least, his subtle warning is that if concrete progress isn't made toward a Palestinian state, the very troops Dayton is assembling could rebel."

During the opening months of the last intifada in late 2000 and early 2001, uniformed Palestinian Authority troops armed with American weapons and training did indeed directly engage Israeli forces and attack Israeli civilians.

Israeli left and right both deride PM's speech

Obama only heard Netanyahu say 'Palestinian state'

Israel: Government Web sites attacked

Israel, beware, European Union is not your friend!
Geert talking:
The European Union is “one-sided and always against Israel,” Wilders told The Jerusalem Post. “Nothing will happen if Israel depends on the Europeans” to stop Iran's genocidal threats.
Iraq's Foreign Laborers: Disillusioned and Disliked
Mitu Ananty left his native Bangladesh in January on a gamble.The 29-year-old father of two had sold his house and borrowed the life savings of two siblings to come up with the $5,000 demanded by labor brokers. Like a growing number of struggling foreign workers, Ananty had come to regard a temporary job in Iraq as a passport out of poverty.

He soon realized he had been duped. Instead of the $400-a-month position he had been promised in northern Iraq's safe autonomous Kurdish region, Ananty, who left his wife and children behind, ended up with a job paying half that much at a steamy bakery in Baghdad.

"It's not enough even for phone cards and cigarettes," he complained on a recent morning, as co-workers scurried by carrying trays of dough.

OIC chief urges Muslims to adopt unified Hijra calendar
Livin' on Borrowed Muslim Time.

In the shadow of oil and gas, Kurdistan is at the center of global conflicts
Exporting oil from Kurdistan to international market via Turkey was well-covered by the world's mainstream media. Jubilation and thrill were easily discernible in the faces of so many high-profile Kurdish leaders at the opening ceremony marking the first day of exporting crude oil, dubbed as a historic day.
Gas prices climbing again
They Must To Break You

Details Set for Remake of Financial Regulations
Barack Obama is expected Wednesday to propose the most sweeping reorganization of financial-market supervision since the 1930s, a revamp that would touch almost every corner of banking from how mortgages are underwritten to the way exotic financial instruments are traded.
Obama officials outline financial reforms
REFORMS, hhmmmm?- I don't think the word means what you are accustomed to think it means anymore, Toto.
In the most complete summary of the plan seen in some time, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and National Economic Council Chairman Lawrence Summers said the plan would offer "a stronger framework for consumer and investor protection."

The piece was published in The Washington Post days ahead of the expected release on Wednesday of a package of administration proposals under discussion for six months now.

Beware accounts politicians and bankers bearing extraordinary plans to make you "safer".
We have taken extraordinary measures to help put America on a path to recovery. But it is not enough to simply repair the damage. The economic pain felt by ordinary Americans is a daily reminder that, even as we labor toward recovery, we must begin today to build the foundation for a stronger and safer system.
Biden tells "Meet the Press" that "everyone guessed wrong" on the impact of the stimulus, economy was worse off than anyone thought.
Yeah well..... how is it that WE DID NOT GUESS WRONG HERE, YOU MONUMENTAL ASS?
They need to rename the thing "Meet the Depressed"

NY Fed: Manufacturing conditions declined at faster pace

Obama's handling of bankruptcies may make more lenders 'gun shy'

A possible economic downfall of Latvia could affect Romania
The economic downfall of Latvia could directly affect Estonia and Lithuania, as well as Sweden, from where the main banks on the Baltic market come, but it would be felt in other states as well, especially Romania and Bulgaria, as they have similar vulnerabilities, according to Forbes.
China plays energy pawnbroker

Chinese president leaves for SCO, BRIC meetings

Chinese president meets Pakistani leader on bilateral ties

US Company Accuses China of Using Stolen Software

We steal nothing, we only liberate in the name of the people!
NO pr0n for you!

Japanese Bank Plans $9.4 Billion Share Sale

Norks threaten Nuke War
North Korea's Foreign Ministry threatened war with any country that stops its ships on the high seas under new sanctions approved by the U.N. Security Council in response to its May 25 nuclear test. It also vowed Saturday to "weaponize" all its plutonium and acknowledged a long-suspected uranium enrichment program for the first time. Both plutonium and uranium are key ingredients of atomic bombs.
North Korea gambles as South readies own rocket
The South has just completed a new space centre which will be used to send a satellite into orbit from its own territory for the first time, as early as July 30. The South Korean Space Centre is in Goheung 300 miles south of Seoul.

If the schedule holds, the center will July 30 launch the South Korean KSLV-1 rocket, carrying a small engineering satellite.The launcher has a Russian built first stage derived from Khrunichev's original Angara vehicle plans.

S. Korea Expected to Seek Reaffirmation of US Nuclear Protection

Iran, Pakistan in Talks with Gazprom over Gas Pipeline

India, Pakistan leaders may meet at Russia SCO summit
The leaders of India and Pakistan are likely to meet this week at a summit of Asian states in Russia where Iran's president could make his first international appearance since Friday's disputed election. A meeting between Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari -- the first since last November's attack on Mumbai -- could help to break the ice between the two nuclear-armed powers.
Belarus Boycotts Security Summit in Russia
Belarus has refused to sign on to Russia's plan to form a NATO-style rapid reaction force that would respond to such disasters as terrorism. Belarus boycotted Sunday's summit of the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization to protest a Russian ban on Belarusian dairy products. Russia banned Belarusian milk and other dairy products earlier this month apparently for health reasons.
CSTO leaders agree on rapid reaction forces
Leaders of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) signed an agreement to establish joint rapid reaction forces on Sunday, news agencies reported.

"The document that has been signed includes an agreement on collective forces and a decision by the Collective Security Council on the rapid-reaction force structure," Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was quoted by the RIA Novosti news agency as saying.

The new forces will consist of large military units from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, RIA Novosti said.

SCO conference members: No to US dollar

Dollar Rises as Russia Sees No Alternative to US Currency
I do you a favor. Now you repay me.

Russia welcomes new US Afghan policy -Kremlin aide
You will kneel before VLAD when you need to pass through my Stans, filthy pig Yankee McChrystal...dig?

McChrystal, new US commander in Afghanistan

President of Turkmenistan reprimands three government officials
Directly following the REPRIMAND comes the PURGE

IMF chief visits Kazakhstan

The head of the International Monetary Fund arrived in Kazakhstan on Monday to discuss how Central Asia's biggest economy can combat the global downturn and to offer the agency's support.
Uranium One to pay $385 mln for half of Kazakh mine
Miner Uranium One Inc agreed to buy a 50 percent stake in Kazakhstan's Karatau Uranium mine from Russian state-owned miner JSC Atomredmetzoloto in a cash and stock deal worth $385 million in a move to boost its output. The purchase price will be paid by issuing 117 million common shares of Uranium One and a cash payment of $90 million.

Russia to Buy 17 Percent of Canada's Uranium One

Former BTA boss warns of Kazakhstan investor risks

The man who ran Kazakhstan's biggest bank has urged Western businesses to boycott a London summit aimed at boosting trade between Britain and the Central Asian country.

Mukhtar Ablyazov, former chairman of the BTA bank, said that investors attending the Kazakhstan Growth Forum, which starts on Wednesday, should be aware of how property and ownership rights were coming under attack in his country. Speakers at the forum include Kazakh government ministers and Grigory Marchenko, the central bank governor.

Mr Ablyazov's comments, made in an interview with The Times, come before expected legal action in the UK courts by a number of former shareholders in BTA - which was part-nationalised in February - against the Kazakh Government. The shareholders, who are claiming for losses estimated to be in the region of $20 billion (£12.1 billion), have launched lawsuits elsewhere, including the Netherlands.

Vlad likes to see his STANS making use of the old Ukraine Squeeze!
Uzbekistan's natural-gas supplies to Tajikistan could be halted on June 15 because of outstanding payments owed by Tojiktransgaz (Tajik state natural-gas distributor).

Lawmakers fear White House cybersecurity czar would undercut DHS role
Some lawmakers are questioning President Barack Obama's plan to appoint a White House cybersecurity coordinator, fearing that the new post will dilute the role of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The misgivings were expressed during a U.S. Senate confirmation hearing held earlier this month for Rand Beers, the president's nominee for the post of undersecretary of the DHS's National Protection and Programs Directorate, just days after the Obama announcement.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.), who chairs the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, said he fears that a new cybersecurity czar will "undercut the role of the DHS."

US Government to Buy empty Houses - FOR DEMOLITION!!
A recent UK Telegraph article highlights the efforts of Dan Kildee, treasurer of Genesee County, Michigan, who is literally razing 40% of the once booming GM town of Flint, with the intention of returning it to nature and concentrating the remaining population into a 'more viable area'. His plan has the support of local politicians and has caught the attention of administrators in Washington after a conversation with then Presidential candidate Barack Obama last year.
GEORGIA: Development agency crosses line
Meanwhile, the MRC’s executive committee is expanding the mission of this public nonprofit. Eager to show that its redevelopment plans have not come to a disastrous end, the MRC has decided to transform itself. It will raze at least six of the 45 residential properties it owns in the Hedges-Gramling-West Dixie neighborhood, remodel and rent the remaining and create a marketing and property development committee to guide its new agenda. This will change the MRC from an organization that uses tax dollars to support companies that want to invest private capital in the redevelopment of blighted areas to becoming a land speculator/developer and residential landlord.
Barack Obama and the White House woo the New York Times
Four journalists are sitting in the waiting room of an important government official’s office. The receptionist rings her boss to announce, “Sir, there are three reporters and a gentleman from The New York Times here to see you.” The story is a relic of an earlier age, when the Times loomed like Olympus over elite journalism. But the mind-set is enjoying a revival in the Age of Obama.

Lilly Sold Drug for Dementia Knowing It Didn’t Help, Files Show
And they forged (oh excuse me - GHOST WROTE) medical studies to boot.

In that e-mail, Feldman said company officials were saying in internal memos that they were going to stop studying Zyprexa’s potential health benefits for elderly consumers.

That would risk “killing the goose that lays the golden eggs to save on poultry feed costs,” Feldman said in the unsealed messages.

Torres assured him older consumers would continue to be a prime target for Zyprexa sales, according to the e-mail. “Elderly remains an important aspect of target PT and affiliate focus,” she said in the message.

Increased Zyprexa sales to elderly patients also won Lilly’s long-term care unit praise in a 2003 newsletter unsealed as part of the documents.

“For two consecutive years, you have been on top and have turned in above-plan performance,” Grady Grant, Lilly’s national sales director, wrote in the newsletter. “I look forward to working with you as we set our sights on overtaking Risperdal as the number one antipsychotic in the marketplace!”

Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says production of a swine flue vaccine is being set up in case a program is recommended.
Yes we know.
IN CASE a program is recommended. LOL!

Transcript: Sens. Dodd, Grassley on 'Fox News Sunday'
Reforming health care -- will the government get in the insurance business? Will individuals and companies be forced to buy coverage? And how will we pay for all of it? We’ll ask two senators leading the debate, Democrat Chris Dodd and Republican Charles Grassley. Dodd and Grassley -- only on “FOX News Sunday.”
Are Both Parties Negotiating On a Health Bill? Depends Who You Ask
Republicans on the Senate committee that’s writing the bill don’t agree among themselves about what label they should put on the talks that have happened so far.
Lawmakers Shaping Health Bill Hold Stakes in Industry
NO! Absurd! Unheard of!
The personal financial reports, due late last week from members of Congress, show that many lawmakers hold investments in insurance, pharmaceutical and prescription-benefit companies and in hospital interests, all of which would be affected by the administration’s overhaul of health care.
New tobacco regulations are unconstitutional
What is this constitution you people incessantly speak of?
~ The Seizer

Meet your affirmative action supreme court justice

OH... so I guess the court must need a Bronx Latina to fill quota.
OK.... we'll take the arrogant ignorant short fat clumsy slanty eyed one over there on the left. That's right, the one who looks like Chavez in drag. Her.
Oh..... you don't like that do you?
Too fucking bad. You're the one supporting it, not me.

Tiller's lawyer tells of fears preceding slaying
Oh please. Had the asshole feared GOD in the first place I would not have to read all this posthumous rubbish about the Great Martyred Hero Tiller and how the whole world is now collectively trembling in fear of the roving bands of armed Christianist loons.
The Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office had heard a rumor of a plan to throw battery acid at Tiller in the courtroom if the jury acquitted him on 19 misdemeanor counts of performing illegal late-term abortions.

Deputies formed a wall behind Tiller and his defense team and the courtroom gallery.

"It was heroic of them," Monnat said. "And I know some of them may have disagreed with some of the politics involved, but they had no hesitancy to protect people during the trial."

Tiller Speaks
The voice of a stone cold eugenicist.

Our Quiet Room:
One of the more disturbing aspects of the abortion process at Tiller’s clinic was the “memorial services” he openly offered, as published on his website, to parents after they had killed their child. Tiller even employed a chaplain at his clinic, where he offered baptisms, baptismal certificates, and mementos such as a lock of hair or “fetal footprints.” The clinic also offered parents a chance to bond with the child’s corpse for a little while after the abortion, in a process Tiller described in a 1996 promotional video as an “identification and separation encounter.” “We will bring the baby to you, either at the bedside, or we will go to our quiet room, and we will bring the baby to you there,” said the abortionist.


Despite the sordidness of Tiller’s late-term abortion business, and the fact that he was under investigation for conducting illegal late-term abortions at the time of his death, the slain abortionist has been lifted up by the pro-abortion movement as a hero of the cause. In an e-mail shortly after his murder, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards described Tiller as “a hero to those seeking help in the most desperate of situations.” “We honor the compassionate care he provided to so many,” said Planned Parenthood.
What happens is a new reproductive social order emerges, or to put it another way, a new reproductive paradigm emerges. And this paradigm has three concepts. And the first concept is that for every woman, each pregnancy is an invited guest into her body and a welcome addition to her family. The second concept is that only the pregnant woman should decide when she's going to be a mother or a parent. And the third concept is that the woman is the patient; the fetus is the problem.
~ Compassionate George Tiller

"I have perfomed 60,000 terminations of pregnancy"
~ George Tiller, Great Martyred Hero of the People

But WTF is wrong with you sports people anyway?
You assholes should go live in Gaza, you'd fit right in there.
Aerial television footage showed people jumping on a police car, rocking vehicles attempting to pass through the crowd, setting small trees on fire and throwing fireworks and flares.... A gas station was looted and several cars, buses and a news van were vandalized, police said.
YA WON. So, you destroy shit out of happiness? Go to Gaza, I'm telling you.
You'll love it. It's a way of life!

Alaska's Rat Island rat-free after 229 years
All I know is when all the rats desert the ship it is never a good sign.

Officials say mosquitoes are breeding faster
Also never a good sign.

Bronx teen wakes to find unwelcome snake visitor
And the not so good signs continue, rolling right along into my old neighborhood...
A Bronx teen waking up in his family's first-floor apartment came face to face with an unwelcome visitor - a 3 foot long boa constrictor.
Giant volcano smoldering under the sea of Santorini
The original explosion of the volcanic island of Santorini caused the physical chain of events that led to THE EXODUS

Costa Rica issues alert Level 3 as Arenal Volcano spews vapor

CA: Minor Earthquakes Shake North and South Imperial County

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