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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Hoople Caliph Anal-ists Who Suffer Soul Cirrhosis

Iranian Artists Reach Out To The World
Exiled Iranians artists have sent a message to the world by assembling a video that combines footage from Iran's 1979 Revolution and footage from the recent street protests in Tehran:


SCO Endorses Iranian President's Re-election
Leaders wrapped up a Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit on Tuesday with a whirl of activity: They congratulated Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on his re-election; signed a declaration affirming a multipolar world; rebuked North Korea; promised to help Afghanistan; and pledged to allow more members into their circle.
NYT: President Obama Reiterates Concern About Iran's Election
Reiterates concern. Ain't that special.
Meantime the biggest whores in the world have denounced it and yet The Grand High Exalted Obamanable Snowjobman remains... concerned.
Perhaps moving slowly toward a trifle vexed, but let's not be hasty.
Oymerika, Oymerika.
GOD removes his grace from thee.

Ahmadinejad: Popular on 'Arab street'
Beyond Iran's borders, Ahmadinejad is seen by some as 'a humble man,' willing to confront Israel
Protesters to 'Post': Hamas helping Iran crush dissent

Carter meets Hamas chief in Gaza

Shout It From The Rooftops
An Iranian artist depicts the camaraderie-meets-chaos of Tehran's rooftops in recent days, adding in Persian that "God is great [indicating what people are shouting on the rooftops at night], lying is bad, guns are bad, bullets are bad."
'Daily Show' Sends Reporter to Iran
When shitty comedians cover the news better than the so called news networks I'd say we got a problem deluxe right here.

Crisis in Iran Sparks Global Guerrilla Cyberwar

As of midday Tuesday, Web sites belonging to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei were unreachable.
The Revolution Will be Tweeted
I twit not so I know zero about Twitter...
Twitter's role has been so influential, in fact, that state department officials have confirmed that they asked the micro-blogging site to delay crucial network maintenance that would have taken the service offline, so that Iranians could continue to use the social networking site to organize. Discussion on Twitter has also been one of the U.S. government's key windows into what is happening in the country.
More Photos from Tehran

Local Iranian Americans Protest Iranian Election
The ties that bind Los Angeles’ Iranian community to its roots a half-world away have been in full view this week, as protesters cried out in reaction to the June 12 Iranian presidential election, calling it fraudulent and a sham. Within the Iranian Jewish community in particular, the belief remains that none of the candidates can be expected to effect real change in Iran — not the rabidly anti-Israel, Holocaust-denying Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, nor the so-called moderate candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi.
Iran's brave revolutionaries can change nothing but the faces

Jerusalem is ours
At the end of the day and after all the speeches, the Palestinian state - and with it the State of Israel - will rise or fall on Jerusalem, the most legitimate and greatest Israeli settlement ever. This is the field where the battle should be conducted. This is where our chances are good of explaining our right and its implementation, from King David's time to 1948 and the Six-Day War, without stammering and without apologizing.

When it comes to Jerusalem, there is no need to mention either natural growth or natural development; what is at stake is nature itself, the nature of our connection to this city and the realization of the right that is rooted in our religion, our history, and 2,000 years of memory and longing, during which the Jewish presence in Jerusalem never ceased to exist
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu´s speech at Bar-Ilan University and a selection of initial reactions

Carter Pleads with Obama to legitimitize Hamas

The Obama Administration should remove Hamas from the terrorist list, former President Jimmy Carter told media following his visit to Gaza today. He said he plans on pushing for the change when he meets with U.S. officials on Thursday to discuss his latest trip to the Middle East.

Carter’s comments came during a joint press conference with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh following their meeting today in Gaza. The former president said he tried to convince Hamas leaders to denounce violence, accept the existing interim agreements and recognize the right of the Jewish state to exist.

"Hamas leaders want peace and they want to have reconciliation not only with their Fatah brothers but also eventually with Israelis to live side by side, with two nations, both sovereign nations recognized by each other and living in peace," Carter said.

The principles of the Hamas are stated in their Covenant or Charter
Following are some highlights:
"Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it." (The Martyr, Imam Hassan al-Banna, of blessed memory).

"The Islamic Resistance Movement believes that the land of Palestine is an Islamic Waqf consecrated for future Muslim generations until Judgement Day. It, or any part of it, should not be squandered: it, or any part of it, should not be given up. "

"There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors."

"After Palestine, the Zionists aspire to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates. When they will have digested the region they overtook, they will aspire to further expansion, and so on. Their plan is embodied in the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", and their present conduct is the best proof of what we are saying."

Iraq's PM: US Help Not Needed in Future Combat
Maliki: "We will not ask them to intervene in combat operations or in operations related to maintaining public order," the Iraqi premier said. "It is finished."

Egyptian Court:Conversion to Christianity Threatens Public Order

Turkish army chief meets Erdogan after plot report

Turkey probes 'new anti-PM plot'

Porsche to be sold to Qatar?
Porsche Automobil Holding SE said Wednesday that the company's owner family backs its talks with Qatar over taking a stake in the Stuttgart-based company, dismissing a German media report published earlier Wednesday."The family unanimously supports the talks with an investor," Porsche said in a statement, adding that there was no family meeting at which Ferdinand Piech allegedly hindered a decision for Qatar to take a stake.
Ultranationalists Arrested In Southern Russia
The group of 12 men is accused of creating public disorder and they each have been charged with hooliganism for their activities on June 3. The men beat people on the streets that day with metal bars and carried nationalist signs. They also held Molotov cocktails inscribed with the term "National Slavic Front for Russia's Liberation."
Russian Artists Start Hunger Strike In Chelyabinsk protest the confiscation of their studios and the revision of new regulations on renting the studios, RFE/RL's Russian Service reports.
Violence Intensifies In Russia's North Caucasus

Hu's on First?

Putin & Hu meet in Moscow.

Gazprom's 2009 production

Gazprom Units Move Into UES Office
You wait till we take over Con Ed's Building.
You will not laugh then, Yankee scum.
Gazprom chief Alexei Miller on Tuesday unveiled the new headquarters for his company's electricity assets, situated in the office of former power monopoly Unified Energy System.
Gazprom delegation in Turkmenistan
We only warn once, Turkmen Prople.
Gazprom warned Turkmenistan earlier this month that it must reduce its export prices or face isolation from the global energy market.
Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan gets full state funding
What the State of Turkmenistan may consider Science may not be what you would consider Science, my friend. Beware ALL State Sponsored "Science".

GOD help us all.....
Turkmenistan is spending an additional $157 million on developing the Avaza tourism resort. President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov expressed hope that the complex can become a "Las Vegas"-style destination.

"The third phase of the project provides for the emergence of a peculiar Turkmen ’Las Vegas’ with numerous casinos and other entertainment centers," he added.

Among the new developments slated for the resort are an indoor ski facility, more hotels and a series of infrastructure projects. The construction contracts have been awarded to companies from Turkey, Germany, Britain, United Arab Emirates and Russia.

Uzbekistan Quietly Stalling on CSTO Collective forces

SCO presidency shifts from Russia to Uzbekistan

Observer Countries Steal The Spotlight At Regional Meeting
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization's (SCO) annual summit, held on June 16 in Yekaterinburg, Russia, was intended to focus on the global financial crisis and security issues. But it was the SCO's observer nations that stole the spotlight, with Iran's president making his first trip abroad since his controversial reelection and the Indian and Pakistani leaders meeting for the first time since the terrorist attack in Mumbai in November...
Foreign Banks See Opportunity in US Turmoil

Economies Look Beyond Dollar

Dollar Weakness Lifts Crude Near $72
~ The Gold Man

China makes big hits on its acquisition spree for oil and minerals

Russia, China, others urge diverse monetary system

USD hit by BRICs today after recent rally

Dollar falls on Russia comments, BRICs awaited
We have fun playing Good Czar, Bad Czar.
I say there is no alternative to dollar, he says kill that capitalist pig shit dollar.
It is so simple even a 5 year old could understand it.
Maybe you should run now and fetch a five year old, tovarich.

Throwing a BRIC through the housing numbers, getting Fed up

Dude is hip to the scam but almost afraid to say so. Right away he has to make excuses and distance himself from "the Black Helicopter crowd". Because we are all marginalized into that crowd as soon as what we say contravenes what we have been told to say.
BTW I ran that video at the time:

The Back Story: I don't mean to sound like the black helicopter crowd, but check out this amazing YouTube clip from last month. Federal Reserve Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman was questioned by Rep. Alan Grayson.

Is she investigating the Fed's role in the failure of Lehman Brothers -- which severely worsened the crash and played into the hands of then Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson's old firm Goldman Sachs (no)? Does she have an investigation into the central bank's $1 trillion expansion of its balance sheet over the previous nine months (not really)? How about the Bloomberg report of $9 trillion in off-balance-sheet lending facilities (huh?).

Scary stuff. The Fed has moved into new territory to save the economy, including acting as a lender in ways it never has before. Much of this is defensible as moves to stop the financial collapse and avoid a 1930s-style deflation. the YouTube clip asks, Is anyone minding the store?

BRIC should create conditions for fairer world order
Never mind the New World Order.
Now we got the Collective Multipolar World Order!
Sounds like a psychiatric dis - order to me.
Unveiling a collective agenda ranging from food security and reform of international financial institutions to the creation of a “more diversified international monetary system” and “more democratic and just multipolar world order,” Brazil, Russia, India and China launched a new strategic vector that is likely to influence global affairs in the years ahead.
Obama to Propose Creating Financial Consumer Agency
I am Finance. I must to Consume You!

President Obama barks out order for financial watchdog

US Chamber wants hands-off systemic risk regulator

Bank Lending Fell in April: Latest Treasury Report

Grassley Says Obama Plan 'Probably' Gives Fed Too Much Power

Goldman Sachs On Timing Of Federal Reserve Tightening Process

Goldman Sachs predicts a lost decade
Never mind a lost weekend.... we got us a lost decade.
Goldman Sachs is essentially predicting a lost decade for most of the developed world
Yeah well they oughta know... MFers orchestrated it.

Chevron: Financial crisis re-enforces our advantages

David Hernandez, founder of the now-defunct Internet sports channel, has been reported missing, just a day after federal regulators accused him of running a Ponzi scheme.

Pentagon: NKorea missiles could threaten US
YA THINK? But that is not a crisis. Healthcare is.

Obama to give benefits to gay feds' partners

I fired you because you are confused and disoriented about reality, so STFU!
Responding to criticism from a Senate Democratic ally, President Obama explained why he fired the Inspector General of the AmeriCorps without the 30-day notification required by law, calling Gerald Walpin so "confused" and "disoriented" that there was reason to question "his capacity to serve."
DOD sees clear lines of authority for cybersecurity

DoD's 'Cybercommand', in broad brushstrokes
Calling it an "unprecedented challenge to the security of the United States," a top Pentagon official on Monday stopped short of announcing officially that the Department of Defense had officially set up its long-awaited cybercommand to protect the nation's military computer networks.

William [RAYTHEON] Lynn III, Deputy Secretary of Defense, told a briefing at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington that his boss, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, is continuing to refine how the new cybercommand will function.

Attorney General Announces Uber Fusion Center
I reported this to you at the time but I want you to see it again.
IOC-2 gives us the capacity to collect, synthesize and disseminate information and intelligence from multiple sources to enable federal law enforcement to prioritize and target the individuals and organizations that pose the greatest international organized crime threat to the United States...
Now, the greatest international organized crime threat to the United States is being defined by people who hate us, who support Islam, and have now officially designated people like us as "low level terrorist threats". Just so you understand what is developing here. They are not going to use this power to bust jihadis, Rings of Islamists or Mafiosos.
They are going to use it to bust political dissenters, those that THEY perceive as THEIR enemy. Not America's. Yeah that's right IOC (U) 2, you MFers.

US attorney general urges Congress to update hate crime legislation:

Citing recent killings around the nation, Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday said new hate crime laws were needed to stop what he called "violence masquerading as political activism."

Holder's call for Congress to act came as the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund issued a report saying there had been a surge in white supremacist activity since the election of the first black president and the economic downturn.

"Over the last several weeks, we have witnessed brazen acts of violence committed in places that many would have considered unthinkable," he said.

Holder cited separate attacks over a two-week period that killed a young soldier in Arkansas, an abortion provider in Kansas and a guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The violence, he said, "reminds us of the potential threat posed by violent extremists and the tragedy that ensues when reasoned discourse is replaced by armed confrontation."

Remarks by Ambassador Susan E. Rice UN Security Council and the Responsibility to Protect, at the International Peace Institute Vienna Seminar, June 15, 2009:
Through our Global Peace Operations Initiative, the United States has helped train and equip tens of thousands of peacekeepers, and we are working to improve peacekeepers abilities to protect civilians from the imminent threat of violence.
The Global Peace Initiative is a function of the US Dept. of State
So, you know who's side they're on....

U.S. Weighs Integrating Russia Into Missile Plan

HA HA HA. Obama you are the most very much funny.
SAY MY NAME! You know you want to.

Voight meets harsh political criticism
Meet us at the Red House Johnny Vee!
We can hold out at least a few months before they Toppa Da Woild, Ma us
or, Raytheon us into Gulag 13! Saddle up Pappy!
Mr. Voight is getting some serious flak in the political realm, and the criticism is ideologically driven. He's being accused of hate speech.
Obama's Army Secretary Nominee Pushes Big Earmark on His Way to Confirmation Hearings
Are we still allowed to say things like "Big Ear Marks" in the presence of The Grand High Holy Big Ears Mark Himself? Hmmm?

It's official. The MSM agrees the Senate is overflowing with twits:
Twitter brings new language to old institution, the Senate

Obama-Biden New Energy For America Plan
By Robert S. Giglio, Director of Global Marketing and Strategy, Foster Wheeler Global Power Group
Had to run it JUST for that.

Grassley Seeks Disclosure of Ethics Waivers
It'd be nice. However I am certain we will never see them.
Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) is determined to make public every ethics waiver issued to former lobbyists who now work in the Obama administration. A Jan. 21 executive order put in place restrictions on lobbyists who work for the federal government. The order included a waiver process, allowing exemptions if the "application of the restriction is inconsistent with the purposes of the restriction" or if it is in the "public interest." Grassley is prodding the administration to disclose all waivers granted under the policy. Grassley has also requested information on every letter of recusal that waived employees have on file.
Camp exposes students to new careers
“Raytheon believes that tomorrow’s engineers and technologists need to be excited by and interested in math today,” Penland said. “Raytheon started a MathMovesU program initiative that is designed to engage middle school students in math by illustrating the connection between math, their passions and interests and “cool” careers.”
RAYTHEON believes. Okeedokee then!

Senator Durbin Announces $90.9 Million in FEMA Funding for Illinois
Dick Durbin before he dicks you!
Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-IL) today announced that the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency has awarded $90,983,282 in preparedness grants to Illinois. Today’s funding is part of a nationwide announcement of $1.8 billion in grants designed to help states, urban areas, tribal governments and non-profit agencies improve their readiness by enhancing protection, prevention, response and recovery capabilities for all disasters.

NYC gets 4 Million FEMA $
They say here it is earmarked to guard "namely" Yeshiva's and Synagouges!
We will see.
Sixty-one non-profit organizations throughout the city will receive more than $4 million.The money will fund security measures at targeted institutions, namely yeshivas and synagogues.
Might be true, The OU says DHS has alotted 15 Million...
The Orthodox Union (Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America) - the nation's largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization - through its Institute for Public Affairs, applauded the awarding of $15 million in security grants to nonprofits, including many Jewish institutions, by the Department of Homeland Security. The awards, announced today, are an important tool to help prevent terrorist attacks and protect civilians in case of such attack.
including many Jewish institutions
OK so the operative word being INCLUDING.
So we rejoice that they include us?
Obviously yes, because it must have come as a big surprise.

Mayor hails federal funding for Buffalo region
Mayor Byron Brown Tuesday hailed news that the City of Buffalo and the region will receive $5.5 million for the Buffalo Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Program. City representatives from the Buffalo Police Department, Buffalo Fire Department and Homeland Security were informed of the 2009 UASI funding in a conference call with DHS staff in Washington, DC.
So WTF is an Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Program anyway?
The FY 2009 UASI NSGP provides funding support for target-hardening activities to nonprofit organizations that are at high risk of terrorist attack and are located within one of the specific UASI-eligible Urban Areas.
Just a reminder - be cognizant of who is defining "terrorist" and in what terms these days.
Thank you.

Can't read it though unless you write them to register.
And then you go on the list.

Battelle snags $29M Homeland Security contract

Battelle is working with a key network of U.S. Department of Homeland Security watch centers under a new multimillion-dollar contract.

The Columbus research giant said it was among two companies awarded contracts with the Homeland Security for work totaling up to $94 million over the long term. Under a five-year task order totaling $29 million, Battelle and Broomfield, Colo.-based subcontractor Capstone will be lending support to National Infrastructure Coordination Center watch locations nationwide along with the department’s Office of Infrastructure Protection Incident Management Cell.

Those functions fall under the National Operations Center, whose Office of Operations Coordination is in charge of real-time monitoring and coordinating responses to homeland security threats with federal agencies.

Battelle, the world’s largest nonprofit researcher, conducts more than $5 billion annually in research and development and oversees 20,400 employees worldwide. The institute also manages several national laboratories for the U.S. Department of Energy.

High Priests of the Covenant of Death:
MFer is a licensed serial killer.
Or perhaps we can call him practitioner of extremely late term abortions.
A champion of "choice".
Operating out of a church, naturally.
In a drab church hall in Brighton, on England's southern coast, Dr. Philip Nitschke explains how to kill oneself using a plastic bag.

"If you did just get a bag and put it over your head," he tells the crowd of 60 or so, "it doesn't take long before you'd find it very, very unpleasant. That's not how this method works." Nitschke then plays a video that outlines his preferred method. The video has an upbeat soundtrack and is presented by an elderly lady called Nurse Betty.

"We've chosen a large-size oven bag," she explains with a smile. "Mainly because that fits all size heads, small and big."

Some in today's crowd are terminally ill, but most aren't. Not yet, anyway. Nitschke runs an organization called Exit International and advises people to plan ahead because they might want to kill themselves one day.
So, if someday some lunatic guns this MFer down like Tiller I guarantee you we will hear no end of what a great man he was. This is the world we now live in.

IRELAND: Racists' threat to cut Romanian baby's throat
Racists who forced Romanians to flee their homes threatened to cut a baby’s throat, it emerged today. Over 100 men, women and children were this morning taken to the Ozone complex in Belfast after they spent the night in a church hall following sustained attacks by a racist mob claiming to be from the fascist group Combat 18. The families, who took refuge in a church hall, said they are too frightened to return to their homes in south Belfast, with some just wanting to return to Romania as soon as possible.
BTW? SEE: COMBAT 18 and the BNP
The BNP. Who were just legitimatized politically via the will of the people. Like the PLO is now "legitimate" - Like Hamas and Hez'b'allah will soon be deemed "legitimate".... We have become a world governed by Acronymic Thugocracies and their various vile euphemisms.

WHO Head Warns World Dangerously Out of Balance
Is it bad I am laughing hysterically at that headline?
Who Heads! Whoople Heads.
Yes, dangerously out of balance indeed.
All Hail Glow Ball Healing!
We need to heed the call of our conscience, recognize that our interests are bound together, and act ‑‑ united ‑‑ with the urgency the times demand," United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today, as he opened a day-long forum on global health, in which representatives of Governments, United Nations agencies, the private sector and civil society explored ways to improve national health systems and maximize the impact of global health interventions.
Will Pope Benedict XVI Strike a Blow Against Capitalism?
I told you long ago to watch for him to write an encyclical that espouses "Moral Capitalism" which is being used and will continue to be used as a western euphemism for Shariah Finance.
On June 29, 2009, Pope Benedict XVI is expected to sign his third encyclical, Caritas in Veritate ("Charity in Truth"). Not much is known about the content of the encyclical, except that it will be a social encyclical in the tradition of Leo XIII's Rerum novarum, Pius XI's Quadragesimo anno, and John Paul II's Centesimus annus. And even less is known about the economic views of Pope Benedict XVI, which will undoubtedly play a central role in the text of the encyclical.
Watergate planner Hunt's FBI file released
Watergate break-in planner E. Howard Hunt sought a presidential pardon by saying he thought the infamous burglary had "executive authorization," according to FBI documents released two years after his death. He died without getting a pardon.
I ran the AP piece on this the other day but I want you to remember that this is happening:
Military Contractors and Chevron Lobby against Armenian Genocide Bill
Billion-dollar business deals have trumped human rights concerns for some of the largest defense and energy corporations in the United States when it comes to the issue of recognizing the Armenian genocide. According to the Associated Press, six international companies—BAE Systems, Goodrich, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, United Technologies, and Chevron—have quietly lobbied Congress not to approve a resolution that labels the death of more than one million Armenians by Turkey in the early 20th century as “genocide.”
US Chooses Four Utilities to Revive Nuclear Industry
UniStar Nuclear Energy, NRG Energy Inc., Scana Corp and Southern Co. are expected to share a set of loan guarantees to be awarded by the Energy Department.
One in Six Oregonians Now Count on Food Stamps

Medical Students Hold Vigil To Remember Abortion Doctor
At a Presbyterian Church.

Suspense Surrounds Obama Team's Abortion Plan

Dig the LANGUAGE in this thing!
The White House is moving from listening to policymaking mode on its plan to "reduce the need for abortion" and for a "common ground" approach around related reproductive issues, like reducing unwanted pregnancy. The administration expects to roll the plan out as early as this summer. For Obama's faith-based office staff members—who are partnering with the White House Council on Women and Girls on the project—devising the plan on reproductive issues appears to be the top priority. It's also so sensitive that it's the one part of the faith-based office's mission that's being handled entirely by White House staff.
Jerusalem looking to attract biomed industry
I find this very scary. Why you ask me? I'll tell you.
Do you know what Life Sciences and Biotechnology are?
Okeedokee then.

So whaddyagotta say now, scientific Shrinkles?
One of the most celebrated findings in modern psychiatry — that a single gene helps determine one’s risk of depression in response to a divorce, a lost job or another serious reversal — has not held up to scientific scrutiny, researchers reported Tuesday.

The original finding, published in 2003, created a sensation among scientists and the public because it offered the first specific, plausible explanation of why some people bounce back after a stressful life event while others plunge into lasting despair.
We call that GOD out here in bounceback land.


South Africa

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