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Friday, June 19, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Close to The Edge....

"The fear is gone"

Britain summons Iran's ambassador over Khamenei's comments
Meantime, we are probably in the process of SENDING one....
Khamenei addressed a crowd at Tehran University in a sermon during Friday prayers. He passionately defended the outcome of last week's presidential election, but he also criticized the United States, Britain and Israel for manipulating and undermining the process.
White House Defends Iran Stance
That's not a stance, that's a fetal position

Iran claims Israel involved in bomb plot
What protests? LOOK! Over there! JEWS!

War of the ayatollahs

Iranian Opposition Figure Arrested In Hospital
The ally, a member of the Freedom Movement, said Yazdi was taken away by security agents on June 17 while he was in a Tehran hospital undergoing medical checks for stomach problems. There was no immediate comment from the authorities.
Hizb ut-Tahrir America
Oymeristan, behold your caliph fate~
Hizb ut-Tahrir America (HTA) has indicated that it has transitioned from its covert status to a public phase of operations by issuing an announcement, signed in its own name, that it will host a conference in July 2009 to support the establishment of a Caliphate. The promotional video can be viewed on YouTube. The event, titled "The Fall of Capitalism and Rise of Islam," is scheduled for Sunday, July 19th, 2009, at the Aqsa School in Bridgeview, Illinois. Bridgeview is a suburb of Chicago. Chicago has been a major hub of HTA's activities for the past ten years, approximately. According to information available on the internet, the Aqsa School is a private Islamic primary and secondary school. Although HTA's Khilafah conference will be held at the school, there is no public indication that the school, its staff, or its board members are directly involved with HTA.
Turks Meet Saudis
Brotherly Saudi Arabia, even!
We are pleased to welcome brotherly Saudi Arabia's chairman of the Shoura Council Al-Sheikh and his delegation to Turkey, Toptan said.
Turkey says willing to resume Israel-Syria talks
I have no doubt jive turkeys are willing as a MFer!

White House: We won't stop pushing Jerusalem
Until she falls into the sea, off a cliff or into an oven.
Woe unto us.

US Fortifies Hawaii to Meet Threat From Korea

Don't Play Nuclear Chicken with a Desperate Pariah
Given North Korea's capabilities and its threatening rhetoric, it's important to ask: How likely is it to act on brinkmanship threats?

The short answer: likely enough to worry. Although Washington might want to facilitate North Korea's implosion and collapse through long-term isolation, a desperate Pyongyang would almost certainly not go down quietly. Military conflict could lead to a full-scale war on the Korean Peninsula in which the possibility of nuclear weapons being used, as Pyongyang has ominously threatened, should not be ruled out. The regime would do anything to survive.

Janitor gets 6 years in Tenn. nuclear parts theft
Dude wanted to sell the shit to FRANCE?
Obviously not the sharpest blade in the drawer.
Oakley tried to sell the material in January 2007 for $200,000 to foreign agents he thought were from France. The agent he met to close the deal turned out to be from the FBI. Federal prosecutors said Oakley told the agent he did not want to sell the parts to a country like North Korea but thought the French government might benefit from them.Oakley tried to peddle the materials in calls to French consulates in Atlanta and Chicago and the French Embassy in Washington. The French alerted the FBI, which created the sting operation to catch Oakley.
Obama-backed nuclear fuel bank plan stalls at IAEA
"(Developing nation) delegations kept saying they felt this plan would hamper their inalienable and sovereign right under the Non-Proliferation Treaty to develop their own nuclear fuel cycle," said a Vienna diplomat in the closed-door gathering.
Niger Delta - Chevron Evacuates 350 Staff

Nigerian MEND claim bomb attack on 'major' oil pipeline

PetroChina May Invest in Oil Refinery in Scotland

Pentagon Pulls Question That Called Protests a Form of Terrorism

No Constitutional Right to DNA Testing for Convicts
You have the right to remain wrongly convicted.

ICE Given More Investigative Power
The Obama administration ended a years-long turf war between the Justice and Homeland Security departments yesterday, giving more U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents authority to investigate drug crimes.
History behind tracking the Utah Fusion Center
When asked how he became aware of the Utah Fusion Center, Steve Erickson stated he first became aware of the MATRIX about the time Governor Leavitt was on the way out, and Governor Walker was on her way in, which would have been 2004.

The Fusion Centers started being pushed right after the MATRIX program fell apart, so Mr. Erickson began monitoring the issue. He believes he first caught wind of the Fusion Center coming to Utah in 2006.

El Paso gets $5.4M DHS grant

New York gets $283 million from Homeland Security

Tulsa area to receive $2.6 million DHS grant

Raytheon sees cybersecurity as major growth area
No Doubt!
Raytheon created a separate cybersecurity business about three years ago, the first in the defense industry to do so.
Raytheon adds learning center
Sounds innocuous & helpful right? It is neither.
They must reeducate you.
The new building is the first dedicated learning facility for Missile Systems, Southern Arizona's biggest employer, with more than 11,500 employees at several local sites.
"We've gone to multiple facilities throughout the community, so this makes it easier from an access perspective, and just the idea of having their own world-class center with all the state-of-the-art equipment," Jenkins said in an interview.
Raytheon Celebrates One Year of Training Support to the US Army
None of this exigent shit is happening in a corner.
Do not dare say you did not know.
The Raytheon-led Warrior Training Alliance (WTA) team has processed more than 2600 task orders during the past year
- snip -
Raytheon was awarded the contract in June 2007 and began work for the U.S. Army's Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation in May 2008. The purpose of the 10-year, indefinite delivery-indefinite quantity contract is to consolidate the Army's legacy live, virtual and constructive training programs. The estimated value during the life of the contract is $11.2 billion.

Towards a New Financial World Order
Whoops, they said it again.

EU Leaders Reach Deal on Financial Supervision
ALL will be supervised.

Deutsche Bank Counts Carbon Gas Emissions Out Loud in NYC

NYSE Expands In Middle East, Invests In Qatar Exchange

Swiss Sets Revised Double Taxation Agreement With US

Weak Dollar Helps Crude Climb

PAKISTAN: Power minister threatens KESC with nationalisation
Behold your future baby, it is murder.

The Goldman Sachs Factor: TARP Money, Financials, Oil, and Dominance

Goldman Sachs Repurchases TARP Preferred Stock

Megabanks Donate $68 Billion to the TARP-o-Meter

Dispute grows over TARP chief's powers

FED FOCUS-Expanded Fed role may weigh on monetary tasks
Normally, the Fed is only allowed to lend money to highly regulated deposit-taking banks.

However, using emergency powers which allow it to lend to a wider array of institutions in "unusual and exigent circumstances," it has deployed tens of billions of dollars to rescue Bear Stearns and AIG in the midst of the financial crisis, to the chagrin of some lawmakers who feel it has strayed from its monetary policy mission.

Under Obama's plan, the Fed would need prior written authority from the Treasury if it wants to use those emergency powers in the future.
Central Florida jobless rate hits 10.2%

Jobless Number In North Carolina Grows

Jobless rate rises in nearly all states

Obama commits to immigration reform
Define REFORM.

Health Care Socio-Fascism
Medicare and Medicaid-accepting physicians who bitterly complain about and object to the system and are constantly underpaid by and facing harassment and threats from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service Centers are increasingly throwing their hands in the air and are now dropping out of the government system. The facts that the waiting rooms at the hospitals and clinics are filling up and doctors do not have time to spend enough time with their patients are undeniable, except to Obama, the Democrats, and even the bulk of the Republicans.
Widow of Slain Abortion Doctor Pushes for Tougher Laws
The widow of Dr. Barnett Slepian appeared in Albany Thursday afternoon to support a bill proposed by Assemblyman Sam Hoyt (D-144th District).

The Buffalo lawmaker said he's calling for harsher punishments for people who try to interfere with an abortion by committing acts of violence against doctors, clinical staff, volunteers, or patients. Such acts that result in physical injury would be elevated from misdemeanor crimes to felonies.

"New York state would be the first in the nation to recognize the serious nature of these crimes by passing a law that creates enhanced penalties," Hoyt said. Speaking along with Hoyt was Lynne Slepian. Her husband was a Buffalo abortion doctor who was shot and killed sniper-style in his Amherst home in October of 1998.

"In order to bring an end to tragedies such as my husband's and Dr. Tiller's murders, we as citizens of New York state need to take action," Slepian said.

Pro-life advocates have stepped out in opposition to the bill with national group Operation Rescue calling it "unconstitutional in America" to afford special privileges to certain groups of people.

Wake up before it's too late
We are watching our country being prepared for someone’s table. There will be gradual nationalization of industry, banking, and medicine. The agenda in Washington is to make everyone indebted to the government.
American Journalist Threatened For Exposing Cover-Ups
Not in Georgia, Uzbekistan, Belarus or Kazakhstan... in Oymeristan.
A journalist who has uncovered evidence of al-Qaeda involvement in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and the 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800 has been threatened with a lawsuit by powerful U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

Government officials blamed the crash of TWA Flight 800, which killed 230 people, on a mysterious mechanical malfunction, while the Oklahoma City bombing, which killed 168, was quickly labeled the work of domestic "right-wing" terrorists. Accuracy in Media has long maintained that Clinton Administration officials concealed the truth about both incidents.

Details sought on New Orleans' deal to buy Chevron buildings
Nagin on Tuesday signed an $8 million purchase agreement with Chevron Corp. for the office tower and two associated buildings at Gravier Street and O'Keefe Avenue that held the energy company's local headquarters until last year.


Nagin said Wednesday that the city plans to use "a combination of unpledged bond funds as well as insurance proceeds that we've been able to recycle back into the system. . . . I'm not concerned about us finding the $8 million."
US Senate panel approves FCC nominee
The FCC will help oversee billions of dollars in economic stimulus money that Congress allocated in incentives for states and private companies to expand high-speed Internet in rural and underserved areas.
Altai MPs seek to name mountain after Gazprom
Lawmakers of Russia's southern Siberian Republic of Altai have resolved to name one of the mountains on its territory after the energy giant Gazprom, the republic's official web site said on Thursday. The initiative to name the 3,412-meter-high mountain after the Russian energy giant was put forward by the region's head, Alexander Berdnikov. "The request will be sent to Russia's main geodesy and cartography department," the website said. Mountain climbers are expected to ascend the mountain, the highest in the Kurai range, to install Gazprom symbols this summer. Local authorities also plan to name after Gazprom a street in the region's capital, Gorno-Altaisk.

Gazprom and Dow Chemical Expand Emissions Alliance

Gazprom increases its hold on Sibir (UK)
Gazprom, the state-owned Russian energy group, tightened its grip on London-listed Sibir Energy with the appointment of a new chief executive on Thursday. Sibir, whose shares have been suspended during a battle for control, has appointed Igor Tsibelman, head of international legal affairs at Gazprom Neft, Gazprom’s oil arm, to replace Stuard Detmer.

Georgian officer defects, appears on Moscow radio
Dude is a hoople propaganda-op times eleventy deluxe.

Russia: Soviets slighted in D-Day ceremonies
If you fail to voluntarily pay adequate tribute
we will come and wrest tribute from you.
Ask your friends about me.
My name is called Vlad.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko says the leaders of Britain, France, Canada and the United States failed to pay adequate tribute to the Soviet Union's role in defeating Nazi Germany

Chinese Vice PM to visit Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Finland

Turkmenistan, Belarus Bolster Ties Amid Strains With Russia

We have yet to strain you.
~ Vlad

Kazakhstan Poised to Step into the OSCE's Chairmanship

Kazakhstan's Purge: The knock on the door
Purge? What purge?
We have no purges here.
Here we have only democratic change executed at the will of the glorious people.
We are ready for our Chairmanship, Mr. Putin!
FAMILY ties can make or break a person in Kazakhstan. They help when it comes to advancing a career, be it in business or in politics. Kazakh tradition requires you to support your relatives whenever possible. If your family lacks clout, an alternative is to attach yourself to a well-placed patron. One drawback with this system, however, is that it works both ways: if the patron falls for whatever reason, it almost always leads to the downfall of everyone connected with him.

This helps explain the shocking, unprecedented numbers of Kazakhstani officials and businessmen in trouble in recent months. Ekspert Kazakhstan, a business weekly, this month carried a picture of a faceless man in a dark suit and tie, covered with horizontal white stripes and the headline “Everyone is being put in clink!” Some older people talk of troubling echoes of Stalin’s purges in the late 1930s.

Brazilian president visits Kazakhstan, seeks investments

Tory jailbird makes himself some new friends in Kazahkstan
The late Robert Maxwell made a prize chump of himself when he published an unctuous biography of Nicolae Ceaucescu and Mandrake can only hope that Jonathan Aitken isn't making the same mistake with Nazarbayev and the Making of Kazakhstan, which is published next month by Continuum.
Kazakhstan has 528 fines for outstanding parking tickets and other minor traffic violations in the UK, more than any other country
LOL! MFers are blasting rich people into space,but they can not drive.

Uzbekistan's growth among highest: IMF chief


Bishkek Tells Uzbekistan To Free Kyrgyz Nationals
The two were detained by Uzbek border guards in May and charged with crossing the border illegally. Uzbek authorities insist they must be tried in Uzbekistan, while Bishkek wants their cases tried in Kyrgyzstan.

Uzbekistan, Japan agree on joint uranium exploration

Embed Scans From Google Books
This I like.
Discussing a certain book on your site and want to allow users to easily read the passage in question? Google has added a section to Books that includes a link and embed code for easy placement, much like the options available on YouTube videos.
Evidence for shorelines on Mars announced
Announced. LOL!

Study: Prostate tests may be overrated
I'll say!

The UN Can't Even Promote Health

In the last two decades, the world has spent more than $196 billion trying to save people from death and disease in poor countries. But just what the world’s gotten for its money isn’t clear, according to two studies published Friday in the medical journal Lancet. Millions of people are now protected against diseases like yellow fever, sleeping under anti-malaria bed nets and taking AIDS drugs. Much beyond that, it’s tough to gauge the effectiveness of pricey programs led by the United Nations and its partners, and in some cases, big spending may even be counterproductive, the studies say.




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