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Saturday, April 25, 2009

WFRL: John McTernan: Defend & Proclaim!

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John McTernan:
John P. McTernan is a lifetime student of American history. He is an avid student of Biblical prophecy since becoming a Christian in the early 1970s. He authored the acclaimed God s Final Warning to America and co-authored the bestseller Israel: The Blessing or the Curse. During numerous appearances on television, radio, and in seminars he has defended Israel in light of Biblical prophecy. In 1974 John became involved with the Pro-Life Movement and is a Pro-Life leader in central Pennsylvania. He co-founded International Cops for Christ where he serves as an ordained chaplain. He served as a US Treasury agent for 26 years until retiring in 1998. He holds a B.S. from Virginia Commonwealth University. He is married and the father of four children.

John McTernan's Insights
Purpose of this Blog:

The purpose of this blog is to keep the reader up to date with current information and events that are related to the Bible. The focus is on Israel and the United States, but all other relevant information will be reported, to show the reader the desperate, yet exciting, time we live in. Bible prophecy is coming alive right before our very eyes. The information is to ground us in God; to cause us to live holy; to be anchored in the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus: and to show the awesome authority of the Bible as the very word of God.


This is NO time to ignore events.

Now is the time to run to the battle for the Lord Jesus. If you came under attack, you would want the support of thousands to stand with you. This is one of the goals of this blog: to raise up thousands who are not lukewarm. They will support those who are standing for righteousness.
Author John McTernan discusses the correlation between anti-Israeli US government actions & simultaneous natural disasters that occur in America. Is this coincidence or Divine Judgment? You do not want to miss this show!

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