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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MrsOC's Feral House of Bongos Presents: COMBOBULATE

The Incredible Bongo Band
Let There Be Drums

Everyone uses this term. Why does no one ever say combobulation? There must be existing combobulation first before you can dis it, you'd think....

But NO
combobulation is not a word.
bobulate? Also, not a word.

So WTF is this term and where did it come from, I ask?

1825–35, Americanism;
fanciful alteration of discompose
or discomfort

Hmmmmm, Americanism; fanciful alteration....
Which means one day people may be saying caliphellator, masterflation, hooplewanky and Jewtian too.

Oh freakin' my.

This morning after a night of smoking cigars
And drinking brown liquor
I am sore challenged
(Albeit not so sore as
I might have anticipated) myself
Again to combobulate.
Is that what one does?
Is that the name of the task
Of pulling the scattered bits
Of consciousness back
From the edges of perception
Into the wholeness of being?
Mending the vessels
Smashed, not in the act of creation
But in the happy fellowship
Of alcoholic revelry
Ah, yes, that wise man said
"Not in rioting and drunkenness"
Sadly, or luckily, for a man my age
Chambering and wontenness are not options
After an evening of scotch and cigars.
Age makes making no account for the flesh
Easier, in that regard, than youth.

Come, Bob
You late.
Dis come
Yule ate
Combo bull
Disco me
Bobo ulate
Come, Bobo

Elated, as I anticipated,
When the discombobulation,
Thudding 'cross our sorry nation,
Ceased to vex and hex me,
Discomfort, and obsess me,
Oh, dancin' to a bongo rhythm,
Is the way we should be livin'!
When the happy syncopation,
Fills us up with bright elation,
No more discombobulation,
Confusion, heartache, rearrangin',
I ease into combobulation!

I said aloud and several times at that
What is that word?
it’s incomplete, a brim without a hat
it strikes me as a piece of word
a little slice of “pi”
Or maybe as a great ape called
a “mate” without the “pri”
You see what sort of mischief
you could find yourself “volved” in
It could be anything at all
from “re” to “e” or “diss” -begin
To see the possibilities!
If you start lopping to create
You’re likely to combobulate
a decent subject for debate.
~ mrsoc

I'll take the sheeseburger combobulation
with fries
and a large soda.


from ~
The Fabulous Isle of Combobulation.
Behold, we are a jewel among all nations,
Filled with feral ministrations,
strange and beautiful gyrations
and some gypsy undulations
(after much procrastination).
So meet me at the station
you don't need a reservation
come one
come all
come unification
The Fabulous Isle of Combobulation
awaits your convocation.
Whaddaya want, an engraved invitation?

The Majestics
Funky Chick

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