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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: For Whoremen of the Econopocalypse

Hat Tip to akak for the term "econopocalypse"...

Dion DiMucci
Purple Haze

PDF: NGO Monitor´s Durban II Resource Guide

US boycotting, Iran starring, at UN racism meeting

The administration of President Barack Obama, America's first black head of state, announced Saturday that it would boycott "with regret" the weeklong meeting in Geneva, which already is experiencing much of the bickering and political infighting that marred the 2001 conference in Durban, South Africa.
Yah. He regrets he can't get away with attending, YET.

The UK Goes to Durban!

OIC invites MILF to join Jeddah meet
The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has officially invited the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) to join the ongoing conference in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, through the OIC’s Minority and Muslim Affairs Department
Looking to Europe's future through its Islamic past
All Hail Al Andalus!

Palestinian youth stabs European tourist in Jerusalem Old City

Palestinian runs 2 policemen over north of Jerusalem

Colin Powell: McConnell Center Address on U.S. Role in Arab-Israeli Conflict 2001
Too many innocent Palestinians, including children, have been killed and wounded.
This, too, must stop. The occupation hurts Palestinians...
That was NOVEMBER 2001. Read the whole thing. The Obamanable Bushman cometh.

Palestinians Ask US Envoy to Press Israel on ‘Two-State Solution'

US: Palestinians don't have to recognize 'Jewish state'
The US State Department at the weekend issued a statement rejecting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel's status as "the Jewish state" as a condition for renewing peace talks.
Israel primed to strike Iranian nuclear sites
"Israel wants to know that if its forces were given the green light, they could strike at Iran in a matter of days, even hours"
US Weighing Punishing Israel if it Attacks Iran
One of President Obama's closest foreign policy advisers, National Security Council member Samantha Power, is a proponent of ending military aid to Israel in order to force it to negotiate with Iran's Palestinian Islamist proxy, Hamas, and withdraw from all lands taken during the Six-Day War of June 1967. Power also advocates shifting aid to a Palestinian state. Overall, she views Israel as a liability and a historic mistake, in line with the European left position (and that of old-line, right-of-center, American isolationists and anti-Semites). Her antidemocratic admirers in the Democratic Party's (Hillary-hating) left wing agree and are eager for an opportunity to paint Israel as a Jewish North Korea (although they actually have more sympathy for North Korea than for Israel).
US banks want to open branches in Iran
Four American banks, including Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, filed requests with Central Bank of Iran

Iran increases its political and economic presence in Latin America, defying the United States

Toronto man charged in Iran nuclear technology case
Mahmoud Yadegari. NEXT?

Iran says to respond to nuclear talks offer “soon”
Soon as they are ready with their bomb.

Asian companies are the new players in Iraq's oil industry
So, it appears we fought a war in Iraq that ultimately installed Sharia Law in their constitution and gave all the oil away to China & Russia. WTF is THAT all about?

China muscles into the the Caspian

Kazakhstan expects more deals with Chinese firms

Kazakhstan offers Saudi Arabia to build sport facilities in republic

China seals Kazakh oil deals

Turkmenistan-US Relations

Senior US Diplomat Says Turkmen Energy Security Important
He's a regular genius.

Uzbekistan: Uzbek-Pakistan commission holds session

Pakistan, Uzbekistan sign protocol for economic cooperation

Central Asia holds military drill
China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Oh My.

Russia, China stage war games in Central Asia

Russia calls on NATO to cancel exercises

Gazprom delegation visits Kyrgyz Republic

Gazprom raises $2.25 billion in bond issue

Russia Rearms
But there is one hugely expensive project on which President Dmitri Medvedev has vowed to actually increase spending: transforming Russia's creaking Soviet-era defense industry into a modern technological power, and turning the 1.1-million-man Russian army into a leaner but more effective fighting force.
Economic Crisis and Russia’s Defense Industry
Every crisis promises new opportunities for business development
Gee where have I heard that before?

Portugal calls for ‘serious dialogue' with Russia

Portuguese Foreign Minister Luís Amado said this week after talks in Moscow with his Russian counterpart, Serguei Lavrov, that “serious dialogue” between the EU and Russia was fundamental for security in Europe.
Nicolas Sarkozy's opinion of fellow leaders: Dim, callow, irrelevant

Sarkozy Slams Obama
According to Libération, parliamentarians at the meeting said Sarkozy had described the new U.S. president as having "a subtle mind, very clever and very charismatic, but he was elected two months ago and had never run a ministry." On matters like Europe's efforts to fight global warming and in his call for a world free of nuclear arms, Sarkozy apparently said Obama was naïve.
Geithner's Plan for New Regulation
Some of the measures proposed by Treasury to avoid systemic risk, which was the only part of the plan that was given in detail include creating a single regulator to oversee “systemically important” firms, higher standards on capital and risk management, requiring all hedge funds above a certain size to register, creating a framework for oversight of OTC derivatives, developing new requirements for money market funds and stronger resolution authority to protect against the failure of complex institutions.
Goldman Sachs goes head hunting

Website demonizing Goldman Sachs raises firm's ire
One angry adviser is relying on the number of the beast to illustrate his frustrations with The Goldman Sachs Group Inc. on his website, New York financial giant — which posted positive earnings late Monday, has responded to creator Mike Morgan, a Jensen Beach, Fla. adviser, by demanding that he stop using the Goldman Sachs trademark within the URL of his site.


US pressuring banks on Chrysler debt

Rescued Banks Balk at Chrysler Deal

The Stress Test Is Useless, If Not Worse

Bank Regulators Clash Over Endgame of US Bank Stress Tests

Regulators Close 2 Banks, Bringing Total to 25 in ’09

Volcker Says Fed’s Authority Probably to Be Reviewed


Fannie Mae CEO Allison Nominated to Run Treasury’s TARP Office
Because he did such a good job with Fannie, right?
Allison, 65, a former Merrill Lynch & Co. president, would replace Neel Kashkari, a holdover from the Bush administration, as assistant secretary for financial stability.
Kneel Cash Carry can then go back to rocket science

Jeffrey Zients is Obama's pick for "chief performance officer"

Whatever TF that is....
Jeffrey Zients, a consultant and entrepreneur, is the president's second nominee for the post. The first, Nancy Killefer, withdrew her candidacy earlier this year to spare the Obama administration the "distraction" of a candidate with a personal tax problem in Washington. Killefer, a business consultant, had failed to pay employment taxes on her household help.
Jeffrey D. Zients:
Jeffrey D. Zients, age 41, has been a director since July 2008. From May 2006 until the closing of the merger with XM in July 2008, Mr. Zients served as a director of XM Satellite Radio Inc.

Mr. Zients leads an investment company that focuses on public and private small-cap companies. He served as the Chairman of the Board of The Advisory Board Company and Chairman of the Board of The Corporate Executive Board Company, two business-to-business content companies from June 2001 to November 2004 and January 2000 to April 2001, respectively.

From July 1998 to June 2001, he served as Chief Executive Officer and from 1996 to July 1998 he served as Chief Operating Officer of The Advisory Board Company.

Mr. Zients currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Revolution Health, a holding company investing in consumer-driven healthcare, Best Practices, a provider of emergency medicine outsourcing services, and Timbuk2 Designs, a messenger bag and apparel retailer.
Revolution Health?
Revolution Health Gets A Mercy Sale, Turns $200+ Million Into $100 Million
Revolution Health’s last valuation was rumored to be over a a half billion dollars.
Obama Picks Technology And Performance Officers

Health IT gets a friend at the top in Aneesh Chopra

Rattner Retains Obama's Confidence Amid Pension Probe

NYT: Capitalism After the Fall
THE recession will end. No one is marking the calendar, least of all President Obama, but the president is hinting at an audacious ambition as he waits for that inevitable if distant day: a redefining of American capitalism.

Are You A Right Wing Extremist Terrorist?
Apparently so.

But none of this is happening, so STFU, right?
In a great twist of irony, his blatant violation of laws restricting the domestic use of the US military was made possible by the convenient revisions of the Posse Commitatus Act under the Bush Administration. Now the man of the hour is Barack Obama, and he is looking for an opportunity to cross the Rubicon.
Napolitano defends 'right wing extremism' report, regrets offense

Napolitano: Must enforce gun laws now

First lady Michelle Obama thanked an enthusiastic crowd of Homeland Security Department employees on Tuesday for their work in keeping the country safe

Law enforcement officials say lots of things:
Law enforcement officials say that expanding the DNA databanks to include legally innocent people will help solve more violent crimes.
A call for a vote in legalized abortion and assisted suicide
Okeedokee then, is that what you call it?

Secretary Gates Speaks to the Army War College

In view of the president's request to consider review of the Don't Ask/Don't Tell policy, what will be Department of Defense's response, if that's asked for?

SEC. GATES: Well, we will do what the president tells us to. (Laughter, applause.)

NYT: Is Cocaine Getting More Expensive?
To show that President Felipe Calderon of Mexico is making inroads in his battle against drug traffickers, the United States government points to the rising price of cocaine.
They oughta know.

Redoubt activity strikes up volcanic lightning research

Haze Alert: Pagan Volcano Erupts North Of Guam

6.4 jolts northern Japan, Russian far east

The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Purple Haze

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