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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Beyond the Discount Liquor Store ~

A Rude Revolution
Liquor Store

Have you reckoned a thousand acres much?
Have you reckoned the earth much?
Have you practiced so long to learn to read?
Have you felt so proud
to get at the meaning of poems?
Stop this day and night with me
and you shall possess the origin of all poems,
You shall possess the good of the earth and sun....
there are millions of suns left,
You shall no longer take things at second or third hand....
nor look through the eyes of the dead
nor feed on the spectres in books.
You shall not look through my eyes either,
nor take things from me,
You shall listen to all sides
and filter them from yourself.
~ Walt Whitman

He may get more:
BEIRUT, Lebanon — It is election season in Lebanon, and Hussein H., a jobless 24-year-old from south Beirut, is looking forward to selling his vote to the highest bidder. “Whoever pays the most will get my vote,” he said. “I won’t accept less than $800.”
Al-Qaida No. 2 urges followers in Iraq to "liberate Jerusalem"
"break the borders of neighboring countries and liberate Jerusalem from Israel"
U.S. Professor Becomes First Jew to Win "Arab Nobel Prize"
If I were him I would have told them to shove my "prize" right up the King's ass. But what he did instead was play pet Jew and generate propaganda for the Kingdom. Tre' Uncle Chom. For all the lives he saved with his science how many does kill now with this single act of craven vanity?

Baruch Dayan HaEmes (Blessed is GOD, the true judge).
The development of a drug that has revolutionized the treatment of many types of cancer has earned its inventor, Ronald Levy, MD, the 2009 King Faisal International Prize in Medicine.

More than 30 years ago, Levy, now chief of the oncology division at the Stanford University School of Medicine, embarked on a research agenda that harnessed the power of the body`s own immune system to fight cancer. Levy developed the concept that a drug made from a naturally produced blood protein called an antibody could be a cancer-fighting machine.


Levy told Haaretz he was certain his wife and daughters would not be able to attend the ceremony, as their passports are full of visas from Israel and his wife and one of his daughters were born in Israel. To his surprise, when he went to the Saudi consulate in Los Angeles, the attendants stamped their passports, and no one asked any questions.

In spite of their fears before the trip, Levy said his family was treated to royal hospitality during their entire stay in Saudi Arabia . He said that even when people were aware of his religion and his family's background, he was treated no different than anyone else. Also, Levy said Saudis were fascinated with hearing what he and other visitors think of their country, and if their expectations were proved wrong or not. Levy's victory is the first time in the award's 30 years that a Jew has won, which Levy says he took as a sign that Saudi Arabia is becoming more open.
U.S. Journalist Convicted of Spying in Iran

Iran: Free Potatoes Inflamed Electoral Fever
The Iranian authorities have distributed free potatoes in recent weeks in different cities. Several Iranian politicians have criticized the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's government free potato distribution as an act of the presidential electoral campaign and call it a waste of public money. Iranian officials say that there was an excess of potatoes supply in Iran and the government has only bought and distributed them. The Iranian Tabnak site has published several photos of these potatoes distribution in a university in Isfahan. Several bloggers have offered their opinions on this ‘Potato Gate'.
Iraq parliament promises to push Shell out of gas deal

Iraqi lawmaker: Some oil contracts violate the law

OIC helps Turkish, Saudi aid to reach Gaza

The OIC General Secretariat welcomes the cessation of military activity in Chechnya


OIC General Secretariat delegation ends its visit to Sweden

The objective of the visit was to open a channel of communication with Sweden, a country with respectable track record of cooperating with the Muslim World on crucial issues of concern and to make the best use of Swedish Presidency to the EU to enhance institutional interaction and coordination between the OIC and EU.
Israeli ambassador to Switzerland called back
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Monday morning instructed Israel's Ambassador in Switzerland Ilan Elgar to return to Jerusalem for consultations following Swiss President Hans-Rudolf Merz's meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Bulgaria: Yom Hashoah commemorated
Jews in Bulgaria gathered at Sofia Synagogue for the annual observance of Yom Hashoah, the international day of mourning that commemorates the six million victims of Nazi death camps during the Holocaust in World War 2
Russia's Medvedev offers to rewrite energy rules
He's so selfless that Medvedev, always offering to rewrite rules & shit before anyone even has to ask him to do it. Thank you , Mask Man!

The Strategic Implications of Russian Move Against Hungary's MOL

EU passes new rules on opening up gas and electricity markets

Putin to boycott summit over Nabucco
NABUCCO is like the emperor's new clothes, it's an imaginary hooplewidget, a propaganda tool, it does not exist and it never will. Also Putin knows this but he is an excellent performance artist and greatly enjoys his work.

NABUCCO also happens to be the name of an Opera By Verdi.
NABUCCO is Nebuchadnezzar:

Part I: JERUSALEM Nabucco, King of Babylon, advances on Jerusalem. The Jews are forced to hide in the temple. Nabucco’s daughter, Fenena, is being held prisoner there, having been kidnapped by Zaccaria. The High Priest of Jerusalem, Zaccaria, leaves Fenena with Ismaele. Ismaele and Fenena are secretly lovers. Nabucco’s other daughter, Abigaille, offers to spare the Jews and Jerusalem if Ismaele will love her (as she is also in love with Ismaele). Ismaele rejects Abigaille. Nabucco arrives at the temple. Zaccaria attempts to kill Fenena, but Ismaele rescues her. The temple in Jerusalem is destroyed. The Jews condemn Ismaele.

Part II: THE UNBELIEVER The Jews have been taken captive and are in Babylon. Abigaille, now back in Babylon, finds out that she was born a slave and is not royalty. The Babylonians believe that Nabucco is dead based on a rumor started by the High Priest of Babylon, so they call Abigaille to take the throne. Zaccaria announces Fenena’s conversion to Judaism. Nabucco returns. He proclaims that he is God. Nabucco is struck by lightening and goes mad. Abigaille takes the crown.

Part III: THE PROPHECY Babylon salutes Abigaille as their ruler, but the High Priest calls for the execution of all Jews (starting with Nubucco’s daughter Fenena). Abigaille tricks the still mad Nabucco into signing Fenena’s death warrant. Nabucco denounces Abigaille as a slave. She rips up the document stating the fact that she is a slave. Hebrew captives, on the banks of the Euphrates, sing a song, yearning for their homeland. (Va, pensiero) Zaccaria prophesies that Babylon will fall.

Part IV: THE BROKEN IDOL Fenena prepares to die. Nabucco, recovered from his madness, asks the God of the Hebrews for forgiveness. Fenena, along with other Hebrews, is standing in front of the altar when shouts of “Viva Nabucco” are heard. Nabucco destroys the false idol, a statue of Baal. Nabucco frees the Hebrews. Abigaille poisons herself, begging Fenena for forgiveness, she dies. Nabucco is proclaimed King of Kings.


Thousands pour into Georgian capital to protest

Russia may cancel military talks with NATO

Kazakhstan snubs NATO games in support for Russia

Russia gives cautious response to Obama nuclear plan
Russia responded cautiously on Monday to U.S. President Barack Obama's plans for a nuclear-free world, saying a number of conditions would need to be met for the vision to become reality.

Obama pledged earlier this month in the Czech Republic to cut the U.S. nuclear arsenal, bring the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty into force and seek tough penalties for those that broke rules on non-proliferation.

On the first day of a two-day official visit to Finland, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said in a speech at Helsinki University that the topic of nuclear disarmament had become one of "high hopes."

Or at least stop off at your local Discount Liquors on your way home.

US signs Afghanistan transit deal with Tajikistan

Ambassadors of Afghanistan and Israel accredited in Turkmenistan

EU normalises relations with Turkmenistan

European Comission opens representation in Turkmenistan

Putin gets to work on Turkmenistan

New criminal procedure & labor codes adopted in Turkmenistan

Breast feeding, even! A notoriusly procedurally laborious endeavor obviously requiring legislation by State!!
"On protecting and advocating breast feeding and requirements to baby food,"
"On quality and safety of food products"
"On amendments to and annulment of some laws of Turkmenistan"
"On election of members of Gengeshes"
"On procedures of passing decisions in relation to the administrative-territorial system of Turkmenistan as well as giving and changing names of state enterprises, organizations, entities and other facilities."
British Ambassador to pay official visit to Kazahkstan

Invitation to visit Kazakhstan sent to Hillary Clinton
In connection with the solemn ceremony of laying of the first stone of the Kazakhstan-American Islamic Cultural Center planned in May, 2009,
...That's fucking solemn alright.

UAE plans to invest US$1 bln in Kazakhstan

Uzbekistan is bracing itself for a cash shortage. The Central Bank has ordered banks to cease making cash payments from April 23 until the end of the month, an opposition news site has claimed.

Experts say it may be a ham-fisted attempt to control consumer spending and keep a lid on inflation.

Christian Persecution persists in Uzbekistan
Persecution seems to be heightened in Uzbekistan as several more Christians are imprisoned or fined for sharing their faith with children.
Brides getting younger in Uzbekistan
Aisha was 6 when the Brophet married her and 9 when the Brophet mounted her.
STFU or We Kill You! Religion of Peace!

Uzbekistan lures Saudi tourists this summer
How much for the little girls, my friend? I hear you have cash shortage.

Pakistan, Uzbekistan feel warmth of ties

Tie her hands and feet till they are warm. How much for her? I hear you have cash shortage.

AUGUST, 2007: China and Russia Begin Teasing Washington
Moscow and Beijing have teamed up and appear determined to send a message to the White House, singly and together, which translated could mean, “Don’t mess with us” and “Stay clear of our allies.”

The two countries are currently playing war games together with Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, all members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), considered a buffer to US oil and gas ambitions in the Caspian.

September 2008: The Supertheory of Supereverything
It's not like the Stanistan Follies have not been happening right in front of our eyes and for YEARS...

190K dead from Chinese radiation
The only thing standing in the way of PROGRESS is humanity! Those are not people, those are Possessions of State.
As many as 190,000 people in China may have died as a result of the country's atomic weapons tests.
China's Banks Ease Foreign Energy Deals

Westinghouse begins construction of nuclear plants in China

NW China raises birds to ward off locusts across Sino-Kazak border
My Country Has Many Locusts. Welcome!

For China's New Left, Old Values

China to issue stimulus plan on petrochem sector

India launches spy satellite


WSJ: Recent events confirm that we're living in a new world of disorder

IMF set for huge expansion as world finance ministers meet

A Bigger, Bolder Role Is Imagined For the IMF
Bowing to a new economic world order, the IMF would grant fresh powers to the likes of China, India and Brazil.
"We are walking on the edge of something new that is leading us into the future of a New World Order that is right and exact"
POV CUBA: The Secret Summit
The United States president has been very active. According to press reports he has not only taken part in the plenary session of the Summit but also met with every regional subgroup.
G8 Agriculture Ministers' Meeting Final Declaration
In view of the Summit of the Heads of State and Government of the G8 Countries to be held on La Maddalena, from 8 to 10 July 2009, but also in view of other international fora where food security will be debated, we wish to forward the following messages to the world leaders:

1. Agriculture and food security are at the core of the international agenda.

Nonprofit Groups to Push for Exceptions to Lobby Rule
The White House has granted three waivers, the first to William J. Lynn, a Raytheon lobbyist who became deputy defense secretary. The other two went to Cecilia Muñoz of the National Council of La Raza, who is now White House director of intergovernmental affairs, and Jocelyn Frye of the National Partnership for Women and Families, who is now Michelle Obama’s policy director.
Cecilia Muñoz .... of the National Council of FUCKING La Raza. LA RAZA!
Attention all ye plebian gringos, pathetic gwylo, back stabbin' wasichu, moronic honkies, donkeys and assorted whipper snappin' cracker jacks:
LA RAZA means "The Race".
Also La Raza is McCain's favorite communist front immigration group.
And you people think you have two parties?
Ha Ha Ha!
Welcome to Post America! Enjoy your flight.

Who is White House director of intergovernmental affairs since 11/26/08, and with ZERO MSM attention. Google it, you'll see.
Munoz, meanwhile, will oversee the White House office responsible for relations between the administration and state and local governments. The 2000 MacArthur Foundation "genius grant" winner is a senior vice president at the National Council of La Raza, a leading Hispanic civil rights group. There, she has spearheaded many of the organization's immigration initiatives. Currently, she is in charge of the group's entire advocacy and legislative agenda.

"We're continuing to build a White House team that can rise to the challenges facing this country -- and I couldn't be more excited to announce Jon and Cecilia," Obama said. "I'm confident that at a critical time in our history, this White House will restore openness and accountability to our executive branch and help to put government back in the hands of the people it serves."
Raytheon and Narus Partner to Offer Real-Time Network Traffic Intelligence to Protect Government
My Hair Rays hereby declare war on Raytheon!

The Good Lobbyist
New York Times - The president issued one for William Lynn, a lobbyist for the powerful defense contractor Raytheon who was his indispensable choice to be deputy secretary ..
One what? One waiver that cites UNUSUAL & EXIGENT Circumstances. Indispensible!

Wearing the Gubbmint Wire:
U.S. Army leaders are asking three U.S. prime defense contractors to develop wearable Army communications prototype systems that integrate radios, batteries, software, body armor, and combat helmet


The Army is asking the Raytheon Co. Network Centric Systems segment in McKinney, Texas; General Dynamics C4 Systems in Scottsdale, Ariz.; and Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to develop prototype wearable network centric warfare systems as part of the Ground Soldier Ensemble (GSE) program.
Ground Soldier Ensemble? Sounds like a gay Nazi dance troupe. WTF is it?
The Ground Soldier Ensemble (GSE) is a system-of-systems that provides dismounted soldiers increased situational awareness, decreased reaction times, and reduces the risk of fratricide. GSE focuses on providing mature technologies, that when integrated together on the Soldier, minimize the size, weight and power impacts to the Soldier while providing improved situational awareness and network connectivity capabilities at various echelon levels within a brigade combat team.

TACOM Contracting Center has established a Major System Website for Ground Soldier Ensemble (GSE), with an Executive Summary currently posted and available for review

That Executive Summary link, BTW, is dead now. And from reading that hooplebabble I still wouldn't really know WTF it is. Other than it "prevents fratricide". Ohhkay.
Fire causes $100000 in damage at Raytheon building

Earnings Preview: Raytheon Co.

Raytheon Celebrates Math Awareness Month by buying children for $300,000
Math awareness month? Dare I celebrate that I am aware that there is math this month!

Oracle to buy Sun Micro for over $7 billion

US Stocks Slide As Bank Solvency Worries Rise

The Republican Party: Capitalism’s Benedict Arnold
The current financial debacle is not the result of mere incompetence but rather intentional malice.
VIDEO: Stiglitz Slams Geithner, Summers, Obama and Goldman Sachs

Bank Profits Appear Out of Thin Air
Ta Da! Behold the Gold Man's Sacks!

Bank Nationalization Is On Its Way
An MSNBC/New York Times report indicates that the Obama Administration will go forth with bank nationalization by converting TARP aid into common stock shares in banks. The beauty of this approach, from the standpoint of the Administration, is that it avoids a showdown with Congress over bank nationalization by allowing nationalization to take place without any further Congressional authorization.
Rep. Weiner: TARP banks already 'effectively nationalized'

Secondary Sources: Reform, Backdoor Nationalization, Regulation

Brookings Institute: Bank Nationalization: A Survival Manual

Exploit-the-Earth Day!

House passes bill outlawing bestiality
That they even feel they NEED to says it all.
You can not legislate behavior. You can only COVENANT it.

United Kingdom May Launch Abortion Commercials
[there are no words]
“It’s crucial that women who are pregnant have access to high-quality, accurate information about all their choices,” said Julie Bentley, an IAG supporter whose salary is paid by the pro-abortion Family Planning Association.
Planned Parenthood Annual Report: Abortions, Revenue Up
Death is big business. And don't you fuck with these people's money or they will go all batshit crazy and put your clingy bitter ass on a terrorist watch list.

Sebelius wins committee approval as HHS secretary

"However, after learning about her inexplicable omission of donations from the late-term abortion doctor George Tiller, I have to reevaluate my support for her nomination," Hatch said in a statement. "I regard human life to be sacred, and it troubles me to have someone with an apparent cavalier attitude toward life — as well as a lack of candor on this important issue — head our nation's health services."

The White House stuck by Sebelius
Faked Evidence of “Gay Conversion”?
You mean sometimes "people of Science" might fake evidence to suit their agendas or in service to their government or corporate paymasters? Unheard of ! Absurd! Science of Peace!

The FP Quiz
No, not THAT FP!
Are you a globalization junkie? Test your knowledge of global trends, economics, and politics with 8 questions about how the world works.
5.1 in North Sulawesi

Sumatran volcano shows intensified volcanic activity
It's a volcano. What other kind of activity would it have? Who writes this shit?

Abruzzo Earthquake Uncovered Long-Lost Fresco of Madonna and Child

Big earthquake coming sooner than we thought, Oregon geologist says

Yeah, I know. Viva Subduction.

Volcano 'poses tsunami threat' in Caribbean

Bubbles & the Shit Rockers
Liquor & Whores

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