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Sunday, February 8, 2009

WFRL: You signed and sealed it ~

The Scorpions

Auf wiedersehen
it's time to say goodbye
The party's over
as the laughter dies
an angel cries

It's au revoir to your insanity
You sold your soul to feed your vanity,
your fantasies and lies

You're a drop in the rain,
Just a number not a name
And you don't see it
You don't believe it
At the end of the day
You're a needle in the hay
You signed and sealed it
And now you gotta deal with it

Humanity humanity
Good bye

Be on your way
Adios amigo
There's a price to pay
For all the egotistic games you played
The world you made is gone

In your eyes
I'm staring at the end of time

Nothing can change us
No one can save us from ourselves

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