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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Charting the Rapid Dhimmise of the Glow Ball

Procol Harum
Wreck of the Hesperus

GLICK: Obama's new world order and Israel
Bluntly stated, the world that will challenge the next government will be one characterized by the end of US global predominance.
She's right, but I do not agree this begins with Obama, it merely manifests concretely into our reality under him. Big difference. It took almost a century of usurpation to anoint this usurper.

Abbas ready for talks with Israel
Ain't that special?

Abbas' "Moderate" FATAH stops paying Palestinian children's hospital bills in Israeli hospitals and has them removed to Arab hospitals...
Hadassah Hospital says that for the past week no payments have come in and Palestinians whose children are being treated there have been instructed by Palestinian health officials to place them in facilities in the West Bank, Jordan or Egypt. “Suddenly we have had 57 patients dropped from our rolls,” lamented Michael Weintraub, director of pediatric hematology, oncology and bone marrow transplantation at Hadassah. “We have been bombarded by frantic parents. This is a political decision taken on the backs of patients.”
The Palestinian health minister, Fathi Abu Moghli, said he was examining the entire referral procedure because he was tired of adding to what he called Israel ’s “oil well,” meaning the payments for Palestinian patient care. In particular, he said, he had no desire to see the injured from the Gaza war get Israeli care.

“We already pay $7 million a month to Israeli hospitals,” he said in a telephone interview. “Since the first day of the Gaza aggression I said that I will not send to my occupier my injured people in order for him to make propaganda at my expense and then pay him for it.”

An Israeli clinic set up with great fanfare on the Israeli-Gaza border the day the war ended on January 18th has already been closed since both Hamas , the rulers of Gaza and the Palestinian Authority essentially boycotted it. The Palestinian Authority pays for the care in Israel of its citizens — or much of it — out of its budget.
That means WE pay for it, and now they are pocketing that money or using it for weapons or who knows WTF via sentencing their children to die in substandard facilities. Like they give a rats ass anyway, if the kids live they will only encourage them to become human bombs later on.

2007: Fatah Militant: U.S. Training Was Key to Intifada's Success
"I do not think that the operations of the Palestinian resistance would have been so successful and would have killed more than one thousand Israelis since 2000 and defeated the Israelis in Gaza without these [American] trainings," a senior officer of President Abbas's Force 17 Presidential Guard unit, Abu Yousuf, said.
Iran Quickly Trying To Get Weapons Into Gaza Strip

Ahmadinejad: Iran Is Ready for Talks With U.S.
....So long as we remain "polite", Dhimmis.

Iran Offers ‘Dialogue With Respect’ With US

Biden Seeks Better US Ties With Russia, World
Koom Bah MFing Humbug, you GlowBallin' ass.

US urges Russia to consider missile offer

Meantime, Glow Ballin' Khatami "The Reformer" has officially announced his candidacy and the Moderate Myth Making has begun in earnest...

Iran's volunteer forces have been assigned to fight threats of a "soft overthrow"
Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), revealed the news at a gathering of 5,000 commanders of Tehran's Basij units, according to the report. Jafari was quoted as saying that Basij forces were assigned by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei to fight the threat of soft regime change plots. "The supreme leader has decided to assign this grave responsibility to Basij," added the IRGC commander.
Iran warns its enemies against any invasions
They are gearing up for a possible PM BiBi:

Arab press despair as Israel votes

Israelis Vote as Security Concerns Boost Netanyahu

Livni-Netanyahu battle too close to call

Spanish premier meets Iranian parliament speaker
I am sure he was most polite.

Iran's embrace of Bolivia builds influence in US backyard

Washington's man in Iran
For two hours one day in early 2008, a tall, silver-haired man sat in an office in Iran's ornate Ministry of Foreign Affairs compound. He came to beg, plead and charm.
Russia and Iran's Missiles
Even though Moscow claims to welcome the Obama Administration's initiative to engage in direct talks with Iran, it is unlikely to alter its public stance that Iran is neither building a nuclear weapon nor presenting a missile threat. Given all the evidence to the contrary, as well as Iran's proximity to Russia, Central Asia, and the Caucasus, we need to understand why Russia adopts this posture.
Kyrgyz vote on US base held up by Russian aid

Preemptive Quagmire Agitprop:

MUNICH — The war in Afghanistan will be “much tougher than Iraq,” President Obama’s special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan said at a security conference here on Sunday.

“There is no magic formula in Afghanistan,” the envoy, Richard C. Holbrooke, warned an audience of European policy makers and military planners. “There is no Dayton agreement in Afghanistan,” he added, referring to the peace accord he negotiated to end the war in Bosnia. “It’s going to be a long, difficult struggle.”

Mr. Holbrooke was part of a high-level American delegation at the annual Munich Security Conference over the weekend. The group, led by Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and including Gen. James L. Jones, the national security adviser, and Gen. David H. Petraeus, the head of the United States Central Command, did not paint a rosy picture of the situation in Afghanistan.
UCCCCH, Please with yer freakin' DAYTON AGREEMENT .....

The conference took place from November 1 to November 21, 1995. The main participants from the region were Serbian President Slobodan Milošević (representing the Bosnian Serb interests due to absence of Karadžić), Croatian President Franjo Tuđman, and Bosnian President Alija Izetbegović with Bosnian Foreign Minister Muhamed "Mo" Sacirbey.

The peace conference was led by U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher, and negotiator Richard Holbrooke with two Co-Chairmen in the form of EU Special Representative Carl Bildt and the First Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Igor Ivanov. A key participant in the US delegation was General Wesley Clark (later to become NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) in 1997). The UK military representative was Col Arundell David Leakey (later to become Commander of EUFOR in 2005). The Public International Law & Policy Group (PILPG) served as legal counsel to the Bosnian Government delegation during the negotiations.

Later on, Wesley Clark testified in secret at the Hauge WHILE he was seeking the Democratic nomination for president and no one said boo.....and then they made sure Milosevic had nothing to say about anything anymore. Whatever he was, or wasn't, I give him this: his story never changed. And any police interrogator will tell you that generally means the perp is telling the truth as he sees it. The area today is an utter hell hole, it is Al Qaeda's European base, and the main route for distributing Afghan heroin into Europe, the proceeds from which go to fund the jihad. GOOD JOB, MFers! Dayton agreement Akbar!

TODAY: US diplomat holds Afghan supply talks in Moscow

Mubarak on his way to the Seat of the Ottoman Caliphate
To discuss Israel, naturally.

Official Egyptian Fatwa Bans Membership In Islamic Organizations

Under the fatwa, the modern Islamic organizations, which call to restore the Islamic Caliphate under their rule, have caused division in the ranks of the Muslims, have established military wings, and have tried to instigate coups against the Arab governments – despite the fact that these governments have set Islamic religious law as the main source of their legislation. Therefore, these organizations have removed themselves from the community of Muslims.
Egypt can be redeemed...Babylon must be destroyed.
~ Floatin' P.

This story is not in English, this descriptive blurb was translated for me:
The mayor of a town in north-east Italy has banned the wearing of burkas in any public place, and is preparing to introduce local regulations banning Muslim prayer in public places and the building of mosques or minarets, and imposing local dishes in restaurants, to halt the proliferation ethnic fast-food stalls selling kebabs and couscous.
Good for him, but I think banning kebabs and couscous may be a wee tadling bit much...

Pope to meet with American Jewish Leaders
The church drew widespread condemnation when the pope rehabilitated on January 24 four bishops excommunicated in 1988 because they were ordained without Vatican approval.
When he "rehabilitated them" this conferred back upon them the title of "Bishop"?
"There was not one Jew killed in the gas chambers. It was all lies, lies, lies," Williamson said in a 1989 speech at Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes church in Sherbrooke, Canada.

In the same speech, the paper said Williamson had also claimed that "the Jews created the Holocaust so we would prostrate ourselves on our knees before them and approve of their new State of Israel... Jews made up the Holocaust, Protestants get their orders from the devil, and the Vatican has sold its soul to liberalism." The paper also reported that Williamson wrote letters in 2001 and 2002 blaming "Judeo-Masonry" for the two world wars and claiming that Jews were bent on world domination.

The Venezualen Pogram:
Meanwhile, Mr. Chávez’s policies for dealing with the students are growing more repressive, with officials claiming some student protests turned violent or were about to do so. In recent days, the secret intelligence police have begun searching the homes of student leaders.

State media are also exerting pressure on the students, in at least one case singling out leaders of Jewish origin for scrutiny.
Hindutva Rising
The latest Old versus New India hubbub began one Saturday last month when an obscure Hindu organization, which calls itself Sri Ram Sena, or the Army of Ram, a Hindu god, attacked several women at a bar in the southern Indian college town of Mangalore and accused them of being un-Indian for being out drinking and dancing with men.
Sri Ram Sena are known locally as "the Hindu Taliban". So, who needs sharia when ya got indigenous permission to whoop women's asses?

WTF is a "sea change"?
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is organizing a summit meeting on climate change next month where he hopes President Barack Obama will confirm a "sea change" in U.S. environment policy, diplomats said.
I'll tell you!
Sea change or seachange is an idiom for broad transformation...
The phrase sea-change comes from Shakespeare, you morons. It appears in The Tempest:
Full fathom five thy father lies:
Of his bones are coral made:
Those are pearls that were his eyes:
Nothing of him that doth fade
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange.

I don't think any of them realize this, though.
A federal government report says there is a remote possibility that the U.S. Army may be missing some nerve gas.

The 20th century closed with a vicious bombing aimed at Wall Street. We've largely forgotten about the one that opened it

Gazprom's delegation visits Venezuela

Gazprom to form joint venture in Vietnam

Gazprom Invading Estonia
Kulgu dam divides Estonian-Russian border and the Estonian half is attached to the formerly-mentioned ground. Russian half of the dam is held by TGK, which produces electricity in a hydroelectric power station on Narva River. The water table in Narva reservoir depends on that dam, which itself depends on Narva’s Power station. TGK is demanding a lease contract and the right to build buildings from the Estonian government. This would give the use of the Estonian part of the to them. The suit is also based on article in the Tartu Peace Treaty of 1920, according to which Estonia grants precedence for Russia “for producing electricity by using waterfalls of Narva River, also, other conditions are determined in separate agreements.”
Russia will request negotiations with European and other foreign banks to postpone repayment on up to $400 billion of its private debt
Russia denied on Tuesday it was considering restructuring debt after a Japanese newspaper reported that banks in the country would seek government help to postpone loan repayments of up to $400 billion in corporate debt.
At the American Thinker: George Soros is right about "Bad Bank"
Oh my, intellectual honesty free of partisan identity politics bullshit. Unheard of!

World Bank Spent More Than a Year Covering Up Destruction of Albanian Village
Managers at the World Bank provided false information to the agency's board of directors about a $39 million, politically-connected European "coastal cleanup" project that led to the destruction and destitution of a powerless village in Albania in 2007 — and then spent nearly two years trying to cover it up
Philippines: Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago will have to search the Internet for evidence on the alleged rigging of bids for World Bank-funded projects and the supposed involvement of First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo.

Sharia! Coming soon to a World Bank near you:
The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are not fit for purpose and need to change dramatically in the wake of the worst financial crisis in living memory, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Monday.

No... he is not saying this in response to any corruption scandal....
"I see a big argument about how the IMF and the World Bank are to be financed in the future, one that will require us to talk about the reserves in different countries, talk about what sort of loan or bond facility we can develop, perhaps with the Arab states, perhaps even with Sovereign Wealth Funds," he said.
Mark my words: The Glow Ballers will soon enough anoint Sharia Finance as "Moral Capitalism"

Adam The emergence of the meaningless phrase ‘moral capitalism’ in the political world is worrying.
Yes, I think so too.

UK: We need moral capitalism

UK: Ed Balls, the Children's and Schools Secretary, said the downturn was likely to be the most serious for 100 years, and his comments appeared to raise the prospect of a return to the Far Right politics of the 1930s and the rise of Facism.
His warning, in a speech to activists at the weekend, came after a trade union baron warned that far right parties were trying to hijack the campaign for "British jobs for British workers".
You don't say! SEE: ENTRYISM

Now the Gold Man is hosting a freakin' "Agro-Biotech Forum"
This coming hot on the heels of their Energy and Health Care Forums. The Hedge Fund Forum is still postponed at least until Sharia Finance can be declared Moral Capitalism.

OHHHH Lookie there's a Gold Man Sacks Technology & Internet Conference too!! And they just NOW switched venues in a hurry on this one as well for some indecipherable reason:

Goldman Sachs which has accepted $10 billion in federal bailout funds, will hold its Technology and Internet Conference Feb. 25-27 at the San Francisco Marriott instead of the Mandalay Bay casino-resort.
"The decision to relocate the conference is based on our best efforts to operate according to the requirements of the new landscape of our industry," Canaday said.
Did he just say something translatable from Gold Man GlowBabble to English? Didn't think so. What the MFer actually said was "None of your business, gleeking plebe, I'll porkulater!"

Gold Man Sacks CEO Sez: Wall Street Needs Tighter Controls
As the Obama administration begins to rewrite the rules governing the US banking industry, Blankfein reflects on some of the lessons from the crisis.

Goldman Vice Chair's $3.7 Million Sale

Goldman downgrades Chevron to buy

Gov’t Explores Move To Push GM Into Bankruptcy

US Stocks Drop as Investors Await Porkulater

Lobbyists Creeping into Obama Administration
Creeping, as lobbyists are wont to do.

Emerging economies told to go green or risk losing inward investment

Kansas agency tries to clarify policy on CO 2

Good luck with that!

Porkulater clears hurdle in Senate

Geithner Set to Make Public Case for Bank Bailout Plan

Justice Dept. Uses 'State Secrets' Defense
The Obama administration invoked the same "state secrets" privilege as its predecessor in federal court in San Francisco yesterday in opposing the reinstatement of a lawsuit that alleges that a Boeing Co. unit flew people to countries where they were tortured as part of the CIA's "extraordinary rendition" program.
The 180-degree reversal of Obama's State Secrets position:

Apparently, the operative word in that highlighted paragraph -- unbeknownst to most people at the time -- was "the Bush administration," since the Obama administration is now doing exactly that which, during the campaign, it defined as "The Problem," the only difference being that it is now Obama, and not Bush, doing it. For journalists who haven't bothered to learn the first thing about this issue even as they hold themselves out as experts on it, and for Obama followers eager to find an excuse to justify what was done, a brief review of the State Secrets privilege controversy is in order.

Nobody -- not the ACLU or anyone else -- argues that the State Secrets privilege is inherently invalid. Nobody contests that there is such a thing as a legitimate state secret. Nobody believes that Obama should declassify every last secret and never classify anything else ever again. Nor does anyone even assert that this particular lawsuit clearly involves no specific documents or portions of documents that might be legitimately subject to the privilege. Those are all transparent, moronic strawmen advanced by people who have no idea what they're talking about.

Oh the Irony!

Leahy Proposes Panel To Investigate Bush Era

CA Judges tell state to free thousands of inmates

Unrest continues at Redoubt
"Volcanic tremor is ongoing with variable amplitudes, and small discrete earthquakes are occurring at a rate of one to several events per hour."

6.0 in northern Peru

Barry McGuire
Eve of Destruction

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