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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service vs 55 Treacherous Miles ~

For Miles
I know one day all our scars will disappear, like the stars at dawn. And all of our pain will fade away when morning comes, and on that day, when we look backwards, we will see that everything is changed, and all of our trials will be as milestones on the way. And as long as we live, every scar is a bridge to someone's broken heart. And there's no greater love than that one shed his blood for his friends. On that day, all of the scales will swing to set all the wrongs to right. All of our tears and all of our fears will take to flight. But until then, all of our scars will still remain. But we've learned that if we'll open the wounds and share them, then soon they start to heal...

An Hour with Geert:

They will yokki me for sure now.... listen at 27:44 ~

US envoy to Middle East says Turkey key peace partner
Super Caliphellating Expeditious with Psychosis Whoredoms of DOOM!

Gaza Rockets Strike Israel as Mitchell Arrives to Discuss Peace

Palestinians seek $2.8 billion for Gaza at donor meet

UK: Holocaust-denial Bishop Richard Williamson in line for speaking date

Obama Administration Weighs Timing for Potential Iran Talks

Brand Obama, Plouffe Daddy & The Greatest Logo Since the Hammer & Sickle:
Obama's campaign shows that brands can be inclusive!


The Huffington Post suggests the victory was pre-ordained (in the religious sense).
Suite claims his leadership succeeded because he "meets the criteria of a developed 'Ruler' archetype". Professor Stephen Coleman, the expert on e-democracy, called the election "the victory of popular politics over the marketing of politics".

Ian Leslie, brand consultant and author of To Be President - Quest for the White House 2008, fundamentally disagrees with nearly all of the above theories.

Speaking at MediaCom's Obama Breakfast earlier this month, he pointed out that the election campaign faced many difficulties that could only be overcome by brilliant strategic and executional marketing of the highest level.

From the development of the best logo we've seen since the hammer and sickle through to the obsessive use of data, there are lessons we can apply to our own thinking.


He has two heroes of the campaign (outside of Obama himself, who certainly came across as the most authentic brand in the contest).

Those heroes are David Axelrod, the chief strategist and visionary, and David Plouffe, the campaign manager.

Together they put together a programme of activity that combined the best of top-down and bottom-up marketing.

They delivered a consistent brand message while inviting consumers to participate. Too often, brand managers think they have to choose between these two routes, which become choosing between brand-controlled order or consumer-generated anarchy.

The Obama campaign shows you can invite consumers to participate in the brand without relinquishing control of your image.
Obama asks for review of White House homeland security coordination

Obama Plans Huge Shifts in Spending
Pimp Mah White House!

US criticises China, Russia in human rights report
LOL! But that won't stop us from selling your asses to them, thus sayeth The State:
"Mrs. Clinton has sidelined human rights on this trip"
China hits back with report on US human rights record

Pentagon imposes secrecy on US budget process

Top Pentagon officials have had to agree in writing to keep this year's budget talks a secret as they confront thorny questions about the future of expensive U.S. weapons programs, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates took the unusual step of requiring nondisclosure agreements of all senior officials who wanted to participate in the fiscal debate, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Raytheon wins $9.2M Patriot contract

A delegation from the European Parliament visits the OIC ...
The two sides emphasized the need to raise the dialogue at the appropriate political level as well as the grass roots constituencies of the politicians to reach mutual understanding and effectively address the issue of the rising trend of religious incitement and intolerance that is affecting the entire global community.
Holy Mouthfulla Glow Ballin' IslamoBabylonnin' Triple Speaking Double Spoken Utter Nothingness, Batman!

Saudi Arabia- ITFC focuses on trade within OIC

Professor & Wife Accused of Defrauding NASA of mondo $$$

OK here is the scariest bit of this story IMO:
Iranian-born Samim Anghaie, 59, is the Director of the Innovative Nuclear Space Power and Propulsion Institute at the University of Florida.
Ya. And Mohamed Mostafa El-Baradei is the nuke duke at the UN! So much for common fucking sense.

Norway's GGS says Iran survey attracts US interest
Norwegian seismic surveyor Global Geo Services (GGS) (GGS.OL), a supplier to the oil and gas industry, said on Wednesday a U.S.-based energy firm had shown interest in its survey offshore Iran.

Caspian energy policy is all at sea

Chevron Quits Fields In Siberia

Estonian spy sold NATO secrets
A former Estonian defence ministry official who sold Nato secrets to Russia has been sent to jail for 12 and a half years after a secret trial.
Russia hoping to thaw relations with NATO

Turkmenistan to open airspace for US supplies to Afghanistan

Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan ink 6 agreements

ROUND TWO: Ukraine, Russia face March gas crisis

The mysterious closure of Azerbaijan’s web news portal has ignited a new controversy about press freedom in the energy-rich Caucasus state. Some observers believe the website’s shutdown is related to the posting of an article containing allegations that Russia’s paramount leader, Vladimir Putin, has "economic interests" in the state-controlled energy giant Gazprom. Officials in Baku deny taking action to muzzle Day.
Total, Gazprom eye Sahara gas pipeline venture
France's Total and Russian gas monopoly Gazprom are interested in participating in a multi-billion dollar project to pipe Nigerian gas to Europe across the Sahara, executives from the firms said on Wednesday.
Oil chief: Nigeria could be key gas player
Nigeria could be a key player in the global gas industry if obstacles are removed, a multinational oil giant's chief executive said Wednesday, as the west African country neared completing a deal with Russia's Gazprom.
Chevron Confirms Commitment to Develop Niger Delta
Vlad won't like it. he already cancelled your JV's, booted your asses out of Siberia, and the Gold Man Sacks gave you the thumbs down. This could spark a yet another small African war. Oh wait a minute, there already IS a war there , isn't there.
Ekaette explained that the struggle for development of the region (NIGERIA) has been on and several attempts by oil companies to tackle the problems have yielded little or no results.

"The ministry will continue to interface with stakeholders, so that there would be synergy in order to avoid duplications of efforts and waste of resources," the minister said. Ekaette noted that it would be better to understand the causes of militancy in a bid to achieve the desired results.

The Niger Delta is an unstable area of Nigeria ,and inter ethnic clashes are common practice, often access to oil revenue is the trigger for the violence.
Gazprom sees $2.5 bln Nigeria deal sealed in March

Thousands flee Somalia fighting

Kosovo trial clears Serbian leader

Venezuela says wants new output cut at OPEC meet

Lehman Brothers Insider Dealing Puzzled SEC

Futures traders charged in alleged $1.3 bln scam

US Stock Futures Drop on Concern Credit Crisis Is Deepening

Treasury administers ‘stress tests’ to monitor banks’ pulse
Get the fuckin' paddles, man, we're losing him! CLEAR!

Goldman Sachs May Purchase Assets If US Creates ‘Bad Bank’

Citi near deal with government

Just Don't Call It 'Nationalization'

Exchange Rates, Recessions and Depressions

The Who
I Can See For Miles

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