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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: For Those Who Stand Long ~

Leningrad Cowboys
My Way

Islamists Gain Ground in Sarajevo

Bowing Down to the Taliban

Iran conducts nuclear plant test

OIC Welcomes US Shift on Durban II; Denies Anti-Semitic Intent
Naturally! Now STFU dhimmi or we keeeeeeel you!

Esam Omiesh, president of the Muslim American Society, an organization with ties to the terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood, is running for a seat in the Virginia house

Holy Glow Ballin' Islamobabble, Batman:

World leaders to advance intercultural understanding:
Tehran, Feb 25, IRNA - Global leaders are to convene in Istanbul, Turkey, on April 6-7, to help bridge the growing divide between nations and cultures worldwide, and to establish new partnerships that further global intercultural dialogue.
The "Alliance of Civilizations" is the stealth caliphate. Obama was invited to the meeting, BTW, it was in yesterday's links.

Student Protesters Arrested In Iran

Russia's dissidents deserve our help

"About 4,500 people have been displaced and they have been camped at two army barracks in the city", Bauchi police commissioner Adanaya Tallman Gaya told AFP after rioting between Muslims and Christians began on Saturday.
And the Glow Ball replies: KILL THE JEWS!

Gazprom drops 2.5 billion into Nigeria

Gulf News Sez: Russia playing roulette

Russia's New Energy Doctrine

Russia's Itera to build pipeline in Turkmenistan


US Department of State delegation arrives to Turkmenistan
What took yez?

Cuban ambassador accredited in Turkmenistan

China's Latest Hunting Trip

China Asset Management Seeks ‘Value’ Investment in US, Europe
I'm sure!

NOT in PRAVDA, in a local MD paper:
Raising awareness against capitalism

Caux Round Table - Charting a New Course: What is Moral Capitalism?
Holy load-a-Glow Ballin' So Smart Triple Spoking Double Speaking Babble On, mah Pleebles!

Feds wading in to banks

Bernanke: 19 banks "eligible for common infusion"
EWWW! Do you need to install a shunt for that first?

Bernanke tells Congress Fed knows what it is doing

If it looks and smells like a bank takeover, it probably is

EU Says Bank Nationalization Is an Option in Toxic-Asset Cases

Dr. Doom: Nationalizing Banks is "Market Friendly"

Goldman Sachs To Cut Research Team In Japan
The Glow Ballers have been steadily isolating Japan little by little. Why? I don't know.

Taro Aso’s critics not impressed by talks with Obama

$45 Million more for Raytheon

Sally's strange saga and the Raytheon ray gun!


The potential for such organizing can be seen in the struggles of recent weeks--the solidarity movement for the occupation of the Republic Windows & Doors factory in Chicago in December, the national protests against the anti-gay Proposition 8 referendum in California, the protests against Israel's horrific war on the people Gaza.

While it's impossible to predict where or when the next struggle will take place, it's clear that the time to organize is now.

Building a class struggle left also means reviving the socialist tradition in the U.S. And this is an opportune time given the enormous ideological crisis facing the defenders of the capitalist system. As the world sinks into the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, a debate on alternatives has already broken out.

So while we mobilize against the attempts of capital to make us pay for their crisis, we also have to put forward a vision of the kind of world we're fighting for--a democratic society run by working people, based on human need rather than profit.


Richard Dawkins will debate me ~ for $100,000 per hour
A high priced whore is still a whore.

Colorado Legislature bags plastic ban at supermarkets
Good gawd.

San Francisco Chronicle faces shutdown

Yeah. Me too.

Jerusalem: Archaeologists find ancient mansion

Leningrad Cowboys
Stairway To Heaven

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