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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service : Saved By Less Than Obsolete Zero

Elvis Costello
Less Than Zero

"Calling Mister Oswald
with the swastika tattoo,

there is a vacancy waiting
in the English voodoo"

The obsolete zeroes will possess the land & live in peace and prosperity.
~Psalm 37:11

The consistently righteous obsolete ones will possess the land & they will live there forever.
~Psalm 37:29

Blessed are the obsolete righteous zeroes for they shall inherit the earth
~Jewsus restating Tehillim as as recorded in Matisyahu 5:5
Syria has built a missile facility on the ruins of a nuclear reactor that Israel bombed in 2007

Top Syria-based Hamas leader secretly visits Gaza
How secret can it be if I am posting it here?

Iran looking to boost trade ties with Mexico

Ahmadinejad says Iran ready to help Iraq develop
Into what?

The Normalization Of Murder, Genocide And Terrorism

Man charged with mailing tainted blood to Obama

Bolton blasts Obama on Iran, Iraq
If indeed you had a genuine opposition "republican party" this man would be your president right now. Instead he resides under the party bus.
Consensus emerges in Congress for Obama Iraq plan

Jihad in CA:
An Irvine man claims he's the FBI informant who gathered information about Ahmadullah Niazi. Niazi's the Afghan national who was arrested last week for lying on passport and citizenship applications about his alleged connections to terrorist groups. The feds say his sister's married to Osama bin Laden's security coordinator. KPCC's Susan Valot says the alleged FBI informant spoke out today at his Irvine home.
SILENCE The Unhinged Zero Loon!:
John Guandolo, a former FBI special agent and expert on Islamic subversion in America, recently gave an intelligence briefing to the Tennessee Bedford County Emergency Management Agency. A report of the event was published by reporter Brian Mosely, an expert on Islam in the Shelbyville Times-Gazette in Tennessee. TVC’s leadership has consulted with Mosely on Islamic subversion.

Guandolo has been with the FBI since 1996, including nine years on its SWAT team. After 9/11, he worked in the FBI’s Washington Field Office’s Counterterrorism Division, developing an expertise on Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic groups inside the United States. Guandolo works with Stephen Coughlin, former Islamic Expert for the Joint Chiefs Of Staff.

According to Guandolo, every major Islamic group in America is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood – and the goal of this subversive group is the overthrow of Democracy and the imposition of Islamic Shariah Law on America.
Five Gaza rockets strike Israel

Palestinians need $1.15 billion in 2009
Pay the Jizya, Dhimmi.

Quartet of Caliphellating Whores to meet ahead of Gaza donors' conference
Foreign ministers from the four powers heading a Middle East peace process may meet in the Egyptian town of Sharm el-Sheikh on March 1, RIA Novosti news agency quoted Russia's foreign ministry as saying on Wednesday.

The Quartet is composed of Russia, the United States, the United Nations and the European Union.
US will not attend UN conference on racism
Too soon to get away with it, god forbid it should tarnish "Brand Obama". Try again next year!

OIC concerned about "Food Security" to the tune of 1.5 Billion USD:
Pakistan suggested today that funds for the development of five initiatives under the Developing Eight (D8) Initiative To Address Food Security could be sourced from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).

Its head of delegation to the just-concluded Minister's Meeting on Food Security, Lt Gen (Rtd) Tahir M.Qazi, said that that IDB had allocated US$1.5 billion (RM5.5 billion) for food crisis in the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) countries for the next five years under the Jeddah Declaration.

He told Bernama on Friday that the D8 countries being OIC members were eligible to draw from this fund as they were also working on food security.

D8 comprises Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Nigeria and Egypt.
LaserCard Corp. said Thursday it signed an additional supply card agreement for about $6 million to provide chip-ready optical memory cards in Saudi Arabia:
Mountain View-based LaserCard (NASDAQ:LCRD) said the agreement calls for purchase order releases for shipments beginning immediately and continuing through December 2009. LaserCard anticipates combined deliveries this calendar year of $11.2 million of Saudi Arabian national ID cards for this and a previously announced contract.

Radio chip coming soon to your driver's license?
Homeland Security seeks next-generation REAL ID, also, too.....

Oy. There's a Niwad in Geert's Ahad:
In a letter to Attorney General Holder, CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad wrote:
"Today in Congress, taxpayer funds are being used for the screening of a virulently anti-Islam film and to promote the Islamophobic views of its producer. Despite appeals to offer a balancing perspective to the closed-door screening, elected officials and congressional staff will hear only anti-Muslim invective, without an opportunity for response from American Muslims.
Russia: Arms control to top talks with Clinton

Yeah. Meantime, back in reality:
Russia to Continue Nuclear Upgrades

Disarmament Commission Leader Accuses World of "Sleepwalking"

Eliminating Nuclear Weapons

Harper concerned by "aggressive" Russia
As well he should be.

Russian Navy admits causing Irish oil slick
WTF were they doing there anyway?

Gazprom inaugurates Research Center for Reservoir Systems
The settlement of Razvilka, Moscow Oblast saw the inauguration of the Research Center for Reservoir Systems and the first phase of the corporate core storage facility located on the territory of the Experimental and Prototype Base of VNIIGAZ.
I have no clue WTF that means, but the language of it viscerally disturbs me nevertheless.

Sugar for guns: Guatemala, Russia may swap goods

Argentina Considers Plan to Nationalize Grains Trade

Argentine Farm Group Condemns Trade Nationalization

China: The Ramifications Of Fuel Exports And Refining Capacity

Obama Defends His Budget as ‘a Threat to the Status Quo’
Indeed it is.

Deals of the Day: The Nationalization of Citi

Roubini: Citi Is Already Nationalized, Just Need To Finish The Job

Famed Economist Roubini To Write Of More Doom

Goldman Sachs power arm buys CA solar plants
Gold Man Sacks: Now with brand "Power Arm"!
Cogentrix Energy LLC

Young Banker Bails on Gold Man Sacks to run for Congress
Yeah well, he figures why waste any time?

Gold Man Sacks Sez: Recession ‘Best Thing’ for Japan

Japan called.
I think they said "Well, fuck you too, round eyes!", but I can't be sure.

Japan to support dollar as key currency
Ohhhh. Now we know why they were marginalizing them.

Microsoft's CFO Talks Strategy at Goldman Sachs Event

5 Billion Dolla Gubbmint PEPCO fails to give answer on rising energy costs

High utility bills spur Md. regulatory hearing

Utility Shut-Off Notices Surging
Hey if Vlad can do it, so can we...

Plouffe Daddy to Speak at Cornell U 2009 Convocation
the society 
groundbreaking election in our

" Slicklin said.

the society 
I myself am entirely unprepared to enter it, thank you.
Slicklin said!!
I tell ya... this shit just keeps right on writing itself!

Raytheon to Produce GPS-Related Advanced Anti-Jamming Antenna System

Health Workers' 'Conscience' Rule Set to Be Voided
You will be forced to perform abortions regardless of your religious beliefs.

"Final Exit" assisted suicide ring members prep for court fight

Droughts Ravaging California, Texas

New fish species is psychedelica

Why the Large Hadron Collider may be beaten to the Bang

You can not erase GOD with an edict:
The finds include official government seals bearing the names of Ahimelekh ben Amadyahu and Yehokhil ben Shahar, who were high-ranking officials in Hezekiah's government. The life of Hezekiah, the son of King Ahaz is detailed in the biblical books of Kings, Isaiah and Chronicles. Hezekiah was the 13th king of independent Judah.

Archaeologists also found a Hebrew inscription - dating 600 years after the Kingdom of Judah seals - on a fragment of a jar neck, characteristic of the beginning of the Hasmonean period. The ancient building was partially destroyed during the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem.

The finds are the latest in a mountain of unearthed remains giving a clearer picture of the Jewish presence in Jerusalem during the First and Second Temple periods. Still, the Palestinian Authority, which seeks control of the Temple Mount and eastern Jerusalem, steadfastly denies the Jewish temples ever existed.

In November, Ahmed Qurei, the PA's chief negotiator, who oversees all peace talks with the Jewish state, told reporters the Jewish Temples never existed and contended Israel has been working to "invent" a Jewish historical connection to Jerusalem. PA websites make similar claims.

The Fixx
Saved by Zero

"Holding onto
Words that teach me.

I will conquer
Space around me.
Maybe I'll win.

Saved by zero."

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