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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Missing Links: WWIII? You're soaking in it!

Johnny Cash
When the Man Comes Around

NY Fed Chief Timothy Geithner is the next Economy Czar.. er.. I mean Treasury Secretary

Depending on who's talking, Tim Geithner either kept the financial world from collapsing or did Goldman Sachs' bidding

Goldman Sachs Sees Even Worse Recession, Higher Unemployment

Who's Getting $2 Trillion In Fed Loans?

Bailout or Bankruptcy?

Americans’ ’Hypocrisy’ in Auto Rescue Spurs Me-Too Trading Ire

Bush urges countries to avoid protectionism

Good morning. The news this week has only reinforced the fact that we are facing an economic crisis of historic proportions. Financial markets faced more turmoil. New home purchases in October were the lowest in half a century. Five-hundred-forty-thousand more jobless claims were filed last week, the highest in 18 years. And we now risk falling into a deflationary spiral that could increase our massive debt even further.
Clinton Expected to Accept Secretary of State Post

The average Arab reads 4 pages a year
Which means they won't even make it through this post. Apparently, neither will most of you. Bwaha!

The 'blogfather' of Iran

Yemen, Iran, OIC in talks

Man Hanged in Iran for Spying for Israel

Iraqi Parliament Weighs Security Pact

Israel to free 250 terrorists for Muslim holiday

Clinton, Obama and Israel

"Activist" from San Jose jailed in Israel

Ban Ki-moon urges Lebanon and Israel to make a "permanent ceasefire"

UN to Mourn 60 Years of Israel’s Existence

Jordanian king warns Israel on military action in Gaza

Zimbabwe refuses entry to Carter, Annan
Is it bad that I find that hysterical?

Iran visits Gambia

WHY? Gambia is a very tiny country, one of the poorest on earth, and already Islamic.....

2004: Gambia announces discovery of big onshore and offshore oil fields

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has announced the discovery of "very large quantities" of oil onshore and offshore. The announcement comes as a surprise as it now is one year since the last known international oil company was told to leave The Gambia.

Some Gambians think their government is full of shit, that there is no oil there at all.
An Australian company, GB Energy, was chosen to start exploration in the Gambia, but never did. Since I don't find China and Russia sniffing around, or any Islamic "insurgents" or "pirates" operating the area, I think maybe the guy who thinks "Gambian Oil" is a hoax may be right. Obviously Iran thinks otherwise or they would not have made the trip. In any event no one really cares about Africa or the African people. All the developed nations want is control of the wealth and power of African natural resources. If someone ultimately does the exploratory drilling and hits oil in the Gambia, the "insurgents & pirates" will be there immediately, followed closely by whichever government or corporation is paying them for their "services" as a proxy army. May GOD watch over those who are righteous in Africa.

Pirates 'earned $150m this year'

Somali Pirates Free Greek Chemical Tanker After Ransom Paid

BP Angola Output Impacted By OPEC Cut

Troops stop attack on Chevron site

Gazprom inks long-term gas agreements with Slovakia

Gazprom has reached an agreement in principle to buy TNK-BP's 63% stake in Rusia Petroleum

Russian Gazprom shows intense interest in Hungarian gas co

Russian natural gas giant Gazprom decreases production

Gazprom playing hardball with Ukraine

Naftogaz of Ukraine repeatedly insists it has no debts to Gazprom

CEOs of ConocoPhillips (AMERICA), Gazprom meet
Putin is knocking at our back door, and we are thrilled to let him in.

This high level meeting comes as a result of a preliminary discussion that took place in October

Russia proposes June 2009 world grains summit
It is not enough for Putin to own Europe's heat, hot water and refueling capabilities ~ he wants to own your food too. He's not fucking around ferals... Putin wants to control Europe, and then the world. He sees the current available opportunities to do so very clearly, and he exploits them quickly. A formidable man is Bad Vlad. Obama is a featherweight ~ a punk kid next to him, and he knows it. Be ready for almost anything from Russia over the next four years. Putin knows how to spot opportunites and he has shown he has the balls to seize them by any means necessary.

How soon will Putin be back in the big saddle?

Reactor activated on Russian nuclear sub

EU wants early foreign policy focus from Obama

Earthquake fault discovered offshore of Diablo Canyon nuclear plant

Sculpture of "Che Guevarra" in NY Central Park

Attorney General Collapses While Giving Speech


Colombian volcano sets off landslides

Symphony of Destruction

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