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Monday, November 17, 2008

Missing Links: As Heavy As Jesus

Monologue intro & "Heavy as Jesus"


Iran's take on it

"The world order has changed," said an EU document cited in an article to appear Monday in Der Spiegel weekly

EUROPEAN leaders toned down demands for sweeping overhaul of global capitalism at a summit in Washington on Saturday

Toward a New International Capitalism

ISLAM: The New World Order

Glow Ball Socialists Toast Victory Over America

Al-Qaeda declares war on Iran

Ahmadinejad makes landmark Iraq visit

Iran Lambasts US over Iraq Claims

Iran's judiciary chief lauds US-Iraqi pact

Iranian VP under fire over Koran "dance"

Turkey's energy minister in Iran

Iran Talking Totally Turkey

Turkey advocates Iranian nuclear programme

Islamonazis whip 32 dancers in Somalia

Somali pirates hijack Saudi oil tanker with Britons on board

Congo's Riches Looted by Renegade Troops

New fighting in Congo despite rebel pledges

UK: Brown says China can join coalition forces in Afghanistan

Pakistan blockades US supply lines

US supply trucks resume travel in Pakistan pass

CIA: Every major terror threat involves Pakistan

7.7 jolts Indonesia

Iranian MPs urge "Islamic response" to Gaza crisis

Abbas to ask Olmert to maintain cease-fire with Hamas
You say jump.....

Four Militants Killed in Gaza as Olmert Orders Hamas Crackdown

I say how high?

Israel 'to free 250 Palestinians'


Abbas Warns Israel to Withdraw to 1949 Borders Or Face War

PLO, Lebanese army sign security agreement

The PLO accused Hamas of withdrawing from the Egyptian-sponsored dialogue "in response to regional powers," implicitly referring to Iran and Syria which support Hamas. The Islamic Jihad faction, which is also backed by Iran, boycotted the dialogue too.

Full text: Times interview with Shimon Peres

EU monitors fired on in Georgia

Bad Vlad, hangin 'em by the balls

Putin's Constitutional Junta

Putin Questions Baltic Pipeline

Gazprom and Egypt discuss Middle Eastern LNG

Russia builds ties in USes' backyard

Medvedev to visit Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba

Russian spy in NATO

The Story of Sotjan Adasevic

Are we as dumb as Obama thinks?

Bank of America increasing stake in China Construction Bank

Citigroup to cut another 53,000 jobs

Auto bailout: Showdown

The former Downing Street foreign affairs adviser who helped Tony Blair prepare for the invasion of Iraq has joined the UK board of a multinational arms manufacturer that supplied military hardware for the war
Manning has also taken a job on the advisory board of Hakluyt, a private intelligence firm partly staffed by former MI6 officers.Hakluyt was set up by former MI6 agents in 1995. The firm once hired a former German agent to spy on environmental campaign groups such as Greenpeace on behalf of oil companies.

Presence of the Lord

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