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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Missing Links: Shining Crazy Diamonds vs The Rust of Them

Pink Floyd ~ Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Venus & Jupiter will shine on Monday night

Indian Forces Comb Taj Mahal After Militants Kill 195

India, Jihad's Permanent Playground

Mumbai terorrists sought out Jews

Up to 7 of the Mumbai terrorists from UK

Terror lesson in Mumbai

Marauders had Blackberrys

Terror Siege Ends in Mumbai, Last Remaining Gunmen Killed

Thai police flee Bangkok airport as protesters attack

Clenched fist of the left dead and buried

Obama Rehires Adviser Who Called for Invasion of Israel

Syria 'sanitized' suspected nuclear sites

UAE extends friendship to the world!

UAE & China open trade talks

UAE to give $1B to Pakistan

US State Department praises religious freedom in UAE

Intercept Operator: Saw Blair File, Heard "Pillow Talk" of Iraqi Leader

British Guards Jump Ship, Escape Pirates

Iran furious at peace plan advert bearing its flag - and Star of David

UK Army Interpreter Gets 10 Years in Jail for Spying for Iran

Iran says would welcome Obama talks

RICE: Iranian diplomatic outpost decision up to Obama

Israel's Livni calls on Olmert to step down

Israel's bizarre economic-stimulus saga

Medvedev Meets with Castro

Russia test launches new ballistic missile from submarine

Russia seeks new missiles to counter US shield plans

Senior officer: Russia to deploy new missile in 2009

The Many Uses of Gazprom

Gazprom and PDVSA (Venezuela) Sign Deal

Gazprom and Schlumberger sign agreement

About Schlumberger

Russia, Serbia to Sign Papers on Oil, Gas Projects on 12/5

Ukraine, Seeking Russian Deal, Vows to Ensure EU Gas Supply

Hungary hopeful for Nabucco deal

Aliyev to Visit Turkmenistan Regarding the NABUCCO Pipeline

Gazprom cuts gas production

OPEC's divisions manifest as oil prices plummet

OPEC to discuss non-OPEC cooperation in Cairo-Iran

OPEC Puts Off Action Until Dec. 17

Saudi Arabia wants oil price at $75 a barrel

Goldman plans FDIC-backed euro debt issue

Sarkozy Denies EU Is Planning to Block French Bank Rescue Plan

China: Sarkozy-Dalai Lama meeting threatens trade

2 Dead in Shooting @ CA Toys 'R Us

Witnesses: Fatal shooting followed toy store brawl

Stampeding Beasts Kill One at LI NY Walmart

Video: Charges Possible in Black Friday Wal-Mart Death

Report of Terror Threat on NY Subways

Czech Cabinet Approves Bill Enabling "Abortion Tourism"

UK: Abortion rates rocket to record high

Abortion now #1 cause of death in Spain

Planned Parenthood: Give the Gift of Abortion for Christmas

Interview with Dinesh D'Souza

Expert: Small Arkansas earthquakes could be warning

6.0 Off Sumatra

5.8 recorded off coast of Eureka

Underwater volcano found off Washington coast

Judas Priest
Diamonds & Rust

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