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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Missing Links: Flirtin' With Disaster Every Day

Molly Hatchet
Flirting With Disaster

Pirates: Looking to throw the West into hell
Well that's not so difficult a task since we don't have very far to fall anyhow..

Nigerian militants threaten chaos in western delta

A Common What?
Yale hosts a Christian-Muslim "reconciliation" conference--behind closed doors

The United States expresses interest in cooperation with Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC)

Hezbollah: More ready for battle than Israel

IAEA chief says no basis for denying Syria help on nuclear plant

Dudes name is Mohamed. Everyone thought it was most impolite of me to worry about that openly when he was first appointed. Alrighty then.

Bush: Israel to benefit by having democratic Palestinian state
HOLD ME BACK.... What benefits? Death Benefits? Why I oughta..........

Bush insists vision of Palestinian state lives
Gee, thanks for everything, El Heffe Le Georges Whatever Al Bushkovick
~ One pissed off Jewtian who foolishly voted for ya

Attacks on Israel expected as UN marks Solidarity with Palestinians
Attacks on Israel expected as the Earth will revolve around the sun today....

UNGA head accuses Israel of apartheid
unga bunga binga banga to you too ya MF

Media Fiddles While America Burns
I got into trouble many years ago when I co-hosted CNN’s now-defunct Crossfire show and told an Ambassador from Libya, who was filibustering and denying his government’s links to terrorism, to “Please shut up.” The producer told me that I went too far, but at least I said “please.” On the other hand, CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo went too far when she concluded a Monday interview with Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a major Citigroup investor who has been bailed out by U.S. taxpayers, by saying, “Thank you very much for your precious time.”

Precious time? This is a multi-billionaire foreigner whose financial firm has been bailed out with U.S. taxpayer money. Alwaleed ought to thank us for our precious money―money we don’t have to lend to foreign billionaires.

Citi Hogs Keep Pigging Out
Insiders tell The Post that Citi is undertaking expensive remodeling of top officials' offices at the bank's tony headquarters at 399 Park Ave. even as the sprawling financial institution was on the brink of collapse over the weekend. Those same executives also are making frequent use of a high-end executive dining area used by senior officials and managing directors to entertain high-profile clients at Citi's Manhattan digs.

One source notes that "executives of the bank enjoy an elaborate breakfast buffet every morning," and seafood and steak meals for lunch. Citi's board of directors and senior executives also are allowed to take first-class flights - despite a company-wide ban on luxury airfare, one source notes.
Wall Street's nervous about more bank rescues

"Struggling" Banks Paid President Clinton $2.1 million for ‘Speeches’

Unions fight to end American capitalism

How Marxist Radicals View Elections

A Car Wreck Made in Washington

Economic Collapse

Robert Rubin, another ex-CEO of Gold Man Sacks, is picking Obama's economic commissars

Obama announces glow ball socialist agenda

Calling the global financial crisis an "historic opportunity," a coalition of "progressive" individuals, social movements and non-governmental organizations met in Beijing on October 15 and issued a statement urging the "radical economic transformation" of the global economy. They advocate a "global taxation system," including what are known as "Tobin taxes, on the movements of speculative capital," and "stringent progressive carbon taxes on those [nations] with the biggest carbon footprints."

Their plan also includes phasing out the U.S. dollar as the international reserve currency and establishing "a people’s inquiry into the mechanisms necessary for a just international monetary system." Clearly, they intend to bring the U.S. into a system of international socialism, with new and more powerful global agencies deciding our economic and financial fate.

Is Goldman Sachs Running a Derivatives Casino?

Goldman to Sell $5 Billion of FDIC-Backed Debt

Here's Bush's position on sub prime mortgages, June 18, 2002

Bad Vlad: A man with a plan

Putin and Medvedev hope for brighter future with Obama
Obammunism: The hopium of Soviet asses

Russia's Gazprom denies using gas as political tool

Gazprom to build pipeline to South Ossetia

Coming soon: The Battle for Turkmenistan
It was the only thing that many of the participants of the 13th Annual Turkmenistan International Oil and Gas Exhiition could think about, yet no Turkmen official cared to mention its name aloud -- Nabucco.
Russian giant Gazprom forecasts record gas prices by 2012

Ukraine Sends Delegation to Moscow for Urgent Talks on Gas Debt

OMV BP Shell eye Nabucco supplies

NPR sends "Wiccan Priestess" to public prayer booth
A pagan priestess runs into the president of the atheists in a phone booth in New York.

5.2 in Papua New Guinea

6.8 in Indonesia

6.6 off Russia's Far East coast

Is this the dark side speaking?

A Natural Disaster

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