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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Raven

 The ravens brought him bread and meat
 in the morning 
and bread and meat 
in the evening, 
and he drank from the brook.


  1. mawskrat7:28 AM

    it's all mine !!!!!

  2. mawskrat7:29 AM

    has storage been around?

  3. BulgarWheat7:48 AM

    howdy and good morning all.

  4. BulgarWheat8:08 AM

    High of 47 in Raleigh today? Who ever came up with the concept of winter anyway? I want to ride!

  5. mawskrat8:39 AM

    morning Bulgar!!!

  6. Skip V. Patel9:04 AM

    Our cows are so contented, they even sing.. "Something in the way she moos, attracts me like no udder lover..."

  7. Storagemanager10:05 AM

    hahahahahahahahaha......................HERO....hahahahaha..........House Intelligence chairman says Russia may have helped Snowden leak

  8. Storagemanager10:14 AM

    Fags in America...crickets...................Twelve Nigerian Homosexuals Face Stoning by Sharia Court...

  9. mawskrat10:16 AM

    morning storage

  10. Storagemanager10:17 AM

    Good is a fine day...

  11. Storagemanager10:18 AM

    Secretary of State John Kerry dismissed the new Egyptian constitution that guarantees freedom and religion and equal rights for women. 98% of voters approved of the new constitution in an election this week.
    PJ Media reported, via Free Republic:

    When millions of Egyptians wanted the Muslim Brotherhood leadership out, President Obama noted that Mohammed Morsi won his presidential post in an election.

    When nearly 20 million Egyptians — more than 98 percent of votes cast — approved a new constitution to replace the one forged by Islamists, Secretary of State John Kerry said elections aren’t everything.

    Egypt’s new constitution was written by a committee of 50 including women, Christians, one Salafist and one independent Islamist, while the last constitution was written by the Muslim Brotherhood and associated Islamists. The new document forbids “religion, race, gender or geography” from being the basis to form a political party while guaranteeing freedom of religion and granting, for the first time, Copts the right to build churches without permission of the president. Women are recognized as equals in Egyptians society.

    Several people died in clashes surrounding the voting sparked by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, who boycotted the vote. “Going to the polls was risky because of those who were trying to use violence to scare people from voting, but the army and the police exerted a great effort to protect the polls and to give assurance to the people who would like to vote…It was a phenomenon to see crowds of women at each poll, many of whom queued for hours to vote. Some of them were singing and rejoicing, and even dancing, before and after they cast their vote…

    …But in a statement issued today, Kerry said it was just one vote and again called for inclusiveness — a refrain the administration has used since the Morsi overthrown in an effort to get the Muslim Brotherhood back into the political landscape.

  12. Storagemanager10:21 AM

    John Kerry...In the Middle East it is ok to stone woman and fags...But you can not call them names...

  13. Storagemanager10:24 AM America people are fired for stating opinions....the Muslim brotherhood rapes and kills you...John Kerry thinks that is just...

  14. mawskrat10:26 AM

    cold...though a good one!!

  15. Storagemanager10:31 AM

    Barry Obama sez this is bad....EYES that see....see Barry..............

    A Miracle on the Nile


    Tens of millions of Egyptian citizens have come out to cast a vote in the referendum of the century: either to say yes to new moderate constitution, relatively democratic, or to say no and revert to an Islamist constitution adopted by the previous Muslim Brotherhood regime.

    Read more: Family Security Matters
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  16. Storagemanager10:32 AM

    Barry is the Muslim Brotherhood

  17. Shalom , so there!


  19. I loves Ravens very much.


  21. pbird2:32 PM

    nobody home......

  22. pbird3:24 PM

    a great deal we knew about Ambien and then some

  23. Kreuzueber Halbmond6:48 PM

    There really are places you can go, pbird. No body required.

    "A traveller to the edge of the world peers through the celestial spheres at the wonders of the Empyrean beyond. From Camille Flammarion's L'atmosphère (1888)."

  24. Kreuzueber Halbmond6:59 PM

    Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness. —2 Peter 3:13

  25. Kreuzueber Halbmond7:12 PM

  26. pbird8:30 PM


  27. pbird9:27 PM

    Oh hi! Daughter and i hit trader Joe like the munchies.

  28. So-called "bail-ins," which give banks the right to dip into your savings to pay for their lousy financial decisions, have been on the table for years, ever since Cyprus tested the idea.

    But they're moving beyond the "testing phase" now.

    The latest clue came from a seemingly benign banking conference on December 2, when one man revealed some frightening central government intentions.

    And anyone taking careful notes understands the consequences.

    They're huge.

  29. Taratata6:42 AM

    Classical cross-over violinist Vanessa Mae will be swapping her bow for a pair of poles next month.

    The British musician will be competing for Thailand in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.
    A keen skier since childhood, Mae has been competing using her father’s surname Vanakorn, taking to the slopes in Slovenia more than four times this weekend in a final attempt to reach qualifying standard. Which, her manager Giles Holland confirmed to the BBC, she did "by a whisker".

    "It would appear that she's done it," Holland said. "She's done it by a whisker, but she's done it."

  30. Taratata6:45 AM

  31. Taratata6:48 AM

    Vanessa Mae - at the Birmingham Symphony Hall 1997 .

  32. Taratata6:53 AM

    Region Boiling, Israel Takes Up Castle Strategy

    JERUSALEM — After a Katyusha rocket fired from Lebanon landed in Israel last month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Hezbollah, the Shiite militia, and its Iranian backers. But Israeli security officials attributed the attack, as well as a similar one in August, to a Sunni jihadist group linked to Al Qaeda.

    That disconnect is representative of the deepening dilemma Israel faces as the region around it is riven by sectarian warfare that could redraw the map of the Middle East.

    Mr. Netanyahu and other leaders continue to see Shiite Iran and its nuclear program as the primary threat to Israel, and Hezbollah as the most likely to draw it into direct battle. Still, the mounting strength of extremist Sunni cells in Syria, Iraq and beyond that are pledging to bring jihad to Jerusalem can hardly be ignored.

  33. Taratata6:58 AM

    Jihadists construct the Atomium bomb: YouTube video threat to Belgian tourist attraction (Juan McCain should be pleased)

  34. pbird8:47 AM

    goodmorning. its a day

  35. mawskrat8:48 AM

    Good morning pbird why so sad?

  36. BabbaZee9:02 AM

    Greetings from Kommando Central

  37. BabbaZee9:02 AM


  38. BabbaZee9:02 AM


  39. pbird9:07 AM

    73-year old Tatsuo Horiuchi uses the popular spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel not for number calculations or data listings, but to draw elaborate Japanese motifs. In an interview to PC Online, Horiuchi said that he did not use Excel at work, but when he saw other people use it to draw graphs, he figured he could make drawings using the office tool. In 10 years, Horiuchi became proficient enough to issue works in art exhibitions.

    According to Horiuchi, graphics software is expensive while Excel comes pre-installed in most computers, and is easier to use than Microsoft Paint. He tried using Word but was limited to the paper sizing and he could draw more freely in Excel.

    attention akak? aren't you a user of Excel?

  40. Taratata9:08 AM

    They won.

    Cheer up, it may not happen again.

  41. pbird9:11 AM

    LOL! right

  42. pbird9:12 AM

    Did you know that the peppermint flavor in your chewing gum and toothpaste, and the red-ruby grapefruit on your plate, is the result of mutation caused by deliberate irradiation? Apparently, after World War II, there was a concerted effort to find peaceful uses for atomic energy. One of the ideas was to bombard plants with radiation and produce lots of mutations, some of which, it was hoped, would lead to plants that were disease or cold-resistant or just had unusual colors. The experiments were mostly conducted in giant gamma gardens on the grounds of national laboratories in the US, Europe and countries of the former USSR, leading to untold numbers of new plant varieties. The disease resistant peppermint plant and the 'Rio Star' grapefruit, which accounts for 75% of the grapefruit production in Texas, were created in these atomic gardens.

  43. mawskrat9:13 AM

    well howdy there partner

  44. mawskrat9:20 AM

    more painting to do today

  45. Taratata9:20 AM

    America's rehash of 'peace with honor' - now starring Iran
    'Give peace a chance' is the feel-good slogan of the day regarding Iran. But the same U.S. policy tune didn't do Free Vietnam much good.

  46. pbird9:20 AM

  47. BabbaZee9:20 AM

    yes he is when he replies in CAPS he is in a spreadsheet he is not yelling llllollollollo

  48. BabbaZee9:21 AM

    Most Militant Salutations upon you Honorable Leader of Jim Beam Brigade!

  49. pbird9:22 AM

    yeah figgered

  50. pbird9:22 AM

    is not great art, but a very inventive use of Excel

  51. pbird9:26 AM


  52. BabbaZee9:42 AM

    I am not disputing it but I wonder where they get the figures from, based on what - they do not say

  53. pbird9:52 AM

    Hopefully its not that bad.

  54. pbird9:53 AM

    oh my dear little grandaughter is ill today....bummer

  55. BabbaZee9:55 AM

    I just always wonder about these things because the people who do them have an agenda so it is in their interests always to make it seem worse than it is
    and when they do not do documentation of how they arrived at the figures I think about that it even more
    Not just in relationship to this in relationship to everything I read from all sides

    which is why I read all the sides so I can divide by 17 and maybe come close to what is real


  56. pbird9:59 AM

    Oh I know. On the sides of buses around here they say that twenty percent of children in Wa are "hungry"....I doubt that many kids are hungry here...I do not see that at all and besides that kids are always "hungry" lol!

  57. I would say five to ten percent with maybe two percent in real trouble.

  58. Power to the people will really happen when the people wake up to the fact that you can’t separate economics from politics, when they wake up to their own motivations, what they want, what can be sold to them. Because the real pitfall of democracy is that it is demagogue-prone. We like to have people stand up and tell us what we want to hear. I have conditioned myself so that the minute I hear a politician standing up there saying nice things that sound good to lot of people my alarm signals go off and I say, “Why, you damned son of a bitch, you’re just another damned demagogue.

    I don’t think there’s a fucking bit of difference between a bureaucracy that is instituted by a democratic regime, a state; socialist regime, a communist regime or a capitalist regime. Take a look at us right now. We have created a bureaucracy in this country which is completely out of the hands of the people. Your votes do not touch it. One day when I was working in Washington, D.C. as a speech-writer for a U.S. senator from Oregon, I was at a meeting of the Department of Commerce and a very, very high department official, a lifetime bureaucrat, was talking about another senator, who was giving them some trouble. And this high bureaucrat called this senator a “transient.” And sure enough, that senator was defeated in the next election. So he was a transient. But the bureaucrat was, still there, and he retired on a separate retirement system for the federal bureaucracy.

    Frank Herbert

    bits of an old interview

  59. BabbaZee10:11 AM

    Oh ! fantastico!

  60. BabbaZee10:16 AM

  61. BabbaZee10:18 AM

    holy shit!

  62. Skip V. Patel10:19 AM

    Honest! I REALLY am hungry.

    I think I'll cook up a grilled cheese sandwich.

  63. I had forgotten that he was a local.

  64. OO! do you put yummy things inside those? like tomato slices etc?

  65. mawskrat10:46 AM

    for der Babba

  66. BabbaZee10:49 AM


  67. Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy Worried It Came Down Too Hard On Jeff Yesterday,34815/

  68. oh disqust is back, ok

  69. BabbaZee11:49 AM

    I could not get in all day yesterday

  70. BabbaZee11:50 AM


  71. Hm.........wonder what they're up to!?

  72. BabbaZee11:53 AM

    and now for the most repulsive thing I have read today

    'Wetlands' Film Pushes Sexual Envelope at Sundance Film Festival
    When an anal fissure (don’t ask) sends her to a hospital, she tries to get her emotionally distant father and mother back together, hits on her male nurse, and devises ways to stay in the hospital.

    The movie, from German director David Wnendt and based on the German best-seller by former VJ Charlotte Roche, features an aria-like sequence of four men masturbating on a pizza (you have to see it to believe it) and a heroine who gives a monologue on “pussy mucus." She rubs her privates on a filthy toilet and swaps dirty tampons with her best friend, among a litany of surely NC-17 activitie

  73. BabbaZee11:55 AM

    seems my AVAST was contributing and blocking it too


  75. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh, wrong planet!!

  76. BabbaZee11:56 AM

    beyond the back of beyond!

  77. i sneeks back to the sack...haha

  78. BabbaZee11:58 AM

    have a lovely nap

  79. BabbaZee11:58 AM

  80. BabbaZee11:59 AM


    JEWISH CABAL HEADQUARTERS, JERUSALEM—Saying that they never intended to behave quite so mercilessly, several prominent architects of the global Jewish conspiracy aired their concerns Thursday that they perhaps came down a little too hard on local man Jeff Crawford yesterday.

  81. BabbaZee12:08 PM

    tomato jalapeno onion mmmmmm

  82. BabbaZee12:10 PM


  83. pbird2:03 PM

    Brains of elderly slow because they know so much
    The brains of older people only appear to slow down because they have so much information to compute, much like a full-up hard drive, scientists believe.

    this is what I keep telling those fluffheaded kids!

  84. MyDogLuke2:32 PM

    All that info floating around makes us need our nappy time too.

  85. pbird2:33 PM

    So Hip It Hurts
    Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen looks back.

  86. BulgarWheat2:44 PM

    If I behaved like my government, I'd be wearing handcuffs.

  87. pbird2:45 PM

    for whenever my post of the Steely Dan book reappears....
    . Born in 1948, he belongs to a baby-boomer generation for whom the benediction of hip was most devoutly to be desired. It was a dark and uncertain thing, an arduous rite of passage, almost a spiritual gamble. Lewis MacAdams, in his 2001 overview, Birth of the Cool: Beat, Bebop, and the American Avant-Garde, recalls how New York bohemian Judith Malina (later cofounder of the Living Theatre) found herself briefly jailed following a mid-Manhattan protest march. A nice middle-class girl under it all, she’s shocked to find herself sharing space with honest-to-goodness streetwalkers. “I like you,” declaims one prisoner to Malina, “but let’s face it. You’re a square.” MacAdams supplies a subtle but powerful sense of where hip’s true cargo originates. If it’s at street level, the street is on the other side of town. Hip was, most of all, a black phenomenon, “cool in its slavery-born sense, where attitude and stance is the only self-defense against overwhelming rage.”

    I was just wondering about those guys the other day

  88. pbird2:45 PM

    you might be dead

  89. pbird2:46 PM

    its kinda heavy

  90. BabbaZee2:53 PM

    iLove them reading now

  91. BabbaZee2:54 PM

    It's there I love them I am reading it now

  92. pbird3:16 PM

    They went at cool like it was their day job.

  93. MyDogLuke3:23 PM

    So that's what happened to my hair! The weight of it all pulled the skin on the top of my head down

  94. BabbaZee4:21 PM

  95. BabbaZee4:59 PM

    “Hobbesian geezers”

  96. Kreuzueber Halbmond5:04 PM

    "We aren't engaged in any negative protest and in any negative arguments with anybody. We are saying that we are determined to be men. We are determined to be people. We are saying that we are God's children. And that we don't have to live like we are forced to live." —Martin Luther King, Jr. (1968)

  97. pbird5:06 PM

    California’s drought situation in pictures – what a difference one year makes

  98. MyDogLuke5:12 PM

    6 to 8 inches of snow tomorrow they say. Toby is napping on my lap now, dreaming of it. He snores alot.

  99. pbird5:15 PM

    way to be

  100. pbird5:16 PM

    Maybe ship some to CA.
    I love how puppies grunt and groan.

  101. pbird5:18 PM

    I am dyeing random splotches of blue on some yarn. Its an experiment. We shall see what happens!

  102. MyDogLuke5:19 PM

    We've certainly had our share of snow this year, our ground is saturated and the streams are running high. He's an angel when he's sleeping, he makes up for it when awake.

  103. BabbaZee5:19 PM

  104. pbird5:21 PM

    A giant eagle used to promote The Hobbit film trilogy has fallen to earth from the ceiling of Wellington airport during a severe earthquake in central New Zealand.

    However, a second eagle, being ridden by a sculpture of The Hobbit’s beneficent wizard Gandalf, was undamaged and remained affixed to the ceiling.

    The quake, with a 6.3 magnitude, damaged buildings and caused train suspensions, rock slides and road closures but is not believed to have caused any injuries.

    It was centred about 80 miles north of Wellington and struck at 3.52pm local time at a depth of about 17 miles.

  105. pbird5:26 PM

    Cops bloodied an 84-year-old man and put him in the hospital Sunday when he jaywalked at an Upper West Side intersection and didn’t appear to understand their orders to stop, witnesses said.

  106. Kreuzueber Halbmond5:39 PM

    Oh yeah, we WILL be beaten into submission..

  107. BabbaZee5:40 PM

    an 84 year old man

    stomp on a pregnant woman she counts as two!

  108. BabbaZee5:41 PM

    “He was just walking across the street with other people, and they picked him out. How could they do that to an 84-year-old man.’’

  109. BabbaZee5:41 PM

    take pictures

  110. BabbaZee5:45 PM

  111. BabbaZee5:46 PM

    2 Timothy 3

    3 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

  112. BabbaZee5:48 PM

    Isaiah 59

    4 No one calls for justice;
    no one pleads a case with integrity.
    They rely on empty arguments, they utter lies;
    they conceive trouble and give birth to evil.
    5 They hatch the eggs of vipers
    and spin a spider’s web.
    Whoever eats their eggs will die,
    and when one is broken, an adder is hatched.
    6 Their cobwebs are useless for clothing;
    they cannot cover themselves with what they make.
    Their deeds are evil deeds,
    and acts of violence are in their hands.
    7 Their feet rush into sin;
    they are swift to shed innocent blood.
    They pursue evil schemes;
    acts of violence mark their ways.
    8 The way of peace they do not know;
    there is no justice in their paths.
    They have turned them into crooked roads;
    no one who walks along them will know peace

  113. BabbaZee5:49 PM
    Admission's free you pay to get out

  114. BabbaZee6:13 PM

    From that moment on, I started to see Wall Street with new eyes. I noticed the vitriol that traders directed at the government for limiting bonuses after the crash. I heard the fury in their voices at the mention of higher taxes. These traders despised anything or anyone that threatened their bonuses. Ever see what a drug addict is like when he’s used up his junk? He’ll do anything — walk 20 miles in the snow, rob a grandma — to get a fix. Wall Street was like that. In the months before bonuses were handed out, the trading floor started to feel like a neighborhood in “The Wire” when the heroin runs out.

  115. pbird6:22 PM

    well....apparently I used too much dye. The white areas grabbed it like crazy and now all I have is Navy Blue yarn..phooey. Have to try again.

  116. BabbaZee6:22 PM

    Nearly 50% of black men and 40% of white men are arrested at least once on non-traffic-related crimes by the time they turn 23...

  117. BabbaZee6:24 PM

    Olympian Carl Lewis Says Chris Christie Tried to Intimidate Him

  118. pbird6:27 PM

    quite a story

  119. pbird6:35 PM

    That's easy. He was easy to handle. No problem.

  120. BabbaZee8:47 PM

    The 'end' is only a flash within the infinite unfoldment of perfection.


  121. Jomo Kenyatta4:39 AM

  122. Jomo Kenyatta4:47 AM

  123. hey Homo

  124. Jomo Kenyatta4:57 AM

    Listening to mucho Kinky Friedman!

  125. Jomo Kenyatta6:04 AM

    Things continue to get worse for the middle class.

    But a lot of people out there will continue to deny what is happening right in front of their eyes. They are kind of like that woman over in California who was conned out of half a million dollars by a Nigerian online dating scam. They will never admit the truth until it is far too late to do anything about it.

    So have you been to a Sears or a J.C. Penney lately?

  126. BabbaZee6:06 AM

    Two senior state officials in New Jersey are vehemently denouncing allegations of political strong-arming in the governor's name, the latest in a series of controversies lashing the Christie administration.

    Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno publicly denied an assertion by Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer that she conditioned Superstorm Sandy recovery money last year on Zimmer's support for a redevelopment project backed by Christie.

    Zimmer said the ultimatum came down in a parking lot and involved a project proposed by a real estate developer, the Rockefeller Group, with ties to Christie.

  127. Jomo Kenyatta6:08 AM

    MIT Report: Obama Used Bogus Intelligence to Push Syria War

    U.S. Military Document: Syrian Rebels Had Chemical Weapons

  128. BabbaZee6:08 AM

    A Record Year For Killing Christians

    In 2013 over 2,100 Christians were killed for their beliefs. While most of the deaths were due to Islamic terrorists, at least ten percent were committed by non-Moslems. The biggest offender here was North Korea, where the militantly atheist government considers possession of a bible a major crime and has over 50,000 local Christians in prison camps. The death rate in those camps is high and North Korean Christians who have fled the country report many fellow Christians simply disappearing. But the biggest killer remains radical Moslems. While 1,200 Christians were murdered for their beliefs in 2012, the number jumped 75 percent mainly because of the civil war in Syria, where Christians are ten percent of the population and have long supported the Assad dictatorship because the Assads are also a minority (Shia Moslems who are 15 percent of Syrians) and many of the Sunni rebels are Islamic radicals who feel a religious obligation to kill Christians who will not convert to Islam. In 2013 some 1,200 Christians were killed in Syria. Nigeria, where half the population is Christian, there were 612 dead at the hands of Islamic terrorists deliberately going after Christians. In Pakistan 88 Christians were killed, while 83 were murdered in Egypt and so on. Nearly a third of the world population is Christian and at least 100 million of them are constantly threatened by anti-Christian militants.

  129. Jomo Kenyatta6:18 AM

    One Of The Most Popular Sources On Syria Happens To Be An al-Qaeda Supporter

  130. BabbaZee6:28 AM

    Sex abuse files on 30 Chicago priests going public

  131. Jomo Kenyatta6:38 AM

    CAP Senior Fellow: Polyandry Could Help the Poor

    Women will have a hard time financially with only a single husband if that husband makes a low hourly wage, noted CAP scholar Judith Warner. The answer is simple, she said: Women should take multiple husbands.

  132. Jomo Kenyatta6:40 AM

  133. BabbaZee6:40 AM

    "They are right to worry, but wrong – even paranoid – to distrust democratic governments in this way.

    Surveillance and secrecy will never be attractive features of a democratic government, but they are not inimical to it, either. This the leakers will never understand."

    as "conservatives" you must be apologists for the spying? for the degeneration of our privacy and our freedoms?
    how do you like the "democracy" we brought to Egypt? To Iraq? To Afghanistan? Syria?
    I should should just lay back accept it as "not inimical?"
    Obey? Acquiesce to it just because those who refuse to are largely "liberals" that you must by all means oppose? Degenerate the whole thing to nyah nyah we are better than they are?
    Not me.
    It is irrelevant whether I "like" these three people or not.
    I do not accept that this shit should be an acceptable part of "democracy" in America
    The article is called "Would you feel differently about Snowden, Greenwald, and Assange if you knew what they really thought?"
    I don't give a shit what they really think
    that is not the point at all
    I don't care if I like them or not
    The point is we are not really free here anymore
    we are under constant and ever increasing surveillance
    and people think that is acceptable?
    I do not.

  134. BabbaZee6:43 AM

    all your cookies are belong to me!

  135. BabbaZee6:45 AM

    With Super Bowl Two Weeks Away, Velveeta Recall Announced,-Velveeta-Recall-Announced.html


  136. Jomo Kenyatta6:50 AM

    Teddy Coat

  137. BabbaZee6:52 AM

    The recall covers more than 1.75 million lbs. of Kraft Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Singles Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac.

    what remains of my pancreas aches just reading that

  138. BabbaZee6:53 AM

    Groovus Deluxe!

  139. BabbaZee6:55 AM

    Comcast and Walmart, two of the think tank’s corporate supporters, did not respond to requests for comment on whether they support efforts by activists employed by the think tank they fund to legalize polyandry.

  140. BabbaZee6:57 AM


  141. BabbaZee7:01 AM

    Google is knocking at your front door. It wants to come inside, make itself at home, and quietly turn all of your boring home devices into "smart" connected gadgets that learn about your patterns and preferences, talk to each other, collect data about your habits and make life easier by assisting with daily tasks.

    On Monday, Google announced it was buying smart-device company Nest Labs for $3.2 billion in cash. This is Google's first major foray into connected homes, and news of the deal ignited a flurry of speculation about what the Silicon Valley giant really wants from Nest, as well as some privacy concerns.

  142. ubaldo jimenez7:37 AM

    gorrang frost quakes, kept me up since 2-30, what's so different about this year?

  143. BabbaZee7:42 AM


  144. Storagemanager8:33 AM

  145. MyDogLuke8:40 AM

    I'm thinking doing wheelies would be difficult

  146. Storagemanager8:53 AM

    Tis a very warm 10...balmy...

  147. Storagemanager9:01 AM

    JERUSALEM(EJP)---Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said his country will stand by Israel ‘‘through fire and water”, in his address Monday to the Knesset, the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem, the first by a Canadian leader. “Canada supports Israel because it is right to do so.

  148. MyDogLuke9:27 AM

    You awake Babba?

  149. BabbaZee10:01 AM


  150. BabbaZee10:04 AM

    Monsanto sues Hawaiian island for passing legislation to restrict GMOs

  151. MyDogLuke10:04 AM

    I knew that would get ya. Snowing like crazy down here

  152. BabbaZee10:05 AM

    Is China trying to lock up the world's natural resources?


  153. BabbaZee10:05 AM

    hasn't started here yet

  154. BabbaZee10:06 AM

  155. shalom kids

  156. ooo solly, someting always keeping me up

  157. BabbaZee10:17 AM


  158. thats what's funny, I should know it

  159. I see him! Sneaking in!

  160. BabbaZee10:31 AM


  161. that old volcano was showing off yesterday
    stolen from American Digest

  162. BabbaZee10:35 AM

    well he can't invade Georgia this time

  163. live by the sword i guess

  164. Florida Student Kicked Out Of School For Being Porn Star


  165. oo today as the light comes up I see frozen fog...well at least it looks like winter

  166. Friend claims James Dunleavy murdered mum in 'honour killing' because he felt she'd shamed family
    20 Jan 2014 09:06

    MOHAMMED Razaq believes Muslim convert Dunleavy misinterpreted the Koran and beheaded his mum in an honour killing after she split from his dad.

  167. MyDogLuke11:21 AM

    Definitely looks like it here. The puppy has been good the last couple of days. I must be blessed

  168. Anwar O'Leary11:32 AM

    The Post-American System:

    Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Reveal FBI Training Curricula Purged of Material Deemed “Offensive” to Muslims

    During the February 8 meeting, Mueller reportedly assured the Islamic groups in attendance that the agency had ordered the removal of presentations and curricula on Islam from FBI offices around the country that were deemed “offensive.” As reported by NPR: “The FBI has completed a review of offensive training material and has purged 876 pages and 392 presentations, according to a briefing provided to lawmakers.”

  169. Wonder if Babba lost her connection in the snow.

  170. BabbaZee12:30 PM

    nope it is barely snowing here

  171. Kreuzueber Halbmond2:14 PM

    Hug a cop, receive your beating, and know that God loves you. Resist a cop, receive your beating, and know that God loves you. Decisions, decisions..

    ...God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him. Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world. —1 John 4:16-17

  172. BabbaZee2:22 PM

    John 15:17
    This is my command: Love each other.

  173. BabbaZee2:22 PM

    snowing harder now

  174. MyDogLuke2:28 PM

    I'll see if that works with the bride, I'm just doing as commanded honey!

  175. BabbaZee2:32 PM

    oh those wild eyed Juden and their kooky kommands!

  176. BabbaZee2:42 PM

  177. pbird2:59 PM

  178. pbird3:48 PM

    French Jew cleared of blood libel 344 years after execution
    Raphael Levy was found guilty and burned at the stake for the alleged killing of a three-year-old for ritual purposes

    Read more: French Jew cleared of blood libel 344 years after execution | The Times of Israel
    Follow us: @timesofisrael on Twitter | timesofisrael on Facebook

  179. pbird3:50 PM

    The village of Glatigny in the eastern district of Moselle set the record straight Sunday on the wrongful conviction of Raphael Levy in 1670 for murder. Levy, a simple merchant, was found guilty and burned at the stake for the alleged killing of three-year-old Didier Lemoine for ritual purposes, Le Figaro reported Sunday.

    City officials affixed a plaque in Levy’s memory to a public building in the village of Glatigny, near where he was killed. The text refers to him as a “Jewish martyr from Boulay,” Levy’s village, who was “accused of a ritual crime which he did not commit.”

    The ceremony was attended by about 100 people, including members of the Jewish community of Moselle, and Joel Mergui, president of the Consistoire – the French Jewish community’s organization responsible for religious services.

  180. pbird3:54 PM

    Israeli potatoes have Kuwaitis boiling
    Growing alarm in Gulf state at reported appearance of produce from the Jewish state

    Read more: Israeli potatoes have Kuwaitis boiling | The Times of Israel
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  181. pbird4:15 PM

    lol, rescued from the cat by the kid!

  182. pbird5:06 PM

    Kentucky bill would let service monkeys help paralyzed people

    Read more:
    Follow us: @myfoxdc on Twitter | myfoxdc on Facebook

  183. MyDogLuke5:39 PM

    Our cat is too fat to catch mice. Plus being on the floor means the puppy can attack him. That is one cute little creature, hope he doesn't have friends nearby.

  184. MyDogLuke5:46 PM

    I didn't know Muslims produced anything except Oil and suicide bombers. Where do they think they'll get potatoes from?

  185. pbird6:04 PM

    Bet he does have friends!

  186. MyDogLuke6:14 PM

    Yeah, they're not solitary animals. All the snakes went south for the winter, so it's up to the kitties to save the world.

  187. BabbaZee7:40 PM

    oooooo hoonie

  188. BabbaZee7:41 PM

  189. BabbaZee7:43 PM

  190. BabbaZee7:45 PM

    If it ain't shaved
    you ain't saved!

  191. pbird7:47 PM

    Yep. I must say I am somewhat amazed at all the fuzz er I mean fuss. haha

  192. BabbaZee7:49 PM

    ucch they have to make an "issue" out of everything....

    some like to groom
    some do not

  193. pbird7:50 PM

    Yeah, they rescue them and put them outside, then I am positive the little thing comes right back in by some sekrit mousie route and encounters HERSELF all over again.