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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Teenager In Love

My beloved thrust his hand 
through the latch-opening; 
my heart began to pound for him.


  1. pbird5:16 PM

    shoot, lost the dancing one

  2. pbird5:19 PM

  3. mawskrat6:29 PM

    I likes it !

  4. mawskrat6:32 PM

    I just want to thank all my neighbors for giving
    me their bales of straw. 8 bales total that they
    put out for Halloween and I use them for mulch
    in my veggie gardens

  5. BabbaZee6:37 PM


    I heard that bales of straw sometimes spontaneously combust like old drunks


  6. BabbaZee6:40 PM

    "the United States "weaponized" Coxiella burnetii......"
    Pentagon seeking vaccine for bioterror disease threat

    that we created
    and our own troops contracted

    and Syria is the war criminal...

  7. BabbaZee6:42 PM

    “We’re not in it to stockpile. We’re in it to take what you have and there’s nothing you can do to stop us,” Tyler Smith says. “We are your worst nightmare, and we are coming.”

    Smith, 29, is the leader of Spartan Survival. The group has more than 80 dues-paying members. Smith founded the organization in 2005 to train and prepare others on survivalism.

  8. pbird7:07 PM


  9. pbird7:07 PM

    not if ya spread them all over the garden, the bales not the drunks

  10. pbird7:08 PM

    aw crap

  11. pbird7:08 PM

    weee out in Warshington

  12. mawskrat7:13 PM

    The problem's not Hollywood, the problem's not Washington
    The problem's a weak divided church of schizmed Christians.
    A Little Ska For Yahs..........

  13. BabbaZee7:13 PM

    Spartan Survival is not a political group, Smith says. Contrary to expectations, he says he is pro-government and a supporter of President Barack Obama.

    “I totally love this country and I would do anything for it,” Smith says. “We feel we’re doing a service to our nation by being prepared.”

    He and his compatriots just fear what might happen if society breaks down. They plan on being survivors, not victims.

    Most preppers, Smith says, are concerned with marauders taking their supplies. It’s not an unfounded fear, he says.

    “We are those people,” he says. “We’ll kick your door in and take your supplies. … We are the marauders.”

  14. pbird7:15 PM

    Hot air

  15. mawskrat7:16 PM

    OH YEH.............

  16. mawskrat7:18 PM

    big storms coming tomorrow with
    tornado I done spread them

  17. mawskrat7:19 PM

    nice new Nikon coming for Christmas....
    need a new one for the grandson...yeppers

  18. pbird7:19 PM

    oh wow, you guys get all the exciting weathere...we get fog and drizzle

  19. mawskrat7:21 PM

    used to have a dip in my hip>LOL

  20. pbird7:22 PM

    Union County, N.C. — Authorities arrested a Union County Department of Social Services worker and a Monroe man Friday night after an 11-year-old boy was found handcuffed to the front porch of a home with a dead chicken tied around his neck, investigators said.

  21. pbird7:24 PM

    WBTV of Charlotte reported a deputy was answering an animal services complaint next door to the home on Austin Road, south of Monroe, when he saw a child secured to the front porch at the ankle, by what appeared to be a pair of handcuffs.

    The child also had a dead chicken hanging around his neck, and appeared to be shivering, the deputy said.

    Moments later, 57-year-old Dorian Lee Harper appeared on the porch along with another child who released several large dogs onto the officer.

    When additional officers arrived, they removed five children from the home.

  22. pbird7:35 PM

    According to revelations about the QUANTUM program, the NSA can “shoot” (their words) an exploit at any target it desires as his or her traffic passes across the backbone. It appears that the NSA and GCHQ were the first to turn the internet backbone into a weapon; absent Snowdens of their own, other countries may do the same and then say, “It wasn’t us. And even if it was, you started it.”

    If the NSA can hack Petrobras, the Russians can justify attacking Exxon/Mobil. If GCHQ can hack Belgacom to enable covert wiretaps, France can do the same to AT&T. If the Canadians target the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy, the Chinese can target the U.S. Department of the Interior. We now live in a world where, if we are lucky, our attackers may be every country our traffic passes through except our own.

    Which means the rest of us — and especially any company or individual whose operations are economically or politically significant — are now targets. All cleartext traffic is not just information being sent from sender to receiver, but is a possible attack vector.

    ... which is basically packet injection:

    The QUANTUM codename is deliciously apt for a technique known as “packet injection,” which spoofs or forges packets to intercept them. The NSA’s wiretaps don’t even need to be silent; they just need to send a message that arrives at the target first. It works by examining requests and injecting a forged reply that appears to come from the real recipient so the victim acts on it.

    The technology itself is actually pretty basic. And the same techniques that work on on a Wi-Fi network can work on a backbone wiretap. I personally coded up a packet-injector from scratch in a matter of hours five years ago, and it’s long been a staple of DefCon pranks.

  23. pbird7:36 PM

    making Tor obsolete. That's right: all users of Tor believing they hide behind the veil of anonymity - you aren't.

  24. mawskrat7:44 PM

    ya"ll be good.....ALABAMA is on!

  25. pbird7:46 PM

    sooooooooo what are they doin?

  26. BabbaZee7:52 PM

    what the fuck

  27. BabbaZee7:53 PM

    It means that democracy is a kind of theatre, in which the public is allowed to play a limited role, like the audience in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire or Strictly Come Dancing, and press a buzzer for this party or that party, but it cannot be privy to the backrooms where politicians and civil servants make decisions without consultation and without explanation.

  28. BabbaZee7:56 PM

    Larson was a supervisor with Union County Department of Social Services.

  29. pbird8:21 PM

    I could pretty much hate people like that.

  30. pbird8:22 PM

    Maybe I was raised by a skeptical old man, but that's kinda what we always thought.

  31. BulgarWheat8:33 PM

    sure am glad we're not a democracy. I prefer a sturdy constitutional republic.

  32. pbird8:40 PM

    That would be nice.

  33. BulgarWheat8:48 PM

    home sweet home

  34. BulgarWheat8:48 PM


  35. pbird8:50 PM

    There are bastards everywhere.

  36. pbird8:53 PM

    weee, tremor map...kinda shows where the action is

  37. pbird8:57 PM

    Slow slip: A new kind of earthquake under our feet

    Beej Bailey • 2 months ago

    I have been doing research on the increased seismicity on the Puget Sound and in Cascadia in general and I am BLOWN AWAY at the increases, both in frequency and in magnitude (all around the Pacific, for that matter.)
    There is also a major increases in global volcanism, I guess what I am saying is, how can one justify not reporting on these things? How can we ignore this? Volcanoes are erupting all around the pacific and, HA, by the way....they end in the Aleutians, off of Alaska's Coast in the North, and they end in Mexico, south of California's border in the South. So based on the pattern, I;E, that eruptions have almost completely circled the Pacific Ocean TO OUR BORDERS, how can we not surmise, that they will also occur here? Also, I notice increased seismic activity at volcanoes everywhere causes them to be flagged, at least 'yellow'...for every other volcano except for ours; Why are we not flagging St Helens? Why are we not flagging the cascades when they act likewise?
    in Short, how can trained geologists and other scientific associates minimize the danger and fail to inform the public?
    I believe that people need to over ride their fear of the government for a concern for humanity. I believe that any scientist who minimizes clear dangers to the public in this manner is doing a disservice to humanity, YOUR OWN HUMANITY, and to your fellow countrymen.
    I believe that GOD will judge such people for their lack of honesty and integrity!!

  38. pbird8:59 PM


  39. BulgarWheat9:31 PM

    I have jungle boots older than that punk with more mileage than he'll see in his sorry-assed life. He'll come get it?

    Spartan Survival? I think perhaps he likes playing dress up. My worst nightmare is a dream where I fall out for formation and I can't find my lid for my noggin', I wake in a sweat every time that happens. Pikers!


  40. BulgarWheat9:33 PM

    it's always good to have a skeptical old man around the house,...and as the skeptical old man in my house I'm sticking to that story.

  41. pbird9:50 PM

    Smoke em if you got em??

  42. pbird9:51 PM

    WASHINGTON — In the view of America’s spy services, the next potential threat from Russia may not come from a nefarious cyberweapon or secrets gleaned from the files of Edward J. Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor now in Moscow.

    Instead, this menace may come in the form of a seemingly innocuous dome-topped antenna perched atop an electronics-packed building surrounded by a security fence somewhere in the United States.

  43. pbird9:52 PM

    In recent months, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon have been quietly waging a campaign to stop the State Department from allowing Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, to build about half a dozen of these structures, known as monitor stations, on United States soil, several American officials said.

  44. pbird9:53 PM

  45. BulgarWheat9:53 PM

    seemed pretty calm when I was there a few years ago.

  46. pbird9:56 PM

    They are just little now. The question is, do they release pressure or just show where the big one will be.

  47. BulgarWheat10:00 PM

    Shucks, every one's been set up and established in West Virginia for quite some time. An entire generation really. The cell phone service may suck (they require towers), but satellites do not. Head about 40 miles or so down interstate 77 south of Charleston. Can't see a bloody thing but mountains. All those good old boys with their pickup trucks loaded up with ATV's aren't all hunting deer. Maybe it's just me, but I've never seen a Bubba with a satellite phone. Maybe an iPhone with a MossyOak or RealTree cover though. Nostrovya, Bubba!

  48. BulgarWheat10:01 PM

    and all those barges in Charleston aren't pushing coal either.

  49. we have a whole stealth airport in Everett.....unmarked stuff going in and out all the time, I know because I cruise around looking at stuff


  51. BulgarWheat10:04 PM

    no one understands the only thing that is private anymore is that which you don't discuss. I have been listening, Babba! as much as that will surprise her.

  52. I think they shovel politicians in and out there and then clog up the freeway driving them to Seattle.


  54. BulgarWheat10:08 PM

    I think I've hit some of the that traffic driving to SeaTac. It used to piss me off at rush hour in the dark.

  55. eh, mebbe, but yeah if you don't put it out in the air its not out in the air

  56. its horrible


  58. becanovic95·
    1 video

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    Uploaded on Jul 25, 2006

    I'd like to do a new song here. This is uh... it's about downtown Los Angeles on 5th Street and... all the winos uh... affectionately refer to it as The Nickel. So this is kind of a hobo's lullaby.

    It says sticks and stones can break my bones
    but I always will be true
    And when your mama's dead and gone,
    I'll sing this lullaby just for you

    What becomes of all the little boys
    who never comb their hair
    They're lined up all around the block
    on the nickel over there

    And if you chew tobacco
    and wish upon a star
    You'll find out where the scarecrows sit,
    now they just look like punch lines between the cars

    And I know a place where a royal flush
    can never beat a pair
    And even Thomas Jefferson
    is on the nickel over there

    So ring around the rosy,
    sleepin' in the rain
    You're always late for supper
    man you let me down again

    I thought I heard a mockingbird,
    Roosevelt knows where.
    I'm whistling past the graveyard,
    and they're on the nickel over there

    So what becomes of all the little boys
    who run away from home
    The world keeps gettin' bigger
    once you get out on your own

    But you never know how rich you are,
    you haven't got a prayer
    It's heads you win and tails they lose,
    You're on the nickel
    and you're over there...


    stolen from American Digest

  60. BulgarWheat10:20 PM


  61. BulgarWheat10:21 PM

    I used to love how Babba would tease Bruno with Babba-isms. Must a drove the analysts nuts. That or they just made shit up as they went. How fun!

  62. Somewhere somebody is working up a

  63. Cabinet approves draft to new infiltration prevention law

    we should use words like that, not immigration because that is not what it is


  65. BabbaZee6:45 AM

    M7.8 - SCOTIA SEA

  66. BabbaZee6:49 AM
    Israel said to be working with Saudi Arabia on Iran strike plan
    Riyadh reported to give Jerusalem okay to use Saudi airspace and to cooperate on other tactical support, according to Sunday Times

  67. BabbaZee6:50 AM

    “The Saudis are furious and are willing to give Israel all the help it needs,” an unnamed diplomatic source told the paper.

  68. BabbaZee6:51 AM

    in the middle of nowhere however that energy has to bounce all around the globe now and someplace there will be an "answer"

  69. Stalin would approve

  70. Skip V. Patel7:48 AM

    PBird posted a shocking report about Russian Sats operating on US soil. Is it really so shocking?

  71. Skip V. Patel7:48 AM

    In the early 2000's the FBI admitted that "over 3000 US companies" were actually fronts for the Chinese Red Army.....operating on US soil. The numbers are said to have increased at least ten-fold since the original report.

    ( 1999 Cox Report) "The Select Committee has concluded that there are more than 3,000 PRC corporations in the United States, some with links to the PLA, a State intelligence service, or with technology targeting and acquisition roles."

    And then there is the Iran "Opportunities Fund" ( ) Which "have helped to involve the Iranian community in the U.S. in improving cultural and educational relations between Iran and the United States." which imports talented Iranian students into the United States and places them in elite universities where they can study nuclear physics and other useful trades. The "Opportunites Fund" at the Institute of International Education was established by Nazgol Saati Shahbazi (loyal wife of Kambiz) and is honoured to have Dr. Henry Kissinger on it's board.

  72. Skip V. Patel8:01 AM

    Yes Babba...Henry is a is Shabazi and most "Iranian Americans".

  73. Skip V. Patel8:02 AM

    And of course U$ Dollars have been purchasing Iranian oil in Iraq and Afghanistan for over ten years, we just make it seem as if the camel-jockeys of Kabul and Baghdad are paying for it.

    Afghanistan eyes Iran deal to boost trade

    Iran even provides electricity to Herat. Many of the some 2,000 government-backed Iranian companies operating in Afghanistan are located in Herat.

  74. If you like your crack, you can keep your crack. -Rob Ford

  75. Skip V. Patel8:14 AM

    All in all "A Russian GPS Using U.S. Soil" is a very small event historically.

  76. Storagemanager8:17 AM

    Putin controls Middle East.... Russia, which was the most hated country in the Sunni world at the start of the revolution in Syria, is gaining growing popularity in the Arab world. A series of mistakes by the American government led to the Russians' return to the Middle East. How serious will the results of the Russian comeback be?

    The negotiations between the United States and Iran have yet to yield a thing, but their sub-scores in the meantime are disastrous for America and its democratic vision in the Middle East. The series of mistakes by the US included its agreement not to attack the Syrian regime in return for its (alleged) complete elimination of chemical weapons, its willingness to negotiate with the Iranian regime on the nuclear issue, and cutting aid to the Egyptian regime while it fights the Muslim Brotherhood. The consequences could generate a strategic upheaval in the region.,7340,L-4454140,00.html

  77. Storagemanager8:18 AM

    Up until now, the Middle East was divided as follows: The Shiite world, led by Iran, was supported by Russia; and the Sunni world, led by Egypt and Saudi Arabia, was supported by the US. But the latest American steps are seen as a serious betrayal by the Sunni axis.

    As opposed to America, Russia was revealed during the Syrian crisis as a loyal friend of the Assad regime. The Saudi kingdom invested billions in the Syrian opposition and suffered a major disappointment with the cancelation of the American strike. Saudi Arabia's refusal to be represented in the United Nations Security Council in October signaled its change in policy towards the US.

  78. Storagemanager8:19 AM

    Vlad is King...sorry Barry...

  79. Storagemanager8:20 AM

    I posted a few weeks ago....John Kerry went to surrender...period.

  80. Storagemanager8:31 AM

    Commentator Ben Stein said on Thursday that President Barack Obama's "deeply naïve" premise that Iran would suddenly end its nuclear activities in exchange for an easing of sanctions that have crippled its economy for five years would make the "annihilation" of Jews possible.

    "Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terror," Stein said in The American Spectator. "The Iranians in the recent past have pledged to destroy the Jewish people in the Middle East.

    "Some of their leaders have boasted that if Iran gets nuclear weapons, Iran will have 'a holocaust in an afternoon' by rocketing a few nuclear weapons into Israel," Stein added. "Naturally, the Israelis are desperately worried."

    Read Latest Breaking News from
    Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!

  81. Storagemanager8:36 AM


    The Velvet Revolution begins with a peaceful student demonstration in Prague which was severely beaten back by the communist riot police.

  82. Storagemanager8:39 AM

    Students at Historically Black University Lash Out at Obamacare After This Surprise School Announcement

    Read more: Family Security Matters
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  83. Skip V. Patel8:44 AM

    Understand. G-d is not a Democrat. He is also not a Republican. G-d is G-d! And whatever He tells us, that is what we must do. G-d did not look into Karl Marx’ “Das Kapital” when He wrote the Torah. He also did not look into Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations.” A lot of people from BOTH parties can’t handle this.

    Deep down, Obama thinks that by being against killing he is somehow following what the Bible is all about. In fact, the Bible never says, “Thou shalt not kill.” What The Ten Commandments say IN THE ORIGINAL HEBREW (Exodus 20), is “Lo teertzach,” “Thou shalt not MURDER.” If I wanted to say, “Thou shalt not kill,” that would be “Lo taharohg.” The Bible never says “Lo taharohg.” Because some killing is necessary. Hence Moses himself killed people. Moses slew an Egyptian man who was killing a Hebrew man, one of his brethren.

  84. Storagemanager8:46 AM

    Saturday night live can be funny..........Paxil: Second Term Strength is the anti-depressant for presidents feeling low.

  85. Skip V. Patel8:47 AM

    Where Obama and some liberals go wrong is that they often can’t tell the difference between kindness and the klipa of kindness. We have to be kind, right? Okay, let’s be kind to Ishmael. Because otherwise, WHAT WOULD PEOPLE SAY????? It’s not the kindness, it’s the perversion of kindness that is Obama’s problem.

    Is this because he’s too stupid to chew gum and walk at the same time?


  86. BabbaZee8:47 AM


  87. BabbaZee8:49 AM


    can't be!


  88. BabbaZee8:51 AM

    Football is increasingly becoming a platform for right-wing
    extremist violence across Germany. Alarmed sociologists and security experts warn of a new danger: a network of neo-Nazis and hooligans.

    Shortly before kickoff, a member of the far-right Dortmund hooligan group Northside climbs the fencing surrounding the immense Südtribune, one of the largest football stands in the world. He rips his T-shirt, exposing his toned body. Then, with his right arm, he gives a Hitler salute. The singers within the ultra group called "The Unity" can only look on from their spot in the stand.

  89. BabbaZee8:53 AM

  90. Skip V. Patel8:53 AM

    And the Americans did nothing

  91. Storagemanager8:54 AM

    Our small business-hating president apparently hadn't realized that a number of single policy owners who would lose their health insurance would be journalists — liberal journalists.

  92. BabbaZee8:57 AM

  93. Skip V. Patel9:04 AM

    The Talmud in tractate Pirkei Avos also tells that the actual straw that broke the camel’s back and made G-d destroy Sodom, more even than their homosexuality, was their laws against kindness and charity. In Sodom it was actually illegal to give charity. A girl there had mercy on a poor person and gave him bread. The people of Sodom seized her, smeared her body with honey and tied her to a roof where she died a horrible death, struggling against swarming bees. This was the final straw that angered G-d and caused him to destroy Sodom.

    Once you let purely secular ideologies run your life and think for you, sooner or later you wind up doing pretty ridiculous things.

    That, in my opinion, is Obama’s big problem. He doesn’t think, he lets his ideology think for him. And that is why it is almost impossible to get through to him.

  94. BabbaZee9:12 AM

    Libya Making Its Laws 'More Islamic'
    Amid ongoing instability Libya announces new committee to make its laws better conform with Islamic Sharia law.

  95. BabbaZee9:16 AM

    The nonsensical arrangement being proposed in the House Republicans’ farm bill is an especially egregious version of this process. It takes real money, money that is necessary for bare survival, from the poorest Americans, and gives it to a small group of the undeserving rich, in return for their campaign contributions and political support. There is no economic justification: The bill actually distorts our economy by promoting the kind of production we don’t need and shrinking the consumption of those with the smallest incomes. There is no moral justification either: It actually increases misery and precariousness of daily life for millions of Americans.

    The Insanity of Our Food Policy

  96. mawskrat9:20 AM

    BREAKING NEWS...............
    Iran wants to NUKE Israel
    and Good Morning All

  97. mawskrat9:21 AM

    hoping Bulgar beats the chit storm getting
    out of trip my friend

  98. BabbaZee9:21 AM


  99. mawskrat9:22 AM

    spring and fall can be a bit nasty
    around here.

  100. BabbaZee9:22 AM

    Eleven people were killed and two injured when a mob armed with knives and axes attacked a police station in China's troubled far-west region, Xinjiang, on Saturday.

    Two auxiliary police officers were killed in the clash before nine attackers - reportedly Uighurs - were shot dead on the spot, the regional government said in a statement posted on its microblog.

  101. BabbaZee9:23 AM

    The authorities say the attacks are carried out by Uighur terrorists allied with al-Qaida. Activists say despair over economic and social discrimination, as well as cultural and religious restrictions, are fueling anger among Uighurs.

    would think they are most upset about the 10K that disappeared overnight 6 years ago but journalists do not do research anymore - that's when they went jihad. Before that they were not jihad.

  102. mawskrat9:25 AM

    all Muslims are equal, but some muslims are
    more equal than others

  103. Skip V. Patel9:26 AM

    The Watchers

  104. BabbaZee9:27 AM

    there is no equality in Islam!

  105. mawskrat9:27 AM

    Bush was evil.............

  106. mawskrat9:28 AM

    wimmins are put on a pedestal in Islam
    just ask am Immam

  107. BabbaZee9:28 AM

    the road to hell is paved with good intentions

  108. Skip V. Patel9:30 AM

    Assisting the enemy pt.II

    (Warning Post-Americans about their selves since 2006)

    U.S. to Train Libyan Military, Including Islamists
    Socom chief warns counterterrorism training will be risky

  109. BabbaZee9:30 AM

    strangely enough the Uighurs had a woman leader 6 years ago. When she begged for help from the other Muslim organizations, the UN and the US nothing happened, no Jews to blame.

    I am not excusing what they are doing I am just pointing out that journalists do not do research and no one remembers shit.

  110. mawskrat9:31 AM

    Obama hates Israel.................
    I posted that when Al Gore invented
    the internet/

  111. BabbaZee9:32 AM


    you is just ahead of your time pappy

  112. Skip V. Patel9:32 AM

    Why worry?

  113. BabbaZee9:32 AM

  114. mawskrat9:34 AM

    it's hard to remember when
    I only have one brain cell left.
    damn bastad just keeps hanging
    on, been trying to kill it for years
    now to no avail//

  115. BabbaZee9:34 AM

    your one brain cell is worth thousands in other heads!

  116. Skip V. Patel9:38 AM

    Between 5,000 and 7,000 Libyans will receive conventional military training from the United States.

    “And we have a complementary effort on the special operations side to train a certain number of their forces to do counterterrorism,” McRaven said.

    Special operations training for the Libyans raises the prospect that some of the most advanced military tactics and operations could be compromised to Islamists.

    Both training programs are being developed with Africom and supported by the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli.

  117. mawskrat9:41 AM

    must fire the generator up this afternoon
    as wide spread power outages are predicted
    for this evening....the chit storm is coming

  118. mawskrat9:44 AM

    hail, toranados, lighning, and heavy rain
    OH MY !

  119. pbird9:57 AM

    "Sandy awaits the cured Sir Norris." I dreamed this sentence just now and it was so stupid it woke me up. Oy.

    Well, Shalom all anyhow.

  120. mawskrat9:59 AM

    so Atheist are now starting churches////

  121. pbird9:59 AM

    Its just a bit more honest maybe.

  122. Not too surprising.

  123. mawskrat10:06 AM

    there's still some good small churches

  124. mawskrat10:07 AM

    yep they get others to do the dirty work/

  125. Ooooo-kay. So, if I follow correctly, the smartest president ever is not smart enough to ensure that his website works; he’s not smart enough to inquire of others as to whether his website works; he’s not smart enough to check that his website works before he goes out and tells people what a great website experience they’re in for. But he is smart enough to know that he’s not stupid enough to go around bragging about how well it works if he’d already been informed that it doesn’t work. So he’s smart enough to know that if he’d known what he didn’t know he’d know enough not to let it be known that he knew nothing. The country’s in the very best of hands.

  126. There Must be.

  127. Skip V. Patel10:09 AM


  128. It is still sleepy out.

  129. BabbaZee10:11 AM


  130. Skip V. Patel10:11 AM

    Peter Bagge's Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story is a dazzling and accessible biography of the social and political maverick, jam-packed with fact and fun. In his signature cartoony, rubbery style, Bagge presents the life of the birth-control activist, educator, nurse,

  131. BabbaZee10:12 AM


  132. Skip V. Patel10:12 AM


  133. "rubbery" ? ew

  134. Skip V. Patel10:15 AM

    Pirates of the Caribbean was johnny-come-lately. H.P. Lovecraft had the mournful octopoid franchise sewn up before Disney even had his first mustache. Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu premiering in Weird Tales magazine, introduced the human-octo-dragon-monster thingy to bewildered audiences everywhere in 1928. This handmade ski mask is a tribute to the original, and painstakingly faithful to authentic Cthulhu facial features. The yarn is almost protoplasmic – 80% acrylic, 20% egg protein. Delicious with tartar sauce.

  135. BabbaZee10:16 AM


    where have I seen this before?? ha

  136. BabbaZee10:18 AM

    churches have shit to do with GOD they are social organizations so why not an atheist church

  137. whistling looking around innocent like

  138. For that price they must be having them made in China.


  140. BabbaZee10:25 AM


  141. BabbaZee10:25 AM

    the snaggles are shorter too

  142. BabbaZee10:25 AM

  143. Skip V. Patel10:28 AM

    Rob Ford: "The Opera"

  144. mawskrat10:30 AM

    chit storm supplies
    melba toast...check
    beer....OMG only 2 bottles, I must go to
    the store!!!!

  145. BabbaZee10:30 AM


  146. mawskrat10:30 AM

    I hate short snaggles

  147. I have a feral ex son in law...I told him to be on the lookout for a baby fox. With him it could really happen.

  148. BabbaZee10:31 AM


  149. giggglingl....

  150. sardines? really? on purpose?

  151. mawskrat10:36 AM

    yep love them things!!!

  152. Skip V. Patel10:40 AM


  154. always like listening to the language

  155. Skip V. Patel10:55 AM

    My friend Eran,,,he is suffering from a back injury,,,, very painful.

  156. Skip V. Patel10:57 AM

    Taiwanese Woman Sickened By Bird Flu Virus Never Before Seen In Humans

    Just last year China was dealing with the new H7N9 bird flu that had just jumped from birds to humans. Now, there's another new strain of bird flu that is capable of infecting humans.

    The new flu is caused by the influenza virus H6N1, which infected a 20-year-old Taiwanese woman in May

  157. oh! not good

  158. mawskrat10:58 AM

    I can feel his pain

  159. Skip V. Patel11:01 AM

    Back in April I cancelled DirecTv and started using a Roku 3 as the main entertainment device in my living room.

  160. Ákos Kertész granted political asylum in Canada

    soon he will be orangutan

  161. mawskrat11:04 AM


    Malfunctioned drone strikes Navy ship during training off Southern California; 2 injured

  162. Kertész said, ’I came to this conclusion with grave difficulty because for me the Hungarian language means life. Hungary is my birthplace, my home. I made this painful decision not against Hungary and the Hungarian people with whom I always shared the same fate. I was forced to make this decision because of the current Hungarian government. I hope that one day I will be able to return to a democratic, tolerant, humane Hungary.’ Otherwise, for the time being the writer is not going to make public statements concerning his decision.


    if you like that sort of thing

  164. BabbaZee12:36 PM


  165. BabbaZee12:37 PM

    Cop Fires On Minivan Full Of Kids

  166. BabbaZee12:40 PM

    The NHS clinic where children as young as 12 are receiving drugs to prepare them for a sex change

  167. mawskrat1:02 PM

    running on back up power now and we ain't
    even had a storm yet/

  168. BabbaZee1:22 PM


  169. pbird2:20 PM

    well that was a lovely cluster cluck....have noticed a lot of black ladies escalate these things in a way that is dangerous to their own selves and kidsl,

  170. pbird2:41 PM

    is it there yet?

  171. Skip V. Patel3:12 PM

    For Y'all to get up and git' dancing!

  172. Skip V. Patel3:14 PM

    In Seattle we had some music on the radio was a great summer!

  173. Skip V. Patel3:19 PM

    No matter what they say..... I still consider him to be from Tacoma/Pierce County

  174. pbird4:28 PM

    MEOW! as Babba would say

  175. pbird5:27 PM

    ayiii thinking of you guys in tornado country

  176. BabbaZee5:49 PM

    she shouldn't have pulled away the first time

    but they shouldn't have done what they did afterwards
    at that point yeah she pulls away she is being fired on!

  177. mawskrat5:50 PM

    the real chit is just about to hit...........

  178. mawskrat5:50 PM

    some prayers would be fine!!

  179. BabbaZee5:51 PM

    iLove that one

  180. mawskrat5:52 PM

    toranado warnings out now

  181. BabbaZee5:57 PM


  182. mawskrat6:00 PM


  183. mawskrat6:03 PM

    looks like there may be a split in the storm...good

  184. pbird6:53 PM

    yeah i know, they acted like gangsters or something

  185. pbird7:39 PM

    oh man am i busy....archiving scanning old photos of the other side of the fam...this is his mom in RI in about 1947

  186. pbird7:40 PM

    can't keep the dust out of there

  187. Skip V. Patel7:55 PM

    mo' people pf colour...still... it ain't so bad

  188. BabbaZee8:04 PM

    ooo nice

  189. BabbaZee8:05 PM

    I am a known storm splitter!

  190. BabbaZee8:19 PM