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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Am A Rock

The Lord is my rock, 
my fortress and my deliverer; 
my God is my rock, 
in whom I take refuge, 
my shield 
and the horn of my salvation, 
my stronghold.


  1. pbird6:30 PM

    I knew you would like that rock!!

  2. pbird6:30 PM

    what you did with it is Very Prettty!

  3. mawskrat6:31 PM

    mmmmmm..fresh baked thread

  4. mawskrat6:37 PM

    Babba is that guy a drink!!!

  5. pbird6:40 PM

    I love it! Slightly extroverted.

  6. Q_Burn7:24 PM

    Apparently The Sonics are back! I never heard of 'em until pbird spun 'em right here..

  7. pbird7:44 PM

    all true!

  8. Skip V. Patel8:41 PM

    Whatsa "Sonic"?

  9. Skip V. Patel8:42 PM

    The Witch

  10. Skip V. Patel8:46 PM

    They got old.................

  11. Skip V. Patel8:51 PM

    The Sonics-1965 - Here Are The Sonics[Full Album]

  12. pbird8:52 PM

    lol, ha!

  13. pbird8:53 PM

    I don't think much of reforming the group. Let it be.

  14. pbird8:54 PM

    sounds like high school. oy

  15. Skip V. Patel9:00 PM

    As if it weren’t bad enough that American taxpayers annually dole out huge sums to educate, incarcerate and medically treat illegal immigrants, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) spent tens of millions of dollars to give them free prescription drugs.

  16. pbird9:05 PM

    aw, oogly little baby

  17. BabbaZee9:15 PM

    OOO he cutie!

  18. BabbaZee9:16 PM


  19. BabbaZee9:16 PM


  20. BabbaZee9:16 PM

    i loved it

  21. pbird9:17 PM

    yeah...he is

  22. pbird9:19 PM

    makes me feel like painting guache crows!

  23. BabbaZee9:23 PM

    thank you everyone for praying for Dr Hugh Cort
    he is on a transplant list now ,,,, YAY!

    please pray more so that he gets the lungs quickly

  24. pbird9:37 PM


  25. BabbaZee6:38 AM

    12 hours ago
    hey...I've had some cops do me some big favors
    jus sayin....they ain't all bad


    my father and my grandfather were cops

  26. BabbaZee6:42 AM

    On November 13th Felix Unger was asked to remove himself from his place of residence...

  27. BabbaZee6:43 AM


  28. BabbaZee6:50 AM

    yeah! CAWW!

  29. BabbaZee6:59 AM

    John Tavener, a British composer known for his meditative, sometimes passionate sacred works and colorfully scored orchestral pieces — including the popular cello concerto “The Protecting Veil,” and the haunting “Song for Athene,” which was performed at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales — died on Tuesday at his home in Child Okeford, in southern England. He was 69.

  30. Storagemanager7:01 AM

    Majority of Americans Now Believe Obama is Not Honest or Trustworthy.............And it only took five years of crazy lies. Apparently lying about everything else didn’t convince people until Obama finally told a lie so blatant that no one could unsee it.

  31. BabbaZee7:02 AM

    A Medieval Romanian City With Major Art Talent

  32. Storagemanager7:10 AM

    ObamaCare is supposed to be a huge boon for anyone with a pre-existing condition. Count that another promise broken: It's actually denying care because of pre-existing conditions.

    Millions of Americans with cancer and other chronic illnesses will wind up paying more for lifesaving care, if they can get it all.

    To keep costs down, the White House designed ObamaCare plans as cut-rate HMOs. The low profit margins have forced insurers to downsize the number of doctors and hospitals in their networks - and to slash what they cover for out-of-network treatment.

    So most ObamaCare plans don't include the vast majority of the best cancer doctors and cancer centers. That's a huge problem for these patients. As Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former Medicare official, writes: "Cancer patients often need the help of specialized doctors and cancer institutions that won't make it into many of these cheapened networks."

    All across the country, leading cancer centers - including New York's Memorial Sloan Kettering - are excluded by the largest plans. In Washington state, the largest exchange plans exclude world-class cancer care for kids such as the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. California's state-of-the-art Cedars-Sinai cancer center isn't in any ObamaCare plan. Only a few plans include the Mayo Clinic.

    Read more: Family Security Matters
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  33. Storagemanager7:10 AM

    To keep costs down, the White House designed ObamaCare plans as cut-rate HMOs. The low profit margins have forced insurers to downsize the number of doctors and hospitals in their networks - and to slash what they cover for out-of-network treatment.

  34. Storagemanager7:11 AM

    Take Michael Cerpok, a leukemia survivor in Fountain Hills, Ariz. Right now, his monthly premium is about half his monthly take-home pay. But the ObamaCare law forced his insurer to kill that plan for one that fits the law's rules.

    Now he'll have to pay more for drugs, and his Mayo Clinic doctor is no longer in his network.

    Read more: Family Security Matters
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  35. Storagemanager7:12 AM

    ObamaCare law

  36. Storagemanager7:20 AM

    I posted a few day's ago that John Kerry was in Europe to surrender to this....................

    New Iran sanctions will lead to war, White House warns
    Administration ups efforts to prevent Congress from passing new penalties against Tehran that could put kibosh on nuclear deal

  37. Storagemanager7:21 AM

    “The American people justifiably and understandably prefer a peaceful solution that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, and this agreement, if it’s achieved, has the potential to do that,” White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters. “The alternative is military action.”

  38. Skip V. Patel7:23 AM

    VERY SAD NEWS: Dave Gaubatz, who worked undercover at CAIR for a year and exposed them in his book

  39. Storagemanager7:23 AM

    Obama used the Arab spring to deal with Iran.....the Sunni Barry is being led by the nose by Vlad...

  40. Storagemanager7:25 AM

    Obama used mercenaries to fight a war for him....he lost.

  41. Storagemanager7:29 AM

    New York times...SURRENDER........

    "We, America, are not just hired lawyers negotiating a deal for Israel and the Sunni Gulf Arabs, which they alone get the final say on. We, America, have our own interests in not only seeing Iran’s nuclear weapons capability curtailed, but in ending the 34-year-old Iran-US cold war, which has harmed our interests and those of our Israeli and Arab friends," Friedman writes.

    The publicist states that "there is nothing that threatens the future of the Middle East today more than the sectarian rift between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. This rift is being used by President Bashar Assad of Syria, Hezbollah and some Arab leaders to distract their people from fundamental questions of economic growth, unemployment, corruption and political legitimacy."

    Friedman then claims that "The Iran-US cold war has prevented us from acting productively on all these interests."

    He quotes Nader Mousavizadeh, a former top aide to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan as saying “There are those in the Middle East who prefer 'a tribal war without end.' They can have it. But it can’t be our war. It’s not who we are — at home or abroad.”

    This is the second New York Times op-ed in two days that comes out against Israeli policies.

    In an editorial published Tuesday, the paper claimed that "inconclusive negotiations" between Iran and world powers "have given an opening to the Israeli prime minister to generate more hysterical opposition.",7340,L-4453020,00.html

  42. Storagemanager7:29 AM

    This is the second New York Times op-ed in two days that comes out against Israeli policies.

  43. Storagemanager7:30 AM

    New York rag.......Whitehouse mouthpiece...

  44. Skip V. Patel7:33 AM

    Storage Please Help!!!! I Got 15 Kids & 3 Babydaddys!

  45. Skip V. Patel7:34 AM


  46. BabbaZee7:34 AM

    HEY! I am a NY rag too!

  47. BabbaZee7:35 AM

    [ ---- ]

  48. BabbaZee7:37 AM

    Afghanistan's poppies are the source of most of the world's illicit opiates. This year's harvest, estimated at around 5,500 tons of opium, is expected to exceed global demand. The drug business is one of the country's primary economic activities, according to the study.

    Mr. Lemahieu said he expects Afghanistan's poppy industry to expand even further as farmers hedge against insecurity as U.S. troops pull out of the war-torn country and foreign aid declines: "We foresee a very difficult situation post-2014."

    The Afghan government and its Western allies have been reluctant to eradicate poppy crops aggressively, fearing that targeting farmers would deprive communities of their livelihoods and increase popular support for the Taliban. This year, eradication was down 24% from last year, with a total of 7,350 hectares (18,162 acres) of poppy fields removed.

    Meanwhile, attempts to persuade farmers to switch from poppies to legal crops have had only limited success. "We don't have enough water for wheat or corn," said Abdullah Jan, a tribal elder from Maiwand, a district in southern Afghanistan where poppies are the leading crop.

  49. Storagemanager7:38 AM

    Riddle me this, oh Riddler — what do U.S. Sec’y of State John Kerry and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei have in common?

    Well, a few things.

    One, they’re both billionaires who didn’t earn the money themselves. Kerry married it (twice) and Khamenei evidently stole it from his people. (Khamenei is also apparently a BMW dealer, something Kerry has not tried, to my knowledge.)

    Two, they both want Iran to have the bomb, but neither of them will admit it. In fact, they both say the opposite. Khamenei insists Iran is operating all those centrifuges for peaceful purposes only (never mind all the cheap oil sitting under the ground), and Kerry claims he would never allow the Iranians to have the bomb in the current negotiations (until the French said he did just that — ignoring the Arak heavy water reactor, which is a literal plutonium bomb factory).

    Thirdly, they don’t much care for the state of Israel. Khamenei publicly despises the “Little Satan,” as everyone knows. Whatever he really thinks about the Jewish state, it’s the perfect convenient villain while he rips his country off and assassinates various local enemies who might threaten his empire.

  50. Skip V. Patel7:41 AM

    Support Angel Adams!

  51. Storagemanager7:43 AM

    A Saharan stand-off may become a US problem. A nasty spat between Algeria and Morocco over the disputed region of Western Sahara has boiled over anew, as Morocco recalled its ambassador, angry protesters tore down an Algerian flag, and a Moroccan magazine called for land grabs.

    When Morocco's King Mohammed VI meets with President Barack Obama during his visit to the US next week, the monarch will be looking for greater US support as Morocco feuds with regional rival Algeria. The neighbors are jockeying for position in a dispute that leaves little space for the cooperation against al-Qaeda in North Africa that Washington and its allies want.

    Morocco has long made gaining international recognition for its 1975 annexation of the former Spanish territory on Africa's Atlantic coast a top diplomatic priority. With Algeria backing the movement seeking independence, the two countries have been at loggerheads for decades.

    Last month, Morocco temporarily recalled its ambassador -- a major escalation that one former Algerian diplomat called an attempt to gain US backing for its claim to Western Sahara.

  52. Storagemanager8:05 AM

    Thousands are dead......thousands are wounded......thousands have no home or was ripped away......Barry Obama is ready to move much for the Arab spring....time to meet the Mahdi.

  53. Storagemanager8:05 AM

    Barry Obama is just as a good a killer as Hitler was...

  54. Storagemanager8:09 AM

    Thousands of people have lost the people they loved....Barry just turns his back and moves on....not a word about the failed Arab spring....that is the coldest part about this very cold man...

  55. Storagemanager8:11 AM

    Barry never sees people....they are nothing to him..

  56. Yes, that's right, the revolution starts here - in some Third World sweatshop!

    alas, not in the way that Leftists have traditionally fantasized about:
    the bloody uprising, the cowed elite, the self-appointed and strangely
    middle-class functionaries of the proletarian dictatorship coldly
    dispensing "justice." The workers are busy. They have orders to
    fill, and there won't be a "revolution" unless the young Western
    leftists get their silly masks to give them a sense of fake camaraderie
    and being part of the night.

  57. Storagemanager8:20 AM

    AMMAN- Forces loyal to President Bashar Assad captured a suburb of Damascus on Wednesday, part of a broader advance that has brought him major gains south of the capital before proposed international peace talks, activists said.

    The fall of the rebel-held town of Hujaira, next to a Shi'ite shrine where pro-Assad militia from Iraq, Iran and Lebanon are based, occurred after loyalist forces overran a series of Sunni Muslim suburbs in the area in recent weeks defended by Islamist rebels who include al-Qaida-linked foreign jihadists.

  58. Storagemanager8:20 AM

    pro-Assad militia from Iraq, Iran and Lebanon are based


  60. mawskrat8:33 AM

    Good Morning Ferality

  61. BabbaZee8:34 AM

    the young western rightists need a makeover as well

  62. BabbaZee8:34 AM


  63. BabbaZee8:35 AM

    Monkey-Human Ancestors Got Music 30 Million Years Ago

  64. BabbaZee8:37 AM

    Gang Of Teens Playing Disturbing Game Of ‘Knock Out The Jew’
    eventually they will try this crap on the wrong Jew and get the ass kicking of their lives ....

  65. BabbaZee8:38 AM

    this is a stretch to put it mildly

  66. BabbaZee8:39 AM


  67. BabbaZee8:39 AM

    if I only had a brain.

  68. BabbaZee8:39 AM


  69. BabbaZee8:40 AM

    this is nothing new

  70. Skip V. Patel8:43 AM

    Here's what happens next: Jamba will do what every other company does to demonstrate that its radical strategy is successful - fudge the numbers and beat EPS for several quarters. This will happen even if JambaGo is ultimately yet another loss leader. However, its peers will watch closely and soon decide to roll out their own version of just this: a self-contained dispenser of a la carte prepared fast-food food, either liquid or solid, and in the process let go tens of thousands of their own minimum-wage employees, also known to shareholders as "costs."

    What happens after that should be clear to everyone: more unemployment, lower wages for the remaining employees, worse worker morale, but even higher profits to holders of capital. And so on. Because in a world in which technology makes the unqualified worker utterely irrelevant, this is what is known as "progress."

  71. mawskrat8:47 AM

    the market is flooded around here

    Afghanistan opium production hits record despite billions spent to combat trade

  72. Skip V. Patel8:48 AM

    Consumer's give up any real power to choose when they become consumers.

    Grow your own.

    Raise your own.

    Cook your own.

    Eat at home.

    Keep your capital near your home; stop shipping your capital to Wall Street, Wal*Mart, and The Great Wall.

    Consumer's give up any real power to choose when they become consumers.

    Do my cattle, rabbits, and chickens get to choose what they want to eat? No.

    The producers get to choose to feed you whatever is most profitable.

    Don't be a consumer, be a producer, if you really and truly do, "...WANT to make better choices."

    I thought about Warren Buffet’s recent acquisition of Heinz and the fact that Coca Cola, Wal-Mart, ADM (Supermarket to the World), Kraft Foods, John Deere, and Costco are also major holdings of Berkshire Hathaway. I remembered how I felt when I discovered that our elected representatives have made it illegal for anyone other than the government to test for Mad Cow Disease in the United States. I remembered reading Ron Paul’s letter regarding raw milk producers being raided. One of the characteristics of a fascist nation came to mind:

    “Corporate Power is Protected - The industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist nation often are the ones who put the government leaders into power, creating a mutually beneficial business/government relationship and power elite.”

  73. Skip V. Patel8:49 AM

    Clever folks those Bushkis!

  74. BabbaZee9:10 AM

    No! first I am hearing of this!


  75. BabbaZee9:14 AM

    The industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist nation often are
    the ones who put the government leaders into power, creating a mutually
    beneficial business/government relationship and power elite.

  76. BabbaZee9:38 AM

    Anthony Bourdain: There are a lot of nice people in this country... and a lot of them own AR-15s.

  77. pbird9:38 AM

    lol, sometimes I think Tony begins to get it, whatever the hell it is

  78. BabbaZee9:39 AM

    he is at the very least mondo feral
    to call him a CNN liberal to begin with is a real stretch

  79. pbird9:41 AM

    I agree. Tony isn't in the club.

  80. pbird9:42 AM

    Besides cartoons with the kids, one of the few things I could watch on the tube, before I canned cable.

  81. pbird9:42 AM

    Good morning~!

  82. pbird9:45 AM

    Maybe, but they always go for somebody easy.

  83. BabbaZee10:10 AM


  84. BabbaZee10:10 AM

    That is why he is moving ahead with a right-wing alliance on a European level, and not only with Le Pen. He visited the right-wing populist Sweden Democrats party, wooed Filip Dewinter of Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) in Belgium, and spoke with Heinz-Christian Strache, head of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ). Leaders of the Lega Nord in Italy were also pleased with Wilders' charm offensive.

    Wilders has simply played down the substantive differences that exist -- yet they are significant. Indeed, the Dutch politician asserts he does not want any "right-wing extremist and racist" parties in his movement. In particular, he has so far shunned radical groups like the British National Party, the Jobbik party in Hungary and Germany's National Democratic Party (NPD). But the FN continues to flirt with anti-Semitic ideas, no matter how moderate Le Pen tries to present herself as being. Wilders' Party for Freedom, on the other hand, stresses its pro-Israeli leanings.

  85. BabbaZee10:12 AM

    his book was highly amusing I though

  86. BabbaZee10:12 AM

    I am only seeing him on TV now I did not watch before


    holy cow, my son just sent me this..apparently its not a joke

  88. BabbaZee10:18 AM

    it's people!

  89. BabbaZee10:18 AM


  90. he says they swear its not.....but as i asked why the hell call it that? and if its made from soy people shouldn't eat it.

  91. BabbaZee10:22 AM

  92. I has been exploring that collection in general. Some times it works well, sometimes not. Its patchy.

  93. But a swell source of rich fruity tv shows! Costing nuttin

  94. That time Harvard and Yale took Naked Photos of all their Freshmen Students

  95. Skip V. Patel10:56 AM

    Private Donors’ Funds Add Wild Card to War in Syria

    Mr. Mteiri — one of dozens of Kuwaitis who openly raise money to arm the opposition — has helped turn this tiny, oil-rich Persian Gulf state into a virtual Western Union outlet for Syria’s rebels, with the bulk of the funds he collects going to a Syrian affiliate of Al Qaeda.

    One Kuwait-based effort raised money to equip 12,000 rebel fighters for $2,500 each. Another campaign, run by a Saudi sheikh based in Syria and close to Al Qaeda, is called “Wage Jihad With Your Money.” Donors earn “silver status” by giving $175 for 50 sniper bullets, or “gold status” by giving twice as much for eight mortar rounds.


  97. Skip V. Patel10:58 AM

    Daniel took his own life on June 10 of this year, a block and a half from his Phoenix home. He left the family a letter listing the many roadblocks to care he had encountered in the Veterans Affairs system.

  98. BabbaZee10:59 AM

    Biggest children’s book publisher erases Israel from map
    Jewish state absent from map in Egypt-based adventure book for kids published by Scholastic Inc.

  99. BabbaZee11:00 AM

    But for the most part, he hid the severity of his symptoms from us. When he was finally deemed eligible for veterans benefits, he began treatment at the Phoenix medical center in February 2008. There, he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury, and given a disability rating of 40 percent.

    The treatment for PTSD is SEROQUEL thus the suicide

  100. Neat and tidy.

  101. BabbaZee11:02 AM

    make sure you read the letter he wrote

  102. BabbaZee11:52 AM

    Between the 1940s and the 1970s, several ivy league colleges had a very strange requirement for all their incoming freshmen students. Harvard, Yale, Wellesley College, Vassar as well as Brown University, were among the elite American colleges that asked all the young men and women enrolled in their first year, to pose nude. Thousands and thousands of pictures were taken of students, including such notable names such as George Bush, Diane Sawyer, Meryl Streep and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  103. BabbaZee11:53 AM

    The unusual photo sessions were part of a larger project run by a scientist of psychology, William Herbert Sheldon, who conducted them in co-operation with the universities. While the general idea was that the photos were meant for the use of studying scoliosis, rickets and other posture-related deficiencies, it’s believed they were actually being used to research something rather more sinister. Strong evidence in Sheldon’s classified written material has shown that the researcher was using Ivy League freshmen students to study the correlation between a person’s body shape and their intelligence. The Nazis compiled similar archives analysing photos of body types to support their theories on race and social hierarchy.

    No written permission of any kind was ever given by the students.

  104. BabbaZee11:56 AM

    link from inside the article pbird posted below

    This is where things get really strange. Shortly after Cavett's reply, George Hersey, a respected art history professor at Yale, wrote a letter to The Times that ran under the headline "A Secret Lies Hidden in Vassar and Yale Nude 'Posture Photos.' " Sounding an ominous note, Hersey declared that the photos "had nothing to do with posture . . . that is only what we were told."

    Hersey went on to say that the pictures were actually made for anthropological research: "The reigning school of the time, presided over by E. A. Hooton of Harvard and W. H. Sheldon" -- who directed an institute for physique studies at Columbia University -- "held that a person's body, measured and analyzed, could tell much about intelligence, temperament, moral worth and probable future achievement. The inspiration came from the founder of social Darwinism, Francis Galton, who proposed such a photo archive for the British population."

    And then Hersey evoked the specter of the Third Reich:

    "The Nazis compiled similar archives analyzing the photos for racial as well as characterological content (as did Hooton). . . . The Nazis often used American high school yearbook photographs for this purpose. . . . The American investigators planned an archive that could correlate each freshman's bodily configuration ('somatotype') and physiognomy with later life history. That the photos had no value as pornography is a tribute to their resolutely scientific nature."

    A truly breathtaking missive. What Hersey seemed to be saying was that entire generations of America's ruling class had been unwitting guinea pigs in a vast eugenic experiment run by scientists with a master-race hidden agenda. My classmate Steve Weisman, the Times editor who first called my attention to the letter, pointed out a fascinating corollary: The letter managed in a stroke to confer on some of the most overprivileged people in the world the one status distinction it seemed they'd forever be denied -- victim.

    My first stop in what would turn out to be a prolonged and eventful quest for the truth about the posture photos was Professor Hersey's office in New Haven. A thoughtful, civilized scholar, Hersey did not seem prone to sensationalism. But he showed me a draft chapter from his forthcoming book on the esthetics of racism that went even further than the allegations in his letter to The Times. I was struck by one passage in particular:

    "From the outset, the purpose of these 'posture photographs' was eugenic. The data accumulated, says Hooton, will eventually lead on to proposals to 'control and limit the production of inferior and useless organisms.' Some of the latter would be penalized for reproducing . . . or would be sterilized. But the real solution is to be enforced better breeding -- getting those Exeter and Harvard men together with their corresponding Wellesley, Vassar and Radcliffe girls."

  105. BabbaZee12:30 PM

    What happened was this: In September 1950, Sheldon and his team descended on Seattle, where the University of Washington had agreed to play host to his project. He'd begun taking nude pictures of female freshmen, but something went wrong. One of them told her parents about the practice. The next morning, a battalion of lawyers and university officials stormed Sheldon's lab, seized every photo of a nude woman, convicted the images of shamefulness and sentenced them to burning. The angry crew then shoveled the incendiary film into an incinerator. A short-lived controversy broke out: Was this a book burning? A witch hunt? Was Professor Sheldon's nude photography a legitimate scientific investigation into the relationship between physique and temperament, the raw material of serious scholarship? Or just raw material -- pornography masquerading as science?

    They burned a few thousand photos in Seattle. Thousands more were burned at Harvard, Vassar and Yale in the 60's and 70's, when the colleges phased out the posture-photo practice. But thousands more escaped the flames, tens of thousands that Sheldon took at Harvard, Vassar, Yale and elsewhere but sequestered in his own archives. And what became of the archives? Lanier didn't know, but he said they were out there somewhere. He dug up the phone number of a man who was once the lawyer for Sheldon's estate, a Mr. Joachim Weissfeld in Providence, R.I. "Maybe he'll know," Lanier said.

    At this point, the posture-photo quest turned into a kind of high-speed parody of "The Aspern Papers." The lawyer in Rhode Island professed ignorance as to the whereabouts or even continued existence of the lost Sheldonian archives, but he did put me in touch with the last living leaf on the Sheldon family tree, a niece by marriage who lived in Warwick, R.I. She, too, said she didn't know what had become of the Sheldon photos, but she did give me the name of an 84-year-old man living in Columbus, Ohio, who had worked very closely with Sheldon, one Roland D. Elderkin -- a man who, in fact, had shot many of the lost photos himself and who promised to reveal their location to me. THE MYSTERY SOLVED

    With Roland D. Elderkin, we're now this close to the late, great Sheldon himself. "There was nobody closer," Elderkin declared shortly after I reached him at his rooming house in Columbus. "I was his soul mate."

  106. BabbaZee12:33 PM

    In Box 43 I came across a document never referred to in any of the literature on Sheldon I'd seen. It was a faded offprint of a 1924 Sheldon study, "The Intelligence of Mexican Children." In it are damning assertions presented as scientific truisms that "Negro intelligence" comes to a "standstill at about the 10th year," Mexican at about age 12. To the author of such sentiments, America's elite institutions entrusted their student bodies.

  107. BabbaZee12:48 PM

  108. Yeah great

  109. pbird1:00 PM

    Sir Guy Standing, lol

  110. pbird1:04 PM

    Things were very weird medically when I was a little kid. Weird in a particular 1950s way.

  111. MyDogLuke2:21 PM

    Is this like one of those "sponsor a child" programs where they send you a picture of your Jihadi, his favorite form of torture and a note from his mom what a nice son he is? Can we send them one of the shoeboxes with lots of little goodies?

  112. pbird3:30 PM

    Couple beaten by group of teens tells their story'

    Same game being played here as in Brooklyn

  113. BabbaZee5:01 PM

    on Sheldon:

    In 1950 Sheldon and his assistant, Barbara Honeyman, were invited to the Gesell Institute of Child Development in New Haven, and worked with Louise Ames, Janet Learned, Frances llg and Richard Walker to establish a somatotyping clinic, which continued for 20 years. In 1951 the University of Oregon Medical School invited Sheldon, with the help of a Rockefeller grant, to set up a constitutional clinic for them, and it looked like Sheldon's gamble to explore the human constitution by both measurement and observation was paying off handsomely. Sheldon was being lionized. In 1951, for example, when the American Medical Film Institute previewed Gesell Institute's "Embryology of Behavior", Drs. Gesell, Sheldon and Ames were invited to the preview. Louise Ames recalls:

    "The chairman in his introduction said that after the showing there would be a question period. He commented that "With Drs. Gesell, Ames and Sheldon available to answer questions there would in all probability be no questions about human behavior which could not be answered.""

    In June of the same year Life magazine came out with a major article on Sheldon and his work entitled, "What Manner of Morph Are You?" (The illustrations by Michael Ramus that accompanied the article were reprinted in our first volume.)

    Sheldon's contacts at this time ranged from Walter C. Alvarez of the Mayo Clinic, to Ernst Kretschmer. Alvarez wrote of his interest in constitution that went back to 1910, and his observations of the mobile faces, bright eyes and quick movements he had noticed among migraine patients. Indeed, he had once diagnosed a case of migraine by the way a woman started to leave his office, and had recognized schizoid girls by their dry, unpleasant smelling skin.

  114. BabbaZee5:01 PM

    mmmmmmm yah

  115. BabbaZee5:02 PM

    Just as Sheldon was reaping the reward of his vast labors, a wave of neo-Freudian environmentalism was beginning to crest. No doubt it had, in turn, been a compensation for an earlier over-eagerness to believe in the all-pervasiveness of hereditary that had extended to eugenic laws in the U.S., and had been amalgamated with class consciousness and tinges of racism. Now, in the aftermath of the Nazis, the pendulum was swinging the other way. Sheldon's voice seemed more and more isolated, and became more strident. Criticism of his work began to mount, most of which was rooted in another concept of psychological science, as we have seen. But Sheldon had no real give in him. He took delight in noting how the somatotypes of psychoanalysts came from the same territory as those of the criminals, and beneath these surface jibes it is possible to sense his continuous battle against the wasters whom he too closely identified with the extraverted endomorphic mesomorphic personalities, and to see, as well, his own struggles for individuation. The feeling function was extremely difficult for him to come to terms with. He was married and divorced at least twice.

  116. pbird5:39 PM

    verry interesting

  117. pbird6:19 PM

    of course he was observing something, but what...correlation i spose

  118. pbird8:44 PM

  119. pbird8:52 PM

  120. pbird8:58 PM

    sacked out as usual

  121. You know, if there were visible Jews in Tacoma they would punch them too. There are some but not so visible.

  122. Storagemanager6:40 AM

    Barry has pulled the mask off.....................Senator: Kerry briefing on Iran was 'fairly anti-Israeli'

    Secretary of state fails to convince Senate Banking Committee not to toughen Iran sanctions. Republican Sen. Mark Kirk says 'I was supposed to disbelieve everything the Israelis had just told me',7340,L-4453477,00.html

  123. Storagemanager6:44 AM

    Cal Thomas: We Spy on Israel, But Pollard's in Jail?

    John Calvin "Cal" Thomas, an American syndicated columnist, pundit, author and radio commentator, spoke of America's hypocrisy in light of the recent exposure of the US spying on its allies.

    In a column which recently appeared in 550 US publicatons nationwide, Thomas called for the immediate release of Jonathan Pollard.

    "When the US can spy on foreign leaders - perhaps even including the Pope - why is Jonathan Pollard still in prison after three decades for passing on information he thought important Israel's security," Thomas questioned.

  124. Storagemanager6:45 AM

    Key Republican compares Obama push to delay Iran sanctions to appeasement of Nazis before WWII
    Sen. Mark Kirk claims White House pitch to US lawmakers to delay new Iran sanctions was "unconvincing" and "fairly anti-Israeli”; says Israeli officials told him proposed deal would only set back nuclear program by "24 days."

  125. Storagemanager6:46 AM

    Iran is NAZI Germany...

  126. BabbaZee6:52 AM


  127. Storagemanager6:53 AM

    Brooklyn Rabbi: Gang Of Teens Playing Disturbing Game Of ‘Knock Out The Jew’......

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD is looking into a series of attacks on Jews in Brooklyn. At least one attack was caught on surveillance tape.

    Some of the assaults may be part of a disturbing game, CBS 2’s John Slattery reported on Tuesday.

    Police have yet to connect all the incidents, but released surveillance video that shows one group attacking a Jewish man. The video shows from a few different angles the victim, a man in a hooded jacket, getting punched.

    One man who didn’t want to be identified told Slattery his 12-year-old son was attacked in the same way.

    “It’s clearly anti-Semitism,” the man said

  128. Storagemanager6:55 AM

    Barry Obama....Those gang bangers hitting the JEW...could have been my sons...

  129. Storagemanager6:57 AM

    MOSCOW — Predicting the imminent collapse of the U.S. dollar, a Russian lawmaker submitted a bill to his country’s parliament Wednesday that would ban the use or possession of the American currency.

    Mikhail Degtyarev, the lawmaker who proposed the bill, compared the dollar to a Ponzi scheme. He warned that the government would have to bail out Russians holding the U.S. currency if it collapses.

    “If the U.S. national debt continues to grow, the collapse of the dollar system will take place in 2017,” said Mr. Degtyarev, a member of the nationalist Liberal Democrat Party who lost in Moscow’s recent mayoral election.

    “The countries that will suffer the most will be those that have failed to wean themselves off their dependence on the dollar in time. In light of this, the fact that confidence in the dollar is growing among Russian citizens is extremely dangerous.”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

  130. Storagemanager7:05 AM

    Barry Obama ....speaking to the citizens of Israel......if you like your can keep your country. period...

  131. Storagemanager7:13 AM

    Itchy finger

  132. Storagemanager7:20 AM

    America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
    Abraham Lincoln

  133. BabbaZee7:26 AM

    Why Newtown 911 Calls Should Be Public
    Even with Sandy Hook shootings, secrecy would set a bad precedent,0,1456361.story

  134. Storagemanager7:27 AM

    cold as a witch's tit and twice as ugly outside...

  135. BabbaZee7:33 AM

    VIDEO: 'Muslim Brotherhood' protesters storm London university lecture on Egypt

  136. Storagemanager7:37 AM

    Jazayeri said Israel is pulling the strings of Washington and "the American government is one of the most hated and evil governments in the world."

    The general mocked President Obama's position that the military option remains on the table over Iran's nuclear development. "If America had the ability and the will for war, it would allow no doubt in attacking Syria. America will soon find out that Iran's power cannot be ignored."

    Read more: Family Security Matters
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  137. BabbaZee7:41 AM

    In 1916 Margaret Sanger, the lover of HG Wells (who studied biology under top eugenicists), was promoting eugenics. In 1923 she received massive funding from Rockefeller and others.

  138. Storagemanager7:43 AM

    Photographs from the morning of October 30, several hours before Israel allegedly struck in Syria, reveal the presence of newly upgraded Russian anti-aircraft missiles and indicate that the US defense establishment, which hastily ordered the satellite photos from a civilian contractor, was given advance warning about the air strike.

    Taken at 10 a.m., roughly nine hours before the strike, the photos show two possible targets: an upgraded and deployed battery of S-125 missiles and six very large trailers that could carry missiles. The photos were first published by intelligence analyst Ronen Solomon along with a co-authored accompanying article in Israel Defense magazine

  139. BabbaZee7:47 AM

    This week in London, the annual George Orwell Lecture was given by the Islamist writer Tariq Ramadan. Where is one to start?

  140. Storagemanager7:48 AM

    Barry Obama....Dead bodies are just bridges to be crossed...the goal is to get to the other side...

  141. BabbaZee7:49 AM

    George Orwell betrayed

  142. Skip V. Patel7:50 AM

    How to board an aircraft in the Post-American Republic of Grand Draconia

  143. Skip V. Patel7:51 AM

    Republicans walk over dead bodies.

    Democrats step over dead bodies.

    All of this barely matters when you're dead.

  144. Storagemanager7:53 AM

    Progressives are all the same...R or D....H.G Wells and his crowd were all Progressives....

  145. Skip V. Patel7:54 AM

    I really hate progress.

  146. Skip V. Patel7:56 AM

    Jargon of the week: "Faux"

    "Metrics" and "Optics" are to be shelved until the 2014 Faux-Election debates.

  147. Skip V. Patel7:57 AM

    TSA blows a billion bucks on unscientific "behavioral detection" program, reinvents phrenology

  148. Storagemanager8:00 AM

    Progressives believe Government should run people lives...worship Government not G@D...just another form of Nimrods Government....Babylon...

  149. Storagemanager8:01 AM

    There is nothing new under the sun....Babylon was here and is still here...

  150. MyDogLuke8:02 AM

    About sums it up ....

    By contrast the modern Left has mostly lost touch with what the ideas it should positively stand for, knowing only what it is against (Israel and, most of all, America). For Ramadan, one imagines, the encounter resembles the act of taking sweets from a child.

  151. Storagemanager8:09 AM

    A person can worship G@D or the government of men....but...not both..

  152. Skip V. Patel8:15 AM

    I was saying that in 2006...and all the Bush Worshipers and Romney-ites attacked me...with great brutality and murderous denunciation.

  153. Storagemanager8:16 AM

    Babylon was a government that worshipped men and had no use for G@D.....just like today..

  154. Skip V. Patel8:20 AM

    “Granting amnesty to untold millions of illegal immigrants will flood our job markets and reduce wages and employment for those hard-working immigrants and lower-income workers who have followed our laws,”

    Studies: Comprehensive Immigration Reform Would Hurt Economy, Lower Wages

    Because "Open Borders" advocates (i.e. McCain, Romney and the Republican Party) hate America and want returning Veterans to go away and die.

  155. Skip V. Patel8:26 AM

    Conservatives worship man... and brought the wrath of G-d down upon this nation.

    Cower in place!

  156. MyDogLuke8:38 AM

    Which Man in particular do I worship?

  157. Skip V. Patel8:39 AM

    Windows tips

  158. Skip V. Patel8:43 AM

    Well that's up to you. No it isn't, not really.

    You have to ask yourself "Who would Rushbo want me to worship"?

  159. BabbaZee8:46 AM

    By contrast the modern Left has mostly lost touch with what the ideas it
    should positively stand for, knowing only what it is against

    the modern right is the same behaviorally

  160. BabbaZee8:47 AM

    there is no political solution

  161. MyDogLuke8:50 AM

    I don't have to ask myself anything, I worship Christ, not man. As far as "Rushbo" goes ... I work during the day and don't listen to the radio. Also, the last time I checked Rush Limbaugh doesn't have the power to force me to do anything.

  162. Skip V. Patel8:50 AM


  163. BabbaZee8:51 AM

    as I said I don't think he is speaking to you personally

  164. Skip V. Patel8:52 AM

    Good for you! May g-d bless you.

    You are obviously NOT a certified Ditto-head Conservative.

  165. BabbaZee8:52 AM

    That being said me and you could get into a whole discussion right now about how I see christ as a man not a GOD but it is way to early for that and I am not drunk yet


  166. BabbaZee8:54 AM


    I drink because you are bad!

  167. MyDogLuke9:04 AM

    recognizing evil isn't a political problem, rather a moral one

  168. MyDogLuke9:09 AM

    I thought you couldn't drink cause of your inerds.

  169. BabbaZee9:36 AM

    the lack thereof makes it harder to metabolize it so I am a cheap date

  170. BabbaZee9:43 AM

    After 30 Years of Silence, the Original NSA Whistleblower Looks Back

  171. BabbaZee9:44 AM

    Four decades ago, Fellwock became the NSA's first whistleblower, going to the press to explain the spy agency's immense scope and mission to a public that had barely been allowed to know such an organization existed. His revelations in the radical magazine Ramparts were picked up by the front page of the New York Times. He went on to be a key player in the turbulent anti-surveillance movement of the 1970s, partnering with Norman Mailer and becoming the target of CIA propaganda. But today he's a semi-retired antiques dealer living in Long Island, as obscure as the Black Chamber once was.

  172. BabbaZee9:45 AM

    After the Guardian began publishing stories based on Snowden's documents, the anti-secrecy website Cryptome re-posted the original 1972 Ramparts article, "Electronic Espionage: A Memoir," in which Fellwock had exposed the NSA.

  173. BabbaZee9:48 AM

    “They can’t do anything to me for what I did back then, but I don’t want them to do anything to me for what I’ve done now. I’ve already spoken too much.” He paused, lowering his voice dramatically: “This is not a good time. This is not a good time for our country.”

  174. Skip V. Patel9:49 AM

    Typhoon Haiyan: 150 Israeli soldiers, 100 tons of Israeli aid en route ...

    Typhoon Haiyan: 150 Israeli soldiers, 100 tons of Israeli aid en route to Philippines.

    Typhoon Haiyan: Aid delays cause rising tensions in ... -
    Typhoon Haiyan . Israel loaded up two 747s with 200 medical personnel and supplies.

  175. BabbaZee9:52 AM

    Beatles songs played on the jukebox in the diner, and John Kerry, a onetime leader of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, was on the television, threatening Syria with missiles. “He was always trying to weaken the movement," Fellwock said, recalling Kerry's antiwar days, "and have everything focused on him. He was a real son of a bitch in my opinion, and I think you can talk to any Vietnam vet who would say that. “

  176. BabbaZee9:54 AM

    In 1972, when Fellwock saw the proofs of his Ramparts article, with a transcript of his words staring back at him, he was shocked but he buried his concerns. Today, he’s not so sanguine. His opinion has been colored by the fact that not long after the Ramparts article, both Peter Collier and David Horowitz turned away from the left to become prominent conservatives. Collier founded the conservative publisher Encounter Books; Horowitz wrote a memoir, Radical Son, renouncing his '60s allegiances, and now travels the country as an apocalyptic right-wing pundit, warning people that colleges are being taken over by “Islamofascists.”

    Fellwock told me he believes Collier and Horowitz were never truly part of the left, and that they misused his words purposefully to cause maximum chaos in a demented quest to hurt America.

    “There was an element within our movement that was fundamentally anti-American and wanted to create chaos in America and really disrupt and destroy American society,” he said.

  177. BabbaZee10:01 AM

    "I realized there was nothing more I could do politically and all—I should just forget the whole thing. So I came to New York and I started working for the banks."

  178. Shalom if ya can!

  179. MyDogLuke10:10 AM

    My wife knows she can have her way with me after I drink a couple beers. Or is that the other way around??? Who can remember at our age.

  180. MyDogLuke10:10 AM

    I can, still brrrrr here

  181. we got grey and a little rain, typical

  182. I sure Horowitz was in the left...

  183. MyDogLuke10:15 AM

    Blue skies and sunny with a breeze. Do you need any leaves? I have them bagged and ready to go.

  184. Seattle police deactivate surveillance system after public outrage

    Police in Seattle, Washington have responded to a major public outcry by disabling a recently discovered law enforcement tool that critics said could be used to conduct sweeping surveillance across the city.

    Last week, Seattle’s The Stranger published an in-depth look at a little known new initiative taking place within the city that involved the installation of dozens of devices that would create a digital mesh network for law enforcement officers. The devices — small white-boxes equipped with antennas and adorned on utility poles — would broadcast data wirelessly between nodes so police officers could have their own private network to more easily share large amounts of data. As The Stranger pointed out, however, those same contraptions were able to collect data on internet-ready devices of anyone within reach, essentially allowing the Seattle Police Department to see where cell phones, laptops and any other smart devices operating within reach were located.

    but of course they still HAVE them

  185. According to The Stranger, the SPD will begin disabling the system immediately, although Whitcomb said it involves “more than just flipping a switch.”

  186. BabbaZee10:24 AM

    How do we know it is deactivated??

  187. We don't. But they have set it so that your phone doesn't try to pick it up. So who knows.

  188. I would be impressed if they took the boxes down and destroyed them publicly, but of course that will not happen.

  189. BabbaZee10:29 AM

    so they say

  190. MyDogLuke10:29 AM

    The Shadow knows

  191. BabbaZee10:30 AM

    either way, YAY!

  192. BabbaZee10:30 AM

  193. BabbaZee10:31 AM