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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Chained And Bound

Prepare chains! 
For the land is full of bloodshed, 
and the city is full of violence.
Ezekiel 7


  1. BabbaZee1:46 PM

    Ashura in NY

  2. pbird1:49 PM

    is more fun!

  3. pbird1:50 PM

    i love his accent, brutalizing those vowels~!

  4. BabbaZee1:52 PM

    it eees more fun and useful too

    cat must survive too!

  5. pbird2:10 PM

    Test on phone. May not work.

  6. BabbaZee2:34 PM

    it worked

  7. pbird2:43 PM

    now if i could just dance

  8. pbird2:46 PM

    Newspaper Pages Cut Like Embroidered Lace by Myriam Dion

  9. pbird2:47 PM

    what left the picture off

  10. pbird2:57 PM

    now i work, haha

  11. BabbaZee2:58 PM

    ahhha me too

  12. BulgarWheat3:07 PM

    MOOBS, akbhar!!!!!! yikes! I'm sorry but it would be best if none of these folks moved in next door. They'd make the cats nervous.

    Besides. They're pikers. AI could show them how it's really done.

  13. BulgarWheat3:07 PM

    not recommended if your on blood thinners either.

  14. pbird3:39 PM

    I aint lookin at those creeps do their thing!

  15. pbird3:48 PM

    that didn't last long

  16. MyDogLuke3:53 PM

    You're very eeeeee fishnet I think

  17. pbird3:57 PM

    Outrage over new policy; parent arrested trying to pick up kids early from school

  18. Q_Burn4:08 PM

    Thought I would check the Hawaii news on me lunch break.. auwe! (That's Hawaiian for oy)

    State Rep. Tom Brower has taken a sledgehammer and a novel approach to Hawaii's homeless problem.

    "I got tired of telling people I'm trying to pass laws. I want to do something practical that will really clean up the streets," he said.

    In his spare time he scours streets and parks in his district, looking for shopping carts homeless use to store and move their belongings. He returns good ones to stores and destroys others with his sledgehammer.

  19. Q_Burn4:16 PM


    Manuela boy, my dear boy, he no mo hila hila

    (lost his mind)

    No mo five cent, no mo house, he go A'ala Park he a moi (sleep)

  20. Q_Burn4:20 PM

    Over on the Big Island they have banned GMO crops (except for papaya for some reason).

  21. Q_Burn4:23 PM

    Got a song for dat too!

  22. pbird4:23 PM


  23. MyDogLuke4:23 PM

    Book em danno

  24. MyDogLuke4:39 PM

    He could win one of those GMO awards for that song.

  25. Q_Burn4:48 PM

    Manuela Boy was a real person, well known local character back then.

  26. BulgarWheat4:48 PM

    not a bad choice.

  27. BulgarWheat4:53 PM

    hmm? It was gratifying to get the new job again, but now I'm questioning whether or not I want it anymore. I've already done this shit. All the travel and living out of a suitcase.
    It may be time to start to find something that just pays the bills, is only 40 hours a week, and I'll only need to do this shit another 7 or 9 years. The guy who dies with the most toys doesn't win....he just dies unless he's right with G-D.
    I could handle a pay cut without the bullshit. Life is way too short. That's really hit home lately. I'd like to have time to read and think more once again. SImplify.

  28. pbird4:54 PM

    Good idea...

  29. pbird4:57 PM

  30. Q_Burn4:59 PM

    Hmm? Me turning 60 soon.. still on de work until dead plan..

  31. MyDogLuke5:01 PM

    Be the guy with the most Joy in life

  32. BabbaZee5:14 PM


  33. BabbaZee5:15 PM


  34. BabbaZee5:17 PM

  35. BabbaZee5:18 PM

  36. pbird5:31 PM

    Israeli restaurant: Turn off phone, get discount

  37. BulgarWheat7:01 PM

    MDL, I'd like to try on those shoes. As I mentioned, is very short. Being a watchman is not a gratifying path. A care-taker to all is tough, but I don't mind it.

  38. I stole it from Gerard.

  39. Skip V. Patel7:02 AM

    Y'all shoulda' listened! I've been warning of this since 2006.....PAY ATTENTIOBN!

    Exclusive: FBI Video Shows Al Qaeda in Kentucky Handling Heavy Weapons

    Exclusive: US May Have Let 'Dozens' of Terrorists Into Country As Refugees

  40. BabbaZee7:05 AM


    M4.5 - FRANCE

  41. BabbaZee7:05 AM


  42. BabbaZee7:08 AM

    When I first heard that Tariq Ramadan, the world’s most charming Islamist, had been invited to give the prestigious Orwell Prize lecture, I thought it was some kind of joke.

    Maybe someone in the Orwell organisation had simply read the sub-title of Caroline Fourest’s biography, Brother Tariq: The Doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan, and — conflating it with the “doublethink” invented by Orwell in the novel 1984 — believed Mr Ramadan was an expert in the concept rather than someone who is accused of being one of its most sophisticated practitioners.

    Whatever the reason, Brother Tariq was asked to give the lecture, named in honour of one of Britain’s finest ever political writers, and duly delivered it on Tuesday this week.

    Mr Ramadan is Muslim Brotherhood aristocracy. His father, Said Ramadan, led the movement in Europe and married the daughter of Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna.

  43. BabbaZee7:09 AM

    US and UK struck secret deal to allow NSA to 'unmask' Britons' personal data

  44. BabbaZee7:10 AM

    Art is dangerous. It makes people move out of standard-response channels.

    They don’t see what they’re supposed to see anymore. They see what they’re not supposed to see.

    That’s why colleges teach brain-deadening courses in art history. Every attempt is made to codify the students’ reactions.

    I’m not just talking about political art. I mean anything that truly comes out of reliance on imagination.

    Those who run things—and their willing dupes—want reality to look a certain way and be experienced and felt in certain ways. These limited spectra form a shared lowest common denominator.

    Even so-called spiritual experience is codified. It’s called organized religion. I call it “give money to the ceiling.” You give your money and they tell you high how the ceiling of your experience is and what you’ll find when you get there.

    Art has none of these limitations. It’s created by people who’ve gone beyond the shrunken catalog of emotions, thoughts, and perceptions listed by authorities.

    Art, by which I mean imagination, throws caution to the winds. It invents realities that engender new reactions, never before experienced. It blows apart old rigid perception.

    The hammer blows and the soft propaganda of the common culture install layers of mind control: “See things, experience things in these prescribed ways.”

  45. BabbaZee7:20 AM

  46. Skip V. Patel7:20 AM

    San Diego: Imam, two other Somali Muslims sentenced for aiding jihad,0,7356246.story

  47. BabbaZee7:24 AM

    Bush on painting: 'There's a Rembrandt trapped in this body',0,76711.story

    and her name is Edna

  48. BabbaZee7:25 AM

    Why Does Health Care Cost so Much in America? Ask Harvard's David Cutler

  49. Skip V. Patel7:27 AM

    Soldiers Killed by Terrorists Backed by US Cash: Senator

    The United States has paid more than $150 million to companies in Afghanistan that are accused of helping to finance terrorist attacks on American soldiers and facilities, according to the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction.

  50. BabbaZee7:29 AM

    Republican Florida Rep. Trey Radel said late Wednesday he will take a leave of absence and donate his salary after pleading guilty to misdemeanor cocaine possession, one day after his run-in with the law was made public.

  51. Skip V. Patel7:31 AM

    Socialist to occupy Seattle City Council, all is lost!

    College professor and Occupy activist Kshama Sawant beats a longtime incumbent with her message that workers need 'a mass political alternative' to the two main parties.,0,2290260.photogallery

  52. BabbaZee7:32 AM

    TOKYO -- A volcanic eruption has raised a new island, according to earthquake experts and the Japanese coast guard.

    Advisories from the coast guard and the Japan Meteorological Agency said the islet is about 660 feet in diameter. It is just off the coast of Nishinoshima, a small, uninhabited island in the Ogasawara chain, which is also known as the Bonin Islands.

  53. Skip V. Patel7:33 AM

    Afghan Co. With Terror Ties Gets US Money, Sensitive Access: Report

  54. BabbaZee7:33 AM

    Seething volcano buried under Antarctica's ice

  55. BabbaZee7:35 AM

    Winamp Media Player Shutting Down After 15 Years

    oh no! so sad - I love my winamp,2817,2427421,00.asp?google_editors_picks=true

  56. BabbaZee7:36 AM

    LG Smart TVs 'record what you watch'

    LG Smart TVs log what you watch even if you tell it not to, claims blogger DoctorBeet

  57. BabbaZee7:37 AM

    Google's chief internet evangelist says 'privacy may actually be an anomaly'

  58. BabbaZee7:39 AM

    workers need 'a mass political alternative' to the two main parties.

    that is true

  59. BabbaZee7:47 AM

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded scientists $100,000 (£60,000) to create stronger, thinner condoms...

  60. BabbaZee7:48 AM

    Life expectancy in the U.S. has been growing more slowly than in other developed countries and is now more than a year below the developed-country average, according to a new report (PDF) from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.


    cracka say what?

  62. uh oh Babba what did you do?

  63. BabbaZee7:52 AM


  64. BabbaZee7:52 AM

  65. BabbaZee7:53 AM

    most of the treasured art deco style doorknobs will be removed

    what the fuck!

  66. Storagemanager7:54 AM

    Netanyahu tells Russian Jewish community leaders Israel will never allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, accuses Khamenei of using Nazi-like rhetoric,7340,L-3083,00.html

  67. BabbaZee7:57 AM

    The “Little Odessa” community in Brighton Beach, New York City is as much a state of mind as a location on a map.

  68. BabbaZee8:00 AM

  69. Storagemanager8:00 AM

    SHOCK CONFESSION: Bill Ayers Reveals He Is Author Of “Dreams From My Father” in Latest Book

  70. Skip V. Patel8:02 AM

    Boston policemen complain about new plan to watch their movements
    Anon officer: “No one likes it. Who wants to be followed all over the place?”

    It looks like Boston’s Finest is going to be watched by its own. As the result of new contract negotiations between the City of Boston and the Boston Police Department, police cruisers will potentially be outfitted with GPS devices designed to monitor how cop cars move around the city. The contract includes some additional changes and still needs to be approved by the Boston City Council.

    According to the Boston Globe, this new move would put Boston “in league with small-town departments across the state and big-city agencies across the country that have installed global positioning systems in cruisers.”

    Not surprisingly, civil libertarians are relishing the rank and file's own backlash.

    "The irony of police objecting to GPS technology for privacy reasons is hard to miss in the aftermath of United States v. Jones," Woodrow Hartzog, a law professor at the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University, told Ars. "But the officers’ concerns about privacy illustrate just how revealing GPS technology can be. Departments are going to have to confront the chilling effect this surveillance might have on police behavior. On one hand, police departments are likely to see a reduction in many kinds of undesirable behaviors involving an abuse of discretion.

  71. BabbaZee8:02 AM

    During a recent private dinner with Sean, once he’d blessed the food, I wasted no time asking him what his secret is for investing so successfully.

    I expected Sean to say that it was his years of experience at Charles Schwab or perhaps one of the complicated algorithms he uses for timing the stock market.

    So when Sean responded that his secret to investing was the Bible, I was thoroughly shocked.

    Yes, I knew Sean was a Christian (anyone who spends more than 1 minute with him will pick that up!). However, people usually keep their faith separate from things like . . . investing.

    But not Sean.

    For Sean, the Bible is his FOUNDATION for investing.

    He explained to me how there is actually a “Biblical Money Code” woven into Scripture.

    During the video, Sean uses the teachings of King Solomon, Jesus of Nazareth, and the Apostle Paul to show how anyone can get out of debt . . . make sound investments . . . and morally build substantial wealth.

    do not pack sweaters.

  72. BabbaZee8:04 AM


  73. BabbaZee8:06 AM

    No one likes it. Who wants to be followed all over the place?


  74. Storagemanager8:12 AM

    Prime minister, in response to anti-Israel statements from Iran’s supreme leader, suggests Tehran is on a quest for global domination

  75. Storagemanager8:17 AM

    Secretary of State John Kerry argued on Wednesday that Egypt’s 2011 revolution was started by tech-savvy young people with no ideological aims before being “stolen by” Islamists from the Muslim Brotherhood, who behaved autocratically after winning parliamentary and presidential elections.

    Mr. Kerry’s remarks, in an address to the State Department’s Overseas Security Advisory Council, seemed at odds with the message sent by President Obama last month when he withheld $260 million in aid from Egypt’s military leaders, who forced the Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi from the presidency in July and have overseen a deadly crackdown on dissent.

  76. MyDogLuke8:25 AM

    I'll try not to base my marital life on Solomon.

  77. BabbaZee9:21 AM

    Inside America's Plan to Kill Online Privacy Rights Everywhere

    The United States and its key intelligence allies are quietly working behind the scenes to kneecap a mounting movement in the United Nations to promote a universal human right to online privacy, according to diplomatic sources and an internal American government document obtained by The Cable.

    The diplomatic battle is playing out in an obscure U.N. General Assembly committee that is considering a proposal by Brazil and Germany to place constraints on unchecked internet surveillance by the National Security Agency and other foreign intelligence services. American representatives have made it clear that they won't tolerate such checks on their global surveillance network. The stakes are high, particularly in Washington -- which is seeking to contain an international backlash against NSA spying -- and in Brasilia, where Brazilian President Dilma Roussef is personally involved in monitoring the U.N. negotiations.

    The Brazilian and German initiative seeks to apply the right to privacy, which is enshrined in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), to online communications. Their proposal, first revealed by The Cable, affirms a "right to privacy that is not to be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with their privacy, family, home, or correspondence." It notes that while public safety may "justify the gathering and protection of certain sensitive information," nations "must ensure full compliance" with international human rights laws. A final version the text is scheduled to be presented to U.N. members on Wednesday evening and the resolution is expected to be adopted next week.

    A draft of the resolution, which was obtained by The Cable, calls on states to "to respect and protect the right to privacy," asserting that the "same rights that people have offline must also be protected online, including the right to privacy." It also requests the U.N. high commissioner for human rights, Navi Pillay, present the U.N. General Assembly next year with a report on the protection and promotion of the right to privacy, a provision that will ensure the issue remains on the front burner.

  78. pbird9:23 AM

    Godzilla vs Mothra

  79. pbird9:25 AM

    Had plum dumplings there once on the beach in a Russian place run by what looked like the usual Russian gangsters. with pink curtains yet. It was great.

  80. pbird9:29 AM

    she's nothing special

  81. pbird9:32 AM

    its cold and grumpy out, goodmorning anyhow

  82. MyDogLuke9:32 AM

    Damn Mohtra F**ckers

  83. MyDogLuke9:34 AM

    Cold and sunny here. Daughter #2 and my favorite SIL are coming today!!!!! They're also bringing the grandpuppy. Luke has not been warned yet, I'll let him enjoy his last hours of peace and quiet for a few days.

  84. pbird9:35 AM

    Virtual-Currency Craze Spawns Bitcoin Wannabes
    Entrants Include Litecoin, Worldcoin and Even Bbqcoin; a Ticket to Fortune?

    I still think we are going to end up with regional currencies.

  85. pbird9:36 AM

    Pore old Luke....

  86. MyDogLuke9:41 AM

    I'll take him for walks with Luke. We have a place near here that has 2,000 acres of public land, and the dogs don't need to be leashed. Hope daughter doesn't mind her Golden doing what they do best. Get Wet!

  87. pbird9:44 AM

    The Town FEMA Turned Down
    The tide goes out on religious liberty

  88. pbird9:45 AM

    Thats so nice for the dogs.

  89. mawskrat9:46 AM

    Good Morning All............spent half the night cleaning the
    basemen,t I is tired

  90. pbird9:48 AM

    In late August a patent was published that covered a “personal aircraft.” This would be unremarkable except for one thing: one of the drawings showed the aircraft parked in what could be a grocery store parking lot, in a space between two cars.

    The patent — which we are first to report — among others, is assigned to Zee.Aero, a stealth company in Mountain View, and the drawings show this is no ordinary personal craft. This is a flying car

  91. pbird9:48 AM

    Goodmorning!! Does not sound like fun.

  92. BabbaZee9:50 AM


  93. BabbaZee9:51 AM


  94. BabbaZee9:52 AM

    I don't like to fly in machines

    I do like to fly without a body

  95. I wouldn't mind a personal size flier.

  96. BabbaZee10:02 AM

    well you know how my relationship with machines is llooollloll

    I wrote out the mexicali meatloaf thing I just sent

  97. White Doves Set Free in Hefei Looted by City Residents
    by Peter Barefoot on Sunday, November 17, 2013

    The Chinese embarrassing themselves again.

  98. MyDogLuke10:06 AM

    Were you successful?

  99. mawskrat10:06 AM

    my wife has bunches of boxes of crap and ya'll know how I feel about crap/

  100. mawskrat10:07 AM

    I just have to organize all the "crap"
    and store it away

  101. Oh lord, we still have boxes of the FIL and MIL's papers in the living room from their deaths about two years ago.....

  102. mawskrat10:09 AM

    at least I got the Christmas decorations out and ready

  103. mawskrat10:11 AM

    I did have a bottle of vodka in the freezer
    and some beer to help things along

  104. MyDogLuke10:14 AM

    Even Mary Poppins knew that ain't right! Although maybe she just wanted them fattened up.

  105. mawskrat10:14 AM

    I have peeps coming over for an early
    Thanksgiving meal this week end. trying
    to organize the place and make room.
    I will need the BIG bottle of Jim Beam!

  106. PS, I got the good with machines thing from my old man who is some kind of natural genius.

  107. MyDogLuke10:18 AM

    As long as you feel your wife, I mean feel good about your wife....

  108. MyDogLuke10:18 AM

    And that only took 1/2 the night? This winter, I'll go through ours, and the junk is going somewhere. I don't like clutter either.

  109. Does that help? Maybe I should take up drinking.

  110. MyDogLuke10:20 AM

    Is it because you can't stand them when they're sober, or visa versa

  111. mawskrat10:26 AM

    it just gets kind of hectic at times, though I love cooking a great meal for family and friends. the thing is after cooking all day
    I'm not very hungry when it's time to eat

  112. MyDogLuke10:30 AM

    My wife gets like that, course she picks while cooking. We're having a big dinner here sunday after turkey day. I follow orders on those days, don't need the chef to lose focus.

  113. BabbaZee10:47 AM

    get thee an IV drip of it

  114. BabbaZee10:48 AM

    llolloll hey worked for me!

  115. You may know graphic designer Michael Bierut from the above scene in the 2007 documentary Helvetica, which explored how a mid-century European font became the face of corporatist America, private enterprise yoked increasingly under the command of government. Or as I dubbed it back in 2010, after watching the film on a flight back from New York, “Liberal Fascism: The Font.” As I wrote back then, Bierut’s statement in the above clip is a dual-edged sword. Yes, there was a revolution in graphic design in the 1960s. The problem, as Bierut tacitly announces above, is that everything looked the same afterwards, just as the influence of the Weimar-era socialist Bauhaus made every skyscraper in America looked like “socialist worker housing pitched high,” to borrow from Tom Wolfe’s lingo in From Bauhaus to Our House. In the 1950s, every behemoth corporation in America dumped their original offices for Mies van der Rohe-inspired buildings; in terms of graphic design, every behemoth corporation the following decade dumped their individual graphic design, often built up over decades, for a Saul Bass-style corporate logo and their name spelled out in Helvetica. As Frank Burns, the token conservative and — not coincidentally — locus of hate on TV’s M*A*S*H once said, in a quote that would come to define the M.O. of the modern left, “Individuality is fine, as long as we all do it together.

  116. I've had a bottle of Meyer's rum in my dishtowel drawer for a year, we put it in fruitcake, and nobody found it. LOL. He doesn't even get in there. Its pretty good in coke.

  117. mawskrat10:56 AM

    mmmm.....left over chicken and noodles

  118. Herbal Supplements Are Often Not What They Seem

    gotta know your supplier

  119. Richard
    Nevada City, California
    NYT Pick

    I own a small herbal supplement company, and the fact is that supplement companies are highly regulated. Specifically, identity testing is required for all supplement ingredients to ensure that the labeling is accurate. The companies cited in the study are not following the law and the regulations that are already in place. Most herbal companies are doing their best to be in compliance with these very stringent Good Manufacturing Practices rules. The bad actors need to be sanctioned. The idea that the supplement industry needs to be further regulated is a red herring promoted by the pharmaceutical industry to distract from the long list of deaths and injuries from their over-priced products.

  120. MyDogLuke11:04 AM

    Isn't that why Babba lights incense while smoking?

  121. mawskrat11:11 AM

    I know my supplier

  122. BulgarWheat12:06 PM

    I've had some outstanding herbal supplements

  123. BulgarWheat12:10 PM

    Had an earlier call, things went well. Lucille needed some gas and I needed to run up and down the road a little, I did! Got some fish and chips for lunch too. A little Quadrophenia-esque morning.

    Why should I care....?

  124. MyDogLuke12:13 PM

    Wink winkel back at ya girl

  125. pbird1:02 PM

    aw phooey he should be dancing

  126. pbird1:05 PM

  127. BabbaZee1:11 PM

    Thousands of people protested in Tokyo on Thursday against a proposed secrets act that critics say would stifle information on issues such as the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

    The law, proposed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government, would significantly broaden the definition of official secrets, which Abe says is vital for strengthening security cooperation with main ally the United States and other countries. Tough secrecy regulations before and during World War Two have long made such legislation taboo, but the law is expected to pass when it comes to a vote next week, given the comfortable majority the ruling coalition has in both houses of parliament.

    "Without the right to know, democracy cannot exist," said Yasunari Fujimoto, from the Peace Forum citizen's group, who spoke at the protest in a park near parliament.

    "If this law comes to pass, our constitution is nothing more than a scrap of paper."

    Critics say the law would prevent journalists from investigating official mistakes, such as the collusion between regulators and utilities that contributed to the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

    Anyone convicted of breaking the law could be jailed for up to five years.

  128. pbird2:26 PM

    Hoo boy

  129. MyDogLuke3:35 PM

    I guess I'm a ray-cist now.

  130. BabbaZee3:50 PM

    22 Strange Animals You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

  131. MyDogLuke4:04 PM

    I've heard of Operation Barbirusa, but I didn't know it was named after a wild pig.

  132. BabbaZee4:39 PM

    ahahahahahah AGGH

  133. pbird6:15 PM

    Funny day driving my ancient vater around while they work on his car. We had a field trip. He does not relate to being frail.

  134. mawskrat6:56 PM

    OH YEH !!!!

    when pop was pop

  135. pbird6:59 PM

  136. mawskrat7:00 PM

    17...heck I remember my wife when
    she was 14- 15-16-17 -18..................

  137. pbird7:01 PM

    cradle robber!

  138. mawskrat7:02 PM

    yah never know...give me another shot

  139. pbird7:05 PM

    I only remember himself at 19, of course i was 19 also.

  140. mawskrat7:05 PM

    dag what happened to my post?

  141. mawskrat7:09 PM

    well when I pulled my Malibu into the local pizza shop and said.....
    "would you like some candy little girl" she said yes>LOL
    her girl friend told her to go out
    with me because I had a car with
    tunes...nuff said

  142. mawskrat7:11 PM

    I'm working my ass off around here for the
    week end.............I NEED ANOTHER BEER

  143. pbird7:14 PM

    Men have mysterious bladders. Where d'yall put all that beer? I will never get it.

  144. pbird7:28 PM

    Aw. That's sweet. Nothing like a direct answer.

  145. pbird7:31 PM

    Weird Crime: Duck, Duck, Boom

  146. AOL announced yesterday that it would be shutting down Winamp, the venerable media player that helped usher in an age of people listening to music on their computers, next month. But it seems that there may still be some hope for it yet.

    According to TechCrunch, Microsoft is currently in talks with AOL to see if it can purchase the media player as well as Shoutcast, a streaming media service created by the same company that developed Winamp. AOL is reportedly gearing up to announce Shoutcast’s closure next week, according to TechCrunch’s anonymous source.

  147. Storagemanager7:29 AM

    Senior General: US in Greatest Danger Since 1930s

    Senior analyst Gen. McInerney warns that US is in comparable danger to pre-WWII period, specifically from Russian and Iranian hegemonies

  148. Storagemanager7:30 AM

    The big payoff....................

    Samantha Power revealed Thursday that Iran is being offered sanctions relief of around $6 billion as part of interim deal.

  149. Storagemanager7:34 AM


  150. Storagemanager7:45 AM

    A vastly changed Middle East

    By Caroline B. Glick
    The revelation of Jarrett's longstanding secret talks with the Iranians showed that the Obama administration's decision to cut a deal with the mullahs was a well thought out, long-term policy to use appeasement of the world's leading sponsor of terrorism as a means to enable the US to withdraw from the Middle East. The fact that the deal in question would also pave the way for Iran to become a nuclear power, and so imperil American national security was clearly less of a concern for Obama and his team than realizing their goal of withdrawing the US from the Middle East.

    Just as ethnic, regional and religious factions wasted no time filling the vacuum created in the Arab world by the disintegration of central governments, so the states of the region and the larger global community wasted no time finding new allies to replace the United States

  151. Skip V. Patel7:47 AM

    For PBoid....

    More here:

  152. BabbaZee7:48 AM

    How Bush let Iran go nuclear


    US Government celebrates Memorial Day by telegraphing weakness to the enemy

    Iran’s ambassador to Baghdad to represent talks with U.S.

  153. Storagemanager7:48 AM

    Nations are disintegrating, only to reintegrate in new groupings. Monolithic regimes are giving way to domestic fissures and generational changes. As for America's allies, some will welcome its return. Others will scowl and turn away. All will have managed to survive, and even thrive in the absence of a guiding hand from Washington, and all will consequently need America less. This changed landscape will in turn require the US to do some long hard thinking about where its interests lie, and to develop new strategies for advancing them.

    So perhaps in the fullness of time, we may all end up better off for this break in US strategic rationality.
    ..............................................( ..Matt 24:7 Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of birth pains.

  154. BabbaZee7:49 AM

    How Obama Let Iran Go Nuclear

  155. Storagemanager7:50 AM

    There is no use for the United States anymore......we are well on our way to being a third world country.......

  156. Rob Ford has better poll numbers Maobama

  157. BabbaZee7:51 AM

    ahahahah so cute!

  158. BabbaZee7:52 AM

    please I get mail from people who think he is great
    Ford that is, not Obama

  159. BabbaZee7:53 AM

    what a fuckin loon

  160. tons still like him, down with the ship

  161. BabbaZee7:58 AM

    there is no accounting for taste or the lack thereof

  162. BabbaZee7:58 AM

    post america

  163. BabbaZee8:00 AM

    Web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee has warned that the democratic nature of the net is threatened by a "growing tide of surveillance and censorship".

  164. mawskrat8:00 AM

    Good Morning for the opening song

    time to wake up kiddies/

  165. BabbaZee8:01 AM

    allo allo

  166. BabbaZee8:01 AM

    Six Islamist factions unite in largest Syria rebel merger

  167. mawskrat8:02 AM

    friends for the day..........

  168. Skip V. Patel8:04 AM

    Why does a police department which hasn’t had an officer killed in the line of duty in over 125 years in a town of less than 20,000 people need tactical military vests like those used by soldiers in Afghanistan? For that matter, why does a police department in a city of 35,000 people need a military-grade helicopter? And what possible use could police at Ohio State University have for acquiring a heavily-armored vehicle intended to withstand IED blasts?

    In addition to being an astounding waste of taxpayer money, this equipping of police with military-grade equipment and weapons also gives rise to a dangerous mindset in which police feel compelled to put their newly high-power toys and weapons to use. The results are deadly, as can be seen in the growing numbers of unarmed civilians shot by police during relatively routine encounters and in the use of SWAT teams to carry out relatively routine tasks. For example, a team of police in Austin, Texas broke into a home in order to search for a stolen koi fish. In Florida, over 50 barbershops were raided by police donning masks and guns in order to enforce barber licensing laws.

    Obama’s Civilian National Security Force? DHS retrofits 2,700 military-like vehicles for service on US streets

  169. mawskrat8:08 AM

    off to the gulag with ask to many go shelter in place

  170. bring them home they said

  171. Storagemanager8:15 AM

    What happened in Sadad is the most serious and biggest massacre of Christians in Syria in the past two years and a half… 45 innocent civilians were martyred for no reason, and among them several women and children, many thrown into mass graves. Other civilians were threatened and terrorized. 30 were wounded and 10 are still missing. For one week, 1,500 families were held as hostages and human shields. Among them children, the elderly, the young, men and women…. All the houses of Sadad were robbed and property looted. The churches are damaged and desecrated, deprived of old books and precious furniture… What happened in Sadad is the largest massacre of Christians in Syria and the second in the Middle East, after the one in the Church of Our Lady of Salvation in Iraq, in 2010.

  172. mawskrat8:16 AM

    sponge bob square pants>LOL

  173. Storagemanager8:18 AM

    A bipartisan group of senators said Thursday they would pass legislation to impose new sanctions on Iran, and a key Republican introduced legislation that would limit President Obama's future negotiating ability with Tehran.

    The 14 Republican and Democratic lawmakers said they would work together on crafting a set of new sanctions in the coming weeks. The president has personally appealed to senators to hold off on seeking new sanctions while negotiations on Iran's nuclear program are under way in Geneva.

    “A nuclear weapons capable Iran presents a grave threat to the national security of the United States and its allies and we are committed to preventing Iran from acquiring this capability. We will work together to reconcile Democratic and Republican proposals over the coming weeks and to pass bipartisan Iran sanctions legislation as soon as possible,” the group said in a statement.

  174. Storagemanager8:19 AM

    Valerie Jarrett cursing in Farsi...

  175. Skip V. Patel8:21 AM

    Persona non grata

    Op-ed: After betraying Israel, can Kerry be trusted as 'loyal' mediator in peace talks with Palestinians?

    ( Exceedingly harsh. I wish I could find some way to disagree with it. – JW )

  176. Storagemanager8:24 AM

  177. mawskrat8:29 AM

    the fresh Amish turkey is here!!!!!

  178. BabbaZee9:06 AM

    News organization are protesting the frequency with which President Obama's team closes events to photographers, opting instead to release official White House pictures.

    "Journalists are routinely being denied the right to photograph or videotape the President while he is performing his official duties," said a Thursday letter to press secretary Jay Carney from the White House Correspondents Association and other news organizations.

    Other signers include the American Society of Newspaper Editors, the Associated Press Managing Editors and the White House News Photographers Association.

    The White House often tweets out pictures of Obama at meetings or events that are closed to news photographers.

    The letter added:

    "As surely as if they were placing a hand over a journalist's camera lens, officials in this administration are blocking the public from having an independent view of important functions of the Executive Branch of government. ...

    "Previous administrations have recognized this, and have granted press access to visually cover precisely these types of events, thus creating government transparency. It is clear that the restrictions imposed by your office on photographers undercuts the President's stated desire to continue and broaden that tradition.

    "To exclude the press from these functions is a major break from how previous administrations have worked with the press."

  179. mawskrat9:08 AM

    it was part of the Angry Amish Gang

  180. MyDogLuke9:25 AM

    This guy would make a great Muslim male.

  181. Skip V. Patel9:37 AM

    Doug Sahm told me that Dallas was "cursed" after the killing of Kennedy.

  182. pbird9:40 AM

    what is it that gay leprechaun says? Yikkety Yakkey or something? Still alive. Good norning.

  183. Skip V. Patel9:41 AM

    Pushing 80 and given two weeks to live, dying patient cures by cannabis

    CULTURE EXCLUSIVE: Cannabis Cures Cancer - The Stan Rutner Story

  184. pbird9:44 AM

    ayiiiiii toitle clothes!!!! omg!

  185. Skip V. Patel9:45 AM

    Who Does Your Physician Work For?

    Fewer than half of U.S. doctors are self-employed, down from over three quarters in 1983. How that affects delivery of healthcare

    Physicians in the United States are in the midst of a historic shift toward hospital employment. Between 2000 and 2010, the percentage of physicians who went to work for hospitals increased by one-third, and the rate appears to be increasing in the years since. Today, fewer than half of U.S. physicians are self-employed, down from over three quarters in 1983, and in 2014 it is estimated that three in four of all physicians hired will go to work for a hospital. What is driving this trend toward hospital employment, and is it good or bad news for patients?

    There is always a danger that as hospitals acquire larger and larger market shares they will exploit this power to reduce competition and drive up prices.

    In some cases, instead of the physicians being employed by hospitals, hospital administrators in effect find themselves working for physicians. Intriguingly, some of the best hospitals in the country, such as the Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic, are run by physicians and correspond rather closely to this model.

  186. pbird9:52 AM

    Scientists witness massive gamma-ray burst, don't understand it

    I guess they thought they should understand it.

  187. BabbaZee9:57 AM


  188. BabbaZee9:58 AM

    Obama’s Image Machine: Monopolistic Propaganda Funded by You
    News organizations protest White House restrictions on independent photo coverage.