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Monday, April 23, 2012

House of David

And I will pour out
on the House of David
and the inhabitants of Jerusalem
a spirit of grace and supplication.
They will look on me,
the one they have pierced,
and they will mourn for him
as one mourns for an only child,
and grieve bitterly for him
as one grieves for a firstborn son
~ Zechariah 12

My video is blocked in some countries
but it is of this song...

I do not sense
Affection Gratitude or Love.
Your loyalty is not to me
but to the stars above...

All the counsel
you have received
has only worn you out!
Let your astrologers
come forward,
those stargazers
who make predictions
month by month,
let them save you
from what is coming upon you.
~ Isaiah 47

To the chief Musician...

נָצַח ‎ nâtsach
A primitive root; properly to glitter from afar, that is, to be eminent (as a superintendent, especially of the Temple services and its music); also (as denominative from 5331 , to be permanent: - excel, chief musician (singer), oversee (-r), set forward.

Those who were musicians,  
heads of Levite families,  
stayed in the rooms of the temple  
and were exempt from other duties  
because they were responsible  
day and night.  
~ 1 Chronicles 9

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