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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Space Truckin'

Original Photo By Ringo The Gringo

I took them (and a bunch more) at a place called Salvation Mountain near The Salton Sea, just down the road from another crazy place called Slab City. Slab City is an encampment of perhaps 100 or more eccentric (and mostly friendly) squatters living in a "city" that they've built out of junk they've found in the desert. It's like Mad Max without the violence. When we were there the temperature was 107, and it often gets hotter than that.

It's a crazy place, Slab City.
~ Ringo

Joshua 21 - Towns for the Levites

So the LORD gave Israel all the land
he had sworn to give their forefathers,
and they took possession of it...
and they settled there.
The LORD gave them rest on every side,
just as he had sworn to their forefathers.
Not one of their enemies withstood them;
the LORD handed all their enemies over to them.
Not one of all the LORD's good promises
to the house of Israel failed;
every one was fulfilled.

Ringo's Original

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