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Friday, September 25, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Jesus Is Jewish... & He Sees You.

Collapsing Under the Weight of Crazy
After struggling to turn Khadafy’s insane ramblings at the UN into English for 75 minutes, the Libyan dictator’s personal interpreter got lost in translation. “I just can’t take it any more,” Khadafy’s interpreter shouted into the live microphone – in Arabic.

At that point, the U.N.’s Arabic section chief, Rasha Ajalyaqeen, took over and translated the final 20 minutes of the speech. “His interpreter just collapsed – this is the first time I have seen this in 25 years,” another U.N. Arabic interpreter told The Post.
OK so everyone is lauding BiBi & his "historic" speech. IMO what would be"historic' would be if Israel and other nations of good conscience (if there are any left out there at all other than Micro-freakin-Nesia) had REFUSED TO PARTICIPATE AT ALL. What if the Glow Ball gave a Kill the Jews party and the Jews did not show up? Now that shit would be HISTORIC. This shit is a carefully crafted speech, and as an ancillary detriment it is also tacit consent and validation via participation no matter WTF it actually says to the contrary. The day we don't show up to their game and ask them instead if their cup of abominations is not yet full enough... well then I will cheer and say we made history. Till then this to me this was a speech given by a politician, nothing more.

Hamas claims Netanyahu's speech at the UN filled with lies
Yeah I think that too but different lies than your lies. Does that make me a member of Hamas now?

United States of Obama giving $400K to Qaddafi Family Foundations
The Obama administration has notified Congress of the State Department's intention to contribute $400,000 to foundations run by Muammar Qaddafi's two children — $200,000 each for daughter Aisha and son Saif. Saif, you may recall, is the son who escorted the Lockerbie terrorist Abdel Baset al-Megrahi home to a hero's welcome in Libya after President Obama sternly "warned" Qaddafi that there was to be no hero's welcome. Illinois Republican congressman Mark Steven Kirk (House Appropriations Subcommittee on State/Foreign Operations) has sent Obama a letter asking him to rescind the funding.
Obama at the UN: The cost of getting The Photo
I would like to make a correction to my earlier post about President Obama’s Excellent Adventure at the UN. The president may not have gotten real concessions from the Israeli or Palestinian leader, but he was able to finagle a hasty “sidelines” meeting in which he was rewarded with The Photo.
José Luis Zapatero: Europe’s Next President
BTW, Zappy Dhimmwit is Chief whore of the caliphate, EUnik division. I also have pictures of him wearing terrorist headscarves and smiling invitingly at handsome ghey looking young boys but we'll pass that aspect by for now.

UN Gets Used, Not Only By Gaddafi But Also Zapatero
In full disclosure, Inner City Press has human rights questions ready for Zapatero, ones that a Spanish staffer strained to read. Hasta la proxima, pues. Watch this site.
UN - Zapatero's Press Conference
Mr. Zapatero described the sixty-fourth session of the General Assembly as perhaps “the most relevant, the most important since the one held in 2000”
Palestinians warn of new "Intifada" against Israeli settlements
New? Nu? How can we tell that the last one ended? Hey I know - let's just all die and save them the trouble... The UN says it is the humanitarian thing to do ... just another late term abortion, necessary for the Glow Ball Peace. Oh! I know! Maybe it will new because the US led and trained Palestinian National Army will lead it?

"You can only string them along for so long ya know" ~ US General Keith Dayton

Palestinian political figures warned on Monday that if the United States and Europe fail to urge Israel to halt settlement, repression would prevail among the Palestinians, and "it would be an incitement for a popular uprising against Israel."
Syria makes overture to US
Syria is reorganizing its foreign intelligence operations...

Iran, Venezuela to launch $1.5b oil refinery in Syria

Pakistan discovers 'village' of white German al-Qaeda insurgents
Investigators have discovered a "Jihadi village" of white German al-Qaeda insurgents, including Muslim converts, in Pakistan's tribal areas close to the Afghan border. The village, in Taliban-controlled Waziristan, is run by the notorious al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, which plots raids on Nato forces in Afghanistan.

A recruitment video presents life in the village as a desirable lifestyle choice with schools, hospitals, pharmacies and day care centres, all at a safe distance from the front. In the video, the presenter, "Abu Adam", the public face of the group in Germany, points his finger and asks: "Doesn't it appeal to you? We warmly invite you to join us!"

Aceh drops a sharia gauntlet
JAKARTA - Once a hotbed of Islamic insurgency, Aceh is now turning to religion in peacetime. This month, the Indonesian province's legislative council passed a series of sharia-inspired bylaws to its criminal code, controversially bringing the Muslim-dominated northern tip of Sumatra island under some of the strictest readings of the Koran.
Please to recall that only yesterday I ran a story about how Pakistan misused US funds to make cold war with India - but meantime, PAY THE JIZYA NOW, KUFFAR GREAT SATAN! trumps all...
Senate votes to triple foreign aid to Pakistan
And here's frikkin' Lugar again along with IMO confirmed commie operative J. Effin'K - I am not insane most excellent Festi, and I am telling you - LUGAR is a suspect. You do not have an opposition party, there is only one party marketing two BRANDS to your silly asses.
The Senate voted Thursday to triple foreign aid to Pakistan, with lawmakers saying the legislation could change the crisis-driven nature of U.S.-Pakistan relations and create ties based more on long-term interests. The Senate voted by voice to approve the measure that approves $1.5 billion a year over the next five years for democratic, economic and social development assistance.

The measure, a result of House-Senate negotiations, could be passed in the House as early as Friday, sending it to President Barack Obama for his signature.The bill also authorizes "such sums as are necessary" for military assistance to Pakistan.

As conditions for military aid or arms transfers, the Pakistan government must show that it is cooperating in efforts to dismantle nuclear weapons-related supplier networks, that it is committed to fighting terrorist groups and that Pakistan security forces are not subverting the political or judicial processes of the country. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry, D-Mass., and senior committee Republican Dick Lugar of Indiana, said in writing the bill that the aim was to help transform the bilateral relationship away from the current set of exercises in crisis management.
Indian red rag in Afghanistan
Consequently an isolated Pakistan thinks that India's establishment of an air base in Farkhor, Tajikistan, is part of an Indian strategy of encirclement...
India, US now disagree on Afghanistan crisis
mmmhmmm does it start to make more sense now?

Investigation: Nuclear scandal - Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan
The Pakistani scientist who passed nuclear secrets to the world’s rogue states has been muzzled by his government. In a smuggled letter, AQ Khan reveals his side of the story:

“I continue to be a prisoner,” Khan complained. In Washington, a State Department spokesman said that Khan remained a “proliferation risk” but, after being shut away for five years, that seemed hard to imagine. So why was he silenced? Was it because of what he did, or because of what he knows about Pakistan’s active role in spreading nuclear technology to some of the world’s worst regimes?
50,000 Muslim Man March - Behold, The Ummah Cometh:
"Who's behind 'Islam on Capitol Hill?'" asked popular blogger and frequent TV talk show guest, Michelle Malkin.
As an anticipated 50,000 Muslims prepare to descend on Capitol Hill for "A Day of Islamic Unity" this Friday, several blogs and online news sources have spotlighted the history of the movement's leader and his ties to terrorists in the U.S.

Building on the Islamic interest in Obama's inauguration, when Muslims claimed in a magazine that "It's our time," the event planners are calling for 50,000 Muslims to attend the event on the National Mall on Friday.

Repeated on each page of the rally's website is the phrase "Our time has come."

Iran admits to secret second nuclear plant built inside mountain
Ain't a sekrit no'mo, dirty kuffar headline. That they reveal this telegraphs they feel very strong at the moment despite their internal political turmoil.
Iran has informed the International Atomic Energy Agency that it has been building a previously undeclared nuclear facility to enrich uranium, raising fears that Tehran is closer to acquiring an atomic bomb than has been predicted up until now.
Iran Developing Nuclear Detonators, Resistance Council Says

US lawmakers hold off on new Iran sanctions
LUGAR again. MMHMMM. And Dick Durbin before he dicks you....
The number two Democrat in the Senate, Dick Durbin, said the US Congress would wait for the results of October 1 talks between the Islamic republic and six world powers over its nuclear program. "I don't think a matter of days will make a difference. And if diplomacy can work, and move us in the right direction, I'd like to give it a chance," said the Illinois lawmaker, who has sharply criticized Iran's nuclear drive.

"It seems to me that the timetable is the appropriate one. If all of this fails, then we will have to take some actions," said the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Richard Lugar."We ought to approach this one week at a time. This is the week for the United Nations and for the United States to engage with European countries and with others who will be instrumental partners -- once again with Russia -- to test out where they are," said Lugar.
Karzai Allies Argue for US to Add Troops, Back President

Rumiana Jeleva meets Alliance of Civilizations High Representative
The Bulgarian Foreign Minister Rumiana Jeleva met in New York with the High Representative of the Alliance of Civilizations
Discrimination lays groundwork for terror, Erdoğan warns in speech

China Opposes Iran Sanctions Sought by US

China expects more Kazakh crude for new refinery

CNPC raises stake in PetroChina to 86.42%

CNPC Dushanzi petrochemical complex starts operation

PetroChina's RMB 30-bln refinery starts operation in Xinjiang


Gazprom Neft Eyes Oil Projects In Africa, Iran - Deputy CEO

Obama gains support from Russia on Iran, from Moscow
Roll over. Play deadski. Good dog. SAY MY NAME!

Medvedev Suggests Agreement on Iran Sanctions, but Putin Still Silent

Russia is widely recognized as a 'pharmerging' market, with a predicted growth rate in the pharmaceutical sector of 17% per annum to 2013

Heroin addiction spreads like wildfire in Russia

Russia presses US to destroy Afghan poppy crop

Russia's Chechen chief blames CIA for violence

Russia Invites Outsiders to Gas Fields
Come dancing at the GAZPROM with Vlad! It's a way of life!

Uzbeks worried about hydroelectric power
Uzbekistan is concerned that proposed hydroelectric projects in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan will disrupt its agriculture
Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Hu Jintao at the UN
Hu Jintao expressed confidence that the commissioning of the pipeline would mark a special milestone in the modern history of friendly and mutually beneficial relations between the two countries and stressed that China would honor the agreements reached earlier and that it was ready to buy Turkmen gas as planned.

It should be recalled that the launch of the gas pipeline is scheduled for December 15, 2009. Earlier, the presidents of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, countries through which the gas pipeline will be running, were also invited to attend the ceremony. The total length of the route exceeds 7000 km. 188 km of the pipeline will be laid in the territory of Turkmenistan, 530 - in Uzbekistan, 1300 - in Kazakhstan, and more than 4500 km - in China.
Speech by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at UN

Russia, Turkmenistan: Seeking to settle a gas row

Turkmenistan offers to host Central Asian disarmament conference

Turkmenistan proposes Glow Ball commission on water and energy

Secretary Clinton, Turkmenistan President Discuss Afghanistan

Kazakhstan is buzzing with speculation in the wake of a proposal floated earlier in September to make Nursultan Nazarbayev president for life. The timing of the suggestion is just a little awkward for Astana, given that Kazakhstan will soon take over the chair of Europe’s leading democratization group -- the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). The proposal was floated on September 14 by Darkhan Kaletayev, deputy leader of the Nur Otan Party. Kaletayev specifically suggested that experts should examine the feasibility of drawing up legislation, tentatively titled "On the Leader of the Nation," which might contain "provisions for the lifelong nature of [Nazarbayev’s] presidency."

Nazarbayev is the recognized leader of Nur Otan, which controls all elected seats in the lower house of parliament. "The head of our state is the acknowledged leader of the country, enjoying the universal support of the people of Kazakhstan," said Kaletayev, attempting to justify his proposal. Opposition leaders went ballistic over the suggestion that Nazarbayev should be freed from the most fundamental of democratic checks against executive excess. Some issued dire warnings about Kazakhstan’s future if the president-for-life concept became reality.
He's Europe's human rights watchdog?
For a country set to take over the leadership of Europe's top human rights organization next year, Kazakhstan's recent jailing of a prominent activist might suggest it's not entirely qualified for the job.

Canada, Kazakhstan to strike deal involving nuclear technology

PITTSBURGH – No matter what your opinion on the matter is, this sentence is the chilling tell for Oymerikan Refuseniks everywhere:
Police, in an overwhelming show of force, declared the march illegal almost as soon as it began...
Riot police turned back hundreds of protesters trying to march downtown on the first day of the Group of 20 summit Thursday, arresting nearly 20 people as authorities braced for smaller, scattered protests at dozens of businesses and organizations Friday morning.

Police, in an overwhelming show of force, declared the march illegal almost as soon as it began, firing rubber bullets and canisters of pepper spray and smoke after small bands of anarchists responded to calls to disperse by rolling huge metal trash bins, throwing rocks and breaking windows. Mayor Luke Ravenstahl commended police for their "swift decisions to send a message to the anarchists that we will not tolerate unlawful behavior," adding there was minimal property damage as a result.

Glow Ball control of everyone's money coming soon:
G20 nations tentatively agree to limit bankers' bonuses ~


Obama wants the G20 to agree to a new global framework that would require countries to radically change how they manage their economies and restrain dangerous imbalances that range from massive trade surpluses in countries like China, Japan and Germany, to massive trade deficits in countries like the U.S.
Shiite financier investments embarrasses Hezbollah
A Mideast version of the Bernie Madoff scandal is threatening to tarnish Hezbollah's reputation in Lebanon for being incorruptible, and the powerful Shiite militant movement faces calls to bail out small investors to keep its position from being undercut.

Hundreds of Lebanese sold land or drained their retirement savings and handed over hundreds of millions of dollars to Salah Ezzedine, a Shiite businessman with connections to Hezbollah.The anti-Israeli Hezbollah is on a U.S. list of terrorist organizations and maintains the strongest military force in Lebanon. For its Shiite followers, however, it is seen as a trusted quasi-government that provides social services and aid.

The group gets substantial funding from Iran and paid out millions to rebuild the Shiite heartland in south Lebanon after a devastating 2006 war with Israel.Hezbollah has said it had nothing to do with the alleged swindle and has so far resisted pressure to rescue the investors.
Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein's Cup Runneth Over

Venezuela Banks Face Test On Chavez Order To Boost Credit
Oymerika call your accountant ~
Despite the boom, the private sector has been stifled by Chavez's socialist policies, which include heavy regulation and oftentimes nationalization
Pakistan: CPP moves SC for nationalizing all 80 Sugar Mills

New National Security Complex: Bringing Together Homeland Security, Intelligence & Defense.
Centralized Power You May Bereave in, Mine Tovariches!
Give your hearts to GOD... cause yer asses belong to Seizer & the Raytheons!
Industry involvement in national security is nothing new. It became such a pervasive and influential part of national security operations in World War II and the onset of the Cold War that President Dwight Eisenhower gave it a name: "military-industrial complex."

But that's no longer an accurate description of government/industry collaboration in shaping national security. Since Sept. 11 a new government/industry complex has emerged—one that brings together all aspects of national security. Its formation and explosive growth are the product of three interrelated trends:

1) increased outsourcing to private contractors unleashed by the Bush administration,
2) a surge in the intelligence budget, and
3) the creation of the Department of Homeland Security.

While governmental functions are divided into departmental responsibilities, the various dimensions of post-Sept. 11 national security operations are more integrated in industry. Who are the top homeland security contractors, the top intelligence contractors, the top military contractors?

The top 10 DHS contractors in 2008 were Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, IBM, L-3 Communications, Unisys, SAIC, Boeing, Booz Allen Hamilton, General Electric, and Accenture. Other corporations that are among the top 25 DHS contractors include General Dynamics, Fluor, Computer Sciences Corp., American Eurocopter, Electronic Data Systems, and Motorola.Other major intelligence contractors include Booz Allen Hamilton, CACI International, DRS Technologies, and Mantech International
RNC's Steele shows fundraising savvy and spreads the wealth around
Four firms linked closely to Steele and his campaign for the chairmanship have made $360,000 so far during his tenure. On Message Inc., a firm run by Curt and Wes Anderson, has been the biggest beneficiary, pulling in almost $219,000 for voter registration and opinion polls.

Grassroots Targeting, one of the better-known Republican microtargeting shops in the country, operated by Blaise Hazelwood, has made $70,000 so far. South Carolina media specialist Jim Dyke & Associates has made $57,000, some of it coming from production of Web videos for the RNC. And Marsh Copsey & Associates, a strategic communications firm, has received $14,000 from the RNC.

Meanwhile, the DNC has relied heavily on AKPD Message and Media, the firm founded by Obama’s senior political adviser, David Axelrod. Axelrod sold his interest in the firm before moving into an office in the White House, but Obama’s campaign manager, David Plouffe, remains a senior adviser to the company.
So far, the DNC has paid AKPD Message and Media $296,784 since February.
Democrats say they do not see a problem with hiring an established firm, especially given that Axelrod no longer holds an ownership stake in the company.
Obama's Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings Hid Pedophilia
President Obama's "safe schools czar" is a former schoolteacher who has advocated promoting homosexuality in schools, written about his past drug abuse, expressed his contempt for religion and detailed an incident in which he did not report an underage student who told him he was having sex with older men.
Illinois: Planned Parenthood to offer abortion drugs
They are THRILLED even!
Elective abortions will be available in Springfield for the first time next year when Planned Parenthood of Illinois begins to dispense abortion-inducing pills at its downtown health center. “We’re thrilled with this expansion of services,” Planned Parenthood board member Lyn Schollett of Springfield said Wednesday. “I think we’ll actually find there’s a lot of support for these services in the community.”

Mackenzie Phillips: After abortion, 'I never let him touch me again'
Suspecting it was her dad's, she had an abortion -- that John Phillips paid for -- and "and I never let him touch me again."

'Abortion addict' draws pro-life attention
Naturally, you think the covenant of death wants this woman as their poster girl? Same way no one will talk about Frank Lombard but us "unhinged loons".
Pro-life blogger Jill Stanek wrote at "Vilar may say she does not intend her book to become one big pro-life talking point, but pro-lifers are really the only ones who can talk about it. I've checked the blogs, and although it's still early, only pro-lifers are writing about Impossible Motherhood.

Pope 'unaware' of Holocaust denial
September 25, 2009: THE Vatican said today Pope Benedict XVI was unaware that a rebel bishop had denied the existence of Nazi gas chambers before he took the decision to lift his excommunication. "The pope had not been informed of (Bishop Richard) Williamson's position when he decided to lift his excommunication," Federico Lombardi, the Vatican's spokesman, said.

"We have said 100 times that Williamson's comments are unacceptable," said Mr Lombardi, adding that the matter was now "finished". Mr Lombardi was reacting to a statement by Stockholm's Roman Catholic bishop who said on Wednesday the Vatican knew that Bishop Williamson had denied the existence of Nazi gas chambers two months before the pope lifted his excommunication.

Bishop Anders Arborelius said on Wednesday that the Vatican had been told of Bishop Williamson's denials which were made to Swedish public television SVT in November 2008 and aired on January 21, 2009. "I believe there were no gas chambers ... I think that 200,000 to 300,000 Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps but none of them by gas chambers," Bishop Williamson said in the interview.

"There was not one Jew killed by the gas chambers. It was all lies, lies, lies," he added.

Bishop Arborelius said that the diocese had sent the content of the interview to the Vatican in November 2008 with the warning that the program would be broadcast in January, 2009. The excommunication was lifted three days after the program went out. Bishop Williamson was one of four excommunicated bishops that the pope agreed to take back into the Church in January 2009 to try to heal a split with traditionalist Roman Catholics, who rejected the Vatican's liberal reforms of the early 1960s.
Bishop: Vatican was told of Holocaust denier

VATICAN CITY, Sept. 24 (UPI) -- A Swedish bishop says he alerted the Vatican before the excommunication of Bishop Richard Williamson was lifted to statements he had made denying the Holocaust.

Anders Arborelius, the bishop of Stockholm, described his actions as routine, saying the Vatican is always told of "issues relating to the church," The Italian news agency ANSA reported.

Williamson, excommunicated because of his allegiance to a traditionalist archbishop, said in an interview on Swedish television in January that only 200,000 to 300,000 Jews died in World War II concentration camps and "not one of them in a gas chamber." Three days after the interview, Williamson's excommunication was lifted, returning him to good standing with the church.

A Vatican spokesman said Wednesday that Pop Benedict XVI was unaware of Williamson's views at the time.

The pope's action angered many Jews. In March, he sent an unusual letter to bishops acknowledging he should have been more careful, taking steps like checking the Internet where Williamson's statements were available.

The Pope still matters
Yes he does. But sadly he will not cracking any whips for our side anytime soon. In fact he will sell them our heads and our souls, and IMO he already has.
More recently, Pope Benedict XVI set off a firestorm in the Islamic world with a Sept. 12, 2006, lecture in Regensburg, Germany, in which he linked Muhammad with violence. Since then, however, carving out an "alliance of civilizations" with Islam has become Benedict's top inter-faith priority, and there's considerable evidence that it's working. When Benedict traveled to the Middle East in May, Islamic leaders such as Jordan's King Abdullah and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Muhammad Ahmad Hussein, welcomed him with open arms, vowing to stand together against secularization.

Record Anglo-Saxon treasure trove found
A stunning hoard of Anglo-Saxon treasure went on show on Friday -- but the golden trove's lustre was tarnished by a reported row between the two men who will share the fortune it sells for.The discovery of the biggest ever such haul -- at least 1,350 items, including 11 pounds of gold, found in a field in central England by a metal detector hobbyist in July -- was announced on Thursday.

And on Friday it was unveiled to the public at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, where visitors will be able to view a selection of items until October 13.But the show was marred by a reported row between the 55-year-old unemployed man who stumbled upon it, and the farmer in whose field the treasures were found. Farmer Fred Johnson said the discovery had soured his relationship with Terry Herbert, who has been metal detecting for the last 18 years, and was using his trusty 14-year-old detector when he made the life-changing find.

"I'm not happy with Terry," he was quoted as saying by The Times newspaper. "I think it is more about the money for him, and I'm going to have to confront him about that.
Ancient history / The Hittites' thousand gods

Is Ken Burns a secret propagandist for socialism?

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