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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Just Another Godbag Christofascist Jew...

Johnny Cash
Personal Jesus

Palestinians want right of return status
Straight outta the Baker Plan

PA officials 'surprised' by US Middle East plan
"The Palestinian position on these issues is very clear," explained another PA official. "We insist on the right of return for all refugees on the basis of United Nations resolution 194, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with all of East Jerusalem, including the Old City, as its capital."
Al-Aqsa: PA not averse to OIC rule
RAMALLAH: The Palestinian Authority (PA) would be willing to relinquish Palestinian rights over the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound only if its sovereignty is transferred to the Jeddah-based Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) as part of a final-status agreement, sources said yesterday. The OIC is a signatory to the Arab peace initiative.

The Israeli daily Haaretz quoted the Palestinian sources as saying the PA was studying a proposed agreement that would provide the Palestinians with backing from all Muslim states on a historic compromise with Israel.

According to the proposal, the Al-Buraq Wall and the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City would be under Israeli sovereignty, while the Muslim, Christian and Armenian quarters would be transferred to Palestinian sovereignty.

Transferred to the "sovereignty" of a 60 year old propaganda op, to a "nation" that never existed.

Turkey will attend OIC FMs council

Russian FM Lavrov to attend OIC meeting

FM's To Discuss Future OIC Peacekeeping Role In The Muslim World
Super Caliphatal Exigently Most Atrocious
Foreign ministers from Muslim countries meeting here (DAMASCUS) beginning Saturday are slated to examine a conceptual paper on the Organisation of the Islamic Conference's (OIC) future role in maintaining peace, security and resolving conflicts in member states.

The paper sets out from the premise that the Muslim world needs to have peacekeeping troops as myriad conflicts are waged within Muslim territories, not to mention that OIC members provide the largest contribution to United Nations (UN) peacekeeping forces, according to an OIC statement.

Damascus is hosting the 36th Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) of the Member States of the OIC from May 23 to 25, under the theme "Promoting Islamic Solidarity".

Malaysia will be represented at the gathering by Foreign Minister Datuk Anifah Aman.

The statement said the CFM would discuss a host of political issues, notably the Arab-Israeli conflict, with developments in the holy city of Al-Quds and Israel's relentless aggression against Palestinians topping the meeting's agenda.
Still think the Bible is "Metaphorical"?
The Torah is History's DNA. Study it well if you wish to survive.

Syria says Israel offer to talk useless without Golan
Also straight outta the Baker Plan

Syria's Assad: Israel Is 'Obstacle' to Peace

Israel's Isaiah: An Oracle Against Damascus

Appearing in the Guardian, UK:
US must rein in Israel's nuclear arms
All evil meets three times daily at Jew Hate Junction.

Nasrallah: Death to those who spy for Israel!

Death to everyone!

Saudi Arabia ready to assist Tajikistan
In the course of the talks, Zarifi expressed gratitude to Saudi Arabia for support for holding of the 37th session of foreign ministers of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) member nations in Dushanbe in 2010.

Tajik minister noted that Tajikistan was one of the first in the Central Asian region to host such an important for Muslim countries event.

For his part, Prince Saud Al-Faisal stated that Saudi Arabia was ready to provide assistance to Tajikistan with holding of that session.
Tajikistan displays activity in cooperation with OIC, says OIC ...
I love the headline ... says OIC!
Displaying cooperative activity with the OIC is very good for health and most halal, my good Tajik friends, ulema and dhimmis!

I find this interesting that these two entities run the exact same content.
Behold the Islamoleftist conversion:
King Abdullah's 57-State Solution
CounterPunch - Petrolia,CA,USA

King Abdullah's '57-State Solution'
Middle East Online - London,UK
57 ways to weave your cover

Netanyahu: Jerusalem will never be divided
BiBi... do you mean daddy it or are you just trying to seduce me again?
And even if you do mean it, do you really have it within your control to stop it?
REPENT and Hashem will raise his right hand!

Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu's peace plan
What emerged from the meeting is that Obama's priorities regarding Iran, Israel and the Arab world are diametrically opposed to Israel's priorities
France slams Netanyahu's Jerusalem 'forever' vow
Yeah well I got two words for France and they ain't zoot allures.

Brazil and Turkey Talk Trade and Middle East Peace

Closer Ties Between Brazil and Arab World
Yes you see they are bringing "literature" to the forefront...

The statement of the ministers, which should be presented today and to which ANBA obtained access, is going to claim that a new phase has been inaugurated - its priorities being to consolidate and speed up the implementation of cooperation mechanisms - starting with the last Aspa summit, held in March this year, in Doha, Qatar. In the document they agree, for instance, on the creation of an Aspa cultural committee, which will undertake cultural projects between the two regions.

The ministers are also going to offer, in their final statement in Rio, the support of Aspa to the global "Alliance of Civilizations" conference, which Brazil should host next year. The meeting will serve as a forum for deepening global religious and cultural dialogue. The ministers call on the Aspa countries to participate in the conference.

Iran to host 'Afghanistan' summit on May 24

Iran Threatens to Send US Allies 'Into Hell'

Iran keeps monitoring US behavior: Speaker

Iran nuclear bomb would be calamitous: US military

YA THINK? In fucking Mensa, they belong.

UAE nuclear energy plant seen ready in 2015-IAEA
For peaceful energy purposes only. Just like Iran.
Except inthis case it is The Country Formerly Known As America [Oymeristan] helping the UAE, not the Russians.

Saudi Arabian Oil Minister Naimi Says Oil to Reach $75 a Barrel

We will charge what we like, filthy dhimmis. Jizya Akbar!
And your government will gladly pay.

Oil hovers above $60

Oil gains on dollar weakness

US troop surge in Afghanistan 'could push Taliban into Pakistan'


Jewsus Save Us From the Grand High Whores of the Caliph Fate!
UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations Jorge Sampaio warned Thursday that relenting in the fight against discrimination and social exclusion will create conditions for social outbreaks of "unpredictable consequences."

Speaking at the opening ceremony of an international forum entitled Cultures Encounter: Listen to Integrate, Sampaio said some governments have devaluated cultural diversity on the pretext of the global financial crisis.

"In this time of sharp crisis, it is necessary, more than ever, for the authorities not to relegate the policies of good governance of cultural diversity, because they will create conditions for social outbreaks of unpredictable consequences," Sampaio said.

Good governance of cultural diversity cannot just be a celebration for one day or one year, and it must be the work of a generation, Sampaio added.

Gorbachev laments Russian rollback on democracy
Still scared shitless of KGB Vlad.
Gorbachev accused Russia's current government of trying to consolidate its grip on power and stifle opposition voices, but avoided specific mention of President Dmitry Medvedev or his predecessor Vladimir Putin, who is now prime minister.

"We have seen the step-by-step monopolization of political activities," Gorbachev said at a conference marking the 20th anniversary of the first democratically elected Soviet parliament.

Gazprom prepays Ukraine for 2009 gas transit to Europe
You don't pay, Igor Ibreakyerneckski comes to see you

Gazprom raised $1 billion from sale of extraneous assets

Gazprom emergency exercises held in Astrakhan Oblast
The exercises were held at the proving ground of the Dosang training center. The exercises brought together around sixty task unit heads and experts from the Astrakhan, Orenburg, Yamal and Central blowout response forces of Gazprom gazobezopasnost including a group from the departmental fire-fighting service of Gazprom dobycha Astrakhan. The invited party comprised representatives from Kazakhstan Emergency Ministry leadership and Wintershall Holding AG specialized subdivisions.
CNN asks: Why does Russian energy giant Gazprom wield such power?
Maybe they should start reading here and they'd know this kinda shit.

Gazprom further alienates Turkmenistan over pipeline explosion
Bad Vlad, he will break it off in your Turkmen asses. You will see.

Joint Romanian-Russian commission seeks solutions

GOD help the Romanians. Darkness is closing in on them again, they barely got 20 years.
See 1989 ROMANIAN REVOLUTION, which most Americans are sadly totally ignorant of.

Behold your future: THE ANTI-HUMANS
This account, as I have said, deals with prisons in Romania, but the procedures used there have been and are used wherever the anti-humans have gained control. Identical procedures, together with such improvements as may have been suggested by their experiments and delights in Romania and other captive nations, will be used everywhere that their power is extended including, of course, the United States, if that nation reaches the goal toward which it is presently moving at a vertiginous speed. If the Americans succumb, they will remember this book as a prophecy that was completely fulfilled.
Beware the wrath of Badass Vlad.

Kazakhstan Bans Book Over 'Secrets'
Kazakh prosecutors said Thursday that anyone caught buying, selling or reproducing a book written by President Nursultan Nazarbayev's former son-in-law would be prosecuted.
Kazakhstan's Book Ban And The Issue Of 'Prior Restraint'

Economic situation in Kazakhstan and Russia under control
In Soviet Kazakhstan, controller controls you.

Senior IMF official to visit Kazakhstan
The International Monetary Fund said its Deputy Managing Director Takatoshi Kato will visit Kazakhstan on May 28 after analysts said the country may need cash to stabilise its banks and to prevent shocks to its economy.
Its oil-dominated economy and highly leveraged banks have been hit hard by the global economic crisis that has put to an end a decade of strong growth in the ex-Soviet republic.
In a transcript of a briefing by External Relations Director Caroline Atkinson published late on Thursday, the IMF said one of its senior managers would visit Kazakhstan next week.
"Deputy Managing Director Takatoshi Kato is traveling to Kazakhstan ... for a discussion with the authorities and to attend a meeting of the Central Bank Governors Club for Central Asia, the Black Sea Region and the Balkan Countries," she said.
One more step to Kazakhstan-Europe rapprochement
Yes let's be allies with these book banning dissident killing flying ball seeing Igor MFers.
That's an excellent idea!

Russia, Kazakhstan to develop KazSat-2 project
Follow those flying balls, Igor!

Russia puts military satellite into orbit

HA HA HA. Watch in rapt amazement as Vlad's Mighty Balls fly!

Uzbekistan cuts gas supplies to Tajikistan by 4X

Uzbekistan to provide humanitarian aid to Tajikistan

Bible banned in Uzbekistan
Just in case you overlooked it in the last links.

Pakistan Says Uzbek, Chechen Fighters Aiding Taliban in Swat

Second Moscow Banker in a Month Quits Goldman

AIG CEO Liddy Leaves 'Terrible Job' for Successor
Liddy used to be a Gold Man himself.. he was once on the board.
Liddy was appointed to AIG by then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who was CEO of Goldman Sachs
Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley apply to repay TARP funds
The majority of the other banks will not be allowed to repay. You wait and see.

Goldman Upgrades Bank Stocks

Temasek 'ups CCB stake'
With the Gold Man's Fang

Geithner calls for sustaining strong US dollar
Call in one hand and shit in the other and see which gets filled first, Timmah...

Bernanke Leaves No Room for Interpretation

Text of Cheney's speech on national security
He's got Haliburton, they've got Raytheon, let's call the whole thing off.

President Obama Delivers Speech on Fighting Terrorism
What is this anyway, dueling bullshit speech week?

Missile Defense Agency Faults Raytheon on Warhead
The Raytheon warhead is the critical weapon in the $35.5 billion U.S. network of ground-based interceptor missiles linked by satellites, radar and communications. The 28 missiles are in silos at Fort Greely, Alaska, and Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, as a defense against North Korean missiles.

Raytheon is the world’s largest missile maker. The warheads are assembled at its plant in Tucson, Arizona, and the lapses there are similar to the “many other” problems over the past year with other missile defense contractors, said O’Reilly, the agency’s new commander.

Credit card law could hurt most reliable customers
Naturally, socialism is glorified grand theft backed up with brutal muscle.
Just like the Mafia. But they had far more honor.

Regulators Seize and Sell Florida's Biggest Regional Bank
Or we'll sic Czar Paulson and his boys on yer ass.

Obama to Push GM Into Bankruptcy
See above. Render, MFers.

Aide to Stephen Israel denies Emanuel threatened him

I am always wary of denials, they usually mean the opposite did occur.
An aide to Rep. Steve Israel denied Friday that White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel threatened adverse political consequences if the Huntington Democrat went forward with a 2010 primary challenge to New York's appointed junior senator, Kirsten Gillibrand.

Two days before pulling the plug a week ago on the Senate campaign he was set to launch, Israel went to the White House to discuss his plans with Emanuel, Israel's chief of staff Jack Pratt confirmed Friday.
NASAA and other regulators want in on systemic risk oversight
Swarming Vultures...

Geithner testifies to House Appropriations panel
Translation: Eventually we will appropriate everything in your house, foolish proples.
STFU! No Questions!

Chavez nationalises metal industries

Venezuela to pay $1B for Spanish-owned bank

Raid in Venezuela on an Opposition TV Network Executive's Office

EU-China Summit and the new world order
There's that fuckin' phrase again. Eleventy!

Baucus Predicts GOP Votes for Health Care Reform
You Do Not Have Two Parties. Period.
Say it ten times, FAST!

Republicans' "Socialist" Resolution

The Republican National Committee will conclude a special session with a much-anticipated vote on a resolution to re-brand the Democratic Party as the "Democrat Socialist Party." ANP senior producer, Harry Hanbury, roamed the RNC meeting with a camera and spoke with committeemen and state chairs to hear their thoughts on the vote and their ideas about both parties.


So these staggering hypocrites will act like none of this started UNDER THEIR PARTY and their big solution is to REBRAND the democrats for your amusement and continue to allow it all to happen. And people STILL believe they have two parties.

Figh Billion Dolla Gubbmint PEPCO CEO addresses Rutgers
Man...the Glow Ballers are all up in everyone's graduation this year.
And none of them mention GOD, ever.

Obama to address US Naval Academy graduates

Obama picks ex-astronaut Charles Bolden to be new NASA administrator

OK... whoTF is this guy now?

Oh lookie, Raytheon & Bolden, both on the ADVISORY BOARD OF DIRECTORS for
The Haines Centre for Strategic Management:

From April 2003 to December 2004 he (Bolden) was Senior Vice President of TechTrans International Inc., of Houston, TX. He is currently the CEO of JACKandPANTHER LLC, a small business enterprise providing leadership, military, and aerospace consulting as well as motivational speaking.

Mr. Bolden is a member of the Board of Directors of Marathon Oil Corporation, GENCORP Inc., Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina, and the Bristow Group Inc. He is a Trustee of the University of Southern California.
I wish I had more time today to research this guy but I am sure it will all lead to the same old place.

Alan Greenspan, central figure in financial collapse is devout atheist

What... you people just now figured this one out?
Not only was he a "devoted follower of Rand" as the article states he was one of her original "collective" as she herself called it.
Good on them for seeing the implications of this and publishing this piece.

The New Socialism: Global Collectivist Society Is Coming Online
Seems they like it.

Filipinos who aided Jews to be honored in Israel

Election of new president poses dilemma for South African Jews
Being a Jew IS a dilemma no matter where TF on this Glow Ball you are, nu?

Former Army Doctor Accused of Research Fraud Takes Leave
Yes, please, do leave.

God Declares that Richard Dawkins Never Existed!

Homeland Security Today Sez: Crisis Preparedness and the Public
You wanna be prepared for a crisis then you better fucking REPENT immediately.
Report suggests that America can learn much from Israeli example on public crisis preparedness. It’s a widely accepted truism in American politics that an engaged citizenry is the best defense. Yet, when it comes to emergency preparedness, the American public remains incredibly unengaged in the process, largely lacking both the knowledge and the opportunity to participate proactively and constructively.
US Government Seeks Swine Flu Vaccine for 20 Million

First Death for Washington Assisted-Suicide Law

Oh go kill yaselves. Behold the culture of Death.

Sudan: OIC to Build 120 Darfur Villages At US $485 Million
I say name it Potemkinstan. See: POTEMKIN VILLAGE

5.2 in China

3.0 in Upstate New York

4.1 in Los Angeles

5.7 in Mexico

Earthquake fault much larger, more dangerous than thought
An earthquake fault previously believed to be limited to an area south of Washington state's Whidbey Island actually stretches 250 to 300 miles, from Victoria, B.C., to Yakima, Wash., crossing the Cascade Mountains and capable of producing a major earthquake, new research shows.

Depeche Mode
Personal Jesus


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