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Friday, April 3, 2009

MrsOC's Feral House of Bongos Presents: EXPIATE

Sing For Absolution

Ex"pi*ate\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Expiated; p. pr. & vb. n. Expiating.]
[L. expiatus, p. p. of expiare to expiate; ex out + piare to seek to appease, to purify with sacred rites, fr. pius pious. See Pious.]

1. To extinguish the guilt of by sufferance of penalty or some equivalent; to make complete satisfaction for; to atone for; to make amends for; to make expiation for; as, to expiate a crime, a guilt, or sin.

To expiate his treason, hath naught left. ~ Milton.
The Treasurer obliged himself to expiate the injury. ~ Clarendon.

2. To purify with sacred rites. [Obs.] Neither let there be found among you any one that shall expiate his son or daughter, making them to pass through the fire
~ Deut. 18:10 (Douay version)
If you chew tobacco
Don't spit on the floor
Expiate in the cuspidor

the modern state
we only hate
what may seem great.
It's getting late
we meet our fate.
go home it's late
unlock the gate.
~ Battlestar PKactica

The recipe for Creamed Seagull
served on old Meissen China
That grandpa bought for grandma
post some Boer War Campaign
Which calls for gutted snails
and snippets of a fresh killed myna
And entrails of a carriage horse
without the tail or mane

It’s in the soup pot cooking now,
I’m warming the tureen
And I am dressing in a gown
of antique tatted lace.
I have to say with no small pride
I think ‘twill take between
A year or two to expiate the sin of pride I face.

For I have planned a dinner party for my close relations
They’ll dine upon the finest linen and the silver plate
I hope that they (for all they’ve done for me)-enjoy their rations
Their comfort and their kindnesses have gained them this grand fate.

It's not too late,
To expiate,
Those sins
That have
No sell-by date!
Repentance time,
It needs no rhyme,
In every clime,
Mankind's crimes,
Against each other,
Against my brother,
Need expiation,
Every Nation,
It's not too late,
Pray G-d, it's not to late,
To expiate,
What once went wrong,
This is my song.

"I expiate that D.C. has less crime than other cities, 'cept for the murders",
said Marion Barry

To unlearned ears expiate
Sounds like the opposite of its meaning
ex - away from
pia -- piety, devotion to god
ate -- some kind of ending;
Also, the aftermath of eat
Though not the ultimate aftermath
It would seem, thus
Logically, at first
To mean moving away from faith
And towards the more carnal things
Of eating (perhaps I wax absurd)
Or at least of assuming a state
(The significance of the "ate")
Implying leaving piety behind
In fact it means something different
But I wonder how many folk
In their desire to "expiate"
Their guilt of sin and offense
Despair in the end of grace
And come to believe their sin
Too great to be expiated
By means human or Divine
And thus, in despair of expiation
They ex-piate, and abandon faith
Which leads me to fear too many
Expiatory acts carry not the certainty
Of return to the Church's bosom
But to the abandonment of faith
For pride in the heinousness
The inestiminable greatness
Of their petty little offense

Tonight I decided, since the wife was out
To cook pheasant, browned in butter and braised in sauerkraut
Seasoned with Juniper berries piquant
And garlic-scented sausages puissant
Baked in a medium hot oven in a casserole
Until the gamier, more sour aspects console
And turn to tender sweet, a dish sublime
Over an hour and a half of cooking time.
The dish comes at the end of a damp depressing day
Where I could feel my self slowly slipping away
From the companionship of my friends and peers
Who, after voicing sentiments most insincere
In an interminable meeting where the one moment I found soothing
Was when a colleague said, "you can tell he's lying -- his lips are moving."
Only minutes before entering that hideous place
I had been teaching my students about penance and grace
Expounding -- and how was this for fate!
Upon differing meanings of the term "expiate."
Whether in the eastern mold it refers to the soul's ascent
According to the Orthodox Platonic bent
Or whether, in the Western manner juridical in form
It is about the relationship between confession and penance perform'd
And I thought that there was in that airless room
The participants in the drama might contemplate their doom
And think about how to expiate their sin
Before leaving their pathetic remains to grieving kith and kin
So that, like the pheasant and kraut braising away
They might contemplate, their petty life and manners fey
And expiate the bitter, raw, and gamy flavors
That mark them as undeserving of men's or God's favors
Or rather, clinging to to their wild courses
And then be dragged into the pit by demonic forces
And for all eternity experience a different sort of treatment
As they into the ovens of Hell, trussed and seasoned, are sent.

At the Glow Ball Convention,
Without further pretension,
We proudly present Your World Peace:
All War Will Now Cease
from the West to the East
And we're just the right guys to foment this!
We'll kill all the Jews,
and burn all their shoes ~
and loot till our hearts are contented
Their houses we'll raze,
They've seen their last days
for the Jews are the cause of our tensions!
To thunderous applause,
he outlined their cause
with solutions too final to mention.
Our sins expiated!
Our darkness abated!
Our best and last hope for redemption!
Through the roar of the crowd
it was heard and quite loud
an anonymous voice of dissension
The problem you face
Oh great masters of race
must have slipped from your memory's retention,
But from ancient of days
Juden shock and amaze
with powers beyond comprehension
Recall if you will
any others we've killed
who've managed so much.....
~ BabbaZee

The Unforgiven

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