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Friday, April 3, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Gnu Whirled Odor

Weird Al Yankovic
Smells Like Nirvana

IRAN's HEADLINE: Syria offers Israel chance to avoid war
BASHIR: "There is no escaping the fact that the day will come when we will free the Golan, through peace or through war," he explained.
Guess what? Also not new and also all part of the BAKER PLAN:

12/6/06: Baker report: Israel must withdraw from Golan

5/31/07: Olmert: Israel Willing to Give up Golan for Peace with Syria

5/23/08: Syria, Israel and the Golan Heights

Iran urges haste on Syrian gas deal

Israel FM rules out any withdrawal from Golan
"There is no cabinet resolution regarding negotiations with Syria, and we have already said that we will not agree to withdraw from the Golan Heights," Lieberman told the Haaretz daily.
Haneya: Hamas accepts statehood in Gaza, West Bank, E Jerusalem
"The establishment of the Palestinian statehood on the borders of the territories occupied in June 1967 is a joint national goal and Hamas will not be an obstacle on its way," Haneya said, adding that "Hamas movement was seeking to achieve it."
UN: Judge Goldstone to Investigate Alledged Israeli Crimes in Gaza

Q&A With the Head of Iran's New America's Desk
Last year, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ordered Iran's foreign ministry to create a separate desk for the Americas. Until then, affairs related to the continent of America were lumped together with Europe. The desk was mainly created in anticipation of expanding economical and political ties with both North and South America.

This week, top diplomats from Iran and the U.S. met in Hague to discuss security and stability in Afghanistan. It was the first such high profile meeting in 30 years. Deputy foreign minister Alireza Salari heads the Americas desk in Iran's foreign ministry. He is a career diplomat who served as Iran's ambassador to United Arab Emirates. In December he sat down for an exclusive interview with the Wall Street Journal's Farnaz Fassihi at his office in Iran's foreign ministry.
Only Obama can save Iran from Israeli bombs

Use Iran and Turkey’s strength, says OIC leader

Khatami to come to Turkey summit

OIC Chief Praises Positive Outcome Of Doha Arab Summit

Clinton Reveals Small Contacts With Iran

Iran Denies US Reports Of Warm Exchange At International Conference
STFU or I'll hit you with my shoe again...

Venezuelan President Visits Iran

Chavez to Inaugurate Development Bank With Iran’s Ahmadinejad

Meeting on allegations Arafat poisoned postponed
Jordanian heart surgeon Abdullah al-Bashir said Thursday that due to the short notice, most of the doctors could not attend.Al-Bashir, who heads the committee launched last week by the Yasser Arafat Foundation, said the meeting will be rescheduled soon, but gave no date.
The U.S. and Europe, who have dominated the G-8, now have little option too but to accept a new world order.
Obama hails the new world order
Last night British ministers said the real significance of yesterday's agreement was not the $1trn package but the enhanced role it gave to world institutions like the IMF, whose budget will triple to $750bn. "A new world financial order has been born, almost by accident, because of this crisis," one cabinet minister said. "These bodies have been revamped; now they need to raise their game."
Glow Ballin' State of Delusions:
Based on his public statements, one has to conclude that Koh believes in a world government financed by global taxes.
With the nomination of Harold Hongju Koh, the Dean of Yale Law School, as the Legal Adviser for the State Department, President Barack Obama is putting a world government team in place under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The other key appointment was Anne-Marie Slaughter, the dean of Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, as Director of Policy Planning at State. Slaughter wrote the 2004 book, A New World Order, and believes in an international system dominated by the U.N. and other global institutions and networks.
Concert of Democracies: Same Old Globalism
The bipartisan support of the idea is indicative of it becoming a serious reality at some point in the future. From the establishment right's John McCain and prominent neocons like Robert Kagan to liberal internationalists like Slaughter and Daalder, there are ardent promoters of the idea very close to our nation's centers of power.

While in the past, the UN served as the vehicle for globalists to achieve their desired goals, it would now appear that some very influential individuals are seeking a new and more effective strategy in the effort to achieve a "global covenant."

Whether the globalists achieve their goals or not, one can rest assured that America will find itself pulled further into costly, deadly, and unnecessary foreign interventions in the process.
New world order emerges from chaos

G20 leaders begin talks to bury 'free' markets

G-20 Shapes New World Order With Lesser Role for U.S., Markets

Russia and China back currency study

The Drive to Abolish National Currencies

G20 summit: Nicolas Sarkozy threatens to walk out
He wants to style himself as a "pioneer" of a new moral capitalism
Violence Breaks Out at G-20 Protest in London
In an act of international populist anger, thousands of people took to London’s streets today.
(emphasis mine ~ bz)

Morris: Obama a 'Disaster' at the G20 Summit
Well, it depends on what you want to achieve. I think it was a disaster, but it's probably a disaster he likes. Literally from April 2nd of this year -- that is, today -- it's a whole new world of financial regulation in which, essentially, all of the U.S. regulatory bodies and all U.S. companies are put under international regulation, international supervision. It really amounts to a global economic government.
President Obama Holds Press Conference at G-20

OBAMA: All right. Here, I'm going to call on this gentleman right here. He's -- he's been very persistent.

QUESTION: Ray Chi Gou (ph) of China Central Television. It seems the world leaders have been talking about increasing the voice and voting rights of developing countries. I would like to ask two questions instead of just one. First one, on behalf of China...

OBAMA: I may choose which one I want to answer.


QUESTION: Oh, of course.

OBAMA: That's always the danger of asking two questions.

G20 leaders claim summit success, tout NEW WORLD ORDER:
Gordon Brown, host of the summit, said the meeting marked the emergence of a “new world order”, as he unveiled what leaders claimed was a $1,100bn package of measures to tackle the global downturn, including support for lower income countries and a $250bn plan to boost the international money supply.
China exporters potential beneficiaries of G20 plan

The GLOWBALL Islamo-Socialist Stimulus Plan:

“Islamic finance now extends beyond the traditional predominantly Muslim economies to become an increasingly important part of the international financial system.”

“Islamic finance implicitly embraces strong core values and universally beneficial characters.”

“The Islamic financial system derives its strength and stability from its faculty to uphold Shariah principles. The Islamic financial system thus has an in-built dimension that promotes financial soundness and stability, as it resides within a financial trajectory underpinned by the forces of Shariah injunctions.”

These are the words of Tan Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz, a prominent Bank Governor in Malaysia who has been an outspoken advocate of the Islamic financial system as an alternative to Western capitalism. Aziz has given speeches at Islamic finance summits pointing out the success of Malaysia’s Islamic-based economy and laying out a clear mission: “positioning Islamic finance as an integrated component of the International Financial System.”

12-year-old protester: 'Death of capitalism'

Testimony of Director Robert Riegle, State and Local Program Office, Office of Intelligence and Analysis, before the Committee on Homeland Security, Subcommittee on Intelligence, Information Sharing, and Terrorism Risk Assessment:

[gasps for air]

"The Future of Fusion Centers: Potential Promise and Dangers"

Fusion Centers Should Be Dismantled, Expert Says

ACLU Calls For Internal DHS Investigations On Fusion Centers

Unlikely pair on same civil liberties side

Storm Clouds Gather Over Obama Nominees

Though April showers may come your way....
they bring the Comrades that bloom in May...

The Latest Corporate Social Responsible News: Investing in...Genocide?
This past week, TIAA-CREF upped the ante in its anti-genocide activism by pledging to push companies supporting the genocidal Darfur regime to reverse this complicity -- or face divestment. This applies immediately if invitations to meet with TIAA-CREF go unanswered by "target" companies that provide most support to the regime: PetroChina, CNPC Hong Kong, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Sinopec, and PETRONAS. Seven other companies have nine months to publicly announce "significant progress" before TIAA-CREF yanks them from its portfolios.
They would have to go out of business entirely to sever all links to investments in genocide.
"Like all my American colleagues, I love Sudan," he said, speaking partly in Arabic...

US envoy wants friendship, cooperation from Sudan
"I come here with my hands open. And it will be up to the Sudanese government to determine how they want to continue with the relationship. Hopefully it will be with hands of friendship and cooperation," envoy Scott Gration told reporters in Khartoum.

"Like all my American colleagues, I love Sudan," he said, speaking partly in Arabic on his first visit as special envoy to the country, which has faced heavy criticism from Western powers over the Darfur crisis.
Bush’s bailout plan is now Obama’s

The Paulson Plan was — as many suspected at the time — just the first step in a larger expansion of government power. Now Geithner proposes additional powers, discretionary and open-ended expansion of the government’s authority. How many more such steps will be necessary in the next few years? Where will this end?

Meanwhile Congress watches as our freedoms drain away, content to passively agree to each new rip in the Constitution.

Both Left and Right have warned about loss of freedoms, usually to jack-booted government thugs. Is it better or worse that this happens quietly, in tiny steps, though the growing power of well-dressed and mild-mannered bureaucrats?

Just for practice, while you read this chant “Baa, baa, baa.” But softly; please do not disturb the rest of the flock as we stroll into the pen. At the end are links to various expert reviews of the Geithner Plan.

Geithner's plan is a radical step away from the system

Nobel Laureate Stiglitz: Geithner's Plan Is Just Plain Robbery

WSJ: The Socialist Solution to the Crisis

Goldman Sachs' Global Alpha co-heads retire
Gold Man Sacks Glow Ball Alpha Heads. LOL!

Goldman Sachs Banker: Don’t Call Me a Banker
Being called “an M&A banker is no longer acceptable,” said Tim Ingrassia, Goldman Sachs Group’s head of mergers and acquisitions for the Americas.

He would be better described as “an adviser to the free flow of capital,” Ingrassia said, only half-kidding while addressing attendees at an early Tulane University Corporate Law Institute panel. “It sounds like a government job.”

Hammer falls 18 floors at troubled Goldman Sachs construction site...
Bang Bang Maxwell's Silver Hammer Came Down Upon Their Heads!
The President Is 'Keeping Score'
"Don't think we're not keeping score, brother." That's what President Barack Obama said to Rep. Peter DeFazio in a closed-door meeting of the House Democratic Caucus last week, according to the Associated Press.
Flirting With Fascism:
So, let's do something here. I looked up the definition of fascism yesterday, and I want to — I want to break it down. The first part is — where socialism sought totalitarian control of a society's economic process through direct state operations of the means of production, fascism sought to control indirectly through the domination of nominally private owners.

AOL & Raytheon:
AOL has signed a 10-year agreement with Raytheon, a large government contractor specializing in defense and homeland security, to lease three office buildings and a portion of a fourth, on the east side of the tech company's Dulles campus.

Keith Little, a Raytheon spokesman, told me this morning that the company will consolidate its Northern Virginia operations, which are currently located in Falls Church, Reston and Herndon, and will move more than 1,500 employees to the Dulles campus in spring 2010.

Defense acquisition reform bill makes strides on Capitol Hill

The measure -- originally drafted and introduced by Sens. Carl Levin, D-Mich., and John McCain, R-Ariz -- would require Defense to conduct preliminary design reviews before approving new acquisition programs, use more prototypes and install a new, independent director of cost assessment.

Obama endorsed the bill on March 4, while ordering a government wide review of contracting practices. He said he wanted the measure passed quickly and asked Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Deputy Secretary William Lynn (RAYTHEON) to work with Levin and McCain.

Democrats Unveil Climate Bill

WASHINGTON — Robert M. Groves, a former census official and now a sociology professor at the University of Michigan, was nominated Thursday by President Obama to run the Census Bureau, a choice that instantly made Republicans nervous. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke described Mr. Grove as “a respected social scientist who will run the Census Bureau with integrity and independence.”
House votes to let FDA regulate tobacco
Next year maybe you'll need a gubbmint prescription for a Marlboro, Prole.
And a shitload of dollars, too.

Goodbye 'Global War on Terror,' hello some stupid substitute

Murder and beatings return to Russia as Medvedev soaks up sunshine
The ugly face of modern Russia returned to haunt the Kremlin yesterday as President Dmitri Medvedev was being feted with fellow world leaders in London.

One of Russia's leading human rights activists was recovering after being beaten up by a gang in Moscow. Lev Ponomaryov, 67, of the For Human Rights group, had spoken out in defence of the jailed anti-Kremlin oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky and was an outspoken critic of attempts to whitewash the crimes of the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

A small opposition newspaper in suburban Moscow also announced that one of its journalists had died after being attacked while investigating local election fraud. Sergei Protazanov, who was disabled and had a prosthetic arm, died after doctors had discharged him from hospital.

Comrade Lenin Gets Himself a Brand New Asshole:
Vandals blew a gaping hole in the rear end of a statue of Communist leader Vladimir Lenin on Wednesday, but Russian officials were not amused by the "monstrous" act of vandalism.
President Dmitry Medvedev said Thursday his idea of a new security pact for Europe did not aim to dissolve NATO, but urged the Western alliance to avoid steps which could alarm Russia.
Clashes at NATO summit protests

Dane in running for NATO top job

Russia would like to be engaged, but not married with NATO

US, Russia to begin nuclear-arms reduction talks

Russia warns US on Georgia

Russia Keeps Some Troops in Georgia, Defying Deal

Gazprom signs north Nigeria oil search deal

Moldova blast hits gas supplies
An explosion has damaged a gas pipeline in Moldova, cutting supplies to some eastern European nations by about 40 per cent. The "accident" occurred on Wednesday in the country's breakaway Transdniestr region.
Gazprom reduces gas supplies by 40% to Balkans after pipeline rupture

Gazprom to boost gas supplies to Turkey after pipeline accident

Azerbaijan and Russia Ink Tentative Gas Agreement


EU Says Turkmen Trade Agreement On Track

4.3 Shakes Northern California, Reveals New Fault

4.3 in Trinidad

UK Mob Overtakes Google Street View Vehicle

Iowa becoms third US state to allow gay marriage

Rocket fuel component in infant formula

Robot scientist comes up with its own new discoveries

Holland tulip fest bans anti-abortion group float

Tulips in Amsterdam

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