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Monday, January 26, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service vs The Glow Ball Church of Obamanable Hopenpocracy

The Rolling Stones
Sympathy For The Devil

Sky News, BBC won't broadcast Gaza charity appeal

Archbishop joins criticism of BBC refusal to screen Gaza appeal

Naturally, this is the same thug hugging asshole that said Sharia in the UK was "unavoidable".
Sure it is, Sir Dhimmsalot....because of Archbishops like YOU. Arch Dhimmi, you.

Abbas regime sentences Palestinian man to death for helping Israel

Tony Al-Blair meets Fayad in Ramallah, applauds Obama's appointment of Mitchell
Fuckin' guy wants to play Lawrence of Arabia...

Mitchell will be there Monday

Universities cancel study abroad in Israel

Hamas opens offices and prepares for talks

Hamas Proposes Year-Long Truce with Israel
While they reload.
Hudna, Hudna, Hudna, KABOOM!

Visiting Hamas exec says Obama will not bring change
Nope, he will bring folding money only!

Obama pledges to actively seek Middle East peace

U.S. Army War College Publishes Apologia for Hamas

Iran promises to reconstruct destroyed parliament building in Gaza

Iran tests air-to-air missile

Iran's Minister of Culture to go Morocco for OIC meeting

4.0 in Eastern Iran

Former German Chancellor Schroeder to visit Tehran in February

EU Removes MEK / People's Mujahadeen From Terror List


Etisalat (UAE) plans $5 bln 5-yr Iranian investment

US seizing of Iranian ship 'a covert op'

So covert, I am posting this here right now!

Mugabe begs Libya, Iran, Russia and China for cash
Beasts of a feather....

Islamists seize Somali MPs' base

Marines Propose Iraq Withdrawal
The U.S. Marine Corps is proposing to completely withdraw from Iraq later this year and shift 20,000 Marines to Afghanistan, boosting the Obama administration's plan to devote significant new resources to the Afghan war.

Gen. James Conway, the top Marine commander, said Friday that the combat portion of the Iraq war was effectively over. "The time is right for Marines in general terms to leave Iraq," he told reporters.
Guantanamo Case Files in Disarray

Karzai anger at US strike deaths
Yer fuckin' welcome.

Pakistan Deploys Soldiers to Guard Schools Against Taliban

India Sez: We face gas crisis if Iran/Turkmen pipeline is scrapped

Egypt participates in Hungarian Nabucco summit

Turkish energy minister to attend Nabucco summit

Gazprom Eyes Joint Venture In Slovakia

Gazprom will pay for everything!

They certainly will.

Russia plans base in Georgia "rebel region"

Japan's Idemitsu eyes doubling oil export capacity

Gas prices continue to rise

China to unveil petrochemical stimulus package

OPEN SECRETS: Gold Man Sacks Summary

Goldman Sachs, Gaohua and UBS Securities (Beijing) have won a series of IPO deals in mainland China. PetroChina, Asia's biggest oil producer, recently hired the UBS unit to help sponsor its Shanghai IPO, expected to raise $7 billion in the fourth quarter of this year

Again, Gaohua IS Gold Man Sacks, Fang's division. I don't think the author of that piece realizes that. Now, whoTF is UBS? (You BS - lol....again, the shit is writing itself....)



Foreign early birds to the market include Wall Street banks Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. Morgan Stanley has long had a leg up on most of its global rivals in the Chinese market. In 1995, it bought 34.3 percent stake of the country's first investment bank joint venture China International Capital Corp. (CICC).

Goldman Sachs owns 33 percent of the Beijing-based joint venture Goldman Sachs Gaohua Securities Co, which was established in 2004.

"UBS will become a neighbor of Goldman," said another banking source in Beijing. Goldman is working on at least two big-sized Shanghai initial public offerings for Ping An Insurance and Bank of Communications separately these days. UBS Securities is inheriting control of about 26 branches from Beijing Securities, which no longer exists.

Kingdom Holding Co 4280.SE, owned by Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, said on Saturday that it had revised its fourth-quarter earnings to show a small overall profit after initially reporting a net loss close to $8.3 billion.

The revision followed the completion of an examination by Kingdom Holding of its preliminary financial earnings for 2008 and a "re-categorization of some items of its income statement," according to a statement posted on Saudi bourse website.

Based on this "re-categorization," the company said, Kingdom Holding showed an "overall" profit of 276 million riyals ($73.6 million).

The company reported on January 20 a Q4 net loss of 30.97 billion riyals ($8.26 billion) after a dive in the value of its assets, which include a substantial stake in Citigroup (C.N). Kingdom's spokeswoman Heba Fatani declined to immediately comment on the official stock market disclosure.

Morgan, Banks May Split $207 Million in Fees for Pfizer-Wyeth
Pfizer’s advisers -- Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Barclays Plc and Citigroup Inc. -- together may get $82 million in fees, not counting what they’ll earn arranging a $22.5 billion lending package. The transaction is the biggest in health care in almost five years.
Highest Rates in Generation Confront Everyone Without Fed Funds

Two Illinois congressmen urged the Treasury in October to avoid taking any regulatory action against a struggling bank in their state, illustrating the aggressive efforts some politicians are taking to help hometown lenders during the bank crisis

In a letter they sent, Democratic Reps. Danny K. Davis and Luis Gutierrez also asked government officials to provide financial aid to National Bank of Commerce, based in the Chicago suburb of Berkeley, Ill. (Read the letter.)

Regulators rebuffed the request, and the two-branch bank failed on Jan. 16.

Obama Economic Adviser Predicts Relief Within Weeks of Stimulus

Geithner pleads for patience on financial fix

Summers Says Economy Entering ‘Difficult’ Time, Needs Stimulus

Obama aide won't rule out more money for bailouts

Here comes 'terrible'

The Talented Mr. Madoff

The Sacking of Bill Kristol

Davos scales back glitz
Mighty effin' white of 'em

Details on Davos World Economic Forum

Iceland's Business Minister Resigns

Iceland's PM: Government Has Collapsed
To the deafening roar of crickets from the Glow Ballers

Buying carbon credits gains steam

Todd Stern expected as "US climate change envoy"

Obama’s Partisan, Profane Confidant Reins It In
WASHINGTON — Early this month, Barack Obama was meeting with the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and other lawmakers when Rahm Emanuel, his chief of staff, began nervously cracking a knuckle. Mr. Obama then turned to complain to Mr. Emanuel about his noisy habit.At which point, Mr. Emanuel held the offending knuckle up to Mr. Obama’s left ear and, like an annoying little brother, snapped off a few special cracks.
Glow Ballers Galore Shoot the Hopium
All they are saying, is give Hopium a chance!

Top 25 liberals in US media

Belgian creche killer may have murdered weeks before

4.5 in S Australia

5.1 in Sumatra

Ten killed in Turkish avalanche

Three killed in Scottish avalanche

The Prophet Zimmy
1979 Grammy Awards
Gotta Serve Somebody

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