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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service & The Laws of Teshuva

I Am The Law

"Isha Yiat Hashem" ~ A God Fearing Woman

You shall have no other gods before Me
~ Exodus 20:3

The Source of Evil - Bo

By Rabbi Ben A.

"And G-d said to Moses, 'Come to Pharaoh'…" ~ Exodus 10:1
When G-d summoned Moses to confront Pharaoh, G-d did not say to him, "Go to Pharaoh," but rather, "Come to Pharaoh," as if to say that He, G-d, was already there and by approaching Pharaoh, Moses was actually approaching G-d.

Therein, G-d revealed to Moses the secret of Pharaoh's power and the power of all evil—that, in essence, it is truly nothing more than the audacious misappropriation of the power of G-d. In other words, the source of evil is the independent ego and the ultimate independence of ego is not the rejection of G-d but the belief that G-d's power is one's own.

"Come, enter the essence of evil and confront it in its source"After all, who was Pharaoh—tyrant, dictator, killer of children and oppressor of slaves? All of these were but manifestations of Pharaoh—particular character defects, if you will. But the essence of Pharaoh – that which made all of these other behaviors possible – was nothing more or less than the worship of self, as Pharaoh so outrageously exclaimed (Ezekiel 29:9), "I created myself."

Thus, G-d told Moses "Come to Pharaoh," as if to say, "Come, enter the essence of evil and confront it in its source, as it really is. You will find that I am there already, for I am the power that evil so audaciously claims as its own."

So it is with us. Our inner Pharaoh is the ego that claims G-d-like powers. He may be called by various names such as self-control, will-power or intelligence, but his message is always the same. He insists that he has our addiction under control. By the time we realize that this Pharaoh's claims are untrue, his domination over us is already complete. We stand face to face with evil, and it seems that there is nothing that we can do.

But then G-d beckons us, "Come. Come face the obsession as it really is. The ego is not as powerful as it claims, but to the contrary, completely powerless. When you can see this – that the power of ego is nothing but a complete and total lie – it is then, and only then, that you will see true power, the power of G-d."
Hilchot Teshuva: The Laws of Repentance
“A person can only love according to the degree he knows the object of his love. If he knows a little, he can love a little. And if he knows a lot, he can love a lot.”
(Laws of Teshuva 10:6)
Teshuva: literally means "return"

This is the word unhinged JaytheB was screaming in between dipping proles in the Jordan and munching on locusts and honey: TESHUVA! REPENT!

Re-Pent .....
literally, return to the penultimate, to the pinnacle, to your highest self

I do not think this is what most people interpret as the meaning when they hear the word repent, and yet this is exactly what it means.

Chief Rabbinate breaks Vatican ties

UN nuclear chief cancels BBC interview over Gaza appeal

Egypt attacks Iran and allies in Arab world
Egypt aired its grievances against Iran, the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas and the Lebanese Shi'ite group Hezbollah, saying they worked together in the fighting over Gaza to provoke conflict in the Middle East.
King Mohammed VI sues for "renewed media reporting on Islam”
King Mohammed VI of Morocco on Tuesday called for the institution of a “renewed media content" to serve the just causes of the Muslim world at the opening of the eighth session of OIC information ministers in Rabat.

"It is your responsibility to institute a renewed and objective media content using of modern means of communication," the Moroccan monarch told the 57 Information Ministers taking part in the meeting initiated by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).

Zanzibar has threatened to unilaterally join the Organisation of the Islamic Conference if the government fails to do so
Mr Hamza said according to the Union Constitution, all matters related to external relations, fall under the Government in Dar es Salaam. But on the IOC issue, the Zanzibar Government would be forced to act unilaterally, vowed the minister.

Elaborating, Mr Hamza said the earlier attempt by Zanzibar to join the organisation was blocked by the Union Government because of constitutional limitations. The minister said ten years on, the Union Government has failed to come up with strategies to join the organisation, and this has been at the expense of Zanzibar which stood to benefit economically from its membership.
Site of Somali Government Is Put Under Islamic Law

Mitchell Says Extending Israel-Hamas Truce 'Critically Important'

Obama Extends Hand To Arabs and Muslims
They like to take heads, too

NYT invents King Abdullah II's "5-State Solution" plea to Obamanable

Netanyahu: A divided J'lem would mean Iranian base mere meters away

Top Iranian cleric praises Hamas, Hezbollah “victory” over Israel

Iranian govt spokesman: Holocaust a 'big lie'

Iran Signs $1.76B Oil Agreement With China

China detains 81 people in Tibetan crackdown

Iran has arrested 6 Bahai & a Christian for: Propaganda against the Islamic republic and insulting Islam

Hillary Clinton Sez: Iran has a chance to show the world it is ready to "engage meaningfully"
Oh.. but it is already engaging meaningfully, Madame Secretary. It is more than ready.

White House Calls for 'Direct Diplomacy' With Iran
That's the half white house to you, spudniktariat.

Iran rejects US demand to halt atomic work

TIME Sez: Afghanistan Help Restores NATO-Russia Ties
Russia is signaling a willingness to help the U.S. secure new supply lines for its mission in Afghanistan — but only if Washington is willing to accommodate Moscow's concerns on other issues that have soured their relationship
NATO secretary general Jaap De Hoop Scheffer has confirmed to Al Jazeera that top level contacts between NATO & Russia will resume

Russia Seizes Japanese boat off Sea of Japan

The Arctic in NATO's Crosshairs

Gazprom shows interest in Norwegian pipeline grid

Gazprom invests US$215 million to explore Uzbekistan gas fields

New patriarch elected in Russia

Will the Real Gazprom CEO Please Stand Up

Russia Stops Missile Deployment...for Obama

Azerbaijani allegations about the reported transfer of a multi-million-dollar stash of Russian weapons to Armenia should prompt Baku to rethink its relationship with Moscow both in terms of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict and energy policy, local analysts say.
Turkmenistan will join the next meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Turkic Countries (PATC)


Turkmenistan to host Turkish construction industry fair

Turkmenistan marks "Day of Homeland Defenders"
"Independent Turkmenistan, our fatherland, that our ancestors dreamed of so much and loved devotedly and stood up for staunchly, is dear to us. Our sacred duty is to glorify and defend it," the message said. The text of the message was published in central print media of Turkmenistan.

"We devote our knowledge, labor, inspiration and energy to a new revival of our fatherland. We will spare no effort to position ourselves as a state advocating for peace and prosperity, maintaining friendly relations and mutually beneficial and equal cooperation with all countries, first of all neighboring countries, as a state committed to the policy of neutrality and regional peacemaker. That is why our foreign policy and our initiatives that are based on humanism, reliable and equal relations, enjoy wide-spread support of the international community," the president said.
Tehran-Ashgabat to discuss developing Turkmenistan's gas field

Turkey expresses full support to Nabucco project

EU leader's plea for pipeline financing goes unanswered

EIB Considers Financing 25% of "Nabucco"

EU May Help Finance Nabucco Project

Europe's Pipeline War

Oil firms hike gasoline prices

Gold Man Sez: Buy Mexico, Sell Brazil!
Investors should take advantage of Mexico’s “sensitivity” to U.S. growth and oil prices by buying put options in the country’s U.S.-traded stock index while selling Brazilian puts, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. said.
Goldman Sacks Sez: Retail investors buy into oil

Satyam Names Goldman, Avendus to Advise on Investors
Satyam Computer Services Ltd., the software exporter at the center of India’s biggest fraud inquiry, named Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Avendus Capital Ltd. to help it identify strategic investors and a possible buyer.

OK.... Who is Avendus?
Avendus is an investment bank based in India with offices in Mumbai and Bangalore. The firm was founded in 1999 by three investment bankers Ranu Vohra, Gaurav Deepak and Kaushal Aggarwal, who had worked for large global financial institutions
Well, well, well.....
Seems Ranu was a Gold Man,
Kaushal was with Kotak Mahindra Capital Company, the Indian affiliate of Goldman Sachs.

Gaurav Deepak seems never to have been a "made" Gold Man, but only a lowly crewman.
India's Enron

Asian markets end higher, SKorea climbs 6 percent

Wen to defend China's role in battling economic crisis

IMF expects G-7 growth to grind to a halt

Financials soar on talk that 'bad bank' may fly

Shares of US banks posted strong gains Wednesday on reports that the Obama administration may adopt a plan to buy bad assets in the financial system and create a so-called bad bank to hold them.
New York Fed Names Gold Man Dudley as President
Dudley, 56, an economist who joined the Fed two years ago from Goldman Sachs Group Inc., will serve as the Fed’s top liaison to Wall Street
Suing the Czar:
A lawsuit has been filed against the Federal Reserve Board and U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. over Wall Street bailout money going to American International Group, which is funding Shariah-compliant insurance and products.
Glow Ball "crisis study group" proposed:
A semigovernmental organization for international economic exchanges has proposed formation of a study group involving Japan, the United States and European Union to work out regulatory measures to deal with the global financial crisis.
Semigovernmental, even!

Boeing Plans to Cut 10,000 jobs

How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?
Pudding for Peace: The idea of distributing "Noah’s pudding" to the wider community in different North American cities is credited to Fethullah Gülen....

Hoard Of Antique Gold Coins Uncovered In Walls Around Jerusalem National Park

Greece paralyzed as farmers ratchet up protests
Tractors and trailers blockade 70 main roads, compensation demanded for low food prices
Scientists Not So Sure 'Doomsday Machine' Won't Destroy World
Still worried that the Large Hadron Collider will create a black hole that will destroy the Earth when it's finally switched on this summer?
Um, well, you may have a point.
Alaskan volcano quieter but still simmering

Scientists Fear Volcano Could Bury Anchorage in Ash

Evacuations begin near Colombian volcano

House Bill to set up Detention Centers

Meet yez in the Gulag!

Metallica in Moscow, 1991
Creeping Death

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