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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Missing Links: Dreamer Deceivers

Eurythmics ~ Sweet Dreams (1983)
2007 Remix

Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused

Lawmakers and officials moved toward forging a second fiscal stimulus bill after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke endorsed the idea and the Bush administration dropped its opposition.

Bernanke Endorses Obama

FARC Endorses Obama!

The US Communist Party Endorses Obama!

French Socialists Endorse Obama!

The Soviets Endorse Obama!

Ahmafrikkinmadmanjihad Endorses Obama!

The Mullahs Endorse Obama!

Hamas Endorses Obama!

Castro Endorses Obama!

Chavez Endorses Obama!

We all know Colin Powell Endorses Obama!

Al Qaeda Endorses Obama!

Democratic Socialists of the US Endorse Obama

US President George W. Bush "greatly respects" Colin Powell, the White House said Monday after the former US secretary of state endorsed Barack Obama in the November 4 elections

The Russian government said it got a request for a campaign contribution from McCain

Bill Clinton: "US in a ditch"
Is that right? Well, let me be the first to say thanks for your superhuman efforts to help put us there, Bubba.

But the larger problem for the McCain-Palin ticket's attempt to tie Obama to socialism is ... George W. Bush:

In the last four weeks, President Bush has proposed a $700-billion bailout of the financial sector, pressed his Treasury secretary to push equity into the system and met with key world leaders on how to regulate the global markets.

"The fly in the ointment for this socialism argument is the recent bank bailout," Larry Sabato, who heads the University of Virginia's nonpartisan Center for Politics, told CNN. "That's probably the most egregious example of socialism in American history."

As Countdown to Crawford noted in an earlier post, London's Telegraph captured this shift with its headline: "We're All Socialists Now, Comrade."

Russia Proposes Setting Up "Council of Religions" As UN Consultative Body:

Russia has come up with an initiative to establish a council of religions as a consultative body under UN auspices that will provide support for the Alliance of Civilizations international project, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told an international conference of foreign ministers from several countries in Astana on Friday.

Welcome to the Book of Revelation. Have a seat. Someone from our Feral Jewtian Department will be with you shortly.


Turkish Minister informs Omani officials about Alliance of Civilizations

OPEC, Russia to seek closer ties during Moscow visit

Russia, Iran and Qatar discuss OPEC-style cartel

Iran and Qatar consider Gazprom gas alliance

Gazprom needs to spend billions of dollars on new fields and pipelines in the next few years to maintain output and increase exports to Europe and Asia

India to ink pact with Russia for more reactors

Russia Basks in Iceland Bailout Request

President Karzai and Mullah Umar

Muslims disarming Somalian business owners
"...Only Islamist forces would be allowed to carry weapons," he said.

Solana visits the Saudis

Spanish minister in Turkey for talks

U.N. Cites $20 Million in Fraud

Super-Sarko's Plans for the World

Over 325,000 rabbis, priests and pastors in every Jewish and Christian congregation in America just received the award-winning documentary Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West on DVD, according to the publisher of a new periodical for clerical leaders, The Judeo-Christian View, which included the film inside the first issue.
UK: Young Midland Muslims support suicide bombings

Human tissue could be taken from the mentally infirm without their consent and used to create embryos for experimentation, under Government proposals added to a controversial bill ~ On Wednesday MPs will vote on a bill which would allow the creation of human/animal hybrid embryos to be used for stem cell research, change the conditions for granting IVF, and possibly liberalise the abortion laws.
According to Reuters, Saudi Arabia is "a conservative desert state"
A new science and technology university in Saudi Arabia will house one of the world's largest supercomputers and it is helping lure top researchers to the conservative desert state.
Mugabe Blocks Zimbabwe Opposition Leader From Talks

4.0 in Yemen

The Arab take on the Bush - Abbas Meeting
President Bush was of the opinion that what happened to Olmert was "a shame", and asked Abu Mazen if he felt during his meetings with Livni that she had the same desire to pursue negotiations. Abu Mazen complained that Israeli measures hinder the work of the National Authority. Bush replied that what matters to him is for the coming Israeli government to commit to pursuing negotiations, and he promised to help the Palestinians in the fields of security and economy. Abu Mazen said that the Israelis had offered a map that was unacceptable in terms of the area of land exchange. Olmert also put forth a few ideas ideas, but the Palestinian side found them unclear (there were also hints at the situation of refugees)
Nuclear nonproliferation meeting opens in Sydney

Aerosmith ~ Dream On

The past is gone.
It ran by
like dusk to dawn
Isn't that the way?
Everybody's got their dues in life to pay

Yeah, I know ~
nobody knows
where it comes
and where it goes
I know
and everybody sins
You gotta lose to know how to win

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