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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Three Little Birds

I know every bird in the mountains.
Psalm 50


  1. Skip V. Patel8:56 AM

    For the Cookie Peoples:

    Norman Rockwell’s Typewritten Recipe for His Favorite Oatmeal Cookies

  2. Storagemanager8:57 AM

    At least two children have been been
    beheaded in the Central African Republic's capital as violence sinks to a
    "vicious new low", the UN has said.

    About 16 children had been killed in Bangui since 5 December and an
    increasing number of them are being recruited into armed groups, it added.

    The violence has mostly pitted Christian and Muslim militias against each

    The UN said children were being directly targeted in revenge attacks.

    The CAR is ruled by Muslim ex-rebel leader Michel Djotodia, who seized power
    in March forcing then-President Francois Bozize, who came from the majority
    Christian population, to flee into exile.

  3. Skip V. Patel8:59 AM

  4. Storagemanager9:00 AM

    A student of Islam, Obama should have known better. The likelihood of success for this objective was "zilch" -- for it not only involved bridging the great divide between Muslim and Western world mindsets but also between extremist and moderate Muslim mindsets. If 1,400 years of sectarian strife proved Muslims incapable of bridging the latter to start a new beginning among themselves, how could Obama expect to be successful?

    Many outlandish statements were made in Cairo by Obama in direct contravention of Islam's holy book. He suggested, "I know there are many -- Muslim and non-Muslim -- who question whether we can forge this new beginning... Some suggest that it isn't worth the effort -- that we are fated to disagree and civilizations are doomed to clash."

    Clash is exactly what the Koran orders, requiring all non-Muslims convert to Islam or be put to death. Thus, a clash of civilizations based on different religions is unavoidable. Obama made no effort to stress all religions demand mutual respect.

    Read more: Family Security Matters
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  5. mawskrat9:02 AM

    woooo hoooo

  6. pbird9:03 AM

    Good Morning! I loves that little song.

  7. pbird9:04 AM

    weird old timers

  8. pbird9:07 AM

    Jan 5....

  9. pbird9:11 AM

    Residents Rattled After Fireworks Go Off In Bronx Park

  10. pbird9:13 AM

    “It sounded like the biggest explosion I ever heard,” Pelham Bay Park resident Denise Driscoll said. “It shook my entire house, knocked picture frames off the walls, knocked things out of my medicine cabinets. There was smoke everywhere. I didn’t know if it was a terrorist attack or an accident on the highway, but it was a very loud explosion.”

    The investigation is ongoing.

    No arrests have been made.

  11. Storagemanager9:20 AM

    Incoming NYC Mayor Vows to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages

  12. MyDogLuke9:20 AM

    Damn Amish Mafia

  13. MyDogLuke9:22 AM

    Colorado's new state song?

  14. mawskrat9:22 AM

    But under the new law all that will be required is ID showing age and residence, for anyone living in state to buy 1oz to smoke, chew, eat, drink or drop under tongue with a pipette if they choose.

    Those from out of state can buy half that quantity and must consume it before crossing state lines.

    ‘Bud-tenders’ will be on hand to guide the uninitiated through each strain and hybrid. Parties are planned and tour companies have sprung up in anticipation of an influx of ‘cannabis tourists.’

  15. pbird9:31 AM

    would have been hard to imagine a while back

  16. mawskrat9:34 AM

    I read where the ski resorts are warning skiers about cannabis
    ski vacations

  17. MyDogLuke10:01 AM

    Lucille will like CO better in the summer

  18. Skip V. Patel10:01 AM

    The Best Show on TV!!!!

    "The Shahs of Beverly Hills" on BRAVO

    Watch it! And rethink your views on immigration "reform".

    Enough is enough! We need a 100 year moratorium on further immigration.


  19. Skip V. Patel10:03 AM

  20. BabbaZee10:08 AM

    Tracking the breakdown of American social institutions in 'The Unwinding'

  21. Skip V. Patel10:08 AM

    TAMPA, Florida - Late Sunday evening, police arrested 24-year-old Jonathan Charles Stevens after they say he hit the red and blue flashing lights in Chevrolet Tahoe to stop a Tampa officer to report a reckless driver in Ybor City.

    Stevens told the female officer that he was a Homeland Security Officer and wanted to report a reckless driver. He wore a badge around his neck and let her know he was carrying a Glock .45-caliber handgun. He also reportedly called dispatch to report the same reckless driver prior to pulling over the officer.

  22. BabbaZee10:11 AM

    Egypt Seizes Brotherhood, Islamist Leaders' Assets

  23. Skip V. Patel10:11 AM

    We no longer know whom to trust. This is the greatest damage the NSA has done to the Internet, and will be the hardest to fix.

    EDITED TO ADD (12/23): The requested removal of an NSA employee from an IETF group co-chairmanship is another manifestation of this mistrust.

    This is especially cruel to those who grew up on the Internet. Those who the Internet has been their escape. Their refuge. And now the trust in that has been shaken greatly...

  24. BulgarWheat10:11 AM

    That ride is a little beyond my reach with ideal weather. My little brother tried to talk me into riding up to Sturgis. also. If I can handle trips down to the beach and some tours in the mountains this year I'll be thrilled. I would fly to Colorado of course.

  25. BulgarWheat10:12 AM

    they're no warning them! They're marketing!

  26. BabbaZee10:13 AM

    Residents of the small North Dakota town where two trains derailed in a fiery crash Monday were urged to evacuate the area on Tuesday morning, as officials warned plumes of potentially toxic smoke could blow into the area.

  27. BabbaZee10:15 AM

    ACLU sues feds over telephone surveillance of Americans

  28. MyDogLuke10:16 AM

    Well, If you ever ride up here let me know. My next toy will be a boat.

  29. All these train accidents, like being on the island of Sodor

  30. Ireland’s New Muslim Implants Are Already Committing A Rising Number Of Hate Crimes

  31. BabbaZee10:22 AM

    Muslim Implants

    halal tits?

  32. tend to explode

  33. MyDogLuke10:23 AM

    You mean they got them by the balls?

  34. Skip V. Patel10:24 AM

    Wash your hands!

  35. was merely the motion supposed to be funny?

  36. mawskrat10:25 AM

    Mohammad was very good at seizing
    others assets/

  37. sadly true


  39. MyDogLuke10:35 AM

    I admit it's not a pleasant thought

  40. BulgarWheat10:37 AM

    I'm not certain they are accidents.

  41. mawskrat10:42 AM

    bought a bunch yesterday

  42. a chanting pack of progressive albino twat-monkeys

    hilarious description

  43. I need to get on it

  44. BulgarWheat10:44 AM

    similar to "11 dwarf lesbian mud-wrestlers"

  45. mawskrat10:44 AM

    they have plenty still at lowes

  46. ah, not far away!

  47. i always think the word twat is hilarious. bad gramma

  48. Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Reports

    The reports below document the many stages of the investigation of the December 14, 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Administratively, the investigation consists of three separate case numbers. CFS 1200704559 is the primary investigation, CFS 1200704597 is the processing of the scene at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and CFS 1200705354 is the investigation of the homicide at 36 Yogananda St. in Newtown.

    As laid out in the Table of Contents, each investigation includes numerous written reports, with each case number available for separate download. Additionally, each investigation also includes various forms of multimedia including photographs, video recordings and/or audio recordings. These attachments to the reports are available for download under the case number of the investigation to which it pertains, and further divided by the document number of the corresponding report or other description.

    if anyone wants to read all that

  49. pbird2:40 PM

    Joseph Mallord William Turner

    Vesuvius in Eruption


  50. Skip V. Patel3:39 PM

    Eugene McDaniels Discusses "Compared to What"

    Gene McDaniels - A Hundred Pounds of Clay

  51. pbird3:43 PM

  52. pbird3:59 PM

    yeah remember it

  53. pbird4:09 PM

    not 100% with the big man's attitude but he sure did surprise the boys

  54. Skip V. Patel5:37 PM

    Most excellent!

  55. kakak8:21 PM

    yappy hew near

  56. Skip V. Patel8:23 PM

    Not yet!!!!!!!!

  57. kkakaq8:27 PM

    nyet wodka comrad polar bare

  58. pbird8:31 PM

    Knowing all of this, I wonder if my expectations of the near future will improve. By that, I mean will events unfold more like I expect or will my willful ignorance of the chattering classes make me less informed? I now devote much more of my leisure time to reading old books and studying odd stuff. I’m now reading an 18th century novel and a book on Bayesian probability. I have followed the health care stuff, for example, very little beyond the initial hilarity. Will my expectations about how it unfolds in 2014 be better without having kept up or worse? For the record, I doubt much of anything changes and some other event sucks all the air out of that room, at least for a while.

    I predict I’ll never know.

  59. pbird8:31 PM

    hippy nooo whatever to you too!!
    nothing going on here at all

  60. pbird8:34 PM

    Maybe a big boom, like in the Bronx!

  61. not here either, just a day off work

  62. Skip V. Patel8:47 PM

    Yeshli Wodka.... Ze Tov Me'Od

  63. Skip V. Patel8:48 PM

    Naya Saal aap subb ko mubarik ho! Khush Raho behan bhaiyo

  64. Skip V. Patel8:49 PM

    Prospero Nuevo Ano!

  65. Q_Burn8:50 PM

    Predicto the Infallible sez: 2014 will be chock full of random events! Look for lots of mundane drudgery with occasional episodes of sheer terror and extreme joy. Ah has spoken..

  66. Skip V. Patel8:51 PM

    The New Year has passed in Eretz Israel

    Kerry returns to Israel; wants to 'strike while iron hot'

    US secretary of state, expected to arrive in region Thursday, intends to push for solutions as Israeli-Palestinian peace talks intensify,7340,L-4471803,00.html

  67. Q_Burn8:51 PM

    y Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!

  68. Q_Burn9:00 PM

    Aloha oy!

  69. pbird9:00 PM

  70. pbird9:02 PM

    figger that sounds about right

  71. pbird9:08 PM

  72. pbird9:12 PM

  73. blotter sez ......sunni
    no shia
    no sunni
    no shia

  74. pbird9:32 PM

    more poetry

  75. pbird9:33 PM

  76. Skip V. Patel9:38 PM

    My sister used to manage John

  77. pbird9:39 PM

    Top 10 Medieval News Stories of 2013
    By – December 26, 2013

  78. pbird9:43 PM

  79. Skip V. Patel9:47 PM

    Cool radio!

    The Moth Holiday Special: Ophira Eisenberg & Andy Christie

    A Jewish girl meets Santa, and a boy is underwhelmed by his Christmas present.

  80. Skip V. Patel9:48 PM

    The Moth Radio Hour: Open Adoption, Tin Foil Dinosaurs, & the Imam

    A teenager discovers she is pregnant; a waiter fields a strange request; a child breaks the teacher’s rules; and an Imam becomes a chaplain in the New York City Police Department.

  81. Skip V. Patel9:50 PM

    The Spotnicks, announced that they would be undertaking a final tour, finishing in May 2014

  82. pbird9:54 PM

    Opera won't play it. Hmph.

  83. pbird9:55 PM

    Really?! huh

  84. pbird9:58 PM

  85. Skip V. Patel9:59 PM

    Happy New Year

  86. doesn't sound like the cover looks

  87. ooo, the urge to squish little babies up

  88. just hugs, yanno

  89. Skip V. Patel10:09 PM

    Right click on the link above.... download and play it on your Winamp or other media player... otherwise I shall email it to youse.


    betcha Babba would like this photo shoot...

    leather clothes fun to make

  91. oh I bet I can do that!! OK thanks!

  92. I saved em and then easy to play.



    Why does nobody want me to knit stuff like this? lol
    I would!


    BEKAA VALLEY, LEBANON: The little Syrian boy sits proudly next to his snowman and smiles for CNN’s Christian Streib. He has no coat, gloves or hat to protect him from the freezing cold, but for a moment he is distracted from the harsh reality of life inside a makeshift refugee camp in Lebanon. We do not know his name, but he is one of 842,000 refugees the U.N. says are spending the winter in Lebanon after fleeing a brutal three-year civil war in Syria.

  96. aosuke10:26 PM




  100. "The shaman is not merely a sick man, he is a sick man who has healed himself."
    Terence Mckenna (via art-science-mysitc)

  101. weeeeeeeeee, on the east coast

  102. Storagemanager12:04 AM

    one hour to go here..

  103. Ashkenazi Jews 1876

  104. Four Preludes on Playthings of the Wind
    by Carl Sandburg

    The past is a bucket of ashes.


    The woman named Tomorrow
    sits with a hairpin in her teeth
    and takes her time
    and does her hair the way she wants it
    and fastens at last the last braid and coil
    and puts the hairpin where it belongs
    and turns and drawls: Well, what of it?
    My grandmother, Yesterday, is gone.
    What of it? Let the dead be dead.


    The doors were cedar
    and the panels strips of gold
    and the girls were golden girls
    and the panels read and the girls chanted:
    We are the greatest city,
    the greatest nation:
    nothing like us ever was.

    The doors are twisted on broken hinges.
    Sheets of rain swish through on the wind
    where the golden girls ran and the panels read:
    We are the greatest city,
    the greatest nation,
    nothing like us ever was.


    It has happened before.
    Strong men put up a city and got
    a nation together,
    And paid singers to sing and women
    to warble: We are the greatest city,
    the greatest nation,
    nothing like us ever was.

    And while the singers sang
    and the strong men listened
    and paid the singers well
    and felt good about it all,
    there were rats and lizards who listened
    … and the only listeners left now
    … are … the rats … and the lizards.

    And there are black crows
    crying, "Caw, caw,"
    bringing mud and sticks
    building a nest
    over the words carved
    on the doors where the panels were cedar
    and the strips on the panels were gold
    and the golden girls came singing:
    We are the greatest city,
    the greatest nation:
    nothing like us ever was.

    The only singers now are crows crying, "Caw, caw,"
    And the sheets of rain whine in the wind and doorways.
    And the only listeners now are … the rats … and the lizards.


    The feet of the rats
    scribble on the door sills;
    the hieroglyphs of the rat footprints
    chatter the pedigrees of the rats
    and babble of the blood
    and gabble of the breed
    of the grandfathers and the great-grandfathers
    of the rats.

    And the wind shifts
    and the dust on a door sill shifts
    and even the writing of the rat footprints
    tells us nothing, nothing at all
    about the greatest city, the greatest nation
    where the strong men listened
    and the women warbled: Nothing like us ever was.

  105. 2013: The Year Defiance of the State Became Cool
    The year saw many Americans rally behind rebels, explicitly siding with them over the government, in opposition to the powers-that-be.

  106. Shipping giants FedEx and UPS haven’t said much since it was revealed Sunday that the National Security Agency intercepts electronics packages to install spyware, but what they have said implies they knew what the agency was up to.

    Security researcher Jacob Appelbaum co-wrote a Der Spiegel article published Sunday detailing how the NSA intercepts newly purchased computer products mid-shipment to install surveillance malware before reaching the buyer without their knowledge.

    Read more:

  107. pbird2:24 AM

    Ah, but HE made matter?

  108. pbird2:24 AM

    You're much smarter than me, but I'm a good hedgehog. lol

  109. Kreuzueber Halbmond3:34 AM

    God,—Spirit, Life, Truth, Love,—eternal Principle, creates and nourishes through Mind, not matter. Material sense inverts the image and constructs the counterfeit material forms of His spiritual expressions. This is Adam's dream,—that imperfection can be housed in perfection, that evil can exist in good,—that death results from living. There is a forever level of Being above and beyond the evidence of the five corporeal senses. Like Tommy said, "All heads know this." It is sincere milk of the word, straight from the nippled eye of God, beautiful hedgehog. You have to reopen the Mind's eye and let the "material smartness" flow out. God power,—Love, will fill you, and elevate you to where you have always been. Seems absurd in a material world, and so we die.

  110. pbird3:40 AM

    Thinking about it all. Happy first day.

  111. BulgarWheat7:50 AM

    Happy New Year!

  112. BulgarWheat7:52 AM

    hmm? my post vanished. Well Happy New Year anyway!

  113. pbird8:03 AM

    Same to ya!

  114. BulgarWheat8:05 AM


  115. mawskrat8:25 AM

    Good Morning Peeps!!

  116. BulgarWheat8:56 AM

    howdy, hay

  117. Storagemanager9:07 AM

    Justice Sotomayor Sticks it to Obamacare...

  118. BabbaZee9:10 AM

    Rise above your self-made fuck-a-mucka Jewdoo, Popepoop, Allahshithole.


  119. Storagemanager9:11 AM

  120. Storagemanager9:14 AM

  121. mawskrat9:19 AM

    sign me up.........

    “You’ll be able to buy a little pot here and there, see a commercial grow, visit iconic Colorado landmarks and take lots of pictures,” said company owner Timothy Vee. “It will be like a Napa Valley wine tour.”

  122. Storagemanager9:20 AM

    We drank a toast to time
    Reliving in our eloquence
    Another 'auld lang syne'...

  123. Storagemanager9:23 AM

    Barry.....2012 we gottem on the run............Obama faces resurgent al Qaeda in 2014

  124. Storagemanager9:24 AM

    al Qaeda in 2014 ...we got Barry on the run..

  125. Storagemanager9:26 AM

    Happy New Year Barry.................Egypt seizes assets of Muslim Brotherhood leaders

  126. Storagemanager9:27 AM

    The Brothers are unhappy......drink..

  127. BabbaZee9:32 AM

    and here I thought it happened at the factories before shipping

  128. BabbaZee9:33 AM

  129. BabbaZee9:34 AM

  130. BabbaZee9:34 AM


  131. Storagemanager9:38 AM

    Oh joy..snow and cold.....Al....where the hell is my warming?

  132. BabbaZee9:38 AM

  133. Storagemanager9:41 AM

    Sunni to've fallen and I can't get up....

  134. BabbaZee9:44 AM

    If you think that selfishness and cruelty are fantastic personal traits, you might be a libertarian. In the movement no one will ever call you an asshole, but rather, say you believe in radical individualism.

  135. Storagemanager9:45 AM

    A group of inventors in Sweden and Finland claims to be close to developing a
    dog-to-English translator.

    The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery says its prototype, 'No More
    Woof,' will analyse animal thought processes and turn them into human language.

    The translation devices, planned for release in April 2014, claim to
    interpret patterns including "I'm tired', 'I'm excited' and "who are you?".

  136. Storagemanager9:48 AM

    "I'm tired', 'I'm excited' and "who are you?".....funny.....if coco is tired..she lies down.....if excited she wags her tail and jumps around.....if she does not know you...she barks....

  137. BabbaZee9:50 AM

    A federal judge has upheld most of New York's new gun control law, rejecting arguments that its bans on large-capacity magazines and the sale of some semi-automatic rifles violate Second Amendment rights.

  138. Storagemanager10:11 AM

    The Sunni woke the Bear..................Vladimir Putin has vowed to pursue terrorists to their “total annihilation”, in his first public comments since the Volgograd suicide bombings.

    In his traditional New Year's Eve address, which was broadcast at midnight from the Far Eastern city of Khabarovsk, (5pm in Moscow), he praised Russia’s unity in the face of both terrorism and natural disasters and promised to continue an unrelenting fight against the bombers.

  139. Storagemanager10:13 AM

    “a wild ass among men; his hand shall be against every man, and every man's hand against him

  140. BulgarWheat10:18 AM

    sounds like a typical Monday to me

  141. Putin is a pussy
    all talk
    Olympics should be moved or canceled

  142. BulgarWheat10:21 AM

    I would have to disagree with that. There is nothing wrong with individualism. Nothing at all. What you do with what you are blessed with, how you are a steward of your blessings is the key though. A separate conversation all together. You can do both. I try to.

  143. Skip V. Patel10:26 AM

    Woody Guthrie's New Year's resolutions from 1942/43 are just great

  144. LOL! or a family gathering with too many generations invited

  145. Shalom Combatants! IS everybody happy?

  146. BabbaZee10:29 AM

    To call something individualism does not make it individualism

  147. Skip V. Patel10:30 AM

    How can you be a member of a movement, with a clear and unwavering ideology....and profess to be an "Individual"? You cannot.

    I am a SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL... because I do not follow the dictates of any party or boy's club.

  148. BabbaZee10:30 AM

    what he is speaking about it people who think that selfishness and greed are virtues but they call it individualism

    do I think that by becoming a democrat he has solved the problem?


  149. BabbaZee10:31 AM

    the true

  150. guess not

  151. BabbaZee10:32 AM

  152. mawskrat10:33 AM

    after 56 years my cousins place is forced to close,

    a sad day for family. I have some great memories

    of eating there.

    Farewell to Birmingham's Lyric Hot Dogs & Grill: 'We've all been on the brink of tears'

  153. that's the guy!

  154. BabbaZee10:33 AM

  155. mawskrat10:33 AM

    I'm never happy/

  156. ya are too!!!!/

  157. Skip V. Patel10:35 AM

    Superior Lubrication

  158. mawskrat10:35 AM

    when my wife is happy....
    life is good

  159. BabbaZee10:35 AM

    The venerable hot dog joint had to move out to make room for the $7 million restoration of the adjoining Lyric Theatre, and rather than relocate, Collins decided it was time to close the business that his father, John Collins, started in 1957.

  160. Skip V. Patel10:38 AM

    American spies don't need new powers to catch terrorists, they just have to start doing their jobs

  161. most people are incapable of being sovereign individuals. they have to hook up with something...which is where the trouble starts

  162. what a concept

  163. mawskrat10:46 AM

    they were big supporters of the arts in Birmingham and were assured there would
    be room for them in the restored building.
    then 4 months ago they were losing their lease. basically stabbed in the back by the people they supported. no room for a lowly
    hot dog stand in their artsy fartsy theater.

  164. Skip V. Patel10:48 AM

    Palestinian ambassador in Prague dies from injuries after explosion

    Palestinian foreign ministry says explosion occurred when he moved an old safe.

    Sources say poor man forgot he had explosives in safe:

  165. mawskrat10:50 AM

    oops......Darwin award

  166. Skip V. Patel10:51 AM

    OREGON cracks down on cigarettes, relaxes on marijuana...

    Mothers allowed to keep placentas...

  167. Skip V. Patel10:53 AM

  168. mawskrat10:56 AM

    gotta get in the attic and do some more insulating.

  169. DHS Destroys Musicians 11 Flutes calling them Agricultural Products

    Add this story to United States Government Department of Homeland Security (U.S. Customs/TSA at JFK Airport) overreach.

    U.S. Customs Destroys 11 Musicians Flutes calling them banned agricultural products

    Boujemaa Razgui, a flute virtuoso who lives in New York and works with many US ensembles, was returning to base over the holiday when Customs officials at Kennedy Airport asked to see his instruments.

    Bourjemaa carries a variety of flutes of varying ethnicity, each made by himself over years for specific types of ancient and modern performance. He is a regular guest with the diverse and enterprising Boston Camerata.

    At JFK, the officials removed and smashed each and every one of his instruments. No reason was given.

  170. meh....they can keep it

  171. Japanese Snaggletooth Craze Spawns Dental Procedures, Girl Group

  172. Skip V. Patel11:26 AM

    UK: Farage does a U-turn, calls for only Syrian Christians to be resettled


    Detroit Abandoned, and Then Tore Down, a Major Library, Complete With Books

  174. Skip V. Patel11:30 AM

    Buy Israeli Products (What a great way to show your support for the Jewish State)

    IWI TAVOR SAR 5.56 NATO 16.5" Black 30Rnd Adjustable Sights - $1699 + $5.99 S/H

  175. Skip V. Patel11:44 AM

    The Most Outrageous Stories Of Police Misconduct In 2013 (GRAPHIC)

  176. The kid who died in jail was told that there was none of his allergen in his food, but there was....
    Right down the street.

  177. Skip V. Patel11:55 AM

    That's what he gets for being a hardened criminal in the Land of the Free

  178. Skip V. Patel12:56 PM

    Welcome to Post America!

    In terms of surveillance technology, we are far beyond Orwell’s imagination. In terms of the unaccountability of government, we exceptional and indispensable people now live a 1984 existence. In his alternative to the Queen’s Christmas speech, Edward Snowden made the point that a person born in the 21st century will never experience privacy. For new generations the word privacy will refer to something mythical, like a unicorn.

  179. Skip V. Patel1:04 PM

    Banned in New York!

  180. Skip V. Patel1:05 PM

    A Day at The Races

  181. Skip V. Patel1:11 PM

    From the earliest age, boys were taught never to hit a girl. In those days there were no reports of police beating up teenage girls and women or body slamming the elderly. To comprehend the degeneration of the American police into psychopaths and sociopaths, go online and observe the video of Lee Oswald in police custody in 1963. Oswald was believed to have assassinated President John F. Kennedy and murdered a Dallas police officer only a few hours previously to the film. Yet he had not been beaten, his nose wasn’t broken, and his lips were not a bloody mess. Now go online and pick from the vast number of police brutality videos from our present time and observe the swollen and bleeding faces of teenage girls accused of sassing overbearing police officers.

    In America today people with power are no longer accountable. This means citizens have become subjects, an indication of social collapse.

  182. BabbaZee1:11 PM

    They have no conception that a loss of privacy is a loss of self.

  183. BabbaZee1:17 PM

    Christmas in Iraq: Slaughtered Christians

    and a vulture in a dead tree.

  184. Skip V. Patel1:20 PM

    Ariel Sharon’s condition takes a turn for the worse

    Former prime minister and defense minister, comatose since 2006, suffers renal failure in hospital

  185. Storagemanager1:55 PM

    Very sorry to hear that....

  186. Q_Burn2:38 PM

    #1 son just woke up after working all night on his indie video game project. I heard lots of thumping around and he came racing down the stairs in a panic all dressed for work at Pizza Hut- thought he was late. He was very relieved when I reminded him it's Wednesday and he has the day off!

  187. pbird2:53 PM

    ‘Looks Like Weimar Germany’: The Viral Photo Out of Connecticut That’s Giving Some Gun Owners Chills

  188. pbird2:54 PM

    Its always a nice surprise to have that happen.

  189. MyDogLuke2:55 PM

    Have you been watching Charlie Chan movies? #1 Son

  190. Boom Boom2:57 PM

    I just too my Christmas hat off. Nappy Jew Hair!

  191. pbird2:58 PM

    coocoo kaJew