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Monday, August 5, 2013

Then I'll Be Tired Of You

You have granted him his heart’s desire...


  1. Storagemanager5:30 PM

    I posted a story today that ask....what if it was Hezbollah that killed Chris Stevens and not al Qaeda...because America is training and giving weapons to the Sunni......What if the threat to the 21 embassies is from Iran and Russia...not al Qaeda?

  2. BabbaZee5:38 PM

    what if there is no threat and they just want us to be distracted from the NSA spying on us stuff

  3. BabbaZee5:43 PM

    we built an army in "palestine"

    no one noticed

  4. BabbaZee5:51 PM

    are the Palestinians Shia or Sunni?

    doesn't matter

    they all want us dead

  5. BabbaZee5:54 PM

    Also inflating the threat legitimatizes the NSA crap

    win win for them

  6. Kreuzueber Halbmond5:55 PM

    Boxes. Particularly black boxes. Creep me out. Control lies within them. Is it just me? Abide outside of them. Live free.

  7. BabbaZee5:58 PM

    It is not just you

    Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud

  8. BabbaZee6:01 PM

  9. BabbaZee6:11 PM

    A luxury toilet controlled by a smartphone app is vulnerable to attack, according to security experts.
    People can also store records of their bowel movements on the My Satis app.

    the ultimate in German Shit Inspections. Except this one is Japanese.

  10. pbird6:17 PM

    some people just can't leave the details alone!

  11. pbird6:43 PM

    savagery unleashed!

  12. BabbaZee6:43 PM


  13. pbird6:43 PM

    excuse the housekeeping, my mama was a cowboy

  14. pbird7:04 PM

    somewhere on the east coast

  15. BabbaZee7:07 PM


  16. BabbaZee7:08 PM

  17. BabbaZee7:09 PM

    hey wrong link

  18. BabbaZee7:10 PM

    An elderly woman with dementia is spending her sixth night in jail after she allegedly attacked another patient at her senior care facility.
    Glover continues to sit in jail. She is charged with assault with a deadly weapon: a comb.

  19. pbird7:10 PM

    I read that. She should not have been able to get a rat tail comb.

  20. BabbaZee7:11 PM

    Egyptian anti-Obama video goes viral, blames him for siding with Muslim Brotherhood

  21. pbird7:12 PM

    funny, that

  22. pbird7:15 PM

    some park i was at in 2010 looking back at NYC over a big brown river...

  23. BabbaZee7:18 PM

    I must to mash potatoes

  24. pbird7:18 PM

    morning in Hudson, NY i think. We don't have towns like that here. Can you tell I'm trying to condense photo files?

  25. pbird7:19 PM

    whip em good!

  26. pbird7:51 PM

  27. pbird7:55 PM

  28. pbird7:57 PM

  29. pbird7:58 PM

  30. pbird8:01 PM

  31. pbird8:08 PM

  32. pbird8:11 PM

    give it a chance, it gets going

  33. pbird9:06 PM

    Photographer Bob Mazzer has taken pictures on the tube in London for 40 years – as a 60s schoolboy, carrying a twin-lens Rolleiflex, then as a commuter in the 80s, wielding a Leica M4. This month a collection of his vivid photos were published online at, revealing a mostly gone world of mischief-making mods and tungsten-lit platforms. 'Some people have said the late-night shenanigans [in the pictures] look scary,' says Mazzer. 'I loved it; people did all sorts of crazy stuff. Now, modernised, the tube has lost some of its warmth – though it's much easier to shoot these days.'

  34. pbird9:25 PM

    ‘Edison’s Anti-Gravitation Underclothing’, 1879

  35. mawskrat9:33 PM

    my cousins daughter!!!!

  36. BulgarWheat10:29 PM

    cool picture. I can't even imagine doing that.

  37. what kind of riding is she doing?

  38. sorting photos, almost did a spot of stalking in 2010!

  39. old barn with something to say, WA

  40. BabbaZee7:03 AM

    llollllolll I remember that

  41. Skip V. Patel7:20 AM

    Life in the Draconian Police State

    "The issue came about after repeated cases surfaced of children being asked by doctors if there was a gun in the home. During the legislative process, one mother said her pediatrician refused to continue treating her child if she did not respond to questions about firearms at home."

    A family reported being told that it was “a Medicaid necessity … to answer a firearms question.” Some parents said they were asked to leave the examining room so that the doctor could force their child to inform on them in secret.

  42. Skip V. Patel7:30 AM

    San Francisco on high alert after State Dept. terror advisory

    Could Folsom Street be a target of international terrorism?

    Has Nancy Pelosi joined the Jihad?

    Do the Mujahadin like to play "dress-up" or "strip off"?

  43. Skip V. Patel7:34 AM

    Obama's popularity sky-rockets in Egypt.

  44. BabbaZee7:36 AM


  45. Skip V. Patel7:41 AM

    CHICAGO (CBS) — Students will face mandatory testing for drugs and also alcohol this school year, at one northwest suburban high school.

    The test will use hair samples to determine whether a student has used alcohol in the past 90 days.

    Just like in San Quentin.

  46. Storagemanager8:04 AM

    CNN) -- A pair of suspected U.S. drone strikes killed four al Qaeda militants in Yemen as the United States maintained a heightened security alert in the country and urged all Americans to leave immediately.

    Security sources told CNN about the strikes but didn't offer additional details. A Yemeni official said four drone strikes have been carried out in the past 10 days.

    None of those killed on Tuesday were among the 25 names on the country's most-wanted list, security officials said.

  47. Storagemanager8:08 AM

    America now shoots the bad guy and runs like hell.

  48. Storagemanager8:11 AM

    David stood his ground with Goliath....America runs like a Cockroach in light..

  49. Storagemanager8:14 AM

    What does it take to pry some weapons out of Obama’s clenched little fists? He’ll give weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt, but not to its military. He’ll give weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood militias in Syria, but not the Syrian Christians who are only asking for weapons to defend themselves.

    There’s a common denominator here. See if you can spot it.

    Tens of thousands Syriac Christians -- members of the oldest Christian community in the world -- have fled their ancestral provinces of Deir al-Zour and Hasakah in northeastern Syria, residents have said.

    Hasakah and other towns in northeastern Syria have long been one of the main population centres for Christians, who make up approximately 10 per cent of the country's population. Residents estimate that at least a third of Christians in northeastern Syria have fled, with few expecting to return.

    "It began as kidnapping for money, but then they started telling me I should worship Allah," a male Christian resident of Hasakah who was kidnapped by jihadists said.

    "I was with five others. We were tied and blindfolded and pushed down on our knees. One of the kidnappers leant so close to my face I could feel his breath. He hissed: 'Why don't you become a Muslim? Then you can be free'."

    Another Christian in Hasakah said he knew of "five forced conversions" in recent weeks.

  50. Storagemanager8:16 AM

    This day in history.............1945 - The American B-29 bomber, known as the Enola Gay, dropped the first atomic bomb on an inhabited area. The bomb named "Little Boy" was dropped over the center of Hiroshima, Japan. An estimated 140,000 people were killed.

  51. Storagemanager8:18 AM

    his day in history..........
    1787 - The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia began. The articles of the U.S. Constitution draft were to be debated.

    1806 - The Holy Roman Empire went out of existence as Emperor Francis II abdicated.

  52. Storagemanager8:19 AM

    This day in history..........
    1914 - Austria-Hungary declared war against Russia. Serbia declared war against Germany.

  53. Storagemanager8:21 AM

    This day in history...........1998 - Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky spent 8 1/2 hours testifying before a grand jury about her relationship with U.S. President Clinton.

  54. akakalakin8:25 AM

    and now a sex tape hes surfaced

    liars, cum stains and videos, oh my

  55. mawskrat8:26 AM

    Good Mornin All.......welcome to the freak show

  56. Storagemanager8:30 AM

    Nidal Hasan receives extraordinary treatment in jail while victims of the attack argue they have been forgotten and mistreated by the U.S. Army.

    While a prisoner awaiting trial, Hasan is ferried by helicopter nearly every day, complete with an additional helicopter escort and security detail, for the 20-mile journey between the Bell County Jail and Fort Hood, courtesy of the United States Army and American taxpayers.

  57. Storagemanager8:31 AM

    Allah Akbar

  58. Storagemanager8:32 AM

    Day in history 6 August 1944
    The Lodz ghetto, the last one in Poland, was liquidated by the Nazis.
    60,000 Jews were sent to Auschwitz.

  59. Storagemanager8:34 AM

    Ottoman pissed off...................
    Turkish PM Erdogan’s Gaza visit blocked by Cairo interim government, reports Egyptian media
    Over his support for ousted President Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood party

  60. Storagemanager8:37 AM

    The enduring legacy of Anne Frank ......

    Anne and her sister, Margot, died of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in March 1945, just weeks before liberating British troops arrived. Their bodies were probably dumped in a mass grave.

    In a diary entry dated April 4, 1944, Anne wrote, "I want to go on living even after my death." And so she has. Her desire was to be a writer and she succeeded in her short life more than many writers who live a normal lifespan.

    Her modest living conditions after the family was forced to move out of their home, is a monument to the power of individual courage and the triumph of good over evil. In her diary, as in her life, Anne Frank is a heroine, a role model, a martyr and a reminder of the power and influence one individual can have.

    Anne Frank's life was a candle in the midst of great darkness. Her flame should burn forever.

  61. Storagemanager8:41 AM

    Now, what about Castro?

    What is he?

    The answer is that he is a monster.

    I use this word deliberately. Years ago, I interviewed a Holocaust survivor named Leon Radzik, whom I had known for decades. He told me, among many other such stories, of a young Jewish boy in the concentration camp who, because of the terrible hunger he was suffering, had licked a candy wrapper discarded by a Nazi guard. A guard noticed this, and taking offense at a Jew licking a candy wrapper that had been used by a German, took a shovel and slowly pushed the sharp edge into the boy's neck until it severed his throat.

    I asked my older friend how he explained such people. He had an immediate answer: "They were monsters that looked like humans."

    Ever since then, I have found that to be the most accurate way of describing the Nazi guards and the Ariel Castros of the world — monsters that look human.

    Not everyone agrees.

  62. Storagemanager8:42 AM

    Human houses for DEMONS....

  63. Storagemanager8:52 AM

    There was a moment after 9/11 when almost all Americans realized what could be lost to an enemy intent on destroying our people and our institutions. As time has passed, so too has much of this sentiment. Americans may be patriotic, but patriotism is generally not in the forefront of their thinking. There are, however, some Americans who consider any form of patriotic expression jingoism or misguided public sentiment.

    One recent example comes to mind. The spokesmen for the 9/11 Memorial Museum have been trying to subdue American patriotism and resilience after the 2001 terrorist attack. According to a recent report, officials at the museum tried to bury the by now famous photograph of three firemen raising the stars and stripes over the rubble at Ground Zero. The reason given is that it is too "rah-rah America."

    A recently published book quotes the museum's creative director as saying he prefers material that is not "so vigilantly" and "vehemently" American. Instead of featuring the photo of the "firemen and the flag" he insists on three other photos that "undercut the myth of ‘one iconic moment.'"

    Read more: Family Security Matters
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  64. Storagemanager8:57 AM

    NAHARIYA, Israel — The 3-year-old girl cried “Mama, Mama” over and over as a stranger rocked her and tried to comfort her. She had been brought from Syria to the government hospital in this northern Israeli town five days earlier, her face blackened by what doctors said was probably a firebomb or a homemade bomb.
    In the next bed, a girl, 12, lay in a deep sleep. She had arrived at the pediatric intensive care unit with a severe stomach wound that had already been operated on in Syria, and a hole in her back.

    Another girl, 13, has been here more than a month recovering from injuries that required complex surgery to her face, arm and leg. She and her brother, 9, had gone to the supermarket in their village when a shell struck. Her brother was killed in the attack.

    As fighting between Syrian government forces and rebels has raged in recent months in areas close to the Israeli-held Golan Heights, scores of Syrian casualties have been discreetly spirited across the hostile frontier for what is often lifesaving treatment in Israel, an enemy country

  65. Storagemanager9:10 AM

    Zechariah 11:16 For behold, I will raise up a false shepherd in the land; the lost and perishing he will not miss or visit, the young and scattered he will not go to seek, the wounded and broken he will not heal, nor will he feed those that are sound and strong; but he will eat the flesh of the fat ones and break off their hoofs [to consume all the flesh].

  66. Storagemanager9:23 AM

    Dubai: A 31-year-old banker and her 19-year-old colleague have been given a
    one-month sentence each after they were caught kissing in a tinted car behind a
    mosque in Al Muhaisna.

    An Omani man was said to have spotted the Emirati woman’s car with its engine
    on and parked suspiciously between two trucks.

    The man claimed that he saw a couple clutching intimately to each other but
    he doubted that they were having sex. He called the police.

    Prosecutors charged the Emirati woman and her fellow countryman with kissing
    inside the car on January 21.

  67. Storagemanager9:26 AM

    Russia on Tuesday said a new round of talks between Iran and world powers over its nuclear program could no longer be delayed and should take place by mid-September.

    "This round, given all the circumstances, must be held by mid-September. This cannot be delayed any longer," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told the Interfax news agency. (Reuters),7340,L-4414427,00.html

  68. Storagemanager9:32 AM

    In most of the world, children's entertainment is about happy, innocent fun, child-friendly education and positive vibes.

    Not so in much of the Arab world, where children's TV programs - from cartoons to poetry recitals - are all too often used as a tool to incite violence and hatred.

    Who can forget Hamas' answer to Mickey Mouse, Farfur, who together with his co-host Saraa, preached antisemitism and encouraged children to take part in terrorism?

    At the time, after seeing how the Islamist terror group had appropriated her father's work to encourage genocidal hatred, Diana Disney Miller - daughter of Walt Disney - voiced her disgust to the New York Daily News:

    "...Indoctrinating children like this, teaching them to be evil. The world loves children and this is just going against the grain of humanity... What we're dealing with here is pure evil."

    Now, the Egyptian voice of Donald Duck has illustrated how such hatred goes far deeper than a pre-written script, adding his voice to the chorus of hate by tweeting a distinctly non-child-friendly message.

  69. pbird9:58 AM

    yawn....guess its the am


  70. I’m sure that sounds cynical. But power itself is a cynical thing, & we must look to the psychotic dimension of human behaviour for the appeal of holding it. “Democracy” does not eliminate this dimension. It offers to channel violence into peaceful competition for the monopoly on force. It provides a plausible & upholstered alternative — fighting with boffers instead of spiked clubs. It can even work, for as long as the electorate is confined to gentlemen with a strict code of honour, a comprehensive sense of personal responsibility, an apprehension of God, & sufficient wealth to resist the temptation to appropriate. As the franchise is enlarged, all this collapses into what we have now: government by cynical manipulation of the ignorant masses.

    You do not win elections today by telling the whole truth so far as you are capable of understanding it — even about the obstacles to fulfilling an agenda; let alone the most likely “unintended consequences,” which if not you, your advisers know perfectly well. You do not win by giving an honest account of the stakes in play. Nor do you win by polite self-deprecation, leaving the argument for your merits to your colleagues & oldest friends.

    You win by bamboozling the public; by shamelessly vulgar boasting & display; by making promises that can never be fulfilled; by colouring low motives with high-sounding phrases; by offering pay-offs in not-too-subtle ways. You win by mastering the methods of Hollywood & the entertainment media; by employing the tricks of mass advertising to “create demand” & “shape the marketplace.”

  71. And that is the beauty of military dictatorship. If we must have a republic, I recommend the “banana” variety. Generals, in the main, are men of little imagination, & simple tastes. They love order, to be sure, but in the balance of public vices, a little order is seldom a bad thing. They are not easily infected by ideology, or any other form of intellectual ambition; even those who acquire some may lose it after a while. They don’t much care what one is doing, so long as it will not threaten the peace, or otherwise interfere with their breakfast. Should the general be smart enough to fully understand his need to avoid free elections, he will become unobtrusive. He won’t go out of his way to antagonize anyone. He may line his own pockets, & those of his friends — for as Valéry said, “Power without abuse loses its charm.” But the odd billion into a Swiss bank account is a small price to pay for freedom.

  72. Real generals, a little on the plump side, & entirely without charisma: that’s where to turn in a pinch. Not to hothead colonels.

    i love this guy! laughing my plump side off

  73. Is an expensive college degree always the path to success? This weekend’s “Huckabee Special: Where’s My Job?” tackled the debate over pricey degrees versus skilled labor jobs. Host of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs,” Mike Rowe, joined Governor Mike Huckabee to discuss the college narrative that has resulted in a record amount of student loan debt.

    Read more:

    He's just being interviewed by Huckabee, but he's right about his points. We can't all be professors and who's going to fix "things"?

  74. mawskrat10:32 AM

    the only way to settle a difference//

  75. mawskrat10:44 AM

    when I graduated I wrote that
    I was going to Master Plumbers School
    and fellow classmates went uuhgg how nasty.
    ten years later I was getting calls from them
    asking if I could give them a "deal" on some
    plumbing work>LOL

  76. Federal 'nudge squad' led by 20-something wunderkind gears up to change Americans' behaviors – for our own good

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    can't say I would take her advise too seriously....I have my own smarty assed kids

  77. Right!!!!
    Plumbing is essential. And you can't just fake it.

  78. mawskrat10:53 AM

    pissed off......a company debited my checking account 3 times so a bunch of other stuff bounced. they are supposed to be taking care of it...we will see

  79. mawskrat11:07 AM

    pbird you had a question on what kind of competition

    my cousins daughter does.

    that photo was A part of a three day event

    dressage, cross country, and stadium jumping

  80. oh...I know nuttin about formal riding! She looked great there

  81. gotta go get the old gunslinger going for today. back later

  82. mawskrat11:10 AM

    all I know is that the horse costs
    over a thousand dollars a month
    to take care of, but it comes out of her trust fund/

  83. BulgarWheat11:46 AM

    none of their fooking bidness is the proper answer.

  84. mawskrat12:18 PM

    George Duke, jazz/funk keyboardist who collaborated with Frank Zappa, Michael Jackson and Miles Davis, dead at 67

    Read more:

  85. BulgarWheat1:14 PM

    U.S. will have its own running of the bulls

    I'm rooting for the bulls.

  86. pbird1:22 PM

    isn't that silly?

  87. pbird1:22 PM

    ayiii! expensive horsie!

  88. pbird1:26 PM

    well Bon Voyage George! RIP

  89. BulgarWheat1:34 PM

    iz very silly

  90. pbird1:41 PM

    fun maps

  91. pbird1:44 PM


  92. BulgarWheat2:33 PM

    well W got a stent just like BulgarWheat so all of you commies had better stop talking mean about him! He's cool like me now!

  93. pbird2:43 PM

    thats right!

  94. pbird2:59 PM

  95. Grammy Cracker3:38 PM

    My cousin sent some photos he took of us on the zip line. The first one is my big tuches beginning the zip. The second one is someone else on the same line but obviously farther along, so you can see what I saw. Cool, huh?

  96. Grammy Cracker3:39 PM

    Grandpa too! Y’all can start a club. Oy.

  97. pbird4:16 PM

    wow!!! Its better than bungee jumping but....

  98. pbird4:17 PM

    close to flying though

  99. pbird4:47 PM

    so he calls me from the post office to tell me that a guy's wife is mad at him in the came home half drunk last night she says! the guy shrugs and says "i ran out of money...."
    he thinks thats funny

  100. BulgarWheat4:56 PM


  101. BulgarWheat4:57 PM


  102. pbird5:13 PM

    ABC newsman who switched genders wants to switch back

    Read more:

    He thought he was a woman trapped in a man’s body — but it turns out he’s “just another boring straight guy.”

  103. pbird5:15 PM

    see this is what I was always afraid would happen to some of these nuts!

  104. pbird5:20 PM

  105. BabbaZee5:56 PM

    this guy is an attention whore

  106. BabbaZee5:56 PM


  107. pbird6:38 PM

    mhm, mayyyyybe. who the hell wants that kind of attention???

  108. Skip V. Patel7:46 PM

    Unfriendliest cities:

    1. Newark, New Jersey

    2. Islamabad, Pakistan

    3. Oakland, California

    4. Luanda, Angola

    5. Kuwait City, Kuwait

    6. Lome, Togo

    7. New Haven, Connecticut

    8. Detroit, Michigan

    9. Atlantic City, New Jersey

    10. Tangier, Morocco

  109. Skip V. Patel7:47 PM

    Friendliest cities:

    1. Florianopolis, Brazil

    2. Hobart, Tasmania

    3. Thimpu, Bhutan

    4. Queenstown, New Zealand

    5. Charleston, South Carolina

    6. Paro, Bhutan

    Equal 6. Margaret River, Australia

    7. Mandalay, Burma

    9. Kilkenny, Ireland

    Equal 9. Ubud, Bali

    10. Chiang Mai, Thailand

  110. Grammy Cracker8:02 PM

    That’s the thing! As close as I’ll ever get to being a boid.

    I did get bruised in some interesting places from that harness, though. LOL

  111. Grammy Cracker8:05 PM

    I didn’t visit Queenstown but I can attest that New Zealand is about the friendliest place on earth. It’s also among the tidiest and has the best looking people. We quickly determined that if you are born ugly, rude or sloppy they toss your ass off the island.

  112. Grammy Cracker8:08 PM

    Oy vey.

  113. pbird8:28 PM

    did you read that story about the chef they are trying to boot off the island for being too fat even though he just lost 65 pounds?

  114. pbird8:29 PM

    the price ya pays for glory!

  115. pbird8:38 PM

    Trying to figure out how to make eggplant lasagna with out actually working....
    i did salt the slices down

  116. Grammy Cracker8:38 PM

    No! I’ll have to check it out. So much for not trusting a skinny cook, eh?

  117. Grammy Cracker8:38 PM

    I don’t peel it or salt it. I just slice it, rub the slices with olive oil, season them and grill them until they’re tender and smoky and caramelized. Then you can layer them with the sauce and cheese and bake. Nom nom nom!

  118. pbird8:38 PM

    ok i can do dat!

  119. pbird8:38 PM

    well i can't grill yet, but i could bake them for a while

  120. mawskrat8:57 PM

    had grilled eggplant tonight

  121. mawskrat9:00 PM

    yep...but to them it ain't////

  122. pbird9:07 PM

    I just have one old grocery store eggplant....

  123. I just had an interesting visitation. Two Chinese ladies and a bald white guy came to the door saying they were the new staff of that Chinese restaurant that sent some food out here with a used bandaid in it. I was pretty surprised. I think the health dept. must have told them where I am. Hm. Anyhow they gave me a refund and a hundred dollar gift cert and I am supposed to go back and try again. OK. I can do that.

    Somebody got honey on my keyboard!!!

  124. BulgarWheat10:09 PM

    My daughter, Elizabeth leaves for her freshman year of college in 9 days. She spent the weekend with her high school chums and one incredibly saintly mother at the beach.

    We've been going to the beach in NC since Elizabeth was 4. She'll be 19 in October. She's always loved the sea turtles and could probably tell most marine biologists more about sea turtles than they know or were taught, but we've never, ever seen the "sand boil" as the turtles are born. She saw it last night. Either 72 or 73 loggerhead turtles hatched. They couldn't approach the nest, but saw them as they made their way to the sea and hopefully a long turtle life. Loggerheads are an endangered species, so I kinda root for them.

    She called us to let us know about it last night as me and the wife were tucked into bed. I was so happy for her. It's like a good omen for her freshman year of college.

    In North America, violating a sea turtle nest is serious business. As this sign demonstrates....we likes us some sea turtles...

  125. It IS like a good omen! Thats so nice that she got to see them.
    Sam and I were driving out in the sticks the other day and some sort of brown bird of prey flew right in front of us with a big snake in his looked very portentous in a way.

  126. Congrats on raising a successful kiddo. That is not nothing.

  127. BulgarWheat10:29 PM

    I have hawks and owls in my backyard. When we had the kids wooden swing set in the backyard they'd hang out there or in the woods nearby. Had an owl fly directly at me once. It freaked me out. Maybe a 6 foot wingspan. I felt the wind off of his wings on my face. Big birds.

  128. That was a nice experience. I never got to see one up close.

  129. BulgarWheat10:48 PM

    I'm not quite sure what it all means. I wish I still was connected to some of my friends of American Indian heritage. They might be able to tell me.


    dats right!

  131. pbird1:00 AM

  132. pbird1:01 AM

    And they all pretend they're orphans and their memory's like a train
    You can see it getting smaller as it pulls away
    And the things you can't remember tell the things you can't forget
    That history puts a saint in every dream

  133. pbird1:05 AM

  134. mawskrat3:45 AM

    dog woke me up to go outside

    what do I do now................

    21 Painfully Awkward Band Photos

  135. BulgarWheat6:56 AM

    hmm? make coffee?

  136. Skip V. Patel7:14 AM

    Obama Visits Martha's Vineyard: 9-Day Road Closure Planned

  137. Skip V. Patel7:15 AM

    President Obama Talks NSA, Trayvon, And Hillary Lunch With Jay Leno (Full Interview)

  138. BulgarWheat7:16 AM

    glad he doesn't sun his skinny ass down in NC

  139. BulgarWheat7:25 AM

    I'll pass on the interview.

  140. Storagemanager8:07 AM


  141. Storagemanager8:13 AM

    Jay Leno ripped Barack Obama tonight in his monologue as the president waited to come on The Tonight Show.

    “President Obama has sent John McCain to Cairo to help solve the political problems that brought the Egyptian government to a halt. I got an idea. How about solving the problems that brought our country to a halt.”

  142. Storagemanager8:17 AM

    What have the Obama czars accomplished? We don't know. They don't report to anybody (except perhaps the Chicago Augustus himself). They don't testify before Congress. They don't publish. We don't know how many personnel are involved, or who they might be. We don't know how much has been spent by them, and on what. We don't know, to paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, what we don't know.

    We do know the names (well, some of them). While a few are well-known figures of weight and achievement such as Paul Volcker and Ashton Carter, most are political and academic hacks of the progressive type who share in Obama's vaporous ideals and, much like him, have never directed or managed anything in their lives.

    And like their master, a number of them have been involved in scandals.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

  143. Storagemanager8:21 AM

    It's a man...a man...a woman...a shemale..maleshe....oh who gives a shit!

  144. Storagemanager8:23 AM

    ….(WND) Turkey’s Islamist government is constructing a massive $100 million, 15-acre mosque in Lanham, Md., that is expected to “become the largest and most striking example of Islamic architecture in the Western hemisphere” by October 2014. In May, Turkey Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan placed a ceremonial stone at the construction site. Now the five-building project known as the Turkish American Culture and Civilization Center is well underway in the town just outside Washington, DC, with a population of about 10,000.

    As the Clarion Project explains, mosques have been springing up all over the US in recent years. As many as 80 percent of the mosques in America have been built in the last 12 years, since the 2001 terror attacks. “A large majority of mosques in the United States are led by Wahhabi clerics,” the Project explains. “Wahhabism is an extreme brand of Islam practiced dominantly in Saudi Arabia. According to Muslim estimates, up to 80 percent of mosques in the US are owned, operated and led by Wahhabis. “These radical mosques often promote the installation of Sharia law, an extreme ideology that considers ‘non-believers’ to be infidels. According to Wahhabis, jihad or support of jihad is a Muslim duty. They believe that suicide bombers and martyrs are worthy of the highest praise and reward. And radicals are anticipating the day when an Islamic state will one day span the US As many as four studies have independently concluded that 80 percent of US mosques “were teaching jihad, Islamic supremacism, and hatred and contempt for Jews and Christians,”

  145. BabbaZee8:25 AM


  146. BabbaZee8:26 AM

    Not one shit was given that day!

  147. BabbaZee8:27 AM

    AHAHAHAHAHA those are hysterical

  148. Storagemanager8:37 AM

    Jay Leno helped backstab Johnny Carson could give a shit about him...

  149. Storagemanager8:43 AM


    Manama: Bahrain’s health ministry said that it had pulled out 22 imported
    products after inspection teams found them contaminated with either pork or

    The tests, by the ministry in collaboration with the national laboratory and
    the Arabian Gulf University (AGU), covered 172 canned meat brands carrying the
    beef label and sold at supermarkets and fast food chains in the country. The
    products that were tested were from various countries, including Bahrain and the

  150. BabbaZee8:44 AM

    I have never watched it

    I know nothing of the dramas behind it

  151. Storagemanager8:47 AM

    Reuters) - An explosion at the border with Lebanon wounded four Israeli soldiers on Wednesday, and the Lebanese Army said the troops were inside Lebanese territory when the blast occurred.

    The soldiers were involved in "an activity near the border", an Israeli military spokesman said about the nighttime incident, without providing details about their exact location or what caused the explosion.

    Four soldiers were wounded and taken to hospital in Israel, the spokesman said.

    Israeli forces routinely patrol the frontier with Lebanon, which has been largely quiet since a war with Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas in 2006.

  152. Storagemanager8:49 AM

    Jewish Leader: Iran Likely Culprit in Benghazi

    AFSI Chairman Mark Langfan says Al Qaeda would not have struck a CIA operation running guns to Syria. Langfan reacted to an investigative report by CNN's Jake Tapper that found that there were dozens of CIA agents at the Benghazi compound during the attack, and that CIA officers with knowledge of the case have been subjected to very frequent lie detector tests, apparently designed to make sure that they do not talk about what happened at Benghazi.

  153. mawskrat9:20 AM

    Good Mornin' All...again/

  154. BulgarWheat9:22 AM

    hello hayseed!

  155. pbird9:44 AM

    critchurs of habit we are....shalom all

  156. pbird9:49 AM

    Hey! I remember when Rat On hit the record store!

  157. pbird9:56 AM

    The sun is gearing up for a major solar flip, NASA says.

    In an event that occurs once every 11 years, the magnetic field of the sun will change its polarity in a matter of months, according new observations by NASA-supported observatories.

    The flipping of the sun's magnetic field marks the peak of the star's 11-year solar cycle and the halfway point in the sun's "solar maximum" — the peak of its solar weather cycle. NASA released a new video describing the sun's magnetic flip on Monday (Aug. 5).

  158. pbird9:59 AM

    This is not the first time the Secret Service has asked its Twitter followers to tell on other subscribers. As reported last October, the Secret Service asked Americans to report tweets that "concern you."As of Tuesday morning, the Secret Service had more than 67,000 followers on Twitter. - See more at:

  159. mawskrat10:30 AM

    Braxton is in da house
    sponge bob square pants//


    hard to believe the level of dorkiness

  161. Learning how to spell and construct grammatical sentences has long been considered a basic pillar of good schooling.

    But now one of education’s most radical and influential thinkers has claimed that the growth of technology makes spelling and grammar a “bit unnecessary”, at least in their conventional form.

    Professor Sugata Mitra - famous for his “Hole in the Wall” experiment, which allowed children to teach themselves after he installed an internet- linked computer into the wall of a slum in Delhi, India - said that resisting developments such as “text-speak” could be a mistake.

    its a trap!

  162. I don't anybody is using texting language anyhow. I think he is out of date.

  163. mawskrat10:45 AM


  164. I.C. Yurhini10:48 AM



  165. As the U.S. State Department continues to try to give the Muslim Brotherhood leverage with the new Egyptian government, the new Egyptian government is claiming that one of its offices was hit by a U.S. hellfire missile fired by… the Muslim Brotherhood? The missiles appeared to have been fired from a region where Ansar al-Sharia is known to operate – the Sinai.

  166. who are these people?

  167. gotta watch the square pants!

  168. BabbaZee2:34 PM

    Juanny McCain says coo

  169. BabbaZee2:34 PM

    it's the trousers

  170. pbird2:44 PM

    i'm lost in the tubes

  171. pbird2:46 PM

  172. pbird2:47 PM

    photo by Glenn Reynolds. Heh

  173. pbird2:51 PM

  174. pbird2:54 PM

    if you can stand it

  175. pbird2:58 PM

  176. pbird3:00 PM

    inexplicable. haha

  177. pbird3:30 PM

    I have a brand on my front leg. It is a shape that looks like the shape on the close barn where I sleep. There is a far barn too, but I have not been there so I do not know if it has a shape on the side. I have a tag in my ear, but it looks like mud. The man said my tag means he knows where I go. He said my brand means this field is my home. My brand and tag make me feel safe and loved.

    I want to look at the tag on the ear of my friend Roy, but I do not see Roy. If his tag is like my tag then when I look at his tag it will be like my tag with no mud. We have a fence by each side of the field. Here and there the fence is weak, but I do not think Roy went through a weak part of the fence. I do not think he is lost. I hope he is not lost. I think he is on the far side of the field near the far barn.

    I will look for him there so I can see if his tag is like his brand.

  178. Skip V. Patel5:59 PM

    Half of Americans don’t want the media to report on surveillance

    A majority of members of both major parties — 51 percent Republican and 51 percent Democrat — said that they preferred that the media not report on the issue;

  179. Skip V. Patel6:26 PM

    Pakistan 'expanding nuclear arsenal to deter US attack'

    Pakistan is expanding its nuclear arsenal to deter an American attack on its status as an atomic power, according to India's former foreign secretary.

    Pakistan develops smallest nuclear weapon the size of a tennis ball

  180. BabbaZee6:47 PM

    The spate of terrifying night-time rapes in an isolated, orthodox Christian community went on for four years and yet the victims could barely remember the ordeal and many believed they had dreamed it.

    It was not until 2009 that nine men were eventually convicted of the rape of more than 100 women and girls in their own homes in the Mennonite Manitoba Colony in Bolivia.

    But despite the convictions, it has emerged that the sexual attacks in the closed community are continuing.

  181. BabbaZee6:48 PM

  182. BabbaZee6:52 PM

    nice photos

  183. pbird7:08 PM

    weird story
    there are some odd holes in it
    why doesn't someone sit up awake and investigate here and there?
    Not that I don't believe it happened.

  184. mawskrat7:18 PM

    so I picked 320 roma tomatoes today
    working on the marinara sauce for a while

  185. mawskrat7:19 PM

    I'm even boiling down the scraps for the juice!!!

  186. BabbaZee7:23 PM

    WOW! mmm mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm!

  187. BabbaZee7:24 PM