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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


21 Finally the opportune time came. 
On his birthday Herod gave a banquet 
for his high officials and military commanders 
and the leading men of Galilee. 
22 When the daughter of Herodias 
came in and danced, 
she pleased Herod and his dinner guests.

The king said to the girl, 
“Ask me for anything you want,
and I’ll give it to you.”
 23 And he promised her with an oath, 
“Whatever you ask I will give you, 
up to half my kingdom.”

24 She went out and said to her mother, 
“What shall I ask for?”

“The head of John the Baptist,”
 she answered.

25 At once the girl hurried in to the king with the request: 
“I want you to give me right now 
the head of John the Baptist on a platter.”

26 The king was greatly distressed,
 but because of his oaths and his dinner guests,
 he did not want to refuse her. 
27 So he immediately sent an executioner 
with orders to bring John’s head. 
The man went, beheaded John in the prison, 
28 and brought back his head on a platter. 
He presented it to the girl, 
and she gave it to her mother.


  1. pbird4:11 PM

    Its always the mom!

  2. pbird5:41 PM

    The imaginary musical instrument in the illustration reminds me of a project at the ol community college. I made an imaginary instrument, out of etched brass or bronze. Not sure which.
    I decided that diluting the sulphuric acid would make the job take too long so I put it on straight. When my teacher saw the green fumes rolling off the worktable and onto the floor..the art department got evacuated. Sigh. I didn't know it would do That.

  3. mawskrat8:13 PM

    well hecky yeah..... yah know I's likes it

  4. mawskrat8:22 PM


  5. pbird8:22 PM

    but of course!

  6. pbird8:36 PM

    you knows i'm a corny old western girl too, ehe

  7. mawskrat8:39 PM

    yeppers I do!

  8. pbird8:40 PM

    um, yee haw!


    he developes his pictures with all kinds of crazy stuff


  11. BabbaZee7:45 AM

    Christians Are in Peril Throughout the Muslim World
    Rupert Shortt's book Christianophobia: A Faith Under Attack is published by Rider.By Rupert Short

  12. Skip V. Patel7:55 AM

    Ethiopian girl reportedly guarded by lions

    Authorities: Cats chased off men trying to force her to marry

  13. Skip V. Patel8:04 AM

    5 Advantages of Drinking Water in the Morning

    Written by judydeason

    5. Drinking water on an empty stomach purifies the colon making it easier to absorb nutrients.

    4. Increases the production of new blood and muscle cells.

    3. Helps with weight loss. Drinking at least 16 ounces on chilled water can boost your metabolism by 24% in the morning.

    2. Glowing skin. Water helps to purge toxins from the blood which help keeps your skin glowing and clear

    1. Balances your lymph system. These glands help you perform your daily functions, balance your body fluids, and fight infection.

  14. BabbaZee8:04 AM


  15. Skip V. Patel8:05 AM


  16. salami? I don't see any, am I too late

  17. Skip V. Patel8:15 AM

    For Congress, 'it's classified' is new equivalent of 'none of your business'...’

    WASHINGTON — The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence reportedly gave its approval last week to an Obama administration plan to provide weapons to moderate rebels in Syria, but how individual members of the committee stood on the subject remains unknown.

    There was no public debate and no public vote when one of the most contentious topics in American foreign policy was decided – outside of the view of constituents, who oppose the president’s plan to aid the rebels by 54 percent to 37 percent, according to a Gallup Poll last month.

    In fact, ask individual members of the committee, who represent 117 million people in 14 states, how they stood on the plan to use the CIA to funnel weapons to the rebels and they are likely to respond with the current equivalent of “none of your business:” It’s classified.

    Read more here:

  18. BulgarWheat9:00 AM

    it's always been this way

  19. BabbaZee9:03 AM

    Vanishing Treasures: Tomb Raiders Exploit Chaos in Egypt

  20. BabbaZee9:14 AM

    Man Who Austin Cop Chased, Shot, Killed Not Suspected of Any Particular Crime But May Have Been Up to No Good

    Police couldn't really explain exactly how or why they thought the dead man was going to "commit a fraud" on the bank.

  21. BabbaZee9:15 AM

    The Strange Killing of Larry Eugene Jackson Jr. by an Austin Police Detective

  22. BabbaZee9:26 AM

    Deep in Siberia, scientists claim they have made an astonishing breakthrough in curing drink and drug addicts, as well as helping workaholics and even those obsessed with sex - by using corporal punishment.

    We cane the patients on the buttocks with a clear and definite medical purpose - it is not some warped sado-masochistic activity,' says Professor Chukhrova, a psychiatrist with more than 25 years experience
    treating drug addicts and alcoholics.

  23. BabbaZee9:31 AM

    'We use willow branches. They are flexible and can't be broken nor cause bleeding.

    'The only area we beat is the buttocks. 'Experience shows that it's a very good reflexogenic zone which can be used to transform pain signals into positive activity for the human organism

  24. BabbaZee9:33 AM

    Police in Thailand say an American tourist who insisted on singing with the band in a bar has been killed by one of the musicians

  25. BulgarWheat9:57 AM

    sometimes it's best to let them finish their set and maybe request a song or two if you get them a drink during their break.

    just sayin....

  26. BulgarWheat9:58 AM

    damn! that's in Q's backyard

  27. 'llo and goodmorning

  28. I drink water all night. By morning I am sick of it. Coffee time.

  29. BabbaZee10:25 AM

    boker tov

  30. my grandaughter and her boy went to see Megadeth last night down the street at the arena. It was terrible!!! LOL What did they expect? teehee and four awful local opening bands.

  31. mawskrat10:31 AM

    Good Mornin All.....and Braxton is in da house!!!
    nuff said

  32. BabbaZee10:33 AM

    Megadeth! oy!

  33. have fun guys!

  34. The boy thought he liked them from their old records or something...he was upset because they were just doing it for a paycheck!!!! oy is right. Anyhow, he is crushed. Hope he is over megadeth. lol

  35. mawskrat10:35 AM

    picked a nice ripe cantaloupe yesterday

  36. She wore earplugs during the whole thing. Still perfectly audible.

  37. Wow, the real ripe ones are so good.

  38. BabbaZee10:36 AM


  39. BabbaZee10:40 AM

    corrupt him properly!

  40. Back from the Dead: Resuscitation Expert Says End Is Reversible

    now that's a great idea/

  41. mawskrat10:49 AM

    I was laying on the couch yesterday with
    Braxton on my chest trying to get him to sleep.
    I had tears of joy running down my cheeks
    I'm just so blessed!

  42. mhm, you are smart too, to recognize the blessing

  43. mawskrat10:53 AM

    my dad had a DNR......the hospital

    Resuscitated him any way...he was brain dead
    after that and we had to unplug him a few days later.

  44. ew, not nice

  45. SPIEGEL: As a researcher, you not only work on resuscitation but also on what people experience during the process. But these people are clinically dead. They don't experience anything.

    Parnia: At least, according to our perception of consciousness. And yet, over the last 50 years since the arrival of CPR, literally millions of people have gone beyond the threshold of death and come back. Many of them tell us incredible stories of their experiences. I myself have studied more than 500 people with NDEs (Near Death Experiences).

    SPIEGEL: What exactly do they tell you?

    Parnia: Typically, they report being very peaceful. Some see a bright light, others feel the presence of a warm, loving, compassionate being. Many describe having a review of their lives, from childhood up to that point. Others tell of encounters with family members who have died. Others report out-of-body experiences. They feel they witnessed the scene of their resuscitation from a position near the ceiling of the room. Some even correctly describe conversations people had, clothes people wore, events that went on 10 or 20 minutes into resuscitation. One of the most fascinating NDE tales was published in 2001 in medical journal The Lancet. A man asked his nurse for his dentures, which he remembered he had put in a cupboard during his cardiac arrest.

    SPIEGEL: There's no scientific proof for any of these stories. Do you believe them?

    Parnia: These experiences feel very real to those who had them. Why should we doubt the reality of their experience? NDEs occur everywhere, in all cultures, in every country, in religious people and atheists, even in children younger than three years old. It would be wrong to see them as mere fabrications.

    SPIEGEL: What's your personal take on them?

    Parnia: It looks like people's consciousness does not get annihilated just because they are in the early stages of death. It's a medical paradox.

    SPIEGEL: To say the least.

    Parnia: From what the patients describe, we have to conclude that death is a pleasant experience for most people. I think we have no reason to be afraid of it.


    Sir: As a devoted homeschooler, I am grieved and offended every time another parent asks me how my son Theobald will learn the social skills vital to a successful adult life. Why do they suppose that homeschooling must be a form of child neglect? Any responsible homeschooler understands the importance of the social aspect of schooling, and I for one will not let my son grow up without the formative experiences every schoolchild ought to have. I steal his lunch from him every day. I often beat him for no reason. I ridicule his choice of clothes and do not neglect to laugh at his funny name. I hire attractive neighbor girls (for a small hourly fee) to sneer at him and reject his advances—pre-emptively if he has not made any. I accuse him of crimes he has not committed; I hold him responsible for faults he cannot avoid. I establish arbitrary rules that I will not reveal to him, and I punish him for violating them. When he exhibits physical changes normal in a growing boy, I make him believe he is a freak of nature. I ask my detractors, is this not an education every bit the equal of what Theobald could get in the finest public school in the country? Let me hear no more questions about my boy’s social adjustment! I can assure you all that he is not missing anything by staying home from school. —Sincxerely, Willibald Peach, Ormsby.

    Monday, July 29, 2013, 10:54 PM

  47. Q_Burn11:10 AM

    Howdy ferals! Just a drive-by, sorry I've been so scarce lately. My "work 7 days a week until dead" retirement plan is going great! Busier than ever. The two lads and the 4 schnauzers of the apocalypse are all good. Sis is coming to visit soon.. serious bachelor pad cleaning is required. Then it's off to Cali for two weeks of mom-sitting to give by other sister a caregiver break. Mom turns 91 next month, hanging in pretty well after last year's stroke. Then a few days at home and I have to go to a convention in Atlanta. Oh, and a clogged AC drain pipe backed up yesterday creating minor flooding. Good thing my AC guy is my neighbor. Rich people problems, yeah..

    Showers of blessings to one and all!

  48. mawskrat11:17 AM

    glad to here things are "GOOD"

  49. mawskrat11:21 AM

    I'll be there this weekend!!!!

  50. mawskrat11:28 AM

    and I'll probably be on TV...look for me

  51. hi Mr. Q!

  52. XKeyscore: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'

    • XKeyscore gives 'widest-reaching' collection of online data
    • NSA analysts require no prior authorization for searches
    • Sweeps up emails, social media activity and browsing history
    • NSA's XKeyscore program – read one of the presentations





    Let the bells ring
    He is the real thing
    Let the bells ring
    He is the real, real thing

  57. There are those of us not fit to tie
    The laces of your shoes
    Must remain behind to testify
    Through an elementary blues
    So, let's walk outside, the hour is late
    Through your crumbs and scattered shells
    Where the awed and the mediocre wait
    Barely fit to ring the bells

  58. pbird1:27 PM

  59. pbird2:06 PM

    Pig organs have antigens, which are strings of molecules on every one of their cells that trigger a reaction in the human body that says, "This is not part of me, I am going to attack it and kill it and ultimately reject it." But it is possible for us to make genetic modifications to the pig to eliminate those parts of the pig genome that put those antigens on the outside of their cells. Therefore, there is nothing for the human body to then attack and reject.

    Secondly, the coagulatory, or blood-clotting, parameters of humans and pigs are different. But it's possible to modify the pig genome so that those aspects of its blood that are incompatible with human blood clotting are eliminated. In that case it would be no different than giving a transfusion from a compatible human donor to the pig. In fact, already all of our pigs are blood type O, which is a universal donor type.

    We've already successfully made four modifications to the pig genome down this pathway of about 12 or so that we believe will be needed.

    Read more: How Transplanted Pig Lungs Could Save Human Patients - Popular Mechanics
    Follow us: @PopMech on Twitter | popularmechanics on Facebook
    Visit us at

  60. pbird2:07 PM

    Beyond your work with transplantation, you've also helped to develop Bina48, a human-like robot based upon your partner, Bina. Why did you create it?

    I pretty much hoped to show people that it was possible to build a very lifelike robot that would turn people on instead of turn people off. Before we built it, there was a prevailing view that people were scared of lifelike robots. I didn't believe it.

    I just set about doing the experiment of building the Bina48 robot, commissioning it to look exactly like my partner, Bina, and introducing her to, by now, literally thousands of people throughout the U.S. and Europe. She's spoken at major conferences, at South by Southwest, been on the German equivalent of 60 Minutes, interviewed by countless reporters. Nobody is freaked out by her.

    In fact, people are almost always highly engaged by her. Now there are more and more people talking about building lifelike robots, and that was my charitable mission. I like donating by actually doing, making a project, doing something instead of just giving money to somebody.

    Read more: How Transplanted Pig Lungs Could Save Human Patients - Popular Mechanics
    Follow us: @PopMech on Twitter | popularmechanics on Facebook
    Visit us at

  61. BabbaZee3:08 PM


  62. pbird3:40 PM

  63. BabbaZee3:41 PM

    If you want people to become far more ignorant than they already are, as well, you need look no further than the field of psychiatry, which is rife with useful symbols, which are…

    The names of so-called mental disorders. There are about 300 in the official psychiatric bible. They appear to designate actual mental states, but upon close inspection, they’re empty of scientific meaning.

    Pretending to represent erudite research, they impart gibberish.


    An acceptance of these mental-disorder symbols automatically short-circuits any investigation of the mind’s true potential or power.

    False map, no authentic territory, no treasure.

    As a psychiatrist who left his profession in disgust once wrote me, “I was playing a shell game with my patients. I could label a person with one disorder, prescribe a drug, then follow up with a new drug, eventually diagnose a new disorder, combine drugs, adjust the dosages, and go on this way for many appointments. But all the labels were shams…”

    They’re symbols. They appear to stand for something solid, but they don’t.

  64. BabbaZee3:41 PM

    OH YAY

  65. pbird3:41 PM

    bet its a little bit hot

  66. pbird3:43 PM

    I ran out of dirty dishes. So here I am again.

  67. BabbaZee3:46 PM


    I am trying to find a way to pay for enzymes

  68. BabbaZee3:46 PM

    all so-called mental disorders are based on no definitive diagnostic tests. No saliva, no blood, no genes, no brain scans, for any of the 300 labels.

  69. pbird3:46 PM

    I ran into a few of those priests so to speak when dealing with my sister's medical/mental problems. They didn't know anymore about it than I did.

  70. pbird3:46 PM

    Oh, its that time again..Sigh.

  71. BabbaZee3:48 PM

    Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, the father of modern public relations, used his skills to promote his uncle’s work. Surely, Bernays saw, in Freud, a brilliant salesman, who had invented a whole new library of symbols that could be dumped on the masses, and then translated for public consumption.

    A new church of the mind would be born.

  72. BabbaZee3:50 PM

    they knew less than you did

  73. BabbaZee3:50 PM


    oyoyoyoyoooooo oyyyyyy

  74. pbird3:52 PM

    Its getting hard to remember what freedom was like. Its a constant battle to be free. No rest.

  75. pbird4:02 PM

    wish i had some brilliant solution

  76. pbird4:04 PM

    Yesterday I stopped at the convenience store to buy a king size pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for Two and Five to share. A favorite treat for both. The guy behind the counter was a really tall and well muscled kid with shoulder length dreadlocks ... and though very dark complected, he absolutely glowed. I waited in line and when it was my turn I said, "It makes me feel happy to see you, I like your glow." I say things like that now if I want to, the grey streaking my hair grants permission. He said, "I am practicing joy so that I know where to go when sorrows come." Yes, that is exactly what he said. I smiled ... and remembered:

  77. pbird4:09 PM

    if you want to know what 1971 smelled like

  78. pbird4:13 PM

  79. BabbaZee4:13 PM

    though very dark complected, he absolutely glowed

    like the glow has shit to do with your skin color

  80. pbird4:21 PM

  81. pbird4:22 PM

    yeah, but still...I like his answer

  82. pbird4:26 PM

  83. BabbaZee4:28 PM

    his answer is good

    if he even existed

  84. BabbaZee4:29 PM

    “Children Are Dying”
    Special report: Because of nationwide shortages, Washington hospitals are rationing, hoarding, and bartering critical nutrients premature babies and other patients need to survive. Doctors are reporting conditions normally seen only in developing countries, and there have been deaths. How could this be allowed to happen?

  85. BabbaZee4:32 PM

    Before Stanley Dudrick invented intravenous nutrition in 1967, nearly all premature infants died. At the time, the dogma was that nutrition couldn’t be given entirely through an IV. When Dudrick used PN to save a dying month-old infant, hundreds of physicians came to see her because “to be able to grow a baby was a marvel,” he says.

    PN is now considered one of the most important accomplishments in modern medicine—which makes it all the more distressing that unnecessary shortages are reducing its efficacy. “It breaks my heart,” says Dudrick, now a professor emeritus at Yale. “This is because big pharma isn’t making enough money on these components. It’s tragic. I just don’t know how they sleep at night.”

  86. BabbaZee4:34 PM

    “There’s no upside to our guys talking about that,” says a spokesperson for a manufacturers’ association. “Even if the FDA’s doing something terrible, we can’t criticize them.

  87. akakalakin4:36 PM

  88. BabbaZee4:37 PM

    When Miguel Sáenz de Pipaón, a neonatologist at a prominent hospital in Madrid, arrived in the US for a research visit, he was stunned by the nutrition shortages.

    “It’s crazy,” he says. “That doesn’t happen in Europe.” He noted that the US relies on a 25-year-old lipid emulsion, which is in shortage, while European hospitals use a newer version that’s readily available. Rather than import the newer emulsion, the US has left many patients without any lipids at all.

  89. Skip V. Patel4:39 PM

    Austerity in the News! Draconia Beefs Up!

    Little restraint in military giveaways

    An Associated Press investigation of the Defense Department program, originally aimed at helping local law enforcement fight terrorism and drug trafficking, found that a disproportionate share of the $4.2 billion worth of property distributed since 1990 has been obtained by police departments and sheriff's offices in rural areas with few officers and little crime.

    The national giveaway program operates with scant oversight, and the surplus military gear often sits in storage, the AP found.

    Critics fear the glut of freebies is helping to transform many local police departments into paramilitary forces. Norm Stamper, a retired Seattle police chief who is now a spokesman for a nonprofit group that supports legalizing and regulating illicit drugs, said the program is fueling a pervasive, troubling trend.

    "The harm for me is that it further militarizes American law enforcement," Stamper said. "We make a serious mistake, I'm convinced, in equipping domestic law enforcement, particularly in smaller, rural communities, with this much military equipment."

  90. Skip V. Patel4:40 PM

    Dog Chews Off Paralyzed Man's Testicle While He Sleeps...

  91. BabbaZee4:41 PM

    Support for important investigative tools such as the PATRIOT Act is essential to maintaining the security of the U.S. and combating terrorist threats

    Oh is that right.

    Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I.

    The FBI successfully thwarts its own Terrorist plot

    The FBI's "Hatching and Financing" of Terrorist Plots

  92. BabbaZee4:43 PM

    FBI 'entrapment' tactics questioned in web of phony terror plots and paid informants

  93. BabbaZee4:44 PM

    FBI Agents Responsible for Majority of Terrorist Plots in the United States

  94. pbird4:45 PM


  95. BabbaZee4:46 PM

    yes according to the heritage foundation I should let them fly a drone up my ass because the threat is just too great

    the so called conservatives are fucking sheep

  96. BabbaZee4:48 PM

    for some reason I do not find this woman credible but hey

    could be true

  97. pbird4:48 PM

    They are scared sheep. They don't know any better.

  98. pbird4:48 PM

    I dunno, just bumped into her today.

  99. pbird4:50 PM

    I wonder what the new one is made of. They used to use coconut oil in these liquids because it doesn't require digestion as such. Worked well

  100. BabbaZee4:50 PM

    don't call me Norman call me chubsy ubsy

  101. BabbaZee4:51 PM

    Moshe will not accept the excuse

  102. BabbaZee4:52 PM

    the author is a so called terrorism expert

    Fear is big business

  103. BabbaZee4:54 PM

    THREE authors excuse me two with PHD's

    took three assholes to write that

  104. BabbaZee4:55 PM

    wait till it surfaces that the older brother was an FBI plant -which in part it already has

    no one will care



  105. pbird4:56 PM

    Maybe they do this on purpose.

  106. BabbaZee4:56 PM

    OH NO!

  107. BabbaZee4:57 PM

    Maintain essential counterterrorism tools. Support for important investigative tools such as the PATRIOT Act is essential to maintaining the security of the U.S. and combating terrorist threats. Key provisions within the act, such as the roving surveillance authority and business records provision, have proved essential for thwarting terror plots, yet they require frequent reauthorization. In order to ensure that law enforcement and intelligence authorities have the essential counterterrorism tools they need, Congress should seek permanent authorization of the three sun setting provisions within the PATRIOT Act.[208] Furthermore, legitimate government surveillance programs are also a vital component of U.S. national security, and should be allowed to continue. Indeed, in testimony before the house, General Keith Alexander, the director of the National Security Agency (NSA), revealed that more than 50 incidents of potential terrorism at home and abroad were stopped by the set of NSA surveillance programs that have recently come under scrutiny. That said, the need for effective counterterrorism operations does not relieve the government of its obligation to follow the law and respect individual privacy and liberty. In the American system, the government must do both equally well.


    both can not be done equally well and what kind of stooge are you

  108. Skip V. Patel4:57 PM

    Your Computer May Already be Hacked – NSA Inside?

    "In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
    George Orwell

    In Russia, President Putin’s office just stopped using PC’s and switched to typewriters. What do they know that we don’t?

    Perhaps it’s NSA inside.

  109. pbird4:58 PM

    ah hem, lol

  110. BabbaZee4:58 PM

    you shut up and support the important investigative tools of our good government like the heritage foundation says

  111. BabbaZee4:59 PM

    Rush Limbaugh says "The Heritage Foundation's Morning Bell is just terrific!"

  112. pbird4:59 PM

    I saw that they were using typewriters. And each typewriter has a distinctive typeface so there is no question which wrote what. Good low tech solution.

  113. BabbaZee4:59 PM

    One good way you can keep up with Terrorism

    Heritage's daily Morning Bell e-mail keeps you updated on the ongoing policy battles in Washington and around the country.

    The subscription is free and delivers you the latest conservative policy perspectives on the news each weekday--straight from Heritage experts.

    The Morning Bell is your daily wake-up call offering a fresh, conservative analysis of the news.

    More than 200,000 Americans rely on Heritage's Morning Bell to stay up to date on the policy battles that affect them.

    Rush Limbaugh says "The Heritage Foundation's Morning Bell is just terrific!"

    Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL) says it's "a great way to start the day for any conservative who wants to get America back on track."

    Sign up to start your free subscription today!


  114. pbird5:04 PM

    I'm with the kid who held his nose.

  115. pbird5:05 PM

    didja see this mess?

  116. BabbaZee5:08 PM

    chaching chaching

  117. Skip V. Patel5:08 PM

    Obama's Muslim Brotherhood in desperate bid to re-capture Egypt

    During the recent weekend a few groundbreaking developments in the Egyptian theater have come out of the shadows, suggesting the strategic hot point is currently relocating from Syria to Egypt , where Russia has apparently caught the Americans off guard and managed to position itself as an alternative. Possibly this also indicates Russian involvement in Turkey's Gezi Park protests. If so the Russians have learned from the American methodology of 'color revolutions' and begun to implement it successfully in the Middle-East.

  118. pbird5:09 PM

    I think of all these things in terms of reducing the population which is always good, to them.

  119. BabbaZee5:10 PM

    someone is making money on it


  120. BabbaZee5:14 PM


  121. Skip V. Patel5:14 PM

    Fuck Off As A Service

    Please see README for use.


  122. BabbaZee5:17 PM

    FOAAS (Fuck Off As A Service) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem of telling people to fuck off.

  123. BabbaZee5:18 PM

    rhubarb cream cheese hand pies

  124. pbird5:27 PM

    didja read Catch 22?

  125. pbird5:27 PM

    he needed to clear his throat, ew

  126. pbird5:29 PM

    Stamper was chief during the WTO riots? No? He's one to talk about anything.

  127. pbird5:34 PM

    uh....i wuz out doing a fast breaking beer emergency auxilliary run

  128. pbird5:35 PM

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh why did i have to see that>>???
    so cute so rich!

  129. pbird5:36 PM

    But I am way too lazy to actually make those. So I am safe.

  130. pbird5:48 PM

    Lenovo, which is headquartered in Beijing, acquired IBM’s PC business in 2005.

  131. pbird5:55 PM

    upon more conscious reflection i think she could be full of crap

  132. BabbaZee7:16 PM


  133. pbird8:32 PM

    Woo. Weather change! Rolling thunder! Lightning!

  134. Skip V. Patel9:24 PM

    Obama asks Graham, McCain to travel to Egypt

    "Graham said the goal was to deliver a unified message that "jailing the opposition is more and more like a coup.""

    ("Opposition" being the Muslm Brotherhood)

  135. mawskrat9:44 PM

  136. pbird9:46 PM


  137. mawskrat9:56 PM

    34 “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. 35 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

    my wife lives she goes into work tonight

    at the convent and takes care of Sister Timothea

    who has Alzheimer's disease and will run around naked
    at times, though in a lucid moment she will ask my wife
    "can you help me" my wife will say yes sister I can!
    I am humbled by what my wife does

  138. aww, that is a Hard Job! very hard


  140. mawskrat10:27 PM

    one of my favs!!!
    "There Is A Time"

    There is a time for love and laughter
    ... The days will pass like summer storms
    The winter winds will follow after
    But there is love and love is warm.

    There is a time for us to wander
    When time is young and so are we
    The woods are greener over yonder
    The path is new, the world is green.

    There is a time when leaves are falling
    The woods are grey, the paths are old
    The snow will come when geese are calling
    You need a fire against the cold.

    There is a time for us to wander
    When time is young and so are we
    The woods are greener over yonder
    The path is new, the world is green.

    So do you roamin’ in the springtime?
    And you find your love in the summer sun
    The frost will come and bring the harvest
    And you can sleep when day is done.

    Time is like a river flowin'
    With no regrets as it moves on
    Around each bend the shinin’ mornin’
    And all our friends we though were gone.

    There is a time for us to wander
    When time is young and so are we
    The woods are greener over yonder
    The path is new, the world is green
    The path is new, the world is green. More
    There Is A Time - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
    There Is A time, by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, on the album, Will the Circle Be Unbroken Volume 3 I put some pictures of trees and stuff in there for kicks.

  141. mawskrat10:32 PM

    Good Night yah!

  142. Goodnight Hay! back at ya

  143. pbird1:54 AM

    amen, so lovely

  144. Skip V. Patel7:02 AM

    Somehow...this doesn't so wierd anymore.

    Just another day in Kandahar.

    The US Navy Seal who went from Chris to Kristin

    Chris Beck spent 20 years operating in secret behind enemy lines as an elite US Navy Seal. But the highly-decorated serviceman was always hiding a deeper, personal secret - since early childhood, he felt he was a female born into a male body.

    As a Navy Seal, Chris Beck's world was tough, macho, sometimes violent. He took part in covert missions from the Pacific Ocean to the Middle East and fought alongside members of Britain's SAS on the Shatt al-Arab waterway near Basra during the 2003 war in Iraq.

    But in February, more than a year after retiring from the US Navy, he replaced the photograph on his LinkedIn profile with one of a tall brunette in a white blouse smiling in front of the Stars and Stripes and wrote "I am now taking off all my disguises and letting the world know my true identity as a woman." Chris had become Kristin.

    As she awaited the reaction from her former brothers-in-arms, Kristin knew there was no going back from her decision to go public.

  145. Skip V. Patel7:19 AM

    Spy agencies ban Lenovo PCs on security concerns

    Lenovo, which is headquartered in Beijing, acquired IBM’s PC business in 2005.

    IBM continues to sell servers and mainframes that are accredited for secret and top-secret networks. A Defence spokesman said Lenovo had never sought accreditation.

    Malicious modifications to ­Lenovo’s circuitry

  146. Skip V. Patel7:30 AM

    In the name of "Free Trade" the Post-American Carpetbaggers and Grifters, with no allegeince to flag or country, are bu$y $elling off our strategic assets to the only country that is openly preparing for war against the P-USA. (Shades of Henry Ford, Herbert Walker, IBM etc.)

    China’s Military Preparing for ‘People’s War’ in Cyberspace, Space

    Translated report reveals high-tech plans for cyber attacks, anti-satellite strikes

    Chinese General Threatens Use of A-Bombs if U.S. Intrudes

    Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

    Chinese general who threatened nuclear strike on U.S. visits Washington this week

  147. BabbaZee8:04 AM


  148. BabbaZee8:06 AM

    She co-wrote a book, Warrior Princess: A US Navy Seal's Journey to Coming Out Transgender, with Anne Speckhard, a professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University in Washington DC. It charts her childhood in a religious and socially conservative household, her attempts to suppress her gender identity by secretly buying and then discarding women's clothes, and her two failed marriages.

    fookin shrinks

  149. BabbaZee8:07 AM

    The repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy in 2011 ended the ban on openly gay men and women in the US military. That shift doesn't apply to transgender individuals, however, who can still be discharged if they are found out.

    Kristin Beck believes that policy could, and should, change. She proposes allowing transgender service personnel to undergo gender reassignment in a military setting in return for extending their time in uniform once the process is complete.

  150. BabbaZee8:08 AM

    "I've also had emails from straight men who have said 'thank you for
    your service for our country. I never understood what this was but now I


  151. Skip V. Patel8:19 AM

    Chinese General Threatens "Third World War" To Protect Iran

  152. Skip V. Patel8:25 AM

    Abu Jihad: Israel’s bin Laden-Style Takedown 25 Years Ago

    " “I had read every page of the file on him. Abu Jihad was connected to horrific acts against civilians. He was marked for death. I shot him with no hesitation.”

    Waves lapped in gentle rolls against the Tunisian shoreline on this night of April 15, 1988. The lookouts on the beaches only heard the engines in the final seconds before they rode the dying breaker to broach the wet sand.

    There were three of them, powered rubber dinghies being dragged up to the dunes by twenty dark clad figures slung with silenced automatic weapons. The lookouts joined them in securing their craft and led them to three vehicles ready to drive them to their destination. Once inside, the masked men offered greetings in a language alien and despised by this part of the world… Hebrew. Yet, as they drove into the darkness, the only thought crossing their minds was the tired hours spent rehearsing for the coming moment with the briefings, and mockups, which now placed them on a road heading into the capital of Tunis toward a residential neighborhood.

    They belonged to the Sayeret Matkal, Israel’s finest Special Forces unit. Their mission tonight involved killing a man who was a founding member of the Palestine Liberation Organization and responsible for the deaths of multitudes of innocent Israeli citizens. His name was Khalil Al Wazir, better known as Abu Jihad (“Father of the Holy War”).

  153. mawskrat8:29 AM

    Good Mornin All.....make it a great day!

  154. BabbaZee8:32 AM

    shalom grandpa

  155. BabbaZee8:33 AM

    National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden has been granted temporary asylum in Russia for one year and left a Moscow airport to formally enter the country's territory, according to his lawyer.

  156. mawskrat8:45 AM

    picked a nice ripe ice box watermelon yesterday.

  157. mawskrat8:47 AM

    I'm getting better at figuring out when melons
    are vine ripe

  158. Skip V. Patel8:47 AM

    Nothing like a vine ripened melon!

  159. BulgarWheat8:52 AM

    I was married precisely 3 months later.

  160. BabbaZee9:29 AM
    iWish I had a watermelon!

  161. BabbaZee9:46 AM

    The Chilling History of How Hollywood Helped Hitler

  162. BabbaZee9:53 AM

  163. Grammy Cracker10:38 AM

    Howdy, Feral freaks! Can you freakin' believe I've been up for seven hours already? OY! I'm south-bound and down; just pulled into Dayton en route to Sevierville, Tennessee for a reunion with the cousins on my dad's side. Haven't seen some of them in 40 years! We're all really excited; we've been planning this for a year. While my sister drives I can use the hooplewanky. :-D

  164. Skip V. Patel10:40 AM

    Silicon Valley & Spying on America

    Brandon Webb SOFREP

    It’s an open secret that Steve Jobs had a green badge with the CIA, and if Steve (I’m a fan by-the-way) had a badge makes you wonder who else…

    May be time for America to re-think its priorities when it comes to spying on citizens, period. I don’t think too many people are ok with giving up a batch of civil liberties in exchange for Washington’s “blue pill.” And what about holding Silicone Valley accountable? Who’s asking the hard questions? Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo and the others need to start pushing back a bit on Uncle Sam or they’re going to start losing what little trust consumers have, and this translates to the bottom line.

    I’d personally trust Steve Jobs any day, but very few of the others. The true litmus test for me is to ask myself, what would the founding fathers of the United States of America think of all of this?

    " NSA contracted with companies to “make them part of our team,” as he puts it". Didn't something like that happen in Germany back in the 30's?

  165. Skip V. Patel10:45 AM

    Israeli Jew is devout gay drag queen

    JERUSALEM (AP) — Just shy of midnight, Shahar Hadar trades his knitted white yarmulke for a wavy blond wig and a pink velvet dress.

    Cheers greet him in a packed gay bar as he starts to swivel to a Hebrew pop song, his shiny red lips mouthing lyrics that mean more to him than the audience knows: "With God's help you'll have the strength / To overcome and give your all."

  166. hm, oy come ON!

  167. I was touristing Israel one month later.

  168. BabbaZee10:48 AM

    A measure awarding generous funding to road and bridge projects, community development grants and housing help for the poor is running into stiff Republican opposition in the Senate.

  169. Peek a Boo!

  170. so watch where ya live!

  171. mawskrat10:52 AM

    she does get around

    Кипелов совместно с Тарьей Турунен - Я здесь (Самара)

  172. BabbaZee10:53 AM

  173. BabbaZee10:53 AM

    Oh that's great!

  174. BabbaZee10:56 AM

    If Jobs had a "green" badge then certainly the guys that own facebook google and twitter have GOLD ones

  175. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee have fun. Is it Choctaw Bingo? Most likely not///

  176. mawskrat10:58 AM


  177. BabbaZee10:59 AM

    . His drag persona is that of a rebbetzin, a female rabbinic advisor

  178. BabbaZee11:01 AM

    "She blesses, she loves everyone," said Hadar of his alter-ego, Rebbetzin Malka Falsche. The stage name is a playful take on a Hebrew word meaning "queen" and Hebrew slang for "fake." Her philosophy, and Hadar's, draws from the teachings of the Breslov Hasidic stream of ultra-Orthodox Judaism: embrace life's vicissitudes with joy.

    "Usually drag queens are gruff. I decided that I wanted to be happy, entertain people, perform mitzvoth," or religious deeds, he said.

  179. BabbaZee11:04 AM

    Books have been written about President Eisenhower’s famous farewell warning in 1961 about the “military-industrial complex,” and what he described as its “unwarranted influence.” But an even greater leviathan today, one that the public knows little about, is the “intelligence-industrial complex.”

  180. it is logical though

  181. BabbaZee11:05 AM

    “They have been, on the whole, cooperative,” says Greg Garcia, who served as the Homeland Security Department’s first Internet czar under President George W. Bush. “But at the same time, they are wary of being seen as instruments of the government.”

  182. BabbaZee11:06 AM

    According to the lovely heritage foundation we are to shut the fuck up and pbey

  183. BabbaZee11:09 AM

    Support for important investigative tools such as the PATRIOT Act is essential to maintaining the security of the U.S. and combating terrorist threats

    One good way you can keep up with Terrorism

    Heritage's daily Morning Bell e-mail keeps you updated on the ongoing policy battles in Washington and around the country.

    The subscription is free and delivers you the latest conservative policy perspectives on the news each weekday--straight from Heritage experts.

    The Morning Bell is your daily wake-up call offering a fresh, conservative analysis of the news.

    More than 200,000 Americans rely on Heritage's Morning Bell to stay up to date on the policy battles that affect them.

    Rush Limbaugh says "The Heritage Foundation's Morning Bell is just terrific!"

  184. I didn't know there were even that many elephants. Good grief.

  185. KENOSHA, Wis. —WISN 12 News investigates an operation raising questions about the use of government resources and the state policy that meant a death sentence for a fawn.
    Cudahy tactical situation ends after 7...
    Blue Ribbon weather for State Fair
    Milwaukee police officer involved in...
    Cyclospora outbreak appears over; CDC...
    Milk House changes locations at State...

    "It was like a SWAT team," shelter employee Ray Schulze said.

    Two weeks ago, Schulze was working in the barn at the Society of St. Francis on the Kenosha-Illinois border when a swarm of squad cars arrived and officers unloaded with a search warrant.

    "(There were) nine DNR agents and four deputy sheriffs, and they were all armed to the teeth," Schulze said.

    Read more:

  186. "I was thinking in my mind they were going to take the deer and take it to a wildlife shelter, and here they come carrying the baby deer over their shoulder. She was in a body bag," Schulze said. "I said, 'Why did you do that?' He said, 'That's our policy,' and I said, 'That's one hell of a policy.'"

    Read more: