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Friday, June 14, 2013

Two Of Us

 His mouth is sweetness itself;
he is altogether lovely.
This is my beloved,
this is my friend,
daughters of Jerusalem.


  1. AI ICUS11:24 AM

    GOOD MORNING ! ! !

  2. she lives!

  3.

    Peeing standing up in danger in Europe...
    one had to ask why?

  4. pbird1:40 PM

    Guest Post: 5 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Poor

    having fun reading the comments

  5. BabbaZee2:17 PM

    making apple mango pineapple chutney

  6. Skip V. Patel2:59 PM

    Man! You folks is so po' dat you kan't afford pre-made stuff? Youse gotta' make it all yerselves?

  7. pbird3:12 PM

    i loves chutney, good stuff. some are full of tumeric!

  8. pbird3:13 PM

    bah. i HATE cooking! its nice some people like it

  9. BabbaZee3:19 PM

  10. Skip V. Patel3:20 PM

    The po' folks are missing needed polysorbates and vital additives.... Red Dye-25 for instance.

    Let 'em DIE!!!!!

  11. pbird3:20 PM

    well thats it exactly, i gotta serve somebody and they aren't very encouraging

  12. pbird3:21 PM


  13. BabbaZee3:21 PM


  14. pbird3:21 PM

    i struggle on, lol

  15. BabbaZee4:04 PM

    your a peein

  16. pbird4:28 PM

    I'm trying to get the lid off a five gallon bucket. Sigh. Not funny.

  17. pbird4:30 PM

    A Dog Walker to Make You Feel Almost Like You Are There

  18. BabbaZee4:31 PM

    oh man my hands are so useless sometimes I know how that is

  19. pbird4:33 PM

    I think I have had this bucket of wheat for twenty years. I got curious about what's in there.

  20. pbird4:55 PM

    The Marketing Of Police Militarism

  21. pbird5:00 PM

    Artificial Spleen Offers Hope for Faster Sepsis Diagnosis and Treatment

  22. pbird5:05 PM

    The other day, my college age son quietly went around the house and put electricians tape over the camera lenses on the displays of all our home computers. I laughed when I discovered what he had done. . .then paused: after all, it wouldn’t be that hard for someone to remotely turn that camera on and secretly watch me and my family. I left the tape on.

  23. pbird5:27 PM

    NYU booting blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng amid Shanghai expansion: sources

  24. Storagemanager6:16 PM


  25. Storagemanager6:21 PM

    Ammo Manufacturer Comes Up With The Ultimate Jihadi-Deterent: Pork-Infused Bullets…

  26. pbird6:41 PM

    Worry grows for missing woman on naked 'spiritual quest' in Washington forest

    poor little whack job, I was wondering if they had found her yet

  27. Skip V. Patel6:43 PM

    Men 'to blame for the menopause'

    Hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings - menopause and its side effects can all be blamed on men, experts suggest.

    Evolutionary geneticists from Canada's McMaster University say men's tendency to choose younger mates meant fertility became pointless for older women.

    In PLOS Computational Biology, they say this eventually led to the menopause.

    But a UK expert said that was the "wrong way round" and men chose younger women because older women were less fertile.

  28. pbird7:02 PM

    blahblahblah, who knows

  29. pbird7:03 PM

  30. BabbaZee8:13 PM


  31. Kreuzueber Halbmond8:53 PM

    I'd be remiss if I didn't congratulate the folks here on their graduates. Fun times. Liberty parties on; tyranny gets left in the dust.

    As you embark upon the path of whatever, remember this,— God sent his Sons and Daughters into the world, not to condemn or burden the world, but to save the world through Love. This is the fabric we strive to weave,—a brotherhood of man. Raise earth toward heaven, because heaven won't come down. Tether your existence to Love and you will kiss eternity in every sphere you inhabit. Travel high, never low.

  32. mawskrat9:06 PM

    yah just don't get it do yah/

  33. mawskrat9:28 PM

    if you hate your fellow man...are you walking in the light?
    something that makes things visible or affords illumination: All colors depend on light.
    Also called luminous energy, radiant energy. electromagnetic radiation to which the organs of sight react, ranging in wavelength from about 400 to 700 nm and propagated at a speed of 186,282 mi./sec (299,972 km/sec), considered variously as a wave, corpuscular, or quantum phenomenon.
    a similar form of radiant energy that does not affect the retina, as ultraviolet or infrared rays.
    the sensation produced by stimulation of the organs of sight.
    an illuminating agent or source, as the sun, a lamp, or a beacon.
    the radiance or illumination from a particular source: the light of a candle.
    the illumination from the sun; daylight: We awoke at the first light.
    daybreak or dawn: when light appeared in the east.
    daytime: Summer has more hours of light.
    a particular light or illumination in which an object seen takes on a certain appearance: viewing the portrait in dim light.
    a device for or means of igniting, as a spark, flame, or match: Could you give me a light?
    a traffic light: Don't cross till the light changes.
    the aspect in which a thing appears or is regarded: Try to look at the situation in a more cheerful light.
    the state of being visible, exposed to view, or revealed to public notice or knowledge; limelight: Stardom has placed her in the light.
    a person who is an outstanding leader, celebrity, or example; luminary: He became one of the leading lights of Restoration drama.
    the effect of light falling on an object or scene as represented in a picture.
    one of the brightest parts of a picture.
    a gleam or sparkle, as in the eyes.
    a measure or supply of light; illumination: The wall cuts off our light.
    spiritual illumination or awareness; enlightenment.
    Architecture .
    Also called day. one compartment of a window or window sash.
    a window, especially a small one.
    mental insight; understanding.
    lights, the information, ideas, or mental capacities possessed: to act according to one's lights.
    a lighthouse.
    Archaic. the eyesight.
    Relevant Questions





    ah better, the other was early or something

  38. mawskrat10:37 PM

    RIP Arturo Vega, Shepherd for the Ramones, Dies at 65

  39. Too young. RIP

  40. aw, he printed the shirts too...I've done that. Hell of a mess!




    highly recommended writer

  44. Kreuzueber Halbmond10:54 PM

    Light — the Oneness of God; the divine, creative Principle illuminating All,—Spirit, Life, Truth, Love, Mind, Soul. The spiritual principle of being is the prism through which this is revealed. Man is created in the image and likeness of God. We are the eternal expression of One composed of All. So, if you walk in this light, there is no darkness or hate.

    And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. —Genesis 1:31

    And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign for ever and ever. —Revelation 22:5

  45. US troops on Syria border as Obama arms rebels

  46. Syrian, jeez

  47. pbird1:06 AM

    I remember that.

  48. pbird1:08 AM

    old fan of the elevators

  49. Kreuzueber Halbmond1:10 AM

  50. pbird1:14 AM

    he does a great job of it

  51. pbird1:19 AM

  52. Kreuzueber Halbmond1:24 AM

    He should, he wrote it. Sorry, pasted the wrong link -

  53. pbird1:26 AM

    I have foot in mouth frequently and don't know the details usually of who wrote the songs.

  54. pbird1:28 AM

  55. Kreuzueber Halbmond1:47 AM

    He is a kind and talented fellow.

  56. pbird3:02 AM

    sleeeeepy......good night

  57. pbird4:13 AM

  58. Storagemanager7:15 AM

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday any attempt to enforce a no-fly zone over Syria using F-16 fighter jets and Patriot missiles from Jordan would violate international law.

    "There have been leaks from Western media regarding the serious consideration to create a no-fly zone over Syria through the deployment of Patriot anti-aircraft missiles and F-16 jets in Jordan," said Lavrov, speaking at a joint news conference with his Italian counterpart. "You don't have to be a great expert to understand that this will violate international law," he said.,7340,L-3083,00.html

  59. Storagemanager7:19 AM

    Assad Prepares Offensive as Obama Promises Rebels Arms...
    Oil Hits 9-Month High...
    Saudi King cuts holiday short due to 'events in region...
    Thousands of Egypt Islamists rally for Syria jihad...

  60. Storagemanager7:21 AM

    Jacko’s ghost: My death was an accident
    What dead star told Lionel Richie's ex

  61. Storagemanager7:25 AM

  62. Storagemanager7:44 AM

    ) -- At least 11 female university teachers and students were killed and more than 20 wounded when a bomb exploded Saturday inside a bus in southwestern Pakistan, police said.

    "All the victims are women teachers and students," according to a police official, Mir Zubair Mehmood, in Quetta. The blast shattered the windows of offices and classrooms inside the school.

  63. Storagemanager7:47 AM

    Thousands of Islamists rallied in the Egyptian capital on Friday in support of calls by Sunni Muslim clerics for a holy war against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

    The demonstration took place outside a Cairo mosque where Saudi preacher Mohammed al-Oreifi called in a sermon for a “jihad in the cause of Allah in Syria.”

    Oreifi urged worshippers to “unite against their enemy.”

    Saudi Arabia, like Egypt, is an overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim country, and Sunnis are the backbone of the revolt against Assad, whose Alawite sect is an offshoot of Shiite Islam.

    Demonstrators, most of them bearded and wearing the traditional white galabiya, shouted “there is no God but Allah, and Bashar is his enemy.”

    People waved not only the Egyptian flag but also the one adopted by the Syrian opposition.

    On Thursday, influential Sunni clerics from several Arab states called for a holy war against the “sectarian” regime in Syria

  64. Storagemanager7:49 AM

    That would be the Black flag of Islam....they are hoping to raise the White one soon.

  65. Storagemanager7:52 AM

    No one in the media will talk about the Black and White flags of Islam....because then they would have to admit what Islam is.....and that is a NO-NO.

  66. Storagemanager7:57 AM

    President Obama to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip tried my friend....just mow them down...kill'em...............
    Gezi Park: Turkish protesters vow to stay put

  67. Storagemanager7:58 AM

    How great it is that the U.S. is going to be aiding these jihadists. Syria will be cleansed of Christians in no time, and peace will ensue.

    "Syria Militants Massacre Christian Village Population

  68. Storagemanager8:00 AM

    The Romans are beaming with pride.

  69. Storagemanager8:06 AM

    Obama to Biden...does Holder have enough Ammo yet?

  70. Storagemanager8:16 AM

    The very first landing of an MV-22 Osprey on a Japanese ship is a historic moment," said Marine Brig. Gen. John Broadmeadow, adding that the exercise provided the U.S. military "an opportunity to enhance our longstanding relationship with the Japanese and to highlight the capabilities of the MV-22 Osprey, which allows the Marine Corps to quickly respond to a crisis when launched from sea or land."

    U.S. military officials say strengthening Japan's amphibious capabilities is vital as the U.S. focuses more attention on developing an Asia-Pacific strategy amid ongoing Defense Department budget cuts. The region has been roiled by tensions due to North Korean long-range rocket and nuclear tests and maritime territorial disputes between China and its neighbors.

    Japan's navy is among the world's best-equipped and best-trained, but its skills storming beaches and other amphibious capabilities have been weak since its national defense force formed in the 1950s.

  71. Storagemanager8:36 AM

    This will be the eleventh presidential election in the history of Iran since Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini seized control of the nation in 1979, forcing the Shah to flee. When he died, Khomeini's coffin was treated like a piñata by the adoring crowd who jostled to touch it.

    It doesn't matter who wins the predictably rigged elections. Recall that in 2009 the reelection of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad led to eleven days of protests in Tehran that were brutally suppressed. They were shouting "Death to the dictator." Asked to comment at the time, President Obama said "It is not productive, given the history of US-Iranian relations to be seen as meddling-the U.S. president, meddling in Iranian elections."

    The U.S. would like it known that we are not "meddling" in the Syrian civil war in which an estimated 93,000 have died at this point and 1.5 million have fled. Or that sending a billion dollars to Egypt-whose leaders hate us-plus fighter jets is not meddling, and with the exception of the occasional drone attack, we are to believe that the U.S. is not meddling anywhere in the Middle East...but I digress.

    Read more: Family Security Matters
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  72. Storagemanager8:37 AM

    President Obama...there is no need for me to speak out about Iran....The Sunni talk for me.

  73. BabbaZee8:40 AM

    thank ye

  74. BabbaZee8:42 AM


  75. BabbaZee8:43 AM

    right track now....

  76. Storagemanager8:46 AM

    How about last year, when Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), et. al. raised legitimate concerns about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into our federal government? Then Hillary Clinton Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin was named in one of the letters; the evidence against Abedin is overwhelming. Yet, Rubio publicly chastised Bachmann over the matter. The list of questionable people and leftists he aligned with by doing so is quite extensive.

    Then, in January of this year, after months of clamoring to get then Secretary of State Clinton to testify about Benghazi, Rubio squandered his five minutes by playing patty cake with her:

  77. BabbaZee8:46 AM

    ooo whole record

  78. BabbaZee8:47 AM

    ooooo yeahyuh

  79. BabbaZee8:49 AM


  80. Storagemanager8:53 AM

    It would be irresponsible to accuse every congressman and senator of having secrets they’d fight to the death to avoid being revealed. Conversely, it would be dangerously naive to assume there are none.

    Something is very, very wrong.

    Now, for the Andre Linoge metaphor. In 1999, a Stephen King movie entitled The Storm of the Century was released. In it, a demon (Linoge) – perhaps Satan himself – descended on an island off the coast of Maine and terrorized residents with private information he had on all of them. Linoge put all of their dirty little secrets under the public spotlight; they couldn’t stand it. The inhabitants would do anything to make him go away; dirty laundry was being aired and each was being turned on the other.

    At a town hall meeting, Linoge explained what it would take for the residents to be rid of him. Due to his old age, Linoge was in desperate need of an heir to his evil throne so he gave the island a choice. Either he would kill every child on the island or the residents would decide which set of parents would hand their child over to Linoge.

    In this metaphor, Linoge represents the surveillance of all Americans by an administration that has proven both capable of and willing to use data mined from that surveillance to destroy lives. The question Congressmen and Senators must ask themselves are these:

    Should we cut our losses and give the devil what he wants?

    Should we call his bluff?

  81. mawskrat8:56 AM

    Good Mornin All!!!!
    17 and counting//

  82. Storagemanager8:58 AM

    Good morning....storms coming here...very dark outside.

  83. Storagemanager9:02 AM

    Hamas Chief Khaled Mashaal landed in Cairo early Saturday morning for "emergency talks"with the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in Egypt, Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported.

    According to the report, Mashaal and a delegation from Hamas met with Muhammad Badie, and the meeting was not regarding Palestinian reconciliation.

  84. pbird9:09 AM

    goodmorning all, its going to be bright and shiny in the pnw

  85. Storagemanager9:15 AM

    QUETTA, Pakistan – A senior Pakistani police officer says gunmen have taken over parts of a hospital in a southwestern Pakistan.

    Fayaz Sumbal, the head of police operations in Quetta, says armed men captured different sections of the hospital complex Saturday and were positioned on rooftops.

    He says Frontier Corps troops, and police commandos have been called in.

    An Associated Press reporter on the scene could hear intermittent gunfire as security officials took up positions around the building.

    The attack happened after two bomb blasts in Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan, including one at the hospital.

    Read more:

  86. Storagemanager9:22 AM

    Yeah baby....the anti-Obama truck...............

    the brawny F-450 could steal the show, or at least push its rivals out of the way.

    The Super Duty truck is powered by Ford’s 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel engine, but has been fitted with a Magna Flow exhaust that breathes through a set of smokestack-style pipes. A custom cargo box, front bumper with integrated bull bar, 9,000-pound winch, 7-inch lift kit and First Attack wheels complete its action hero look. It's screen name is Beast.

    Read more:

  87. Storagemanager9:25 AM

    Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- Militants have entered a hospital in Quetta, Pakistan, where casualties of an earlier bus bombing were taken for treatment, police said Saturday.

    Eight gunmen are exchanging fire with police at the Bolan medical complex, authorities said. Doctors, nurses and patients are trapped inside the hospital, which is surrounded by security forces.

    Among the patients are more than 20 people wounded in a bus explosion that also killed at least 11 female university instructors, police said.
    All the victims are women teachers and students," according to a police official, Mir Zubair Mehmood, in Quetta. The blast shattered the windows of offices and classrooms inside Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University.

    The university bus was parked at the school, located on the outskirts of Quetta, the capital of Balochistan province.

  88. Storagemanager9:26 AM

    Islam....blow up a bus full of women...if they all don't die...follow them to the hospital....beyond EVIL.

  89. Storagemanager9:28 AM

    Prime Minister of Turkey ....“There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam "

  90. Storagemanager9:30 AM

    Lets give weapons and money to the people that blow up women!

  91. Storagemanager9:32 AM

    The second blast occurred at a hospital where the dead and wounded were taken later Saturday. The police chief and the chief secretary of the province had arrived at the hospital when the blast went off in a corridor of the hospital's emergency room, said Fayaz Sumbal, a senior police officer in Quetta. Sumbal said at least four people were wounded.

    Read more:

  92. Storagemanager9:34 AM

    Fucking Islam...It takes a real man to kill women,children and old men.....Islam.

  93. Storagemanager9:40 AM


  94. BabbaZee10:14 AM

  95. BabbaZee10:23 AM


  96. BabbaZee10:23 AM


  97. BabbaZee10:26 AM

  98. BabbaZee10:29 AM

    SUNNI iTurn!

  99. Storagemanager10:40 AM


  100. so good it decreases pain! lol


  102. The Muslim Lawyers Association (MLA) in Johannesburg, South Africa has apparently had enough of President Obama. The MLA has submitted a request to the Office of the National Director of Public Prosecution calling for the arrest and prosecution of the U.S. President when he next visits the country.

    The MLA mainly objects to Obama’s massive use of drone strikes to kill Muslims, something Obama has repeatedly defended and, despite claims he would ramp down the program, has continued to execute in the face of world-wide criticism.

    “The complaint, dubbed the ‘Obama Docket’ encourages South Africa to take seriously its domestic and international obligations and to act against International War Criminals lest they consider South Africa a safe haven and travel here freely with impunity,” the MLA said in a press release.

    weeeeeeeeeeeee thats what the snipers were probably really for!

  103. BabbaZee11:07 AM


  104. BabbaZee11:08 AM

  105. lotta musics do that. its a good thing. even king Saul knew that

  106. BabbaZee11:11 AM

  107. I think i freaked RB totally out by sending her that song. I think she thinks I'm nuts. weee as we say

  108. such strange early nineties special effects


  110. BabbaZee11:29 AM

  111. Great moments in bureaucratic excess: City officials in Hartford shut down barber giving free haircuts in park


  113. BabbaZee1:09 PM

    M6.2 - CRETE, GREECE

  114. pbird1:16 PM

    Hassan Rouhani wins Iran presidential election

    it may be worse but i still think its funny they dumped him

  115. Storagemanager1:29 PM

    There is only one man who runs Iran....Supreme leader of Iran....the rest are puppets.....that take the blame for the leader.

  116. pbird1:39 PM

    its still funny, no more dinnerjacket

  117. pbird2:05 PM

    HONG KONG - In a show of protest against U.S. surveillance programs and in support of whistle-blower Edward Snowden, several hundred people marched Saturday to the U.S. Consulate General and the offices of the Hong Kong government despite drizzly weather.

  118. BulgarWheat2:39 PM


    due to blood thinners, I haven't been able to get my jump wing tattoo the last month or so. Well, things are under control now and I have my tat. I'll post a picture once I get the bandage off.

  119. BulgarWheat2:46 PM

    that'll work....

  120. BabbaZee2:47 PM

    if you cannot figure out how to shrink it skype it to me and will shrink it - take the bandage off now , take the photo, put some neosporin in and rebandage it

  121. BabbaZee2:48 PM

    so are you gonna get a whoopin come Sunday?

  122. BabbaZee2:48 PM

  123. BabbaZee2:49 PM



  124. BulgarWheat2:50 PM

    I have the med kit handy along with the medicated goo (RIP Frank Zappa).

    No more bandages, the guy said it leaches the ink some. Shouldn't be an issue. I have bandages once it dries out some. At least for sleeping. I'll let it air out some today and keep medicated goo on it. He said 2 to 3 times a day for the next couple of weeks. Showers are fine. It turned out pretty well.

    Note to self,....those damned things DO hurt!

  125. BabbaZee2:50 PM

    punk! get one across the top of your foot and tell me about hurt


  126. BulgarWheat2:50 PM

    naw, heck no. I've been waiting almost 53 years for this damned thing.

  127. BabbaZee2:51 PM

  128. BulgarWheat2:51 PM

    heh! it's a password to something zuper zekrit.

    not a very good one either

  129. BabbaZee2:52 PM

    well it ain't a sekrit no mo pappy better change it

  130. BulgarWheat2:52 PM

    forget that shit! top of my feet?!!! damn! that hurts to even think about!

  131. BabbaZee2:52 PM

    I take a photo of me black panther for you later

  132. BabbaZee2:53 PM


  133. BabbaZee2:53 PM

    the one around me wrist was not a picnic either yogi

  134. BabbaZee2:54 PM


  135. BulgarWheat2:56 PM

    due to recent career changes I no longer care.

  136. BulgarWheat3:45 PM

    I sent my picture via my cell phone to the wife. haven't heard back from her yet. should be an interesting conversation.

  137. Storagemanager3:58 PM

    Buckle up----------------------

    Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi said he had cut all diplomatic ties with Damascus on Saturday and demanded Hezbollah leave Syria, pitching most populous Arab state more firmly against President Bashar Assad.

    Addressing a gathering of Sunni Muslim clerics in Cairo, the Islamist head of state said: "We decided today to entirely break off relations with Syria and with the current Syrian regime."

    He also warned Assad's allies in the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shi'ite militia to pull back from fighting in Syria: "We stand against Hezbollah in its aggression against the Syrian people," Morsi said. "Hezbollah must leave Syria - these are serious words. There is no space or place for Hezbollah in Syria."

    Mohamed Morsi urged world powers not to hesitate to enforce a no-fly zone over Syria.,7340,L-4392653,00.html

  138. BabbaZee4:00 PM

  139. Storagemanager4:02 PM

    The bigger jihad is now a go.

  140. Storagemanager4:03 PM

    Morsi said. "Hezbollah must leave Syria - these are serious words. There is no space or place for Hezbollah in Syria."

  141. Storagemanager4:04 PM

    ISTANBUL - Turkish riot police fired teargas and water cannon to try to clear protesters from a central Istanbul park on Saturday evening, hours after Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan warned that police were ready to intervene.

    "We have our Istanbul rally tomorrow. I say it clearly: Taksim Square must be evacuated, otherwise this country's security forces know how to evacuate it," Erdogan had told tens of thousands of supporters at a rally in the capital Ankara.

  142. Storagemanager4:09 PM

    Former GOP vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor Sarah Palin told a Washington audience Saturday that the U.S. should not get involved in the Syrian civil war.

    Palin argued that the U.S. should not intervene in any Middle East conflict as long as President Obama remains in office.

    “Until we have a commander in chief who knows what he is doing….let Allah sort it out!” she told the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

    The statement shows how far Palin has drifted from former running mate Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who is the chief Senate proponent of U.S. military action to help the Syrian rebels.

    This week, the White House announced it had concluded that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had used chemical weapons against the rebels, thereby crossing a “red line.” Obama has now decided to arm select elements of the Syrian rebellion.

  143. Storagemanager4:09 PM

    “Until we have a commander in chief who knows what he is doing….let Allah sort it out!” she told the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

  144. Storagemanager4:11 PM

    Love her or hate her....I love that

  145. Storagemanager4:15 PM

    Hardline Lebanese Sunni Muslim cleric Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir warned on Friday
    that “a war is coming to Lebanon” as Syrian rebels and their Lebanese supporters
    prepare to launch attacks against Hezbollah “everywhere.”

    Sheikh Assir said in a Friday sermon that a response to Hezbollah’s
    intervention in Syria could happen in a “few days” and will take place
    “anywhere” including Lebanon.

  146. pbird4:22 PM

    Bulgar, my tattooist non SIL covers them with ointment and saran wrap to keep out the air. Very important to keep out he air and it will heal nice.

  147. pbird4:24 PM

    This dude put one on Kelly Osborne even. Very fine tattooist.

  148. pbird4:26 PM

    Noah also uses and anesthetic spray on girls and people he likes in general.

  149. BulgarWheat4:27 PM

    a very bad boy

  150. pbird4:32 PM

    cause i practically are one

  151. BabbaZee4:32 PM


  152. pbird4:35 PM

    song woke me up from my nap, had to play it

  153. pbird4:36 PM

    look who recorded that song!

  154. pbird4:38 PM

  155. pbird4:40 PM

  156. Storagemanager4:42 PM

    June 15 - A magnitude 6.6 earthquake hit on Saturday off the Pacific coast of the central American nation of Nicaragua, the US geological survey said.

    The USGS reported the quake's location as about 50 miles (80 km) southwest of Nagarote, Leon, in Nicaragua.

  157. Storagemanager4:43 PM


    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei
    Lavrov has said any attempt to enforce a no-fly zone over Syria using US fighter
    jets and missiles operating from Jordan would violate international law.

    The US has moved Patriot missiles and F-16 fighter jets to Jordan, officially
    as part of an annual exercise.

    Russia opposes any foreign military intervention in the Syrian conflict.

    The uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, which began in 2011, has left
    an estimated 93,000 people dead.

  158. Storagemanager4:45 PM

    U.S. puts jets in Jordan, fuels Russian fear of Syria no-fly zone 4:24pm EDT

    BEIRUT - The United States said on Saturday it would keep F-16 fighters and Patriot missiles in Jordan at Amman's request, and Russia bristled at the possibility they could be used to enforce a no-fly zone inside Syria.

  159. Storagemanager4:50 PM

    Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

  160. I'll never understand the tat thing

  161. BabbaZee6:30 PM

    ) -- The youth-led Tamarod (rebel) Initiative has collected more than their targeted 15,000,000 signatures calling for a no-confidence vote against President Mohammed Morsi and forcing early elections in Egypt, causing the ruling Muslim Brotherhood party and its Islamists partners to feel seriously threatened, say political observers. Millions are expected to join a nationwide anti-Morsi and anti-Brotherhood demonstration set for June 30, to coincide with Morsi's first anniversary as president. Protesters in Cairo will go to the Presidential "Unity" Palace in the Heliopolis suburb of Cairo with their demands. "We will stay there until Morsi leaves," said Mahmoud Badr, spokesman for Tamarod. In every other Egyptian province local protests will be held. Expatriate Egyptians will also hold demonstrations in their respective countries.

    This week Assem Abdel Maged, a leader of the Egyptian extremist group Gamaa Islamiya, said that those calling for the demonstrations are "extremists Copts" and issued a warning to the Coptic church and Christian citizens who plan to join in the protests on June 30. Speaking on an Islamist satellite channel (video), he said "Do not sacrifice your children, Muslim public opinion will not tolerate toppling the President."

    Abdel Maged denounced the Coptic rights group Maspero Youth Union as "extremist Copts" whom he holds responsible for the Maspero massacre on October 9, 2011 which claimed the lives of 27 Copts and injured 329, with no Muslim casualties (AINA 10-10-2011). "They held battons in the shape of crosses and assaulted the Egyptian soldiers and smashed the heads of the army recruits with stones while they were in their armored vehicles." His criticism targeted another rights group, Copts Without Shackles, whom he claims is made up of communists and atheists.

    Abdel Maged, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for his role in the terrorist attacks in the late eighties in Minya on police headquarters, killing 117 policemen, is coordinator for the Tagarrod Movement to support Morsi and counter the Tamarod initiative. "Not one single Copt signed our petition," he said.

    "Who will be responsible if fanatics slaughter the Copts because of this incitement?" asked renowned Egyptian TV anchor Amr Adeeb, on his nightly program.

  162. pbird6:34 PM

    Look what you made us do!

  163. pbird7:42 PM

    Even after the bombing, the cops forbore to set foot in the lads' mosque for four days. Three hundred million Americans are standing naked in the NSA digital scanner, but the all-seeing security state has agreed that not just their womenfolk, but Islam itself, can be fully veiled from head to toe


    so hungry now

  165. pbird8:17 PM

    well....go burn something!!! just kidding

  166. lately have little confidence in the cooking arena

  167. pbird8:26 PM

    me either akak...i give up

  168. Storagemanager9:39 PM

    Obama Marks Father’s Day: “It’s Not Easy” Being A Gay Dad…

  169. Storagemanager9:40 PM

    HE should know.

  170. Storagemanager9:42 PM

    poor Obama.....Sunni and Gay.....just never fit we understand...poor fellow.

  171. Storagemanager9:43 PM


  172. Storagemanager9:46 PM

    Come out of the closet Mr. President....we shall cheer you.

  173. Storagemanager9:51 PM

    Barack Hussein Obama...the first President with a wicked gay smile.

  174. Storagemanager9:53 PM

    The first President of the United States the whole world is laughing at.

  175. Storagemanager9:54 PM

    Daddy is real proud Barry.

  176. Storagemanager9:55 PM

    Dreams of my be the first gay president of America for Daddy.

  177. Storagemanager9:57 PM

    Look Ma...Gay marriage!

  178. Storagemanager9:58 PM

    You go did it!

  179. Storagemanager10:05 PM

    What a President...he kills children in more than one way...he gave children the morning after pill....he promotes gay fucking.....he promotes abortion.....the man has done more to kill off the human race than Hitler ever dreamed of...

  180. Storagemanager10:06 PM

    We stand in Awe of your killing dreams...may the SUNNI be with you.

  181. Storagemanager10:08 PM

    Mr. President...May all of you dreams be of our deaths...

  182. mawskrat10:09 PM

    I love my son.....he done hooked up some more
    hooople wanky stuff that makes all the stuff work

  183. hm, good boy!

  184. Storagemanager10:14 PM

    But...what do I know...I only posted what what you were gona since 07....

  185. mawskrat10:14 PM

    WTF...and on and on it goes////

    to some......

  186. Storagemanager10:16 PM

    It is quite clear I was

  187. mawskrat10:17 PM

    mo bettah

    for the storage!!!!


    this one

  189. Storagemanager10:20 PM

    Obama is just what I posted he would be.....but..what do I know?

  190. Storagemanager10:22 PM

    Have a SUNNI ya folks.


  192. mawskrat10:59 PM

    I'm really having a hard time here//////