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Friday, February 15, 2013

Every Dog Has His Day

 And he bowed himself and said,
“What is your servant,
 that you should notice 
a dead dog like me?”


  1. BabbaZee12:45 PM

  2. Anonymous12:45 PM

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  3. BabbaZee12:46 PM

  4. BabbaZee12:47 PM

  5. BabbaZee5:38 PM

    Pope struggled to lift sacred secrecy of Vatican finances
    hmmmm.. maybe he is out because he was a hindrance to the Vatican Bank's need to become sharia compliant ....

    we will never know.

  6. Grammy Cracker5:38 PM

    My choice for the next Pope. Think how much more interesting mass will be when weed is one of the holy sacraments. LOL

  7. BabbaZee5:38 PM

    keep it up Sirius ! I have to go out but the others will be back after dinner time

  8. BabbaZee5:38 PM

  9. BabbaZee5:39 PM


  10. BabbaZee5:39 PM

  11. No More Heroes Any More!

  12. BabbaZee5:39 PM

    ooo yeah Sirius !

  13. BabbaZee5:39 PM

    A legal loophole could prevent good Samaritans, instrumental in ending the manhunt for a fugitive ex-cop accused of killing four people, from claiming more than $1 million in reward money because Christopher Dorner died and was not captured.

    I predicted this when they offered the "reward"
    and here it is

    how sad that everything is so easily predictable

  14. 15 reasons why Roadrunner by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers will become the official rock song of Massachusetts in 2013

  15. TotallySirius5:39 PM

    Here's the song that was playing at the beginning of I Love Rock and Roll

    Joan Jett

    Bad Reputation

  16. TotallySirius5:40 PM

    IMO one of their best

  17. TotallySirius5:40 PM

    David Bowie


  18. TotallySirius5:40 PM

    Little Feat

    Time Loves A Hero

  19. BabbaZee5:40 PM

    Inside a 13th-century monastery in a sleepy village north of Rome, Father Salvatore Palumbo was allegedly serving more than one higher authority. Italian prosecutors say a Ferrari-driving lawyer who defrauded insurance companies used the priest as a front man, with Father Palumbo stashing the illicit cash inside the secretive Institute for Works of Religion.

    A.k.a., the Vatican Bank.

  20. TotallySirius5:40 PM

    Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

    I Love Rock and Roll

  21. TotallySirius5:41 PM


    It Came Out Of The Sky

  22. TotallySirius5:41 PM

    Joe Jackson

    Look Sharp

  23. TotallySirius5:41 PM

    David Bowie

    Lady Stardust

  24. BabbaZee5:41 PM

    The people of Chelyabinsk, an industrial city plagued by dismal environmental pollution and high crime rates, became Russia’s new token tough guys after a television skit show called “Our Russia” went viral in the mid-2000s: It extolled their numerous implausible virtues and over-the-top skills, not unlike the US-born “Chuck Norris facts” phenomenon, praising the hyper-tough action hero.

    The Russian meme claims that “Chelyabinsk [social group] are so hardcore that…” The variations are many, ranging from “Chelyabinsk postmen are so hardcore they bite dogs in the butt” to “Chelyabinsk woodpeckers are so hardcore they drilled two subway stations.”

    The meteorite predictably triggered a wave of new incarnations of the meme, like “Chelyabinsk rains are so hardcore they’re made of stone.”

  25. TotallySirius5:41 PM

    The Clash

    Lost in the Supermarket

  26. TotallySirius5:41 PM


    Jukebox Hero

  27. TotallySirius5:42 PM

    Boz Scaggs

    Lido Shuffle

  28. TotallySirius5:42 PM

    Speaking of dinner, I gotta start the chicken burritos.

  29. TotallySirius5:42 PM

    The Fixx

    One Thing Leads to Another

  30. BabbaZee5:42 PM

    Ooooohhhh I love this one


  31. TotallySirius5:42 PM

    Elvis Costello andd the Attractions

    Watching the Detectives

  32. BabbaZee5:42 PM

    “Me and Anya smoked up and then the blast hit. We were like, what the [f-word] and didn’t understand a thing,” reported Twitter user @marchenkochk.

  33. BabbaZee5:42 PM

    Italy last month barred its own banks from doing business in the Holy See, citing a lack of transparency by the city-state’s financial apparatus that has routinely declined to release data on accounts held there by church bodies, clergy, foreign embassies and lay entities related to the Vatican. The move cut off credit card processing at Vatican commercial sites including the Sistine Chapel, effectively forcing them to go cash-only. This week, plastic was finally welcomed again in Vatican City, but only after church authorities cut a deal with a Swiss firm that is not subject to European Union banking laws.

    That followed a series of Italian money-laundering investigations, including one that led to the 2010 seizure of nearly $30 million worth of Vatican bank holdings kept outside the Holy See.

    Evidence suggests the outgoing pope sought to shed light on the dark Vatican books, but that effort yielded even more controversy. The former president of the Vatican bank, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, was forced to resign in May, alleging he was fired for getting “too close to the truth.” Last year, other documents leaked by the pope’s butler and other sources revealed the depth of the internal tug of war over financial transparency, with Vatican reformers pitted against traditionalists who appeared to believe the church should only answer to a higher power.

  34. TotallySirius5:43 PM

    Steely Dan


  35. TotallySirius5:43 PM

    Planet P Project

    Why Me

  36. Anonymous6:11 PM

    You've made some really good points there. I looked on the web for more information about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this site.

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  37. TotallySirius9:31 AM

    Golden Earring

    Twilight Zone

  38. TotallySirius9:39 AM

    Steve Miller Band

    Jet Airliner


  40. Washington State Gun Bill: All gun owners - Considered Criminals and Police can Inspect home once a year for compliance! No 2nd or 4th amendment rights!

  41. we'll see about that

  42. TotallySirius10:07 AM

    Democrat legislators in Missouri introduced a bill to outlaw all guns with 90 days to turn in all guns and gives police ability to search,without warrants, the homes of all registered gun owners to ensure compliance.

    I'm sure criminals are already lining up to turn theirs in.

  43. TotallySirius10:07 AM

    The Beatles

    Happiness is a Warm Gun

  44. BabbaZee10:08 AM

    she's not a girl who misses much.

  45. BabbaZee10:08 AM

    each flame looked like a human being, flying up and dissolving in the air...

  46. BabbaZee10:08 AM


  47. mawskrat10:13 AM

    from the ain't life strange file//////
    I was cleaning the kitchen up when my son came home
    so when he comes in the kitchen I said "is my music to loud"
    LOL I had this one KRANKED!!!!

  48. BabbaZee10:14 AM

    yay grampy

  49. mawskrat10:15 AM

    jus smashing me Ferals jus smashing.....and I can say that with
    a straight face>LOL

  50. mawskrat10:16 AM

    woooo hooooo...tis good

    ya'll be good now yah hear

  51. BabbaZee10:16 AM


  52. will read..when i can bear it

  53. wow, resinous!

  54. BulgarWheat10:35 AM

    this has been my week to pray for animals I suppose. I said a prayer for Chester the Cat earlier this week, and yesterday was praying for Cocoa Channel.

  55. BulgarWheat10:36 AM

    that's a seriously beautiful plant.

  56. BulgarWheat10:36 AM

    Pentagon Creates New Medal for Drone Wars

    Yeah? I've got a bronze star and several purple hearts that went to the curb with my trash cans yesterday. That was quite a slap in the face if I don't say so myself.pretendian assholes.

  57. BulgarWheat10:38 AM

    have to go with the wife to a viewing today of a neighbor that passed away earlier this week. The funeral is tomorrow. I'm not overly fond of funerals, but I'll go mostly to support his friends and family.

    the guy was only three years older than me, but I thought he was at least a good ten years older than me. his wife is a lovely person, his son is nearly thirty and still lives at home which is a waste. That young man needs to get out into the world and follow his own stars.

    RIP, Dean. I didn't really know you all that well but you had a family that loved you and will miss you, so I'll be in attendance today and pay my respects.

  58. BulgarWheat10:39 AM

    Wal-Mart Executives Sweat Slow February Start in E-Mails

    Not my fault.

  59. BulgarWheat10:39 AM


  60. BulgarWheat10:40 AM

    give those poor cruise ship victims a Drone Medal.

  61. BulgarWheat10:44 AM

    and people wonder why I have arthiritis. Sleep in a cold wet puddle 285 days out of the year, get blown up. I'm pretty sure you'll be in the same boat.

    Pardon the boat pun, and stay off of cruise ships. Nie Weiter!

  62. BulgarWheat10:45 AM

    I'm thinking a visit to the garage should proceed bacon and cheesy grits for breakfast.

  63. BabbaZee10:45 AM

    viewing eww but I covered that yesterday

  64. BulgarWheat10:45 AM

    and free beer and ammo. It's a human right damnit!

  65. BulgarWheat10:45 AM

    that's a fact.

  66. BabbaZee10:45 AM

    I wish i had a garage visit

  67. BulgarWheat10:46 AM

    John Effin Kerry. John Effin Kerry! Please pick up the white courtesy phone.

    SEC Freezes Assets In 'Suspicious' HEINZ Trading..

  68. BulgarWheat10:46 AM

    I wish we were neighbors. My garage is always open and you'd know precisely where to look.

  69. BulgarWheat10:46 AM

    I'm not real fond of looking at dead people. I know what happens when they die and no matter how nicely they get cleaned up, it still makes me squeemish. If you don't know what happens, it would be best if you didn't ask. It ain't purty.

  70. BabbaZee10:46 AM

    oh for joy!

  71. BulgarWheat10:46 AM

    Pope approves German lawyer to head embattled bank

    Hmm? Curious timing. If you want those damned trains to run on time,....hire a german.

  72. BulgarWheat10:46 AM

    wouldn't it be nice. And pbird and Mikael would live on either side of us. After a couple months though we would have to be locked up for national security of course.

  73. BulgarWheat10:47 AM

    I'm sure he'd love that. He could be the lucky guy in the lower right part of the first picture. That would take some incredible stamina.

  74. BulgarWheat10:47 AM

    I was once upon a time both a Cpl and a Sgt. I was pretty good at it too, but I was never surrounded with beautiful chicks. Just ugly guys that needed shaves and showers. Bummer, huh?

  75. BabbaZee10:47 AM

  76. BabbaZee10:47 AM

    It hasn’t drawn much attention, but Facebook’s first annual earnings report contains an accounting gem: a multibillion-dollar tax deduction for the cost of executive stock options and share awards.

    Even though Facebook (FB) reported $1.1 billion in pre-tax profits from U.S. operations in 2012, it will probably pay zero federal and state taxes—and even receive a federal tax refund of about $429 million—according to a Feb. 14 statement from Citizens for Tax Justice.

  77. BabbaZee10:48 AM

    the comments keep disappearing on me

  78. BabbaZee10:48 AM

    Ahhahahhahah!! from la Boom Boom

    I played music with real negroes last night in Funky clubypoo in Portsmouth NH... GOT to sit in. Coolsville.. baby..I am a real gone cat..Got beard and 41 st Inf tat on my chest..and it's all your fault you trouser clad commie bitch. Everyone hates me now too. You are the best Thanks for nothing Boom Boom loves the Babba

    Busker Sings for the Troops

    Eric Berglund of Kingston performed in Market Square to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project.

  79. BabbaZee10:48 AM

  80. BabbaZee10:48 AM

  81. BabbaZee10:49 AM

    oh darling.

  82. mawskrat10:49 AM

    Good Mornin Dear Ferals
    one eyed chicken

  83. BabbaZee10:49 AM


  84. BabbaZee10:49 AM


  85. mawskrat10:51 AM

    Oh father, come together
    My sisters and all my brothers
    Apathy, getting crazy
    Help me understand
    There's water there's fire
    Which one should I aspire
    Compassion or reaction
    What will command
    (Reach out and hold me or reach out and bite my hand)


    I'm like a one-eyed chicken and a two-legged dog
    Shrinking heads in the kitchen then I piss on the lawn
    I'm not the kind of woman that you want to take home
    Only heaven knows the devil's pain
    I just can't change

    I'm diggin' diggin' diggin' diggin' on you
    Diggin' diggin' diggin' diggin' on me
    We're diggin diggin diggin diggin are we
    What we gonna do?

    Oh father, make it better
    Make my love shine bigger than ever
    Tell Jesus, Never leave us, this is my prayer
    There's kindness, there's cruelty
    A little bit of both inside of me
    Come love me Come heal me
    Make me aware
    (Reach out and hold me-or reach out and bite my hand)

    [Chorus: Repeat]

    So glad you made it
    Or I'd be nothing at all
    I'm tired and faded
    I'm like a wreckin' Ball

  86. BabbaZee10:53 AM

    Chuck Hagel: Manchurian Appointee ? Just Say No!

  87. BabbaZee10:53 AM

    Rhythm & Blues Revue (1955) full movie

    Musical variety show filmed at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York City, featuring a cast of popular African-American performers: Willie Bryant, Freddie Robinson, Lionel Hampton, Faye Adams, Bill Bailey, Herb Jeffries, Freddy & Flo, Amos Milburn, The Larks, Sarah Vaughan, Count Basie, Joe Turner, Delta Rhythm Boys, Martha Davis, Little Buck, Nat King Cole, Mantan Moreland & Nipsy Russell, Cab Calloway, Ruth
    Brown, Paul Williams Band.

  88. BabbaZee10:54 AM

    Say No to Brennan at CIA

  89. BabbaZee10:56 AM

    Instead of adding a bottle of red wine directly to the pot along with
    the meat, Mr. Boulud would simmer the wine down first in a little
    saucepan on the stove until it condensed. Then he would use the
    concentrated wine to braise the meat. This resulted in a richer, more
    intense sauce.

  90. heh, yup

  91. right....I thought those people were being awful pussies in a way, but its all expectations isn't it?

  92. well....Shalom. Sitting up drinking coffee has its charms.

  93. these guys talk like the characters in the Nice, Lewis' book That Hideous Strength...that sort of non language has apparently been going on for a long time

  94. Father Gabriele Amorth, the founder and head of the International Association of Exorcists, said the German pontiff had "done many things for exorcists" during his eight-year papacy, which will come to an end on Feb 28.

    oh ye?

  95. "Time spent with cats is never wasted." Dr. Sigmund Freud

    "Time spent with psychiatrists is often wasted" - Cats

  96. hi to Boomboom

  97. O'Bama Administration Slaps Combat Veterans on the Face

  98. it has now, its all over Drudge

  99. ah, so....

  100. This was a very popular song in the Zayinist Entity during the Lebanon War:

  101. interesting to know

  102. BabbaZee11:29 AM


  103. Nice song.....I still hear it with Hebrew accents!

  104. BabbaZee11:29 AM

    ooo kafe

  105. “In total, seven Americans with four local militia guards were
    left to promote diplomacy in one of the most hostile and unstable places
    on earth.”

    -”We had the correct number of assets in
    Benghazi on the night of 9/11,”-State Department official Charlene Lamb.

    Her testimony made my blood boil.

    Dr. Wheat will feel consoled by this one.

  106. BabbaZee11:30 AM

    ooo status quo

  107. tea doesn't seem to do the trick

  108. BabbaZee11:32 AM

    I always loved tea and now I am no longer hearing the kafe junkie voice in me head thank GOD



    is gone

  109. welll, good, I reckon. I have drunk an ocean of tea, but I just don't like it anymore.

  110. BabbaZee11:34 AM

    oh no!

  111. yesterday the sun was bright and sparkly, hard blue sky and all that, today is grey again..the light changes are discombobulating

  112. But when the smoky haze -- caused by rapid fire of nearly 140 bullets in less than 30 seconds -- dissipated, it soon became clear that more than a dozen officers had been firing at one another across a middle school parking lot in East Cleveland.

    Soon after the shooting stopped, one officer rushed to check the two occupants of the 1979 Chevrolet Malibu that the cadre of Cleveland cruisers had followed into the lot.

    Officer Wilfredo Diaz, a former city EMS worker, had fired the first shots at the Malibu after bailing out of his car.

    He felt for passenger Malissa Williams' pulse.

    There wasn't one.

    Diaz moved Williams' leg slightly to look for a gun.

    Again, there wasn't one.

    Dead next to Williams in the driver's seat was Timothy Russell, 43.

    No officers were injured.

  113. City officials have already expanded the timeline for their investigation after learning that more than 115 officers, a third of the force on the road that night, were involved.

  114. BabbaZee11:46 AM


  115. what a scene

  116. mawskrat11:59 AM

    love this one

  117. BabbaZee12:05 PM

    A Green Beret’s In-Depth Analysis of ‘Benghazi: The Definitive Report’

  118. mawskrat12:22 PM

    How come my dog don´t Bark when you come around

  119. BabbaZee12:22 PM

    oooo dr john akbar

  120. BabbaZee5:37 PM

    here one more before I go

    love is the law

  121. mawskrat5:37 PM

    I'm a Hero

  122. BabbaZee5:38 PM

    so sadly I tried to tell them this 6 years ago now already

    they just called me commie for it

  123. BabbaZee5:38 PM

    hey mawskrat have I told you lately how much I love you?

    well I do!

  124. BabbaZee5:39 PM

    I posted that very early this AM yes

    I gotta do the fireplace be back

  125. mawskrat5:39 PM

    “The neo-Nazis now look like everyone else,” Schreiber said. “Gone are the jackboots and black leather jackets that used to make it easy to expose them. Now they blend into the local population.”

  126. BabbaZee5:39 PM

    because the truth has zero political capital

  127. BabbaZee5:40 PM


  128. mawskrat5:40 PM

    hatred in futbol is just a symptom a a bigger Disease

  129. BabbaZee5:41 PM

    just a few lads out for a pint

    Our Colleagues!

  130. BabbaZee5:41 PM

    weee yay

  131. mawskrat5:42 PM

    TEL AVIV, Israel – Hatred is boiling over in Israeli soccer.
    The Beitar Jerusalem club has long been known for its fans' racist chants, but the situation escalated dramatically last month after the team signed Zaur Sadayev and Gabriel Kadiev, two Muslim players from Chechnya.
    The most outspoken wave of hate comes from a hardcore section of supporters – known as La Familia -- who see themselves as Beitar’s real owners.
    “Death to the Arabs,” they yell during matches. “Beitar, pure forever,” they declare.

    Rocks have been thrown at players and, during a recent practice, a fan ran onto the soccer field and tried to attack one of the new Muslim players.

    come soon lord come soon

  132. BabbaZee5:42 PM

    Oh wheaties should send his laying dead on the tarmac abandoned by my country but the French rescued me story in

  133. No Shit There I Was - My Story!

    Welcome to “No Shit There I Was“,
    our new weekly column on SOFREP. We’ll share our stories, but we also want to hear yours. If you are active, reserve or a veteran, then please share your war stories with us. Just don’t forget to change the names to protect the guilty.

  134. BabbaZee5:43 PM

    yes and they pass for our colleagues too

  135. mawskrat5:43 PM

    Seven decades after Holocaust, neo-Nazis use soccer to preach Hitler's hate

  136. mawskrat5:44 PM

    Despite earning over $1B in profits last year, Facebook paid $0 in federal and state taxes, and will get a refund totaling $429M, thanks to tax breaks.

  137. BabbaZee5:44 PM

    sweet snakes

  138. mawskrat5:44 PM

    well thankyou Babba and the same to yah!!

  139. BabbaZee5:45 PM

    The Truth Hurts…Doesn’t it?

  140. BabbaZee5:45 PM

    hatred period

    a symptom of bigger


    the anti humans

    anti love

    sons of darkness

    daughter of darkness!

    Tom Jones!

    I can get to Tom Jones in 6 steps or less on anything


  141. Foreign relations is an open book--- generally a checkbook. Will Rogers

  142. Anonymous8:46 PM

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    My webpage - V2 Cigs review

  143. Until tomorrow...... Watch the entire Criterion Film Collection (HD) for FREE!!!!!!!!!!! on HULU!!!!!

  144. Well....the gubbermint is killing off their friends and comrades

  145. pbird3:12 PM

    NYC Mayor Set To Announce Bans On Wearing Penny Loafers With No Socks, Brown M&Ms, Hai Karate After Shave, Members Only Jackets, And Anchovies

  146. BulgarWheat3:12 PM

    Boom Boom knows all about this too. Traffic either heading from Edwards AFB or LA probably to Ft. Irwin. This is common. I've been in some of those convoys. Ft. Irwin is the National Training center. This is where the big kids get to play war.

  147. BabbaZee3:12 PM

    they think Briebart was murdered? I think he ate too much crap and had a heart attack. He looked very old for a guy his age to begin with, I had thought he was much older than I am but he was younger ..... he was alive when they took him to the hospital massive heart attack he died in the hospital , also he had had a heart attack a few months before that one

    I blame the pink puss on that one not Obama...

    also many do not realize this : He was a researcher for Arianna Huffington, and helped launch The Huffington Post

  148. BabbaZee3:12 PM

    Is the harmless lying of negating that any of this happens on the right poisonous?

    I think so. But I won't bother to go there and ask that since I do not want to deal with having my blog taken down again


  149. BabbaZee3:12 PM

    Matter of fact I think it is even more poisonous than what happens on the left. And more hypocritical too.

    we KNOW what the fuck they are. We seem to be willfully blind as to what "we" are though.

  150. Q_Burn3:12 PM

    Just got back from a few days in Kali.. my 92 year old aunt's funeral. I got a whole lotta white trash cousins with more troubles than me,

  151. BabbaZee3:12 PM


  152. BabbaZee3:12 PM

    The Battle over Nipple Exposure in North Carolina

  153. BabbaZee3:12 PM

    He had a big ancient carved wooden chair inlaid with all sorts of gems and ivory and he got out of it and told me to sit down. Asked me how it felt I told him it hurt me ass.

    then conversation ensued.

  154. pbird3:12 PM

    aliens come to visit

  155. BulgarWheat3:12 PM

    dear lord, things really have gotten that bad.

  156. Or like Mike Levine.... they have an info-insurance policy of some sort

  157. BabbaZee3:13 PM


    OH NO!

  158. pbird3:13 PM

    thats gonna take longern twenny four hours!

  159. BulgarWheat3:13 PM

    Frank was one of the most unique people of our generation and was a treasure.

  160. Shit! I actually LIKE anchovies!

  161. pbird3:13 PM


  162. Filipino Rebels in Standoff with Malaysian Military

    by Jack Murphy · February 17, 2013

    BREAKING NEWS: The Number of armed Filipinos in Sabah has reached 300, at least six camps have been set up and still waiting for reinforcements from Tawi-Tawi.

    Raja Muda Azzimudie Kiram, who had been negotiating with the Malaysian since Tuesday is dressed up in [white robes] the symbol of Jihad.

    A Malaysian villager, who returned to check on his house, said the Filipinos did not enter vacant houses.

    According to source, on Nov. 11, 2012 Sultan Jamalul Kiram III issued a royal decree that authorized Rajah Mudah’s journey who was tasked to lead a 1,000-strong force to Sabah.

  163. White death alert in the North-east!

  164. pbird3:13 PM

    Bigfoot is real and we have the DNA evidence to prove it, says a group of scientists who purchased a scientific journal to publish their results after other journals rejected their paper.

    According to the only paper published in the first issue of DeNovo Scientific Journal, a collection of purported Sasquatch tissue samples reveals that Bigfoot is not a new species but a hybrid of human females and an as-yet-unidentified primate species that mated 13,000 years ago.

    The abstract to the paper says the team of forensic scientists examined 111 blood, tissue, hair and "other" samples collected in 14 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces and extracted DNA and mitochondrial DNA (mDNA). The 11 researchers titled their paper "Novel North American Hominins, Next Generation Sequencing of Three Whole Genomes and Associated Studies."

    More fun!!!

  165. mawskrat3:13 PM

    Babba I understand your fear of crowds
    ten years ago these rock fans had no chance
    you may or may not want to watch

  166. pbird3:13 PM

    omg!!! titty bar indeed

  167. BulgarWheat3:13 PM

    schlaft gut

  168. “A certain Three Letter Agency, people are sharpening their knives. We’ve seen the crackdown on whistle-blowers during this administration but in this case there really isn’t anything they can do to me and my co-author. We are out of the service now and are not writing about anything we did while we served. Like any good intelligence operation, we gathered open source reports, talked to our sources and put the puzzle together.”

  169. pbird3:13 PM

    you probably forgot you had em!!! lol

  170. pbird3:13 PM

    Yes. Sounds like a corrupted sample to me. Sasquatch is a cold weather ape. Period.

  171. BabbaZee3:13 PM


  172. pbird3:13 PM

    you know that time I tripped over the threshold of that old gas station store in Tenn. and fell flat out on my face and had to be picked up by three guys standing around at the time the lady at the check stand said on my out, now you be careful, bless your heart....I knew she was calling me stupid,,,but I did just fall into her damn store!

  173. BulgarWheat3:14 PM

    fuck it. the clothes usually fit me and I'm not all that picky.

  174. BabbaZee3:14 PM

  175. pbird3:14 PM

    I also think it is a flawed article of course. Just threw it up there

  176. BabbaZee3:14 PM

    Can you hear that “klink, ting ting”? That’s the sound of US Combat Veterans tossing their medals into garbage bins.

    Those who have suffered from the effects of Air Conditioning and late delivery of American fast food are
    finally recognised for their heroism.

    Combat Medals For Drone Pilots?

    (Dedicated to our friend and mentor…. Dr. Wheatus)

  177. BabbaZee3:14 PM

    yup a Yeti
    probably came over with the other asians

  178. BulgarWheat3:14 PM

    now it's windy and cold, but the skies are clear.

  179. BabbaZee3:14 PM

    I only know of one cousin that I have and he is Israeli police

  180. BulgarWheat3:14 PM

    very stalinistic in their approach.

  181. pbird3:14 PM

    yes he is, whatever the hell that is nowdays

  182. BabbaZee3:14 PM


  183. Buckeye fans not welcome in Tenn,

  184. BabbaZee3:14 PM


  185. pbird3:14 PM

    Shalom. I just want to say that yesterday we accidentally went to get coffee at one of those titty coffee stands. This has never happened to me before, but being a fair minded customer I decided to give Ms. Titty a chance and go ahead and buy coffee there. What the heck it was out in the sticks not even very near the naval air base and no other coffee around. I have always maintained that I don't care what they jiggle at me if they can make coffee. Well, she couldn't. She was slow as hell, screwed up both orders and I couldn't see what was going on in the back of the shop. So now I know. Also, R wouldn't let me take pictures. Sheesh. It was called Sips Ahoy. LOL

  186. BabbaZee3:14 PM

    Penny Loafers With No Socks, Hai Karate After Shave, Members Only Jackets..

    well that'll keep Ahmadinejad out of NYC !!!

    I love that site so funny

    I go vacuum. Because I suck.

  187. BabbaZee3:14 PM

    Frank did get it.

  188. pbird3:14 PM

    Oregon man in possession of 13 million gallons of illicit rainwater sentenced to jail
    An Oregon resident with 3 massive man-made ponds on his property is sentenced to 30 days in jail after being found guilty (again) of collecting rainwater without a permit.

  189. Ah thought I wuz a smartee.....However...WTF is a Titty Coffee Stand???

  190. pbird3:15 PM

    words are always squirming away from me

  191. One of the many crowds that gathered in Texas on Monday to pay their respects to Chris Kyle. While too many of our “leaders” were oblivious, these ordinary Americans organized themselves to show respect for a great hero. Patriotic ordinary Americans like the people in this photo are the heart and hope of this country. The lesson here, as in so many things lately, is don’t wait for or rely on government to do anything for you. You have more sense and discernment than most politicians.

  192. BulgarWheat3:15 PM

    not something I'm going to actually worry about. just curious as most people are.