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Thursday, February 14, 2013


This is what Cyrus king of Persia says:
"The Lord, the God of heaven, has given me all the kingdoms of the earth and he has appointed me to build a temple for him at Jerusalem in Judah. Any of his people among you may go up to Jerusalem in Judah and build the temple of the Lord, the God of Israel, the God who is in Jerusalem, and may their God be with them. And in any locality where survivors may now be living, the people are to provide them with silver and gold, with goods and livestock, and with freewill offerings for the temple of God in Jerusalem."

Cyrus II of Persia

558–529 BC


  1. BabbaZee8:07 AM

    Egypt’s Islamists Woo Mubarak Tycoons as Mursi Seeks Funds

  2. BabbaZee8:11 AM

    I do not even know who that is!

  3. War on Everything but Islamic Terror

    Kerry Wants To End The Syrian Violence With A Sunni Victory -- Why?

  4. BabbaZee8:29 AM


    oh no!

  5. BabbaZee8:30 AM


  6. BabbaZee8:35 AM

    No one remembers the "baker plan"?

  7. BabbaZee8:37 AM


  8. pbird8:37 AM


  9. pbird8:37 AM

    that'll knock over yer kefir pots!

  10. BabbaZee8:38 AM

    mmmhmm big one

  11. BabbaZee8:39 AM

    A growing clash between Egypt’s Moslem Brotherhood and the largely secular security forces came into sharper focus on Tuesday when the security forces rejected a Brotherhood plan to allow the Islamist terror militia Hamas, which is the Palestinian franchise of the Brotherhood, to open an office in Cairo, according to Egyptian security sources quoted by Iraqi paper Azzaman on Tuesday.

  12. BabbaZee8:39 AM

    ooo we love him

  13. BabbaZee8:46 AM

    Cyrus the Great was mentioned twenty-two times in the Old
    Testament, where he is unconditionally praised. This followed his active
    liberation of the Jews from Babylon in 539BCE and his support as more than
    40,000 Jews then chose to return
    to their homeland. Cyrus then funded the subsequent rebuilding of the Temple
    in Jerusalem.

  14. BabbaZee8:49 AM

    the level of information given on the govco EQ site is far less than it was a year ago by the way

  15. pbird8:51 AM

    Yep. Very interesting guy.

  16. pbird8:52 AM

    wunner why

  17. BulgarWheat8:53 AM

    dinner jacket would rather not hear this though.

  18. pbird8:54 AM

    stolen Vladentine's day art

  19. BabbaZee8:55 AM


  20. BabbaZee8:56 AM

  21. pbird8:58 AM

    They looked like the concrescence of linguistic intentionality put through a kind of hyper-dimensional transform into three-dimensional space
    Photographs by Felix Salazar

  22. BabbaZee8:59 AM


  23. pbird8:59 AM

    very pretty little things

  24. One Third of Young Americans Arrested by Age 23…Is Drug Crackdown to Blame?

    (It's because we hate our chillun')

  25. pbird9:02 AM

    Women-Only Sleeping Cafe Opens in Tokyo

  26. BabbaZee9:03 AM

    what a sick world

  27. The flower-crowned skull of St. Valentine is exhibited in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Rome.

  28. pbird9:05 AM

    oh in the context of what they live through there it probably isn't a bad idea...

  29. pbird9:07 AM

    but this one is pretty weird...

  30. In New York City, an awkward skeletal tower stands near where the World Trade Center towers once touched the sky. And on some lamp posts you can still see the faded imprint of missing person flyers. But there is good news. Mayor Bloomberg reports that the war on salt has been won.

  31. pbird9:12 AM

    Maybe Bloomberg should actually study nutrition before cracking down on legitimate nutrients.

  32. pbird9:16 AM

    Scott Manley was a PhD candidate at Armagh Observatory in 1998 when he created the software needed to generate this image daily (he now appears to be a software engineer in San Francisco). Please be aware that the image isn’t depicting asteroids over some period of historic time. It’s today’s image, created with a computer program using data taken from from Ted Bowell’s online catalog of asteroid positions and movements (Bowell is an astronomer at Lowell Obsevatory in Flagstaff, Arizona).

  33. pbird9:19 AM

  34. mawskrat9:19 AM

    Good Mornin Dear Ferals.......
    let's get this party started!!!!

  35. BabbaZee9:20 AM

    worshipers of bones

  36. BabbaZee9:21 AM

    that is what is sick

    the context

  37. BabbaZee9:21 AM

    must to keep the private prisons full

  38. pbird9:22 AM


  39. BabbaZee9:23 AM


  40. pbird9:25 AM

    thats a lotta kids, really?

  41. pbird9:31 AM

    Everything You Wanted to Know About Drones

  42. mawskrat9:31 AM


  43. pbird9:34 AM

  44. pbird9:37 AM

    the graphic you made for Cyrus is really neato!

  45. mawskrat9:38 AM

    people are try to make a martyr/hero
    out of that killer in Cali

  46. BabbaZee9:39 AM

    Thanks it took a while

    it was a cigar band originally

  47. BabbaZee9:40 AM

    people have a tendency to do that

  48. pbird9:41 AM

    yeah, quite a hero

  49. Internet Security

    We Don’t Got Your Back. We Got Your Money.

    “We deal in deception here. What we do not deal with is self-deception.”
    - The Departed, written by William Monahan, Alan Mak and Felix Chong

  50. “ has shown that Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.2 detects and removes more threats than any other solution in its class.”

    Doesn’t that sound like Symantec is saying its anti-virus software is, you know, like, really good?

    What, do we now need the caveat section like prescription drug ads?

  51. mawskrat9:56 AM

    so the POTUS can now order the killing
    of an American on American soil with a simple
    command......where is the outrage?

  52. pbird9:57 AM

    watching tv

  53. BabbaZee9:58 AM

    The Times article mentioned that, during the three-month campaign,
    attackers installed “45 pieces of custom malware.” The Times then took
    the unusual step of identifying its anti-malware vendor as Symantec, and
    then stated that the Symantec security software used by The Times had
    missed 44 of 45 of these malicious packages.

  54. BabbaZee9:58 AM

    mostly on the left

    but no one wants to hear that

  55. I have always loved homemade tortillas. There are only a few Mexican restaurants here in Southern Oregon that serve homemade tortillas with their lunches and dinners. And, their fresh homemade tortillas are usually the reason that I visit. Tortillas are thin unleavened flat breads made from white, wheat or corn flour. Depending on the type or size, tortillas are used to make tacos, burritos, enchiladas and many other Mexican and Latin American dishes.

  56. BabbaZee10:01 AM

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm warm tortillas

  57. mawskrat10:02 AM

    “Somatic symptom disorder”
    we are all mentaly ill now so take your
    meds and STFU/

  58. BabbaZee10:05 AM

    yes we are a disease you know

  59. BabbaZee10:05 AM

    and Hagel is still a republican!

  60. mawskrat10:13 AM

    Babba...I think the left are giving Obamie
    a free ride on this domestic drone and
    killing issue

  61. Happy Valentine's Day to Babba's Gang

  62. BabbaZee10:21 AM

    I see more people outraged about the drone strikes on lefty chats than righty ones
    on lefty ones they go against the idea of targeted drone strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan and were talking about how it can happen here before the memo was "leaked" even that Rachel Maddow who is apparently a big lefty dyke media star is attacking Obama

    on righty ones they just yell OBAMA OBAMA no matter what the fuck is the real deal but they also defend the idea of using the drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan ...

    they only object to it in a context where they can hate on Obama and pretend that Republicans will save us
    GOD forbid you tell them anything different too they go cry to google and have your blog removed....

    What I have noticed in reading at various sites and news outlets is that the left is more willing to attack their icons than the right is. The right is WAY more obedient to their party.

    If it were Mitt in power at the moment they would go so far as to defend it.

  63. BabbaZee10:22 AM

    and Hagel is still a republican!


  64. mawskrat10:24 AM

    yes we are a disease you know

    oh yes...please to report to local cadre
    it's only a shower...for your clothes here's
    a pretty flower

  65. BabbaZee10:24 AM

    The Libertarians are the worst Jew haters is another thing I noticed

    second the rightys

    third the leftys

  66. BabbaZee10:24 AM

    There's going to be a concert in there get on the train!

  67. For more try Wired: We Don’t Need No Stinking Warrant: The Disturbing, Unchecked Rise of the Administrative Subpoena

    Meet the administrative subpoena (.pdf): With a federal official’s signature, banks, hospitals, bookstores, telecommunications companies and even utilities and internet service providers — virtually all businesses — are required to hand over sensitive data on individuals or corporations, as long as a government agent declares the information is relevant to an investigation. Via a wide range of laws, Congress has authorized the government to bypass the Fourth Amendment — the constitutional guard
    against unreasonable searches and seizures that requires a probable-cause warrant signed by a judge.

    In fact, there are roughly 335 federal statutes on the books (.pdf) passed by Congress giving dozens upon dozens of federal agencies the power of the administrative subpoena, according to interviews and government reports. (.pdf)

  68. BabbaZee10:29 AM

    this I noticed in reference to comment sections on articles

  69. BulgarWheat10:29 AM

    welcome to the machine.

  70. Money for Mali

    Some confusion at State – and fast cash from the White House.

    With the quiet announcement that the United States is earmarking $50 million from the defense budget immediately for France and Niger, two countries in the forefront of the battle for Mali against Islamist hordes and Tuareg secessionists, the Obama administration appears to be indicating that it views with a jaundiced eye the potential of our enemies to burst out of the Sahara, cross the Niger river, and wreak havoc throughout the Sahel and beyond.

    Jobs for Jihadis!

  71. BabbaZee10:34 AM

    oooooo happy valentines day Skippy Patel!

  72. BabbaZee10:35 AM

    Mali has uranium gold and oil

    they do not give one shit about the "Islamists"

  73. BabbaZee10:35 AM


  74. mawskrat10:35 AM

    Stan has announced he is throwing his
    name into the hat for being named the
    new Pope

  75. BabbaZee10:37 AM

    Stan has always been the pope

    now he just comes out of the closet!

  76. BabbaZee10:41 AM

    Maybe he also wins RuPaul's drag race this year too!

  77. BabbaZee10:43 AM

    Drag Pope!

  78. BabbaZee10:44 AM


  79. New medal for drone pilots outranks Bronze Star

    By Andrew Tilghman -

    The Pentagon is creating a new high-level military medal that will recognize drone pilots and, in a controversial twist, giving it added clout by placing it above some traditional combat valor medals in the military’s “order of precedence.”

    The Distinguished Warfare Medal will be awarded to pilots of unmanned aircraft, offensive cyber war experts or others who are directly involved in combat operations but who are not physically in theater and facing the physical risks that warfare historically entails.

  80. can talk Jeehadi

  81. ooo mmm!

  82. oh yesh! we get the home made ones too in Ev

  83. Also....The Cyber-Kommando Medal shall out rank the Congressional Medal of be awarded to those brave balogue-errrrs who risk their lives and hard-drives every day, to provide us with proof of their ignorance, naivete' and stunted sexuality.

  84. BabbaZee11:00 AM

    no one reads my little brown posts. Dr Wheat and I had a whole discussion about the drone medals on the last thread and then he threw his bronze star in the garbage

  85. BabbaZee11:02 AM


  86. BabbaZee11:03 AM



  87. BabbaZee11:05 AM

    Igor is messing with me thread

  88. The order of precedence came as a surprise to Doug Sterner, a military medals expert and the curator of the Military Times Hall of Valor, the largest database of military medal recipients.

    “It’s got me puzzled,” Sterner said in an interview Wednesday. “I understand the need to recognize the guys at the console who are doing some pretty important things. But to see it ranking above the Bronze Star [with] V?”

  89. pReads it all, bwahahah

  90. Igor sports skin tags!

  91. BabbaZee11:10 AM

    me too
    but I have to don't I... it is my bar!

  92. BabbaZee11:11 AM

    BWAH! YAG! ahahaa

  93. gotta see what those nuts are rambling on about!

  94. BabbaZee11:12 AM

    My 13th Floor Elevator Friend came last night I was sorry I missed him. He does not talk often but when he does... !

  95. Anchu Patel11:18 AM

    BulgarWheat BabbaZee • 3 hours ago

    iran has oil, but they are very thin on the refining side of things. actually buying fuel from a country that can't fuel their own infrastructure seems highly unlikely.

  96. BabbaZee11:22 AM

    Highly Unlikely

    wasn't he emperor of Ethiopia or something?

  97. BabbaZee11:26 AM

    Skip V. Patel Skip V. Patel • 26 minutes ago

    Also....The Cyber-Kommando Medal shall out rank the Congressional Medal of be awarded to those brave balogue-errrrs who risk their lives and hard-drives every day, to provide us with proof of their ignorance, naivete' and stunted sexuality.

    I am still laughing at this one!

  98. BabbaZee11:34 AM

  99. BabbaZee11:36 AM

  100. BabbaZee11:38 AM

    At The Codfish Ball, 1937

  101. BabbaZee11:39 AM

    Come along and follow me

    To the bottom of the sea

    We'll join in the jamboree

    At the Codfish Ball

    Lobsters dancing in a row

    Shuffle off to Buffalo

    Jellyfish sway to and fro

    At the Codfish Ball

  102. BabbaZee11:41 AM

  103. BabbaZee11:43 AM

    that's Buddy Ebsen she is dancing with there

  104. BabbaZee11:45 AM

    the film is "Captain January"

  105. BulgarWheat11:45 AM

    I accidently stumbled on TaterHawk posting on twitter from his phone. He sounds like he's blogging here. It's pretty funny.

    I'll leave it alone and respect his privacy.

    I like the way that kid thinks.

  106. 100% true...and since gets worse... but that shall not be discussed here

  107. BabbaZee11:46 AM

    that clip is colorized.... BLASPHEMOUS!

  108. BabbaZee11:48 AM

    A person can not possibly sound like we do here on the tweety really, as they only have x amount of characters allowed per tweet apparently and they speak in bizzaro acronyms mixed with symbols that I do not understand

    I cant bear trying to read the tweets ! fuckin pisses me off

  109. BulgarWheat11:54 AM

    he quotes scripture and is a walking breathing encyclopedia of sports trivia. the little man is a different breed. I'll email you the link.

    You'll appreciate it.

  110. BabbaZee11:55 AM

    I do not mean him I mean the way of the tweets

    and when I look at it I will instantly be pissed - for some reason every time I try to read a tweet thread as soon as I see it it viscerally pisses me off visually somehow

    but send it

  111. BabbaZee11:56 AM

    sports trivia I have not a clue ahha

  112. I read that! Most impressive.

  113. Isn't that fun/fulfilling to find out who your kid is?

  114. BulgarWheat12:00 PM

    he's a hoot.

  115. all true award

  116. BabbaZee12:01 PM


  117. BulgarWheat12:01 PM

    if you ever need a sports coach or help with algebra or calculus I have just the person to help you out. His name is Tater.

  118. when the grand daughter was small she hated Shirley! lol, dunno why...

  119. BabbaZee12:02 PM

    OY well I will keep it in mind but so far I got by without that knowledge for 49 years

  120. BabbaZee12:02 PM

    i am not a fan I like Margaret O'Brien meself. But i do love that Captain January movie.

  121. BulgarWheat12:03 PM

    now that's classic.

    RASTA for de moment woman!

  122. oh YEah that is him


  124. BabbaZee12:08 PM

    ya mon

  125. BabbaZee12:13 PM

    mista bojangles

    there is a part in Toni Morrison's "The Bluest Eye" where she is infuriated that Shirley is dancing with Bojangles instead of her, what's that little white girl doing with my uncle, she does not know him, etc!!

    I always remembered that passage because when I read it it reminded me that as a kid I felt the same way about all these non Jewish people telling me about Jesus - what the fuck are you talking about he is MY UNCLE, you don't know him... I instantly related to that feeling of usurpation...

    OH WAIT she is a Kommie writer isn't she

    well now they have more proof


  126. IRANIAN companies in Kabul are using their offices to covertly finance Taliban fighters in Afghanistan

    They are paying bounties of $US1000 ($1090) for killing a US soldier and $US6000 for destroying a military vehicle, a treasurer for the insurgents says.

    Afghan intelligence and Taliban sources said at least five front companies, set up in the past six months, provide cash for a network of district Taliban treasurers to pay battlefield expenses and bonuses for killing foreign troops and destroying their vehicles. [VIDEO]

    The Iranian companies win contracts to supply materials and logistics to Afghans involved in reconstruction. The money often comes in the form of aid from foreign donors.

    The profits are transferred through poorly regulated Afghan banks – including the Kabul Bank, which is partly owned by President Hamid Karzai’s brother, Mahmood – to Tehran and Dubai.

    From these countries, the money returns to Afghanistan through the informal Islamic banking system known as hawala to be dispersed to the Taliban fighters.

    “This means the companies involved in funding the insurgency can cover their tracks easily. It makes it harder for us to trace the cashflow,” a senior Afghan intelligence officer said.

    He said the Iranian companies had been formed with the intention of winning contracts funded by foreign aid so the donors’ cash could be channelled into the insurgency.

    Western officials believe the network may have been set up by the al-Quds force, an elite branch of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard.

  127. ha, yeah I heard that about her somewhere

  128. BulgarWheat12:16 PM

    ya never know, Babba, ya never know.

  129. BabbaZee12:17 PM

    one never knows, do one?

  130. Egypt Death Spiral Watch Continues

  131. BabbaZee12:20 PM

    The profits are transferred through poorly regulated Afghan banks –
    including the Kabul Bank, which is partly owned by President Hamid
    Karzai’s brother, Mahmood

    Poppy Kingpin

  132. Iran blocks fuel for Afghanistan as tit for tat for Stuxnet

    Iran has blocked thousands of fuel trucks from crossing into Afghanistan as its initial reprisal for US fuel sanctions and the US-Israeli partnership reported by the US media in planting the Stuxnet virus in its nuclear production systems, debkafile‘s military and intelligence sources report. More Iranian retribution is ahead.

    In the last week of December, Iran began its blockade by stalling some 2,500 trucks on the border. Since roughly one-third of Afghanistan’s gasoline and diesel consumption comes from Iran, the blockade has sent prices soaring by up to 70 percent.
    (The coming DEBKA-Net-Weekly out next Friday deals with Iranian-Taliban collusion in Afghanistan. To subscribe, click here)

    US and NATO forces in Afghanistan which have been relying on the Iranian fuel shipped to Afghanistan have been forced to look for other sources of supply.

  133. BabbaZee12:22 PM

    Morsi is trying to woo the Mubarak businessmen back I had posted an article on that I think in the last thread

    the IMF is set to give them 14 billion any day now

    they are fuckin broke

  134. The US has doled out billions in contracts for Iranian companies in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan

  135. 11 Afghans Killed in Military Actions Near Pakistan Border


    International military officials are investigating two episodes of
    civilian deaths in what appeared to be American-led military actions.

    (Only 11? Shit! Those boys need more firepower)

  136. BabbaZee12:31 PM

    US and NATO forces in Afghanistan which have been relying on the Iranian fuel....

    the head spins

  137. BabbaZee12:31 PM

    the stomach churns

  138. BabbaZee12:31 PM

    and the spleen flees the body in outrage!

  139. BabbaZee12:32 PM

    the blood boils

  140. BabbaZee12:38 PM


  141. BabbaZee12:53 PM

    Hagel Said State Department Controlled by Israel

    Republican political consultant and Hagel supporter George Ajjan wrote about the March 2, 2007, speech on his website the following day, writing a description “point by point through some of the more important elements of his speech.”

    “Point six“:

    The State Department has become adjunct to the Israeli Foreign Minister’s office…

    Wow. A very bold statement by Hagel bound to further raise the ire of the “Jewish Lobby” (yawn…), but it does express his strong belief in a comprehensive solution to problems in the Middle East. Hagel mentioned this theme several times – comprehensive, he said, in the sense that all tools should be used to achieve American foreign policy objectives (diplomatic, political, economic, and military), but also comprehensive in the James Baker sense of addressing the Arab-Israeli conflict holistically as both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have proved too lazy and too incompetent to do.

    Reached by phone, Ajjan confirmed his 2007 account of the event, saying he was “taking notes as [Hagel] was speaking.”

    “If I wrote it, then that’s what happened at the time,” Ajjan told the Free Beacon.

    He added that the event, which was cosponsored by the Rutgers University Center for Middle Eastern Studies and the American Iranian Council, was closed to the press.

    “When [Hagel] said the State Department was becoming an adjunct of the Israeli ministry, I think that was during the Q&A,” said Ajjan. “Even in the blog, I was surprised that he said that. It was a very bold statement.”

    Ajjan said he has “been a supporter of Hagel for a long time” and admired his opposition to the Iraq war in particular.

    “Back in ’07, I was hoping that he was going to throw his hat in the ring for the Republican presidential primaries,” he said.

    Republican political consultant and Hagel supporter George Ajjan


    not that he objected to it or that the Republicans were OBJECTING to it

    no they wanted him to run for President

  142. BabbaZee12:54 PM


    the R's will save us.


  143. BabbaZee1:05 PM

    “We found out that Iranian oil is the cheapest oil,” Sopko told the House Subcommittee on National Security, Homeland Defense, and Foreign Operations, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. “Then we thought, ‘Hold it, we have no control … we have no idea where they’re [the Afghan government] buying the oil.”

    “I said the U.S. could be the biggest violator of the oil embargo,” Sopko said. “We went out a took a look and found that no one knows because we weren’t keeping records.”

  144. BabbaZee1:07 PM

    The U.S. has provided the Afghan government almost $50 billion since
    2005 for training and security-related programs. It remains unclear if
    the money was actually spent on these measures.

  145. Michael Bloomberg is not trying to ban Styrofoam..He's trying to ban assault cups..For the children..Also shut up.

  146. pbird2:15 PM

    argh, just got a beeg hug from daughter's friend and broke me glasses....shoot....battle stations!

  147. BabbaZee2:33 PM

    Oh no!

  148. BabbaZee2:35 PM

    David Corn at Mother Jones reports:
    In one segment of the film, according to a former official who saw it, [Adam Brandon, executive vice president of the group] is seen waking from a nap at his desk. In what appears to be a dream or a nightmare, he wanders down a hallway and spots a giant panda on its knees with its head in the lap of a seated Hillary Clinton and apparently performing oral sex on the then-secretary of state. Two female interns at FreedomWorks were recruited to play the panda and
    Clinton. One intern wore a Hillary Clinton mask. The other wore a giant panda suit that FreedomWorks had used at protests to denounce progressives as panderers. (See here, here, and here.) Placing the panda in the video, a former
    FreedomWorks staffer says, was “an inside joke.”

    Another FreedomWorks staffer who worked there at the time confirms that ”Yes, this video was created.”

    The video was intended to be screened at FreePAC, a FreedomWorks conference in July, 2012, but the plan was scrapped after the appalled reaction from other staffers.

  149. BabbaZee2:37 PM

    FreedomWorks, the national conservative group that helped launch the tea party movement, sells itself as a genuine grassroots operation, and for years it has battled accusations of "astroturfing"—posing as a populist organization while doing the bidding of big-money donors. Yet internal documents obtained by Mother Jones show that FreedomWorks has indeed become dependent on wealthy individual donors to finance its growing operation.

  150. BabbaZee2:39 PM

    assault cups!

  151. pbird2:41 PM

    found two tubes of dried up krazy glue...have to go get some..this crazy guy is a hugging fool and didn't have much of a mommy

  152. BabbaZee2:46 PM

  153. pbird2:47 PM

    mmmhm, with neck whip

  154. BabbaZee2:48 PM

    poor guy

  155. pbird2:51 PM


  156. U.S.-Iranian nuclear engineer arrested for taking reactor software to Iran

    Robert Anglen and Ken Alltucker
    The Arizona Republic
    Apr. 21, 2007 12:00 AM

    Federal authorities are accusing a former engineer at Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station of illegally taking software codes to Iran and downloading details of control rooms, reactors and designs of the nation’s largest nuclear plant.

    Officers arrested Mohammad “Mo” Alavi, 49, in Los Angeles this month and charged him with one count of violating a trade embargo, which prohibits Americans from exporting goods and services to Iran.

    Alavi was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on April 9 when he returned from Iran to join his wife, who arrived in the United States two weeks earlier to give birth to their child. (Anchor Baby Time! Thank youse Juan McCain!)

    Wake said Alavi intended to immediately return to Iran to live.

  157. BulgarWheat3:20 PM

    if the state department was controlled by Israel, why the hell would they actively arm all of Israel's aggressive neighbors?

    I would like t ask Hagel about that.

  158. BulgarWheat3:22 PM

    I'd like to also ask why the hell my o key is sticking on my computer so much.

  159. BulgarWheat3:25 PM

    we're self inflicted morons.

  160. BulgarWheat3:31 PM

    what is reactor software? Why would anyone smuggle it? it's simple to actually smuggle via the cloud with google for example.

    I can be busted in the airport if I have some holy leaf, but I can't get busted for information that's on the cloud or in my brain. This story confuses me on several levels.

  161. BabbaZee4:07 PM

    self inflicted morons!!


  162. BabbaZee4:14 PM

  163. BabbaZee4:15 PM

  164. BabbaZee4:17 PM

  165. BabbaZee4:18 PM

  166. I was there.............No cloud, he downloaded everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, Compressed to a hard-drive...EVERYTHING. This was 2006

  167. The point is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,We ahave no restrictions on Iranians. My [Israeli] friend worked in Los Alamos and was shocked at the number of Iranian nationals working there. She was Illegal, and so were the Iranians!

  168. pbird5:00 PM

    Cruise ship nightmare nearing end for passengers after hellish trip

    keerimny wot a mess

  169. pbird5:16 PM

    DENVER (CBS4) – Bigfoot is real. That’s according to a group of Colorado researchers who say they have hard evidence proving its existence.

    Researcher Dave Paulides is convinced the reality of Bigfoot isn’t as fuzzy as the photos from people who claim to have seen the mythological creature.

    “This DNA is like nothing else in the world,” Paulides said

  170. BulgarWheat5:23 PM

    we went on a cruise for our honeymoon. I think I posted a few pictures a year or so ago. Young. In a jacket and tie. Happy. Optimistic.

    All I had to do was pick up a phone and a few minutes later I have a sandwich and chips in between meals. Any time of the day or night.

    I really didn't like how they shoved a schedule under our door each morning. I wanted to freelance it.

    The next time I go to Virgin Islands, I won't wear shoes to dinner and will only wear a shirt during dinner at dinner. Maybe I'll just rent a hut and cook supper on a hibachi.

  171. BulgarWheat5:27 PM

    I brought home that little orange plastic tray they brought me sandwiches on. I gave it to my new bride when we got home. She whacked me with it. Nice way to start a marriage.

    I kept that tray for several decades. Excellent for twisting up holy leaf, but I never got a sandwich and chips at home. Not even once.

  172. BulgarWheat5:35 PM

    my boots have walked that ground. no wonder my left hip is so messed up.

  173. pbird5:36 PM

    lol, no?

  174. pbird5:37 PM

    I won't even talk about our cruise. Nothing wrong with the ship though.

  175. pbird5:40 PM

    I have been experimenting with reading comments under articles to see how long it takes the anti Jew talk to come out. Now it may have something to do with the stories I read but it doesnt take long....its like an undercurrent waiting to bloom no matter what.

  176. pbird5:41 PM

    golly...somebody downdinged my ship story..?

  177. pbird5:49 PM

    When it comes to “justice,” I get the sense that Christopher Dorner leans a touch toward overkill. He recalls the famous dictum attributed to Goethe: “Beware of those in whom the urge to punish is strong.” To that I think we can safely add, “Beware of those who think they’re teaching you a moral lesson by wantonly killing people.” And also “Beware of authority figures, active or retired, with guns in their hands.”

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  178. BulgarWheat5:54 PM

    Well they've officially ruined the Olympics. They're going to get rid of wrestling in the olympics. Meanwhile we import these spoiled asshole professional basketball player when we used to kick the worlds ass with college kids.

    Why must society ruin the few things I actually love?!!!!!! Why?!!!!

  179. BulgarWheat5:55 PM


  180. BulgarWheat5:57 PM

    My pal, Drew still has that tray and uses it on a daily basis I'm sure.

  181. pbird5:57 PM

    number twelve in an article about Dorner

  182. pbird5:58 PM

    'cause they wanna!

  183. BulgarWheat6:01 PM

    rat bastids! I got my gold medal from Dan Gable in 1976 at the Miami Valley tournament. He was my hero. This makes me sick.

  184. We shall forever have LGBT mud wrestling! (Janet Neapolitano! )

  185. American Sniper’s Scott McEwen and Navy SEAL Jake Zweig

    Listen up!

  186. Oooooooo! Not very nice!

  187. pbird6:15 PM

    downding this lone marauder!


    That's cool. You look after the Politicos.....but WHO will look after the warriors?

  189. BabbaZee6:48 PM

    probably an accident I dont think anyone here dings on purpose but I dinged it up anyway