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Friday, January 11, 2013


Now Israel loved Joseph 
more than any of his other sons, 
because he had been born to him 
in his old age; 
and he made an ornate robe for him.

Brand New Bowie

released on his 66th birthday...




    duffusy reporter called this a square dance, ha....nope


    you guys must have lives or something


  5. wrong picture posted but different song


    really cool time lapse film, watch big

  7. Gun-control senators cheer Bush

    Feinstein, Schumer welcome president's stance on firearm ban

    Feinstein and Schumer were responding to comments attributed to Bush by White House spokesman Scott McClellan. WorldNetDaily reported that McClellan, in responding April 13 to a question posed by Knight Ridder newspaper, said the president “supports the current law, and he supports reauthorization of the current law.”

    To win more converts, ban supporters inserted a 10-year sunset provision into the original 1994 legislation. That means the law is set to expire in September 2004, just weeks before the general election. But Feinstein and Schumer said they planned to introduce new legislation to “reauthorize the ban” – probably for good, critics believe.

    But some lawmakers say gun owners should not have been surprised by the president’s comments.

    “President Bush already stated his support for the ban during the 2000 campaign. The irony is that he did so even as the Democratic Party was abandoning gun control as a losing issue,” said Rep. Ron Paul, in his weekly column posted online April 16.


  8. BabbaZee12:27 PM


    Rhinocratic Oaths
    It's hard to tell the difference when they take their hats off....

  9. BabbaZee12:28 PM

  10. BabbaZee12:29 PM

    Hammond says that the final decision under NICS for determining who is
    capable of owning a firearm is a “government psychiatrist.”

  11. Outed Yonkers, N.Y. gun owner says ‘I feel like a sex offender’ - …

  12. BulgarWheat12:59 PM

    that gun-control thing has always worked out so well for the Juden, eh?

  13. U.S. warns on Java software as security concerns escalate

  14. They advised businesses to only allow their
    workers to use Java browser plug-ins when prompted for permission by
    trusted programs such as GoToMeeting, a Web-based collaboration tool
    from Citrix Systems Inc.

  15. It said an attacker could also infect a legitimate website by uploading malicious software that would infect machines of computer users who trust that site because they have previously visited it without experiencing any problems.

  16. pbird1:09 PM

    yeah I have been working on that today. Unfortunately nuthin works without it?

  17. BabbaZee1:14 PM

  18. BabbaZee1:15 PM

    I have a javascript blocker and it has to get permission from me first before it engages

  19. BabbaZee1:17 PM

    What do you get when you cross creationism, crude Turkish anti-Semitism, and children’s books?

    Charles Darwin Was A Hook-nosed Jew who kept the company of monkeys!

  20. pbird1:22 PM

    Yesterday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and city officials unveiled a new initiative to limit supplies of prescription painkillers in the city’s emergency rooms as a way to combat what they described as a growing addiction problem in the region. Some critics, as documented by The New York Times, however, felt the move would unnecessarily hurt poor and uninsured patients who use emergency rooms as their primary care doctor. Needless to say, Mr. Bloomberg was not swayed by this line of argument.

    “The city hospitals we control, so…we’re going to do it and we’re urging all of the other hospitals to do it, voluntary guidelines. Somebody said, oh, somebody wrote, ‘Oh then maybe there won’t be enough painkillers for the poor who use the emergency rooms as their primary care doctor,’” the mayor said on his weekly radio show with John Gambling. “Number one, there’s no evidence of that. Number two, supposing it is really true so you didn’t get enough painkillers and you did have to suffer a little bit. The other side of the coin is people are dying and there’s nothing perfect….There’s nothing that you can possibly do where somebody isn’t going to suffer and it’s always the same group [claiming], ‘Everybody is heartless.’ Come on, this is a very big problem.”

    he's interfering with the judgment of the doctors involved, he isn't qualified to practice medicine and he's a bastard

  21. pbird1:22 PM

    well I can block it on this browser but this page won't even work without it

  22. BabbaZee1:26 PM

    it's disgusting

  23. BabbaZee1:27 PM

    I have to "allow" it page by page and then it loads thereafter

  24. pbird1:32 PM

    okie, i look into that

  25. BabbaZee1:35 PM
    That's what I have,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.1357700187,d.dmQ&fp=c65e845ff426668b&biw=1360&bih=552

  26. pbird1:36 PM

    I'm sure Opera has something. I'll find it.

  27. BabbaZee1:38 PM

    supposing it is really true so you didn’t get enough painkillers and you did have to suffer a little bit

    spoken like a mutha fucka who has never suffered

  28. pbird1:40 PM

    I know. Its diagnostic! of how he considers the people.


  30. pbird1:42 PM

    its built in

  31. If anyone wants to fundamentally change America, please leave my
    country. Yes, MY country. Go find a country you prefer and stay there.

  32. BabbaZee1:44 PM

  33. pbird1:46 PM

    heh, yep! was hot stuff

  34. pbird1:48 PM

    and this one

  35. BabbaZee1:56 PM


  36. BulgarWheat4:59 PM

    MOAB. all I gotta say.

  37. pbird9:44 PM

    Mhm. You're probably right. Lol

  38. Q_Burn11:04 PM

    Stairway to Gilligan's Island.. all I gotta say..

  39. pbird1:07 AM

    well this is all I gotta say! goodness not aimed at you guys

  40. pbird1:07 AM

  41. pbird1:08 AM

    not drunk

  42. pbird1:08 AM

    nighty night

  43. BulgarWheat5:09 AM

    that is hillarious

  44. BulgarWheat5:19 AM

    fucking aching hip! I was sleeping pretty well for a change too!

  45. BulgarWheat6:48 AM

    Obama: U.S. Has Fallen 'Short of the Ideal' in Afghanistan

    I'm pretty sure this nancy boy, obamao has never laced up a pair of boots in his life or loaded 80 lbs. of kit on his skinny assed back and been on the sharp end of the stick. I really despise being lectured by people about things they've actually never encountered. I despise it deeply.

  46. Zerubbabel6:50 AM

    hi all. look who´s back. hi babba, hi bulgarwheat. just wanted to say hello.

  47. BulgarWheat6:51 AM

    howdy, Z. You've been missed around this joint.

    You may not know it, but there are a lot of us who actually like you.

  48. Zerubbabel6:54 AM

    really nice to hear that.

    thanks. :-)

    i thought the opposit, b´cause sometimes i do flip out. :)

  49. BulgarWheat6:55 AM

    you saw some things before we realized they were there.

    sometimes it takes the rest of us some time to catch up and see the light.

  50. Zerubbabel6:59 AM


    nice. i forgot what i all commented.

    would be nice if u where i had right. am very interested :)

  51. BulgarWheat6:59 AM

    the one thing I've discovered about myself is that I know a hell of a lot less than I thought I knew. I am humbled on a daily basis. And it is good.

  52. BulgarWheat7:00 AM

    You've got skype. I'm bulgarwheat on skype.

  53. Zerubbabel7:02 AM

    yeah i have one . i have to install it.
    i think my user name on skype is "zerubbabel" and not "zerubbabel"

  54. Zerubbabel7:02 AM

    ya babba. i missed you all

  55. BulgarWheat7:04 AM

    I'm a moron with the iPad. I can't use my work computer. Can't remember how I added Babba and Mikael. Let me fiddle around with it for a little while. I'll figure it out.

  56. Zerubbabel7:04 AM


    my nickname on skype is "zerubabbel823"

    but i havn´t installes it yet. mybe later.

  57. Zerubbabel7:05 AM

    did yuo notice?

    my skype username is "zerubabbel823" not only "zerubabbel"

  58. BulgarWheat7:09 AM

    okay, did the search and it didn't find that name.

  59. BulgarWheat7:10 AM

    gotta charge up the hoople wanky anyhow. didn't realize how low the battery had gotten.

  60. Zerubbabel7:10 AM

    musst i be signed id, so that it could find it?

    later when i have intalled it, i will send you an invitation

  61. Zerubbabel7:12 AM

    ipad 7" or 10"?

  62. BulgarWheat7:18 AM

    ok. I'm going to post a youtube video up above. It's a video of my son shooting. that's his weapon with an eotech holographic sight. I'm very proud of that young man!

  63. BulgarWheat7:19 AM

    young Tater tossing rounds downrange.

  64. BulgarWheat7:23 AM

    I especially love how he walks into the recoil of the rifle. That's Ranger training, but he instinctively knew it. I didn't teach him that. Almost brought a tear to this dad's eye.

    The world is not going to get any more peaceful. Our sons and daughters better know how to take care of themselves.

    He puts more rounds down range than any cop in the state and I know he could run a range better than they could also.

  65. Zerubbabel7:25 AM


    i dont think, that that is so easy for his age.


  66. BulgarWheat7:25 AM

    I think it's an iPad2. I can't use a lot of things on my work computer. I mostly work from home the last 6 or 7 years.

  67. Bulgar and Mikael were thinking of you just yesterday!

  68. BulgarWheat7:27 AM

    I checked it, but saw that my hoople was almost out of power. I'm charging it up now. I can't load skype on my work computer

  69. BulgarWheat7:28 AM

    It's a rough world out there. I want him to have an unfair advantage.

    If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.

  70. BulgarWheat7:32 AM

    I love that kid so much, you can't imagine. I dearly love my wife and daughter, but the boy makes me laugh. We like guy stuff. We have more in common. I've been told I'm too protective of him, but he is the world to me.

  71. Zerubbabel7:32 AM

    lol. did i get that right?
    is he your son?

    great work man :) ^^

    ur a Father Figure
    or do they say Figure Father?

    is that right when i mean Model Father?


  72. The #DollarMenu just keeps getting better. Have you tried the new Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger?

  73. Eric Holder And Connecticut Governor Met Two Weeks Before Sandy Hook On ‘Gun Control Launch’: …

  74. BabbaZee7:39 AM


  75. BulgarWheat7:40 AM

    oh fuck!

  76. BulgarWheat7:41 AM

    just a dad, Z

  77. Zerubbabel7:42 AM


    god bless you both.

    you make a great team :)

    i rejoice, when i see some of ours r awake.

    but u know how i am.
    i always like to see our weeknesses.
    the political power is not on our side.
    and that is dissasteress.

    but still,is "must have", the capabelity of handling that rifle.
    nice work. A-Team :)

  78. BulgarWheat7:42 AM

    yes we were.

  79. BabbaZee7:42 AM


    you have not turned your Skype on in a year

  80. Zerubbabel7:44 AM

    YO! its Z. :)





  81. BabbaZee7:46 AM


  82. BulgarWheat7:46 AM

    Z, political powers chew us up and spit us out.

    All we can do is take care of our own and trust in GOD. Tough road to walk, but it's all we have. If we're lucky, from time to time we get to kick the bastards that have fucked us over in the balls. If we're lucky anyhow.

  83. Zerubbabel7:48 AM


    I was Serving on the Death-Star

    in the Deathe Star Cantin, and at the end i was fired cause i had and incident with Darth Vader. I didnt know hes the Commander of the Death Star. I that he was a clown in a clown suite.

    anyhow they threw me out of the cantin after the incident.


  84. Zerubbabel7:51 AM

    oh yeah you can watch it here :) its funny, you must have seen this :)


  85. BulgarWheat7:51 AM

    Z, you might have missed this youtube over the last year. I'm going to adopt this fella, and Babba is going to be his momma.

  86. BabbaZee7:51 AM

    yeah that always happens to us.

  87. BabbaZee7:52 AM

    No I never saw. I am the only human who has never seen Star Wars either.

  88. Zerubbabel7:53 AM


    lol your funnier than me

  89. BabbaZee7:53 AM

    you put the wrong film up. That one is already your son. ahaha

  90. BulgarWheat7:57 AM

    ah fack!

  91. Zerubbabel7:59 AM

    you had that video uploaded

  92. BulgarWheat8:00 AM

    I didn't even know I was from a fuckin' district!

  93. BabbaZee8:00 AM

    I put the one he meant

  94. BulgarWheat8:01 AM

    Sorry Coach Boyer!

  95. BabbaZee8:01 AM


  96. Zerubbabel8:01 AM

    i watching it right now

  97. France Battling Islamists in Mali

    This is good...US forces do not speak French and should stay the fuck away from Africa!

  98. The family that shoots together............

  99. BabbaZee8:06 AM

    Oh by the way the people who did not like you Z have all fled the page.

    They do not like me either.



  100. Zerubbabel8:08 AM


    that says much about us Sister!

    uhuuuuuuu ;-D

    did i know some of dem?

  101. BulgarWheat8:11 AM

    we spend a lot of time in Africa, Skip. There's oil there.

    ya gotta get about 35 shots before you go.

  102. BabbaZee8:11 AM

    Sort of ....

    You pissed some of them off a few times last year

    but I am almost sure you will not remember it .... I think you were maybe just a little bit in the Schnapps whenever you would do it ....

    And I think you even pissed Bulgar off a few times

    But in the end, you did not piss the ones that fled off as much as I did!

    As it should be!

  103. BulgarWheat8:13 AM

    I may have gotten pissed at the moment, but it's amazing to me that when everything is said and done,....I realize I was wrong.

  104. BabbaZee8:14 AM

    so sad

    Artist found burned to death on top of his masterpiece

  105. BabbaZee8:15 AM

    Amen Antec Shalom and ulllullullu

  106. BulgarWheat8:15 AM

    i realize that all the time lately.

  107. America Is Being Systematically Transformed Into A Totalitarian SocietySaturday,

    January 12, 2013 6:49 AM

    If someone were to ask you for an example of a “totalitarian society”, how would you respond? Most Americans would probably think of horribly repressive regimes such as the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Communist China, East Germany or North Korea, but the truth is that there is one society that has far more rules and regulations than any of those societies ever dreamed of having. In the United States today, our lives are governed by literally millions of laws, rules and regulations that govern even the smallest details of our lives, and more laws, rules and regulations are constantly being added.

    On January 1st, thousands of restrictive new laws went into effect all over America, but most Americans have become so accustomed to the matrix of control that has been constructed all around them that it does not even bother them when even more rules and regulations are put into place. In fact, a growing number of Americans have become totally convinced that “freedom” and “liberty” must be tightly restricted for the good of society and that “the free market” is inherently dangerous.

    On the national, state and local levels, Americans continue to elect elitist control freaks that are very eager to tell all the rest of us how to run virtually every aspect of our lives. According to Merriam-Webster, the following is one of the ways that the word “totalitarian” is defined: “of or relating to a political regime based on subordination of the individual to the state and strict control of all aspects of the life and productive capacity of the nation especially by coercive measures”. And that is exactly what we are witnessing in America today – nearly all aspects of our lives and of the economy are very tightly controlled by a bunch of control freaks that just keep tightening that control with each passing year. We still like to call ourselves “the land of the free”, but the truth is that we are being transformed into a totalitarian society unlike anything the world has ever witnessed!

  108. BabbaZee8:16 AM

    If lovin' you is wrong I don't wanna be white

  109. BabbaZee8:19 AM

    he is right

  110. If you still believe that America is “free”, just consider some of the things that are illegal in America today…

    -Starting on January 1st, it is now illegal to make or import 75 watt incandescent light bulbs anywhere in the United States.

    -In Oregon, it is illegal to collect rainwater that falls on your own property.

    -In New Jersey, it is illegal to have an “unrestrained” cat or dog in your vehicle while you are driving.

    -If you milk your cow and sell some of the milk to your neighbor, you could end up having your home raided by federal agents.

    -In Miami Beach, Florida you must recycle your trash properly or face huge fines.

    -All over the United States, cops are shutting down lemonade stands run by children because they don’t have the proper “permits”.

    -Down in Tulsa, Oklahoma one unemployed woman had her survival garden brutally ripped out and carted away by government thugs because it did not conform to regulations.

    -Over in Massachusetts, all children in daycare centers are mandated by state law to brush their teeth after lunch. In fact, the state even provides the fluoride toothpaste for the children.

    -At one public school down in Texas, a 12-year-old girl named Sarah Bustamantes was arrested for spraying herself with perfume.

    -A 13-year-old student at a school in Albuquerque, New Mexico was arrested by police for burping in class.

    -All over the United States cities have passed laws that actually make it illegal to feed the homeless.

  111. BulgarWheat8:19 AM

    you can't leave your home without violating local, state, and federal laws and regulations. everyone is a criminal now.

  112. BabbaZee8:20 AM

    gotta keep the private prisons full!


  113. BulgarWheat8:20 AM

    nope! they may not have my firearms!

  114. BabbaZee8:26 AM

  115. Zerubbabel8:27 AM

    well, that with BulgarWheat i remember.

    I thought he was just speaking tought.

    well i was wrong.

  116. BabbaZee8:28 AM

    Bulgar is one of us.

  117. BabbaZee8:28 AM

    A misfit mutant. AHAHAHA

  118. Zerubbabel8:29 AM

    so i had right and u pissed them more off.


    nice 2 know that we agreed


  119. BabbaZee8:33 AM


  120. BabbaZee8:36 AM

    Love Zombies.

  121. Zerubbabel8:38 AM

    Bulagr Wheat is a great Guy

    now that i saw that Video, with his son with the Rifle.
    what kind of rifle is that?
    is it Scar Assault Rifle?

    doesn´t look like M16.

  122. BulgarWheat8:39 AM

    it is just about time to jet my family out of this place. I think I can swing it financially. They have EU passports now. I spoke with the leper last night about this.

    I can't flee. I won't flee. I'll need to take another approach.

  123. BabbaZee8:39 AM

    He is a very great guy. I know him as long as I know you. Maybe a little longer I think.

  124. OBAMA: 'Starting This Spring, Our Troops Will Have A Different Mission' In Afghanistan

    Read more:

  125. BabbaZee8:39 AM

    Get the About Schmidtt vehicle and come pick us up.


  126. BabbaZee8:40 AM

    Dear Ndugu......

  127. BabbaZee8:41 AM

    by the way I think this is Jack Nicholson's best acting in a film ever I love this movie

  128. BulgarWheat8:41 AM

    my family founded this country along with the other founding fathers. These colors do not run. These fuckers cannot steal from me what they sacrificed everything for.

    This discussion is over. The line is drawn in the sand.

  129. BabbaZee8:42 AM

    a heartbreaking movie

    but also very funny

    and a really amazing acting job by Jack

  130. BabbaZee8:42 AM

    My family did not found this country.
    They only came here in the early part of the last century.
    I am immigrant scum.


  131. BulgarWheat8:42 AM

    will have to drag both of you down to NC. This is a nice place to take a stand. Good cover.

  132. BabbaZee8:43 AM

  133. Zerubbabel8:43 AM

    well i must idmit, i was wrong. but now i think EU is comfertable than there in the US.


    Bulagr Wheat Bulgar sorry i didnt mean to piss u off.
    i wrote below, that i thought u were just showing to be tough.

    iand i wrote below, that i was wrong.
    and now im sure i was wrong after seeing the video with your kid :)

  134. mawskrat8:44 AM

    Good Mornin Ferality...gonna be a great day
    my daughter is in much need of prayer
    I give details after she sees the doc

  135. BabbaZee8:45 AM

    OY! ok

  136. CNN Fright Photos:

    "Gun Culture in Colorado"

  137. BabbaZee8:47 AM

    iDunno about that

    I say go North
    waaaaaaaaayyyyy North

  138. BulgarWheat8:49 AM

    naw, you're just the spice added to the soup.

    My fore fathers wrote the declaration of indepence (Thomas Lynch) and fought the revolutionary war on my father's side. Ain't nobody taking that from me! No one!

    WTF do they think was going through our heads when we took our oath and joined the military?!!!! It does not end when we leave.

    I've been shot multiple times, I've been blown up. Has my resolve diminished? Fuck no!

    Time to get the family packed up.

  139. BabbaZee8:50 AM

    Four Score and Seventeen Forefathers Foreskins ago ......

  140. BabbaZee8:53 AM

    a kid playing with a toy gun

    A guy who likes John Wayne

    A lady by her well groomed house

    An ugly bride with a pistol


  141. BabbaZee8:54 AM

    OH ! A person surrounded by books with a gun !

    That's REAAALLLY bad



  142. Zerubbabel8:54 AM

    hey babba did you hear anything from michael?

  143. Few barbers in Colorado?

  144. Zerubbabel8:55 AM

    have heard a thing from michael for a long time

  145. BabbaZee8:56 AM

    Of course

    and we were talking about you for weeks now saying we were going to call you

    Skip V. Patel is a very close relative ahaha

  146. Zerubbabel8:56 AM

    bulgar du yu play pc games?

  147. BabbaZee8:56 AM

    Yes you have. ahaha

  148. BabbaZee8:57 AM

    iDo not evenknow what you just said.


    ~ Love the Old Woman who lives in a shoe

  149. This is the 2nd Amendment

    Molon Labe Baby!

  150. Zerubbabel9:02 AM

    happy to hear that
    i missed chatting with you both

    alot happened since then.

  151. Zerubbabel9:03 AM

    lol i meant haven´t heard a thing

    sorry :)

  152. BabbaZee9:03 AM

    I have to go out later and I have to do work in a few minutes here but you have to turn your skype back on tell me tomorrow or Monday or something

  153. Zerubbabel9:04 AM

    ok i will do it

    i must install skype , doesnt take long

  154. mawskrat9:07 AM

    The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me? Psalm 118:6
    our time here is just a blip
    remember eternity is a very long
    time and you can quote me on that/

  155. BabbaZee9:08 AM


  156. Zerubbabel9:11 AM

    bulgar, its much complicated than that.

    unfortunately, it is always like that.
    there r people who built, and those who come and conquere.

    its hard or nearly immpossible to regain what has benn conquered.

    cos what has been conquered, could be conquered because the owner became somehow careless or was mislead to get careless of his property

    that mistake will not undergo the conquerer. cause he waited for his apponent do do that mistake and thus he himself knows that error. he has it all day long on mind.

  157. Zerubbabel9:12 AM

    was asking bulgar about PC Games

  158. Zerubbabel9:24 AM

    hi skip,
    sorry i didnt notice ur comment.
    and above babba told ur a close rel. to mikael.

    nice greatings to mikael

  159. mawskrat9:44 AM

    Love God and live wise
    Love God and live wise
    Compromise gives the illusion that everything's fine
    You never see that you're slipping away down the line
    Compromise is the erosion of morals and faith
    You slip and you slide
    You're falling away.
    Pre-Chorus: So I try and I try every day
    I'm trying in every way
    I try and I try so that they will see the light.
    That none shall go astray
    That none shall wander away
    That all will see the glory on that day
    That none shall fade away
    That none shall wander astray
    That all will face the Kingdom on that day.
    Chorus: I see you sliding down a slippery slope
    (slippin', slippin')
    You hear me calling try to throw you a rope
    (slippin', slippin')
    I think you're sliding down a slippery slope
    (slippin', slippin')
    I give you warning but you think it a joke
    (trippin', trippin).
    Compromise it is the gray that's between black and white
    You drift into darkness step into the light
    Compromise it's the pollution that eats at your soul
    You've wandered away
    Come back to the fold
    That none shall drift away
    That none shall wander away
    That all will see the glory on that day
    That none should slip away
    That none would wander astray
    That all will face the Kingdom on that day
    o when you fear the Most High
    then it show you say your wise
    I implore never give in unto the enemies devises
    Every mikkle make a mukkle
    don't you dare compromise
    So kick off the shackles and the ties.
    Yo ,Cause, half truths are still lies
    Pull out (of) that
    Wolfs that are in a disguise
    Pull out (of) that
    You a run from God but can't hide
    You a slip a you a slip and you a slide
    You're moving on a downward spiral
    Boom! / Respect.

  160. The Sheriff's Department in Caddo Parish, Louisiana is inviting children to participate in the "Kids First Gun Program," which will teach young children how to safely operate firearms.

  161. BulgarWheat9:47 AM

    naw. not so much into games anymore, been ages

  162. Conn. Lawmaker Pushes Barney Fife Law: Limits Guns to One Round

    Connecticut Democrat state senator Edward Meyer has put forward a bill which limits civilian firearms to one round.

    Like Barney Fife in the old Andy Griffith series, you'll have one bullet with which to defend all that's valuable to you (including you).

    Through bill No. 122, Meyer seeks to ban the purchase, private sell, transport, donation, or possession of any firearm that holds more than one round. His bill also makes it illegal "for any person to fire a gun that contains more than a single round" and for any person to "purchase, sell, donate, or posses a magazine or clip capable of holding more than a one round."

    As absolutely crazy as it is, the fact that Meyer wasn't embarrassed to put this legislation forward provides us with a teachable moment concerning gun grabbers. For it reminds us that they are not rational and they do not understand that these rules would only apply to law abiding citizens.

  163. mawskrat10:08 AM

    just when I was thinking "life is good"
    my wife tells me the dryer is not working.
    funny how it works that way???

  164. Russian Navy Holds Syria Exercises

    RIA Novosti. Igor Zarembo12:06 11/01/2013

    Meanwhile the navy's large frigate Severomorsk will visit the Greek port of Suda during an anti-piracy mission to the Gulf of Aden from January 14-18.

    "Russian Naval Infantry soldiers will visit a NATO training center to get additional training" during the visit, the Ministry said.

  165. sounds like they leave you one for self destruction

  166. Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2012

  167. hanging on

  168. So much for the "Great Southwest" myth

    At Mayor David Coss’ urging, the Santa Fe Police Department will host a gun buyback program meant to cut down on the amount of the firearms in the city.

    The first event in a program dubbed “Operation Safe Streets” is scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 12, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Deputy Chief John Schaerfl said participants will be able to exchange firearms for Visa gift cards but don’t have to identify themselves or answer questions about the guns.

    Owners can take their firearms to Santa Fe police headquarters, 2515 Camino Entrada, a building that does have video surveillance. Officers will only give payment for working guns, though broken and imitation firearms may also be turned in for destruction. Amounts paid will vary based on the weapon:

    • $100 for rifles or long-barrel guns

    • $150 for handguns

    • $200 for assault weapons (such as semi-automatics or carbines)

  169. hi all, nice to see Z. I was wondering how he was doing.

  170. Loaded Revolutionary War-Era Cannon Found In Central Park

  171. can you imagine being that much of a mug wump

  172. there ya go

  173. nize portrait for BZ

  174. beware of darkness

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    was running errands

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    iMust go be back manyana

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    well i have a fine vortex of a day of fun and frivolity lined up so will check in later....oy

  178. pbird8:58 PM

    we went up to the Mt. Baker national forest to poke around in the snow....

  179. BulgarWheat5:48 AM

    so many conflicting thoughts.
    I see what's going on, yet can do anything about it.
    people wonder why I never leave home. heh

  180. BulgarWheat5:52 AM

    probably just nutz or something.

  181. BulgarWheat6:56 AM

    mebbe I go wander off to the hopsickle. not feeling well

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    you want to go to hopsickle are you serious

  183. Maybe we should send Kim Kommandoe

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    and Good Morning All

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    Oh if only I used my powas for good undt not evil!

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  188. Nanny State at work

    Something didn’t feel right to ­Andrew and Tracey Hyams when they entered the rest stop in Charlton on the ­Massachusetts Turnpike on Christmas Eve with their 12-year-old son and saw another boy absorbed in an arcade game.

    The youth was firing a machine gun replica at the screen, licking off simulated rounds with a rapid-fire rat-tat-tat that reverberated off the walls. “You could even hear it in the bathroom,” Andrew Hyams, 58, of Newton, said in a telephone interview Thursday.

    Because the plaza is close to Newtown, Conn., Hyams said, a relative of one of the school shooting victims could have walked in and seen a player firing away, 10 days after the massacre that took the lives of 20 first-graders and six adults.

    “People have the freedom to have whatever video games in their own homes that they want,” Hyams said. “We were struck by walking into a [state-owned] rest stop within an hour’s drive of Newtown and seeing and hearing a life-sized, mounted machine gun on a video game.”

    The couple felt that such games had no place in public rest stops, and the state Depart­ment of Transportation agreed. After receiving an ­e-mail from the Hyams, the Massachusetts agency removed nine violent games from service plazas in Charlton, Ludlow, Lee, and Beverly.
    The state removed violent games from Beverly and other rest stops, leaving games intended to challenge driving skills.

    Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff

    The state removed violent games from Beverly and other rest stops, leaving games intended to challenge driving skills.

    Transportation Secretary Richard Davey said removing the games made sense in light of the Newtown tragedy.

    “Bottom line is I think there isn’t a person who doesn’t ­believe that there isn’t too much violence in our society, and games can glorify that,” Davey said. “A video game in a public space could be used by anybody of any age.

    “At the end of the day, those games are there to entertain kids, probably for a few minutes, while their parents are resting from a long trip. I just think it makes all the sense in the world to have it be a more passive” game.

    Davey said the decision to remove the games was made by subordinates.

  189. Mayor Robert Dolan of ­Melrose said Thursday that the city is launching an initiative aimed at persuading families to get rid of their violent video games, movies, and toys by offer­ing coupons to residents who turn in those items at the city yard.

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  191. Precedent Teaches Us The Left Really Wants ALL Our Guns

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    For what?


  193. America, no matter what Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the far left in America say, they want your guns.

    They want them all.

    Don't just wait and see.

    What do you think?

    Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

    God Bless America

    Charlie Daniels