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Monday, January 14, 2013

Before They Make Me Run

Look, here is a town near enough to run to, 
and it is small. 
Let me flee to it—it is very small, isn’t it? 
Then my life will be spared...


  1. BulgarWheat8:31 AM

    I stepped upon the platform.
    The man gave me the news.
    He said you must be joking son,
    where did you get those shoes...........

  2. BabbaZee8:34 AM

  3. BabbaZee8:35 AM

  4. BulgarWheat8:37 AM

    naw, steely dan, the logic of the pretzel.

  5. BabbaZee8:38 AM

    iKnow I was just going with the shoe thing
    I figured you were gonna post the Steely Dan

  6. BabbaZee8:39 AM

  7. BabbaZee8:39 AM

  8. BulgarWheat8:39 AM

    I love this live version. Slow and low. When the day comes and I pass this is what I want to be listening to. Eargasmic.

  9. BabbaZee8:41 AM

    it is handy to have forty tweet bamillionty eleventah songs inside thy head because then you can play whatever you want whenever you want and no one will know

  10. Conn. Senate GOP Leader Sponsors Bill to Ban High Capacity Magazines


  11. McKinney and LeBeau told the Courant that their bipartisan sponsorship of the legislation is an indication of their confidence that the ban on high-capacity magazines will pass the state legislature this year.

    Despite the fact that Connecticut is already among the states with the toughest gun control laws, Adam Lanza, the presumed Newtown shooter, reportedly stole his mother’s legally owned guns and used numerous 30-round magazines during his rampage. In light of this, a key state leader last week referred to the legislation co-sponsored by McKinney and LeBeau as “low-hanging fruit.”

    (Of course very few people actually believe that a rifle was involved in the shooting)

  12. BulgarWheat8:48 AM

    where did you get those shoooooooooooosssssssssssssseeeeee?

  13. Pam Loman of Shawnee, Oklahoma scared off three men trying to break into her home.

    She was cleaning her home on Friday when a man knocked on her front door, while two others stayed in the car. When she did not answer the man resorted to banging on the door. Mrs. Loman got scared and went for her gun.

    "So my instinct was to go get a gun. I don't know why, I never in my life felt like I needed to go get a gun," said Mrs. Loman.

    She had both hands on her .32-caliber pistol when the man knocked down her door.

    “And just all of a sudden, with one kick, he knock the door completely in. The frame came flying down. Things came flying everywhere," she said. "And he saw that I had the gun, and he grabbed the door handle and pulled the door shut."

    Mrs. Loman said if he did not run away and came into the house she would have shot him.

    The gun saved her life. While politicians in Washington, DC want to strip Americans of their second amendment right, guns are the reason why many citizens are still alive.

  14. BabbaZee8:51 AM

    Thousands of Tunisians protested against their Islamist-led government on Monday, exactly two years after President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s overthrow in a popular revolt that inspired others across the Arab world.

  15. BabbaZee8:52 AM

  16. BabbaZee8:53 AM


  17. BabbaZee8:55 AM

    he saw that I had the gun, and he grabbed the door handle and pulled the door shut

    Mein daddy taught me to shoot right through the door. He's lucky it was not me.

  18. BulgarWheat8:56 AM

    it was pistols.

    no they cannot have my legally owned weapons. I cannot be any plainer.

  19. Charlie Daniels ‏:

    A most awesome thought. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul.

  20. Think of the children! Do it for the kiddies!


  21. BabbaZee8:57 AM

    Lamenting the group’s allegedly biased and selective coverage of the revolutions and ignoring uprisings in some Arab countries, the report said: “Moreover, Al Jazeera Arabic’s vaunted reputation for even-handedness has withered in recent years”.

    “The repressed voices it once daringly aired, particularly of Islamists linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, speak now from positions of power.”

    Al Jazeera’s breathless boosting of rebel fighters in Libya and Syria, and of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, has made many Arab viewers question its veracity.

    So has its tendency to ignore human rights abuses by those same rebels, and its failure to treat uprisings in all Arab countries equally.

    The world-renowned journal, in its report, also hinted that not only viewers but some of the senior Al Jazeera correspondents also endorsed that the Channel is biased towards Muslim Brotherhood.

  22. Of course the controversy in Post-Amerika is about Al Jizz ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. BabbaZee9:00 AM

    Chuck Hagel (R)
    established himself as a Palestine Firster on October 27, 2009, speaking at J Street’s first national conference: “The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is central, not peripheral, to US vital security interests in combating terrorism, preventing an Iranian nuclear weapon, stability in the Middle East and US and global energy security.”

  24. BabbaZee9:03 AM

    The Vatican on Monday dismissed anti-Semitic comments by the head of a rebel Catholic traditionalist group, saying the Roman church did not see Jews as enemies.

    Bishop Bernard Fellay(te me), head of the rebel Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), said last month that Jews were among those "who over centuries have been enemies of the Church".

    They dismissed his comments (eh who cares, everyone says it, right? ) they did not dismiss HIM in fact -THEY REINSTATED HIM:
    "It is impossible to speak of the Jews as enemies of the Church," Vatican spokesman Rev Federico Lombardi said, stressing the Church position on this was "clear and well-known".

    "The Church is deeply committed to dialogue with Jews," he added.

    Fellay was among four SSPX bishops who were excommunicated from 1988 to 2009, when Pope Benedict reinstated them.

  25. BabbaZee9:05 AM

    The youngest Jew to be saved by Oskar Schindler has died at the age of 83.

  26. FBI Uses Portable Device to Track Cell Phone Users

    Even on dry land, Americans should fear the stingray. Not the flat cartilaginous fishes related to sharks, but the secret government surveillance device that not only tracks suspected criminals but also intercepts the private information of law-abiding citizens who happen to be nearby. Now, because of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and lawsuit brought by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) against the FBI, the government is slowly releasing thousands of relevant documents that are already raising alarms among privacy and civil liberties advocates.

    The stingray came to public notice in 2011 when the FBI used a “cell-site simulator” to track down a suspect. This portable device, also called an “IMSI catcher” or a “stingray,” sends out a signal that fools nearby wireless phones into connecting with a fake network. It can then capture all sorts of personal data from all of those phones, including location data that can then be used to track a person’s movements in real time. A stingray can be handheld or mounted on a motor vehicle or an unmanned surveillance drone.

  27. BabbaZee9:08 AM

    A judge is determining whether a 12-year-old boy should be convicted of murdering his white supremacist father while he was asleep.

    Riverside Superior Court Judge Jean Leonard is hearing the case without a jury. At issue is whether the boy, then 10, knew what he was doing was wrong and whether there was premeditation.

    Prosecutors argue that the child killed his father to keep him from splitting up with his stepmother, who at first said she had killed Jeff Hall, 32, but then quickly retracted her statement. She was not charged in the case.

    The boy's younger sister bolstered the prosecution's case by saying her elder sibling plotted the shooting days in advance. Hall, a regional leader of the National Socialist Movement, was shot at point-blank range with a .357 Magnum while he slept on a sofa in the family home.

    Defense attorney Matthew Hardy said his client grew up in an abusive and violent environment and learned it was acceptable to kill people who were a threat. Hardy contended the boy thought if he shot his dad the violence would end.

    The boy said in a videotaped interview with police that he didn't think he'd get in trouble because he saw an episode of "Criminal Minds" in which a child killed an abusive father and wasn't arrested.

    Prosecutors maintained Hall's white supremacist beliefs had nothing to do with the crime. They noted the boy had a history of violence that dated back to kindergarten when he stabbed a teacher with a pencil.

    Hardy said he hopes the boy, if convicted, would not be sent to a juvenile lockup but rather be placed in a private facility that offers therapy medical treatment and schooling.

  28. BabbaZee9:09 AM

    Was Jewsus who said it

    What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?
    Matthew 16

  29. BabbaZee9:10 AM

    can also be found in
    Mark 8

  30. BabbaZee9:11 AM

    you SHUSH him?


    Bulgar, he SHUSHED you!

  31. BulgarWheat9:14 AM

    don't make me kick his ass!

    I don't like being shusshed.

  32. BabbaZee9:15 AM

    SHUSH at your own risk!

  33. BulgarWheat9:16 AM

    and peril.

    especially tennis fags. fucker's lucky he left the court with his teeth yesterday.

  34. BabbaZee9:16 AM

    "If anything, pure happiness is linked to not helping others in need," the researchers write.

    [ --------- ] and a MUTHA FACKLE too

  35. BabbaZee9:17 AM

    If you happen to knock out any good teeth hang on to them we need extras


  36. BabbaZee9:18 AM

    two tin cans and some string cannot be hacked!

  37. BabbaZee9:18 AM


  38. BulgarWheat9:19 AM

    the only joy I've ever known in life is helping other people.

    maybe I'm just fucked up though.

  39. BabbaZee9:20 AM

    Well! You are not a REAAAAAAAALLLL Conservative!!

    No wonder no one likes you!

  40. BabbaZee9:22 AM

    “Dating culture has evolved to a cycle of text messages, each one requiring the code-breaking skills of a cold war spy to interpret.”

  41. BabbaZee9:26 AM

    JOY is not the same as HAPPINESS as we have discussed in the past

    HAPPY comes from HAP (Happenstance) HAPPY is an accident something that just happens to happen

    JOY is eternal

  42. pbird9:29 AM

    glad to see BW sitting up and taking nourishment!
    Goodmorning all

  43. BabbaZee9:31 AM


  44. pbird9:32 AM

    I was just talking with Sam last night about cultures that use the same greeting coming and going...

  45. BabbaZee9:33 AM


  46. Back at the couple’s rural farmhouse, two boys – boys who would not be orphaned that night – played. We most likely played – my brother Pete and I – with assault rifles fashioned from sticks. I always love to hear Dad retell the story. He does it with an ornery, satisfied grin. “No one’s taking my guns,” he’ll say.

    This might be a good time for me to add that no one’s taking my guns either. Period. And if Dianne Feinstein orders me from her lofty perch on the left-coast to retroactively register them with some federal autocracy, I think I might just forget I even have them. Tens of millions of law-abiding, God-fearing Americans just like me and Dad, I suspect, feel the same way.

  47. No, you won’t disarm me. You’re not going to neuter my household and tear away my ability to defend my wife and precious babies like Dad did all those years ago.

  48. Shebab Post Picture of Alleged French Commander Killed in Somalia

  49. pbird9:59 AM

    just great/

  50. I got nuttin today, up too late

  51. Judge Jeanine Pirro calls out the Journal News for the publication of the registered gun owner’s list (which included Pirro’s name). She sends reporters to the office and to the homes of the editors and finds security guards posted there.

    She also notes that in her 30 years in law and as a judge, she has only seen one murder done with a legally owned gun.

  52. BabbaZee10:05 AM

    Oh her. iKnew her.

    She wants to be the next (R) Hillary

  53. Lol.
    I just thought the statistic was interesting. The two pools of weapons don't intersect much.

  54. For Bulgar & Daniel

    From America’s Next Top Model To Israel’s Next Tank Instructor

    Esther Petrack was on the way to being the next big thing, after competing in the reality show “America’s Next Top Model” and making seventh place, when she decided a change of pace was in order. For her, the next big thing was entirely different; she wanted to become an IDF combat soldier.

    Esther was born in Jerusalem to a religious family and at sixteen, moved with her family to the United States. She made history when she became the first religious Jewish girl to compete in the “America’s Next Top Model“. She was on the fast lane to becoming a supermodel when things changed last year, during a visit to Israel for the first time in four years. Following her trip Esther decided to make Aliyah and join the army.


  56. BabbaZee11:09 AM

  57. nice. Always sounds like youth. I save it.

  58. BabbaZee11:14 AM

    for some reason it just started to play in my head so I figured that was the only way to get it to stop !

  59. Q_Burn11:25 AM

    I had totally forgotten there was a Jackson 5 animated series. How funky is your chicken? Psychedelic!!!

  60. BabbaZee11:37 AM

    I forgot too!

  61. BabbaZee11:38 AM


  62. BabbaZee11:40 AM

    well if we is going funky then funky it will be

  63. BabbaZee11:42 AM


  64. BabbaZee11:44 AM

    whachoogwan play nah?

  65. BabbaZee11:45 AM

  66. BabbaZee11:47 AM

  67. Q_Burn11:48 AM

    Alas I must get da funk outta here..

  68. BabbaZee11:48 AM

  69. BabbaZee11:50 AM

    Funkletude upon you

    iGo Ablute.

  70. BabbaZee11:55 AM

    Beware of Uncle Funky while I'm gone!

  71. Simo Häyhä (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈsimɔ ˈhæy̯hæ]; December 17, 1905 – April 1, 2002), nicknamed "White Death" (Russian: Белая смерть, Belaya Smert; Finnish: valkoinen kuolema; Swedish: den vita döden) by the Red Army, was a Finnish sniper. Using a modified Mosin–Nagant in the Winter War, he has the highest recorded number of confirmed sniper kills – 505 – in any major war.[2]

  72. Zerubbabel2:33 PM

    howdy skippy, looks like i have no thread to mikael

    and babba brought me finally to laugh by sending me this


  73. pbird3:42 PM

    right! only way!

  74. pbird3:50 PM

    The U.S. State Department expressed “serious concerns” about Abedini’s situation on Friday.

    Jordan Sekulow, the executive director of the Washington-based American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) wrote to the The Jerusalem Post on Friday, “This is an extremely critical time for American Pastor Saeed and his family. We now know with certainty, from his own words, the brutality and life-threatening danger he faces in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison.”

    “In a powerful letter from him released to family members in Tehran, Pastor Saeed reveals that he is undergoing beatings and is being told that he ‘will hang’ for his Christian faith. That treatment combined with the recent news that Pastor Saeed’s case has been turned over to one of Iran’s ‘hanging judges’ makes his circumstances more dire than ever,” Sekulow said.

  75. pbird3:51 PM

    The NBC Sports Network, a subsidiary of the communications giant Comcast, is helping to sponsor the largest gun trade show in the country despite anti-gun rhetoric on the NBC family of television networks, including a controversial monologue by one of its sports announcers.

  76. Nothing like a nice traditional Songhaï dinner with an ice cold
    drink after a long day in the trenches or bouncing around on some bomb-cratered backroad in an APC.


    Keeeeel! kEEEEEEEEEEEEEL! Keeeel!

  78. pbird4:53 PM

    One witness said he saw police officers shoot the driver through the window of the car after it crashed and claims that police never told the driver to put his hands up or step out of the car.

    “I had just left the bar on the South Side and I heard a car crash and I turn around and as I was turning, I heard two gun shots,” the witness said. “And I looked and a police officer had ran and jumped right on top of a car and fired into the window of the vehicle that had just crashed four times, it was pop, pop, pop, pop and after that it was dead silence.”

    “All of a sudden, the cops came over, pushed everyone out of the way,” he said. “There was lights, sirens coming from both directions. It was craziness, something I’d never seen before.”

    Harper said no weapons or drugs were found in the car.

    Officials say the five officers that shot at the car are on administrative leave with pay.

  79. I love how #newyork will pass more gun control yet have people with machine guns "protecting" the city from "terrorists"

  80. Welcome to Post Amerika......Now, we have a train going to the Gulag...........Get in NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. I really hate Fascists who cannot shoot straight.... even from one yard!

  82. pbird2:49 AM

    Deaf twins who discovered they were going blind and would never see each other again are euthanized in Belgian hospital

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    really weird and extra strange

  83. BulgarWheat5:09 AM

    how long before they start putting down mutants like me "for my own good"? I wonder.

  84. BulgarWheat6:18 AM

    The White House has identified 19 executive actions for President Barack Obama to move unilaterally on gun control,
    Vice President Joe Biden told a group of House Democrats on Monday, the administration’s first definitive statements about its response to last month’s mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

    Later this week, Obama will formally announce his proposals to reduce gun violence, which are expected to include renewal of the assault weapons ban, universal background checks and prohibition of high-capacity magazine clips. But Biden, who has been leading Obama’s task force on the response, spent two hours briefing a small group of sympathetic House Democrats on the road ahead in the latest White House outreach to
    invested groups.

    Read more:

    this won't go well.

  85. BulgarWheat7:24 AM

    there's just something about pretty chicks and merkava tanks.

  86. The family that blows things up together,,,, stays together.

  87. Fast & Furious = 600+ lives and cover-up

    Benghazi massacre = at LEAST four, perhaps more US lives and cover-up.

    Seal Team 6 = At least 21 dead from "Heli" crash and "suicide" of Commander. Cover-up.

    Drugging of US forces = Automatic revocation of discharged Vet's 2nd Amendment rights.

    Why don't we trust this administration ?

  88. BulgarWheat7:49 AM

    we know good and well why we don't trust these assholes.

  89. BulgarWheat7:50 AM

    that was no suicide.

    the special operations community won't take this sitting down.

  90. Obama & Holder talkin' about "better ways to track firearms"......Fast & Furious!

  91. BabbaZee8:14 AM

    The only Republicans to speak on the bill were Kathy Marchione of Halfmoon and Greg Ball of Putnam County. Ball said the bill should have included a greater overhaul of the state’s mental health system, and would simply end up burdening lawful gun owners.

    “We haven’t saved any lives tonight, except for one: the political life of a governor who wants to be president,” he said. “I voted no, and I only wish I could have done it twice.”

  92. BabbaZee8:16 AM

    Walmart Protest In Connecticut To Demand Retailer End Sales Of Assault Weapons

    A handful of activists plan to protest Walmart's sale of assault weapons at the Walmart store closest to Newtown -- in Danbury, Conn.. -- at 11 a.m. on Tuesday.

  93. BabbaZee8:17 AM

    US Giving F16's to Muslim Brotherhood Controlled Egypt

  94. BabbaZee8:21 AM

    Cases described in the report included attacks by armed rapists, especially at the roadblocks that have proliferated across Syria. The IRC was told of a nine-year-old girl who had been brutally raped, of a man whose genitalia were destroyed by attackers and of a father “who shot his daughter when an armed group approached to prevent the ‘disgrace’ of her being raped.”

  95. BabbaZee8:23 AM

    Women were in particular danger of being dragged away and raped, sometimes gang-raped, at checkpoints set up by armed groups. The report did not single out either side as responsible, but the biggest network of checkpoints is in regime areas and the most serious allegations of human rights abuses have been made against regime troops and in particular its "Shabiha" militia.

    "Many women and girls relayed accounts of being attacked in public or in their homes, primarily by armed men," the report said. "These rapes, sometimes by multiple perpetrators, often occur in front of family members.

  96. BabbaZee8:28 AM

    yee frikkin ha

    I still do not want to go south of NJ I think they'd reaaallly like to kill themselves a Jewcy Jew down there


  97. BabbaZee8:36 AM

    David Bowie's 'The Next' Day' Album: A Track-by-Track Preview

  98. BabbaZee8:37 AM

    Is Afghanistan’s New Oil and Gas Industry Sparking a New Front in the War?

  99. BabbaZee8:45 AM

    DARPA is planning to build drones that would hibernate in deep-sea capsules for years before waking up when commanded and releasing their payloads into the sky.

  100. hayseed9:38 AM

    Good Mornin innernut is all crappy this
    morning..needs some exlax//

  101. hayseed9:40 AM

    Babba...who wants to kill a jewsy jew?

  102. BabbaZee9:42 AM

    the people in the video Skip posted. Maybe they don't but I ain't-a takin noooo chances!


    Nice Southern People

  103. weeee its a morning! how is ever'body?

  104. goodness knows....

  105. BabbaZee10:17 AM

    still above ground!

  106. well...good!



    i think this is where its at today

  109. UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (AP) — Prosecutors say a D.C. police officer involved in a paternity dispute with his mistress shot the woman dead and left their infant child to die in a hot car.

    Prince George's County, Md., State's Attorney Angela Alsobrooks said during opening statements Monday that Richmond Phillips killed the two because he didn't want to pay child support. Phillips is being tried on two counts of first-degree murder along with child abuse and firearms charges.

    Phillips was arrested in June 2011 after the body of 20-year-old Wynetta Wright was found in a park where the two had met. Their child, Jaylin, who was days shy of her first birthday, was found dead in her car seat with the doors closed and windows rolled up.

    Defense lawyer Brian Denton told jurors his client is innocent and that the evidence is circumstantial.

  110. couldn't get past the look on her face

  111. I read it, Looks like a nice recipe.

  112. BabbaZee10:50 AM

    The Roman Empire got nothing on us for brutality

  113. We're a real mix of good and evil for sure.

  114. BabbaZee10:52 AM

    the good is very scarce

    plenty of people SEEM good....they know how to ACT good in front of you

    but they are not good

  115. BabbaZee10:54 AM

    "I'm a desperate housewife.
    I live in the country. I channel Lucille Ball, Vivien Leigh, and Ethel Merman. Welcome to my frontier!"

    Oy why "channel" anyone? Just be you.

  116. This Canadian attempt to preemptively ban sexbots is an overt confession by feminists of both sexes concerning their belief that women have nothing significant to offer men but sexual services. Moreover, it is proof that their "pursuit for gender equality" is directly and fundamentally opposed to the most basic human freedom.
    Following the recent Ontario/Canada Roundtable on Gender Equality, the below provisions have been proposed for the new Human-Robot Personal Relationship Act, the first draft of which is currently being finalized.The provisions are specifically meant to target the concerns that were expressed at the roundtable that sexbots will negatively impact the pursuit for gender equality and may unduly emphasize the objectification of women as sexual objects.The suggested provisions fall into the larger framework of regulating the emerging service robot industry that will be governed by the Human-Robot Personal Relationship Act and under the direction of the Ministry of Robots and Artificial Intelligence, to be established in Ontario and other Canadian provinces and territories at the end of next year.

    …The use of sexbots in the privacy of one’s home is prohibited, unless otherwise permitted by the Ministry of Robots and Artificial intelligence or a relevant regulating agency as per the criteria outlined in the Human-Robot Personal Relationship Act.
    One would think that even those only superficially acquainted with human history would realize that attempts to put the technological genie back in the bottle almost always fail, as do attempts to prevent men and women from pursuing pleasure in ways deemed illicit. But then, a near-complete ignorance of human history is required to either be a feminist or possess a genuine belief in the rainbow-tailed unicorn of equality.

    oy, they'll so it won't they dept.

  117. BabbaZee10:55 AM

    actually being "GOOD" makes most people hate your ass with a vengeance

    Most people can not take it they would rather ACT good

  118. mhm, i agree

  119. she is a silly lady sometimes, but a pretty good cook

  120. BabbaZee10:55 AM



  121. BabbaZee10:56 AM

    ~ JEWSUS

  122. ugly ugly lonely and ugly

  123. BabbaZee10:58 AM

    The Ministry of Robot Sex Toys


  124. BabbaZee10:59 AM

    feminists of both sexes


  125. I know. WTF indeed

  126. BabbaZee11:00 AM

    yet another reason not to be a lesbian. Silly ladies.


  127. ayiiiii! the very idea!

  128. BabbaZee11:03 AM

    Yah whenever I would be accused of this by some asshole I would not fuck I would think oy who would want to put up with some silly chick all the time anyway?? Certainly not me.

  129. BabbaZee11:11 AM

    David Bowie producer rules out Bowie live shows

    Long-term collaborator Tony Visconti says Bowie is adamant there will be no live performances

  130. ah, well maybe its best

  131. BabbaZee11:25 AM

    apparently the music on the record is not easily performed live


  133. BabbaZee11:27 AM

    Just spoke DIRECTLY with @walmart corporate PR. Rumors of stopping ammo purchases are completely bogus.

  134. Internet of Things
    While not devoid of hype and hyperbole, the Internet of Things (IoT) does represent a revolution happening right now. Companies of all kinds – not just technology and telecommunications firms – are linking “things” as diverse as smartphones, cars and household appliances to industrial-strength sensors, each other and the internet. The technical result may be mundane features such as intercommunication and autonomous machine-to-machine (M2M) data transfer, but the potential benefits to lifestyles and businesses are huge.

    But … with great opportunity comes great responsibility. Along with its conveniences, the IoT will unveil unprecedented security challenges: in data privacy, safety, governance and trust.

    It’s scary how few people are preparing for it. Most security and risk professionals are so preoccupied with putting last week’s vulnerability-malware-hacktivist genie back into the bottle, that they’re too distracted to notice their R&D colleagues have conjured up even more unpredictable spirits. Spirits in the form of automated systems that can reach beyond the digital plane to influence and adjust the physical world … all without human interfacing.

  135. kind of a Babel innit?

  136. BabbaZee11:37 AM

    iHave no fuckin idea what any of it means

  137. BabbaZee11:37 AM


    we shall see

  138. the little smart machines can aggregate information amongst themselves

  139. BabbaZee11:41 AM

    tawk amongst yaselves lllolollllollllo

  140. thats right, they will be yakkin behind yer back

  141. BabbaZee12:01 PM

    So I asked myself

    why do they give one shit about Mali ....

    Mali war: A Gordian knot of interests


    The Sudanese Republic and Senegal became independent of France in 1960 as the Mali Federation.

  142. BabbaZee12:05 PM


  143. BabbaZee12:05 PM


  144. BabbaZee12:06 PM


  145. BabbaZee12:08 PM

    Mali’s Tuareg-Uranium Conspiracy
    April 2012

  146. BabbaZee12:09 PM

    Put simply, this is about Uranium to be found in the Tuareg areas of
    Mali, Niger and Libya, the next step will be UN/ECOWAS/NATO
    Peace-keepers, Military intervention and killing of thousands of

  147. I DID wonder.

  148. BabbaZee12:14 PM


    It is always to control some resource or other it is never because any government wants to altruistically protect some poor population of people

    all of that is ALWAYS bullshit

  149. it came out of nowhere

  150. BabbaZee12:20 PM

    it would seem
    but that guy had predicted it back in April so...

  151. well, you know my attention span is like a goldfish's according to


  153. BabbaZee12:25 PM

    she is wrong

    I had no idea either who pays attention to fookin MALI

  154. BabbaZee12:30 PM

    Despite French air strikes, Islamist rebels have gained more control of Mali, a nation rich in minerals and resources.

  155. BabbaZee12:31 PM

    EMIRA WOODS, Institute For Policy Studies: Well,
    Mali is a country on the West Coast of Africa that is really at the epicenter. It is on the Sahara, the brink of the Sahara and the sub-Saharan Africa.It is a country that is rich in resources from gold to uranium, vital minerals in Mali. There are also explorations of oil, particularly in
    Northern Mali.

  156. BabbaZee12:38 PM

    A British Airways check-in worker's right to express her religion was unfairly restricted when she was prevented from wearing a cross at work, the European court of human rights (ECHR) has ruled.

    In a landmark judgment defining the limits of religious freedom, Nadia Eweida, 60, a practising Coptic Christian, was awarded €2,000 (£1,600) in compensation by the court in Strasbourg after it ruled against the United Kingdom.

    But three other Christian applicants –Lilian Ladele, a local authority registrar who also lives in London, Shirley Chaplin, 57, a nurse from Exeter, and Gary McFarlane, 51, a
    Bristol marriage counsellor – who also claimed they had suffered religious discrimination lost their appeals.


  157. No they are just boring whities.

  158. BabbaZee12:52 PM


    which is the kind of shit that fuels assholes like the EDL oh excuse me OUR COLLEAGUES

    so there is no way to win

  159. Morsi, to give him credit, is a tactical hater rather than a deranged one. He understands that giving free rein to the darker elements of his agenda would wreck his government. Egypt depends on military and economic aid from abroad. Also, while many in the army fully share his views about Jews, militarily Egypt can’t handle another war with Israel and would suffer another defeat if it tried. As head of state, Morsi isn’t giving full vent to his inner feelings and doesn’t allow his visceral hatred of Jews and of their state to influence his policy past a certain point.

  160. BabbaZee12:55 PM

    British Airways said the airline was not a party to the legal action, which was taken against the UK government. A spokesman said: "Our own uniform policy was changed in 2007 to allow Miss Eweida and others to wear symbols of faith and she and other employees have been working under these arrangements for the last six years. Miss Eweida has worked continuously for British Airways for 13 years."

  161. what did he say "wisdom is justified by all her children"?

  162. BabbaZee12:59 PM


    is the common GOD
    they need a loan from the IMF

  163. BabbaZee12:59 PM

    The Spawn of Sophia !

  164. pbird1:01 PM

    Two Boys Suspended For Playing Cops And Robbers At Recess

    I was about to say why don't they just preemptively neuter boys and then I remembered the type of food that is recommended for kids today...

  165. BabbaZee1:05 PM

    Egypt hopes to resume talks with the International Monetary Fund on a crucial $4.8 billion loan soon as it struggles to prop up an ailing economy wrecked by protracted political unrest.

    Egypt's loan agreement was approved in principle in November, but subsequent turmoil forced the government to delay a series of bitter austerity measures deemed necessary to win the IMF board's final approval.

    Addressing a business forum in Cairo, Prime Minister Hisham Kandil said government had agreed a "home-grown fiscal and financial program" as part of the deal.

    "Because of the domestic situation we had to postpone that, so we are doing a quick evaluation. We are going to be back on track very soon," he said.

    "We invited another mission of the IMF to again realign the program so we can move forward with our national reform program to handle the budget deficit, to handle the fiscal problems so we can move forward with growth."

  166. pbird1:05 PM

  167. BabbaZee1:06 PM

  168. BabbaZee1:06 PM

    It is not that he does not want to kill Jews he just wants to get the moolah first

  169. pbird1:08 PM

    lol, real old tear jerker!

  170. BabbaZee1:09 PM


  171. BabbaZee1:09 PM


  172. pbird1:11 PM

    oh man, i better get up and do something today!!! We'll see how long that lasts!

  173. pbird1:13 PM

    I love this illustration.

  174. BabbaZee1:14 PM

    ahhh Crumb

  175. BabbaZee1:14 PM

  176. BabbaZee3:06 PM

    Chilling Effects

    A joint project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, University of San Francisco, University of Maine, George Washington School of Law, and Santa Clara University School of Law clinics.

  177. BabbaZee3:43 PM

  178. BabbaZee3:46 PM

  179. BabbaZee8:12 PM

  180. Grammy Cracker10:54 PM

    Damn it all, Igor, I am NOT A GUEST! Harumph!

  181. the idea!!!

  182. goodnight dears....I am whooped

  183. BulgarWheat4:04 AM

    why was johnny law cruising my house @ 3:45am? very unusual. maybe there's something I should know about. might not have a damned thing at all to do with me.

  184. BulgarWheat4:07 AM

    chopper crash in central london. looks like quite a mess. seems it hit a crane for some reason.

  185. BulgarWheat4:48 AM

    Barack Obama Warns the Jewish State: “Israel Doesn’t Know What Its Own Best Interests Are”

    This guy is unbelievable.

  186. BabbaZee5:21 AM

    “If Israel, a small state in an inhospitable region, becomes more of a
    pariah – one that alienates even the affections of the US, its last
    steadfast friend – it won’t survive,”

    that's even worse than the quoted statement

  187. BabbaZee5:25 AM

    ha the first commenter at the piece said the same thing

  188. BabbaZee5:26 AM

    This poor guy

    No good deed goes unpunished

  189. BabbaZee5:29 AM

    some of those comments are incredibly assinine though oh my