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Monday, December 31, 2012

The New Year

A thousand years in your sight 
are like a day that has just gone by, 
or like a watch in the night.
Psalm 90


  1. Happy New Year everyone!

  2. pbird6:17 PM

    Happy New Year Skip!

    sleeeeepy out here

  3. BulgarWheat6:40 PM

    happy new year, Skip. We survived another one, seems.

  4. BulgarWheat7:15 PM

    I got a nice blast on, I'll see if someone else is around.

  5. buzzsawmonkey7:24 PM

    Happy New Year, strangers.

    May it be far better for you than this one has been for me.

  6. buzzsawmonkey7:26 PM

    A nice short story for the new year: The Wolves of Cernogratz, by Saki:

  7. pbird7:33 PM

    oooo Saki! cool

  8. pbird7:34 PM

    May the next one work out much better for you Buzz, and for all of us.

  9. 1-1-13..start a Gratitude list write down a couple
    things every day and see what happens. may every one here
    have a blessed new year.

  10. ChicagoBlue8:24 PM

    Great idea!

    You're going to have a fabulous year watching the grandson grow - blessings to you all.

  11. Here's to the last evening of a rollercoaster year. BabbaZee, I hope you and yours are well and happy. Blessings on you and your house. To all the regulars here, a joyous new year as well. I don't post much these days. Ever since the election t(><t)
    (Gagdad Bob calls it the Nakba) I've sort of been like Alex in "A Clockwork Orange"- the mere mention of politics, or current events makes me weak-kneed, and nauseous. I'm in a self imposed cone of ignorance, and enjoying it immensely.

    I'm also enjoying some fine herb this eve. Hope you all are feeling a little glow as well.
    @Buzzsaw: One of my favorite Saki stories. I used to teach it in my high school classes many years ago.


  12. I don't know what happened- please nuke my last post. Anyway- this was the important part:

    Here's to the last evening of a rollercoaster year. BabbaZee, I hope you
    and yours are well and happy. Blessings on you and your house. To all
    the regulars here, a joyous new year as well..


  13. pbird8:44 PM

    The same to you and all yours JWM

  14. pbird9:22 PM


  15. Aosuke9:24 PM


  16. pbird9:31 PM

    mine is better!

  17. pbird9:33 PM

  18. BabbaZee10:27 PM

    makes sense to me

  19. BabbaZee10:29 PM

    they are dogging the desserts now

  20. ah, success!

  21. Kreuzueber Halbmond11:56 PM

    All is Mind.



  23. BabbaZee12:46 AM

    I was cleaning the kitchen. AHAHA

  24. BabbaZee12:46 AM


  25. BabbaZee12:51 AM

    should all the Quakers be forgot and never have anxiety...

  26. BabbaZee12:53 AM

    they are still here I have to find some way to get them to go

    be back

  27. pbird1:21 AM

    lol! good luck!

  28. pbird1:45 AM

    Hippy Neuish Jahr to you too Grammy Cracker!

  29. pbird1:47 AM

  30. pbird1:56 AM

    another perfomance

  31. BabbaZee1:58 AM

    OY they are finally gone

    no blood was shed

  32. pbird2:01 AM

    Praise GOD!

  33. pbird4:04 AM

    nighty night all you partiers!

  34. pbird4:07 AM

    nice graphic, and the road goes on forever

  35. pbird4:09 AM

    the process predicts the design

  36. pbird4:10 AM

    home!! hahahha

  37. pbird4:14 AM

    this one is a rug, different process, goodnight for real

  38. BulgarWheat6:51 AM

    it'll be quite some time before anyone else wakes up around this joint. I'm very tempted to try a bailey's and coffee, even though the coffee kicks my ass. oh well, I can skip the coffee and go directly to the coffee.

  39. BulgarWheat7:03 AM

    Secretive Ailing Socialist Leader Not Seen in Public for Three Weeks

    Hugo or Hillary?

  40. 'There will be no such thing as Israel,' Muslim Brotherhood's Essam al-Aryan says after creating uproar by calling on Jews to return to Egypt 'to make room for Palestinians'

    "Egyptian Jews are criminals who must be punished for what they did to Egypt and the Palestinians,"

  41. What You’ll See In The Rebellion

    Let me explain, gun grabbers, how your confiscatory fantasy plays out. Let us imagine for a moment that a sweeping gun control bill similar to the one currently suggested is passed by the House and Senate, and signed into law by a contemptuous President.

  42. BulgarWheat7:25 AM

    My daughter busted me with a one hit as she left last night for her New Years eve party. It's all timing.

    I keep it low key, and know it happens from time to time.

    That single hit enabled me to go to bed around 10 and sleep until almost 6 this morning. Well worth the trouble I guess.

  43. BulgarWheat7:39 AM

    she'll get over it. she knows I love her and I love GOD.

  44. Book of Genesis:

    1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food.

    1:31 And God saw every thing that he had made, and behold, it was very good…

    So, if the “Creator” tells us that He has given us “herb bearing seeds” then no man should have the right to prohibit any of them from us. God permits us to consume all plants with seeds.

  45. Charlie Daniels ‏@CharlieDaniels

    This nation has been in the process of creeping socialism for the last several decades no matter which party was in power.

  46. America is one Dianne Feinstein Gun Ban away from becomming 1938 Nazi Germany

  47. BulgarWheat8:11 AM

    Charlie and I are on the same sheet of paper.

  48. BulgarWheat8:13 AM

    Thanks! I'll have to share that with her today.

  49. BulgarWheat8:15 AM

    it sure as hell is starting to feel that way. We'll have a Warsaw Ghetto on a golf course. Bizarre world we live in.

  50. One hits in the garage are obedience to G-d.

  51. See: "What You’ll See In The Rebellion" below

  52. Flashing Red:

    A Special Report On The
    Terrorist Attack At Benghazi

    Joseph I. Lieberman, Chairman
    Susan M. Collins, Ranking Member

  53. President Obama intends to put the "full weight" of his efforts and his office behind attempts to pass new restrictions on firearms in 2013, he told host David Gregory on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday. In the year-end interview, the president suggested the catalyst for reform would be the killing of 20 first-grade students and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut, in a December 14 shooting spree that ended with the killer taking his own life.

    "I'm going to be putting forward a package and I'm going to be putting my full weight behind it," Obama said. "I'm going to be making an argument to the American people about why this is important and why we have to do everything we can to make sure that something like what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary does not happen again."

  54. BulgarWheat8:25 AM

    why are afghani troops wearing top of the line boots while US troops are wearing crap boots unless they bought the boots on their own?

    the afghani's are wearing $200 top of the line boots and our lads are wearing army issue $40 boots.

    The infantry lives on their feet. The pisses me off quite a bit. I have feet that tear up my bed sheets. I can put a cigar out with my foot. We always had to buy our own "good boots", but as taxpayers, we give top of the line shit to people who want to kill us.

    We are a stupid nation.

  55. Wanna' helmet liner?? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Gloves? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Some proper glasses for sandy-shit terrain? $$$$$$$$$ You are not a soldier/citizen.... you are a fucking customer.

  56. BulgarWheat8:33 AM

    I just sent off a care package to my friends son. A picture on drudge shows an afghani wearing $200 Converse boots (yeah they make a bad assed boot) and our guys are wearing crap issued. Makes my blood boil.

  57. hayseed8:34 AM

    man did I sleep well....fell asleep in 2012 and
    woke up in 2013>LOL

  58. Master sgt. says no to Chinese-made boots

    By Jeff Schogol - Staff writer
    Posted : Monday Jun 25, 2012 7:33:32 EDT

    Master Sgt. Steve Adachi is willing to fight for his country, but not in the Chinese-made boots his unit gave him.

    “I’m troubled that the military continues to downsize because of the budget deficits — budget deficits which are in part a result of millions of unemployed American workers,” Adachi wrote in a letter to Air Force Times. “How many American workers are unemployed because military clothing is being produced in foreign countries?”

    Defiant fkksters

  59. BulgarWheat8:36 AM

    Rip Van Hayseed

  60. BulgarWheat8:51 AM

    I did.

    I expect it will be more like argentina.

  61. BulgarWheat8:56 AM

    SMASH Steve has my respect....

  62. Most of those commenting on the article are against him.

  63. Speech that got Judge Napolitano Fired

    Whatever happened to "Freedom"?

  64. BulgarWheat9:04 AM

    fucking ridiculous.

  65. Pravda praises America's right to bear arms

    These days, there are few things to admire about the socialist, bankrupt and culturally degenerating USA, but at least so far, one thing remains: the right to bear arms and use deadly force to defend one's self and possessions. ...

    The excuse that people will start shooting each other is ... plain and silly. So it is our politicians saying that our society is full of incapable adolescents who can never be trusted? Then, please explain how we can trust them or the police, who themselves grew up and came from the same culture?

    No it is about power and a total power over the people. There is a lot of desire to bad mouth the Tsar, particularly by the Communists, who claim he was a tyrant, and yet under him we were armed and under the progressives disarmed. Do not be fooled by a belief that progressives, leftists hate guns. Oh, no, they do not. What they hate is guns in the hands of those who are not marching in lock step of their ideology. They hate guns in the hands of those who think for themselves and do not obey without question. They hate guns in those whom they have slated for a barrel to the back of the ear.

  66. BulgarWheat9:05 AM

    fox fired him?

  67. Yep! last year... now he is on at odd hours for a three minute "viewpoint"

  68. Dianne Feinstein: “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States, for an outright ban, picking up [every gun]… Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in.”

    On Thursday, Feinstein will introduced her dream bill to disarm the American people. The legislation is open-ended and includes provisions to re-register firearms and submit the fingerprints of law-abiding Americans as if they’re sex offenders.

    Feinstein’s bill will also include a buy-back provision that will allow the government to confiscate all firearms. Both Feinstein and New York governor Andrew Cuomo have said that is their plan.

    It is a gun confiscation bill.

    It’s no coincidence that the communist Chinese, the biggest holders of U.S. debt, have demanded the American people be disarmed. History tells us that it is the instinct of all tyrants to disarm the slaves.

  69. Judge Napolitano: A Nation of Sheep

    A great speech by Judge Napolitano on Reason TV in DC on October 27,2007. A must watch!

  70. BulgarWheat9:12 AM

    I think I go take a nap. The bailey's and beer are catching up with me.

  71. Video: How Will Military & Police Respond to The Systematic Gun Grab?

  72. Muslim Brotherhood is “ideologically required to start wars” (video)

  73. Massive Psy-op? Obama Can Ban Guns By Himself – And He Will

  74. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in the national spotlight since her husband ran for president in 1992, has broken the Gallup Poll record books, becoming the most admired woman in history, topping their list for the 17th time, far ahead of first lady Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Queen Elizabeth II," the Washington Examiner reports.

  75. BabbaZee10:29 AM

    Egypt’s nude protester Alia al-Mahdy to be stripped of citizenship?

  76. hayseed10:44 AM

    I'm all for strippers...they get my full support

  77. BabbaZee10:52 AM

    How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

    Rumours of a link between the US first family and the Nazi war machine have circulated for decades. Now the Guardian can reveal how repercussions of events that culminated in action under the Trading with the Enemy Act are still being felt by today's president

  78. BabbaZee10:52 AM

    The medieval ‘two finger’ rape test that pours salt on Indian assault victims’ wounds
    Call comes days after a student died from injuries after being gang-raped by six men on a bus in Delhi

    Activists say test on rape victim is a second assault on an already traumatised woman

  79. BabbaZee10:55 AM

    It’s fair to say that Oded Balilty knows Israel. He grew up in Jerusalem and has been covering the country as a photographer for The Associated Press since 2002.

    But this year, as he photographed the Russian community
    there, he learned — to his surprise — that he still had a lot to learn. At least about the Russians that make up more than 15 percent of the population of Israel.

  80. arugvh its still out there!!!! well shalom then

  81. BabbaZee11:14 AM

    Increasing Barbarity

    Gaining a Clearer View of the Syrian Civil War

  82. Judge Napolitano: A Nation of Sheep

  83. BabbaZee11:15 AM


  84. oo, that sounds so cute!

  85. buzzsawmonkey11:26 AM

    For a wonderful life, try a glass of George Bailey's.

  86. BabbaZee11:26 AM

    Kreuzueber Halbmond

    thank you for your messages

    I was serving stepping and fetching last night so I did not see till very late


    we do know the hole in baby's head

  87. BabbaZee11:27 AM

    Oh he agrees with Kissinger then

  88. i especially like number twelve

  89. argh, so dumb

  90. BabbaZee11:40 AM

    the Cross and the Crescent....

  91. BabbaZee11:43 AM

    I am sorry if you felt disparaged here at some time

  92. BabbaZee11:46 AM

    also I am sorry if you felt disparaged here at some time..

  93. BabbaZee11:47 AM

    Members-only clubs for legal pot use open in Colorado

  94. ARCHER'S POST, KENYA - Julius Lokinyi was one of the most notorious poachers in Kenya, accused of killing as many as 100 elephants and selling the tusks by the side of the road in the dead of night, pumping vast amounts of ivory into a global underground trade.

    But after being hounded, shamed, browbeaten and finally persuaded by his elders, he recently made a remarkable transformation. Elephants, he has come to believe, are actually worth more alive than dead, because of the tourists they attract. So Lokinyi stopped poaching and joined a grass-roots squad of rangers -- essentially a conservation militia -- to protect the wildlife he once slaughtered.

    Nowadays he gets up at dawn, slurps down a cup of sugary tea, tightens his combat boots and marches off with other villagers to fight poachers.

    "We've got to protect the elephants," said Lokinyi, whose eyes now glow with the zeal of a convert.

  95. i don't think i'm really up yet, was watching for a kid to come home until three....back in a while

  96. buzzsawmonkey12:10 PM

    That's cheering, sort of.

  97. BabbaZee12:10 PM


  98. BabbaZee12:17 PM

  99. buzzsawmonkey12:36 PM

    In the long run, getting the people behind preservation is the only way it will happen---so progress in that area is good.

    But it is a terrible shame how long it is taking, how imperfect the results---and how horrible for the elephants in the meantime.

    The fact that Asian new-money swank is driving the massacre of elephants, and of rhinosceroses for their horns, is one of the many ugly aspects of the new burgeoning Asian prosperity.

  100. pbird1:30 PM

    aw, nice fidgets!

  101. pbird1:32 PM

    got the coffee and pistols!

  102. pbird1:34 PM
    The cost to park at a metered spot in the Loop will rise to $6.50 an hour from the current $5.75. That’s more than double what people paid to park at meters in the Loop in 2008.

    good grief

  103. pbird1:37 PM

    not quite chicken sweaters but also for birds

  104. pbird1:40 PM

    Fact: Senate Fiscal Cliff Deal Contains $1 In Spending Cuts For Every $41 In Tax Hikes…

  105. BulgarWheat1:55 PM

    we're screwed

  106. pbird1:55 PM

    they blocked yer video

  107. pbird1:58 PM

    its like another world, what the heck..

  108. pbird1:58 PM

    hey Buzz!

  109. BulgarWheat2:01 PM

    I'm think Carrabbo's for today. I could make some fancy assed food or let someone else do it for me. I'll need to figure this out.

  110. pbird2:10 PM

    The Death of the American Shopping Mall

    durn right, won't catch me schlepping around a mall

  111. pbird2:15 PM

    old Eskimo pictures

  112. pbird2:16 PM


  113. Remove The Knives Next

    Al "Kill the Jews" $harpton demands. That is what he told a caller to his radio show Friday.

  114. Dear Leader Emeritus Bill Clinton in an interview published by Foreign Policy magazine, defined terrorism as "killing and robbery and coercion by people who do not have state authority and go beyond national borders"

  115. pbird3:34 PM

    a new and piquant understanding

  116. Caribou???? Fok! Those is bleedin' reindeer! Don't do it! Try the fried N.C. Organic Venus Flytrap....with palmetto oil and peanuts!

  117. Robert J Flaherty - 1922 - Nanook Of The North

  118. Meet me by the Bon Marche'.. we can check out the After Christmas deals at Nordstrom's Best... then we shall limp over to the Market..get drunk, do our shopping, and stumble down to my friend's bar in Pioneer Square~ Fuck the Malls~!

  119. pbird5:09 PM

    oo thanks

  120. pbird5:16 PM

    amen! a solid plan

  121. pbird5:22 PM

    o the huge manatee!

  122. pbird5:25 PM

    arooooaaaa! needing loom

  123. Скоростной спуск на лопате

    Crazy person races down hill on a shovel

    He be crazy.... Better call a doctor......DR. WHEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. The Ansar al-Sharia Threat

    Libyan militia behind Benghazi terror attack still operating unimpeded

    BY: Bill Gertz

  125. Or Palmetto bugs fried in peanut oil

  126. BulgarWheat6:21 PM

    ok,...I'm fed now

  127. You gobble on Caribou?

  128. BulgarWheat6:52 PM

    carraba's. northern italian cuisine. is very good

  129. pbird7:14 PM

    strangely compelling

  130. pbird7:22 PM

    this one is GREAT

  131. pbird7:23 PM

    "I am not what I am, I am what I do with my hands."

    - Louise Bourgeois

  132. hayseed7:32 PM

    nice buzz and home made shrimp scampi
    life is good!!

  133. pbird7:35 PM


  134. BabbaZee8:12 PM

    they slayed me I slept all day with chemical enhancement

    now I will have tea and sleep again bless the Dr for giving me 30 pills

  135. BulgarWheat8:14 PM

    the cat, Chester wants in. It's raining, but he drives the boys allergies nutzoid. I can't let him in.

  136. pbird9:04 PM

    yes, indeed! Goodnight Babba

  137. BabbaZee10:16 PM

    just saw this

    watch it

  138. BulgarWheat5:19 AM

    time to get the kids back on schedule. They return to school this morning. I better get breakfast ready and lunches made.

  139. BulgarWheat6:29 AM

    an interesting presentation

  140. BulgarWheat6:31 AM

    CHICAGOLAND: 532 Murdered Last Year...

    That gun-control thing doesn't seem to be working out too well for Chicago.

    forging idiots

  141. Problems with the Sandy Hook story:

  142. Des Moines columnist calls for repeal of Second Amendment, death of gun owners

    In an op-ed at the Des Moines Register, retired columnist Donald Kaul called for, among other things, a repeal of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, the forced elimination of the NRA as an organization, and the death of gun owners who refuse to give up their arms, Newsbusters reported Monday.

    "Here, then, is my 'madder-than-hell-and-I’m-not-going-to-take-it-anymore' program for ending gun violence in America," he wrote.

    "Repeal the Second Amendment, the part about guns anyway. It’s badly written, confusing and more trouble than it’s worth. It offers an absolute right to gun ownership, but it puts it in the context of the need for a 'well-regulated militia.' We don’t make our militia bring their own guns to battles. And surely the Founders couldn’t have envisioned weapons like those used in the Newtown shooting when they guaranteed gun rights. Owning a gun should be a privilege, not a right," he wrote.

    "Declare the NRA a terrorist organization and make membership illegal. Hey! We did it to the Communist Party, and the NRA has led to the deaths of more of us than American Commies ever did," he added.

    Kaul said he would also "raze the organization’s headquarters, clear the rubble and salt the earth, but that’s optional."

    After saying he would make "ownership of unlicensed assault rifles a felony," Kaul announced that he would punish such ownership with the death penalty.

    "If some people refused to give up their guns, that 'prying the guns from their cold, dead hands' thing works for me," he wrote.

    After saying he would kill gun owners who refused to give up their guns, Kaul issued a threat against Republican leaders.

    "Then I would tie Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, our esteemed Republican leaders, to the back of a Chevy pickup truck and drag them around a parking lot until they saw the light on gun control," he added.

    He concluded his violent rant by saying that if killing gun owners, shredding the Constitution and torturing GOP leaders didn't work, he would "adopt radical measures."

    Kaul's rant is only the latest call for violence against those who support the Constitution and the right to keep and bear arms. Since the tragic Newtown shooting, liberals, including a member of the Texas Democratic Party Executive Committee, have called for murdering law-abiding gun owners and supporters of the NRA.

    By publishing his call for violence against those with whom he disagrees, Kaul proves, yet again, that liberalism has become an ideology of genocidal hate and rage.

    Readers of the column took the Register to task on the paper's Facebook page.

    "I just read the column by Donald Kaul. Does your paper really endorse that mindset? I am shocked and dismayed by the utter lack of 'civility' which the left claims to have a monopoly on. The fact that you allow such garbage to be published in your paper shows your contempt of the constitution, and of conservatives who support it," one person wrote.

    "I am stunned and appalled that your paper would publish, as if it were acceptable, the kind of hate speech spewed by Donald Kaul on Tuesday. I challenge you, Donald Kaul or any other knee-jerk extremist to give me any stats on NRA members who've gone on mass murder shooting sprees," added the Twin Cities Gun Owners and Carry Forum. "I am the 99.9% and I call you out for promoting and furthering the witch hunt against law abiding citizens."

    "So your paper condones death threats and threats of violence? How liberal of you," another person added.

    Unrestricted Link:

  143. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has breakfast with Shirley Temper

  144. BabbaZee8:08 AM


  145. BabbaZee8:22 AM

    An unflinching look at the anatomy of the American war machine, weaving unforgettable personal stories with commentary by a "who's who" of military and beltway insiders. Featuring John McCain, William Kristol, Chalmers Johnson, Gore Vidal, Richard Perle and others, WHY WE FIGHT launches a bipartisan inquiry into the workings of the military industrial complex and the rise of the American Empire.

    Inspired by Dwight Eisenhower's legendary farewell speech (in which he coined the phrase "military industrial complex"), filmmaker Jarecki (THE TRIALS OF HENRY KISSINGER) surveys the scorched landscape of a half-century's military adventures, asking how -- and telling why -- a nation of, by, and for the people has become the savings-and-loan of a system whose survival depends on a state of constant war.

    The film moves beyond the headlines of various American military operations to the deeper questions of why -- why does America fight? What are the forces -- political, economic, ideological -- that drive us to fight against an ever-changing enemy?

    "Frank Capra made a series of films during World War II called WHY WE FIGHT that explored America's reasons for entering the war," Jarecki notes. "Today, with our troops engaged in Iraq and elsewhere for reasons far less clear, I think it's crucial to ask the questions: 'Why are we doing what we are doing? What is it doing to others? And what is it doing to us?'"


    Why We Fight describes the rise and maintenance of the United States military--industrial complex and its fifty-year involvement with the wars led by the United States to date, especially its 2003 Invasion of Iraq.

    The documentary asserts that in every decade since World War II, the American public has been misled so that the Government (incumbent Administration) could take them to war and fuel the military-industrial economy maintaining American political dominance in the world.

    Interviewed about this matter, are politician John McCain, political scientist and former-CIA analyst Chalmers Johnson, politician Richard Perle, neoconservative commentator William Kristol, writer Gore Vidal, and public policy expert Joseph Cirincione.

    Why We Fight documents the consequences of said foreign policy with the story of a Vietnam War veteran whose son was killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks, and who then asked the military to write the name of his dead son on any bomb to be dropped on Iraq.

    It also follows the experiences of a twenty-three-year-old New Yorker who enlisted in the United States Army because he was poor and in debt, his decision impelled by his mother's death.

    The final personal story is from a female military explosives scientist (Anh Duong) who arrived in the U.S. as a refugee child from Vietnam in 1975.

  146. hayseed8:24 AM

    Good Mornin All....make it a great day!
    eternity is a very long time!!
    and you can quote me on that//

  147. BulgarWheat8:28 AM

    this bed-wetter can blow me.

  148. BabbaZee8:29 AM

    problems yes


  149. hayseed8:31 AM

    Clowns to the left of me,
    Jokers to the right
    what's a man to do? { or wimmins}

  150. BabbaZee8:38 AM

    sandy hook video repost from below

  151. BabbaZee8:39 AM

  152. America, You Are The Main Target On The Mujahideen's Agenda

    "In response [to the U.S. designation of JN as a terrorist organization] we say to the U.S. what the lion of Islam, Abu 'Abdallah Osama bin Laden, may Allah have mercy on him, told them: 'I swear to Allah... America and those who live in America will not dream of security before we live in real security in Palestine, and before all the infidel armies leave the land of Muhammad.'"

    Jabhat Al-Nusra "Committed Themselves To Fulfill The Oath Of Their Sheikh Osama"

  153. BulgarWheat8:44 AM

    holy shit!

  154. BabbaZee8:46 AM,7340,L-4327092,00.html
    Egypt official: Israel will be wiped out in a decade
    'There will be no
    such thing as Israel,' Muslim Brotherhood's Essam al-Aryan says after
    creating uproar by calling on Jews to return to Egypt 'to make room for

    October 10 2012
    ‘No more Israel’

    ~ Henry Kissinger

    Henry KISSINGER. Former secretary of state. Current savant of the state of the world. Do not argue with Mr. Kissinger’s know-how. He already knows how.

    Middle East horror. Democratic party dissing Jerusalem. DC’s anti-Israel mentality. Obama, busy raising re-election funds, no time for beleaguered Netanyahu. The Oval Office attitude versus the Red Line. Iran’s oath to destroy our only friend in that part of the world.

    Reported to me, Henry Kissinger has stated — and I quote the statement word for word: “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”

    I repeat: “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”

  155. BulgarWheat8:48 AM

    Jerry doesn't look all that happy

  156. Studying Marijuana and Its Loftier Purpose

    SAFED, Israel — Among the rows of plants growing at a government-approved medical marijuana farm in the Galilee hills in northern Israel, one strain is said to have the strongest psychoactive effect of any cannabis in the world. Another, rich in anti-inflammatory properties, will not get you high at all.

  157. BulgarWheat9:12 AM

    The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do.


  158. pbird9:15 AM

    easy to say....hard to accomplish...

  159. pbird9:16 AM

    no, looks in pain

  160. pbird9:17 AM

    shalom and happy morning all a yez

  161. BulgarWheat9:17 AM

    howdy, pbird

  162. On Aug. 6, 2001, President George W. Bush received a classified review of the threats posed by Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network, Al Qaeda. That morning’s “presidential daily brief” — the top-secret document prepared by America’s intelligence agencies — featured the now-infamous heading: “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” A few weeks later, on 9/11, Al Qaeda accomplished that goal.

  163. pbird9:20 AM

    woot, here we go again, its another year

  164. This is a nearly exact description of the endgame conundrum facing President Obama as he prepares for a critical visit by Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president, planned for early January.

    But the account is actually drawn from declassified Soviet archives describing Mikhail S. Gorbachev’s closed-door struggles with his Politburo and army chiefs to end the Kremlin’s intervention in Afghanistan — one that began with a commando raid, coup and modest goals during Christmas week of 1979 but became, after a decade, what Mr. Gorbachev derided as “a bleeding wound.”

  165. BabbaZee9:33 AM

  166. pbird9:38 AM

    what are we to take from all of that? Reminds me of what a friend of my brother's said before time...."just tell them so many stories that they can't tell what's true..."

  167. pbird9:39 AM

  168. pbird9:46 AM

    High School Student Faces Expulsion For Writing Poem About Sandy Hook Massacre

    goodness, adolescent poetry is a rite of passage!

  169. pbird9:47 AM

    MontCo school suspends 6-year-old for pretend gunshot

  170. hayseed9:55 AM

    met a couple from Illinois yesterday and they are
    real big Notre Dame fans. so I was jus joking around
    about the Bama/Notre Dame game and they were getting
    all pissed off......not very friendly folk at all

  171. BulgarWheat9:56 AM

    they'll just have to get over it. Bama is going to stomp a mudhole in ND's ass and walk it dry.

  172. pbird9:59 AM

    in which Victor Davis Hansen tells us what he really thinks....

  173. Read the News and Weep

    That is not conspiracy talk, but simply a distillation of what I read today. On the last day of the year when I am writing this, I offer you just three sample op-eds.

    A journalist, Donald Kaul, in the Des Moines Register offers us a three-step, presto! plan to stop school shootings:

    Repeal the Second Amendment, the part about guns anyway. It’s badly written, confusing and more trouble than it’s worth. … Declare the NRA a terrorist organization and make membership illegal. Hey! We did it to the Communist Party, and the NRA has led to the deaths of more of us than American Commies ever did. …Then I would tie Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, our esteemed Republican leaders, to the back of a Chevy pickup truck and drag them around a parking lot until they saw the light on gun control.

    Note the new ease with which the liberal mind calls for trashing the Constitution, outlawing those whom they don’t like (reminiscent of “punish our enemies”?), and killing those politicians with whom they don’t agree (we are back to Bush Derangement Syndrome, when novels, movies, and op-eds dreamed of the president’s assassination.)

    What would be the Register’s reaction should a conservative opponent of abortion dare write, “Repeal the First Amendment; ban Planned Parenthood as a terrorist organization; and drag Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi from a truck”? If an idiot were to write that trash, I doubt the Washington Times or Wall Street Journal would print such sick calls for overturning the Constitution and committing violence against public officials.

  174. Coverup: Obama officials who were supposed to have resigned over Benghazi are still on payroll

  175. The Constitution — Who the Hell Needs It?

    The third item in my year-end reading was the most disturbing. A law professor (could it be otherwise?) named Louis Michael Seidman enlightens us with “Let’s Give Up on the Constitution” — yet another vision of what the now triumphant liberal mind envisions for us all:

    As the nation teeters at the edge of fiscal chaos, observers are reaching the conclusion that the American system of government is broken. But almost no one blames the culprit: our insistence on obedience to the Constitution, with all its archaic, idiosyncratic and downright evil provisions.

    Did Madison force Obama to borrow a half-billion dollars to fund Solyndra and its multimillionaire con artists?

    Note Seidman’s use of “evil,” which tips his hand that our great moralist is on an ethical crusade to change the lives of lesser folk, who had the misfortune of growing up in America — a place so much less prosperous, fair, and secure than, say, Russia, China, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Spain, Greece, Italy, or Japan and Germany (in the earlier 20th century history) . When I lived in Greece, traveled to Libya, and went into Mexico, I forgot to sigh, “My God, these utopias are possible for us too, if we just junked that evil Constitution.

  176. A U.S. Army paratrooper provides over
    watch security to fellow paratroopers and Afghan soldiers after a
    firefight in Afghanistan's Ghazni province, May 17, 2012. The
    paratrooper is assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division's 1st Brigade
    Combat Team.

  177. BulgarWheat10:19 AM

    looks like a lovely morning in the A-hole

  178. by Victor Davis Hanson

    2013: Welcome to Very, Very Scary Times

    Read the News and Weep

    That is not conspiracy talk, but simply a distillation of what I read today. On the last day of the year when I am writing this, I offer you just three sample op-eds.

    A journalist, Donald Kaul, in the Des Moines Register offers us a three-step, presto! plan to stop school shootings:

    Repeal the Second Amendment, the part about guns anyway. It’s badly written, confusing and more trouble than it’s worth. … Declare the NRA a terrorist organization and make membership illegal. Hey! We did it to the Communist Party, and the NRA has led to the deaths of more of us than American Commies ever did. …Then I would tie Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, our esteemed Republican leaders, to the back of a Chevy pickup truck and drag them around a parking lot until they saw the light on gun control.

  179. BabbaZee10:34 AM

    A Saudi Arabian imam, who is a very influential cleric in jihadist circles, has issued a fatwa (religious edict) that essentially allows all jihadists fighting in Syria to rape women.

    Muhammed al-Arifi, a Wahhabi religious cleric, officially calls this act an “intercourse marriage” that can last only a few hours – “in order to give each fighter a turn” -- and restricts the men to Syrian females at least 14 years
    old, widowed or divorced.

    Al-Arifi, expressed his annoyance at the "warriors of Islam" being denied sexual pleasures while fighting in Syria “alongside the armed opposition forces” for
    the past two years. He said this fatwa "solves [their] sexual problems" and “boosts the determination of the mujahideen in Syria and is considered a duty to enter paradise for those females who enter such marriages.”

    The Arabic language news site reports that critics of Al-Arifi have expressed anger about the fatwa, saying that it permits the exploitation of Syrian women through rape.

  180. BabbaZee10:35 AM

  181. BabbaZee10:37 AM

    Plead Guilty or Go to Prison for Life

    The stark choice given a medical marijuana grower highlights the injustice of mandatory minimums.

  182. its interesting to see these ancient types still active um, classical

  183. BabbaZee10:42 AM

    In Syria, we now see Armenians fleeing the fighting, worried about their place in a future society dominated by Islamists. One might think that Christians in the West would be concerned about their brethren in Syria, but few Christians in high places have stood up and addressed the folly of the rush to remove Assad at all costs.

  184. BabbaZee10:43 AM


    2x as nice

  185. nope, too busy doing whatever they are doing

  186. BabbaZee10:43 AM

    Who Is Too Unbalanced to Be Armed?

  187. BabbaZee10:45 AM

    'Tsunami bomb' tested off New Zealand coast
    The United States and New Zealand conducted secret tests of a "tsunami bomb" designed to destroy coastal cities by using underwater blasts to trigger massive tidal waves.

  188. BulgarWheat10:54 AM

    that's the question I'd like someone to answer for me. well, that and how much is enough for me to be paying "my fair share."

  189. BabbaZee11:07 AM

    House Republicans abruptly pulled the plug Tuesday night on their promise to take up this week an emergency supplemental disaster aid bill for Northeast states damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

    The decision is a stunning reversal since just hours before New Jersey lawmakers were preparing for floor debate Wednesday as outlined under a strategy promoted by no less than Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.).

    Indeed the Appropriations Committee had gone so far as to file a $27 billion bill Tuesday together with an amendment to be offered by Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-N.J.) seeking an additional $33 billion to match the Senate passed package of last week.

  190. If you don't own a bank... and you didn't rally the community for Barry O'Bama, and you are not Goldman Sachs.... then I guess about 95% should be about'll be needing the other 5% for lawyers after we go after youse for sumphin else!


    Antec Amen

  191. yup, shameful