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Sunday, November 4, 2012


The groans of the dying rise from the city, 
and the souls of the wounded cry out for help.
Job 24


  1. pbird9:14 PM

    ugh, turkey

  2. BabbaZee9:19 PM

    Mittler youth!!

  3. pbird9:24 PM

    we knew you'd love it

  4. pbird9:27 PM

    I am speechless with the horror of it all. Such misery and in winter too.

  5. pbird9:31 PM

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph - Cuzco school, 17th century

    oh man! lol

  6. BabbaZee9:38 PM

    it's great

    I must to lat down a bit be back

  7. pbird9:44 PM

    “Perhaps the most famous village in Austria. It was founded around the 6th century by a Bavarian nobleman known as Focko and over the years, evolved from Vucchingen, Fukching, Fugkhing into Fucking. Locals were seemingly unaware of its English meaning until World War II, when they noticed an increasing number British and American soldiers getting photographed in various poses next to the entrance sign. Soon enough, to the ire of the villagers, tourists were visiting in hordes and asking for “Fucking Postcards” and stealing the road signs. To put the icing on the cake, the village council installed a sign beneath one of the “Fucking” signs with” Bitte – nicht so schnell!” (Please not so fast) written on it. Recently, the town has seemingly accepted its notoriety and hosted a music festival called “Festival of the Fuck Bands”.”

  8. pbird1:37 AM

    well goodnight

  9. pbird1:40 AM


  10. pbird1:43 AM

    Lady Madonna, has kept really well

  11. BulgarWheat3:33 AM

    the mittler youth reside in the Fucking Town.

  12. BulgarWheat4:52 AM

    happy that Babba has her heat and electricity back. Such a luxury to be warm, well fed, and just enjoy a few of the basic pleasures of life and frankly we take that for granted entirely too often.

  13. BulgarWheat6:25 AM

    EQ in Ringwood New Jersey last night. Another Nor'Eastern is on the way to the Atlantic Coast.

  14. BulgarWheat6:29 AM

    Egypt's Copts choose new pope for uncertain times
    Big Hat Sales have risen 12%. Invest in Big Hats now!

  15. BulgarWheat6:34 AM

    back in a while. must fetch some provisions

  16. buzzsawmonkey6:59 AM

    Oh, lordy.

    I've been in Chicago for a week, will finally be coming back to NYC today to see what's doing at my hovel. Was supposed to come back Friday but the flight went blooey thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

    I've been ministering to Mom in the hospital, she having broken her hip---well, to be exact, her upper femur, but they call it a "hip fracture" to distinguish it from a "pelvic fracture." No joke at any time, particularly when you are 91 years old, querulous, and with bad coping skills.

    Mom's house is infested with mice, and i've been hunting small game while clearing out some of the hoarder habitat for the little critters. I've tossed bags of crap and there are still dumpsters to be full of it.


  17. BabbaZee7:04 AM

    Oh no

    get thee a pussy

  18. BabbaZee7:19 AM

    particularly when you are 91 years old, querulous, and with bad coping skills.

    My grandma was like that at 93 but she was also like that at 43.... ahaha

  19. Vote Jerry7:22 AM

    Who knows what he's saying now, but last year, Mitt Romney said it was "immoral" for the government to borrow and spend money to pay for disaster relief.

    Importantly, he wasn't just talking about the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which some conservatives say is a horrible waste of money. He was talking about "disaster relief."

    When John King interrupted to clarify, "Including disaster relief?" Romney continued, "We cannot afford to do those things without jeopardizing the future for our kids. It is simply immoral, in my view, for us to continue to rack
    up larger and larger debts and pass them on to our kids, knowing full well that we’ll all be dead and gone before it’s paid off. It makes no sense at all." (h/t Slate)

    Yes, Romney's "immoral" comment was clearly referring to the debt we're piling up. But he was equally clear that borrowing to fund disaster relief is something that should be cut.

    Borrowing to give taxpayer's millions to Romney and Bain Capital is OK..... as is scamming the Bankruptcy system to fund Mitt's "Fees"!

  20. Vote Jerry7:24 AM

    Now, maybe you think that what what Romney meant was, "Oh, of course I would keep federal disaster relief—I would just cut something else out of the budget to pay for it."

    But if he meant that, why didn't he say that?

  21. Vote Jerry7:30 AM

    FEMA was created in a series of Executive Orders. A Presidential
    Executive Order, whether Constitutional or not, becomes law simply by
    its publication in the Federal Registry. Congress is bypassed. FEMA has
    only spent about 6% of its budget on national emergencies, the bulk of
    their funding has been used for the construction of underground
    facilities to assure continuity of government in case of a major
    emergency – foreign or domestic. FEMA has even been given control of the
    State Defense Forces, a rag-tag, often considered neo-Nazi, civilian
    army that will substitute for the National Guard in the even of a
    declared emergency, if the Guard is called to duty overseas. Executive
    Orders and Bills passed by Congress associated with FEMA or THE Federal
    Government that suspend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights:

  22. Vote Jerry7:35 AM

    In fact, the agency appears to have been completely
    unprepared to distribute bottled water to Hurricane Sandy victims when the storm hit this Monday. In contrast to its stated policy, FEMA failed to have any meaningful supplies of bottled water — or any other supplies, for that matter — stored in nearby facilities as it had proclaimed it would on its website. This was the case despite several days advance warning of the impending storm.

    FEMA only began to solicit bids for vendors to provide bottled water for distribution to Hurricane Sandy victims on Friday, sending out a solicitation request for 2.3 million gallons of bottled water at the website. Bidding closed at 4:30 pm eastern.

  23. BabbaZee7:45 AM

    Civil liberties groups have warned that the military's expanded involvement in homeland defense could bump up against the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which restricts the use of troops in domestic lawenforcement. But Pentagon authorities have told Congress they see no need to change the law.

    According to military lawyers here, the dispatch of ground troops would most likely be justified on the basis of the president's authority underArticle 2 of the Constitution to serve as commander in chief and protect the nation. The Posse Comitatus Act exempts actions authorized by the Constitution.

    "That would be the place we would start from" in making the legal case, said Col. John Gereski, a senior Northcom lawyer.

    But Gereski also said he knew of no court test of this legal argument, and Keating left the door open to seeking an amendment of the Posse Comitatus Act.


    Washington Post

  24. BabbaZee7:47 AM

  25. BabbaZee7:49 AM

    One potentially tricky area, the admiral said, involves National Guard
    officers who are put in command of task forces that include active-duty
    as well as Guard units -- an approach first used last year at the Group
    of Eight summit in Georgia. Guard troops, acting under state control,
    are exempt from Posse Comitatus prohibitions.

  26. Vote Jerry7:50 AM

    Fukem.... those niggahz deserves its for living in such a shit hole....... Fuck New Orle....I mean Fuck New York

  27. BabbaZee7:51 AM

    The command's sensitivity to legal issues, Gereski said, is reflected in
    the unusually large number of lawyers on staff here -- 14 compared with
    10 or fewer at other commands. One lawyer serves full time at the
    command's Combined Intelligence and Fusion Center, which joins military
    analysts with law enforcement and counterintelligence specialists from
    such civilian agencies as the FBI, the CIA and the Secret Service.

  28. BabbaZee7:52 AM

    Oh " Proudly C " must be here

  29. BabbaZee7:57 AM

    21st Annual Arab-U.S. Policymakers Conference
    Arab-U.S. Relations Amidst
    Transition within Constancy:
    Implications for American and
    Arab Interests and Policies

    October 25 - 26, 2012

    Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center
    1300 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, D.C.

    Big Oil Underwrites Anti-Israel Conference

  30. BabbaZee7:59 AM

    Romney For President Announces Arab-Americans For Romney

  31. BabbaZee8:02 AM

    Corporate and Institutional Sponsors of the conference on the so-called
    diamond, platinum, and gold levels included the HRH (His Royal Highness)
    Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation, Aramco Services Company, The
    Boeing Company, Chevron, Connoisseur Travel, ConocoPhillips, Embassy of
    the Kingdom of Bahrain, Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,
    Embassy of the State of Kuwait, Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman,
    Embassy of the State of Qatar, Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi
    Arabia, Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, ExxonMobil, Federation of
    the GCC Chambers of Commerce, Marathon Oil Company, Qatar Airways,
    Oxford Business Group, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC),
    United States Chamber of Commerce, U.S. – U.A.E. Business Council, The
    Washington Diplomat, and The Xenel Group.

  32. BabbaZee8:05 AM

    Literature at the conference announced a March 9-10, 2013 “National Summit to Reassess the US-Israel ‘Special Relationship.’” One of the
    “confirmed speakers” is Paul R. Pillar, a 28-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency who is now a visiting professor at Georgetown University for security studies. He wrote an article, “We Can Live With a Nuclear Iran.”

  33. BabbaZee8:13 AM

    For months, an Islamist regime has been terrorizing northern Mali. Hundreds of thousands have already fled the region, and those who have stayed behind are experiencing new forms of cruelty with each passing day. A SPIEGEL reporter documents a two-week journey through a region Europe fears will become the next Somalia.

  34. BulgarWheat8:18 AM

    outstanding! both Babba and Buzz are back!

    sorry for the circumstances though, Buzz.

    Last night getting ready for bed me and the Tater are brushing our teeth and he reaches over and grabs my towel to wipe toothpaste off of his mouth. Here's where it gets funny,...I asked him, "You do know I dry off my ass and the rest of my body with that towel don't you?" He could have had his towel to use had he taken two steps. The look on his face was priceless. After uttering various grunts, eeewwwwwsss! and yuck, he quickly ran downstairs to grab a fresh bottle of water ot wash the imagined funk out of his piehole.

    I'm certain he'll use his own towel from now on.

  35. BabbaZee8:19 AM

    As we know here the Uighurs were not jihadists till 10,0000 of them disappeared overnight after a worker's protest there - they had a woman leader - who begged the world to help -

    now they are fighting in Syria

    While the report could not immediately be verified, Chinese
    anti-terrorism expert Li Wei said Uighur fighters have taken part in the conflicts in Chechnya and Afghanistan, and maintain an active presence in Muslim communities from Southeast Asia to the Middle East.

  36. BulgarWheat8:29 AM

    sounds like a few decided to climb out of the ditch

  37. BulgarWheat8:33 AM

    obamao has a bad day....

  38. BabbaZee8:37 AM

    the ones that were left were radicalized after the world told them to go fuck off

  39. pbird8:39 AM

    hello dollz, its a day! Happy to see the survivors!

  40. BabbaZee8:40 AM

    what the hell is he holding up pictures of dead babies??

    and the most interesting thing about the video is that there are hardly any people there

  41. BabbaZee8:41 AM


  42. BulgarWheat8:43 AM

    that and obamao WAS totally thrown off of this game. all politicians should be treated this way. every last one of them. then we might make some progress. Vote Jerry&Warren 2012!

  43. BabbaZee8:47 AM

    no Jihad group is was or ever will be led by a woman

    the problem for the Uighurs was there were no Jews to blame there for the oppression of the Muslims there so no one gave a rats ass about them it had zero political capital so fuckem lettum die

    now they are jihadists and if I were a Uighur I would be too

  44. BabbaZee8:49 AM

    at a minute into it the cops arrive to lock him up if anyone wants to ff

  45. BabbaZee8:50 AM

    and yes they were dead babies

    Anti-abortion heckler being taken out of an Obama rally after repeatedly yelling out and holding up a sign with graphic medical photographs.

  46. BabbaZee8:52 AM

    2002: 'I Will Preserve and Protect a Woman's Right to Choose'

    2005: 'I Am Pro-Life'

    2007: 'We Should Overturn Roe v. Wade'

    2011: 'I Will Support Efforts to Prohibit Federal Funding for Any Organization Like Planned Parenthood'

    2012: 'There's No Legislation With Regards to Abortion That I'm Familiar With That Would Become Part of My Agenda'

  47. pbird8:54 AM

    Marathon canceled, but generators and supplies still sit unused in park
    The city left more than a dozen generators desperately needed by cold and hungry New Yorkers who lost their homes to Hurricane Sandy still stranded in Central Park yesterday.

    And that’s not all — stashed near the finish line of the canceled marathon were 20 heaters, tens of thousands of Mylar “space” blankets, jackets, 106 crates of apples and peanuts, at least 14 pallets of bottled water and 22 five-gallon jugs of water.

    This while people who lost their homes in the Rockaways, Coney Island and Staten Island were freezing and going hungry.

  48. pbird8:56 AM

    A marathon security worker still working yesterday from a generator-powered trailer in the park, said the power sources had not been moved to devastated areas of the city because of an impromptu race run by marathon holdovers in the park.

    “Once we found out they’d still be running a marathon, we had to call all the towing vendors and tell them they couldn’t come,” he said.

    “We can’t have these trucks coming in with the runners. It’s a safety issue.”

    oh impromptu run

  49. BabbaZee8:56 AM

    Ok who is taking me to the festival of fuck bands?

  50. pbird8:57 AM

    lolz hah

  51. BabbaZee8:57 AM


  52. BabbaZee9:01 AM

    Pray for Boom Boom things are very rough for him at the moment

  53. Vote Jerry9:01 AM

    Oh wait! A recommendation from an expert!

    ‘Baraka’ means blessing, that’s why Obama should win: Sudan Islamist"

    It really is great that our O'Bama has received such an endorsement!

    "1.4 Billion blood-thirsty savages can't be wrong!"

  54. pbird9:02 AM

    ok, will do.

  55. pbird9:03 AM

    gah. such a place holder

  56. BabbaZee9:04 AM


  57. pbird9:04 AM

    sometimes I feel silly and ineffective praying for people by their handle/name

  58. BabbaZee9:05 AM

    me too

    I will send you a mail

  59. pbird9:05 AM

    thank you

  60. BulgarWheat9:12 AM

    isn't the home of the mittler youth?

  61. BulgarWheat9:14 AM

    re; the obamao heckler.

    I would encourage everyone to heckle and disparage anyone running for public office at any level. Maybe we could persuade people to no longer do it.

  62. pbird9:16 AM

    I am being heckled at home to vote against zero and a few of them....argh. Maybe I vote for the weed thing and against the gay marriage thing.

  63. BulgarWheat9:16 AM

    one of the cashiers I often see @ WalMart this morning asked me if I was going to vote for obamao. I replied, "Are you fucking kidding me!"

    Then she asked if I was voting for mittens and I replied, "Are you fucking kidding me!"

    She's a black lady and she got a pretty good chuckle out of it all.

  64. BabbaZee9:17 AM

    Please pray for Boom Boom

    as he strives to holiness

    they try harder to kill him


  65. BabbaZee9:19 AM


  66. BulgarWheat9:19 AM

    I printed out one of the Lepers creations, Vote jerry 2012 and my neighbors put it on their front door also. It's that last minute momentum before the election. We just might make it this year. Adding Warren Zevon to the ticket was a stroke of genius on my part. Maybe, just maybe, we can elect people who will do no harm to us or the economy.

  67. pbird9:20 AM

    ah, means he's making progress!

  68. BabbaZee9:20 AM


  69. BabbaZee9:22 AM

    It is a very nice poster I will use it for a post on erection day I think

  70. pbird9:27 AM

    NYC Mayor Bloomberg says up to 40,000 may need relocation

  71. BulgarWheat9:34 AM

    I am tempted to print out about 50 of them and put them under peoples windshield wipers when I go for provisions tomorrow. Tater wants to know why there is a UFO on Jerry's guitar though. I had no answer for him.

  72. pbird9:34 AM

    Thousands of swastika-wearing Russian nationalists march through Moscow in protest against immigration

  73. pbird9:35 AM

    seems appropriate, the ufo

  74. pbird9:37 AM
    This guy is getting into all kinds of trouble here for eating octopii.

  75. BulgarWheat9:37 AM

    good thing they built those FEMA camps, but how the hell are they going to get a decent bagel in North Carolina?

  76. pbird9:40 AM


  77. BulgarWheat9:46 AM

    heh, that will go over real well with folks from brooklyn and queens.

  78. BulgarWheat10:03 AM

    MICHELLE: 'Imagine what Barack can do in 4 more years'...

    I don't think she understands she's not helping his campaign with idiotic statements like that. I don't think I'll miss bigfoot.

  79. BabbaZee10:08 AM

    they do not realize that the NAZI was their enemy???

  80. BabbaZee10:11 AM

    I also have big feet

    She is not that ugly actually it is her ATTITUDE also she has no idea how to dress

    if she were a nice person who knew how to dress people would say she was attractive

    and it has annoyed me for 4 years that people seize on her looks

    fuck her of course but bot for that reason

  81. BabbaZee10:12 AM

    A Russian nationalist with a swastika is as confused as a Jew yelling Jesus is my messiah

  82. BulgarWheat10:13 AM

    precisely. she's an ugly person and it shines through like a train light coming down a tunnel. besides, her enormous teeth scare me.

  83. BabbaZee10:16 AM


  84. BulgarWheat10:21 AM


    See what I mean?!!!

  85. purty weird eh

  86. BabbaZee10:24 AM

    Anti-Israel Conference Scores Major Sponsors

    Some fine Chevron folk in government work
    Chevron named oil tanker the “Condoleezza Rice”

    James Jones

    William J. Haynes, II,_II

  87. BabbaZee10:24 AM


  88. Right. She isn't all that ugly or fat. People seize on the exterior like a bunch of monkeys.

  89. BulgarWheat10:26 AM

    gotta finish making myself a nice mid-morning snack. I had my yogurt but I woke up @ 3:30 this morning. Now I'm real hungry.

  90. BabbaZee10:39 AM

    A Chicago lawyer is the key player behind the secret talks between the US and Iran. Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday. A close friend of Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett is assisting the US government communicate behind the scenes with the representatives of Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

    Jarret, who was born in the Iranian city of Shiraz, is a senior advisor to US President Barack Obama.

  91. BulgarWheat10:40 AM

    Now Quake Rattles NJ Towns!

    Shit! What's next,....besides that Nor'Eastern brewing up to hit the north east again later on this week?!!!

    scroll down....

    The Obama campaign knows who your Facebook friends are and wants you to call them

  93. Some say she is the acting president.

  94. a 2 is nothing. we get 2s everyday somewhere around here

  95. BulgarWheat10:47 AM

    very creepy to hear

  96. i ditched FB like crazy years ago

  97. BulgarWheat10:54 AM

    New York nun accused of stealing $100G from churches

    Read more:

    When asked why he robbed banks, Willie Loman replied, "Because that's where the money is...."

    Same thing

  98. some kids in the extended family wanted to keep in touch that way, but wow i hated it

  99. BabbaZee11:00 AM

    Seattle Police Department Unmanned Aerial System Operations Draft Manual

  100. BulgarWheat11:07 AM

    hope it wasn't something I did last year. that would be unfortunate.

  101. promises, promises

  102. BabbaZee11:10 AM

    the rich juden group I belong to for 22 years has informed me that I have never presented any proof that either side wants to destroy Israel

    I told them take me off your list...

  103. BabbaZee11:11 AM

    I had the page for 2 seconds in 2006 to investigate the Muslim JAG lawyer i wanted to see his page

    never did shit with it

    people started sending me shit there and congregating there

    I deleted it
    or thought I did

    then a few months ago it was still there and Grammy and I re deleted it

    I never used it myself though but TONS of people sent me shit there

  104. BabbaZee11:11 AM

    maybe it was 2007 but it was no later than 2007

  105. BabbaZee11:12 AM

    meantime the page was under BABBAZEE not me real name

  106. Yeah, I heard he said that somewhere in the fuzzy past of my reading.
    sorry about your group

  107. When twitter was new I had an account for about an hour. The first thing they did was send invitations to everyone on my contact list, in my name, which was not included in my account. I was horribly embarrassed and shocked.

  108. I never allow anything to sync. If I can help it.

  109. Hurricane-relief Guardsmen tossed out of armory - for Victoria's Secret show

    it lurches on

  110. Navy test-fires missiles from robot boats

  111. BabbaZee11:28 AM

    yes they do this

  112. BabbaZee11:29 AM

    they are REPUBLICANS before they are JEWS

    they should not pack their sweaters

  113. DCCC Chair & Long Island Cong. Steve Israel Raised Campaign Cash From The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD

  114. BabbaZee11:39 AM

    . Steve Israel is a political
    hack, who abandons the Jewish State and the Jewish people, not because
    of an actual belief but because he wants to get ahead in the Democratic
    Party political organization.

    if I had time I would find all the Republicans who have done the same


    go Worshington

  116. of course

  117. but this here one is a dem

  118. BabbaZee11:42 AM


    my point is when YID takes on a Republican I will be amazed

  119. BabbaZee11:43 AM

    like the ones from my group
    they can find all this shit about Dems

    but when you tell them about the Republicans they go blind all of a sudden

  120. yup can't see a damn thing

  121. BabbaZee11:48 AM

    I have never provided any proof says they


    they need ME to provide PROOF they can not see it with the blind eyes??

    and of course you know I have provided PROOF

    but PROOF is only applicable to the D

  122. BabbaZee11:50 AM

    a 45-year-old student at Olympia’s Evergreen College



    I knew a TOTAL ASSHOLE who went there
    1986 when I was out on the Rez

    such an asshole as this I had never encountered before

    EVERGREEN must churn them out by the truckload

  123. BabbaZee11:50 AM

    he was also from an exceedingly wealthy family

  124. hell yes, Greenies are a password here....Rachel Cory went there. Its a howler just to visit Bellingham and see them in action.

  125. mhm, I'm sure he was a treat

  126. BabbaZee11:57 AM

    are they all rich?

  127. Pakistani Islamist politician claims Malala was not injured
    just faking the head shot of course

  128. No. Many nonrich go there. Oops, I got my lefty colleges mixed up. There is one up here too. Wazu

  129. The one in Olympia is scarier though. The one in Bellingham is funnier.

  130. BabbaZee12:02 PM

    this friggin kid had a butler

  131. bound to mess him up! lol

  132. In Any Case, the parents involved in this charade are guilty too. They are trying to make a point at their kid's expense.

  133. BabbaZee12:06 PM

    a 200 year old student .....


  134. BulgarWheat12:22 PM

    I grabbed a little nap after my mid-morning snack. I woke up with a start and thought I was late for my call. Thankfully I wasn't.

  135. BulgarWheat12:28 PM

    Bloomberg kept National Guard out of NYC because they had guns?

    So do NYC Cops.

    What an asshat.

  136. BabbaZee12:33 PM

    this one is 45 years old

    why not a 200 year old student in drag

  137. Yes. He said that. ...............sigh

  138. ok, why not?

  139. I have been stalking NYC news for a week..

  140. also CT, haha

  141. Wild Bill Hiccup12:37 PM

    Yes, Bloomberg doesn’t much care for the Second Amendment and doesn’t
    want people to have guns. We get it. But we’re talking about the
    National Guard here. Has this guy completely lost his mind?


    Dragnet 1966

    why not?

  143. tv used to be kinda fun

  144. He is probably beholden to all sorts of savory types and is trying to balance the damage.

  145. Wild Bill Hiccup12:40 PM

    Apple's iPhone loses name battle with Mexico's iFone

    Apple are litigation trolls!


    Steve Jobs was an Arab asshole too!

    Check Out LG’s iPad… From 2001

    ha ha ha!

  146. BulgarWheat12:41 PM

    just the facts, Mam

  147. I remember hearing about it. Really space age.

  148. Wild Bill Hiccup12:43 PM

    Beep Beep!!

    Classic Television:

  149. the lack of gadgets in the film is quite noticable

  150. BulgarWheat12:49 PM

    Obama favored in his ancestral Kenyan village

    perhaps this might make a nice place for him for his retirement?

  151. BabbaZee1:24 PM

  152. pbird1:27 PM

    oh yeah, the kids used to torture me with that!!!

  153. pbird1:29 PM

    5000 of the views are from my number


  154. BabbaZee1:46 PM


  155. pbird1:55 PM

    i thought you called the old place candy mountain because of this film....

  156. BabbaZee2:05 PM

    we do

  157. BabbaZee2:08 PM

    I remember watching Here's Lucy

    I was 5 and I knew it was not good.


  158. pbird2:17 PM

    I guess I never watched Lucy.

  159. BabbaZee2:17 PM

    I never did get to take a picture of the tree before it was cut up because they were out there at 5AM doing it to get out of the road and it fell at night

    these pieces are 10-12 feet long and 3 feet wide maybe 4

  160. pbird2:20 PM

    Thats a pretty convincing tree!!! We had six come down of douglas firs on our place on the res one year. All of them missed the house. That storm whipping through the trees sounded like hell unleashed. I'm pretty sure you know that sound.

  161. pbird2:20 PM

    I forgot to mention that they were at least as big around as that one and very very tall...scary as hell

  162. BabbaZee2:22 PM

    downed poles

  163. BabbaZee2:26 PM

    if it had fallen on a house it would have crushed it

    that is our carport it fell into

    it was the guys from the road doing that work too no one came from the town

    the poles were originally in the road too

    by the time I got out there to take photos it was all off to the side so people could pass through but that's only because there is a tree guy on this road with a giant chainsaw and another 2 guys with backhoes

  164. pbird2:27 PM

    what a mess. Is it all put back now?

  165. BabbaZee2:28 PM

    three poles fell one was just in pieces

  166. BabbaZee2:28 PM

    not really

    I still have no phone the wire is dangling there on my lawn and there are wires everywhere

    the tree they carted up behind the hose it came from and dropped it int the woods

  167. pbird2:29 PM

    wow! Oh yes that tree had lots of potential for tearing up your house

  168. BabbaZee2:30 PM

    it has 6 brothers but none of them could fall on my house unless they flew a little ways first

    if the other fall same thing happens it will take out all the wires and block the road

    we have a few large trees on our property that could take out the house but so far GOD protects me

  169. BabbaZee2:33 PM

    again they being the guys on the road

    no one from Danburystan, Town of

  170. pbird2:33 PM

    yep same thing out there

  171. pbird2:33 PM

    they probably knew it was being cleared so they didn't have to

  172. Original Post-American Indian2:33 PM

    It is your fault for living in such a shit hole as New Orlea,,...I mean Ct.

  173. BabbaZee2:36 PM


  174. Original Post-American Indian2:36 PM

    It's "SUGAR MOUNTAIN' you progressive literates!

  175. BabbaZee2:37 PM

    nah they totally ignore this road at all times
    no one wants to come down it

    part of the charm of it for me ahah

    you drove down it you know what a goat trail it is!

  176. Original Post-American Indian2:37 PM

  177. BabbaZee2:38 PM


  178. BabbaZee2:39 PM

    Yapanese subtitles yippeeeee

    not all gooks are chinks

  179. pbird2:39 PM

    it IS, I was thinking about that while it was going on

  180. BabbaZee2:41 PM

    ha yes they all hate the road

  181. BabbaZee2:43 PM

    Before Jack died and before he got old when he was the scourge of the county he drove off this road drunk many times and they had to call wreckers to get him out

  182. BabbaZee2:43 PM

    that was one of his trees

  183. pbird2:43 PM

    i got no smart mouthed remarks,

  184. BabbaZee2:44 PM

    Oh because the yap subtitles are on this one

  185. pbird2:44 PM

    Go Jack! I guess he did.

  186. BabbaZee2:45 PM

    last time the company that owns the microgal towers up behind his house tried to go up there in the trucks they drove off the road and flipped over

  187. BabbaZee2:46 PM

  188. BabbaZee2:47 PM

    proving yet again you do not need to be drunk to fall off this road!

  189. BabbaZee2:48 PM

  190. pbird2:49 PM

    Nah, backing down and turning in the dark in that huge rented boat when I was already all road burnt was a little tense. Lol. But we made it.

  191. pbird2:51 PM

    teehee! wooooooooooooo

  192. pbird2:53 PM

    guy on the keyboard has bird's hairdo, hahah