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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kiss Me

An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips.



  1. Monte Ranier6:51 PM

    Clams with Lemon Grass & Red Jalapenos


    2 teaspoons olive oil

    1 stalk lemon grass (bottom part only), halved and chopped

    1 shallot, sliced

    1/2-1 red jalapeno, seeded and finely chopped {if you can find a Thai chili pepper, use that!}

    salt & pepper

    3/4 cup white wine

    25 clams

    10 Thai basil leaves, chopped

    1 baguette

  2. BularWheat6:51 PM

    another long Eff'in day. we were successful though. 7 hours nose to the grindstone. My back hurts and I'm tired. If I get a PB&J sandwich tonight I'll consider myself fortunate.

  3. BulgarWheat7:09 PM

    POLL: Nearly One Third Of Americans Would Accept 'TSA Body Cavity Search' in Order to Fly...

    Post america really sucks. It sucks a lot!

  4. Blue Peter7:10 PM


  5. Blue Peter7:13 PM

    2/3 of Postal Amerikanos will kneel by the ditch for an O'Bama Phone or a coupon for McDonalds. (They'd toss their own children into a blender for the opportunity to be a guest on Snookie's TV Special )


  6. BulgarWheat7:14 PM

    let's face it. we're so fucked!

  7. Blue Peter7:16 PM

    TV & Social Networking sites are the Judas Goats of post America.

    (Mental institutions, old age homes and Max Security prisons have used TV to neuter and tranquilize their inmates for decades)


  8. Blue Peter7:17 PM

    We are so fucked!

    I need a smoke.....I guess it doesn't matter anymore...maybe I smoke two.

  9. BulgarWheat7:19 PM

    why the hell not. I'm thinking about starting to smoke pipe tobacco. I always enjoyed it, but was a little self-concious about it.

    Now that I'm a geezer, why the F should I care anymore.

  10. BulgarWheat7:43 PM

    I'm going to make a very early evening tonight. Yesterday and today completely wore me out.

    A one hit or two and some steely dan, pink floyd, or rolling stones fits the bill for tonight I think.

  11. Dr.Blue Peter7:50 PM

    Dr. Wheat:

    I approve of your therapy!

  12. Dr.Blue Peter8:13 PM

    A new survey commissioned by Infowars and conducted by Harris Interactive has found that almost one third of American adults would accept a “TSA body cavity search” in order to fly, with a majority of Americans also feeling a law that would make disobeying a TSA agent in any public place illegal is reasonable.

    The shock results emphasize the level of indignity Americans are willing to tolerate in order to travel.

    They also highlight how the TSA’s reputation has
    remained largely intact despite a series of scandals and widespread criticism from innumerable public figures.

    Bend over peasants and let the folks recruited from halfway houses and the Salvation Army fiddle with your stuff!

  13. BabbaZee10:26 PM

    "Some people close to Romney, a couple of weeks ago, just showed up at my house and said that they had somebody in a very sensitive position in the U.S. government who was willing to meet with me and give me information about Benghazi," Woodward told Hannity.

    After the source failed to show at several meetings, Woodward said he finally met the person and was disappointed by the quality of the information.

    "He finally showed up and he didn't have anything where he had any firsthand knowledge," Woodward said. "He said you ought to talk to this person and that person and so forth."

    It was not clear from Woodward's remarks whether the people shopping the source in the first place were part of Romney's campaign, or were operating with the candidate's knowledge.

    Woodward declined to elaborate when asked later by The Huffington Post. A Romney spokesman didn't immediately respond.

  14. BabbaZee10:31 PM

    A newspaper in Kazakhstan published an article on November 8 claiming that U.S. President Barack Obama won a second term in office thanks to a "tumar," an amulet he was given as a gift by Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbaev earlier this

  15. BabbaZee10:32 PM

    Nazarbaev gave Obama a larger decorative version of the traditional
    Kazakh amulet -- a small leather pouch containing prayers from the Koran
    -- in Seoul in March at a nuclear-security summit. Traditionally worn
    around the neck, a tumar is usually given to newborns.

  16. BabbaZee10:34 PM

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says he has no intention of stepping down from power and leaving the country.

  17. BabbaZee10:40 PM

  18. BabbaZee10:52 PM

    "I'm not a puppet. I wasn't made by the West to go to the West, or to any other country," he said in an interview with the Russia Today TV channel on November 8. "I'm Syrian. I'm made in Syria, and I have to live in Syria and die in Syria."

  19. BabbaZee10:55 PM

    There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy: hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny.

    ~ Frederick W. Robertson

    Resistance to tyranny is obedience to GOD
    ~ Thomas Jefferson

  20. BabbaZee10:57 PM

    I think the price of this invasion, if it happens, is going to be more than the whole world can afford," he said. "Because if you have a problem in Syria -- and we are the last stronghold of secularism and stability in the region and coexistence -- it will have a domino effect that will affect the world from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

  21. BabbaZee11:08 PM

  22. BabbaZee11:10 PM

  23. BabbaZee11:11 PM

  24. BulgarWheat2:47 AM

    my hips were singing opera at me, waking me up this morning

  25. BulgarWheat6:25 AM

    about time to run the boy to the bus and then go get some provisions.

    just a thought....I bet everytime Willy Nelson leaves the state of washington or colorado on tour his bus gets pulled over. hell! they'll be waiting for him

  26. BulgarWheat6:40 AM

    Pot votes in CO, WA raise specter of weed tourism

    DENVER (AP) - Hit the slopes - and then a bong? Marijuana legalization
    votes this week in Colorado and Washington state don't just set up an
    epic state-federal showdown on drug law for residents. The measures also
    open the door for marijuana tourism. Both marijuana measures make

    Um, pbird, any extra room for some tourists?

  27. Jerry Won-Rigged Election7:32 AM

    From Judge Andrew Napolitano’s recent book, A Nation of Sheep (As low as $1.98 at Amazon)

  28. Joe Smythe7:39 AM

    Adviser: Romney "shellshocked" by loss

    Romney was stoic as he talked to the president, an aide said, but his wife Ann cried. Running mate Paul Ryan seemed genuinely shocked, the adviser said. Ryan's wife Janna also was shaken and cried softly.

    "There's nothing worse than when you think you're going to win, and you don't," said another adviser. "It was like a sucker punch."

    Both wives looked stricken, and Ryan himself seemed grim. They all were thrust on that stage without understanding what had just happened.

    "He was shellshocked," one adviser said of Romney.

  29. BulgarWheat7:42 AM

    when he looks in the mirror, does he see Bob Dole or Juan Carlos McLame?

  30. BulgarWheat7:43 AM

    Jerry Garcia could not be reached for comment,...well, see he's dead and his ashes are floating down the Ghanjis.

  31. Joe Smythe7:56 AM

    A patent filed by Microsoft last year, but only made public last
    week, wants to turn your Xbox 360′s Kinect into an instrument via which large companies can monitor your media usage and, if you’re found to be in violation of something, charge you for it.

    And no, I am not making that up.

    The patent application, titled “CONTENT DISTRIBUTION REGULATION BY VIEWING USER”, is a means of using Kinect to monitor not just what you’re watching (or listening to) on your Kinect, but more importantly, how many people.

    Basically, when you buy or rent something like a movie, you’ll only be granted a “license” for a certain number of people to watch it. If Kinect detects more people in the room than you had a licence for, it can stop the movie, and even charge you extra.

    So if Microsoft has its way, you won’t just be renting movies any more. You’ll have to decide how many people are watching, and no doubt pay more. And if one extra person turns up to your movie night? So help you God, you are going to pay.

    Oh Peasants of Post Amerika.... our owners intend to make us really safe!

  32. Antec8:03 AM

    Inside John McAfee's Heart of Darkness

    Xeni Jardin at 3:00 pm Thu, Nov 8

    At Gizmodo, Jeff Wise writes about antivirus firm MacAfee founder John McAfee’s bizarre life in Belize, holed up with heavily-armed gang members, "garbage bags full of
    Viagra," 17 year old local girls, did we mention lots and lots of guns, and many unanswered questions.

  33. Antec8:07 AM

    Cisco recommends McAfee switch for IronPort customers hit by Sophos flaws

    Attackers could gain control of IronPort appliances because of flaws in Sophos Anti-Virus, Cisco said

  34. BulgarWheat8:22 AM

    you mean I'm not the only person reading Blackhat, SANS, and NIST?

    who'da though?

  35. Karl Rube8:32 AM

    Oh! What happened to Georgie??

  36. BabbaZee8:36 AM

    whatever happened to Condi??

  37. BabbaZee8:36 AM


  38. BabbaZee8:37 AM

    he sees Lyle Wagonner

  39. BabbaZee8:37 AM


  40. BabbaZee8:37 AM


  41. BabbaZee8:38 AM


  42. Antec8:40 AM

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The premier advocacy organization for gay infantry
    Marines released a statement today condemning the Marine Corps’ plan to
    open up the Infantry Officers Course to female volunteers.

    The San Francisco-based group Semper Pink called the plan “an affront to
    the traditional Spartan values which we cherish as Marines.” The group
    also said that female grunts “will damage the closeness, intimacy, and brotherhood that comes with infantry life.”


    “After almost twenty years of protesting and marching, we finally get access to the greatest sausage fest on the planet, and within six months the Marine Corps totally screws it up.”Lance
    Corporal Evan Smith, a Rifleman with 3rd Battalion 1st Marines,
    believed that female grunts would detract from the Marine infantry

    “We had a car wash last week, and I was super pumped to show all the
    guys the new ‘Balls of the Corps’ tattoo I got on my chest. But they
    spent all their time staring at this female Staff Sergeant who’s
    training with us.”

  43. BabbaZee8:50 AM


    good lawd

  44. BabbaZee8:51 AM

    What was once a serene and secure district of Aleppo that served as a destination for fleeing residents from other Aleppo neighborhoods, the Syriacs District (Syriac-Aramaean / Aramean) recently had its share of terror from the "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) terrorists. Residents tell their stories of what the "Tawhid Brigade" of the FSA has done to their neighborhood and how the Syrian Army came to deliver them from the armed terrorists.

  45. BabbaZee8:53 AM

    Semper Pink

  46. BabbaZee8:56 AM

    Minority religious groups are at more risk than ever due to the increasing power of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic supremacists. For instance, says Wolf:

    • In Egypt, "roughly 8 million Coptic Christians live in fear, especially with the ascendancy of the Muslim Brotherhood and various Islamist elements, and there is "widespread and virulent anti-Semitism in the government-controlled media."

    • Iraq's "once vibrant Christian community has been halved from 2003 to the present day" and "large percentages of the country's smallest religious minorities, including Chaldo-Assyrian and other Christians, Sabean Mandaeans, and Yezidis," as well as the tiny Jewish population, "have fled the country in recent years, threatening these ancient communities' very existence in Iraq."

    • "Shabbaz Bhatti -- Pakistan's only Christian cabinet member -- was gunned down in March 2011 for daring to challenge the blasphemy laws and for being outspoken on his defense of Asia Bibi, the young Christian mother of five, facing a possible death sentence on charges of blasphemy."

    • Seven Iranian Baha’i leaders were "falsely convicted of espionage and propaganda against the Islamic Republic in August 2010…They are currently serving a prison sentence of 20 years. . . . Baha'is are regarded as heretics by the Iranian regime, and particularly targeted and repressed. . . . Christians and converts from Islam are among the other groups that face the wrath of the regime."

    • "As the 15-month conflict rages with no end in sight, Syria's many minorities have come face to face with the emerging threat posed by radical Sunni Islamists. These elements have established themselves as a key factor in Syria's future, backed by immense political and economic support from the Arab world and indifference from the West."

    Among Senator Webb's objections to the proposal for a special envoy was his discomfort with legislation moving forward without a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing. Wolf, along with many human rights organizations, repeatedly had urged committee chair Senator John Kerry (D-MA) to hold a hearing, but to no avail.

    In a July 2012 letter to Webb, while praising the senator for his service to the country, Wolf agreed that if Webb was "unconvinced as to the merit" of the creation of a special envoy, he should vote against the legislation. "But, I would respectfully urge you not to deny other Senators that same opportunity -- especially on a matter of such import," Wolf said. He countered all of Webb's objections to the legislation, which basically "parroted the concerns" of the State Department Bureau of Legislative Affairs' position paper.

    That State Department office concluded that Mr. Wolf's bill "infringes on the Secretary's flexibility to make appropriate staffing decisions." They say that the bill "is unnecessary as it duplicates a number of ongoing activities at the Department being managed at the highest levels," including the level of the Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom. They helpfully explained that this is a position created through the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 (IRFA).

  47. BabbaZee9:11 AM


  48. BabbaZee9:22 AM

  49. BabbaZee9:23 AM

  50. pbird9:25 AM

    Argh. Motel bed. Ocean shores, wa.

  51. BabbaZee9:27 AM


  52. BabbaZee9:30 AM

  53. BabbaZee9:32 AM

    .. and you don't know how much I love you.....

  54. AI ICUS9:35 AM

    FINALLY ! ! ! It started working...

  55. BulgarWheat9:44 AM

    I think you may have confused me with someone else.

  56. BulgarWheat9:46 AM

    Armored truck with cameras will roam St. Pete neighborhoods

    Bruno's got new wheels!

  57. AI ICUS9:47 AM

    Nope, don't think so...

  58. AI ICUS10:01 AM

    Time to goeth ! ! !

  59. BulgarWheat10:06 AM

    GASP: Liquor drought in Jersey...

    When Babba is this bad, how can these things happen?!!

    Outrageous! Unheard of!

  60. BabbaZee10:26 AM

    I should try harder I guess

  61. BabbaZee10:29 AM

    you do not think


  62. BabbaZee10:31 AM

    you LEECH your "thoughts" from your idols

  63. BabbaZee10:31 AM

    was that bad enough to end the liquor drought Dr Wheat?

  64. BulgarWheat10:50 AM

    I go clean up my rifle. Just want to run a little remington oil down the barrel and wipe it down. Maybe break down the bolt and clean it up. Well maintained "pellet" rifles are happy rifles

  65. BabbaZee10:52 AM

    terrorist degenerate.

  66. BabbaZee10:52 AM

    Fetch the Royal bong y let the drinkling begin!

  67. BabbaZee10:55 AM

    A few years ago I think it was TAMPA the "exercises" were accidentally broadcast on a local cable channel - armored vehicles, training for "urban warfare"

  68. BabbaZee10:56 AM

    Some people watching flipped out thought it was real - see Orson Welles

    it is real

  69. BabbaZee10:59 AM

    Thought Leeches

    band name o dee day

  70. BabbaZee11:02 AM

    in this proud land we grew up strong

    we were wanted all along

    I was taught to fight, taught to win

    I never thought I could fail

    no fight left or so it seems

    I am a man whose dreams have all deserted

    I've changed my face, I've changed my name

    but no one wants you when you lose

    don't give up

    'cos you have friends

    don't give up

    you're not beaten yet

    don't give up

    I know you can make it good

    though I saw it all around

    never thought I could be affected

    thought that we'd be the last to go

    it is so strange the way things turn

    drove the night toward my home

    the place that I was born, on the lakeside

    as daylight broke, I saw the earth

    the trees had burned down to the ground

    don't give up

    you still have us

    don't give up

    we don't need much of anything

    don't give up

    'cause somewhere there's a place

    where we belong

    rest your head

    you worry too much

    it's going to be alright

    when times get rough

    you can fall back on us

    don't give up

    please don't give up

    'got to walk out of here

    I can't take anymore

    going to stand on that bridge

    keep my eyes down below

    whatever may come

    and whatever may go

    that river's flowing

    that river's flowing

    moved on to another town

    tried hard to settle down

    for every job, so many men

    so many men no-one needs

    don't give up

    'cause you have friends

    don't give up

    you're not the only one

    don't give up

    no reason to be ashamed

    don't give up

    you still have us

    don't give up now

    we're proud of who you are

    don't give up

    you know it's never been easy

    don't give up

    'cause I believe there's a place

    there's a place where we belong

  71. BabbaZee11:18 AM

    Peter Gabriel - We Do What We're Told, Firenze 1980

  72. BabbaZee11:19 AM
    The Musical Box Live Belgian TV - 1972 complete set

  73. BabbaZee11:21 AM

    Moribund the Burgermeister

  74. BabbaZee11:23 AM

    love I get so lost, sometimes

    days pass and this emptiness fills my heart

    when I want to run away

    I drive off in my car

    but whichever way I go

    I come back to the place you are

    all my instincts, they return

    and the grand facade, so soon will burn

    without a noise, without my pride

    I reach out from the inside

    in your eyes

    the light the heat

    in your eyes

    I am complete

    in your eyes

    I see the doorway to a thousand churches

    in your eyes

    the resolution of all the fruitless searches

    in your eyes

    I see the light and the heat

    in your eyes

    oh, I want to be that complete

    I want to touch the light

    the heat I see in your eyes

    love, I don't like to see so much pain

    so much wasted and this moment keeps slipping away

    I get so tired of working so hard for our survival

    I look to the time with you to keep me awake and alive

    and all my instincts, they return

    and the grand facade, so soon will burn

    without a noise, without my pride

    I reach out from the inside

    in your eyes

    the light the heat

    in your eyes

    I am complete

    in your eyes

    I see the doorway to a thousand churches

    in your eyes

    the resolution of all the fruitless searches

    in your eyes

    I see the light and the heat

    in your eyes

    oh, I want to be that complete

    I want to touch the light,

    the heat I see in your eyes

    in your eyes in your eyes

  75. BabbaZee11:25 AM

    when Sirius y I first knew each other there was no utubes and we used to DJ by lyrics.

    Then I found a way to find MP3's all over the net at that time I was the only one doing that though and it was very limited as to what you could find there was an MP3 search engine on Dogpile I think it was called

    Tales of the Ancient Innertwat

    part 1

  76. BabbaZee11:27 AM

    I think I know Sirius longer than anyone else who posts here

    and I know all you fuckers a loooong time don't I?


  77. BabbaZee11:34 AM

    My new stage name is

    Phiskill Kliff

    every freakin email I open this morning has FISCAL CLIFF in it somewhere...


    I have been on a fiscal cliff my entire fuckin life....

  78. BabbaZee11:39 AM

    Former Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril: Libya Is a 'Stateless Society'

    n an exclusive interview with Al-Monitor, Jibril acknowledged that the security situation in Libya remains fragile amid widespread militia violence and attacks such as the one that killed US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi last month. Jibril indicated that armed groups, including remnants of Moammar Gadhafi's regime, are able to stage attacks and smuggle weapons across Libya's borders almost at will.

    "There is a lack of a controlling power on the ground," Jibril said. "I don't think it's fair to assign all that's happening to a certain group because it's a golden opportunity for everybody. It's a fragile environment and everybody wants to mold it toward his own direction."

  79. BabbaZee11:49 AM

    Salafis call for Islamic law in Egypt protest

  80. BabbaZee11:50 AM

    'Secularists' carry a foreign agenda: Salafist Imam tells pro-Sharia protesters

  81. BabbaZee11:51 AM

    Egyptian Islamists rally for Shariah law


  82. BabbaZee11:51 AM

    Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood says new constitution must be based on Islamic Shariah law

  83. BabbaZee11:53 AM

    How Will the Muslim Brotherhood Govern Egypt? Look to Sudan.

  84. BabbaZee11:54 AM

    The Muslim Brotherhood are turning into Leninists in Islamist dress. Egypt is in real trouble

  85. BabbaZee11:55 AM

    The Muslim Brotherhood – Israel and Europe, Beware!

  86. BabbaZee11:56 AM

    UN Says 11000 Syrians Flee in Past 24 Hours

  87. BabbaZee11:56 AM

    Turkey Set to Ask NATO for Missiles on Syria Border

  88. BabbaZee12:02 PM

    Praying passenger forces emergency landing

    An emergency landing was declared on the flight, which originated in Denver, after the passenger began yelling and praying in the aisle and would not follow an attendant's instructions as pilots began procedures for landing, WTOP-TV reported.

    The attendant got the passenger to sit down but "he got back up, then he was mumbling, then kneeled down in the aisle and he started to pray, and about that time a bunch of other passengers went back and they subdued him," passenger Christopher Haag said.

  89. BabbaZee12:03 PM

    Two states that approved recreational use of marijuana could learn Friday whether the federal government intends to file a lawsuit to blockthe measures from taking effect.

    Governors in Colorado and Washington said they planned to talk by phone with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder about the measures that contradict federal law banning the use of pot.

  90. BabbaZee12:05 PM

    Drug dealers, gun runners and HSBC

    Britain’s biggest bank is at the centre of a major HM Revenue and Customs investigation after it opened offshore accounts in Jersey for serious criminals living in this country, The Telegraph can disclose.

  91. BabbaZee12:24 PM

    "What an incredible story to tell yourselves," Stewart said. "We
    would've won, if it weren't for the moral failings of the non-real

  92. BabbaZee12:37 PM

  93. 青助2:57 PM

    Is anyone up?

  94. BabbaZee3:01 PM


  95. 青助3:17 PM

    That's beautiful.

  96. BabbaZee3:18 PM

    iThink so

  97. BabbaZee3:20 PM

    Here is Petraeus' resignation letter:

    HEADQUARTERS Central Intelligence Agency

    9 November 2012
    Yesterday afternoon, I went to the White House and asked the President to be allowed, for personal reasons, to resign from my position as D/CIA. After being married for over 37 years, I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. Such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours. This afternoon, the President graciously accepted my resignation.

    As I depart Langley, I want you to know that it has been the greatest of privileges to have served with you, the officers of our Nation's Silent Service, a work force that is truly exceptional in every regard. Indeed, you did extraordinary work on a host of critical missions during my time as director, and I am deeply grateful to you for that.

    Teddy Roosevelt once observed that life's greatest gift is the opportunity to work hard at work worth doing. I will always treasure my opportunity to have done that with you and I will always regret the circumstances that brought that work with you to an end.
    Thank you for your extraordinary service to our country, and best wishes for continued success in the important endeavors that lie ahead for our country and our Agency.

    With admiration and appreciation,
    David H. Petraeus

    What the fuck his personal life has to do with resigning is beyond me how is it anyone's business who's cock he smoked?

    Oh it was a woman?

    I don't believe it.

    and then he fainted .

  98. 青助3:20 PM

    Featuring; Humans, String Instruments,

  99. BabbaZee3:21 PM

    our Nation's Silent Service...


  100. BabbaZee3:22 PM

    Not horrible! 2 Chicken sweaters up

  101. 青助3:35 PM

    Yeah...I thought you might appreciate how there are no robots singing and it has real guitars and all dat biz...

  102. BabbaZee3:36 PM

    I'm an organical wench

  103. BabbaZee3:41 PM

  104. 青助3:41 PM
    I might buy a chicken just to have the option to clothe it.

  105. BabbaZee3:41 PM

    Grandma could make a bird some swingin shit

  106. 青助3:46 PM

    Yeah, that would be tops...make it like...Pikachu themed :P

  107. 青助3:47 PM

    I drew a picture...

  108. BabbaZee3:49 PM

    two sweater chickens down for the song you are back to zero!

  109. BabbaZee3:50 PM

    is good. modgook bighead style.

  110. BabbaZee3:50 PM

    iGot no clue but ok.

  111. 青助3:56 PM

    Yeah...They tend to be that way.

  112. BulgarWheat5:15 PM

    it was a very long day. I order a pizza for me and pasta carbonara for the lad. The daughter has a play tonight and the wife is going to watch. I'm too damned tired for it at the moment. Maybe tomorrow. I have a sea of leaves on top of a newly aerated and seeded yard. I must free up the little green bastards so they get some sunshine.

  113. BulgarWheat5:37 PM

    Just two days after President Obama’s re-election, General David
    Petraeus, the CIA Director, has resigned from the administration over an
    extramarital affair. Petraeus was slated to testify before Congress next week on the murder of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, in Benghazi.

    A little too well-planned I'd say. I can think of half a dozen scenarios where this could be orchestrated quite easily.

    Did no one learn nothing from the Soviets, because our present leadership certainly did..

    Not a damned thing I can do about it, nor would I want to. I just grow so weary of all of this shit. Nothing new under the sun.

  114. BulgarWheat5:44 PM

    Sure, that's an option, but what about all those lovely FEMA camps? Not quite ready for primetime?

  115. BulgarWheat6:28 PM

    Retired Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters
    accused the Obama Administration of holding on to the news of Petraeus’
    affair until they needed it – right before he was to go before a Senate
    committee and get grilled on Benghazi.

    “The timing is too perfect for the Obama administration.
    Just as the administration claimed it was purely coincidence that the
    Benghazi consulate was attacked on 9-11. Now it’s purely coincidence
    that this affair surfaces right after the election but before the
    intelligence chiefs go to capital hill to get grilled…. It really smells.“


  116. BabbaZee7:15 PM

    nobody reads my posts ahaha wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  117. BabbaZee7:15 PM

    what the fuck does his zulupeenies business have to do with his job I ask you why must his affair become public and a reason for resigning???

  118. BlugarhWheat7:18 PM

    it was a setup. I'll see if the leper can invite you to the chat. Ok?

  119. BabbaZee7:19 PM

    Iraqi families terrified after girls aged four and five are kidnapped, raped and murdered in Basra

    Authorities later determined that the suspected kidnapper phoned nine friends and invited them to take part in the rape.

    So far, eight people have been arrested and have confessed to the crime. The case has yet to go to trial because the investigation is still under way.

    Authorities believe the soldier convicted in Banin's killing is not connected to Abeer's murder.

    'I cannot rest or sleep while these criminals are still eating, drinking and sleeping in prison. They should be executed immediately,' said Abeer's father, Ali Abid, a 30-year-old construction worker and father of four other daughters.

    'Iraq has become like a jungle where monsters maul the bodies of the poor people.' Reports of the two cases have sent a wave of fear through the streets of Basra.

  120. BabbaZee7:21 PM


    it is gig time

    just served the dinner

    I have to clean the kitchen now
    bring tea

    and go out there for a while

  121. pbird8:31 PM

    Good evening my dears. Holed up in Garabaldi, ore. It's an old fishing village. Had fish and chips made with fresh local albacore. Yummy.

  122. BabbaZee8:51 PM


  123. BabbaZee9:08 PM

    Observation of clients at a state mental health hospital by direct care staff indicated that they appeared to act in more inappropriate ways when "hard rock" or "rap" music was played in an open courtyard than when "easy listening" or "country" music was played. A study was conducted to compare the inappropriate behavior of clients when hard rock and rap music were played (21 days), followed by easy listening and country and western music (21 days). This comparison was followed by a reversal phase in which hard rock and rap music were again played (18 days). The behaviors of the clients were observed and recorded via a controlled methodology. The results demonstrated that more inappropriate behavior was observed under conditions in which hard rock and rap music were played than when easy listening and country western music were played. The implications of these findings are discussed.

    Oh sure. Torture them. That'll help!

  124. BabbaZee9:12 PM

    Can music preference indicate mental health status in young people?

    OBJECTIVE: In the aftermath of the double suicide of two teenage girls in 2007, the media linked the themes of 'emo' music and the girls' mental state. But it is not just emo music that has been the subject of scrutiny by the media. Rap music, country, and heavy metal have also been blamed for antisocial behaviours including violence, theft, promiscuity and drug use. It remains an important research and clinical question as to whether music contributes to the acting out of behaviours described in the music lyrics or whether the preferred music represents the already existing behavioural tendencies in the subject. This paper surveys and discusses the relevant literature on music preference and adolescent music listening behaviours, and their links with adolescent mental health.

    CONCLUSION: Studies have found a relationship between various genres of music and antisocial behaviours, vulnerability to suicide, and drug use. However, studies reject that music is a causal factor and suggest that music preference is more indicative of emotional vulnerability. A limited number of studies have found correlations between music preference and mental health status. More research is needed to determine whether music preferences of those with diagnosed mental health issues differ substantially from the general adolescent population.

    so what does this make me??


  125. BabbaZee10:52 PM



    Greg? Have you been drinking?

  126. TotallySirius10:57 PM

    Black Friday

    Steely Dan

  127. TotallySirius11:02 PM

    Dirty Work

    Steely Dan

  128. BabbaZee11:04 PM

    see the glory of...

  129. Q_Burn11:04 PM

    Special dedication to the Cultessa! Macka B.- Ganja Ladies

  130. BabbaZee11:05 PM


  131. TotallySirius11:17 PM

    but jumping queues and making haste just ain't my cup of meat.

    Mighty Quinn

    written by Bob Dylan but first commercially released recording by,,,

    Manfred Mann

  132. BabbaZee11:18 PM

    Zimmy says that is his favorite version of the song

  133. TotallySirius11:19 PM

    The Hollies' version blows bright yellow chunks

  134. TotallySirius11:22 PM

    Song for Bob Dylan

    David Bowie

  135. BabbaZee11:23 PM

    ooo blasphemy I love the hollies!!!

  136. BabbaZee11:23 PM

    oo you read my mind!

  137. TotallySirius11:24 PM

    Did you think I wouldn't spin this after mentioning Zimmerman?

  138. BabbaZee11:26 PM

    ‘I could never listen to his records’: Part of Neil Young’s creative process was avoiding Bob Dylan

    Neil Young didn’t listen to fellow 1960s rock legend Bob Dylan for years — not because Young doesn’t admire him, but because he feared turning into a mimic.

  139. TotallySirius11:26 PM

    I do to but their version of that song is atrocious

  140. BabbaZee11:26 PM

    but of course!

  141. TotallySirius11:29 PM

    He coulsn't have been a mimic because although Neil was a better guitar player, Bob was a better singer.

  142. TotallySirius11:32 PM

    Only 4 chords in this song

    Knocking on Heaven's Door

    Bob Dylan

  143. BabbaZee11:33 PM

    well Neil has such voo in the doo that it transcends it all and zimmy too neither of them is Tom Jones. ahahaha

  144. TotallySirius11:34 PM


  145. TotallySirius11:36 PM

    Angry Eyes

    Loggins and Messina

  146. TotallySirius11:41 PM

    Green Eyed Lady


  147. TotallySirius11:49 PM

    All Right Now


  148. BabbaZee12:29 AM

    the flip side of green eyed lady was a favorite when i was a kid

  149. BulgarWheat6:30 AM

    I have a sea of leaves to get up off of the lawn today. Nice, stupid work. Listen to some tunes, get out the leaf blower and remove pine needles and leaves. Stop and have a beer and a smoke from time to time.

    Presently I think I need to cook up some nice breakfast. Goetta and eggs I'm thinking. Fuel for the day. This has been such a draining week that I'm actually looking forward to just getting out in the yard and working. Somewhere I can go and be alone with my thoughts for a few hours.

    Better start slow cooking that goetta. I cook it low and slow to get it perfectly golden brown on the outside yet it's almost creamy on the inside. Yum! That and some fried eggs, or maybe I scramble them up this morning. It's a hard choice. I'll go ahead and get started. No time like the present.

  150. BulgarWheat7:02 AM

    izz cooking nicely now. about time to turn the patties.

  151. BulgarWheat7:20 AM

    For Q

  152. BabbaZee7:30 AM

    Old Soviet jokes become the new American reality

    "I have seen the future and ran away."

  153. BabbaZee7:34 AM

    Already in America I discovered that most of my old Soviet jokes didn't work in translation. It wasn't so much the language difference asthe fact that Americans had no first-hand knowledge of a totalitarian government, ideological uniformity, and shameless propaganda.

    But that is changing. The more America "progresses" back to the Soviet model, the more translatable the old Soviet jokes become.

  154. BabbaZee7:37 AM

  155. BabbaZee7:38 AM

    pig fat patties

  156. BabbaZee7:41 AM

    'Iraq has become like a jungle where monsters maul the bodies of the poor people.'

  157. BulgarWheat7:42 AM


  158. BulgarWheat7:43 AM

    I'm fed and mildy buzzed.

    time for a shower and then yardwork mit muzika

  159. BabbaZee7:57 AM

    the EDL leader’s title ‘Tommy Robinson’ is in fact a
    pseudonym based on a famous Luton Town football hooligan...

    They also find themselves increasingly isolated on the far right,
    particularly following a bizarre war of words with Nick Griffin, who spectacularly claimed that the group are under the influence of ultra-Zionist terrorist sympathisers.

  160. Gary Gresham7:58 AM

    PBird's Garibaldi report has me drooling.

    Seroiusly.... the only good seafood in the Post-A Continent is in the Pacific Northwest.


  161. Gary Gresham8:00 AM

    Albacore Fish n' Chips??? Holy shiite! that really is gourmet..... would cost $75 in New Yawk (What's left of it)

  162. BabbaZee8:00 AM

    The MIGs ('Men in Gear') are a football hooligan firm associated with English football club, Luton Town, originally formed in the 1970s

    Ex-MIG, Tommy Robinson, has written two books about his experiences with the firm, Mig Down which charts his own personal 25 year career in football violence, and Mig Crew about the firm itself.

  163. Gary Gresham8:03 AM

    What does that mean ".....sea of leaves to get up off of the lawn"???

    I'll have to take a photo.... you just don't know what "A sea of leaves" really is!

  164. BabbaZee8:22 AM

    The history of Mormonism is just like Jihad - did you know this?

    I tried to tell everyone no one cared....

    go fuck yourself Babba you Kommie

    yah ok

    For years they were committing acts of Jihad .... Joseph Smith comparing himself to Mohammed - running around beating the shit out of people and killing them - they attacked a group of settlers from Arkansas on 9-11!!! ... killed them all then maimed them .. this after being run out of town after town for terrorist activities ....

    Smith himself died in a hail of gunfire in an Illinois courtroom


    no one cares MITT is a REAL AMERICAN and I am not.

    read the first 30 pages if you can still read beyond HEADLINES

    Mormonism: The Islam of America

    The Mountain Meadows massacre was a series of attacks on the Baker–Fancher emigrant wagon train at Mountain Meadows in southern Utah. The attacks culminated on September 11, 1857, with the mass slaughter of the emigrant party by the Iron County district of the Utah Territorial Militia and some local Native Americans.

    "They were en route to California for a better life and little did they know that Brigham Young had declared war on the United States two weeks before they entered the Salt Lake Valley," said Phil Bolinger, with the Mountain Meadows Monument Foundation..

    Mormons and Muslims share much in their religion!

  165. BabbaZee8:24 AM

    Romney’s Mormon Problem

    Mitt Romney and the weird and sinister beliefs of Mormonism.

    By Christopher Hitchens

  166. BabbaZee8:25 AM

    A Mormon President is more dangerous than a Muslim President since no one seems to be able to recognize that MORMONISM is AMERICAN ISLAM

  167. BabbaZee8:27 AM

    Because he looks like Lyle Wagoneer

  168. BabbaZee8:31 AM

    “I lost everything, but I still have my pride. We don’t have to stay in a prison,” said Wally Martinez, 44, who was staying at the retreat with his wife, two children and dog. “My brother was once in that very prison, and my mother used to visit him regularly. She used to tell me how miserable he looked and how filthy and disgusting that prison was.”

    Residents displaced by Sandy are staring at life in Staten Island 'jail'

  169. Gary Gresham8:52 AM

    Snitt needs a job,,,,, and Obama needs some household help:

    Mitt Romney 'would be willing to work for Barack Obama'

    Mitt Romney would be willing to work in Barack Obama's
    administration despite being defeated in their battle for the
    presidency, according to one of his closest friends.

  170. SnukenSnitt10:18 AM

    Where is the Babba?

  171. Q_Burn10:33 AM

    The rest of the Punahou Choom Gang could not be reached for comment..

    Senior administration officials acknowledged Friday that they are wrestling with how to respond to the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, which directly violates federal drug law and is sparking a broad debate about the direction of U.S. drug policy.

    The most likely outcome will be that the Justice Department will prevent the laws from going into effect by announcing that federal law preempts the state initiatives, which would make marijuana legal for recreational use, law enforcement sources said. But the White House and the Justice Department have not made a decision yet, senior officials said.

    “I really don’t know what we’re going to do,” said one high-ranking law enforcement official involved in the decision who was not authorized to speak publicly.

  172. Q_Burn10:52 AM

    Back it up!

  173. Q_Burn11:05 AM

    This man deserves your support. Stop Googling, start Ducking..

    He called his little search engine projectDuckDuckGo, after the children’s game Duck, Duck, Goose. (Instead of “Just Google it,” think “Just Duck it.”)

    “My thesis for the company was, what can we do that other search engines, because they’re big, can’t do easily?” Weinberg said. “Because what’s good for Google business is bad for Google users.”

    So: DuckDuckGo does not track users. It doesn’t generate search results based on a user’s previous interests, potentially filtering out relevant information. It is not cluttered with ads. In many ways, DuckDuckGo is an homage the original Google — a pure search engine — and its use is soaring, with searches up from 10 million a month in October 2011 to 45 million this past October. The growth has attracted attention and cash from Union Square Ventures, the venture capital firm behind Twitter. Not long ago, a headline in the search industry bible SearchEngineLand. com asked, “Could DuckDuckGo Be The Biggest Long-Term Threat To Google?”

  174. SnukenSnitt11:05 AM

    Secrecy Lifts on General Charged With Sex Abuse

  175. SnukenSnitt11:11 AM

    Where is the Babba?

  176. BabbaZee11:50 AM

    my innertwat was out

  177. BabbaZee11:51 AM

    mine innertwat was out

  178. BabbaZee11:54 AM

    The testimony of a Mexican hitman turned government witness has revealed some astonishing details of life inside Mexico’s criminal underworld. Most astonishing of all: claims that cartel assassins obtained guns from the U.S. Border Patrol.

    According to Mexican magazine Revista Contralinea, the testimony comes from a protected government witness and former hitman, who cooperated in the prosecution of a Sinaloa Cartel accountant by the Mexican Attorney General’s Office. The testimony details a series of battles fought by a group of cartel members attempting to drive out rival gangsters from territory in Mexico’s desert west. To do it, the group sought weapons from the U.S., including at least 30 WASR-10 rifles — a variant of the AK-47 — allegedly acquired from Border Patrol agents.

  179. Alice Jones11:58 AM

    I feared the Predator fired a few helfires at Casa Babba

  180. Alice Jones11:59 AM

    Now....................Whatever happened to Dr.Wheat ???

    (Has he been drinking>>>???)

  181. BabbaZee12:00 PM

    Aaayyyy EiiiiIIiIIiEeeeee

  182. BabbaZee12:01 PM

    Is dee pope katolik?

    do dee bear shit in zee wodds?

  183. BabbaZee12:04 PM

    Was Muhammad a Mormon?

  184. BabbaZee12:14 PM


  185. BabbaZee12:15 PM


  186. BabbaZee12:52 PM

    What’s next for gay marriage: Conservatism

  187. BabbaZee12:58 PM

    Sweater Chicken does not approve!

  188. Q_Burn1:04 PM

    That sounds like it requires medical attention..

  189. BabbaZee1:06 PM

    A groinalcological expedition

  190. Q_Burn1:07 PM

    They're having a little wingding in the park today with a pretty darn good cover band. Very versatile, everything from Creedence, Stones and Aretha to Poison, Matchbox 20 and Oasis and none of it sucked. I especially like their sign:

    Requests: $20
    Play it next: $50
    Don't know it but we'll try: $100

  191. BabbaZee1:08 PM


    I do not know one Poison song - Sirius spun one the other day but I did not issue a fatwa.

  192. Alice Jones1:08 PM

    Dr., Q-Burn:

    That's the way we do it!

  193. BabbaZee1:08 PM

    I spent the 1980's listening to foreign music and jazz

    what was coming out here was abominable

  194. Alice Jones1:11 PM

    Startpage privacy policy gets even better.
    Thursday, July 5th, 2012

    Startpage Stops Recording Browser and Platform Information Entirely.

    Great news! As of this week, Startpage will no longer record browser type and platform information (also known as the "user agent") of our users. This change has gone live on both Startpage and our sister search engine Ixquick (, and translation of the text into non-English languages is underway.

    The Data Collection section of our Privacy Policy has been revised to reflect this change. Our privacy policy now reads as follows:

    Data Collection

    We don't collect any personal information on our visitors. Nada. Zilch. Zero.
    When you use Startpage, we do not record your IP address, we do not record which browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.), we do not record your computer platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.), and we do not record your search words or phrases. In fact, the only information we do record is an aggregate total of how many searches are performed on our website each day (a measure of overall traffic), and those overall traffic numbers broken down by language.
    Our zero data collection policy protects your privacy, since your IP address, browser, and platform information can be combined with other data to uniquely identify your computer, your location, or you. It is also important not to record search terms, since they can convey personal information as well. (Think of someone entering their own name and/or social security number.)

    We're always looking for more ways to protect your privacy, and now we've gotten our data collection down to literally nothing. We are delighted with this new arrangement, and believe our users will be too!

  195. BabbaZee1:24 PM

    bless them

  196. Q_Burn1:24 PM

    Interesting. Did a test search, results almost identical to google (says they are enhanced by google?). Like google without the tracking. Duckduckgo results very different.

  197. Q_Burn1:28 PM

    Surely you know Every Rose Has Its Thorn. The Poison song everyone knows.