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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Modern Love

 But mark this:
 There will be terrible times in the last days. 
People will be lovers of themselves, 
lovers of money, 
boastful, proud, abusive, 
disobedient to their parents,
ungrateful, unholy,
 without love, 
unforgiving, slanderous, 
without self-control, brutal, 
not lovers of the good, 
treacherous, rash, conceited, 
lovers of pleasure 
rather than lovers of God
having a form of godliness 
but denying its power. 
Have nothing to do with such people.


  1. BabbaZee8:35 AM

    Seattle Walmart worker Sara Gilbert said she had taken the decision to go on strike to protest the fact that she could only make around $14,000 dollars a year. Despite working as a customer service manager, she said, her family remained reliant on food stamps and other benefits. "I work full time at the richest company in the world," she said.

  2. BabbaZee8:41 AM


    16 November 2012 12:51PM

    I worked for Wal-Mart for two years. The company treats their workers horribly. They lied to me twice, saying I would receive a 90 day raise. Once at hiring and also during my 90 day review. When I asked the store manager about this, he told me "No one ever agreed to give you a 90 day raise." They did everything they could to get me to quit. After I was injured in an auto accident, the store manager asked me to "not come back to work." When I returned, I was fired for lack of productivity. Then, when filing for unemployment, I was informed they turned in paperwork saying I "willfully quit." That is not what signed.

    I witnessed several incidents while I was employed. I was threatened, "keep your mouth shut, or else." It was made abundantly clear that if attempted actions against them, I would not only lose my job but also face legal repercussions. To quote the store manager again "get the best lawyer you can afford, because we can afford 5 lawyers who are better." I know I'm not the only one who has suffered. For any company operating in America to behave this way is just wrong. I wish all current Wal-Mart employees the best of luck!

  3. BabbaZee8:44 AM


  4. Kyle Pesto9:06 AM

    Stop whining! Chinese workers only make $3 a day..... we must achieve wage parity. Then inflate prices and de-value the dollar.....

  5. BabbaZee9:07 AM

    yes only lefty commies at hate sites protest WALMART yannnnooooo

  6. Kyle Pesto9:13 AM

    "The lowest paid American worker is the most over paid worker on earth"

  7. pbird9:14 AM

    I never shop there mostly because its just too exhausting. Have been in twice. Phooey. What a nightmare. Back to Amazon!

  8. Kyle Pesto9:15 AM

    “Given its lucrative retail operations and the fact that it can lavish half-a-million dollars on the salary of its president and chief executive officer, Goodwill is certainly in a position to stop exploiting its workers with disabilities.” Maurer's group is ... Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, employers are able to obtain special permission from the U.S. Department of Labor to legally pay individuals with disabilities less than the federal minimum of $7.25 per hour.

  9. pbird9:17 AM

    Goodwill isn't a very good second hand store either. Value Village around here is a better junk store.

  10. BabbaZee9:19 AM


  11. pbird9:21 AM

    pictures from Viet Nam

  12. Kyle Pesto9:21 AM

    In 1968, the federal minimum wage stood at $1.60 an hour.

    Minimum wage agricultural workers Massachusetts 2012 $1.60 an hour

  13. pbird9:26 AM

    thats about what I made sewing in factories fast as I could move

  14. BabbaZee9:31 AM

    Ha funny I am listening to a thing about Vietnamese people on the radio right now

  15. BabbaZee9:31 AM

  16. pbird9:33 AM

    Ha I was going to post that one.

  17. BabbaZee9:36 AM


  18. Chaimi Towne9:54 AM

    Israel radio (Galei Tzahal) is issuing call up orders right now... for reservists all over the country.

    Meanwhile the IDF is sending supplies and food to the Gazans.

  19. Chaimi Towne9:56 AM

    Fact: 99 rockets fired from #Gaza have crashed back into Gaza in the last 4 days. Hamas fires from civilian areas...and hits its own people.

  20. Chaimi Towne9:57 AM

    Advice to reporters in #Gaza, just like any person in Gaza: For your own safety, stay away from #Hamas positions and operatives.

  21. pbird9:57 AM

  22. Chaimi Towne9:57 AM

    A rocket fired from #Gaza fell near a kindergarten in Ashkelon a few minutes ago. It's a good thing that school was canceled for the day.

  23. Chaimi Towne9:58 AM

    Fact: We coordinated the transfer of 124 trucks of goods & gas to #Gaza today, including medical supplies & dairy products

  24. Chaimi Towne9:59 AM

    The IAF hit the home of
    Ihya Abia, Hamas's chief rocket launching unit on Sunday. Abia, a senior
    Hamas official was killed. He was responsible for the majority of
    rockets fired at Israel in the past days. (Yoav Zitun)

  25. BabbaZee10:00 AM

  26. BabbaZee10:02 AM

    He is probably surprised to find himself in hell

  27. BabbaZee10:03 AM

    sirens in Tel Aviv?

  28. BabbaZee10:04 AM

    surreal especially because of the type of music playing

  29. its a wedding party watching Iron Dome take out rockets from Gaza

  30. Chaimi Towne10:06 AM

    Egyptian intelligence meanwhile smuggled Hamas Prime Minister Islmail Haniyeh out of Gaza and over to El Arish in northern Sinai in the convoy of visiting Tunisian Foreign Minister Rafiq Abdessalem when he departed Gaza Saturday,

    Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi decided that Haniyeh must be continuously available at the end of a phone to lead the Hamas side in the ceasefire negotiations. This was not possible so long as the Hamas prime minister remained in Gaza. All of Hamas leaders have gone to ground for fear of targeted assassination by Israel. They have switched off their phones and electronic communications to avoid giving away their locations to Israeli surveillance. Haniyeh was even afraid to communicate with Cairo through the Egyptian military mission in Gaza.

    The Turkish prime minister brought a secret passenger in the plane bringing him to Cairo Saturday. He is Saleh Aruri, formerly of the Hamas military wing. Aruri had spent 15 years in an Israeli prison for terrorism and murder until he was released on Oct. 18, 2011 in the prisoner exchange for the Israeli soldier Gilead Shalit on condition he went into exile.

    Turkey granted him asylum and its intelligence agency MIT gave him free rein to set up an operational command in Istanbul for Hamas terrorist networks on the West Bank.

  31. BabbaZee10:09 AM

  32. BabbaZee10:10 AM

    Netanyahu, Barak and Lieberman are asking the
    United States to act as guarantor for a ceasefire. Erdogan has countered
    by inviting Russian President Vladimir Putin to join US President
    Barack Obama as victor.

  33. Chaimi Towne10:15 AM

    US ‘backs’ Turkish Terror supporter's bid for Patriots


    Washington supports Turkey’s request for the deployment of NATO’s Patriot missiles along its border with Syria...

  34. Chaimi Towne10:17 AM

    Every few seconds there is an alert on Israel radio.... missile launched, take cover.... Meanwhile O'Bama & Co. continue their butt snorkelling vacation in the far east

  35. BabbaZee10:19 AM

    ARM THEM - Obama
    ARM THEM - Mittens

  36. Chaimi Towne10:19 AM

    The latest news @ Blogmocracy

  37. BabbaZee10:31 AM

    Egypt will behave because of the MOOLAH Factor ....

    Stocks fell “in light of weekend developments including Gaza and the growing problems surrounding the government, like yesterday’s train wreck and the constitutional dispute,” Hassan Kenawi, equities trader at Cairo-based HC Brokerage. “The accumulation of negative news should continue to weigh on the market until we see a material reversal in the negative news flow.

  38. Europe's Baby Boxes & China's Coerced Abortions

  39. its just the appearance of the boxes thats getting to me

  40. Shabil Claptrap11:03 AM

    So what’s worse: Having your rights abridged while you’re adopted and
    cared for or having your rights abridged while you die in a dumpster?


  41. BabbaZee11:10 AM

    baby fucking boxes

    it is more than the appearance that gets to me

  42. BabbaZee11:11 AM


  43. its better than throwing them out in the forest but ugly

  44. it goes with your verse up there, lovers of themselves

  45. BabbaZee11:13 AM

  46. BabbaZee11:14 AM

    yes it does

    perhaps I would have been better off if she had put me in a baby box

  47. maybe so

  48. There's still time....

  49. BabbaZee11:32 AM


  50. BabbaZee11:35 AM

    Anders Breivik complains about prison pen that 'cramps his hand'

    ....the incessant wanking has nothing to do with it !!

  51. course not


  53. BabbaZee11:43 AM


  54. BabbaZee11:45 AM

    He has said he wants to write books in prison, but claims the special
    pen cramps his hand, describing it as "an almost indescribable
    manifestation of sadism,"

    It is unbelievable that this is not from The Onion.

  55. no crybaby like a self satisfied killer

  56. BabbaZee11:54 AM

    The self-styled anti-Muslim militant denied criminal guilt, saying he's a
    commander of a resistance movement aiming to overthrow European
    governments and replace them with "patriotic" regimes that will deport
    Muslim immigrants. Police said they found no evidence of Breivik
    belonging to any such group.

    What, you never heard of the Grandiose Intertwatical Army of Nationalist Twinkie Warriors? You think those factory closings were organic??

  57. Three years ago, Dr. Keith Smith, co-founder and managing partner of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, took an initiative that would only be considered radical in the health care industry: He posted online a list of prices for 112 common surgical procedures. The 51-year-old Smith, a self-described libertarian, and his business partner, Dr. Steve Lantier, founded the Surgery Center 15 years ago, after they became disillusioned with the way patients were treated at St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City, where the two men worked as anesthesiologists. In 1997, Smith and Lantier bought the shell of a former surgical center with the aim of creating a for-profit facility that could deliver first-rate care at a fraction of what traditional hospitals charge.

  58. may they prosper and do well

  59. BabbaZee12:16 PM

    1 happy snake up

  60. he looks very happy

  61. BabbaZee12:28 PM

    "Special Pen Cramps"

    band name of the day

  62. BabbaZee12:29 PM

    they are all after our soft creamy centers.

  63. BabbaZee12:30 PM

  64. BabbaZee12:31 PM

  65. BabbaZee12:32 PM

    iLove this song

  66. BabbaZee12:34 PM

    Bah Igor messing with the order of things!

  67. oh Noses!

  68. pbird1:01 PM

  69. pbird1:04 PM

    I just remembered, when I first went online in 2000 my very first nic was Meta!!! wow

  70. BabbaZee1:08 PM


    I have always been BabbaZee

    never had any other names

  71. BabbaZee1:09 PM

  72. BabbaZee1:14 PM

    OH except the one time a few weeks back when I was deleted at every blog as Mrs. Smegmakovitch for telling them that Mitt supports the terrorists too....

    It is only fascist when Charles Johnson does it!

  73. BabbaZee1:20 PM

  74. BabbaZee1:22 PM

  75. pbird1:29 PM


  76. pbird1:33 PM

    Oh man, in the late sixties I used to send people fake bills from the Moomaddness Factory in the name of Gloria Gladbottom. Idiotic. lol but fun

  77. BabbaZee1:34 PM

    Pink rat
    cul-de-sac, defending your position

    Old hat, fat
    cat you'll believe that your condition
    Brings me down

    You don't
    consider how I plead
    You still
    perform your dirty deed

    How dirty can
    you be?

    Bad business,
    Chief witness, Left behind
    Third party,
    dumb smarty I don't mind

    Fat punk, low
    down skunk remember what you told me
    Mad monk,
    blind drunk, be a good boy and reward me

    Come on, the
    last plimsoll on my feet
    will lead me
    where the squealers meet

    I'm squealing
    how are you?

    Bad business,
    Chief witness, Left behind
    Third party,
    dumb smarty I don't mind

    I had the
    strangest feeling
    I almost hit the ceiling
    I think someone is stealing me

  78. pbird1:34 PM

    love the words.....

  79. BabbaZee1:35 PM


    Man in the Bowler Hat - The Last Plimsoll –

    Andy Davis, Smegmakovich

  80. pbird1:35 PM

    Everything had to be done by hand, on typewriter and with Xerox.

  81. BabbaZee1:36 PM

    llolllolll I still love Old Bird's letter from the future that he left you

  82. pbird1:37 PM

    we used to goof around alot, his were really weird

  83. BabbaZee1:39 PM

    "Strike a blow at Tel Aviv.
    "Strike a blow at Tel Aviv.
    "Strike a blow at Tel Aviv and frighten the Zionists.
    "The more you build it the more we will destroy it.
    "Strike a blow at Tel Aviv.
    "Strike a blow at Tel Aviv.
    "You need to know, oh occupier, that the Palestinians won’t be humiliated.
    "We don't want no truce or solution.
    "All we want is to strike Tel Aviv.
    "We will strike a blow at Tel Aviv.
    "Oh oppressive Israeli army, you can take on anything but Gaza.
    "Here comes the decisive response:
    "Strike a blow at Tel Aviv.

  84. BabbaZee1:40 PM

    Geroge W Bush at the UN , 2006: "The daily humiliation of occupation"

  85. BabbaZee1:41 PM

    The more you build it the more we will destroy it

    We don't want no truce or solution

  86. pbird1:41 PM

    little pussies....

  87. pbird1:45 PM

    one of the reasons, I think, that GOD's people are called sheep is that we are eventually helpless in the face of mindless tranced out evil with out him. With him we have a chance. Gotta get behind a shepherd. Cool evil always wins on earth.

  88. BabbaZee1:46 PM

    I thought it was because we always end up slaughtered but OK

  89. pbird1:49 PM

    isn't that the same?

  90. pbird1:49 PM

    just me dancing around an idea

  91. BabbaZee1:49 PM


  92. pbird1:52 PM

    Local Teenager Suffering From “Sleeping Beauty” Syndrome

  93. BabbaZee1:54 PM

    where you want this killin' done .... out on highway 61

  94. BabbaZee1:55 PM

    whole album but his turntable is moving a fraction too fast changing the key

  95. BabbaZee1:56 PM

    radio stations used to do that so they could fit one more commercial in per hour

  96. pbird1:56 PM

    OAKLAND, Calif. – A Southern California man was arrested at Oakland International Airport after security officers found him wearing an unusual watch they said could be used to make a timing device for a bomb, authorities said Friday.

    Geoffrey McGann, 49, of Rancho Palos Verdes was taken into custody Thursday night after he tried to pass through airport security with an ornate watch that had switches, wires and fuses, according to Sgt. J.D. Nelson, a spokesman for the Alameda County Sheriff's Department.

    A bomb squad arrived within five minutes and determined there were no explosive materials in the watch, Nelson said. The checkpoint was closed while officers secured the area.

    McGann was taken to Santa Rita Jail in Dublin where he was charged with possessing materials to make an explosive device, sheriff's officials said. He was still in custody Friday night and could not be reached for comment.

    Read more:

  97. BabbaZee1:58 PM

    I could always hear it I HATED that would not listen to the station because of it

  98. BabbaZee1:59 PM

    John McCain Suggests Bill Clinton Should Negotiate Peace In Middle East

  99. BabbaZee2:00 PM

    I HATE the giant watches they should be jailed for bad taste!


    ridiculous though

  100. BabbaZee2:01 PM

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .....................

    sorry I fell asleep

  101. pbird2:01 PM

    I'd like to see him with his big weird boots and stuff.

  102. pbird2:01 PM

    what could go wrong?

  103. BabbaZee2:03 PM


    people who like to be hung on meat hooks:

  104. pbird2:03 PM

    ew it is too fast!

  105. pbird2:05 PM

    yanno that pretty demonic? in a stupid victimish way

  106. BabbaZee2:05 PM

    Bring her home to mother

  107. pbird2:07 PM

    Every once in a while Noah gets someone who wants something like that and he sends them packing.

  108. BabbaZee2:10 PM


    they should go to Gaza

  109. pbird2:10 PM

    Gaza would eat them alive

  110. BabbaZee2:11 PM

    yes. AHAHAHA!

  111. pbird2:13 PM

    "The people who believe that colleges and universities are places where we want less freedom of speech have won," Mr. Lukianoff says. "If anything, there should be even greater freedom of speech on college campuses. But now things have been turned around to give campus communities the expectation that if someone's feelings are hurt by something that is said, the university will protect that person. As soon as you allow something as vague as Big Brother protecting your feelings, anything and everything can be punished."

  112. Shabil Claptrap2:14 PM

    A source at the Islamic
    Jihad told the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV network that the group's
    secretary-general Ramadan Shallah is scheduled to meet Egyptian
    President Mohammed Morsi in the coming days. (Elior Levy)

  113. pbird2:15 PM

    Growing up in an immigrant neighborhood in Danbury, Conn., sharpened his views. When "you had so many people from so many different backgrounds, free speech made intuitive sense," Mr. Lukianoff recalls. "In every genuinely diverse community I've ever lived in, freedom of speech had to be the rule. . . . I find it deeply ironic that on college campuses diversity is used as an argument against unbridled freedom of speech."

  114. BabbaZee2:16 PM

    Yeah I saw that

  115. pbird2:16 PM

    In his new book, "Unlearning Liberty," Mr. Lukianoff notes that baby-boom Americans who remember the student protests of the 1960s tend to assume that U.S. colleges are still some of the freest places on earth. But that idealized university no longer exists. It was wiped out in the 1990s by administrators, diversity hustlers and liability-management professionals, who were often abetted by professors committed to political agendas.

  116. BabbaZee2:17 PM

    does the secretary general get to wear a funny hat??

  117. BabbaZee2:24 PM

    SPOKANE, Wash. -- A police officer was sentenced Thursday to more than four years in prison for using excessive force against a mentally disabled janitor who died after being erroneously suspected of stealing money from an ATM.

    Officer Karl F. Thompson Jr., 65, was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Fred Van Sickle to four years and three months for his role in the 2006 death of Otto Zehm.

    Van Sickle said he hoped the sentence would begin to bring closure to Zehm's family and to the Spokane community, which has been at odds with the police department as a result of this case and others.

    "This had a significant impact on the community and how it viewed its police department," Van Sickle said.

    Van Sickle also ordered that Thompson be taken into custody immediately, over the objections of defense lawyers, who wanted him to remain free while the verdict is appealed.

    Thompson was convicted last year by a federal jury of violating Zehm's civil rights by using excessive force and then lying to investigators in the case.

    Six years ago, Zehm was beaten and stunned by Thompson in a convenience store. He was hog-tied and sat on by other officers until he passed out. The 36-year-old died two days later without regaining consciousness.

    Zehm had committed no crime.
    His last words were: "All I wanted was a Snickers bar,"

  118. pbird3:13 PM

    Did you guys hear that the Mexican baking company Bimbo is considering manufacturing Twinkies? This will sound bad. Bimbo Twinkies. Or even worse, Bimbo Dingdongs.

  119. BabbaZee3:21 PM

  120. BabbaZee4:28 PM

    Police are searching for any further links in the deaths of three New York City shopkeepers who were shot by the same gun.

    All three victims were of Middle Eastern descent. Their stores are within a 5-mile radius, and none of them have surveillance cameras.

    The latest shooting death came Friday, when 78-year-old Rahmatollah Vahidipour was killed at his store. Police say the same gun was used in the deaths of Mohamed Gebeli in July and Isaac Kadare in August, also at their shops in Brooklyn. Authorities have said that ballistics evidence connected the weapon used in the first two deaths.

  121. Lou Cepher5:28 PM

    Hate site professes love and peace

    I really hate that

  122. BabbaZee5:59 PM

    Joseph Wouk: “FUCK ‘EM ! VICTORY”

  123. Lou Cepher6:11 PM

    Josef Ben Shel Herman....Herman Wouk is the finest American Writer/Author in the 20th Century!

    Joseph lives in the Red Sea resort of Eilat... bordering on Jordan. Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

  124. Lou Cepher6:18 PM

    Joseph Wouk

  125. Lou Cepher6:24 PM


    November 17, 2012 You are about to enter the world of Barack Obama…In this world up is down…right is wrong…dark is light…you are about to enter the TWILIGHT ZONE enjoy your stay..

    But y'all are a bunch of haters..........and Jew enablers... So we don't care!

  126. Lou Cepher6:34 PM

    Filthy Jews do Skype Show from Tel Aviv

    Israelunderfire - On campus Second Show

  127. oswald smegmakovich7:14 PM

    Apparently... even Jews suffer

    Who'd have guessed?

  128. BabbaZee8:24 PM

  129. BabbaZee8:28 PM

  130. BabbaZee8:30 PM

    whole show

    Dire Straits Rockpalast 1979

  131. BabbaZee8:31 PM

    Far-right ultranationalist groups are exploiting old enmities and new fears across the Continent. Although this is not the Europe of the 1930s, the disillusioned citizens of countries like Greece and Hungary have turned increasingly to simple answers, electing parties that blame familiar scapegoats
    — Jews, Gypsies, gays and foreigners — for their ills.

    What’s at stake is the health of European democracy, and the values and institutions on which it rests. But while the euro crisis touched off a scramble to halt a financial meltdown, European leaders have done virtually nothing to
    reverse the union’s dangerous political trends.

    Beneath the looming basilica of Athens’ largest church, middle-aged men and women in black Golden Dawn T-shirts were busy one bright September morning distributing food to needy Greeks. Kids ran across the courtyard, which was
    painted with the party’s unofficial platform: “Get foreigners out of Greece.” Clusters of fit, stoic young men in dark glasses ringed the perimeter.

    Nikolaos Michos, a square-jawed Golden Dawn member of Parliament with the build and tattoos of a heavyweight boxer, leaned against a bloodmobile watching. He
    wore a black polo embossed with the party’s Swastika-like logo. “We’re fighters and we’re not going to back down,” he said, referring to death threats from leftists and the burning of a Golden Dawn office. “But they’re not striking fear
    into us because every center they destroy, we’ll build new ones,” he added

  132. BabbaZee8:43 PM


  133. pbird9:18 PM

    ahhh, where have I heard something like reverse of course

  134. pbird9:19 PM

    oh lordy

  135. pbird9:26 PM


  137. It was a revelation to find out that the amount of topsoil displaced during the decade could fill the Grand Canyon, that dirt which had once supported amber fields of grain was blown so far that it blanketed Chicago, Washington, D.C. and New York City before landing in the Atlantic Ocean, that it was impossible to keep the talcum-like dust out of the house no matter how many wet sheets were stuck to the walls, that people and animals caught in storms died of suffocation, that the gradual buildup of dust in the lungs caused dust pneumonia which was even deadlier, especially for children and the elderly who died in misery, coughing up mud. Then there were the grasshoppers and hares who descended Old Testament-style upon any plant material that managed to survive the widespread erosion, drought and wind storms.

    It was a decade of hell on earth and it was entirely man-made. Before the Civil War, the Great Plains area was known as the “Great American Desert.” Rainfall was scarce and cyclical. The native grasses with their deep roots and moisture retention capabilities thrived in the region’s semi-arid climate, but crops would not. As white settlers increasingly moved west of the Missouri after the Civil War, they bumped into a wet cycle. Hack climatologists decided that the increase in rainfall was a result of the increase in settlement, that “rain follows the plow” and that therefore the Great American Desert was now a lush fertile land to be farmed at will. The government espoused this theory and actively encouraged settlement and farming, with no attention paid to even the most basic good farming practices like crop rotation and terracing.

  138. Ice hockey games held in Roman amphitheater

  139. BulgarWheat6:08 AM

    Obama, Erdogan Agree: 'Gaza Violence' Undermines Peace

    Defending your family and yourself is simply unacceptable.

    What other state or country in the world would be required to live under these conditions? Not a single one. Hell! The US and the UN treat iran and north korea with fewer restrictions!

  140. BabbaZee6:32 AM

    they will all make fine Muslims.

  141. BulgarWheat6:42 AM

    letting the lad sleep in. he's got a dental appointment this morning. I need to remember to write a note for him for school for being late. Then I have to take him to his appointment, then drop him off at school on the way home.

  142. BulgarWheat7:09 AM

    time to shave and shower. I better write that note now before I forget.

  143. The US European Command and IDF joint military exercise dubbed ‘Austere Challenge 12’ concluded Tuesday.

    The IDF would like to thank Hamas and the Free Syrian Army for providing excellent special effects during the exercises.

    US Army and Air Force officers also lauded the realism of the various attack scenarios.

    The Hamas and FSA leadership have been less enthusiastic regarding the IDF's demonstration of their offensive techniques.

  144. Homeland Security promotes welfare to new immigrants in government ‘welcome’ materials

    I don't care.... as long as I get beer, ammo & cigarettes.

    I am waiting.

  145. BulgarWheat8:01 AM

    yes. no one has shown up here with my ammo, beer, and tobacco are human rights.

  146. Balogue Mockery9:16 AM

    Chunky Del Monte Tomato & Persimmon Salsa

    Fantastic idea for those with the munchies~!

    Recipe is here:

  147. BabbaZee9:33 AM

    You did everything to stop the multiculturalism and the Islamization of Germany,’ he went on.

    But he said that the cell, which was based in the eastern German city of Zwickau, was wrong to target immigrant businessmen.‘You should have gone for political elites instead,’ he advised. ‘But both forms of attack would damage the multicultural experiment.’

    Breivik, 32, waxed lyrical about the ‘mission’ he sees himself and Zschaepe, 37, involved in, adding; ‘We are both among the first drops of rain that foretell the huge, cleansing storm about the break across Europe.

    ‘We are martyrs of the the conservative revolution and should be extremely proud of our sacrifice and our troubles.’ But his words never reached his jailbird sweetheart; the letter was seized by authorities in Germany and confiscated.

  148. BabbaZee9:33 AM


  149. BabbaZee9:33 AM

    he wrote it with his special pen.

  150. BabbaZee9:34 AM

  151. BabbaZee9:36 AM

    The Grandiose Intertwatical Army of Nationalist Twinkie Warriors will not be mocked! SO YOU SHUTUP COMMIE JUDEN SLUT!

  152. BabbaZee9:38 AM

    We are martyrs of the the conservative revolution.....

  153. BabbaZee9:40 AM

    ... who will make fine Muslims someday.

  154. BabbaZee9:45 AM

    GOD Bless Cyndi Lauper she looks great

    she is 57 I think

    this taken at the American Music Awards the other night

  155. BabbaZee9:51 AM

    Gwen Stefani looks great too she is 5 years younger than me I think so she is 43 or 44 or something like this

  156. BabbaZee9:51 AM

    A Brief History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

  157. pretty cute, still looks like Cyndi

  158. anything exciting going on?

  159. Anonymous leaks personal information of 5,000 Israeli officials

    junior high

  160. Earlier, the group hacked over 700 hundred Israeli websites, including the Bank of Jerusalem, the Israeli Defence Ministry, the IDF blog, the President's official website and many others.

    Most of the sites remain down.

    The country’s finance minister has acknowledged the recent wave of attacks, saying the government is now waging a war on a “second front.”

    Over the past four days, Israel has “deflected 44 million cyber-attacks on government websites,” Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz told AP.

  161. Balogue Mockery10:38 AM

    Russian Islamic convert kissed her daughter goodbye and blew herself up at cleric's home," by Mark Duell for the Daily Mail, November 19:

  162. Indeed, gone are the days when the Syrian Army could launch a 5 division attack supported by 188 artillery batteries in the Golan. The era when Egypt could mount an attack with 100,000 men, 1,350 tanks and 2,000 artillery pieces is nothing but memory. All around Israel’s edges, countries are falling apart.

    Jordan is wracked by internal dissent, Syria paralyzed by a civil war that kills upwards of 200 people per day; Egypt bankrupt and will be lucky to avoid starvation. Libya is no more. Iraq is still prostrate. Oil in the Gulf is running out.

    It’s not that Israel has grown; it is the Arab world that shrank. Despite all predictions of its imminent demise Israel threatens to be the only real Westphalian State left in the Middle East; the last man standing.

  163. Perhaps its not fair to say that Israel is winning so much as the Muslim world is losing. Losing by tearing itself apart, frittering away the oil resource and paralyzing itself with Jew-hatred. Israel is winning simply by sending its children to school, going to work every day, making scientific discoveries in the lab on a quotidian basis, by paying its bills and sweeping the streets. It is simple, but deadly. A whole lot better at least than jumping up and down in the street firing AK-47s into the air.

  164. anybody home?


    actually its raining like a cosmic cold shower

  166. Balogue Mockery11:28 AM

    Persimmon Praline Pistachio Parfait: An Incredibly Easy Dessert (or Breakfast)

    This past weekend was a three day weekend filled with good friends, beautiful weather and fun food adventures. What I did not manage to do, however, was to do grocery shopping and cook a few dishes for myself and to showcase on this blog. So Monday morning (day off!) I decided to create a two recipes from the ingredients I already had. Thus, here's a Persimmon Praline Pistachio Parfait. Don't you love all the Ps in the title? {These are the persimmons I found on a side of a road.}

    Greek yogurt, whisked with a fork
    persimmons, peeled, chopped
    praline pistachios, chopped

    1. In a glass arrange persimmons, yogurt, pistachios, yogurt, persimmons, yogurt, pistachios.
    2. Eat.

  167. even i could make that

  168. BulgarWheat11:32 AM

    just got back from taking the boy to the dentist and grab some groceries. had to grab a phlly cheese steak on the way home. I was hungry and it's been ages since I had a decent one.

  169. Balogue Mockery11:33 AM

    Did your Beer & Ammo coupons arrive?

  170. Balogue Mockery11:36 AM

    Sorry to break your heart! The sons of Abraham, Isac and Jacob are God’s
    chosen. The Yahudi, or the Jews are the children of the Devil. Please
    read John 8:47. Case in point. My Grand fathers name was Jacobson. He
    was a Norsky. That makes me one of God’s chosen from the 10 lost tribes
    who spread out to western Europe.

  171. BabbaZee11:38 AM

    there is no suck thing as a decent one they are all bad for you

  172. When the Nerds Go Marching In

    the photo is worth the trouble

  173. BabbaZee11:38 AM

    where did you find that at the Mormon temple?

  174. BulgarWheat11:39 AM

    not yet. I'm starting to get worried

  175. BabbaZee11:39 AM


  176. BabbaZee11:39 AM

    oh my god aahahhha

  177. Balogue Mockery11:39 AM

    Jewish War Crimes Alert!

    The IDF shot a Palestinian who hurled a Molotov cocktail in Hebron. The man was treated by Red Crescent; no further details of his conditions were reported. (Itamar Flaishman)

  178. BabbaZee11:43 AM

    the one in the middle looks like a younger Neil

  179. 'e's a proper nerd!

  180. BabbaZee11:45 AM


  181. Balogue Mockery11:51 AM

    Obama's Brotherhood Ally Egypt: We'll try to stop Israel's strikes on Gaza

    Mohamed Ismat Seif al-Doula, advisor to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi told the Turkish news agency Anatolia that Egypt will not be dragged into war with Israel, but will nonetheless make efforts to stop Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. (Roi Kais)

  182. BabbaZee11:52 AM

    As Gaza terrorists over the weekend targeted Tel Aviv, a concern for Israeli officials is the threat that Hamas may fit chemical warheads on its long-range Fajr-5 missiles, the newspaper said, quoting an unnamed defense source.

    “Hamas might go for a desperate attempt to launch rockets with chemical warheads if the worst came to the worst,” the source said.

  183. BulgarWheat11:52 AM

    if he was treated and released, someone needs to get their weapon re-zeroed back in or at least spend some significant time at the range.

  184. BabbaZee11:54 AM

  185. BabbaZee11:55 AM

    giant red people scare me

  186. yeah, east coast not the home for Vikings etc. This guy looks totally affectless in the grip of zero

  187. BulgarWheat11:57 AM

    the worst IS going to come to the worst and the bastards know it.

    Prepare for the wost.

  188. BabbaZee12:01 PM

    The guy who says: "A jury of your peers having found you guilty 10 years " in this record had asked me to marry him once and I was so freaked out because he was this humongous red polish guy , very viking looking like that one, but a pole. AGGH! Also I had known him since I was born and he was like an old uncle to me ..... he was 19 years older than me I think but that was not the issue .. .ahaha

    GOD bless Ray Master Disc Cutter, Columbia records

    I do not know if he is still alive he had a few heart attacks so who knows ... have not seen him in 25 years ....

  189. BulgarWheat12:02 PM

    maybe now would be a good time to have a smoke and then take a nap. perfect weather for sleeping. very gloomy sky