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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Don't they know it's the end of the world?

I am in deep distress.
Let us fall into the hands of the LORD,
for his mercy is great;
but do not let me fall into human hands...
~ 2 Samuel 24

Those like Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron and Berlusconi who have branded Gaddafi a criminal to be hunted down and murdered were all his accomplices. All of them collaborated with, armed and supported the Gaddafi regime, as US and European corporations reaped vast profits from Libya’s oil wealth.

We came
we saw
he died.
~ Snuketwat Hilldog

So there is no one - no UN spokesman - no talking head - no so called world leader - who has a word regarding "excessive force" "disproportional response" or "violation of Geneva conventions" regarding the "capture" of Gaddafi?

Islamic Winter: Tunisian and Libyan 'liberation' leads to Sharia

Not one word for how we just facilitated the introduction of SHARIA LAW there and how we are about to be responsible for sewing shut every Libyan pussy... Gaddafi never ever did this - and never mind the facilitation of the destruction of Israel?

Not one word?

Dear Sir / Madam;

So Gaddafi is dead and long live the king!!!

I have just listened to President Obama’s speech as well as that of the Former UK ambassador to NATO and am appalled by what was said. They have condoned the savage butchery of a human being by a rabid mob in the name of...

"he got what he deserved...".

Have we fallen to the same level of depravity as the man WE have murdered?

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