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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: House of the Rising Son ~

Richard Dawkins's Jewish Problem
The Anti-Defamation League, the country's leading group dedicated to fighting anti-Semitism, is rightly sensitive to the offense of trivializing the Holocaust. Why, then, has the ADL said nothing in protest against the Darwinian biologist and bestselling atheist author Richard Dawkins and his comparison of Darwin doubters to Holocaust deniers?


"People who reject the theory of evolution should be placed on a level with Holocaust deniers, argues an author in his controversial new book," headlined the London Times when the book came out there last month. Yet not a peep from the ADL.

In his last book, The God Delusion, Dawkins used incredibly offensive language in characterizing the God of the Hebrew Bible, whom he called among other things, "a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully."

Now in a Newsweek interview he repeats the insult, saying: "The God of the Old Testament is a monster. It's very, very hard for anybody to deny that. He's like a hyped-up Ayatollah Khomeini." Asked by Newsweek's Lisa Miller where this leaves the "90 percent of Americans [who] say they believe in God" and of whom "some portion...are intelligent people," Dawkins replies, "But they wouldn't disagree with what I said about the God of the Old Testament. They'd probably say something like, 'Oh, that's quite different. We believe in the God of the New Testament.'"
Islamic Jihad: New York meetings encouraged Gaza raid
The Israeli killing of three Islamic Jihad militants in Gaza Friday night was encouraged by U.S.-sponsored meetings between Israeli and Palestinian leaders, the radical movement said on Saturday. "The Israeli occupation utilized the resumption of political meetings with the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to commit new crimes against the Palestinian people," the movement said in a statement faxed to the press.

The Islamic republic of Gaza

Palestinian gunmen wound Israeli motorist

US invites Syrian official
The United States has invited a Syrian official to Washington for the first time in five years as part of its efforts to improve relations with the Damascus government, a U.S. official and diplomats said on Sunday.

Deputy Foreign Minister Fayssal al-Mekdad will visit Washington on Monday to discuss Iraq and U.S sanctions on Syria in a move that could help a slow rapprochement between the two countries, started by U.S. President Barack Obama soon after he took office in January, the diplomats said.
Syria calls on Israel to commit to Middle East free of WMD

Turkey, Syria To Cooperate

King Abdullah's visit to Syria

An Oracle Against Damascus
~ Isaiah

Hamas accepts Egyptian plan to settle feud with rival Fatah
You say Hamassholes, I say Fatahssholes, lets call the whole thing off.

Egypt media group agrees on massive Israel boycott
The board of directors of the powerful Egyptian media group Al-Ahram has decided to boycott Israel and Israelis...
Haneya urges OIC to convene Jerusalem committee
Deposed Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haneya Monday called on the Organization of the Islamic Conference(OIC) to convene its al-Quds (Jerusalem) committee urgently.

Haneya's call were made a day after nearly a dozen of Palestinians were wounded in clashes with Jewish worshippers who broke into the yard of al-Aqsa mosque, a sensitive Muslim holy site in the Old City of Jerusalem.

In a statement sent to the press, Haneya urged Moroccan King Mohammed VI, the secretary-general of al-Quds committee, to call for an urgent meeting "and to made decisions amounting to the a responsible level."

"The harsh attack on al-Aqsa mosque and al-Quds needs clear Arab and Islamic decisions with mechanisms for implementation to protect the shrine and the holy city," Haneya said.

Hamas to open Palestinian parliament offices in Arab world

Hamas brands clash at Temple Mount a 'Zionist crime'
Hamas also defines Jewish breathing as a Zionist crime. Too fuckin' bad.

Pathetic: 'Jewish Presence' Sparked Eastern Jerusalem Violence

Arab Riots on the Temple Mount

Palestinians riot in eastern Jerusalem

MK Ben Ari: Police Preventing Jewish Worship

Breaking apart: Hamas and Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood

Palestinians mark 9 year anniversary of Intifada
Hello Mudda. Hello Fadda.
Here I am at
Camp Intifada!

Israel marks 36th anniversary of Yom Kippur War
A coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria launched the war in a surprise attack on the Jewish holiday in 1973.
Water tensions
Middle East conflicts are usually tied in the media to religion or oil, but water has become a major factor in recent disputes. In prominent watersheds such as the Jordan River Basin and the Tigris-Euphrates Basin, water supplies can be critical especially when they are being shared among multiple countries. These rivers play a very important role in the agriculture and economic development of these states.
The area of the Jordan River Basin, including parts of Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan, and the West Bank, is primarily an arid region.

The river originates in Lebanon and has a total average flow of 1,200 million cubic meters per year. This river system consists of the Jordan and of the Yarmouk River, which flows from Syria. With the arid climate and low precipitation in this region, water has become the most valuable resource.

Most countries in the Jordan River Basin are among some of the poorest countries in the region. Groundwater aquifers are the principle source for water supplies to the states that rely on the Jordan River. Water use varies throughout the region. Israel uses the greatest amount of water available in the basin, and next in line is Jordan. The Israeli-occupied West Bank uses the smallest amount. The daily amount of water per person in the Jordan River Basin is the lowest in the world.
Eden is drying out
And Ishmael can't get a date.
The Garden of Eden is in danger of turning into a dustbowl. The legendary Eden was in Mesopotamia, the land between two rivers - the Tigris and the Euphrates. For hundreds of miles between their lower reaches there is fabulously fertile farmland.

But it's hardly rained in Iraq for more than two years, the river levels have dropped by half in some places, and farmland is drying out. The drought is having a devastating effect on Iraq's most renowned export after oil - its dates.

Iraq used to produce three-quarters of the world's entire date crop every year. Now, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran export more dates than Iraq.

At a date farm in Baghdad - near the city centre - it all seems lush and lyrical. There's a strong smell of fresh mint in the air. Herbs, and vegetables like Jew's Mallow, are grown between the trees; their roots fix nitrogen in the soil, which helps to nourish the palms with natural fertiliser. But the dates are not well.
TELEGRAPH, UK: No wonder teenagers love the Taliban
Three Frogs. One Mouth.
And with Communism dead and socialism weakened, global Islamism is the number one international opponent to American capitalism...
Ramadan: European Muslims should not identify with just one identity
Ta-ta-taqiyya! You're never alone with a taqiyyaphrenic!

Summary of the UN General Assembly: 64th session general debate

"Glow Ball Peace Through Dead Juden Akbar!"

Nuclear weapons resolution must be enforced equally: OIC

The OIC, which was established in 1969 after the burning of the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, speaks on behalf of the world's 1.5 billion Muslims
UN - Press Conference by Secretary-General of OIC
Speaking to correspondents at a Headquarters press conference this morning, Ekmelledin Ihsanoglu, OIC Secretary-General, welcomed President Obama’s commitment to the resolution of the Middle East and Israeli-Palestinian crisis, and appreciated the keen interest of the United States Administration in fostering relations with the Muslim world and OIC. He was looking forward to the appointment of a new United States special envoy to OIC, hoping that a high-stature Muslim American personality would be selected, who had a close association with President Obama. During the short term of Ambassador Sada Cumber, who had been appointed special envoy during the last year of United States President George W. Bush’s term, significant progress had been achieved, particularly related to the fight against pandemic diseases and socio-economic development.
Tunisia's address to 64th session of UN General Assembly

We wish to reaffirm, from this rostrum, Tunisia’s constant and principled support for the just Palestinian Cause and for the brotherly Palestinian people in their struggle to recover their legitimate rights and establish their independent State on their land.

In this context, we took note, with satisfaction, of the positive stances expressed by the American Administration concerning the Middle-East issue, the elements of a just, comprehensive settlement of the conflict and the two-state solution, as well as the approaches, efforts and successive contacts undertaken to get peace talks started again.

Today we reiterate our call to the international community, especially the sponsors of the peace process, to intensify their efforts so as to bring Israel to end, without prior conditions, its settlement policy, and re-launch talks between the Palestinian and Israeli parties, based on international resolutions, the peace process references, and the Arab Peace Initiative.

Bringing peace, security and stability to the Middle East depends on lifting the blockade, dismantling roadblocks, and abandoning the humiliating measures and other provocative steps taken against the Palestinian people. It also depends on the Palestinian people’s recovery of its legitimate national rights, the establishment of the Palestinian independent state, and Israel’s withdrawal from the occupied Syrian Golan and the Lebanese lands still under occupation.

Iraq FM blames failed talks on lack of Syrian 'seriousness'

The Sunni-Shi'te schism

Turkish leader discusses war, peace at Princeton University

Da'Waing Glow Ballin' Jive Turkey MFer...
"Turkey is between East and West, Europe and the Islamic world," he said of the country that is partly in Europe, partly in Asia and is comprised of people from more than 130 ethnicities. Turkey is an active member of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, an alliance he said has shown that "different cultures and civilizations do not have to be in conflict with each other, but can live together." More than 400 people attended Erdogan's speech, titled "Building Global Peace: Turkish Regional Foreign Policy Priorities." The event, hosted Wednesday by the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, was held at Richardson Auditorium amid tight security. The speech was given in Turkish and translated into English.
Turkey PM to visit Iran to discuss nuclear program

Iran begins war games

Iran chief of staff sees Israel as 'paper tiger'

Iran warns Israel of "last breath" if it attacks
Phone call for Haman. Paging Haman!

Areva (FRANCE): Iran Never Received Uranium From Us!

Preemptive unnecessary denials always make me suspicious

Beware of Iranians Bearing Talks

Iran says will not discuss second nuclear plant

Mothers of detained hikers await word from Iran
I am telling you, big propaganda op coming on this soon.

Iran will allow Swiss access to detained Americans

Iran's Mousavi opposes sanctions against Tehran

Iran's Opposition Leader Mousavi Accused of Treason

Iran Telecommunications firm ”privatized”
A consortium affiliated with Iran's Revolutionary Guard purchased a majority share in the country's telecommunications company Sunday.
Kansas doctor has side practice: working to overthrow Iran regime
Righteous. Practice makes perfect!
Last week, Sajadi was in New York to protest the United Nations speech by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.He was recently in Washington to lobby Congress on behalf of Iranian-American hunger strikers who've been encamped outside the White House for more than 50 days.In June, he joined other dissidents at an anti-regime rally in Paris.

NATO Countries Pledge to Help Turn Insurgents Against Taliban

NATO chief on Afghanistan: We're not running from the fight

Transcript: Defense Secretary Gates, Sen. McCain on ABC's 'This Week"

Gates: Troops decision in 'a few weeks'

Gates: Afghan deadline is a mistake

Top Afghan official threatens to quit after attack
A powerful member of President Hamid Karzai's Cabinet threatened to quit after a suicide car bomb attack targeted him Sunday, killing five people, in the latest Taliban attempt to destabilize Afghanistan's struggling government. Two Americans were among six NATO troop deaths elsewhere.
Obama's choice in Afghanistan
Sounds familiar ...
The regime of President Hamid Karzai, once an American darling, has turned into a corrupt and ineffective coalition of cronies and warlords..
Daily brief: US believes Karzai will be re-elected

The Taliban: Following the Funding

US envoy in China for talks on N.Korea, Iran

For China, Iran uranium plant no game changer
Jew worse than Gwylo, anyway you all look the same to us so STFU

China ignores the hysteria over Iran

Hysteria they call it. Okeedokee then.

Iran, China sign a major oilfield deal

Chevron China gas venture expects first output in 2010

China official warns on "too fast" nuclear plans
Slow down crazy glow ball gwylo!

After 60 years, China's Communists mean business
Shortly after the Communist Party took power in China, capitalists in Shanghai paraded through the streets with drums and flags, asking the Party to take over their businesses. On Thursday, the Party will celebrate the 60th year of its rule over mainland China, having mostly abandoned its Marxist ideals for "socialism with Chinese characteristics" -- a messy mix of competitive capitalism and political monopoly.


Evolution of China's revolution

"Shanghai" brand fuel cell cars to serve Expo 2010 Shanghai

China's Worsening Water Crisis
China is facing an extremely severe water resources problem. This year, northern China is experiencing a huge drought, and it is a warning bell. Solving our worsening water problem is a difficult undertaking the Chinese government and people can no longer avoid.
TIMELINE-Resource-hungry China invests in Africa

FACTBOX-China's oil deals in Africa

Nigeria oil licences eyed by China said near expiry

Nigeria leans on Western firms with China oil talks

China's Cnooc in Talks to Buy Nigeria Oil

BP interested in Andaman blocks
India's state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corporation has reported a gas discovery in Andaman basin in 1980.
Khan Resources hopes for progress on Mongolia uranium project

Swedish premier open to uranium mining

Bolivia power takeover talks going well - Morales

Portugal's Socialists re-elected to second term

Putin to visit China

Venezuela exploring uranium deposits with Russia

Venezuela Says Russia, Not Iran, Aids Uranium Search

Will Venezuela supply uranium to Iran's nuclear weapons program?

Arabtec wins GAZPROM skyscraper contract
Dubai-based Arabtec Construction has won a Dhs50m contract from Russia's Gazprom-Neft for the testing of five deep foundation barrettes
Journalist in hiding after getting death threats for criticising Soviet Union
Reporters Without Borders is very worried for the safety of freelance journalist and human rights activist Alexandr Podrabinek, who has gone into hiding after getting death threats over a controversial article about the current government’s defence of the Soviet Union despite its crimes against the Russian people.

The Moscow correspondent of the French public radio station Radio France Internationale, Podrabinek also writes for Novaya Gazeta (the newspaper that journalist Ana Politkovskaya worked for at the time of her murder) and edits the human rights news agency Prima (

“This hate campaign against Podrabinek, which has even included calls for his death, must stop at once,” Reporters Without Borders said. “The authorities must appeal for calm and curb this outburst of fury. A man’s life and respect for free expression in Russia are both at stake. This episode highlights how difficult it is in Russia today to challenge the official version of what happened during the Soviet era.” A former political prisoner, Podrabinek wrote his controversial article for the news website on 21 September. It referred to the Soviet regime’s crimes against the Russian people and criticised the way apparatchiks in the present-day government are defending the Soviet Union’s image in the people’s collective memory.

The article has triggered an angry reaction from Russian “patriotic” movements, and a campaign against Podrabinek has been orchestrated in newspapers and online. The websites of youth movements that support Prime Minister Vladimir Putin such as Nashi (Ours!) and United Russia Young Guard (which is linked to Putin’s party) have been pumping out hate slogans against the article and Podrabinek, some of them of a racist and anti-semitic nature. They have also posted his phone number and urged people to call him.
Jailed Russian tycoon says state hiding evidence
STFUpski or Vlad fears you may hang yourself in your cell most soonly, comrade Tycoonski.
Jailed former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky is accusing Russian prosecutors of withholding evidence exonerating him of new charges that could keep him in prison for decades.Khodorkovsky — once Russia's richest man — is charged with embezzling more than $25 billion worth of oil from subsidiaries of his former oil major oil company, Yukos, and laundering most of the proceeds.Khodorkovsky said Monday that prosecutors are hiding documents that prove the allegedly stolen oil was legally transferred. He is already serving an eight-year sentence following a 2005 fraud and tax evasion conviction.The cases are seen as part of a Kremlin push to punish him for challenging then-President Vladimir Putin, and to strengthen the state's grip on energy resources.

Pro-Kremlin youth to hold alternative opposition march
Pro-Kremlin youth movement Nashi (Ours) announced on Monday they would hold their own festive march on November 4 in Moscow in contrast to the "March of Dissent" held by opposition parties. Russia's November 4 National Unity Day public holiday traditionally sees nationalist and far-right rallies in Moscow. Maria Kislitsyna, a representative of the Nashi movement, said that their march, which will be led by famous Russian television stars, will be called the "Russian march." Opposition marches were held in Moscow and St. Petersburg last December. In downtown Moscow more than 90 people were arrested for trying to hold an unauthorized opposition rally, while in St. Petersburg some 60 people were detained. In 2006, a planned National Unity Day march by nationalist groups was banned by Moscow authorities. However, far-right groups defied the ruling and marched. Some 200 people were subsequently arrested.

Putin meets with Governor of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area
Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon. I see that you have brought a lot of papers with you. What is the current outlook in the region?

Yury Neyolov: The situation is stable, Mr Putin. And I think it a good idea that you invite governors to conferences. I attended two of your conferences, in Kislovodsk and in Igarka. After Kislovodsk, we optimized our budget and cleared our debt to the government and all payables. The region ranks fourth in terms of cutting costs. That is, we have fulfilled all of your requirements.
Statoil Chief Plays Up Arctic Record in Bid for Yamal Gas Role

All gas, no vodka, for Putin in Yamal

Big Oil's Possible Putin Peninsula Partnerships
Say it ten times, FASTLY!

Russia Plans To Revive Rare Persian Leopard
After that, I looked, and there before me was another beast, one that looked like a leopard. And on its back it had four wings like those of a bird. This beast had four heads, and it was given authority to rule.
~ Daniel 7:6

And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. He had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on his horns, and on each head a blasphemous name. The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority.
~ Revelation 13:2
Iran, Russia to discuss Caspian Sea cooperation

Demise of Aral Sea Seen Sparking Military Conflicts in Central Asia
The demise of the Aral Sea, the loss of which is already having an adverse effect on two-thirds of the 50 million people in Central Asia, is rapidly increasing tensions in the capitals of the five countries of the region and could spark new and larger military conflicts among them, according to a Russian expert.

In an article posted today on the portal, Mikhail Vovk says that the desertification of what had been one of the world’s largest inland bodies of water “could lead in the foreseeable future to the rise of a series of armed conflicts between states [there] over the right to control sources of potable water”

A US Defense Department Internet initiative is stoking a debate among experts about whether the Pentagon is overreaching.The $10.1 million Trans Regional Web Initiative (TRWI) aims to launch a series of language-specific websites, including Russian, Chinese, Farsi, Georgian, Armenian and Azeri. The Pentagon in early September awarded the contract to build the new websites to General Dynamics Corp. The websites will feature news and analysis that helps garner support for US policies. Overall, the Defense Department wants to establish 12 websites within the year under TRWI’s auspices.
New player in Caspian Sea Power Corridor
Enter the Dragon!

Russia, Belarus hold joint military exercises

The Coming Russia-Georgia Clash Over Abkhazia

European Report to Blame Both Sides in Georgia War

Europe's Natural Partner

Putin Sounds More Welcoming Tone to Foreign Investors
Welcome to Vladistan, Tovarich Chachingskis! Say my name!

Gazprom says no changes in contracts with Europe

Found on: In Defense of Marxism ~ The Crisis of Capitalism and the tasks of the Marxists – Part Three
Obama went to see the Russian president Medvedev and he brought his toothpaste smile with him. Of course, in reality, he was not dealing with Medvedev at all, but with Putin. Medvedev is a puppet of Putin. So he tried his smile and it didn’t have any affect. Putin said, never mind about the smile Mr. President, get those missiles out of Poland. And they’ll have to do that – all that’s finished. This shows the limits of the power of US imperialism.
Russia Concerned Over Revised US Missile Defense Plan

Obama urges better Russia ties
"It is important for us to reach out to Russia and explore ways in which the missile defense configurations that we envision could potentially lead to further collaboration with Russia on this front," Obama said after meeting with Rasmussen at the White House. "We want to improve generally not only U.S.-Russian relations, but also NATO-Russian relations, while making absolutely clear that our commitments to all of our allies in NATO is sacrosanct," Obama said.

Linux learnings of IBM for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan bans public smoking, raises drinking age

Way clear for Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan Customs Union

Nazarbayev met Vice Prime Ministers of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus

Business delegation of Brazil to visit Kazakhstan

China Investment Corp Buys Stake in Kazakh Energy Company

China to provide USD 1.5bn credit tranche to Kazakhstan

Iran seeks deeper ties with Kazakhstan

Wisconsin astronaut bound for space this week
From Glorious Kazakhstan, Koo Koo Komrade Kozmonauts!

Kazakhstan Remains Ready to House Nuclear Fuel Bank

Oman to boost trade ties with Uzbekistan


Kyrgyzstan bids for Security Council membership

Russian Federation Council's delegates visit Kyrgyzstan

Another earthquake rattles Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan tightens control on Kyrgyz-Tajik border

Monitor Energy to sell stake in Kyrgyz uranium project

Banned Islamic Group Draws Female Members In Kyrgyzstan

The bicycle diaries: a dead end in Kyrgyzstan?

Tajikistan bans beards for teachers under 50


Tajikistan ministry permits teachers to wear beards and galoches
GLORY TO GALOSHES IN GULAG! Oh galoChes. Never mind.
The rules, coming into force on October 1, regulate in detail all types of clothing, footwear and headwear as well as other particulars of teachers’ outer appearance, reported on Sunday local news agencies, referring to spokesman of the country’s Education Ministry Abdulkhamid Nozimov. For instance men older than 50 are permitted to wear beards, but no longer that three centimetres. Teachers may come to work in galoshes (widely-spread type of national footwear in the republic, especially in the countryside).

The list fully precludes mini-skirts, jeans, transparent blouses, tight-fitting dresses as well as motley vests. At the same time, Tajik Education Minister Abdudzhabbor Rakhmonov said in a September interview with Itar-Tass that “the introduction of the new dress-code for school teachers and university lecturers does not mean at all uniformity of clothing, the more so standard uniforms”. “We approved 20 types of clothing for women and men, including the national style, presupposing traditional Tajik dress of national silk for women and scull-caps for men,” he emphasised. The classic version of style – bright upper part and dark garment below the waistline are also acclaimed.
TAJIKISTAN: "It seems that reading the Bible together is now a crime"
Hamzaali Pulodov, the religious affairs official in the northern town of Khujand, has defended the criminal cases against up to 17 Jehovah's Witnesses on charges of inciting inter-religious hatred, which carry a sentence of between five and nine years' imprisonment. "When people break the law they are prosecuted," he told Forum 18 News Service. He says books confiscated during a June raid on a flat where they were meeting had "propagandised against the Constitution and incited enmity between citizens", but admitted he has not read them. Prosecutors and the secret police refused to say how many Jehovah's Witnesses face criminal charges and when cases will go to court. Zafar Rakhimov, who is among those facing prosecution, told Forum 18 he believes two or three of their leaders will be brought to court. "Prosecutor Muzaffarov told me that the accusation is based on the fact that we interpret the Bible differently from Protestants. It seems that reading the Bible together is now a criminal offence." Jehovah's Witnesses are banned in Tajikistan.
Robert O. Blake
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs
Dushanbe, Tajikistan July 6, 2009
ASSISTANT SECRETARY BLAKE: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming. My name is Robert Blake, and I am the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia. This is my first visit here to Dushanbe.

I just had the pleasure of meeting with His Excellency, The President. We had a very constructive and friendly meeting where I expressed my government’s strong appreciation for the good relations between our two governments. We discussed our cooperation on Afghanistan and some of the challenges that Tajikistan is now facing as a result of the world economic crisis. I described the assistance program that the United States has here in Tajikistan. We also talked a little bit about democracy, about religion. We had a very full and friendly discussion. I very much appreciate the President’s time and I’ll have a chance later to speak with some of you in more detail about our discussions. Thank you.

I can take one or two questions.

QUESTION: If the government of the United States is planning to cut assistance to Tajikistan in view of the world economic crisis?

ASSISTANT SECRETARY BLAKE: No, we are not planning to cut assistance. Tajikistan is one of the largest recipients of United States foreign assistance here in Central Asia. We are assisting Tajikistan on a wide range of fronts and we plan to continue to do so.

One of world's largest mosques to be built in Tajikistan
One of the largest mosques ever built is to be constructed in Tajikistan's capital by 2014 with the assistance of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, a Tajik presidential spokesman said on September 28. "The mosque is expected to accommodate about 150,000 people. Its construction is expected to start in Dushanbe in October," the spokesman said. He said Tajik President Emomali Rakhmon visited Dubai on September 26, after his speech at the 64th session of the UN General Assembly, in order to familiarize himself with the project.
Turkmenistan and EU intend to bring bilateral relations
BiGlowBalling. All the cool kids are doing it.

Pres. of Turkmenistan receives medal for merits in development of information society
In Glorious Soviet Trenton!
The International Informatization Academy has awarded President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov the organization's highest international medal "For merits in development of information society". The Academy has the status of associate member of the Department of Public Information of the United Nations, and general consultative status at the Economic and Social Council of the UN since 1995.

The Turkmen leader was awarded the medal "for contribution to the development of the national programmes for socio-economic development of Turkmenistan in the framework of broad international partnership," the correspondent reports from Ashgabat quoting the press service of the head of state.

The awarding ceremony was held in Trenton, the capital of New Jersey State. There, the Turkmen president met with Mayor Douglas Palmer at Marriott Hotel. While welcoming the distinguished guest, the Mayor announced a decision to declare September 24, 2009, Day of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. This decision was sealed with the relevant certificate with number 97 issued by the city. Apart from that, Trenton and Ashgabat will establish the relationships of sister cities.
Foreign Direct Investment in Turkmenistan
Foreign investment in Turkmenistan has increased by 4.8 times when compared to the previous year
Turkmenistan:Human Rights Not High on Agenda As Clinton Meets With Leader of Repressive Regime
STFUpski, less then humans.

Canadian Dollar Drops Sharply on Oil Rates

Saudi Arabia sees $75 per barrel as fair oil price
STFUpski, flea lousy Bedouins. Vlad now has most oil in Glow Ball, Vlad will say what is who and how much. Got me, Achmed?

Islamic Finance Stirs Debate in France

BofA to pay $425m over toxic assets

How Bank of America Used Merrill Losses to Bully the Government

CIT in talks for loan of up to $10 billion
The existing credit lines include a $3 billion loan that CIT clinched from bondholders in July and a financing facility from Goldman Sachs.
State investment in Goldman Sachs great for Utah
Behold! The Gold Man has a State....

PolitiFact Truth-O-Meter: Goldman Sachs contributions to Obama
OoooOOo Lookie, racist tovarich plebians, we just bought Utah.. CHEAP!

China Investment Corp invests $2 billion in Goldman fund

Goldman Sachs was Obama's No. 1 private contributor

Bailed-out Goldman Sachs, CEO land top honors

Deft! Dumb. & Blindski, too.
Let those who have ears, hear.
A Boston-based magazine has raised some eyebrows by naming Goldman Sachs and its CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, as its top company and chief executive for 2009 - exactly a year after the historic Wall Street meltdown. Directorship magazine, which covers corporate-board issues and runs a conference business, said it’s giving the award to Goldman Sachs and Blankfein for “deftly steering the investment giant through a financial crisis that wrought havoc on so many other financial institutions.”

An Inside Look at How Goldman Sachs Lobbies the Senate

Goldman Sachs & Currency Swaps

Goldman Sachs Goes On A Hiring Spree

Goldman Sachs Plans AM Expansion

PM too.

World Bank Chief Questions Greater Fed Powers
Zoellick was a Gold Man, then he went to the State Department, then they unseated Wolfowitz with Shaha Riza and installed him as head of the World Bank. Just so ya know.

Neo-communists turn their backs on private enterprise

Former US Secretary of State Rice to advise Regions Bank
Condoleezza Rice, the former U.S. Secretary of State under President George W. Bush, will advise Regions Financial Corp's board and management, the company said on Tuesday. Rice, a Stanford University political science professor and Hoover Institution senior fellow, will consult on regional and global issues that may affect the Birmingham, Alabama-based bank, and work as a senior advisor. A company spokesman said the relationship was unique for Regions, and declined further comment. Regions is one of the nation's ten largest banks.
Objectivist Individualist: John Holdren Claims New Ice Age Likely

A close look at Obama and the Czars
AFGHANISTAN CZAR: Richard Holbrooke is an ultra liberal who is anti gun and pro abortion. He is also for the legalization of drugs.

AIDS CZAR: Jeffery Crowley is a homosexual and gay rights activist. He believes in Gay Marriages and Special Status for homosexuals including free health care for gays.

AUTO RECOVERY CZAR: Ed Montgomery is a black radical and anti business activist. He advocates Affirmative Action. As an instructor, he taught that U.S. businesses have caused world poverty. He is a board member for ACORN, the organization involved in voter fraud. He is also a member for the Communist DuBois Club.

BORDER CZAR: Alan Bersin is a former failed superintendent of San Diego. He served as the Border Czar under Janet Reno to keep the borders open to illegals.

CALIFORNIA WATER CZAR: David Hayes Sr. Member of radical environmental organizations and has no experience in water management.

CAR CZAR: Ron Bloom is an Auto Union worker with anti-business views. Has worked to force US auto workers out of business and currently sits on the Board of Chrysler which is now Auto Union owned.

DRUG CZAR: Gil Kerlikowske is a devoted lobbiest for every restrictive gun law proposal. He believes no America should own a gun and supports the legalization of drugs.

ECONOMIC CZAR: Paul Volcker headed the Federal Reserve under President Carter when the US economy nearly failed. Member of the anti-business “Progressive Policy” organization.

GREAT LAKES CZAR: Cameron Davis is a Chicago radical and an anti-business environmentalist. Blames George Bush for “Poisoning the water that minorities have to drink”. He has no experience or training in water management. Also a former ACORN board member.

GREEN CZAR: Van Jones recently resigned; but President Obama still chose this member of the American Communist Party and the San Francisco Communist Party. This Black Activist has also expressed anti-white and other racial and radical views.

GUANTANAMO CLOSURE CZAR: Daniel Fried is a Rights Activist for Foreign Terrorist and believes America has caused the War on Terrorism.

REGULATORY CZAR: Cass Sunstein is a liberal activist judge who believes free speech needs to be limited for the “common good”. He has ruled against personal freedoms many times including private gun ownership.

SCIENCE CZAR: John Holdren is most disturbing of all the Czars. He has advocated the formation of a “planetary regime” that would use a “global police force” to enforce totalitarian measures of population control, including forced abortions, mass sterilization programs conducted via the food and water supply. According to Front Page Magazine and other sources, Holdren considers overpopulation as mankind’s greatest threat and he and his co-authors have advocated some of the following proposals in his book, called Ecoscience.

1. Implementing a system of “involuntary birth control,” where both men and women would be mandated to have an infertility device implanted into their body at puberty and only have it removed temporarily if they received permission from the government to have a baby.

2. Permanently sterilizing people who the authorities deem have already had too many children or who have contributed to “general social deterioration”.

3. Formally passing a law that criminalizes having more than two children, similar to the one child policy in Communist China.

TARP CZAR: Herb Allison was a Fannie Mae CEO who used real estate mortgages to back up the stock market which led to the U.S. recession.

TERRORISM CZAR: John Brennan is an anti CIA activist that suggested the disbanding of the U.S. military and open dialog with terrorist.

URBAN AFFAIRS CZAR: Adolfo Carrion Jr is a millionaire “slum lord” of the Bronx, N.Y., who advocates higher taxes to pay for minority housing and health care.
Music festival's atheist ties stirring controversy
The proceeds from this year's Charlotte Pop Fest will be going to the Richard Dawkins Foundation. Dawkins will be speaking at the University of South Carolina in October, in an event jointly sponsored by the Biology department and the atheist group Pastafarians at USC. Pop Fest organizer James Deem says what he's trying to do is raise awareness for "science and science education."
Darwin's Rottweiler
Ninety percent of Americans say they believe in God. To make fun of them is to alienate them.

DAWKINS: Well in that particular passage I'm only talking about the God of the Old Testament, so the only people who will be offended are the people who believe in the God of the Old Testament—which by the way is most of the people you're referring to. So that has to be conceded. But I also suspect that if they actually read the Old Testament, they could not fail to agree with what I said. The God of the Old Testament is a monster. It's very, very hard for anybody to deny that. He's like a hyped-up Ayatollah Khomeini.
Richard Dawkins says we're descended from FROGS?
Yeah. Three of them.

A Day in the Life of an Abortion Clinic Escort

Abortion foes try to establish legal 'personhood' for fetuses

How very fucking KOOKY of us! What are they then, sea monkeys? when a human woman gives birth what does she give birth to? A lemur? When a pregnant woman is murdered do they not charge the perp with murdering the fetus as well?

Whoopi Goldberg: Apologist for Rape

Pandemic emergency bill tramples privacy rights
BINGO! Now STFU and panic like we told you to.

U.S. under U.N. law in health emergency
Who determines what is an emergency?

Cyber control: White House on DHS?

Govloop Goes Corporate

DHS Outlines Key Intelligence Initiatives and Reforms

Illinois National Guard Civil Support Team Receives Yearly Evaluation
There were eight men from different specialized areas waiting for the Illinois National Guard members to show up at the Raytheon Company in Indianapolis, but they did not have to wait long.
United States DoD contracts for September 25, 2009
A THOROUGH and detailed list which includes this among many many other things of interest:
Raytheon Co., of Aurora, Colo., was awarded a $9,999,903 contract which will provide special study for risk reduction tasks under Global Positioning System’s next generation operational control segment contract Phase A. At this time the entire amount has been obligated. SMC/GPSW, El Segundo, Calif., is the contracting activity (FA8807-08-C-0003, P00027).
DynCorp to Purchase Training and Logistical Support Firm
DynCorp International, a Falls Church-based government contractor, said Monday that it will buy Phoenix Consulting Group, a privately held Alexandria firm that provides training and technical support to intelligence and special operations units.

DynCorp specializes in providing security, police training and logistical support for the military and civilian agencies in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Like other contractors, DynCorp has benefited from the government's reliance on private-sector companies to support military operations overseas during the past several years. But with the wars expected to wind down, DynCorp, which expects roughly $3 billion in sales this year, is looking to diversify by expanding into other government services, analysts said.
Air Force issues new tanker request; Boeing says it's ready

Mr. Lugar goes to Washington
Heeeeeeeere' Lugar again!
"Dick Lugar was post-partisan before post-partisan became cool," said Bob
Welcome to Post America, Post Partisans!

Today At TRNS
Dick Lugar, R-Ind. delivers an address on how a new Strategic Concept for NATO can best ensure the continued relevance of the Alliance...
How Washington lobbyists peddle power

Residents have questions as pills are distributed near nuclear plants

US, Italy sign pact to build nuclear power stations

State of Calamity declared in Metro Manila
METRO MANILA and several provinces were declared in a “state of calamity” on Saturday, Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro Jr. said, as heavy rains brought by tropical storm Ondoy (Ketsana) caused the worst flooding seen in the capital in some 20 years.
The geology of Santorini

Male brown bear kills female bear at German zoo
Frau Merkel, are you paying glorious attention?
~ Vladdestovitchicus Ursus Sovieticus Horribilus

Africa: Human Mind - the Ultimate Capital
The focus on oil, diamonds, coltan, huge tracts of agricultural land among other resources simply turn our political leaders into corrupt salesmen.
Conflict Coltan

Energy Recovery, Inc. to Deliver Presentation at United Nations
HP Michelet, executive chairman of the board, and GG Pique, president and CEO, will illustrate the significant impact of the mounting global water crisis
Earthquake, 3 Tsunamis Hit American Samoa

Want to see a sensational archaeological find in the middle of one of the most beautiful places in Israel?

Get yer fruitcup HERE

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