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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: The Sinister Factor Increases Exponentially

US asks Israel for one-year settlement freeze
Just long enough for Obamanable to preside over the splitting of Jerusalem....

Palestinian Arabs won't share Jerusalem
More than half the Arabs polled throughout the Palestinian Authority reject President Obama’s notion of sharing Jerusalem with Christians and Jews.
Israel vs the world: Drawing battle lines over Jerusalem
For the past 40 years, scores of Israeli politicians have been talking about Israel's 3,000-year-old link to Jerusalem and how the city must remain Israel's undivided capital forever. Former prime minister Ehud Olmert spoke that way for years, especially when he was mayor of the city. But then he became prime minister, changed his tone and - by his own in admission - was willing to compromise on Jerusalem. In a May interview with Newsweek, Olmert said he agreed that the "holy basin" in Jerusalem would not be under Israel's sovereignty, but rather administered by a consortium of Saudis, Jordanians, Israelis, Palestinians and Americans.

Hamas trains teens at military camps in Gaza
Hello Mudda.
Hello Fadda.
Here I am at
Camp Intifada!

IDF: Hamas seized 3 UNRWA ambulances
Listen I am certain UNRWA did not pose a struggle...

Angry arguments erupt at Fatah convention
You say Abasshole & I say Hamasshole, let's call the whole thing off.

West Bank: Discord at Fatah Meeting
NO! Infighting among the Fatahsses? Unheard of! Absurd!

Fatah Leaders Applaud Terrorists Who Killed 37
For 38 and over you get a medal!

Old guard "hijacks" Fatah congress, say reformers
Reform this, OK, cause I do not want to hear it.

This is peace according to Fatah
Listen, they all have the same idea of peace: Dead Juden.

Saudi King's 'historic message' to Palestinians applauded
The "arrogant and criminal enemy" would be me and everyone who looks like me. GlowBall Peace through dead Juden my friends!
JEDDAH – Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Countries (OIC), has described King Abdullah’s message to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Fatah Movement as a “guide to all Palestinian factions to put aside their differences and meet their responsibilities in the service of their nation’s cause.”
Ihsanoglu’s praise for the King’s words, directed to Fatah as members convened in Bethlehem Tuesday, was joined by Pakistani Foreign Minister Mahmoud Qureshi who said the “unprecedented historic message” expressed the feelings of the entire Ummah.

“The Palestinian cause touches upon every individual in the Arab and Islamic and free world,” Qureshi said. “The personal attention given by King Abdullah to the Palestinian cause is not a new one, since it has always been at the top of his agenda everywhere in the world.”

King Abdullah told Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that the split within the Palestinians’ ranks is more damaging to their cause of an independent state than the Israeli “enemy.” In a letter to Abbas marking his Fatah party’s first congress in 20 years, the Monarch stressed that all Palestinian factions need to come together to make an independent Palestinian state possible.

“The arrogant and criminal enemy was not able, during years of continued aggression, to hurt the Palestinian cause as much as the Palestinians hurt their cause themselves in the past few months,” King Abdullah said in his letter.
Mideast expert questions Turkey's role
Dude must read here....
A Mideast expert questions whether Turkey should mediate Israeli-Syrian peace talks because Turkey has an interest in ensuring Syria gets the Sea of Galilee. Syria's main source of water, the Euphrates River, is drying up, and Turkey which shares a border, stops its water in its territory, leaving Syria with a dwindling water supply, Dr. Guy Bechor said in an opinion piece published on the Web site

Estimates project the Euphrates will dry up in a decade, he wrote. Drought has plagued Syria for years and threatens the country's second major water source, the Assi River, which also is drying up, he said. Illegal wells dug by residents over the years are no longer in use.

Britain hopes Syria will play more of a role in Mideast
Soundbite: Ivan Lewis, minister of state for foreign and commonwealth affairs "Now a very important opportunity, that perhaps hasn't existed in the past, for one of the world's great conflicts to begin to come to an end. That is the conflict in the Middle East."

"We want Syria to use its influence in terms of helping to create the conditions now for the two-state solution between the Israelis and Palestinians, which is crucial to the stability of this region," he said.

He emphasized that "only the two-state solution with a viable Palestinian state could secure Israel". Lewis also urged Syria and Israel to resume peace negotiations on the Golan Heights and to normalize bilateral relations "as soon as possible"
The Missing Envoy
Obama has instructed the State department to create a new appointment, U.S. Special Representative for Muslim (Ummah) Outreach, who reports directly to the Secretary of State. This was at the urging of the head of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, who, while at the White House, “urged the U.S. to quickly appoint an envoy to the Islamic bloc” -- which prompted BHO to create the “new office that is responsible for outreach with Muslims around the world.”
LEBANON: Jumblatt Quits Lebanon Coalition, Stalling Cabinet Formation
“There is engagement with Syria at the moment, its isolation has effectively ended,” she said. “It’s being courted by the U.S. and Europe, you have Britain talking to Hezbollah and there is a general trend in the U.S. and Europe toward engaging with Iran.” The domestic reason stems from clashes in May last year in which Jumblatt’s militia was routed by Hezbollah. What influence his announcement will have on the power-sharing agreement remains to be seen.
LEBANON: Nasrallah: New cabinet will be one of true partnership
BEIRUT: Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said on Thursday the next government would guarantee true partnership, adding that the formation process had reached the final steps. Speaking during a graduation ceremony, he stressed that the cabinet’s formation course “may take some time, however, we are on the right track.”
US terror suspects spoke of 'jihad'

US prosecutors played FBI recordings in court as evidence that seven North Carolina terrorism suspects discussed waging jihad, which can mean holy war, as part of a conspiracy to conduct attacks overseas. Prosecutors at the detention hearing in Raleigh used the recordings to argue that Daniel Patrick Boyd, his two sons and four other men, who are all accused of conspiring to carry out terrorism attacks abroad, should remain in custody. An eighth suspect in the case is not in the United States.


Hizb ut-Tahrir in Canada?
Sure, in London and Chicago too. But not in Turkey or the West Bank!

Hizb ut-Tahrir in America

Written in INDIA: Xinjiang: China's Palestine

The recent violence in Xinjiang or former East Turkmenistan, which has left more than 150 dead, is just the tip of the iceberg as to what is happening inside China. China is a country which survives under the iron curtain where the press and free thought processes are censored. People are not allowed to assemble together in social groups. No one is allowed to speak against the government’s policies. The conditions of the ethnic minorities, whether Tibetans, Manchus, Mongols or the Uighurs, are nothing but terrible since the Red Revolution of the late 1940s and the Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1976. China has followed a Han cultural policy under which the non-Chinese areas of the country have been transformed into Han Chinese areas through systematic ethnic cleansing; thereby the ethnic Tibetans, Uighurs, Manchus and Mongols have been reduced into minorities in their own ancient homelands.

Trial of Chinese dissident ends without ruling
A state secrets trial of a Chinese dissident who criticized the government's response to a massive earthquake last year ended Wednesday after three hours with no immediate ruling, his wife and lawyer said.

About 50 supporters and relatives of Huang Qi tried to attend his trial in Chengdu in southwestern Sichuan but were barred from entering the court by police, Zeng Li, Huang's wife, said in a phone interview. She said her husband's health has been deteriorating in recent months while in detention.

Huang, 45, long one of China's most outspoken activists, ran a human rights Web site and wrote about parents who had lost their children when badly built schools collapsed in the May 2008 quake in Sichuan that left nearly 90,000 people dead or missing.

The activist is charged with illegally possessing state secrets, an ill-defined charge often used by Communist leaders to clamp down on dissent and imprison activists.

Huang's lawyer, Mo Shaoping, said his client pleaded not guilty. The court, however, would not allow the defense to call witnesses, saying they had already testified on the case in statements made to police, he said.

A verdict will be announced at an unspecified later time, Mo added. Huang faces a maximum penalty of three years in prison if convicted.

Zeng said she hoped the court would acquit Huang, who has been detained for a year and four months, but was not optimistic. "The only reason that Huang Qi is being tried is because he helped the parents of children killed in the earthquake," said Zeng, who spent the day waiting outside the court with the couple's 18-year-old son and their friends.

Zeng said the prison's medical center found two tumors in Huang's abdomen but has not treated him. He also later found two lumps in his left breast, but repeated requests for his release on medical parole have received no response, she said.

School collapses and the resulting deaths of children became one of the most charged issues in the aftermath of the earthquake and one that local Communist leaders seemed eager to suppress. Another activist, Tan Zuoren, is to be tried next Wednesday for alleged subversion after he tried to investigate the school collapses and the number of children killed.

Earlier this decade, Huang served a five-year prison sentence on subversion charges linked to politically sensitive articles posted on his Web site. Since his release in 2005, he has supported a wide range of causes from aiding families of those killed in the 1989 military crackdown on pro-democracy protests in Beijing's Tiananmen Square to publicizing the complaints of farmers involved in land disputes with authorities.

In pictures: Iran's election crisis

Latest Updates on Iran's Post-Election Crisis

Ahmadinejad sworn in as Iranians battle riot police

UK: Govt defends envoy's presence at Iran inauguration
How is attending the thing, thereby tacitly endorsing it, "hard headed"? Fucking statement is not even attempting to make any sense!
Britain's ambassador to Iran attended the inauguration of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday because "hard-headed diplomacy" is required in dealings with the country, the Foreign Office said.
White House tries to soft soap their approval of Ahmadinejad
The White House performed an embarrassing retreat last night, withdrawing its description of President Ahmadinejad as Iran’s “elected leader” on the day that he was sworn in for his second term. “Let me correct a little bit what I said yesterday,” Robert Gibbs, President Obama’s spokesman, said as thousands of Iranian riot police beat back protesters outside the inauguration ceremony in Tehran. “Whether any election was fair ... we’ll let [the Iranian people] decide about that.”

Hillary Clinton made further amends for an error that reflected the West’s dilemma as it seeks to engage with Iran’s new Government over its nuclear programme. The US Secretary of State expressed admiration for the opposition’s “continuing resistance” to what was widely regarded as a fraudulent election and the brutal crackdown that followed.
Iran hangs 24 drug traffickers 'in mass execution'

Iran may prosecute security, judicial officials

More Bloodshed for Iran
All sides have signaled their commitment to fight on—the regime with in-your-face threats and bullets, former regime insiders with rhetoric and behind-the-scenes maneuverings, and ordinary citizens with the only weapons they have, protests and human sacrifice. Compromise is longer possible. In fact, each side has little choice but to fight on.
Iran says it cannot confirm arrest of three Americans
I know, let's send Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson.... Listen, if this one turns out to be another Reality Politics show like the Nork one, it would telegraph they feel strong, they want to pick up the pace, and they intend to go balls out from now on. We shall see.
"There have been contradictory and vague reports on their arrest in Iran. I cannot confirm or deny the arrests until further investigation," Hassan Qashqavi told state radio. On Tuesday, a local security official in Iran's western Kurdistan province, Iraj Hassanzadeh, told state-run al-Alam television that three Americans had been detained there. "They are definitely Americans," he said. "They were detained four days ago. We don't know whether they are tourists or not. We are questioning them."
Kazakhstan-China $3.3 billion oil deal delayed
Kazakh and Chinese state oil firms' joint $3.3 billion acquisition of a Kazakh private upstream company has been delayed, Kazakhstan said on Wednesday without providing the timeframe or the reason for the delay.
Kazakhstan: Restructuring may reveal emperor's new clothes

Kyrgyzstan faces down Uzbek protests over new base

Kyrgyzstan could build gambling zone near Lake Issyk Kul

All the zones of The Stans are a gamble my purple proles!

Kyrgyzstan's Spiritual Department of Muslims announces Ramadan dates

Spiritual Department of Muslims! They must control the very fabric of time and space as apparently no date occurs without their decree :
According to the Department’s decision, Ramadan is expected to begin on August 21, 2009 and will finish on September 19, 2009.
Gazprom to buy controlling stake in Kyrgyz national gas company

Communism Still Stands in the “Stans”
Now this dude MUST be reading here!
The mass media tells us that communism around the world fell with the tearing down of the Berlin Wall in 1989. It’s almost become a proverb. But in some places communism never fell. Communism still stands in the central Asian “stans,” though often under a different name. The “Stans” are Asian, mostly Muslim former Soviet “republics.” Most of the nations’ names end with the suffix “-stan” in the English language (“stan” means “nation” or “land”), and without exception all are still burdened with one-party, brutal tyrannies — along with leadership derived from Soviet-era apparatchiks.

And they are all still completely in the Russian political orbit.

One confirmation of this is a 2006 state visit from Uzbek President Islam Karimov and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. “We have a lot of plans with regard to Russia,” Karimov told the press during the visit. “Russia is the anchor, the attracting force, the center around which we will ally within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Cooperation and promote our common interests with Russia’s aid.” Karimov and Nazarbayev pledged fealty to Putin’s Russia. “Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan see their future with Russia. From this standpoint, the Eurasian Economic Cooperation is the organization that will keep us on this track. Nazarbayev and I confirm it,” Karimov said.

In 2008, Freedom House listed nearly half of the countries in the world as “free” (46 percent), with 32 percent as “partly free” and 22 percent as “not free.” The former Soviet “republics” are definitely bringing the global average down. Five of the six nations are flatly listed as “not free,” while Kyrgyzstan was listed as “partly free.” Russia itself, which still includes some officially independent Muslim “republics,” is also listed as “not free.”

Tajikistan says it smashes gang linked to Taliban
No one expects The Tajik Smashing!
DUSHANBE - Tajikistan said on Wednesday its security forces had destroyed "an armed terrorist gang" with links to Afghanistan's Taliban, after a string of gunbattles near the Afghan border. The Central Asian state first reported clashes with the militants in early July when they attacked a police checkpoint. It said it had since killed 11 militants and detained 30 men.

"The group led by Islamist Nemat Azizov has been destroyed completely," Interior Ministry spokesman Makhmadullo Asadulloyev told reporters. Authorities said earlier Azizov, killed last month in a special operation, had also been a member of the larger Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), a group which fought alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Fighting last month was centered around the town of Tavildara, which was the stronghold of Islamic opposition during the civil war that broke out in Tajikistan in the 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Mirzo Ziyoyev, a former warlord who joined the government but then switched sides again, died in one of the clashes. Tajikistan's Central Asian neighbors Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan have also blamed the IMU, previously believed to be inactive, for clashes in recent months.
Tajikistan Says Eastern Part Of Country Returning To Normal
What passes for normal in Tajikistan?

Trips to Tajikistan are dangerous, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry warns

Yeah, but that's normal!

First ambassador of Brazil accredited in Turkmenistan


BEFORE-AND-AFTER PHOTOS: Vast Aral Sea Vanishing
Talk about a sea change.

From 2006 through 2009, Central Asia's vast Aral Sea dramatically retreated, with its eastern section losing about 80 percent of its water in just four years (above, newly released NASA satellite images are animated to show the regression).

The immense body of water, which straddles Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan (see map), was once the world's fourth largest freshwater lake.

But in the past 30 years, 60 percent of the lake has disintegrated, according to NASA's Earth Observatory. In the 1960s farmers in this arid region began diverting water from two major rivers that flow into the lake to irrigate cotton fields and rice paddies.
The Evil Empire Strikes Back

The Russian proverb "trust but verify" gave Ronald Reagan some of his most memorable moments. He produced it repeatedly in interactions with the Soviets, including the 1978 ceremony to sign the INF (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) treaty in Moscow. There, he said it first in English, and then in Russian, incurring the displeasure of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.In July 2009 President Obama signed a number of documents in Moscow, and according to sources in the Russian capital and Washington, he received the Kremlin's assurance that Russian troops will not invade Georgia again.

But Mr. Obama, following the practice of his recent predecessors, shied away from publicly stressing the importance of verification, and emphasized instead the value of trust. But this doesn't work with the Russians. No matter which leader occupies the throne in the Kremlin, Moscow has no plans to waive its proclaimed spheres of influence in most, if not all, the former republics of the USSR.

Laughing at Russian Nuclear Subs
Idiot American journalist. We will see who laughs last, comrade.
~ Underwater Vladness
Surprisingly few pundits have commented on news that Russian submarines were sighted off the eastern seaboard. More predictably, most of those who did made reference to The Hunt for Red October.
Obviously this dude is not reading here!

Why Are Russian Subs Patrolling Off East Coast of US?
Stupid American journalists!!! Use that dried out raisin you call a brain. Why do you think?
~ Vlad Cousteavitch, Frogman Deluxe
At a Pentagon briefing on today, press secretary Geoff Morrell told reporters that the submarine patrol had not raised red flags because the Russian navy is free to operate in international waters as much as the U.S. Navy does.
Russia Calls Submarine Patrols Off East Coast 'Routine'
You like this routine wait till you should see the next reel, my Oymerikan friends!
~ Vladimir DeMillski
A senior Russian general on Wednesday brushed off American concerns about two Russian submarines spotted off the East Coast of the United States, saying the patrols were routine and suggesting that the U.S. Navy carries out similar missions near Russia.

"I don't know if there is any news in this news for anyone," said Col. Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn, deputy chief of staff of the Russian armed forces. "The fleet shouldn't sit on its hands and be idle."

Please take note of how the American and Russian statements are exactly the same.

Russian submarine caught snooping off Georgia coast
A Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine, Akula II, was spotted about 200 miles off the coast of Georgia, USA, on Wednesday, August 5, 2009.Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn, deputy chief of the General Staff of the Russian military, confirmed the presence of the sub in the area, but maintained the operation is strictly for training reasons: “The Navy mustn’t rest dockside,” he said at a press conference.

Russia keeping US Humvees as war trophies
You would rather we keep your heads like the Muslims comrades? These were a gift to us from undercover glorious American comrades so just STFU.
A top Russian general says Russia has no intention of returning U.S. Humvees that Russian soldiers seized during the brief war with Georgia a year ago.Deputy chief of the General Staff Anatoly Nogovitsyn says Russia considers the four Humvees to be war trophies and thus has no obligation to give them back.Nogovitsyn told reporters Wednesday that Russia considered the subject closed.The U.S. vehicles were seized in western Georgia. They had been used in joint military exercises in which U.S. trainers were preparing Georgian troops for deployment in Iraq.
What has changed since the August War?
It was "the week that buried the new world order", as the first attempt to change borders in recent European history (The Guardian, August 31 2008)
Energy overshadows Caspian border disputes
Ya think? My these journalists are getting smarter every day.

Russian Leadership's Backyard Troubles

Listen in Russia we know what to do with troublemakers, foolish headline.
~ Vladdest of them all
Ongoing Ethnic and Political Tensions in the Caucasus Are Becoming a Threat to the Leadership in Moscow....

Gazprom Will Ship Gas to Asia in Bid to Curb Reliance on Europe

Putin coming Turkey with complex agenda

Vladimir is a complicated man, no one understands him but his woman!
~ Vlad The Shaft Putin
Shut yo mouf.


I have arrived! Bring on the belly dancers!
~ Vlad The Impale Her

Economy key to Putin, Erdogan talks

Vladimir Putin Is So Hot
That is right, Comrade! I am like red fire in the pants!
~ Yours Truly, Vladissimo Gigante

Vladimir Putin's tough-guy swimming technique

Because I was not born - I was spawned upstream!
~ Underwater Vladness

Korea Blames Russia for Rocket Launch Delays
If I had a rocket launcher....
Russia's Khrunichev State Space Science and Production Center, which is providing the technology for the project, forced a sixth postponement Tuesday, telling local authorities that it needs further time to address some ``technical issues'' detected during its recent testing of the rocket's liquid-fuel propulsion system.
More time given to developer of Ohio uranium plant
A week after saying it wouldn't guarantee a loan for the project, the Obama administration is now offering more time to a company planning a uranium enrichment plant in southern Ohio.

The Department of Energy said Tuesday it will hold off a final review of the application from Bethesda, Md.-based USEC (YOO'-sehk) Inc. for at least six months. That's a softening of the department's position from last week, when it asked the company to withdraw the application and come back again in 12 to 18 months.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu says the administration is allowing USEC to test its technology more fully and line up additional financial support for the project in Piketon. USEC CEO John Welch calls it a "path forward" for a loan that the company has said is crucial.

Signs of strength, M&A for uranium - FP Trading Desk
After six weeks of weakness, the spot price for uranium is starting to show signs of strength. Market watchers UxC and TradeTech have reported that low priced material looks like it is cleared from the market, at least for now.“This has purportedly swung the pendulum back into upward price territory,” said Raymond James analyst Bart Jaworski.

He noted that Uranium Intelligence Weekly (UIW) is more bearish, with its spot price declining to US$46.88 per pound this week from US$48.03.The outlook is marred by a potential Department of Energy sale of US$150-million to US$200-million (or roughly 3-4 million pounds) worth of uranium annually to fund decommissioning at its old gaseous diffusion plant in Portsmouth, Ohio.

“Although it is unclear whether these sales fall within the DOE’s already announced inventory disposition plan, we suspect they do (if not, they represent a radical departure from DOE’s pledge not to adversely impact the market),” Mr. Jaworski said in a research note.

This follows the DOE’s refusal to provide USEC a US$2-billion loan guarantee for its American Centifuge Program in Piketon, Ohio. This setback was a big surprise to many and could translate into higher spot uranium prices over the medium term, the analyst said.“Generally, less enrichment means higher enrichment (SWU) prices, which means utilities would prefer to use less SWU and more natural uranium to produce the same amount of fuel.”

With USEC engaging outside advisors to evaluate its strategic alternatives, Mr. Jaworski thinks Cameco Corp. could be a potential suitor. Meanwhile, his top picks in the uranium space are Denison Mines Corp., Hathor Exploration Ltd., Ur-Energy Inc. and Nufcor Uranium Ltd.
Depleted uranium headed to Utah
More trains filled with depleted uranium are coming to Utah. Even as state regulators consider a moratorium on new shipments of the radioactive material -- which becomes more hazardous over time -- the U.S. Department of Energy plans to ship another 14,800 barrels of it to the EnergySolutions Inc. disposal site in Tooele County. Part of the $1.6 billion in federal stimulus money for the Savannah River cleanup site in South Carolina will pay for rail cars filled with depleted uranium to be buried in Utah during the next 13 months. "This is exactly the situation we were hoping to prevent by asking the state Radiation Control Board to enact a moratorium on depleted uranium," said Christopher Thomas of the Healthy Environment Alliance of Utah.
Havasupai Rally to Stop Uranium Mining at Grand Canyon, AZ
The Havasupai have successfully resisted the mine’s operations for more than 2 decades and mining interests are still at it. The company promises to bring economic development and jobs to the area. “[The Canyon Mine] is going to generate jobs as any mine would, 35 to 40 jobs directly for 5 years. Then there’s trucking ore and spin off benefits that would create roughly 60 to 80 jobs,” said Ron Hochstein President and CEO or Denison Mines.
Early count shows Niger's Tandja extending power
This is all about the Uranium....
Niger's President Mamadou Tandja looks set to secure another three years in power after this week's controversial referendum on changing the constitution, partial returns indicated on Wednesday. Niger citizens voted on Tuesday in a plebiscite to give Tandja, whose second and final term in power expires in December, three extra years in office without an election.

Tandja's allies say that will allow him to oversee multibillion-dollar investment projects in the poor Saharan country, a producer of uranium. International bodies, other countries and domestic rivals have criticised the power bid as undemocratic and a potential cause of national instability.

Niger: Police tear gas crowd of female protesters
NIAMEY, July 15 (Reuters) - Police in Niger fired tear gas on Wednesday to break up a crowd of women protesting against President Mamadou Tandja's plans to hold a referendum on extending his rule, demonstrators said.

The protest marks an escalation of tensions in the uranium-exporting West African state, where Tandja has dissolved parliament and the top court despite criticism of his bid to secure more time in power after his mandate expires.

"Our protest was broken up. The security forces used tear gas to chase us from the Constitutional Court but we are determined to keep up the struggle," said Alhoussaini Ousmane Hadiza, a spokeswoman for the protesters.

Witnesses said nobody was hurt during the demonstration by about 100 women, which is the second to have turned violent since a coalition of opposition parties stepped up efforts to prevent the Aug. 4 referendum from taking place. Lawyers in the desert nation went on a 24-hour strike on Monday to protest against plans to hold a referendum that opponents call an attempted coup d'etat. Bazoum Mahamed, a leading opposition figure, was also briefly detained on Tuesday.

The United States, Canada and West Africa's regional body, ECOWAS, have led the criticism of Tandja's moves. The European Union said it was delaying a payment of budgetary support due to concerns over the referendum. Despite coming to the end of his second five-year term, Tandja says he needs more time in power to carry out political reforms and complete large projects, which include a dam, oil refinery and a uranium mine financed by French nuclear energy giant Areva (CEPFi.PA).
Rossing South poised to become world's largest uranium mine
Australian uranium miner, Extract Resources, said preliminary cost estimate study has confirmed its Rossing South uranium deposit in Namibia as one of the world's largest uranium mines. Extract owns the now world acclaimed uranium resource, known as Rossing South, w hich is adjacent to Namibia's oldest uranium mine, Rio Tinto, owned Rossing mine.
India Hopes to Open Uranium Trade With Australia
India's top diplomat will attempt this week to persuade Australian officials to permit uranium sales to New Delhi, Asian News International reported yesterday (see GSN, Aug. 3).
Goldman Sachs Reports Record $100M Trading Days in Q2
Behold the bulge in the Gold Man's Sacks my friends!

Bank of New York Mellon Buys Back Warrants

HSBC to Add Outlets, Staff as It Expands in China
Better learn to speak Mandarin, comrades.

Why Won't Barney Frank Just Agree To Audit The Fed?
[insert your own Barney Frank gag here]
Oh yes I did.

Germany plans forced administration of stricken banks
Mine Fuhrer, I can valk!
Germany's Economy Ministry has drafted law on the compulsory state administration of banks threatened with insolvency, a ministry spokesman said on Wednesday.
Iceland to Drop Capital Controls in Stages Starting November

UK Serious Fraud Office investigating Iceland
Maybe so they can find out how to best use it to destroy any opposition and to to apply it elsewhere in glorious Glow Ball mine proples?
Britain’s Serious Fraud Office, the public body which investigates large scale financial cases, has been conducting its own investigation into the collapse of the Icelandic banks.
Crude futures move above $71 ahead of supply data

Oil Prices to Heat Up Slowly

Coned, Comed Ask for DOE Smart Grid Grants
Better get righteous before they flick ya light switch.....

Two utilities with confusingly similar names – Consolidated Edison Co. of New York and Commonwealth Edison in Chicago – have thrown their hats in the ring as the latest to seek Department of Energy stimulus grants for smart grid projects.

ComEd, as the Chicago-based utility is known, said Tuesday that it would ask for $175 million to help pay for a 141,000 smart meter deployment that will test a variety of alternative pricing plans, in-home energy displays and home area network control systems (see GE, Silver Spring Land ComEd Smart Meter Pilot).

And ConEdison in New York said it would seek an unspecified amount in stimulus grants to help pay for a total of $375 million in smart grid projects it has planned. Those include the deployment of about 40,000 smart meters, adding monitoring to underground and overhead power distribution systems, and building a command and control network for the utility's smart grid systems.

DOE has about $3.9 billion set aside for 50-50 matching grants to fund smart grid projects. About $3.3 billion is aimed at commercial-scale projects, and about $615 million is aimed at smaller-scale technology demonstration grants (see DOE Issues Rules for $3.9B in Smart Grid Stimulus Grants).

'Socialist Joker' Obama portrait goes viral
STFU or you're a racist, see, Chimpy McHalibuton?

Barack Obama, the ultimate bait-and-switch

You can't say I didn't warn you!
Since Barack Obama has taken office, it is becoming increasing clear that he is not the savior the American people thought they were voting for. For all his talk of change, and all his progressive posturing, it's business as usual in Washington. From the start, Obama was a sort of blank image, an empty shell created by public relations firms and media outlets. He garnered incredible support from the majority of the American people using words like hope, change and unity. Obama never had any real stances on issues or polices.

To quote MIT linguist and political activist Noam Chomsky "Obama’s handlers, the campaign managers, have created an image that is essentially a blank slate. In the Obama campaign the words are hope, change, unity – totally vacuous slogans said by a nice person, who looks good and talks nicely – what commentators call 'soaring rhetoric' – and you can write anything you like on that blank slate.”
Lewisville man arrested for impersonating federal agent
The secret life of Molting Twitty?
Collin officials say Morley admitted he was not a real agent, though they still don't know exactly why he was pretending.
Digitized Stalking Is the New World Order
"Over the next decade, systems which create and store digital records of people’s movements through public space will be woven inextricably into the fabric of everyday life. We are already starting to see such systems now, and there will be many more in the near future," the report said.
The next hot sector to invest in: Energy Weapons (NOC,TXT)
Jewsus save us.

Cybersecurity: A Briefing - Part II

Cyber leadership takes shape at Homeland Security
Well bully for Bruno.

Jewish security network meets with DHS chief
IDIOTS! Do you not understand the DHS thinks of YOU as the terrorists now?
Leaders of the Secure Community Network met Wednesday in Washington with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. SCN, which coordinates security for North American Jewish institutions, has been working with DHS for a while on security training and assessments, but this was the first meeting with Napolitano since she took office earlier this year. Representatives of the Conference of Presidents and the United Jewish Communities, the two organizations which created SCN, as well as leaders of some other Jewish umbrella groups were part of the session. They discussed the "concerns the community has over the spike in incidents" directed at the Jewish community in recent months, said SCN national director Paul Goldenberg. "The last six months have been extraordinary months for the Jewish community."
CACI announces intel, defense contracts
Undisclosed Government Authorities! Previously unannounced!
CACI says the awards, from undisclosed government authorities in the intelligence and national security communities, are for the company to provide technical solutions, and analytical services including document translation services to track and prevent terrorist attacks. Officials say the previously unannounced contracts are worth approximately $133 million.
Weapons of Mass Destruction: Government report released on WMD
GAO analysts reviewed DOD's plans for CBRNE consequence management and documents from the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. GAO also met with officials from the Undersecretary of Defense for Homeland Defense, US Northern Command, US Army Forces Command, U.S. Army North, the National Guard Bureau, and some CCMRF units.

DOD has its own CBRNE consequence management plans but has not integrated them with other federal government plans because all elements of the Integrated Planning System mandated by Presidential directive in December 2007 have not been completed.

The system is to develop and link planning documents at the federal, state, and local levels.While the system's framework is established, the CBRNE concept and strategic plans that provide further guidance are incomplete. DOD has had operational plans in place and revises these plans regularly.
Exercise focuses on emergencies
And your little dog too.
KANSAS: Hundreds of people are at the Battle Command Training Center at Fort Leavenworth this week practicing what they would do in an emergency. Specifically, they were dealing with a fictional scenario in which a nuclear explosion is detonated in Kansas City, Mo.

The exercise is being used to certify headquarters elements of a chemical, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosive-consequence management response force, or CCMRF, according to Navy Capt. Michael Collins, deputy commander for Joint Task Force Civil Support.
In China, DNA tests on kids ID genetic gifts, careers
All the better for selection and elimination, gwylo. Welcome to GATTACA.
At the Chongqing Children's Palace, experts are hoping to revolutionize child-rearing with the help of science. About 30 children aged 3 to 12 years old and their parents are participating in a new program that uses DNA testing to identify genetic gifts and predict the future.

Trailer for "GATTACA", 1997

Gov't insurance would allow coverage for abortion
I do not see why this is suddenly such big news to people, we knew this weeks and weeks ago.

FEMA Announces Creation Of Children's Working Group

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Health-Care Overhaul Creates Dilemma for Some Catholics
Only for some, you see. Others apparently could give a rat's ass how many babies we feed to Moloch! They should resign from the ~ ism then. But then again, they do not have to because the Pope's continuous "tolerant" silence amounts to tacit papal authorization of all kinds of blasphemy.
Catholics want to "extend health care to as many people as possible...but you can't call it health care if it includes a type of killing. It's as simple as that," says Cathleen Kaveny, a professor of law and theology at the University of Notre Dame.
Good for her. Now if Herr Popella had only said something similar - or ANYTHING at all - when The Obamanable triumphantly shit all over Notre Dame and Catholicism, we'd be getting somewhere.

Democrats May Bypass Republicans on Health Plan, Schumer Says

Schumer. Uuuuchhh. And may GOD help those that need a bypass.

DOE: $327 Million new funding for science & energy "security research"
U.S Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced that more than $327 million in new funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will go toward scientific research, instrumentation, and laboratory infrastructure projects. Ten of DOE’s national laboratories in six states will be receiving funds, along with researchers at institutions of higher learning across the nation.

“These new initiatives will help to create new jobs while allowing the U.S. to maintain its scientific leadership and economic competitiveness ,” said Secretary Steven Chu. “The projects provide vital funding and new tools for research aimed at strengthening America’s energy security and tackling some of science’s toughest challenges.

King Baldwin IV Of Jerusalem's Crowning Moments
The greatest of the Christian kings to rule Jerusalem during the Crusades began life as a hapless boy who seemed unfit to rule.
Israeli Antiquities Authority to search for hidden treasures in attics
That's the staff of Moses? I thought it was mine Bubbe's "valking vere dere are shnakes" stick.

Seriously....This is a terrible thing IMO, very STASI-like. In exchange for being allowed to keep the antiquities? This is insane. WTF are they so afraid of? What are they looking for? I am aware of the level of sophisticated forgery that occurs and the all the political and religious controversies surrounding biblical antiquities - but for them to do something like this, IMO it telegraphs they are looking for something important or sensitive that they already know or suspect someone out there is in possession of.
The Israel Antiquities Authority Tuesday launched an unprecedented campaign to identify private antiquities collectors in Israel and enable them to register their collections in exchange for being allowed to keep the antiquities. Those who meet the authority's criteria and fail to register may be subject to criminal prosecution.
Nuke-free world urged on Hiroshima bomb anniversary
And a Koom Bah Humbug to you, you staggering fools.

US hog prices tumble as flu season approaches

Alaska Cook Inlet oil output to restart next week
Oil production from Alaska's Cook Inlet was expected to restart next week after being shut for months by a series of volcanic eruptions, a spokeswoman for the oil-field operator said on Wednesday. Chevron hopes to restart production at the Trading Bay and Granite Point fields on Monday or Tuesday since the Redoubt Volcano has now quietened down and an onshore oil-loading terminal is being put back into service, said company spokeswoman Roxanne Sinz. The restart was expected to be phased in over a week and production, even when fully restarted, will likely fall short of the 7,500 barrel-a-day level that was normal prior to Redoubt's first big eruption on March 22, Sinz said. 'If we're lucky, it'll probably be a little lower,' she said. Reservoir conditions in the aged fields might have deteriorated during the four-month shutdown, affecting production rates, she said.

Redoubt, a 10,197-foot (3,108-metre) volcano located about 100 miles (161 kilometres) southwest of Anchorage, had a series of explosive eruptions during late March and early April. Those explosions unleashed mudflows, floods, showers of rock and billowing ash clouds. Unsafe conditions forced an immediate shutdown at the Drift River Terminal near the base of Redoubt. That shutdown, in turn, caused Chevron to run out of storage space for its Cook Inlet oil, forcing a suspension of production. Although Redoubt is still steaming occasionally, it has not had a big eruption since April 4, according to the Alaska Volcano Observatory, the joint state-federal office that monitors and studies Alaska's volcanoes.
New Strain of H.I.V. Is Discovered
European scientists have discovered a new strain of the virus that causes AIDS and linked it to gorillas, creating a mystery about when and how the first patient found to have the strain became infected. It is thought to be likely that this is the first time scientists have documented the jump of a simian immunodeficiency virus to humans from a gorilla. All three other known strains of the human immunodeficiency virus, H.I.V.-1, have been linked to chimpanzees. But genetic tests showed that the new virus was closely related to a recently recognized gorilla virus.
Strong 6.1 quake rattles New Zealand

Earthquake of magnitude 5.8 off Romania, Bulgaria

Earthquakes: Take subduction, add water
A University of Utah study has shown how water deep underground helps one of the world's youngest subduction zones in New Zealand, where the Pacific Plate of Earth's crust dives beneath the Australian Plate, mature and paves the way for it to generate powerful earthquakes. The study in the Aug. 6 issue of Nature "expands our understanding of the sources of earthquake failure," says Phil Wannamaker, the study's main author and a geophysicist at the University of Utah's Energy and Geoscience Institute. Understanding how one of Earth's moving tectonic plates can dive or subduct beneath another to create earthquake-generating faults is important because subduction and faulting "are major processes all over the world," especially in the "Ring of Fire" around the Pacific Ocean, Wannamaker says. "It hasn't been on people's minds that fluid-generating processes way out of sight reach up and cause damage right under our feet."

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