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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: The Fat Lady's Chances Are Slim ~

Jerusalem "key" to settling Mideast conflict: Fayyad
Please read Dore Gold's THE FIGHT FOR JERUSALEM. You think we got a jihad now, wait till they get their hands on Jerusalem. That's their real go time.
Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said Saturday that resolving the Israeli Palestinian conflict and achieving peace depend on the issue of Jerusalem. "Jerusalem is the key to peace, security and stability," Fayyad told a seminar at Birzeit university in Ramallah.

"The future of the Palestinian national project and the future of the comprehensive peace depend on protecting Jerusalem, its position, its history, and securing a solution that also maintains the Palestinians' rights," he said. He added that "East Jerusalem is the capital of the (future) Palestine statehood and the state's sovereignty over its capital must be complete."
No Incremental Steps To Peace, Saudi Says
Private letters, even! Buttress deluxe!
Mitchell has attempted to gather chits from various Arab nations to take partial steps toward normal relations, such as opening air corridors or granting some visas, if Israel at the same time takes steps on settlements. Obama has buttressed that effort by writing private letters to Arab leaders making the case for confidence-building measures.
Fatah to reject Israel as Jewish state at congress
Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah faction will reaffirm its refusal to recognise Israel as a Jewish state at a major congress next week, according to a document obtained by AFP on Saturday.The congress document also reiterates the refusal of the Palestinian leadership to resume peace talks with Israel as long as it continues building Jewish settlements in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank.

Minister Katz: Fatah's draft platform is a declaration of war against Israel
That is exactly what it is, my friend.

Assad: Golan will return to Arab hands
After the Saudi foreign minister flatly rejected the US request that his country make goodwill gestures toward Israel, Syrian President Bashar Assad was quoted repeating his refusal to resume negotiations with Israel unless the country first commits to ceding the Golan Heights.

In an interview published Saturday in a Syrian military magazine's edition celebrating the 64th anniversary of the army, Assad said "peace and occupation are opposites that can never meet." He repeated the Syrian position that "returning all occupied territories to the 4th of June [1967, prior to the Six Day War] borders is not up for negotiation or discussion."
Envoy says China, Syria support each other on important issues
What missing Uighur Muslims? Kill the Juden! FREE PALESTINE!

Hezbollah slams Obama for extending Syria sanctions

Muslims burn 75 Christian homes and 2 churches in Punjab
Islamabad - A crowd of Muslims looted and set on fire 75 houses of Christians and burned two churches in the village of Korian, Toba Tek Singh District in Punjab. Charges of alleged blasphemy against Mukhtar Masih, Talib Masih and the latter's son, Imran Maseeh unleashed the violent attack. The three are accused of having desecrated the Koran during a wedding ceremony.

According to local sources, the attackers came from a village near Korian. On July 30 they raided the homes of Christians and a group of them tried to stage a sort of public trial to extort apologies from Talib Masih for the act of which he was accused. The crowd then blocked the road connecting Faisalabad to Gojra and the entrance to the barracks of the village firemen, hampering rescue efforts to extinguish fires.
Indian PM asks service chief to be 'prepared'
The security scenario in the country came up for a review at a meeting of the National Security Council chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi on Saturday (August 1). The meeting comes in the wake of intelligence reports of possible terror threats via sea to Maharashtra and Goa, which led to the Navy and Coast Guard launching operations to locate a rogue ship in the Arabian Sea. The search by Navy and Coast Guard was still on though there was no result even 24 hours after the operation was launched, sources said.

China’s growing military might has also reflected in the high level defence meet chaired by the Prime Minister at 7 Race Course Road. Highly placed sources have told TIMES NOW that the Prime Minister has asked for complete military preparedness. Specific decisions on increased military presence along the China border - specifically Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Ladakh have been taken. There is also an increased threat perception from the Chinese base in Cocos Islands in Myanmar for which more troops will be stationed at the strategic Andaman and Nicobar islands.
Gunman kills two at gay center in Israel
A masked gunman slipped into a community center for gay teenagers in Tel Aviv and sprayed the room with automatic rifle fire late Saturday, killing two people and wounding at least 10 in what activists called Israel's deadliest crime against homosexuals. Police set up roadblocks in central Tel Aviv and launched a citywide search for the assailant, who fled on foot. Witnesses said the gunman was dressed in black and apparently acted alone. Police said the motive was unclear.
Al Qaeda May Have Infiltrated British Secret Service
Of course they have, it is Gramsci's Long March Islamofied. They are all up in the DHS here.
Patrick Mercer, a Conservative member of Parliament, is demanding a probe into claims six Muslims were thrown out of MI5 because of concerns about their past. Two of the six allegedly attended Al Qaeda training camps in Pakistan while the others had unexplained gaps of up to three months in their resumes.
U.S. Officials Negotiated With Iraqi Insurgent Groups Twice in Spring
The negotiations involved at least three insurgent leaders and at least three State Department officials, who met in Turkey in March and May, said Sheik Ali al-Jubouri, an insurgent representative. A third meeting was supposed to take place in June, but it never happened, Jubouri said in an interview by telephone from Qatar.

U.S. officials declined to provide details of the meetings, which they said took place in March and April. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said Thursday that military and diplomatic officials "meet with a wide range of Iraqi contacts with the purpose of promoting reconciliation and fostering national unity" and that "the meetings in question occurred some months ago and with the knowledge of officials within the Iraqi government."
Mass Trial for Protesters Begins in Iran
The Iranian authorities opened an extraordinary mass trial against more than 100 opposition figures on Saturday, accusing them of conspiring with foreign powers to stage a revolution through terrorism, subversion, and a media campaign to discredit last month’s presidential election.
In protesters trial, Rafsanjani accused of 'treason'

Iran confirms three Americans are being detained
We really do not know if this was how they actually got hold of them so I will refrain from calling them dumbasses, for now.
Three Americans who apparently strayed across the Iranian border while on a hiking trip in the northern Iraqi region of Kurdistan are in Iranian custody, that country's state-run television reported Saturday.

The Arabic-language Al Alam station quoted an Interior Ministry official as saying the Americans, two men and a woman, were detained after they ignored warnings from border guards and crossed into Iran in a remote mountainous area about 55 miles northeast of the Kurdish town of Sulaymaniya.

Blair to be called before UK inquiry to Iraq war

Holcim rejects Venezuela's compensation for nationalized unit
Swiss cement maker Holcim said on Friday that Venezuela's compensation offer for its nationalized unit was not acceptable
Hugo Chavez Closes 34 Radio Stations
The new law would punish the owners of radio stations, television channels and newspapers that have attempted to "cause panic" and "disturb social peace," Attorney General Luisa Ortega said. It also would punish media owners who "manipulate the news with the purpose of transmitting a false perception of the facts."

"Freedom of expression must be limited," Ortega said.
NYT: China Could Use Some Honest Talk About Race
HAHAHA! Do not hold breath, stupid capitalist round eye gwylo! Entire Glow Ball close eye to it, and so will you. GOD of Cha Ching Rules.
This is the second year in a row of severe turmoil in western China, following the uprising that swept Tibetan areas in March of 2008. The events of recent weeks in China’s Xinjiang region, where were nearly 200 people died during unrest and a dozen members of the predominantly Muslim Uighur minority were killed by police (according to official figures), demonstrate if nothing else how China desperately awaits its own civil rights moment.
10,000 Chinese Rioters 'Go Missing' Overnight
See, stupid American paper? Behold the Glow Ball's most expendable Muslims. Oh, and BTW... Free Palestine!
Nearly 10,000 Uighurs involved in deadly riots in China went missing in one night, exiled Uighur activist Rebiya Kadeer has said.
China keeps US waiting on North Korea's future
HAHAHAHAHA! Stupid Gwylo, you will never learn!

N.Korea 'helping Myanmar build nuclear plant'

Dmitry Medvedev's Visit To Tajikistan Solved Nothing
Silly headline. No one is trying to solve anything here, we are trying to take things from here.

Turkmen-Iran Gas Pipeline To Be Finished By End of 2009

Reclusive, gas-rich Turkmenistan cracks the door
Not far away from Avaza stands a huge billboard depicting the current president, Berdymukhamedov, larger than life, leading a group of children and behind them the entire Turkmen nation. He looks like what his predecessor Niyazov so proudly declared himself to be: Turkmenbashi, the father of all Turkmen.
Baptists assailed by Uzbek government
Uzbekistan's Baptist Union is facing criminal charges for allegedly unlawfully teaching children religion, and for supposedly misusing their property as a summer camp.
Kazakh Proverbs
Kekshil bolma, epshil bol.

Shifting Tides Of Influence
Eighteen years after the five former Soviet republics of Central Asia became independent, outsiders continue to jockey for position in the traditional contest for influence in the region.

The great powers -- Russia, the United States, China, and Europe -- follow two main strategies to gain or hold sway in the region: the provision of mutual security, and the use of financial measures and trade incentives in exchange for access to enormous energy reserves.

The five states of Central Asia -- Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan -- are majority Muslim states that mark the northern limits of the Islamic world. To the south are Afghanistan and Iran, countries that outside actors and the Central Asian countries themselves view as potential sources of security problems.

Neighboring Russia and China, meanwhile, see Central Asia as a hotbed of movements linked with opposition elements within their own borders.

Central Asia's vast deposits of oil, natural gas, and uranium are the modern-day lures of a region that has an ancient history as a crossroads for trade between the East and the West. And the five nations are showing an increased readiness to play that role again, but are finding they can now demand security and trade partnerships in exchange.
Russia Says Georgia Fired on South Ossetia, Threatens Force
Russia accused Georgia of firing at South Ossetia and warned that its troops may fight back, as the countries prepare for the first anniversary of the war over the separatist region. Georgia denied the claims.

Georgia launched mortars and grenades at observation posts near Tskhinvali, South Ossetia’s capital, over the past four days, Russia’s Defense Ministry said on its Web site today.

“The August 2008 event developed along similar lines,” the ministry said. If civilians or troops are threatened, “the Russian Defense Ministry reserves the right to use all forces and means at its disposal.”

Ukraine May Get $1.7 Billion From International Lenders for Gas

Russia trumps US with new Central Asia army base

HAHAHA stupid headline. Obamnable Snowjobman is no match for Gloriously Bad Vlad.

Putin tags whale, steers mini-submarine

Putin finds dirt and filth in world's deepest and pristine lake
And then he realized it was only him.

Mike Morgan Akbar!
I have been asked to start websites about the other Banksters. Today I am announcing the launch of
Why Is a Slate Writer Shilling for Goldman Sachs?
By Matt Taibbi
So let me get this straight. Goldman Sachs employees are so used to criticism and the free exchange of ideas that they flounder once they’re in public office, where “no one questions their premises” and “it’s hard to get good feedback”? Am I having an acid flashback, or is this the same Heidi Moore who 360 words ago was bitching about how Paulson, Kashkari, and Liddy faced such heated resistance to their “premises” after leaving Goldman?

This Moore piece, it shows how desperate the game has gotten for Goldman. They and their shills are reduced now to arguing that they make their money because their employees pat each other on the back and do trust-falls to instill mutual confidence in each other. The whole world is throwing heavy subpoenas and damning stacks of numbers at them, and they’re coming back with, “We succeed because we let a smile be our umbrella.” This shit is literally as weak as it gets.
Big Banks Paid $32 Billion in Bonuses While Losing $81 Billion

Bank of America reveals resignations of 3 board members
Sounds like a purge to me:
Three directors resigned from Bank of America Corp.’s board this week, the Charlotte, N.C.-based bank said in a regulatory filing. John T. Collins, William Barnet, III and Gary L. Countryman left the board, according to the filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Collins resigned as of Wednesday, while Barnet and Countryman left Friday. The filing said “each director’s decision to resign was not as a result of any disagreement with the corporation or its management.”

Fed pressured to detail its support system
Nearly a dozen Democratic and Republican senators are ramping up pressure on the Federal Reserve to release details of all the central bank's steps to shore up the economy. The Fed has declined to release information on the complete commitments it has made under its powers to support firms under "unusual and exigent circumstances," a wide-ranging power the Fed has had since the 1930s.
'People's Republic of Maryland'
Boy is this swirling around the Internets this morning. On Constellation Energy's 2nd-quarter earnings conference call this morning, one analyst referred to "The People's Republic of Maryland." The topic was Constellation's proposed joint venture with Electricite de France, the Maryland's Public Service Commission's review of the deal even though it has no jurisdiction, and yesterday's announcement by the PSC that it won't complete the review in time for CEG's and EDF's deadline.
Icelandic bank chief in £500m of hot water

Iceland Approves Capital Account Liberalization Strategy

Capital Account Liberalization Strategy? Sounds bad to me ... watch for the phrase and the idea to start getting play here very soon.
To avoid economic instability, the capital controls will be lifted in stages, the central bank said. Restrictions on foreign currency inflows for new investment will be removed first. The new capital out of Iceland will be permitted once again, provided the new investment has been registered with the central bank. This first stage of liberalization is expected to have a limited or positive impact on the foreign exchange reserves.

Further, the next phase of the strategy - the removal of restriction on capital outflow will be implemented upon the fulfillment of certain conditions. The central bank is set to present the phases of the strategy in detail on August 5, 2009.
Which no one in the MSM will touch. All coverage & investigative journalism on it is coming from bloggers, like this one at "Maggie's Noteook":
Frank Lombard Eno Commons Commune Developer is Sherri Zann Rosenthal.

Sherri Zann Rosenthal is the developer of the communal cohousing development where Frank Lombard, the Duke University professor and gay pedophile rapist dad lives with his partner Kenneth Shipp. Shipp is also a staff member at Duke University.

Sherri Zann Rosenthal

Sherri Zann Rosenthal's Zann Developments LLC created Eno Commons where Frank Lombard and his partner, Kenneth Shipp live. She is a city attorney in Durham, N.C. where this awful scene is playing out. Rosenthal is an openly gay activist, and her partner, Daya Breckinridge is on the Nursing school staff at Duke University and owns 'Yoga in the Hood' studio.

In a webpage describing Eno Commons says this:
People of all ages, races, religious beliefs, and affectional preferences are invited to make Eno Commons their home.
On another webpage there's this:
Open to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and/or Transgender members
Restrictions on Romantic Relationships (between consenting adults): No

Eno Commons
There are 22 households in Eno Commons consisting of 38 adults. There are 22 children, of which 11% "identify as 'people of color' (all are children)." The website directs the reader to an article in IndyWeek which interviews gay and lesbian parents about the legal travails of being same-sex parents. The article is centered around Cathy Surles and Kelly Rimer and their two adopted boys. The Surles-Rimer family lives in Eno Commons.

I know you remember that Durham and Duke University were in the Nation's headlights for a couple of years after some Duke Lacrosse players were accused of raping an "exotic dancer." In the end, the young men were cleared and all charges were dropped, but it is odd how some working for the city and some working for Duke seem to have connections.

Sherri Zann Rosenthal works in the Durham City Attorney's Office. Her position is unclear. At times I've read that she is a an assistant City Attorney. Tracey Cline became the first Black and first woman to be elected as Durham District Attorney. She was second chair to Mike Nifong, the District Attorney at the time, who tried his darndest to take the Lacrosse players to trial. Cline claimed that she knew absolutely nothing about Nifong railroading the defendents in the rape case, but who believes that? She was the backup prosecutor, and she won the election for District Attorney anyway. Also listed as a part of the Durham city offices is Sharon A. Thompson of the Sharon Thompson Law Group. She is heavily involved with gay and lesbian parents.

Then we move to Duke University where the nursing program was front and center with medical evidence used against the Lacrosse players. As a supposed-victim, Crystal Magnum claimed she was raped, was treated at the Duke University Medical Center. It's confusing and I'm just going to skim the surface, but a nurse there was rushed through receiving certain credentials (SANE) to allow her to testify against the Lacrosse players. Her name is Tara Livecy. She was charged with giving false and misleading evidence, or something close to that. The Duke University Medical Center was implicated for "breaching it's duties."

Whether connected or not, I have to ask, what in the world is going on in Durham and at Duke? Frank Lombard worked for Duke before his arrest. He is now on leave and you can't find him anywhere on the University's website. His gay partner, Kenneth Shipp works at Duke. Daya Breckenbridge, Sherri Zann Rosenthal's lesbian partner works for Duke. Was her nursing supervisor possibly Theresa Arico - also implicated in the charges against Tara Livecy? And we find that Lombard and Shipp live in the commune developed by Rosenthal, advertised to be welcoming to all manner of gender and sexual descriptions - and where children live in "paradise."

Where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Surely they are outraged at what this White guy did to this little Black boy. Come on Reverends! Let's hear what you have to say.

My other reporting on Frank Lombard, with updates:
Frank Lombard is Duke Professor Gay Adoptive Rapist Dad: MSM Doesn't Care
Frank Lombard is Duke Professor: Frank Lombard is Pedophile Commune Member
SAIC Wins $388 Million DHS Contract
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) has announced a prime contract win from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Cybersecurity and Communication. SAIC will support the National Communications System (NCS) through scientific, engineering and technical services.
Science Applications International Corporation
From SourceWatch:

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) was founded in 1969 by J. Robert Beyster "and a small group of scientists ... as a scientific consulting firm with a handful of government contracts for nuclear power and nuclear weapons effects study programs.... Over the years, the company has expanded into national and homeland security programs, non-nuclear energy studies, health care systems, environment-related businesses, information technologies, high-technology products, telecommunications, transportation and eSolutions services and products for commercial and government customers."[1]

In 1990 SAIC was indicted and pled guilty to 10 felony counts of fraud on a Superfund site, called “one of the largest (cases) of environmental fraud” in Los Angeles history. [2] SAIC had some 44,000 employees and took in $8 billion in 2006. SAIC "is larger than the departments of Labor, Energy, and Housing and Urban Development combined," reported Vanity Fair. [3] "SAIC's largest customer by far is the U.S. government, which accounts for 69 percent of its business," according to the Center for Public Integrity. [4]

P-8A secretly acquires mission to rival Joint STARS
The Boeing P-8A Poseidon has secretly acquired a new role for the US Navy that will transform the maritime patrol aircraft into a rival of the US Air Force's Northrop Grumman E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS). Details of the mission surfaced today in a press release issued by Raytheon, which announced receiving a multi-year contract to develop an advanced new radar for the P-8A programme. According to Raytheon, the advanced airborne sensor (AAS) will become a successor to the littoral surveillance radar system (LSRS), which is operational today on a small subset of the Lockheed P-3C fleet.
Armed Woman Reportedly Concerned About FEMA CAMPS Arrested In NY, Sent to Shrink

The New York Post ran an article August 1st entitled GUN NUT' BUSTED AT BASE, which begins:

"A Long Island mother of three -- armed to the teeth with an assault rifle and shotgun -- was arrested for scouting out and taking pictures of an Air National Guard base in the Hamptons, authorities said."

The article goes on to allege that Nancy Genovese was "trespassing outside the Gabreskie Airport ANG facility Thursday night, and Homeland Security and the FBI are also investigating". This begs the question, how is she 'trespassing' if she was outside the base? Is this another case of "it's illegal to film" government buildings?" The woman was then held for a "psychiatric examination" after she allegedly went "berserk" in court. On first guess, I would bet that a forced mental health hold may be enough under their 'law' to be used as a pretext to seize her guns. Sheriff Joseph Caracappa is quoted in the article saying they guns are "registered", but "scary" weapons, despite the fact that there are no laws requiring gun "registration".

Feds question urban security and preparedness

Suspect in abortion doctor slaying chastises Operation Rescue
The language of deception is everywhere. First of all, he ain't a suspect, stupid headline, he IS the shooter. With a suspect we have doubt, we must prove... this dude killed him outright, period. He is not a "suspect".... we are not in any doubt about who gunned Tiller down. No one wants to say what's who anymore, ever, on either side.

And second of all, Tiller was no "doctor". Yeah he had the degree and this gives him the title DOCTOR, but he was nothing more than a murderer, as is Roeder. He did zero to heal, all he ever did with his "doctor" credentials was kill. Listen to Tiller in his own voice. He was closer to being a professional hitman for the eugenics movement or a deranged serial killer than a "doctor", and I am entirely sick of reading glowing pieces about this GOOD DOCTOR who was so brutally gunned down in his CHURCH and all the wonderful selfless things he was doing for womankind. MFer was a full time murderer. Period. And he enjoyed it. How much more full of shit you can all be before you spontaneously combust is beyond me.

Anyway, both of these guys came directly from hell and directly to hell they shall return. I hope they are chained together for all eternity, they deserve each other richly. These types usually hate each other so viscerally precisely because they recognize what they hate most in themselves in each other. Two peas in a bloody murderous pod are Roeder and Tiller. Both of them felt like righteous crusaders for their respective causes, both of them killed for very similar reasons at the essence of it, and both of them justify their murders in very similar ways.
In the letter, Roeder chided Newman for seeking protection for himself after getting death threats from abortion rights supporters following Tiller's shooting.

"Why is it so difficult to proclaim the humanity of the unborn child? Could it be that this is so politically incorrect and there might and most probably would come a wave of persecution along with it," Roeder wrote.
He's right of course. Operation Rescue guy was most definitely trying to cover his ass, and Roeder's statement there about mass silence based on fear of persecution is right on. But he could not possibly be more wrong. So all his right becomes an absolute zero, a detriment. It is never about being "right" in any situation... it is about how you personally handle what is "right". And gunning this vile asshole Tiller down was not the answer here. Far from it. All Roeder did was provide an extrodinarly evil ideology with it's first glorious martyr to the cause. Idiot. He could not have done them a bigger propaganda solid had he been actively on their side. Matter of fact if the Abortiacs were really smart Bad Vlad style political plotters they would have shot Tiller themselves, long ago. Best thing that ever happened to them.

Key House committee passes health care bill

If abortion is rationalized, what about euthanasia?
Tick Tock!

Obama's "Science Czar" Advocated Giving Trees the Right to Sue

Vermont: The YMCA is investigating a complaint lodged by a member about “inappropriate sexual activity” by another member
YMCA member Tiki Archambeau told the Free Press he complained to YMCA staff Friday after he said he saw state Sen. Ed Flanagan masturbating as he lay on a bench in an open area in the Men’s Wellness Center.
I found this want ad very creepy:
Vacant Scientist 'D' Positions - MBBS Regional Medical Research Center - Andaman & Nicobar Island: To develop programmes for training and research, plan and undertake research on different aspects of communicable diseases, tribal health and to assist the Director and other scientists in conducting research in thrust areas and any other duties as assigned by the Director of the Centre.
Government sign on the Andaman Islands in the territory of the Jarawa tribe

Scientists checking Nevada Test Site groundwater

Small Earthquake Rattles North Carolina, TN & GA

4,000 evacuated as forest fire rages in Spanish Canary Isles


5.5 Earthquake rocks Maluku

5.0 hits Japan's Honshu island

'Volcano-like' explosion near Kaza
On July 27 people in Rangrik village claimed to have heard and seen an explosion atop a nearby hill top, which they claimed was similar to volcanic eruption. This was followed by landslides and water gushing out of the hill continuously.

While there is only one live volcano on the Indian soil – Barrel islands in Andaman and Nicobar – the local people fear this could be another one. However, geologists in Himachal Pradesh University though rule out this theory, they claim the explosion could be due to presence of sulphor and hydro-thermal gases. Tenzin Samphal from Kullu, who talked to relatives in Rangrik said people there had been waiting for the administration to probe the matter but there has been no response. Meanwhile, they plan to trek the mountain themselves to have a closer look at the place whom where now water seems to be gushing down.

Volcano erupts in Lahaul and Spiti

A live volcano has come to light in Rangrik village of Lahaul and Spiti district, 425 kms from here. The volcano, according to locals erupted on the Wednesday evening. “We heard a blast on the hill and a then flames came out from the eruption site followed by molten material," Tanpa Lama, a local Buddhist preacher said. Ashwani Ramesh, SDM, Kaza has confirmed the volcano eruption and said that a team of geologists and revenue officers has been sent to Rangrik village. “We have sent a team of revenue officials to take stock of the situation," Ashwani Ramesh said.

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