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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Super fragile masochistic left-wing red psychosis!

Today's post title provided by James T. Kirk

Israel declines to ask U.S. to OK Iran attack

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his top deputies have not formally asked for U.S. aid or permission for possible military strikes on Iran's nuclear program, fearing the White House would not approve, two Israeli officials said.

One senior Israeli official, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject, told The Washington Times that Mr. Netanyahu determined that "it made no sense" to press the matter after the negative response President Bush gave Mr. Netanyahu's predecessor, Ehud Olmert, when he asked early last year for U.S. aid for possible military strikes on Iran.

Obama clarifies Biden on Iran
Classsic Good Shmuck, Bad Shmuck.
Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday on ABC's "This Week" that the administration wants to negotiate with Iran, but also seemed to suggest that the United States would not stop an Israeli pre-emptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. "Look, Israel can determine for itself -- it's a sovereign nation -- what's in their interest and what they decide to do relative to Iran and anyone else," Biden said. "Whether we agree or not," added the former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who has developed quite the reputation for misspeaking and straying off message. Obama was asked on CNN this morning, "Are you giving Israel a green light?" "Absolutely not," the president replied. "And I think it's very important that I'm as clear as I can be, and our administration is as consistent as we can be on this issue."
Israel's Peres in Egypt for talks with Mubarak

European taxpayers pay the price of Israel's settlement policy, the European Commission said.

A statement from the commission's Jerusalem office Monday said that Israel's settlement policy inhibits the growth of the Palestinian economy and makes the Palestinian Authority more dependent on foreign aid, the Associated Press reported.

"It is the European taxpayers who pay most of the price of this dependence," the statement said. The Jerusalem office is only mandated to deal with aid issues, not politics, the Jerusalem Post reported. Israel's Foreign Ministry called in the European Union ambassador to Israel following the statement's release. The commission claims it has given more than $280 million to help cover the Palestinian budget deficit.
Israel frees Hamasshole
Israel on Monday released a Palestinian MP with the Islamist movement Hamas, Ibrahim Abu Salem, who was held behind bars since the capture of an Israeli soldier in Gaza, Hamas said.
Hamas bans women from laughing while swimming, illegal for men to swim topless
A Mounted Hamas security officer patrols the beach as people swim and play on the beach in Gaza City, Thursday, June 18, 2009.
A Gaza first: Fatah operative arrested for 'lying on Web'
Hamas police source says man arrested in Strip on suspicion of 'electronic offenses', Fatah operative detained for allegedly inciting against Hamas on Web forums
Obama and Israel
The refusal of Palestinian politicians, academics and clerics to stipulate that they accept a permanent Jewish state existing next to a Palestinian state is, of course, at once a dirty little secret and the 800 pound gorilla in the room when it comes to the debate over the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
US floats ideas on next envoy to Syria
Float this. Both of them are Glow Ballin' Whores of the Caliphate Deluxe.
Former US ambassador to Israel Daniel Kurtzer sharply denied reports Monday that he was under consideration to become the next American ambassador to Damascus. Kurtzer, who also served as the envoy to Egypt and has been a strong supporter of US President Barack Obama, told The Jerusalem Post that the speculation had no basis in fact, and that "nobody's called" him in connection with the post. His name had been floated along with that of outgoing US Consul General in Jerusalem Jacob Walles following the recent announcement from US officials that America would be returning an envoy to Syria for the first time since 2005.
Saudi Arabia appoints new ambassador to Syria
A Saudi diplomat said Monday that the kingdom has appointed a new ambassador to Syria, the strongest sign yet of the solidifying reconciliation between the two rival Arab nations.

The United States and its Arab allies, including Saudi Arabia, have been working to boost ties with Syria in recent weeks in hopes of pulling it out of the fold of Iran and Islamic militant groups in the region.

France, Britain stand firmly on Iran
And the US & Russia stand firmly against them. How sad and crazy is that shit?

Iran's Revolutionary Guard taking a bigger role in nation's security
Calling the move 'a new phase of the revolution,' leaders insist there is no room for compromise on President Ahmadinejad's reelection.
The OIC is ready to extend assistance and to consult with the Chinese Government!
So helpful, this OIC is.
The Islamic world is expecting from China, a major and responsible power in the world arena with historical friendly relations with the Muslim world, to deal with the problem of Muslim Minority in China in broader perspective that tackles the root-causes of the problem, the press release says.
Uyghurs: China's remote Muslim minority
They live on Stan's borders. Naturally.

China takes control of news agenda after Uighurs riot in Urumqi
On October 1 President Hu will stand where Chairman Mao stood 60 years ago — on top of Tiananmen, the Gate of Heavenly Peace — and review a massive parade. It is an event that must be a success, and because of this China is still afraid of telling the whole truth
Clash in China's oil-rich Xinjiang leaves 156 dead
Chinese police arrested 1,434 people in connection with what the state-run Xinhua news agency called a "riot" Sunday evening. The latest clash Tuesday came in front of a group of reporters who were being taken around the city to see the aftermath of Sunday's violence, the Associated Press reported.

The protesters said their family members had been arbitrarily arrested in the crackdown following Sunday's incident, a Reuters report said. Li Yi, head of the publicity department of the Communist Party of China's Xinjiang regional committee, said early Tuesday morning that the dead include 129 men and 27 women, and added that 1,080 people were injured in rioting, the Xinhua report said. The Xinjiang territory is home to the Uighur people and other ethnic minorities, and it is frequently the site of protests by those seeking more autonomy for the region or alleging mistreatment by China's ethnic Han majority.
Somali Islamist Group Gives Government Five Days to Surrender
The leader of Somalia’s Islamist al- Shabaab movement gave the government five days to surrender and hand over its weapons or face prosecution by Shariah courts.
The US has urged Ethiopia not to send its troops back into Somalia
This article kills me. The way they make it sound Ethiopia would be "invading" Somalia. Meantime back in reality Somalia has ASKED THEM TO HELP! We are on the wrong side of every thing everywhere these days.
The senior US official for African policy Johnnie Carson told Reuters news agency such a move would be against the interests of both nations. Ethiopia invaded Somalia in late 2006 to topple an Islamist movement in the capital Mogadishu, sparking an insurgency which is still raging. Ethiopian troops pulled out in January but witness say their forces continue to make regular incursions.

"The Ethiopian government continues to look very closely at developments in Somalia," said Mr Carson before a scheduled trip to Addis Ababa on Monday. "Given the long-standing enmity between Somalis and Ethiopians, I will encourage the Ethiopians not to re-engage in Somalia," he said. He said such a move could prove "counterproductive" for Somalia's fragile transitional government.
JUNE 20 2009:
"We have, as a parliament, decided to ask the regional governments — like Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti — as well as the international community to intervene militarily in Somalia within 24 hours to help the Somali nation," Nor said.
Beware state failure in Somalia, Yemen, and Tajikistan

Africa has no shortage of political and social turmoil, but Somalia, which hasn't had a functioning government in nearly two decades, is in a league of its own. Criminal networks control key ports, stoking the surge of piracy off Somali waters and in the neighboring Gulf of Aden, where more than 10 percent of global oil traffic passes. More than 60 ships, including a Saudi supertanker, have been hijacked in the last 18 months.

Onshore, well-armed Islamic militants, with local roots and al Qaeda connections, have filled a political vacuum across the south and center of the country, attracting foreign fighters to join them. A western-backed transitional government and African Union peacekeepers are virtually powerless to stop their advance.

Somalis who want the militants out lack the weapons and the friends to evict them. We can expect more lawlessness, radicalization, suicide bombings (previously unheard of in Somalia), attacks on western targets inside and outside the country, and more piracy. If the government loses control of Mogadishu's port and airport, the country will slip beneath the waves, with serious consequences for the entire region.

Chávez asks Obama to take a stance on Honduras coup
Chávez wondered "how is it possible that the military junta, which is the spitting image of the Yankee Empire, is challenging the world, as if it were Israel?"
FIFA Guilty Of Appeasing Islam: Christian Prayers Bad, Muslim Prayers Good
BTW all of this crap gives the ravening wolves of the EU neo nazi extreme right fodder for their cause.
International football has thrown its weight behind Islam and Sharia Barbarity in its double standards on the issue of prayers on the football field. Brazil was censured for its Christian prayers at the Confederation Cup final (here is the story in English) whereas the Egyptian side which faced Mecca in prayer after their defeat Italy were not criticised. FIFA has proved to be an anti Christian pro Islamic organisation that one would guess supports the institution of a global caliphate. FIFA by conjoining Islamic pray while coming down hard on Christian prayer is acting out sharia law which discriminates against Christians.
Stealth US trips over holiday include Napolitano to Pakistan
Dudes, how stealthy could it be, I reported it here. You people who call yourselves journalists need to work much harder.

Secretary Napolitano Visits US Coast Guard Units in Kuwait

The major possibility is that after national elections socialist/liberal/progressive forces take control of the executive and legislative branches of government and soon thereafter the Supreme Court. They then would proceed to pass and uphold every sort of socialist legislation such as: hate speech laws, gun laws, immigration laws, socialized medicine, social activism and secular humanism agendas in schools and places of work, outlawing of home schooling, expanding social give-away programs, passing tax laws that burden the middle-class, implementing carbon restrictions and fees, increasing big brother/nanny state police powers and many other laws and regulations that subvert individual freedoms given under the Constitution of the United States for what they will claim to be the greater good of society.

They will increase efforts to redefine the Constitution through activist judges. The courts will also rule that some rights under the Constitution are superseded by international treaties and law. They will muzzle politically incorrect speech and Christian proselytizing, subvert and brainwash our children with state approved text books and school programs and use national media for political and social propaganda. They will establish unfair tax burdens on the middle class in order to redistribute wealth to the lower class -- specifically to those on welfare programs, poor foreign nations and those people who arrived in this nation illegally.

They will irresponsibly expand the money supply to pay increasing budget shortfalls, causing the dollar to lose much of its value. Their socialistic polices will create stagflation or hyper-inflation that will effectively wipe out much of the savings of ten's of millions of people. At some point in the not too distant future I surmise that a significant segment of the population will rebel against this government and start a secession scenario similar to what I suggest later in this article.

Obama Takes Bush's Plutocratic-Socialism to the Next Level
It has been noted by observers of both Left and Right that the Obama administration has adopted nearly exact duplications of the Bush administration’s authoritarian policies in a multitude of areas, both foreign and domestic. And now it appears that Obama and the Democrats are only going to accelerate the economic plutocratic-socialism which became a problem during the Clinton administration, increased exponentially in the Bush years, and is poised to consume the entire country and its economy under the Obama presidency.
Democrats Admit That Their Cap and Trade Bill Is a Job Killer

According to Friday's Washington Times, the legislation includes language that provides, should it become law, that people who lose their jobs because of it "could get a weekly paycheck for up to three years, subsidies to find new work and other generous benefits—courtesy of Uncle Sam."

How generous are these benefits? Well, according to the Times, "Adversely affected employees in oil, coal and other fossil-fuel sector jobs would qualify for a weekly check worth 70 percent of their current salary for up to three years. In addition, they would get $1,500 for job-search assistance and $1,500 for moving expenses from the bill's 'climate change worker adjustment assistance' program, which is expected to cost $4.2 billion from 2011 to 2019."

Instead of being a the source of millions of new jobs of "green jobs"—as House Democrats are fond of saying over and over again—the provision is a hidden admission that their effort is a job killer, not just a massive new tax on energy.

Obama says he may attend 'a number' of DC churches
President Obama said he may attend "a number of different churches" in Washington rather than just one and is receiving a daily devotional message from a key staffer.
6 Surprises From Obama's Sit-Down With the Catholic Press
More trademark Obama. He manages to criticize his conservative Catholic opponents by lifting up a cardinal as a model for Catholic political engagement. What in the hands of a lesser politician would have been an insult to the Catholic Church comes off instead as a high compliment.
White House courts Catholics before Obama's meeting with Pope
In the final days before a meeting between Pope Benedict XVI and President Barack Obama, the White House has launched what journalist John Allen describes as a "charm offensive" in Rome, which is having noticeable effects. A senior cardinal and longtime papal theologian has written sympathetically (but not accurately) about Obama's approach to issues involving the dignity of human life.
WaPo flier wasn't only 'salon' offer
The Washington Post salons, according to this solicitation to potential underwriters, would "provide an intimate and informal dinner and discussion setting where leading policy makers and business leaders discuss issues, options and solutions relating to major international, national, local and cultural affairs with top Washington Post editors, columnists and journalists."

In addition to Weymouth and Brauchli, the dinner on the week of July 20 would include "other Washington Post health care editorial and reporting staff." (As I reported Thursday, Brauchli said he was attending, but didnt know other guests invited. Reporter Ceci Connolly also told POLITICO she would be invited).

Other invited guests, according to this offer, would include the following: "Congressional leaders at the forefront of building health care legislative initiatives," "administration and agency officials involved in creating health care policy,"leading researchers from key think-tanks and academic institutions, "hospital and medical group trade association representatives (may be an underwriter), "health care insurance trade association representatives (may be an underwriter), "patient advocate group representatives," and "corporate leaders in health care delivery, health care IT, and / or insurance (may be an underwriter)."
Senate torpedoes Fed Reserve audit

FDIC Plan May Deter Bank Investors
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.’s proposed rules for bank takeovers may derail investors’ plans to inject capital into lenders facing crippling losses, said Orin Kramer, chairman of New Jersey’s State Investment Council.

“The proposed policies would have a chilling effect on numerous capitalizations currently being contemplated,” Kramer said, declining to provide examples. “Given the level of credit losses not yet recognized, notably in commercial real estate, there could be concerns about the safety and soundness implications of constraining new capital flows."

Financial Agency IGs Say Bill Threatens Independence
Inspectors general have a way of being destroyed with ease, expedience and aplomb lately. These guys better watch out.

Inspectors general at five financial regulatory agencies are objecting to legislation that would elevate their positions to the presidential-appointment level, arguing that the move would compromise their ability to conduct independent investigations.

The bill would elevate the five officials at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the National Credit Union Administration, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.

US Regulation of Financial Services
Given the important role played by CRAs in our financial markets, the United States will continue to work with our international counterparts to promote consistency of national oversight regimes across jurisdictions and that national authorities engage in appropriate information sharing, as called for by the G-20 Leaders.
So WTF is CRA?
It is forced redistribution of wealth is what it is.
The Community Reinvestment Act (or CRA, Pub.L. 95-128, title VIII, 91 Stat. 1147, 12 U.S.C. § 2901 et seq.) is a United States federal law designed to encourage commercial banks and savings associations to meet the needs of borrowers in all segments of their communities, including low- and moderate-income neighborhoods.

Congress passed the Act in 1977 to reduce discriminatory credit practices against low-income neighborhoods, a practice known as redlining. The Act requires the appropriate federal financial supervisory agencies to encourage regulated financial institutions to meet the credit needs of the local communities in which they are chartered, consistent with safe and sound operation.

To enforce the statute, federal regulatory agencies examine banking institutions for CRA compliance, and take this information into consideration when approving applications for new bank branches or for mergers or acquisitions.
Pope Benedict to G8: Listen to the Voices of Developing Nations
Sounds like Fascism to me but hey, WTF do I know?
According to Benedict’s letter, John Paul II "was convinced that freeing the poorest countries from the burden of debt and, more generally, eradicating the causes of extreme poverty in the world, depended on the most economically advanced governments and States fully assuming the responsibility they bear towards all humanity."
Pope calls for 'God-centered' global economy
If he knew The Father he would know these two things are mutually exclusive.
Pope Benedict XVI today called for reforming the United Nations and establishing a "true world political authority" with "real teeth" to manage the global economy with God-centered ethics.

In his third encyclical, a major teaching, released as the G-8 summit begins in Italy, the pope says such an authority is urgently needed to end the current worldwide financial crisis. It should "revive" damaged economies, reach toward "disarmament, food security and peace," protect the environment and "regulate migration."

Benedict writes, "The market is not, and must not become, the place where the strong subdue the weak."

Harvard "Don" to speak at RAM seminar
RAM Holdings Bhd will feature former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund and Professor of Economics at Harvard University Professor Kenneth Rogoff at its half-day seminar, The Global Economy and the Aftermath of the Financial Crisis, on July 20 in Kuala Lumpur.

The issues Rogoff is expected to address include current issues affecting the global economy, whether the world would slip back into recession and fears of escalating massive deficits.

In a conference organised by RAM in Singapore in August 2008, Rogoff spoke about the expected fall of Lehman Brothers and the need for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to be nationalised – ahead of the actual collapse and nationalisation respectively that occurred in September.

Obama Adviser Says US Should Mull Second Stimulus

Russia and China Eye New Reserve Currency

COLUMN-UPDATE 1-A Goldman trading scandal?
Did someone try to steal Goldman Sachs' secret sauce?

While most in the United States were celebrating the Fourth of July holiday, a Russian immigrant living in New Jersey was being held on federal charges of stealing secret computer trading codes from a major New York-based financial institution.

Authorities did not identify the firm, but sources say the institution is none other than Goldman Sachs.

The charges, if proven, are significant because the codes that the accused, Sergey Aleynikov, tried to steal are the secret sauce to Goldman's automated stock and commodities trading business.

Federal authorities contend the computer codes and related-trading files that Aleynikov uploaded to a German-based website help this major financial institution generate millions of dollars in profits each year.

The platform is one of the things that gives Goldman an advantage over the competition when it comes to the rapid-fire trading of stocks and commodities. Federal authorities say the platform quickly processes rapid developments in the markets and using secret mathematical formulas, allows the firm to make highly-profitable automated trades.

Is a Case of Quant Trading Sabotage About to Destroy Goldman Sachs?
HA HA HA! Silly Headline!
The Gold Man's Glorious Sacks are impervious to destruction!
Goldman went from 1st to N/A in one week.

NYSE error, alleged Goldman breach said unrelated
The New York Stock Exchange said on Monday there was no connection between an alleged security breach at Goldman Sachs and an error that dropped the big investment bank from a trading report the exchange issued last week.

Nor are they related to a technical problem that hit Big Board floor brokers and extended the trading day by 15 minutes last Thursday, an NYSE spokesman said.

Russian Said to Be Ex-Goldman Worker Charged in Theft
Sergey Aleynikov was arrested July 3 after he arrived at Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey, prosecutors said today. He had previously worked in Goldman’s New York offices, according to a person familiar with the case.
EU ministers, regulators eye bank capital rules

EU Hedge Fund Rules Need 'Major Surgery,' UK Says
Yes all Hedge Funds must be brought into compliance with SHARIA - they have been working hard on this Glowbally far as I can tell for over a year now.
Oil Falls to 5-Week Low as Equities Slide on Economic Concern

Oil, Gas Market Speculation May Face Federal Restrictions

Credit delinquencies hit record high

US, Russia agree to resume military cooperation
The United States and Russia say they are resuming military cooperation suspended after Russia invaded its smaller neighbor Georgia last year.
Russia, US Cooperation on Afghanistan Shows 180 Degree Turn

Obama, Medvedev Sign Nuclear Understanding

Obama meets Putin for first time
Putin told his American colleague that Russia was "linking Obama with hopes for better relations with the United States."
Group Warns Obama Administration on Nuclear Deterrent
WHOOPS! Too late.

The report, U.S. Nuclear Deterrence in the 21st century: Getting it Right, was issued Wednesday by the New Deterrent Working Group, a panel of experts sponsored by the conservative Center for Security Policy.

"What this report asks the administration to do ... is 'Don't get caught up in a moment; don't go for arms control for arms control sake. Think about not only the world today, but of the world tomorrow,'" Paula DeSutter, a working group member who served in the State Department during the Bush administration, said at the document's roll-out event at the National Press Club.

The report appears to have fallen on deaf ears as U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev today in Moscow signed a statement pledging to reduce their nuclear arsenals in a follow-on agreement to the landmark 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, which is set to expire in December (see related GSN story, today).

Obama breakfasts with Putin
STFU gleeking plebes, for now is the time when we eat the royal waffles.
That has led to one of the most interesting questions in global geopolitics: Who is really running Russia, Medvedev or Putin?

Obama took a pass on that question at his news conference Monday, saying "they allocate power in accordance with Russia's form of government in the same way that we allocate power in the United States"

Bardakoglu Meets Patriarch Kirill In Ankara
Head of the Religious Affairs Department Ali Bardakoglu met Patriarch Kirill of the Moscow Orthodox Church in Ankara on Monday.

After the closed-door meeting, Bardakoglu and Kirill held a joint press conference.

Bardakoglu said religious institutions should help the humanity who suffered from moral vacuum rather than fighting with each other.

"Strategies aiming to create a conflict among civilizations is not on the agenda any more," Bardakoglu said.

More than 100 countries backed the initiative "Alliance of Civilizations" co-sponsored by Turkey and Spain, he said.

Putin Expected To Visit Turkey In August
Russian Premier Vladimir Putin was expected to visit Turkey in August, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in his meeting with Patriarch Kirill of the Moscow Orthodox Church in Ankara on Monday.

Officials quoted Kirill as saying that the current relations between Turkey and Russia were at a very good level.

Kirill said in the meeting that they had close relations with the religious authorities in Turkey.

Russia welcomed and fully supported the initiative, "Alliance of Civilizations," co-sponsored by Turkey and Spain, Patriarch Kirill said.

Pepsi, Bottler Put $1 Billion Into Russia As US Sags
No Coke, Comrades. PEPSI!

Turkmenistan’s Minister of Education, Muhammetgeldi Annaamanov, has been sacked for "serious shortcomings."

Spain and Turkmenistan To Exchange Embassies

"elicit drug trafficking... "
Accidental truth through bad English AKBAR!
The United States does not plan to reduce volumes of aid to Tajikistan during the global financial crisis, visiting U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert Blake remarked at a meeting with reporters today, following his talks with President Emomali Rahmon.

According to him, Tajikistan is a large recipient of the U.S. foreign aid in the Central Asian region and “the United States does not plan to reduce the volumes of aid.”

Our cooperation is mainly aimed at ensuring an efficient fight against terrorism, elicit drug trafficking and strengthening of border control, Mr. Blake said.

European Union facilitates business registration in Tajikistan
DUSHANBE, 3 July 2009 - European Commission was the key source of support for the realisation of the "One Stop Shop" service for business registration in Tajikistan, which was launched on 1 July in Dushanbe. A major EC Project has been supporting the Tax Committee to get to the current point where businesses can now register in one visit to one location, with big savings in time and cost.

Project was one of several significant initiatives supported by the European Commission to help Tajikistan tackle its economic challenges. One Stop Shop will help Tajikistan to improve its international position as a place for doing business, which should be reflected in World Bank rankings, while helping also new and more positive relationships between the Government and business to emerge. The European Commission will continue to support the One Stop Shop programme, to make sure that what has been achieved so far is well-established, and to help ensure also the sustainability of the system into the future.
Kingdom of Jordan, Kazakhstan poised to upgrade ties

Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan may resume WTO talks in September


Legal regulations of standardization and relations of government bodies and economic organizations in this sphere are determined by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On technical regulation”.

Provisions of government standardization system are set in basic standards and include not merely traditional objects but social service sphere, education and environment control.

Currently the Government standard fund comprises 47 056 normative documents, including those functioning in the republic.

USA & Uzbekistan Viewing New Forms of Cooperation
The new presidential administration that started its activities in the USA last year has prepared a basis for a new level of mutual relations with Uzbekistan, US ambassador to Uzbekistan Richard Norland said this in his speech at a ceremony on the occasion of the USA' Independence Day, which was arranged by the US embassy in Tashkent on 2 July.

The ambassador said that high level contacts had already taken place.
"It appears the systematic wave of increases in the cost of basic foods will only gather momentum. The population is agonizing as it awaits the rise in the cost of vegetable oil and rice," the news site commented. The average wage nationally is $17 per month.
German Envoy Completes His Mission in Uzbekistan

Raytheon wins Homeland Security contract
Raytheon Co. said Monday it received a $1.2 million contract from the Department of Homeland Security to research radiation technology.
NSA, AT&T to assist DHS cyber defense of Federal networks

Coincidence, Thy Name Is Einstein
Depending on what newspaper you read on July 3, the Obama administration is either ready to roll out the third version of Einstein, a system designed to protect the computer networks of nonDefense Department agencies or delayed it because of privacy concerns related to the role of the National Security Agency.
NSA Shields Government Networks With More AT&T Secret Rooms

Just a week after the Defense Department announced plans to put the National Security Agency in charge of military cyber defense and attack, the agency’s reach has already expanded to include monitoring of government civilian networks.

The Obama administration has decided to proceed with a classified Bush administration plan to let the NSA monitor traffic going to and from government civilian networks to protect the networks from malicious code and activity, according to a Washington Post story on Friday.

Given the NSA’s involvement in the Bush administration’s warrantless eavesdropping program, critics are concerned that the monitoring of government traffic on private-sector telecommunication networks that are used by the general public would allow the agency to once again spy on large swaths of non-government traffic without a warrant.

NSA will monitor private-sector networks

NSA will monitor government networks

Group fosters defense industry
The defense cluster wasn’t the first planners intended to focus on, said Mark Becker, executive director of the Northeast Indiana Community Foundation. But it was bumped up after the Lilly Foundation in March put up $20 million to assist efforts to grow the industry.
OK that's WhoTF is the Lilly Foundation?
LILLY PHARMACEUTICALS, philanthropic division
No Holy Leaf for you. SOMA!

Lilly Endowments: RELIGION

American Psychiatric Foundation, Lilly Foundation and Give an Hour Join Forces to Provide Mental Health Care to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans

Butler University has received a $150,000 gift from Eli Lilly and Company Foundation Inc. to support Butler’s Celebration of Diversity Distinguished Lecture Series
Now in its 21st year, the series features talks by noted multicultural scholars, dignitaries and artists addressing issues of ethnic diversity and increased interaction between cultures.
Darpa's Handheld Nuclear Fusion Reactor
Last year, Pentagon mad science arm Darpa was working on one of its wildest projects yet: a microchip-sized nuclear reactor. The program is now officially done, the agency says. But these sorts of far-out projects have a habit of being reemerging under new managers and new names.

The project, known as the “Chip-Scale High Energy Atomic Beams” program, is an effort aimed at working on the core technologies behind a tiny particle accelerator, capable of firing subatomic particles at incredible speeds. It’s part of a larger Darpa plan to reduce all sorts of devices to microchip-scale — including cryogenic coolers , video cameras and multi-purpose sensors.
Game Show Looks to Convert Atheists
In addition to making the perfect bar joke, what happens when you take an Imam, a priest, a rabbi, a Buddhist monk, and 10 atheists — and put them in the same room? Hopefully for a new Turkish game show, the most entertaining conversion you've ever seen.

The prize for converts is a pilgrimage to a holy site of their new religion: Mecca for Muslims, the Vatican for Christians, Jerusalem for Jews, and Tibet for Buddhists. As you might have guessed, Muslim authorities in Turkey don't see the entertainment value of the show. High Board of Religious Affairs Chairman Hamza Aktan said, "Doing something like this for the sake of ratings is disrespectful to all religions. Religion should not be a subject for entertainment programs."
Gay marriage bill takes effect in nation's capital
Sodom on the Potomac!

U.S. to Tighten Food-Safety Standards
They must to control your food supply. It is key.

Buried Kilauea volcano vent bubbling back to life

The ticking of nature's time bomb

Earthquake jolts Aceh

5.4 earthquake shakes Pacific coast of Nicaragua

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