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Monday, July 6, 2009

Floatin' Powa News Service: Militant Greetings From Outer Glowballistan

Germany's FM in Israel eyes 'fresh start'
Fresh Start? Sounds like a euphemism for Judenrein to me.

Israel's Barak seeks peace 'understanding' with US
What's so funny 'bout bullshit peace understandings?

Netanyahu says 'two states for two people'

Netanyahu thinks world has sided with his demands
Netanyahu appears ready for two-state solution after all....
Hamas detains Palestinian woman journalist for not wearing headscarf

Deadly east Jerusalem brawl kills one
"Police units intervened during the night to restore order in the Arab quarter of Silwan and arrested three suspects," Micky Rosenfeld told AFP.Clashes and shooting erupted in the neighbourhood late on Sunday in what Israeli media said was a dispute between clans."An investigation was opened into the cause of these grave incidents," Rosenfeld said. "Apparently they erupted as a result of a dispute over land."Witnesses told Israeli public radio that the clashes pitted hundreds of Arab residents against each other, with sporadic gunfire heard into the early morning hours.One person was killed and at least three wounded, it said.
Make that two ~
2 Dead in Clan War Near Temple Mount; 'Where Were Police?'

Palestinian Authority Seizes Hamas Money, Weapons in West Bank

Saudis would ignore Israeli jets en route to Iran
NATURALLY! Iran is their enemy. They would LOVE to have the Jews do their dirty work.

Biden: Israel has 'sovereign right' to attack Iran
Mighty white of him to concede this.
Joey B plays good shmuck bad shmuck now with Obamanable.

Israeli air force to join overseas exercises with eye on Iran

Israel drops Indian jets venture under 'US pressure'
Israel has dropped out of a multi-billion dollar joint venture with a Swedish firm to develop new fighter jets for India because of US pressure, a newspaper reported on Monday.

Israel Aerospace Industries was planning to develop a new model of the Swedish-made Gripen fighter jet with its manufacturer, Saab, to compete in a tender to sell the planes to India's armed forces, the Jerusalem Post said.

But the state-owned firm backed out on the orders of the Israeli defence ministry "after the Pentagon expressed concern that American technology, used by Israel, would be integrated into the Gripen," the newspaper said.

It said Washington had likely pressured its close ally because two major US aircraft manufacturers -- Boeing and Lockheed Martin -- are also participating in the tender for more than 120 aircraft estimated at 12 billion dollars (8.5 billion euros) .

"This is not the first time that the defence ministry forced a local company out of a deal due to concerns that competition with American companies would cause friction with the United States," it said.

Iran's Ahmadinejad renews call for live debate with Obama
Oh yeaaaahhh?? My Mahdi can kick your Monkey God's ASS, you Kenyan shoe!

UK Warns of 'Consequences' as Iran Charges Embassy Employee
The U.K. demanded that Iran set free a British Embassy employee who may be tried on charges of threatening national security, saying the Iranian authorities must back down or face a response.
Iran Warns West Against Interference
Iran’s supreme leader warned Monday that outside criticism following its disputed June 12 election would backfire and that the Iranian people would become a “united fist” against what he termed meddling by foreign powers.
Iran to free eighth UK embassy worker

Iran releases Greek reporter

Iranian clerics defy election ruling

Iran Says It's Pursuing Doctor Who Helped Dying Neda

Iranian hardliners poised for revenge on dissenters

The Rise Of Iran's Ultra-Conservatives

Scientist's mental state at issue in NYC hearing
A U.S.-trained Pakistani scientist accused of helping al-Qaida and shooting at FBI agents in Afghanistan was forced to appear in court Monday as a judge considers if she is competent to stand trial.

Aafia Siddiqui kept her hands folded as she entered court Monday surrounded by marshal's deputies. When U.S. District Judge Richard Berman said that she was presumed innocent, she shook her head in apparent disagreement.

Days ago a judge's order granted authorities permission to take Siddiqui to court against her will, defense attorney Dawn Cardi said.

Psychologists for both prosecutors and the defense said Siddiqui has claimed she saw some of her children in her cell and seemed particularly disturbed by strip searches required before any court appearance. The psychologists wrote in court documents put in the public court record late last week that Siddiqui repeatedly stated she was dead after one strip search and that she said she was convinced video of the search was distributed on the Internet.

Prosecutors accuse Siddiqui of having ties to al-Qaida and say she grabbed a U.S. Army officer's M-4 rifle in Afghanistan, pointed it at an Army captain and cried "Allahu akbar," Arabic for "God is great." They say she fired at U.S. soldiers and FBI agents before she was shot and wounded by an Army officer.

A defense attorney has disputed that account, saying the U.S. government has the facts wrong.

Autonomy and the Assyrians of Iraq

1. Your Grace said: (We reject Autonomy for the Christians in Iraq)

We reject that too because that legalizes a theocratic Iraq, we must all reject that because it is the opposite of the modern rule and government. I personally reject that for I am a secular man who wants to build a liberal modern Iraq not a theocratic one.

But, no one asked for Autonomy for Christians, and there is no such a term in the political addressing of our political institutions.

We are asking for autonomy for our Assyrian Chaldean Syrian people not for autonomy for Christians and there is a great difference between them:

a. It is true that All Chaldean Syriac Assyrian of Iraq are Christians but all Christians of Iraq are not Chaldeans Syriac Assyrian.

b. We, who are claiming autonomy, are political, secular, and national groups: we are not talking on behalf of Iraqi Christians.

Foreign Islamic militants may have had a link to a bombing outside a church in the southern Philippines that killed five people and injured dozens, a military spokesman said
Major Randolph Cabangbang said investigators were probing whether Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), the group behind the Bali bombings, may have been involved in the blast outside the Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic cathedral.
Iraq's Maliki Rejects U.S. Offer on National Reconciliation
Vice President Joe Biden's mission to promote national reconciliation in Iraq was rebuffed Friday by Prime Minister Nouri Maliki, who told him that the issue was a domestic Iraqi affair and that U.S involvement wouldn't be welcome.
Living in Exile: Young Iraqi Refugees in Syria

Christian Copts Appeal to Mubarak for Protection Amid Renewed Sectarian Violence

The White House bills Obama's graduation address as the third of four the president will have given this year on his vision of a new world order
STFU, crazy spleen! None of this is happening!

The White House bills Obama's graduation address as the third of four the president will have given this year on his vision of a new world order. The first was during his visit to the Czech Republic when he laid out a security agenda and deep concern about nuclear proliferation. After that, he went to Egypt to reach over the heads of leaders of Muslim countries seeking to improve the U.S. image with the people of the Islamic world. That speech was widely distributed on television and through the Internet.

Tuesday's address "will be a speech about U.S.-Russia relations and how great powers ought to see this new century," top national security aide Denis McDonough said.

The last of the foreign policy addresses was planned for Ghana, the final stop on this Obama trip.

For much of the remainder of the second day, Obama planned to meet with Russian political, business leaders," White House schedulers said.

It was unclear how much contact Obama will have with opposition political figures who have been heavily muzzled under Putin and Medvedev. Obama has set aside time to meet with the opposition, but the roster of those who will be present has not been released.

Medvedev expects 'reasonable solution' to US nuclear standoff
Believe me, Comrade Obamanable Bushmanovitch, Vladimir is a very reasonable man. He will make you an offer of solution, you do not refuse. You will see.

Medvedev: Relationship with Putin “just fine”
Say my name.

Medvedev boasts of 'superb' ties with Putin

US and Russia agree nuclear cuts

WH: Nuclear Agreement Fact Sheet

World approaching new nuclear tipping point
With the world standing on what some experts fear is the beginning of a dangerous new nuclear age, U. S. President Barack Obama received thunderous applause yesterday when he told a European audience one of his goals was "a world without nuclear weapons."
Meet The New Public Face Of Beleaguered Nabucco
HA HA HA! I crack myself up with this Nabuccoski.
~ Bad Vlad

Russia and India Question Reliance on Dollar Before G-8 Summit

France, Russia want deeper currency debate

Obama's Russian Business Plan
Vlad must to own you, Oymerika. None of your damn business how we do that, see?

Turkmen President to pay official visit to Turkey

Turkmenistan, EU Hold Human Rights Talks

NATO head says it's important interlocutor for Kazakhstan

NATO is seeking to deepen cooperation with its partner countries in Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
US-funded bridge facilitates flow of Afghan opium, heroin

Kyrgyzstan weighs opium as industry
As an election nears, a presidential candidate promotes the idea that the opium trade could bring cash to the impoverished Central Asian republic.
Kyrgyzstan - Protest by Muslims in China's far west turns violent
Kashi which shares a border with India, Kyrgyzstan , Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan, has long served as a launching ground for terrorists, reports Ciu Jia.
UN chief: Use extreme care handling China protests

Jewish and proud in provincial Kazakhstan

Ethnic Violence In Ukrainian City Turns Deadly

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Dhimmitude

A speaker in the convention's main session is American Muslim scholar Sheikh Hamza Yusuf. Yusuf has not exactly been known for wishing America life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Among his anti-American and anti-Semitic statements, in an April 2003 FrontPage Magazine article, anonymous UCLA students reported Yusuf's remarks at a September 9, 2001 benefit dinner for convicted cop-killer Imam Jamil Al-Amin (H. Rap Brown). Because America had been "ungrateful for the bounties of Allah" it was "facing a very terrible fate," said Yusuf. He warned that America had "a great tribulation coming to it," and scoffed that people were "too illiterate to read the writing on the wall." After September 11, Yusuf himself just may have proved the U.S. government's inability to read the writing on the wall. After moderating his own inflammatory rhetoric, he met with and became an "advisor" on Islam to President George W. Bush.

Joining Yusuf and ISNA president Dr. Ingrid Mattson to speak at the convention's keynote is Rick Warren, the best-selling author who is founder and senior pastor of Saddleback Church in California. Warren and Mattson were both participants in Barack Obama's inauguration. And ISNA's National Director for Interfaith and Community Outreach (Our Man in the Dar al-Harb), Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed, spoke last December at Saddleback Church's Civil Forum on Public Health.

Evangelical pastor Rick Warren told a crowd of some 8,000 Muslim Americans that he wasn’t satisfied with just talking to them...
The Rev. Rick Warren speaks at the 46th annual Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)convention in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, July 4, 2009.
Some 8,000 Muslim Americans attended the Islamic Society of North America annual convention's main evening session on Saturday, July 4, 2009 in Washington D.C.

“I will tell you that I am not interested in interfaith dialogue. I am interested in interfaith project. There is a big difference,” said Warren to attendees of the 46th annual Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) convention Saturday evening.
N.Korean ship sails home after being tracked by US

North Korea moves to restrict economy

S. Korean, Japanese envoys to meet amid nuclear standoff

How Japanese Diplomats Got Appointed to Top Int`l Posts
It was their clandestine inscrutable ancient ninja powers of invisibility.

Nepal bans anti-China activities

Dalai Lama turns 74, says should live to 100

Violent Clashes in Honduras as Ex-President’s Return Blocked

Honduras says Nicaragua has troops moving on border


Honduras Prevents Ousted Leader's Jet From Landing

6.0 - PANAMA

5.3 - PANAMA


Bankruptcy judge OKs sale of GM's assets

American Airlines traffic drops 8.1%
Tick Tock to your liberation, Tovarich Airline.

Ex-Goldman Employee Charged With Computer Code Theft
The U.S. Justice Department arrested a former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. employee and charged him with stealing computer codes related to the firm's high-speed trading platform. Sergey Aleynikov, a naturalized U.S. citizen who emigrated from Russia, allegedly unlawfully copied, duplicated, downloaded and transferred computer codes from Goldman Sachs and uploaded the codes to a computer server in Germany, according to a complaint filed by federal prosecutors.

Nationalisation back on British agenda

On Facebook, a Spy Revealed
LONDON — The man in the Facebook photographs seems like your average guy having a little fun. Here he is in a festive scene at a park, gamely wearing a red fleece and a Santa Claus hat. Here he is again, playing Frisbee on the beach, clad in a pair of snug bathing trunks that show off his muscular, if pale (he is British) legs.

It turns out that this is not a regular person at all. He is in fact Sir John Sawers, diplomat and spy, currently the British ambassador to the United Nations and soon to be the chief of MI6, the Secret Intelligence Service. It is as if, suddenly, the Internet were awash with pictures of the C.I.A. director, Leon E. Panetta, cavorting half-naked on vacation.
DHS takes step forward on interoperability

CACI International gets $125M Army contract

Cheney's Top Torture Lawyers Now Work for Obama

Obama Will Soon Propose Indefinite Detention Without Trial

Fixing Abuses of State Secrets

Fight Brews Between Civil Liberties Groups and Obama

Bucknell President Announces Resignation Amid Censorship Scandal

D.C. Councilman Marion Barry charged with stalking
Bitch took mah crack pipe, jack! WTF wuzzz ayez s'possta doooo?

Atheist Billboard Upsets Florida Residents, Demand it be Removed

FLORIDA: 12 shot at birthday party in Overtown

Miami police Chief John Timoney said bullet casings found at the scene led detectives to believe at least one AK-47 and two pistols were used in the shooting. It happened during what he described as a ''well-advertised'' birthday party.

A ''Happy Birthday'' sign and balloons were outside the home.

''Obviously from the debris, lots of people were running,'' Timoney said. ``Hats were thrown off as people were fleeing the scene. It looks like a couple dozen people were there at the time.''

Kedricka Hughes, 16, who was at the party, said everything was quiet before the shooting began.

''Everything was fine and then they just started shooting,'' she said.

Dearborn Silences Arab Christians

Military Gay Policy May Change, Says Mullen

Military launches mental illness awareness campaign
Homosexuality, on the other hand is completely "normal", nu?

Health-Care Lobbyists vs. Real People

Healthcare lobby in full swing

Last week a federal advisory panel recommended banning America's most popular and effective prescription pain pills, including Percocet and Vicodin

Le Pen's daughter scents victory for resurgent far right
Behold the entryism.... you were warned.
The strategy of hunting for votes on the left as well as the right has split the FN and the debates have mirrored those in the British National party. Three years ago Marine Le Pen persuaded her father to ditch the hardline anti-immigration language and tone down the borderline racism and implicit antisemitism. Instead, she argued, the FN could break the barriers placed in its way by traditional parties by becoming "respectable" and gain support by adapting its key message. "We have put the economy, the preoccupations of ordinary people, in the foreground. I'm happy to see that my strategy has worked." The extremism of her father, who dismissed the Holocaust as a "detail of history" and called the Nazi occupation of France "relatively humane", was part of the past, she said.
Ancient Jerusalem Quarry Used to Build Second Temple Uncovered

World's oldest Christian Bible digitized
The surviving pages of the world's oldest Christian Bible have been reunited — digitally.

The early work known as the Codex Sinaiticus has been housed in four separate locations across the world for more than 150 years. Starting Monday, it became available for perusal on the Web at so scholars and other readers can get a closer look at what the British Library calls a "unique treasure."

Scot McKendrick, head of Western manuscripts at the British Library, said the book "offers a window into the development of early Christianity and firsthand evidence of how the text of the Bible was transmitted from generation to generation."

The 4th-century book, written in Greek on parchment leaves, has been housed in four separate locations across the world for more than 150 years. It has been digitally reunited in a project involving organizations from Britain, Germany, Russia, and Egypt, each of which possessed parts of the 1,600-year-old manuscript.

They worked together to publish new research into the history of the Codex and transcribed 650,000 words over a four-year period.

Low-intensity quake sends tremors through parts of Pakistan

Moderate earthquake jolts India-controlled Kashmir

Earthquakes in Texas get the attention of Louisiana agency

Proposed Colo. uranium mill clears permit hurdle

Western Australian govt to co-fund uranium project

West Australian says no talks over Namibia uranium

Jordan- Uranium mining by law to be presented to Cabinet

Xemplar Begins Exploration Drilling at Cape Cross Uranium Project

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